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MWC LIVE from RIO (House Show)

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
MWC LIVE from RIO (House Show)

Another House Show that takes place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil

We're live in the party city of Rio. The MWC going on their Latin American tour. Brazil has been great, but not as great as the first of our matches kick in.


Iron Fist vs Randy Harders w/Mrs. Beyers

Welcome Home by Metallica kicks in and Randy Harders comes through the curtain led by his lovely valet/manager - Mrs. Beyers. The fans give their appoval as Randy hits the ring with a focus of EXTREME determination.

Eye of the Tiger blares through the PA as Iron Fist shoves the curtain aside. In his eyes is the determination of a thousand men, and the crowd not only notices, but again gives their approval.

Randy opened quick with a clothesline, but Ironfist sidestepped it and caught him with an European Uppercut. Randy floated with that blow and then came right back with a Backbreaker.

This match was covered with counter wrestling and the beginning set the tempo quite well. Randy sent Ironfist into the ropes, but Ironfist grabbed the ropes causing Randy's dropkick to only find air.

Ironfist sent Harders into the turnbuckle with an irish whip. Following him in with a double axe-handle. Randy rolled to the outside for the first of many times in this matchup.

Outside, Ironfist followed and grabbed Randy by the head, sending him into the ringpost. THe referee followed him outside and quickly got between them trying to keep this a MATCH!

Ironfist sent harders back in and then up for a falling Slam. He then set, and Mrs. Beyers knew it, for his killing blow - the DEATHBLOW (Tornado punch). Mrs. Harders got the referee to the corner with a complaint about the earlier hostilities as IronFist hit his finisher with no referee to count.

THe ref turned around, but it was way to late for a count. Iron fist looked in a running bulldog to continue the assualt which Randy was able to break the fall some with his arms. Good for him because Ironfist sent him in the turnbuckle yet again with an Irish whip. This time though, as he followed Harders in, he only found a stiff elbow followed by Harder's setup Football Tackle.

IronFist rolled outside to catch a breather, but Randy followed him out. Randy went to work out there sending Ironfist pillar to post and then back in the ring. Inside, he locked on a Crossface/Armbar and began to painfully wear down IronFist. After some long anxious moments, IronFist got to the ropes to break the hold and then rolled to the outside.

An incensed Harders followed him for yet more punishment. The ref came out also this time with a threat to take it inside. Harders snapped and then shoved the referee. He proceeded to pummell IronFist with anything within reach. IronFist was bloody and beaten as the referee revived & called for the bell.

Winner: Iron Fist by DQ



Lone Wulf vs Jonathon Hammer vs Nemesis vs K9

Lone Wulf comes out of the curtain to a nice fan approval. No fanfare or explosions, just the biggest man in the MWC.

He's followed out by the Innovator of Insanity, K9 - again with no fanfare, just a look of explosive anger behind these eyes of pain.

The CSWA great - Nemesis - makes his first entrance into an MWC ring. He comes ready and eager to show this Latin crowd some latin influenced wrestling.

Beat the Bastards by the Exploited starts to play as the crowd comes to their feet.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen hailing from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds...the king of the Extreme....Jonathan Hammer!

(Hammer comes out from the back to a huge appalause. He is wearing his black wrestling tights that go the full length of his leg. On the right leg it says "Hammer" in red. He is also wearing an MWC t-shirt. He puts both arms in the air and brings them down quickly and fireworks blow off behind him in reds and golds. He then walks down towards the ring. He shakes hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.)

The 4 corners matchup started with Nemesis facing K9. They locked up and K9 did an armdrag takedown that sent Nemesis fying...into LoneWulf's corner. LoneWulf reached up and tagged himself in. Nemesis wasn't too pleased, but the ref forced him outside.

Lone Wulf and K9 take 2. THey had one of the most brutal matches in Mexico City and though this wasn't a chair match, it was destined to get brutal quickly. They didn't bother to tie up because the larger LoneWulf just grabbed K9 by the hair and slung him to the floor.

