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MWC Presents Seasons Beatings

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
The screen fades from a snowy screen to...

JW Locke is seen with a santa hat and an amazingly large & devilish grin on his face. He is looking around a room, seemingly trying to take something that isn't his...most notably, a row of stockings along the wall. Like a famous Dr. Suess book from ages ago, Locke is trying to - steal Christmas. But who is on his Christmas X list...the camera pans to show each of the stockings in their blessed detail. In the background, you can hear "you're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" playing lightly, just above Locke's chuckling!

Mark Vizzack's stocking hangs prominently below his TV title...JW takes a long look at the gold belt that is FOR NOW in the Daredevil's possession. In his eyes, you can see the gold glistening and his longing for it in someone else's arms. He turns from that prize to his target - The STOCKING! JW grins with absolute delight...slowly and quietly pulling the stockings contents out...a wrestling doll of Mr. Vizzack's with springloaded punch in the gut action...a box of candy pills - likely for the lovely Sunshine to hide them from her until that precious Christmas morn'...and last but not least - a present from the Shepherd - a cross necklace. JW isn't quite happy with the presents, so he takes them and drops them into his sack thrown over his shoulder. Instead, he pulls out something Extra Special for the Daredevil - a manacle with a chain attached to it??? With a devious grin, he drops it, turns to the camera with a grin and says...


The Locke Who Stole Christmas

At the Miami Municipal Arena in Miami, Florida

The camera goes from the logo to covering the festivities in the Miami municipal arena. The place is sold out and the crowd is WAY into the festivities. Green & Red Fireworks explode from the ringposts, down from the rafters, all through the entranceway, & intermentinently everywhere one could imagine.

JS: Welcome fans to the first annual MWC - Season's Beatings! My name is Jim Sears and I'm joined at the booth by...

LK: Liam Kennedy - the true voice of the MWC.

JS: We are live here in Miami Florida for the LOCKE WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS!

LK: And tonight, he's going to steal more than merely christmas presents...he's after someones gold!

JS: No question there...but lets quickly rundown this 8 match card as the biggest and the brightest vie in the hottest spotlight in wrestling - an MWC pay per view!

LK: But this card is missing one thing - Jonathon Hammer.

JS: No doubt, Hammer signed an open contract to compete in this card and JW authorized it, but he found no takers.

LK: I hate to say this, but we have a lot of FEARful wrestlers in the MWC.

JS: Well, JW is none to pleased that no one stepped up to get in the House of Hammer...should be interesting to see what JW does to push the king of push in the MWC. However, I must disagree that we have fearful wrestlers...I'd say considering that 20 out of the 28 wrestlers stepped up to the plate for tonight, that's pretty good in my book.

LK: Pretty good only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades...JW will definitely be bringing in more talent for this group and dropping some loose ends.

JS: And one loose end he may want to tie up is in our first match tonight - "Extremist" Eddie Dean.

LK: That's right, Dean made some offhanded comments towards JW and he may live to regret them.

JS: I'd say that the immediate problem is at hand though, a triple threat match with Crippler and Angelus.

LK: Crippler has been crippled in the MWC...he'll need someone to save him after a loss tonight to Angelus.

JS: Angelus? Well, we have your prediction for this match. A LOT has been said going into this matchup and we really have to wonder if things can stay anywhere near the ring with such harsh feelings.

LK: So who are you picking?

JS: Hard to say, Angelus has had a load of bad luck, but this could easily throw him into contention in one match. Crippler has had a hard road also, but he seems more competitive and maybe ready to make a strong run for TV gold. Dean is the wildcard...he showed last week that he didn't have ringrust, but his comments to Locke could prove to be fateful...something he should ask Mark Vizzack about! WHich brings us to --

LK: THE MATCH OF THE NIGHT! Vizzack has to defend his TV title against someone he doesn't know! But rumor has it that JW's stocking is especially full, after tonight - he can add the worm's loss to his Christmas list of wants taken care of.

JS: Could be...but JW may have released something he can't even contain.

LK: You saying you know something?

JS: (nervously) No...uhm, I just have a good knowledge of wrestling and have my suspicions as to who this mystery guy is.

LK: And that is?

JS: I can't say, it's too early.

LK: Either way, Vizzack gets his tonight! And so do those masked creeps! The Pukin' Muffins

JS: That's Puerto Ruffians...

LK: Whatever...they screwed the Lunar Express out of a title shot and now, the LE is going to deliver some retribution!

JS: Well, they'll have their chance tonight...and so will "Iceman" Steve Radder.

LK: THat piece of white trash could not even take me!

JS: Really?

LK: You know it! He tried to bully me when he had his friends around, but one on one - he's mine...and tonight, he'll be "HURRICANE" EDDY LOVE's!!!!

JS: Could be...the windy one has been in full season as of late tearing through the competition. His next coastal target though could chill that out.

LK: Hardly, the only thing Radder is good for is Tea!

JS: Also tonight on the card, Deacon and Armageddon in an unsanctioned Crucifixion match. I won't elaborate on such a matchup, for this night is going to be deadly...and JW loves it.

LK: Oh yeah, he's into this stuff - unofficially of course. To see Deacon finished in the MWC! It's a must!

JS: Lance Bishop gets his shot at gold...something many feel is a long time coming.

LK: Why? Cause the whiner couldn't handle Hurricane's little LOVE tap?

JS: Well, tonight he gets his chance to get to the next level with an InterContinental title shot! Add into the mix all the problems with the PLR and it could be the Hurricane's next LOVE tap will be aimed at the current IC champ - Kevin Powers.

LK: And then we have the battle of the idiots - Ecubed, Ironfist & Sampo versus Team EXTREME - Eli Flair & Randy Harders.

JS: A much anticipated rematch for the MWC tag titles. THe champs

LK: chumps

JS: ...Ecubed will be defending against the former champs - Team EXTREME. It should prove to be an interesting matchup considering the history these teams share. And then you have to weigh in Ironfists health with the shoulder injury.

LK: ANd Sampo's mental health.

JS: Well, they will have a chance to defend their titles and prove they are or aren't the team to face the future.


JS: That's right fans...

LK: Excuse me, I'll take the announcement here - the MWC CHAMPION OF THE WORLD..."THE MAESTRO" BRYAN BLAIR!!!!...(catches breath) vs. pestilence.

JS: Great intro...really. That's right, Pestilence gets his chance at redemption, at the title.

LK: He'd have a better chance at the slots in Vegas.

JS: Well, that remains to be seen as he gets ready to compete in the MWC for championship gold.

LK: One problem.

JS: What's that?

LK: Eddy Love...he said to get to Blair, you have to get through him...Pestilence didn't get through Love in Rio.

JS: But he still has his rematch...

LK: Rematch? For losing in the tournament? Oh well, it won't matter, Love will find a way to put Pestilence in his place yet again.

JS: Don't forget, Pestilence pinned Love last week on Hostile Takeover.

LK: Doesn't count.

JS: WHy not?

LK: Simple...First, it was a tag match...second, he cheated by hitting Blair with the purse.

JS: But it was Conte...

LK: Doesn't matter.

JS: Whatever...well fans, we're ready to get to the action with our first card of the night...



Crippler vs Angelus vs "Extremist" Eddie Dean

The lights go out and an eerie candle-like glow slowly builds in the entranceway. The fans start to boo as "TIED UP, DRIED UP, AND DEAD TO THE WORLD" begin to play. A candleabra begins to ascend from under the stage, Angelus standing in front of it with his face turned from the crowd...he turns as the platform levels off and begins to walk toward the ring

JS: A nice entrance there to get the crowd pumped up some more.

A huge pyro bomb explodes as "Don't tread on me" by Metallica kicks in to show a very excited and hurried Crippler hit the ring and quickly get into fighting form.

LK: And now, the latest guy on JW's hitlist -

The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbalcrash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.'

Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breath rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trash can in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean, and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see.

He takes his time coming down the aisle, slapping as many hands as he can as he dances to his own music. When he gets down to the ringside area, he notices a sign that a fan is holding which says "JW Locke, get in line behind Angelus!" and borrows it. As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trash can into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and raises the borrowed sign above his head before executing a backflip and landing gracefully on his feet.

As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans are clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing. On the back side is a set of cartoonish red lips and underneath are the words, "PUCKER UP!" Dean turns his attention to Angelus and shows this feature of his trunks, screaming, "This one's for you!" angering his advesary with his early mind games. He sets the trash can outside of the ring by his corner, and hands the sign back to the fan that he borrowed it from.

JS: He's certainly not wasting any time getting under Angelus' skin.

LK: Or JW's...bad move on both parts.

JS: Good move on Crippler's part - he just nailed Dean from behind and both Angelus and Crippler is stomping away on him.

LK: I can see JW's smile now - BIG smile.

JS: Crippler has stopped and is heading into the ropes...Angelus still stomping away.

LK: Flying Clothesline by Crippler and now Angelus is down!

JS: Crippler quick to use distractions in this matchup...seems someone has coached him on this one. He grabs Angelus - Vertical Suplex!

LK: Dean is getting back up - Crippler with a flying shoulderblock to send him down.

JS: Crippler has been on the rampage here so far..getting up - Angelus sneaks behind him and latches on the Cobra Clutch!

LK: Crippler in trouble now...he could go out and no Eddie Dean to stop Angelus' win.

JS: This really makes you wonder about Angelus' history, he's slapped that on and Crippler is already being checked...1arm down...2arm down, Ref going for 3...

LK: Dean with a clothesline to the back of Angelus' head.

JS: That move was effective on 2 parts...first, he stops Angelus' quick win, and 2nd - Crippler went face first as Angelus fell from the impact.

LK: Eddie quick to capitalize...grabs Angelus - TIGER BOMB!

JS: Good move from Dean and he's quick to head for Crippler who's still face down on the mat. Eddie heading outside - SPRINGBOARD GULLOTINE LEGDROP on the BACK of Cripplers HEAD!

LK: He's rolling him over for the 3 count - 1...2...SAVE by Angelus...to early to get a pin in this matchup.

JS: Dean back to his feet - SPINNING NECKBREAKER by Angelus! He grabs Dean - POWERBOMB!

LK: The crowd is going nuts...what's happening. On the monitor!

JS: It's Jonathon Hammer heading down to ringside, what's he doing?

LK: He's heading over here is what he's doing! Have a seat Hammer.

Hammer grabs the headset, but only holds it to his mouth to say his peace.

HAMMER: I don't know where you get these spineless lizards from, but I want some competition. I signed an open contract, and no one bothered with it - what do I have to do to get attention around here?!!!!

JS: I'd say the King of Push has gotten plenty of...

HAMMER: You ****!

Hammer takes a swipe at Sears, knocking him from his chair.

HAMMER: Get outta here! I'll be watching this matchup up close and personal.

LK: Alright! You are going to help with commentary?

HAMMER: Do I look like a commentator? No, you're doing the commentary, I just want to watch - so call the freakin' match!

LK: ...Alright. Angelus working over the Crippler - Running Leg drop. He goes for the cover and a save by Dean. Dean grabs Angelus - Reverse GutWrench Suplex. I know what that is the setup for.

HAMMER: The Toilet plunge - just call the action!

LK: EXTREME PLUNGE - Eddie with the cover - save by Crippler! He grabs Dean and Gutwrench Suplex..what's happening now?

Down walks the lady known as Mercedes Devon...she has a notepad in hand and is taking notes as...

LK: What is she doing here?

HAMMER: I don't know - just call the blasted match!

LK: Crippler grabs for another DDT - Angelus nails him with a flying knee

LK: Crippler inadvertantly tosses Dean to the outside...Angelus - Thrust KICK! Where are you going?

Hammer walks over to where Dean fell on the outside, picks him up and sends him into the stairs to the crowds delight!

LK: Angelus whips Crippler into the turnbuckle - Angelus following him in - Elbow by Crippler and Crippler's trying to put this match over...Brainbuster! He goes for the pin - 1...2..KIckout! Angelus not out of it yet. Hammer on the outside just picked up Dean - drops him face first across the railing! Tossing Dean back inside to the awaiting Crippler. Crippler grabs the bleeding Dean - whip into the ropes - CLOTHESLINE! He's setting up the CripplerPLEX! 1..2..(Save by Angelus) - Angelus tosses Crippler to the outside as Hammer awaits.

Hammer grabs Crippler, sits a chair up outside the ring, picks Crippler up on his shoulders.

LK: DEATH VALLEY DRIVER by Hammer ON THE CHAIR! I guess we have a 4 way matchup here tonight. Inside, Angelus grabs Dean POWERBOMB! Goes for the cover - 1...2..(kickout) I don't know if Crippler can get up from that chair move. Hammer tossing him back in the ring...Angelus comes over to grab Crippler - HAMMER GRABS HIM! Hammer pounding away on Angelus, but Angelus returning it punch for punch.

Inside the ring, Dean gets up and grabs Crippler - tossing him outside the ring near everyone else.

LK: This is looking really dangerous - Extremist heading to the top rope! HE LEAPS!!!! He caught Angelus sending him face first into a table, Dean's own knee catching the table. He also caught Hammer with that one - quite a surprise move from the crazy one. But I don't think he can get up from that move.

Jim Sears makes his way back to the ringside booth, passing Mercedes Devon and tries to get a peek at her 'notes' *grin*.

JS: Couldn't make out what she was writing, but it's good to be back in my chair.

LK: Yeah...great - good to have you back...really.

JS: I'm sure. Crippler to his feet...it appears Angelus is out.

LK: Doubtful...He's the man I picked to win it.

JS: Well, that withstanding, Crippler to his feet and he grabs Eddie Dean who still can't seem to get his knee to work right.

LK: He's going to do the Crippling Plunge (German Suplex w/ a Bridge normally)- with a chair behind him!

JS: He Nails it - Dean may be out! Crippler tossing him back into the ring and is heading to follow.

LK: Hammer is behind him though - he grabs Crippler - HAMMER FALL (3/4 Frontfacelock Bulldog - Diamondcutter - normally from the top rope) off of the apron and ONTO THE CHAIR! Crippler is OUT! Hammer tosses him inside as Dean is starting to stir.

JS: And outside Angelus is getting up also...finally from that table shot. Hammer on him sending Angelus into the railing - Angelus bounces back SPINEBUSTER SLAM and he puts Angelus THROUGH A TABLE!

LK: That's unbelieveable! Hammer has been a one man wrecking crew!

JS: I guess next time, they'll sign him a match!

LK: I hope so!

JS: Dean is heading to the outside...he grabs his garbage can.

LK: I have a feeling he's going to be taking out the trash!

JS: You might be right - he's going to nail Crippler with it...

LK: NO! Hammer with a chair shot onto Dean!

JS: Dean off the top rope, slams his ribs into the garbage can as it slams onto Crippler's face, and then bounces violently - blood lurching from his mouth - onto Crippler.

LK: Why hasn't the ref given a dq for any of this?

JS: I'd say they wanted special stipulations and he's letting them just go at it...now he's making the count - 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: "The Extremist" Eddie Dean


JS: This has been a royal screw job tonight...everyone got smashed up pretty good. I don't know what just happened...we signed a triple threat and ended up with a 3 man + 1.

LK: Mercedes is heading to the ring...what's she doing?

JS: It looks like she's made a choice for her new wrestler??????

LK: Dean, he will be unstoppable!

JS: Anyone could be unstoppable...with her, they could even stop traffic!

LK: She's moving Eddie off of Crippler?...

JS: Is she? It's the Crippler? I think it is - she's helping him up!

LK: This match is unbelievable!

JS: I'd say so...Crippler is Mercedes Devon's new protege - an event unto itself, Dean takes a win, but with such a screwjob ending, and Angelus is still winless, but has proven he is heading in the right direction...what a start for this Pay per view!