Outside, they slung one another into the stairs, chairs pummelled each other, and then the bell rung??? However, that didn't stop these two rivals who continued to punish each other up into the 'nosebleed' section. The ref called this match with a double countout, but 2 guys remained - Nemesis & Jonathon Hammer. Although this wasn't supposed to be an elimination style match, that was changed quickly.

The small Nemesis locked up with Hammer who shoved him back into the corner. Hammer grabbed Nemesis by the hair and smashed him with 2 headbutts to the nose. An Irish Whip into the ropes, but Nemesis did a flying splash. Nemesis back up and into the ropes again. As Hammer turns around after getting up - Flying Elbow smash.

Nemesis locks in a Scorpion Deathlock to a screaming Hammer. He's really sitting back on this one, putting loads of pressure on Hammer's back. Unbelievably, Hammer pushes himself up and pulls himself to the ropes, breaking the hold. The damage is done though, and Nemesis jumps back on the attack. Hammer is pulling himself up and is caught with an implant DDT - NO!

Hammer turns the move into a German Suplex. Hammertime hits and Nemesis is caught with a baseball slide dropkick. Hammer puts Nemesis to his shoulders - Death Valley Driver! He goes for the cover - 1...2..(kickout!) Hammer puts Nemesis up with a Vertical Suplex - but Nemesis wiggles free and falls with a backflip!

Nemesis catches Hammer with an implant DDT that sends the fans into an uproar. Nemesis climbs to the top rope as Hammer staggers to his feet. OFF THE TOPE...NO One home -except the referee!

Nemesis nails the ref with a dropkick that sends him out of action. As Nemesis gets up, Hammer nails him with a Spinebuster slam...the setup for - THE HAMMER FALL (Diamondcutter off the top rope - acid drop) He covers Nemesis, but no referee there to count the 3. Hammer goes over to revive the ref and gives Nemesis just a moment to catch his breath. Nemesis with a standing dropkick as Hammer turns around.

Nemesis grabs Hammer - 187 Cradle DDT! And we all know what that sets up...HASTA LUEGO (I named it, so it may change if Barry wants...anyway, its a throat lock, half nelson, leg bearhug type move). Hammer is hanging on and fighting, but you can see the breathe going out of him.

From out of the back, Crippler comes...and he's armed. Crippler comes in the ring with a chair. He SMACKS Nemesis with it, knocking him cold. Crippler stays in the ring however, waiting for Hammer to get to his feet. Hammer looks down at Nemesis, trying to get oxygen to his brain so everything could compute...except Crippler slams the chair on his head as well, knocking him out as well - ON TOP OF NEMESIS. The ref starts to look over as Crippler makes his exit. The referee counts the 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Jonathon Hammer


'Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs Lance Bishop w/Sampo

The lights dim until they are completely out. ThunderKiss '65 by White Zombie begins to play over the PA system while pyrotechnics begin blasting off in the ring. In the entrance way strobe lights flash the letter "F" in various colors. As Lance Bishop step through the entrance way...with Sampo of Ecubed, a huge "F" over the entrance way gets lights up and starts to burn and light the place up providing enough light to get him to the ring. Once in the ring more pyrotechnics go off leaving a cloud of smoke to for the letter "F" and the lights finally come back on.

(The lights go down. A low, guttural moan is heard, reverbating through the arena... Slowly, the music rises..... CUE UP: "1996" - Marilyn Manson. Red and Black lights begin to strobe all around the arena as a HUGE explosion sends clouds of smoke from the curtain.

As the smoke clears, two lone figures emerge. Poison Ivy, looking dangerous as ever, stands with a Singapore Cane slung over her shoulder, a pair of dark sunglasses on her head, and black combat boots adorned with silver paint. She is in her typical short skirt, and a tighter, more revealing top then she has in the past.