JS: Fans, we have a situation in the back! We're going to Humberto Ramos for the report - -

HR: I'm a bit late, but as you can see...Pestilence is HURT. Reports have that Eddy Love surprised him with a chair and then proceeded to knock him all over the place...breaking this souvenir stand in the process. At the end, Love took his chair and put it around Pestilence's knee...slammed another chair down onto that...They are checking Pestilence over as we speak, but this could be serious.


Lunar Express w/William H. Bradley III vs. Puerto Ruffians

Love Lifted Me by Collective Soul slams over the airwaves as the lights go completely black. From the back curtain a spotlight shines on the entranceway and standing there are 2 guys. The lights slowly come back and you can see that it's the Lunar Express - Stellar Stan & Galactic Grant with their manager WIlliam H. Bradley III. They walk down the aisle...actually halfway dance (or atleast Stan does). As they near the ring area, someone throws a cup of pop on Stan. Stan grabs a camera, looks straight in it and says.

SS: "Look Ma, I got on TV by tossing water on Stellar Stan...I guess that means I'm somebody....LOSER!"

They continue their entrance by getting in the ring as 'moonbeams' fly around the arena and sparks shower down from the overhead lighting machine.

JS: Always a nice entrance followed by...

dangerous,by busta rhymes, Green and yellow stobe lights blink as the Puerto Ruffians enter. Yellow,green, and white spinner fireworks and fountains come on as they walk into the ring to the awaiting LE.

JS: An unusual change for the Postal Poster boys, but we'll see how that changes their luck.

LK: Against the LE - they'll need more than mere luck...they'll need talent - something that delivering mail just doesn't provide.

JS: They aren't interested in the mail now - Milika

LK: (snicker) Mike you mean...

JS: I'm having just as hard of a time getting it straight...Paul & Mike it is...Mike just tossed Grant outside the ring with one hand, as Paul nails Stan with a Thesz press and is laying down the fists. (FAN POP)...They are laying into the LE.

LK: William has something up his sleeve...he won't let the LE go down this easily.

JS: Well, he'd better pull it out of his sleeve and start using it - Paul with a Powerbomb onto Stan.

LK: I still can't get over having a 7'6" dressed in a 'lucha libre' style suit - mask and all..this is SO hilarious! If LE was winning of course.

JS: Yeah...Mike back in the ring...he grabs Stan from behind the neck - face first ChokeSlam! Going for the pin...

LK: NO 1...NO 2...(Kickout) YES!

JS: Stan not heading down that easily. Mike going for another facefirst chokeslam...Bradley grabs his leg from the outside!

LK: Told you he had something up his sleeve.

JS: Evidently...Mike steps over the top rope and is heading out after Bradley who is heading out of the general vicinity. Paul keeping the momentum though...he takes Stan and whips the stellar one into the ropes - Flying shoulderblock...he goes for the cover -


JS: They send Paul into the ropes - Double back body drop! The ref trying to clear this out...Mike just caught Bradley!

LK: Get outta there William!

JS: BASEBALL SLIDE BY STAN! He stuns the BIGGEST man in the MWC!

LK: Not good enough - Get outta there!

JS: Mike chasing after Stan now while Grant is in the ring alone with Paul...Grant with a piledriver and now he's heading out...

LK: Stan...he won't stop if you beg???


LK: HA HA...I knew they would team up and eventually get the upper hand.

Stan runs over to the commentators table, grabs the mic and says...

SS: You want extreme boys...we'll show you some Southern justice that'll make you want to forget their ever was a south for you...time for a sex change you giant punk!

Stan grabs a chair as W.H.Bradley III & Galactic Grant hold Mike's legs apart.

LK: He isn't...HE IS!

Stan takes the chair and slams it between Mike's outstretched legs sending the big man to the soprano section!



JS: Paul trying to get to his friend...Grant back up on the apron, Paul grabs him and suplexes him back into the ring...

LK: Don't think so! He couldn't do it.

JS: Don't you mean Stan grabbed Paul's leg? Here's the count 1...2..(kickout)

LK: No problem, Grant tags in Stan - Atomic Drop that sends Paul into a HURRICARANA by Stan!!!!

JS: Nice teamwork as always...Stan tags in Grant - Irish Whip, Drop Toe Hold by Stan - Grant off the 2nd turnbuckle with an elbow drop - Stan off the top rope with a moonsault - WHAT TEAMWORK!

LK: Got that right...another tag - Stan heading up top...

JS: Mike's up! He gets Stan onto his shoulders - drops down off the apron and onto the floor! Oh Good LORD!

LK: Someone stop that madman!

JS: Bradley didn't see this comin', he's going to plan 2.


JS: Bradley gets the referees attention...complaining about what just happened. He's thrown something into Grant...

LK: I don't see anything...

JS: Grant just flattened Paul with something...goes for the cover, the ref turns around!

LK: Get him outta there!

JS: Mike just pulled Grant to the floor outside...Powerbomb through a table! I think Paul is stirring...he's climbing up top - HE LEAPS ONTO MIKE WHO POWERSLAMS HIM DOWN ONTO GRANT!

LK: What's the ref doing?

JS: Making the count...5...6...(Mike throws Paul into the ring) 7...8...9...(Paul pulls himself slowly up to his feet) 10!!!!!!!!

The Winner: Puerto Ruffians


"Hurricane" Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs "Iceman" Steve Radder w/Kelly and Gina

[The first notes of Bulls On Parade by Rage Against The Machine come blaring out of the sound system, bringing the fans to their feet - they've been waiting for this match for quite awhile now.]

JS : Here he comes, guys ... here we go.

[The fans give up a huge roar as Steve Radder struts out from the backstage area, with both Kelly and Gina on his arms and the world's biggest smirk on his face. He's wearing a t-shirt that reads "LOVEless" on the chest.]

Steve Radder : Now, Eddy, fact of the matter, you big galoot, is that I'm about to show you to never underestimate your opponent, especially not one as cool as myself. Get ready for the fight of your life, pal. This is where the Iceman shows the world he's a top dog.

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

JS: The crowd is pumped for this matchup...especially after last weeks Hostile Takeover.

LK: Don't remind me! THat punk Radder was less than trash...he was...he was - contemptible!

JS: Oh...you are sooo cruel.

LK: Leave me alone!

JS: Well, I have a match to call anyway - Love and Radder sizing each other up...they've fought multiple times and Radder knows all of Love's tricks.

LK: Know the tricks...maybe - but he can never go like Love has WENT.

JS: I've seen Radder go in a Torture Chamber.

LK: And lose...

JS: But he fought one heck of a match...And this one is shaping up - collar and elbow tie up - armdrag takeover...and another one...and another one!

LK: Come on Eddy...just outlast him.

JS: Love is reeling and Radder quick to take advantage - clothesline...dropkick.


JS: Great string of moves by the Iceman...Love back up - boot to the midsection... DDT!

LK: I wish those hags would shut up their cheering.

JS: Gina and Kelly? You'd better watch it after last week.

LK: Whatever!

JS: Steve with a Braincruncher DDT and Eddy is hurt!

LK: HE's fine...he has to be

JS: Irish Whip and Radder with a SPINEBUSTER SLAM! Eddy is in serious trouble...OH MY!


JS: Yep, Steve's taking Love up top - TOP ROPE POWERBOMB!!!! He could get the pin right now!

LK: Don't think so

JS: But if he hits this he could (Steve puts Eddy in a full nelson as Sweet Melissa gets up on the apron distracting the ref)...NO, Eddy drops down on his butt and swings around grabbing Steve's ankle...great counter and likely to early for Steve to try his finisher..

LK: You know it - he was fine all the time.

JS: Melissa just wanted to make sure?

LK: Of course.

JS: Uh huh...He's got Radder in a FUJI leg bar...and Steve grabs the ropes as the ref turns around.

LK: Don't break the hold!

JS: Eddy lets go and Steve rolls to the outside. Love after him.


JS: Eddy does - sending Steve face first to the ringpost. Back in the ring and Eddy is on him - STEP OVER TOE-HOLD...CROSSFACE LOCK!!! Steve in obvious pain!

LK: Eddy has him now.

Crowd responds as Susan walks out of the back and down toward ringside.

JS: Susan? And there goes Gina!

As Eddy continues to hold Steve in that Crossface/toe hold...Gina begins to lay down some harsh words for Susan.

JS: Eddy holding onto this...Steve must be beginning to weaken - that leg going out, his face and neck...but he's hanging on!

Eddie still holding as Susan and Gina heat up to a...


JS: Gina just layed into Susan! They've both got handfuls of hair and NO ONE can seperate that one!

LK: Gina just tossed Susan down the rampway - taking some hair with her! (HUGE FAN POP) This is getting to be more enjoyable than the match! Except that Love is wrestling.

JS: Sweet Melissa on the apron...Kelly sees it and takes advantage - fingernails to Eddy's eyes! Steve finally able to catch his breath as Kelly holds on for dear life!

LK: Get that woman off him! YES!

JS: Eddie just tossed her over his shoulder and...oh this is disgusting!

Love has Kelly cornered and is moving his way toward her

JS: Good LORD!

Love grabs his trunks - peeks down, smiles at Kelly and points in the general vicinity of his 'midsection'

LOVE: You want a piece of me?!!!

JS: Get that creep outta there!

Love does a little pelvic thrust toward Kelly and...


LK: He's busy...Melissa has something in her eye.

JS: Oh GOOD LORD! Get over there and count! Finally!

1....2....FOOT ON THE ROPE!

JS: He had him down for 10 seconds probably!

LK: But not the 3 that counted.

JS: Steve back on the offense here - puts Eddy on the top rope - SUPERPLEX and goes for the cover! 1...2....KICKOUT! Close one there

LK: THis isn't Horseshoes!

JS: Iceman whips Eddy into the ropes - HURRICARANA and a cover - 1...2...KICKOUT! <shew> this is getting exciting!

LK: Wrong...NOW, it's getting exciting!

From the back comes 'the Maestro' Bryan Blair running as Sweet Melissa's "contact" must have come out of her eye again.

JS: Things are looking REALLY bad!

LK: That's a matter of opinion!

Gina and Susan are pounding on one another (mostly Gina doing the pounding), Kelly yanks Melissa off the apron - the ref going out of the ring to break that up, and Blair seizes the opportunity to get in the ring.

JS: Blair in the RING! He's sneaking up on Radder with that fandangled PURSE!

LK: Oh...this is about to end!

JS: NO, Radder turned around...Blair holding his hands behind his head...Look out Iceman - he's just dropped the purse for Eddy.

LK: No, he just dropped it to show he has nothing but goodwill toward Steve.


LK: Eddy has him up with the...is it??? - YES, the HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!

JS: What's Blair doing?...he's climbing the ropes - Good Lord...they wouldn't!


JS: SPIKE HURRICANE PILEDRIVER! Blair outta the ring and the ref - of course - is back. 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: "Hurricane" Eddy Love


JS: What is Blair doing with that PURSE NOW?!!!

LK: He's emptying it? On Steve Radder's slumbering CORPSE!

JS: He is - what?

LK: HA! I told you it wasn't loaded!

JS: ROSE PETALS? It was full of ROSE PETALS?! This was a setup! They had this planned perfectly!

LK: They did! Ohhh, that was SWEEETTTT!




Deacon vs Armageddon

The Battle theme from Excalibur starts, out come 4 men dressed in ancient peasant clothing carrying torches. Out comes Armageddon, dressed in his pre ring battle armor riding atop of a black steed also dressed in battle armor, he holds his right hand high holding his battle sword...in his left hand is a chain and following Armageddon with the other end of the chain connected to a shackle around his neck is Shepherd... Armageddon sheaths his sword and steps down off his steed, still leading Shepherd by the neck. He chains Shepherd (somewhere around the ring) Armageddon steps to the corner of the ring and draws his sword again aiming it too the sky (or ceiling) two huge fireballs loom skyward. Finally Armageddon removes his battle armor and steps into the ring, staring at the entrance with a solid look of determination, he awaits Deacon's arrival.

The lights click off and the Gregorian chant begins as the crowd goes insane! Deacon makes his way out to the ring with his hood down around his face. Shepherd is not with him (of course) and he seems to be walking a few steps faster than normal. Deacon gets around the ring and immediately heads toward Shepherd and is cut off by...

JS: ARMAGEDDON smashes Deacon with an axehandle on his back! He brought Shepherd down as a distraction and it has worked.

LK: That's right! He knows how to get under Deacon like no one else.

JS: Armageddon with a Giant HEADBUTT! Deacon is down...you want to tell the fans how this matchup works?

LK: Sure, we have a cross at ringside...the goal is to tie the opponent to it with the ropes provided and then drag them up to the top of the entranceway ramp...once there - you have to raise them into position...other than that - there is no rules!

JS: And Armageddon is using it to his full advantage! He just took the stair to Deacon's face - cutting him open!

LK: Rather early to be bleeding - this may be quick!

JS: I doubt that...Armageddon nails Deacon with a Powerbomb - GOOD LORD!

LK: Nice move - Deacon landed with the back of his head on the security railing!

JS: Deacon already in trouble.

LK: I think his little Bo Peep can't be there for encouragement.

JS: I'd be taking that back - Shepherd is loudly PRAYING for Deacon...

LK: Not for long - Armageddon backhands him - causing bo peep to hit his head on the ringpost!

JS: Armageddon turning around - BIG FOOT TO THE FACE by DEACON! Deacon running his hands on his head...seems surprised by the blood.

LK: Me too..his blood is red same as mine!

JS: Deacon grabs Armageddon - Vertical Suplex!!!

LK: Take more than that!

JS: Deacon isn't planning on going for the victory yet! CHOKESLAM!!!!...he picks Armageddon back up - LOOK OUT!

LK: I"m outta here!

Deacon drags Armageddon onto the apron, sets up for the chokeslam off the apron - and sends Armageddon through the announcer's TABLE!!!

JS: Can I still be picked up???? It's ok...sorry about that fans...I think Liam is out of it for a bit!

Deacon grabs Armageddon yet again - Sidewalk slam

JS: Great move by Deacon...he's continuing to work over Armageddon - he throws him into the security railing - HIGH back body drop - EWWWW, Armageddon hit the stairs with his back - not a good landing! Deacon grabbing Armageddon by his head - drags his face across the railing...Armageddon bloody also now! Deacon sets him up...CRUCIFIX SLAM (Face First Slam and Deacon's setup for...)

Deacon moves Armageddon over toward the cross and sets him up for...

JS: ALTAR CALL!!!!! DEACON JUST DID HIS ALTAR CALL ONTO THE CROSS ON THE CONCRETE! He's tying Armageddon to it...this could just about be over. He's got one hand tied...what's wrong?

Deacon looks at Armageddon...then his hands, the blood still fresh on them. He looks to the sky and then...

JS: He's looking over to Shepherd...still tied up at the ringpost! He's leaving Armageddon?

Deacon goes to Shepherd in the corner...and he grabs Shepherds chains with both his hands, and PULLS!

JS: NO WAY! He's...SNAP He just snapped those chains loose!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

Deacon points for Shepherd to leave, but Shepherd is adamant about what is coming behind Deacon - ARMAGEDDON...Deacon speaks in some long dead language for Shepherd to leave as he holds his arms out like he's going to hug someone and then...

JS: Good Lord, Armageddon just drove that sword's hilt just into Deacon's side - he could've destroyed Deacon's kidneys with that shot! Deacon is DOWN and grabbing his side...Armageddon beating him mercilessly with the hilt! He's grabbed the stairs - DOWN onto Deacon...Armageddon getting into the ring...he's climbing the ropes??? He's not going to!


JS: Liam?

LK: No way I'm going to miss this!

JS: Armageddon off the top rope and DOWN onto the stairs -KKKK-RUUNNNGGGG GOOD LORD!!!! HE JUST DROVE THOSE STAIRS INTO DEACON'S SKULL!!!