Behind her, "Total Elimination" Eli Flair stands, looking like the incarnation of a demon. His long black hair is streaked with green, and his face is adorned with paint and makeup that seem to be reminiscent of ancient, ANCIENT religions. His eyes, no longer covered by sunglasses, reveal a color of blood red. In fact, the only thing that looks like the Eli Flair of old is his black leather trench.

As they approach the ring, Flair ignores the fans to the right and to the left, while Ivy plays to the crowd. Flair is completely focused.... he looks out for blood tonight.

Eli and Lance circled one another...Lance however would dart around with his eyes like the world was after him. Eli seemed like a man possessed as they locked up finally.

Eli with a throw off that sent Bishop to the mat. Lance was getting up when Bishop caught him with a release German suplex. Lance was woozy as he got to his feet and Eli dropped him with a DDT. Lance got up, still woozy, as Eli went for yet another DDT, but Lance grabbed the ropes. Eli hit the mat, and Bishop stomped on his face for good measure.

Eli popped back up, and Lance then sent him down with a DDT! He picked Eli up to his feet only to drop him with a Tombstone Piledriver and then - BISHOP BOMB (Running Lyger Bomb). The ref went to count as Ivy interjected herself in the meeting by pulling the ref by his legs outside. Lance was furious, as was Sampo - well, furious for him *grin*.

The ref came back inside just as Lance leaped off the top rope to hit Eli's...FOOT! To the head to be exact...Eli shock it off and as Lance struggled to his feet, the 6'8" Flair helped him up, and then down with a chokeslam. Flair didn't waste any time though, he latched in TOTAL ELIMINATION (Modified STF). The ref didn't get to do his job however because Sampo pulled him outside this time.

The ref gave him a good talking to, and then Ivy Caned Sampo into the ground from behind. Inside the ring, IronFist had come from the back. He nailed Eli in the face with multiple punches, breaking the finisher.

Finally, the ref made it inside to chaos. Harders now came out of the back. Eli was getting up when Bishop nailed him with a Tornado DDT, and then he went for the cover. Harders would have none of it though as he pulled Lance and Flair to the outside with one powerful tug.

Outside, Harders ignored the irate Bishop and slapped Eli...who gave him a look to kill. Bishop was freaking out...looking around like everything sane was gone. Harders and Bishop traded punches until Ivy was able to get Harders back.

Lance tossed Eli back in the ring and nailed him with a Piledriver - the count 1...2..(kickout!). No one could believe this match was continuing through everything. Flair rolled to the outside, and as Bishop came out, he caught him with a low blow. He followed that with setting Lance's face on the table, taking a chair, and slamming them together.

However, he didn't see Sampo, albeit hurting, take a moonsault of the apron and onto Eli! Ironfist rolled them both into the ring, and then to everyone's surprise attacked Harders, drawing Poison Ivy away from the ring.

Meanwhile, Lance leapt off the top rope and down onto Eli with a cross body block and a count of 1...2...3!

Winner: "The Franchise" Lance Bishop




'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs Crippler

Security lined the cage to keep any possibility of interference out of this matchup and then...

A huge pyro bomb explodes as "Don't tread on me" by Metallica kicks in to show a very excited and hurried Crippler hit the ring and quickly get into the topped cage.

(The lights go down. Anticipation rises in the crowd as the music fills the air. CUE UP:"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) - Van Halen".

Spotlights pan the crowd. The aisle is covered by spinning, intertwined, double "D"s. Suddenly it seems as if every light in the arena has flickered all at once as if a strobelight - and there they are. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack stands tall at the base of the aisle, a hint of gold visible beneath his leather jacket. He is alone, but looks around for his manager. He seems to tell the fans "hold on a second," as he goes back behind the curtain and reemerges, Sunshine in tow - and the fans begin to cheer for a slightly different reason, as her 'purchase' in Rio is seen for the first time.

Her dress is a dark red color, with a choker connected to the dress by two thin strands of material. The fabric barely covers her rather ample chest, and her back, save four criscrossing spaghetti straps, is completely bare. The dress stops a good deal up her thigh, though still covering everything vital. It gives way to a pair of well-kept fishnet stockings and equally well kept combat boots. She looks VERY embarrassed at her attire, but hey, these people are cheering for HER too, so she smiles amidst a flushed face, and waves to the fans.