LK: And now...time for the END!

JS: Armageddon dragging Deacon to the cross - one arm tied

Deacon wakes up almost mystically and just looks toward a busy Armageddon as...

JS: ...the other...he's got the ankles cinched in!

LK: This is over...

JS: NO...It can't be..wait Armageddon is stopping - he's grabbing his sword?

LK: He's back dragging Deacon up the ramp - he's put it in the space - DEACON IS UP!!!!!!! ARMAGEDDON DID IT - HE DESTROYED THE DEACON!!!!



JS: NO, but what's he doing with that sword? He hit Deacon again in that side! Those ribs MUST be broken!

LK: One can only hope!

JS: Come on...have a heart!

LK: I do...just not for pious overbearing intolerant big oafs

JS: (shakes head) What? Armageddon unsheathing the sword...he wouldn't!

LK: Uhm...this is ...oh lord..

JS: HE's going to send it through Deacon's side - this has gone TOO FAR!!!!

LK: Uh...huh...this

JS: Vizzack is on the ramp...Flair...Harders...Crippler...Armageddon is a man possessed though...he's trying to use that sword on them! What's happening??? Where's the lights??? The monk chant?? No, Pestilence's entrance music...the monk chant? No Pestilence's entrance music - what's happening?

LK: Uh...

JS: Lights are on...Pestilence has a hold of Armageddon's sword arm...he's not letting it go! WHOA! Their eyes...their eyes just met, those 2 RED eyes! Armageddon pulls his arm back...takes a long stare at Pestilence


JS: Armageddon just disappeared in a fireball! And Deacon??? He's being lowered down the ramp? He's saying something as he goes down...Pestilence limps toward Deacon trying to get him off, but they share a look, Deacon speaks in a language again long dead...what is happening - HE's GONE!!!! UNDER THE RAMPWAY!!!

LK: Uh...h-hh...it's over...?



"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs ????????

JW makes his way down to ringside with a chorus of boos to greet him. He takes a seat beside Sears at the Table and gets ready to commentate - a truly special event.

JW: I guess I should start by saying how I am anticipating this matchup.

JS: I would guess so - you've dreamed of this constantly since taking over my...

JW: Sears...shut up, you don't have a match to call now, just leave the talking to me.

LK: (snicker) Tell Him JW!

JW: By the time tonight is done...he's not supposed to come out yet. That sunof...

(The lights go down. Anticipation rises in the crowd as the music fills the air. CUE UP:"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) - Van Halen". Spotlights pan the crowd. The aisle is covered by spinning, intertwined, double "D"s. Suddenly it seems as if every light in the arena has flickered all at once as if a strobelight - and there they are. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack stands tall at the base of the aisle, a hint of gold visible beneath his leather jacket. Next to him is Sunshine Del Payne, her face is flushed but the look of excitement cannot be hidden from her eyes - she is proud to be there. They begin to walk toward the ring. Vizzack smacks hands with as many fans as he can. Sunshine takes a different approach and shakes the hands of several people at ringside, but several of the male fans seem a tad over-amorous and she shys away.Vizzack hits the ring first, completely vaulting himself over the top rope. He hesitates by the stairs for a minute as Sunshine walks up them and steps under the middle rope. Mark unzips his jacket, climbs to the top turnbuckle, and presents the fans with the TV Belt. He holds it up high and calls for the fans to get into the match and they oblige - by making a LOT of noise. Mark does a backflip off the top and embraces Sunshine in a big hug as fireworks go off at ringside, sparks fly from the ringposts, and JW Locke can't seem to believe that this man holds his TV Title.)

JW: He'd better be happy with himself now cause after tonight - everything is going to change.

Cue up - "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Ozbourne...the lights go out and only a spotlight goes to the rafters where 'something' can be seen...something slowly lowering down to the canvas.

JW: There HE IS! My WildCard is played...I've tipped my hand and I say we've got a deadman's hand!

LK: And the WORM is the deadman!

JW: ha ha ha....you could say that!

The 'creature' continues to slowly make its way down to the ring, when Jim realizes...

JS: It's...coming down from the rafters...'upside down?'

JW: No **** Sherlock! Of course he is - come on Jimmy, you have to know by know?

JS: Oh Good LORD! I didn't think you would actually do it...

JW: You DON'T know me very well!

EXPLOSION of Pyro out of the ringposts followed by FIRE as the 'creature' flips out of his lowering apparatus and falls a good FIFTEEN FEET...landing on his feet, flips the long hair out of his face that reveals a white 'formed' mask that covers the upper 1/2 of his face...his long black hair hanging wet around his shoulders...his trunks are BLOOD red and go just below the knee. On them, various Aztec symbols fit almost indiscriminately....but that isn't the most endearing part...aside from the frightening visage on the mask - the "markings" on this 'creatures' chest...An Aztec like symbol...that may look like a -

JS: BATT! You brought that monster here!

JW: I told you that you don't know me! I WIN!

JS: With that monster...no one can win!

LK: He's not even waiting for the bell - he charges at Mark...Mark puts him in a headlock and is trying to position himself.

JW: Not that easy - Batt with a low blow!


JW: This ref already knows HIS part...stay outta of it!

LK: Batt has Mark in a choke hold...what?

JS: GOOD LORD - He's biting him! Sunshine - don't get that close!

JW: Well, it's her own fault.

Sunshine was screaming and had her head a bit to close - BATT grabs her hair and pulls her into the ring with it...a wild look in his eyes.

JS: JW? You can't let this happen!

JW: She did it herself...women like her should stay outta of this sport!

JS: GOOD LORD! He just slammed his fingers down her throat! MANDIBLE CLAW!

LK: JW? I don't think...

JW: If you don't, then you can always let Victor take your place for now...

LK: Uhm...no, this is...uh...good.

JW: GREAT! Sunshine is heading out!

JS: Mark in with the SAVE! He's insane with this monster! Flying clothesline and Batt is reeling!

JW: He's fighting a pure monster...BATT outweighs the worm by a good 70 pounds and at least 2 inches taller - he's a deadman!

JS: I don't know - Hurricarana and BATT flies outside the ring!

JW: Just where he likes it!

JS: From what I know - quite true!...Mark grabs BATT - DDT off the APRON!

JW: But look at BATT! He's enjoying it!...he's actually smiling after that.

JS: Mark not caring...he goes right at him with a Piledriver on the mat...Vizzack turning it up a notch.

JW: But BATT is having a blast!

JS: It seems that way - Mark doesn't seem to know what to do - WHip into the stairs! Mark heading back into the ring now.


JS: Considering everything else - I'd say intelligent. Batt back in and Mark nails him with a fist to the midsection - he heading for the ropes! What's Batt doing?


JS: Vizzack is busted open...bleeding from the back of the head. And Batt is going after him...he's biting the wound! check that guy for rabies!

JW: Don't bother...we wouldn't be THAT lucky!

JS: Batt tosses Mark to the floor - good lord no.


JS: He may not be able to get up.

JW: He may not have a choice.

JS: He picks Mark up on his shoulders...Tombstone Piledriver - NO!

JW: Yes! From the apron and DOWN to the concrete!


JW: HA HA HA HA HA - And he'll NEVER be done!

JS: Mark is OUT!...but BATT puts him onto a ringside table, places a steel chair set up underneath where Mark is lying..and WHAT?

JW: You know what - Batt's grabbing the ringsteps...On TOP of Mark...this is BEAUTIFUL!

JS: How? Mark had NO time to prepare for this monster...fighting him normally is bad enough, but with no preparation.

JW: SHUT UP!...BATT heading back in the ring...running start...he runs up the TURNBUCKLES and


JS: This is horrid...someone get some help here!

JW: Not yet...Batt getting to his feet slowly, but smiling as always! He finds Mark near that BENT steel chair...throws him in the ring...he ties Mark's HEAD into the ropes...grabs his legs!

JS: This is ridiculous...

JW: NO, this is the BATT CAVEIN!

JS: He's going to cave in Mark's throat!

JW: If we're lucky!

The ref calls the match a disqualification, but BATT refuses to let go - throwing the ref to the mat!

JS: Come on...I'm STOPPING THIS!

JW: Go ahead and try...

Sears gets up to help Mark as JW lets him pass...takes Jim's old chair - folds it and


JW: I'll stop it...maybe, no - I'll enjoy it a bit closer!

JW goes into the ring and begin to cheer BATT on as he yanks on Mark's legs...Vizzack's face turning blue. The crowd is incensed at JW and begin to throw things at him...suddenly, BATT turns to JW with an odd...helter skelter look on his face

LK: NO! JW get outta there!

Batt grabs JW and begins to choke the life outta him until JW is limp...he then ties him up in the BATT CAVE IN until a multitude of security jump in. Each one being taken out by BATT...finally, as BATT went to return to Sunshine and/or Vizzack, Jack Emerald - a special guest referee for the night and regular MWC wrestler from the deathmatches catches BATT with his Luck o' the Irish - surprising BATT and knocking him down enough to restrain him! Paramedics visit the scene giving imediate attention to both Locke and the more seriously injured Vizzack.

The Winner and still the MWC Television Champion

"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack by Disqualification



"Good God" Kevin Powers w/Gina vs "Franchise" Lance Bishop

The lights dim until they are completely out. ThunderKiss '65 by White Zombie begins to play over the PA system while pyrotechnics begin blasting off in the ring. In the entrance way strobe lights flash the letter "F" in various colors. As Lance Bishop step through the entrance way...with Sampo of Ecubed, a huge "F" over the entrance way gets lights up and starts to burn and light the place up providing enough light to get him to the ring. Once in the ring more pyrotechnics go off leaving a cloud of smoke to for the letter "F" and the lights finally come back on.

VC: LB comes down looking pretty confident.

LK: Yeah, confident that he is a moron.

VC: His teammates, Sampo and Ironfist, have a big tag team title defense later on and if LB can score a win here, E3 will become the dominant stable in the MWC

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Filter & Crystal Method begins to play as the LockeTron begins to go off. Pictures of Powers and Gina flash along with some of their recent actions. In-between the cuts the words of 'PR in Da HOUSE', 'YOUR IC Champion', 'Gorgeous Gina', and 'GOOD GOD' Kevin Powers begin to show here in there in emerald letters on a black background. The curtains open up and Gina walks out wearing black leather pants and shiny black stretch halter top. Behind her follows the IC Champion of MWC 'Good God' Kevin Powers and he is carrying the MWC belt along with his CSWA US title. As they walk out Gina stops and puts her hands on her hips as Powers stands behind her and holds up both of the title belts. A white fountain pyro affect goes off behind them and the fans are giving their best heel pop. As they make their way down to ringside Gina sees a sign in the crowd and she takes it from one of the fans who is more than happy to give it to her. As they make their way inside the ring Gina walks around holding up the sign that says 'Now the L for LOSER is out of PLR!' Gina, after a moment of showing off the sign, also takes the microphone from the announcer.]

G: (giving a look towards the announcer) You know better. (Sets her pose) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages. Now that the Leach of PLR is out of the group PR proudly presents to you it's current MWC INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! From Chi-Town and current Bad Boy on the Block! He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal. He is 'GOOD GOD' KEVIN POWERS!!!

[Gina holds up the mic towards Powers so he can say a few words.]

KP: Hey Eddy look at this. (holds out the two belts towards the camera) I've got MWC and CSWA belts and you have...oh wait...you're short one aren't you? I guess you just couldn't back up the hype could you big boy! Ladies and gentlemen Hurricane Season is back in full swing because that big bag of wind just don't know when to shut up! Thank you very much!

VICTOR CREEL: A much anticipated matchup...now that we can get back to the action...I'm Victor Creel and will be sub-ing for the injured Jim Sears and JW Locke. Powers has tons of potential. I kinda wish he and Love would patch things up.

LK: Whatever! This Powers guy is a joke. So is Bishop. If i had to pick a winner, Id go with Powers, although Id love to see Love come out and put Crappy Kevin Powerless in his place.

VC: Eloquent as always! These two have tons of potential. I thik we will see some good smart wrestling here. There is the bell and a quick collar and elbow tie up! These two really want at each other! Kevin Powers attempts a short arm clothesline, but Bishop ducks out of the way and quickly sends him into the turnbuckle. I think LB's quickness suprised the big guy that time.

LK: <yawn>....maybe so. I wish Eddy Love were here.

VC: Powers staggers out of the corner, but is met by Bishop who picks him up for a big Spinebuster! Bishop hops up and yells with a huge rush of adrenaline as Powers scoots out of the ring with an obvious grimace on his face. Bishop follows him out. Powers staggers around one turnbuckle post just as Bishop is about to reach out and grab him. But Gina races around the corner and buries her fingernails into LB's eyes!

LK: Thats good for that guy. And its the only part of a woman hes seen in a long, long time!

VC: None of our business, LK. Powers unceremoniously tosses LB back into the ring. He looks around, and gives the crowd a quick pose.......looks like he is signalling for his finisher!

LK: Put this chump away. Im ready to watch Blair destroy Pestycrap.

VC: Powers lifts Bishop up.........SlingShot PowerBomb.......Kiss the Canvas! This one is over!!! The ref is down and counts ONE...........TWO...........KICKOUT!!!!

LK: How in the world?!

VC: The crowd seems to be behind Bishop big time.

LK: If I see another dumb E3 shirt, I think Im gonna explode.

VC: Then dont look all around ringside. The E3 supporters are everywhere. Back to the ring, Powers looks very disgusted. He picks up LB before sending him crashing back down with a huge right to the chin.

LK: Hey, he's shown some Power...no Brains or LOVE, but some Power

VC: Powers Grabs Bishops hair and sends him down once again with two successive head butts. Now he sends LB against the ropes and drives him down with a power slam. He is tossing him around like a rag doll.

LK: Raggedy ANN in there...couldn't outwrestle a doll - heck, Gina got the upperhand on HIM!

VC: I disagree there - Bishop is a competent wrestler...Back up again and Powers tries a short arm clothesline....but Bishop once again ducks! A few quick jabs stuns the champ and Bishop send him into the ropes, propells himself off the opposite side, and nails the big guy with a flying clothesline! Listen to this crowd!

LK: Id rather listen to Blair play a sonata on his piano.

VC: That withstanding - lets call the match...Bishop has Powers up for a Vertical Suplex! and DOWN! Nice crash to the mat from the big man!

LK: Oh well, when's Love come back out?

VC: He's not...he's done, now call the match! Bishop has Powers - PILEDRIVER!!!! GREAT MOVE!

LK: Yeah, but it's no Hurricane Piledriver.

VC: Bishop wants to go for his finisher! Can he get the big guy up!? Yes! Running Lyger Bomb... the Bishop Blast! He falls on the downed champ as the crowd waits to count along with the ref....but wait........ Gina is on the ring apron! She has the ref's attention! The fans are up to a 5 count when LB hops off, yells at the ref, and goes back to business. He doesnt look discouraged at all. Another Bishop Blast! This one is surely over! Ref to make the count....... ONE....... TWO........... Foot on the ropes!!! Gina put his foot on the ropes!

LK: You see, Vic. Somtimes women are useful. LB wouldnt know anything about that though.

VC: Oh boy! Now Bishop is ticked! He points at Gina and hops through the ropes before slowly walking towards her. Powers is shaking off the cobwebs and has turned to see what is going on. He jumps out of the ring on the opposite side and hides behind the ring steps.

LK: Will Bishop never learn?

VC: Gina leads him right into the trap that everyone in the arena knows is coming except LB! Powers leaps out from behind with a big clothesline! That really cleaned his clock. Powers points at a guy with an E3 shirt on in the front row as he picks up LB........pilediver on ring steps! Bishop looks busted up pretty bad. Back in the ring now. Powers gives the crowd a few more poses as he stands over the fallen hero. Tombstone piledriver as the ref goes down ....... ONE ..... TWO ..... THREE!!!! Thats it!

Winner and still MWC Intercontinental Champion

'Good God' Kevin Powers


LK: YES! Eddy Love is making his way down to ringside! Finally, some real talent!

VC: I like Love too, LK, but what is he doing here?

LK: Just delivering a message.

Love and Powers meet - sharing some intensely heated words. Love takes the first punch, knowing Powers is winded, Love getting the early upper hand. He grabs Powers by the neck and places him in position for...HERE COMES THE ICEMAN!!!! And Love splits!

VC: Humberto has some more information concerning this matchup's special referee situation.

HR: Thanks Victor...I was taping a match switch segment of Jack Emerald getting ready for his special guest referee stint when...well, just watch the tape.

The camera's switch as we see Jack Emerald readying himself for the special referee assignment... from behind, the mysterious BATT attacks him with a chair and then goes to work on him with some strange weapon of sorts... security and several wrestlers finally clear the scene - setting the stage for -



E-cubed vs. Team EXTREME w/Mrs. Beyer and Poison Ivy

(The lights go down. Total darkness fills the arena. Just as the crowd begins to grow uncomfortable with anticipation, the beginning strands of "Great BigWhite World" by Marilyn Manson filters through the speakers and four spotlights begin to pan the length of the arena. Suddenly, they stop, one at a time, in front of the curtain, one spotlight apiece on Eli Flair, Randy Harders, Poison Ivy, and Mrs. Beyer. Suddenly, the chorus of the song kicks in and the arena explodes in white sparking pyros, and EVERY LIGHT in the place becomes lit, giving the crowd a good look at the NEW and IMPROVED Team EXTREME. Of the four, Mrs. Beyer is the least changed. She is dressed in a black vinyl dress that covers most of her body, but it is so tight that her entire body is outlined, much to the delight of every male fan in the crowd. Her hair is done in a way that suggests vulnerability, but with a "don't mess with me" attitude in it. Poison Ivy has forgone her usual half-shirt and skirt for a black leather bustier, much like those worn in the middle ages. Added to this is a leather miniskirt and purple thigh-high stockings that still show at least a half inch of skin, topped off with her signature boots, attracts even more attention then Mrs. Beyer. In contrast to these subtle changes, the men of the team are far more different. Eli Flair has chopped his hair to shoulder length and has run streaks of green, blue, purple, and pink through it. It has also been pulled to the back of his head in a ponytail. Black sunglasses cover his eyes, though distinct "X" shapes have been applied to his face. The rest of his attire appears to be the same, with the exception of the glittering sequins in the back of his leather jacket that read "We're All Stars Now..." Harders has cut off all of his hair, has pierced his ears and nipples, and has tattooed "EXTREMELY HARD" on his now shirtless back. Other then that, his appearance remains unchanged. They four walk to the ring, the women giving high-fives to the fans, the men ignoring all but their opponents. As they enter the ring, the ringposts give off silver sparks, and the pyros form a gold and silver star behind the team - THEY are the stars here, and they intend to give the audience the performance of a lifetime.)

Liam Kennedy: Oh yeah baby. Here we go. One of the few matches I've been looking forward to. The rightful champs are in the ring and look impressive.

Victor Creel: What do you mean rightful champs?

LK: What do you mean what do I mean? If it wasnt for that idiot Lance Bishop Team Extreme would be the tag champions. Its because of that idiot that the MWC is in this turmoil.

VC: What turmoil? Everything is fine.

The arena lights dim as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' gets the crowd to their feet. A spotlight focuses on the curtains and everyone waits patiently for this new team's entrance. First through the curtain is Sampo, wearing a Quit Riot T-Shirt, long blonde hair in a single pony tail on the side of his head, grinning like there is no tomorrow. Closely behind follows Ironfist wearing his old boxing robe. The robe is dark blue with thousands upon thousands on sequins and beads. The hood is drawn over his face and he is hopping and dancing towards the ring just like at prize fighter at thier biggest match. Three slightly over weight men wearing white t-shirts that are too small follow the two men. Each of the 'escort's' shirts have an 'E' handwritten on them in a black magic marker (one is even backwards). The three men are also carrying flashlights and are waving them around like they are some kind of a light show. They also are popping blackcat fireworks on their way to the ring as if they are pyrotechnics. Sampo seems comfortable with this now usual entrance, but that's before Fireworks take off behind his butt. He runs toward Ironfist who just shakes his head. Sampo turns around to see that his heart infested BLOOMERS are showing and a smoke is being emitted from his butt...similar to Goldberg 'breathing smoke'.

VC: Great entrances by the former champions and current champions...this show is REALLY going to be big...even after the great start for this card...Special Guest referee is coming down.

Walk by Pantera blasts over the speaker as the Bruiser known as BRUNO hits the ring...wearing a beer-stained referee shirt..making everyone wonder whether the alternate and OUTSIDE referee - Jack Emerald made a good decision involving himself in the BATT affair.

LK: Thats what I'm talking about. Look at these morons in the crowd supporting these guys. Sampo and Lance Bishop have lost it and Ironfist should have stuck with boxing.

VC: I agree with you on Sampo and Bishop, they should have their heads examined as should Eli Flair for that matter. Though you cant argue with thier succes.

LK: You fail to mention that Bishop helped them get those titles.

VC: Well we'll see if they are the rightful champs as Harders and Ironfist are set to hook up. They start it off with a collar and elbow tieup. Harders sends Fisty to the mat with his power. Ironfist is back up though not backing down.LK: Oh, and Harders hits him with a knee to the stomach doubling him over.Wait what is Sampo doing in there?

VC: Look at that. The special referee, Bruno "The Bruser" who we failed to mention in the introductions is escorting Sampo out of the ring by his"vertical ponytail."

LK: Ironfist hits Harders with a clothesline from behind sending him into the turnbuckle face first. You see thats how they plan on retaining the titles. They cant win without cheating.

VC: Call it what you want but its affective, and Team Extreme would do it if they had the chance. Look their you see. While Bruno was escorting Sampo out Flair came in and hit Ironfirst with a low blow.

LK: C'mon Randy. Yes! Harder's makes the tag to Flair. Flair pointing to the outside. Yeah Eli throw him out there.

VC: Oh my. Ironfist lands hard. Lucky there is padding out there. Ironfist is clutching the guardrail attempting to get up. Watch out here comes Flair with a chair. Harders has Bruno distracted. He swings, but luckily for Ironfist he moved and Flair hit the guardrail. Ironfist is able to take advantage of Flair and throws him back in.

LK: Yeah throw him back in because you know he is more extreme than you and will kill you out there. Thats why Ecubed didnt agree to a four weapons of destruction match.

VC: Well this is wrestling now LK, not some no holds barred fighting. Oh, and Ironfist hits a big right hook on Flair, sending him to the mat.

LK: What do you call that?

VC: Effective. And Ironfist makes the tag into Sampo. Now this guy really needs his head examined. Sampo grabs Flairs hair and delivers a well placed standing dropkick sending Flair to the mat. Flair to his corner. Tags in Harders. Harders standing in the ring laughing at Sampo. Suddenly he charges after, but wait Sampo ducks the running clothesline. I'm sure Harders didnt expect that.

LK: Wait till he grabs a hold of him. He will never get out then.

VC: Harders trying another running clothesline but again Sampo uses his speed to get out of the way. Sampo just as quick kicks him right in the gut. Wow did you see that LK? He leaped right up to the top turnbuckle. Before Harders knows where Sampo is Sampo is in the air and hits him with a cross body block. Bruno starts to count...1...2 what Bruno is looking puzzled but Harders kickes out.

LK: Probably can't remember 3 comes after 2. In comes Flair. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. Wait whats this?

VC: Bruno is removing Flair from the ring. Some justice finally. We've had to many screwjobs in title matches, or important matches. Sampo makes a quick tag to Fisty and he comes in a house of fire. A series of headbutts. Harders trying desperately to get the tag to Flair.

LK: C'mon reach! What are you doing Flair reach!

VC: Harders is gaining the advantage. Harders grabs Sampo and the two go through the middle and top rope spilling to the outside. Flair enters the ring and so does Ironfist as the two begin to hammer on eachother.

LK: Nail him with the chair Randy. Whats that idiot Bruno doing?

VC: Bruno is stopping Harders from using the chair. Sampo slides back in and he and Ironfist knock Flair out of the ring. Bruno enters. Right behind him is Harders with chair in hand!

LK: Hit Bruno!

VC: Bruno sees him. The two are arguing in the corner. Bruno not letting go of the chair. Sampo runs up the ropes - Springboard - SPINNING DDT - the WINDS OF CHANGE!!!

LK: And Bruno is more than happy to count.

The Winners and still MWC World Tag Team Champions





"The Maestro" Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs Pestilence

The lights go out in the arena and the fans go nuts. Two men emerge from the back stage area carrying torches. They are dressed in long black robes with hoods drawn over their heads and covering their eyes. These two men are big: they could be wrestlers themselves. But they are pale; even though they are muscular, they look almost sickly. THey begin their slow walk to the ring, side by side. THe fans recognize these men as the enigmatic heralds of their hero: Pestilence. The heralds enter the ring, without saying a word and stand towards the back, still side by side, torches still blazing brightly. A spotlight suddenly appears pointed at the huge square shaped lighting facility danlging over the ring. One it stands a mighty figure. He too is wearing a long, black robe, hood covering his face. He stands in his familiar 'crucifix pose' made popular on t-shirts throughout the arena. His arms are outstretched, feet crossed at the ankles (he seems to be floating), head cocked to one side, and facing down. The fans erupt. This warrior has gotten over with the fans like no other wrestler in OWA history. His popularity in this federation has never been parralled, but he is in the MWC now. He slowly raises his head so he is now facing up to the roof of the arena. The hood falls off his head to reveal his regal, battle scarred face. He keeps his eyes shut so his 'X' tattoos on his eyelids can be seen. Slowly he opens his eyes. He leans forward off the lighting. He falls towards the ring, staying in a beautiful swan dive, and the fans scream, half in horror, and half in delight at seeing their hero, many for the first time. As he is about to crash into the ring, all lights go out, including the torchbearer's lights in the ring, and the decibel level is raised to a deafining roar. The lights come back on. The former OWA world champion is in the house and maybe the future MWC World Champion.

VC: The challenger is in the ring, and the champion is about to make his entrance...

LK: Come on CHAMP!

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights went out again. A clear, white spotlight hit the curtain and out walked the young lady, Contessa walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her dark burgany crushed velvet victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped garnet stone, a gold bow in the back of the wig, & a silver victorian mask (the silver to protect her from Pestilence's "sorcery")with plenty of jewels with a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He is also wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she took his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

LK: And Blair is IN the building!

VC: Can't say I approve of his flamboyance, but he does know good smart wrestling. Then again, both these guys try the psych out method.

LK: But you must admit Blair's superiority.

VC: He won last time...so I don't need to admit it - the mark in the W column and the belt does it instead.

LK: You are such a bore...I mean.

VC: The ref has called for the bell and we're beginning. Sorta...Pestilence tries a lock up, but Blair backs into the corner - crying out to the ref.

LK: Hey, he's using the ring as...

VC: I know what he's doing.

BLAIR: Get your filthy stinking hands off me! (HEEL POP)

VC: Oh Brother...Another lockup and Blair again into the corner...this is getting boring...

LK: Back to the center...lock up and Headlock by Blair

VC: First move of the match...and he's got it grinding away...and is very proud of himself.

LK: It's a good headlock.

VC: Perfect headlock...I mean, that's a tough move (sarcasm anyone)

LK: Look at him grind at that pest's temples...it's beautiful

VC: And mildly effective...Pestilence moving Blair toward one side of the ring - Irish Whip to the turnbuckle - Reversal by Blair and a double axe handle on Pestilence. Blair still proud of himself on that one

LK: As he should be...Picks Pestilence up for a Body Slam...uhm

VC: Nope...Pestilence tosses him one armed into the ropes - Grabs Blair by the throat - CHOKESLAM!!!

LK: That's horrible...despicable...

VC: That's Good wrestling Sylvester - go find Tweety or call this match... Pestilence sending Blair to the outside and follows him out...Belly to Belly Suplex by Pestilence and Blair is grabbing for his back NOW!

LK: This is ridiculous - where's the ref?!!!

VC: Counting...his job.

LK: Not funny.

VC: Not intended to be...Pestilence sends the match back into the ring and grabs Blair by the head - Stunner! Picks Blair up again - DDT (CROWD POP)...he's laying Blair OUT!

LK: Blair is fine...I seen a twinkle in his eye.

VC: That would be a glaze over...Pestilence getting Blair back up - Belly to Belly Suplex - great move.

LK: No, it was a weak attempt on his part at showing his even weaker skill.

VC: Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Pestilence choking Blair with the ropes - AND THE CROWD IS LOVING IT! Picks Blair up by the hair - RUNNING POWER SLAM!!! That's his setup...

LK: Blair in the ropes...he's not letting go...not going anywhere!

VC: Irish WHip - he's going into the ropes on the other side! SHOULDER TACKLE by Pestilence. Blair trying to get up - DDT sends him back down. Pestilence seems to 'almost' be smiling. He picks Blair up - Sideslam...

LK: Blair flipped lose - CLOTHESLINE! (HEEL POP) Blair trying to pull himself up...the clothesline buying him some time for...

VC: Gets Pestilence up and backs him into the turnbuckle...CHOPS!

LK: Did you hear that!???!

VC: And a few more for good measure...nice there. And a knee lift as...Pestilence music playing...and Pestilence REACTS!

LK: WHO keeps doing this!!!!??????!!!!!

VC: I don't know, but Pestilence taking full advantage - an Irish whip into the turnbuckle - Clothesline by Pestilence...another Irish WHip into the ropes this time - Back body

LK: Blair with a boot to the face!!!!

VC: Blair quickly grabs Pestilence leg - Spinning toe-hold! And Pestilence grabs for the ropes...Blair working the knee over now.

LK: You bet...it's almost time for an Encore.

VC: Seems to be heading that way...and Pestilence's weakened knee is causing even more pain. Things are looking bad for him.

LK: Blair grabs the knee - THE OVERTURE (Atomic drop to the knee and Blair's setup for his finisher normally).

VC: He's heading there, but not yet - strange move choice - but it is pretty...HANGING VERTICAL SUPLEX!

LK: No one does it BETTER!

VC: And DOWN! Great looking move there and very effective. He goes for the pin - 1...2...KICKOUT!

LK: He's not done yet though...we still have some moves left in him.

VC: Blair grabs that weakened knee again - Knee jam on the mat....Blair not letting go - another knee Jam...I think he's afraid Pestilence will have no reaction to the Encore like last weeks Hostile Takeover.

LK: NO...he's not afraid - just thorough.

VC: And Blair is

LK: WRAPPING IT IN - TIME FOR THE ENCORE (figure 4 leglock) - Pestilence is in some serious pain!

VC: He's fighting it off though...not giving in!

LK: And Blair's not letting it go - he has it sinched in tight!

VC: Could be over...but Pestilence sits UP....just like last week! Blair panicking - reaches his hand back!

LK: Contessa grabs it and pulls - Pestilence falls back..

VC: He's trying...he's passed OUT...the ref counts - 1...2....3!!!!!!! WHat a match...what a match!!!!

LK: He did it? I mean, he did IT!!!!! And here comes Eddy Love to celebrate - JW would be so proud.

VC: If he was here he would...is that it? They're telling us that's the end of our 2nd PPV and we are outta time. Join us next time for - DOMINATION only on Pay Per View!!!!!

Winner and still MWC World Heavyweight Champion

'The Mastero' Bryan Blair
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