They begin to walk toward the ring. Vizzack smacks hands with as many fans as he can. Sunshine takes a different approach and shakes the hands of several people at ringside, but several of the male fans seem a tad over-amorous and she shys away.

Vizzack hits the ring first, completely vaulting himself over the top rope. He hesitates by the stairs for a minute as Sunshine walks up them and steps under the middle rope. Mark unzips his jacket, climbs to the top turnbuckle, and presents the fans with the TV Belt. He holds it up high and calls for the fans to get into the match and they oblige - by making a LOT of noise. Mark does a backflip off the top and embraces Sunshine in a big hug as fireworks go off at ringside, sparks fly from the ringposts, and JW Locke can't seem to believe that this man holds his TV Title.)

Mark's excitement faded and a look of occassional nervousness crossed his face. However, that look never was seen by Crippler. Crippler didn't need it though because he took the pain right to Vizzy. Crippler latched in an armbar that he sinched in to really surprise the champ. He spun that around into a headlock. Crippler seemed to chain 3 moves in succession and then put the steel cage to good use - slamming Vizzack into the cage. Crippler followed that with a brainbuster that sent pain through the audience's neck!. A quick cover, but no such luck. Crippler knew that he had him and went to the top rope to prove it.

Mark got his wits about him in time to run into the ropes and knock Crippler onto the turnbuckle straddling it. A few punches and then Mark went for a 360 Top Rope DDT. Pin attempt and a kick out by Crippler. Mark took his turn to intro Crippler to the cage and then followed it with a flying elbow to the back of the head. Crippler was hurting and moreso after a Neckbreaker. Another pin attempt, but no such luck. Mark went to the top rope a couple of times with various jumps from a flying elbow smash to a senton splash. It was then time...and the crowd knew it. Mark threw a punch into Crippler's gut bending him over and then Vizz went into the Ropes. The crowds anticipation rose as Mark sprung of them and backwards for the DAREDEVIL FLYER!...

but Crippler caught Mark in mid-air...With Mark on his shoulders, Crippler ran him into the cage Head FIRST! He then slammed him back to the mat with a Samoan Drop and a pin attempt. Vizz's characteristic heart hung in there though with a 2 count kickout. Crippler wasn't done though. He picked Vizzack up and ran him into the cage, leaving him there and began to grind Mark's face to a bloody pulp! Mark leaned helpless on the metal as Crippler bounded off the other ropes, and came back with a flying shoulderblock - sending Mark's face into the cage again. Sunshine began to cry on the outside as she watched her friend and protector take such a beating. Mark caught those painful eyes, but knew that he couldn't do anything...and then Crippler drug his face across the chain link yet again...blood beginning to blur his vision. Mark finally fell through the ropes and into Crippler's arms for the CRIPPLE-PLEX! (Fisherman Suplex)1...2...(SHOULDER UP). The crowd was going nuts in this matchup! Crippler latched in a Gutwrench Suplex...

HURRICARANA BY THE DAREDEVIL! He's got the legs pulled for a pin - 1...2...3!!!!

The Winner and still the MWC Television Champion

"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack


Deacon w/Shepherd vs Armageddon

Fireball shos to the ceiling when he arrives to a plethora of hisses from the crowd, an eerie organ melody ishis music, on his way to the ring he is wearing medieval armor, but takes it off before he wrestles

The lights go out, and a monk chant begins. The crowd responds as positively for Deacon as he comes through the curtain led by Shepherd as they showed their distaste was shown for Armageddon. Shepherd however seems a bit out of his normal rhythm...an uneasieness in his face. Deacon climbs the steps and as usual the explosions go off as the lighting comes back up and Deacon hands his cloak to Shepherd - Shepherd takes a look at his friend...a good long look, and then gets to ringside.

Deacon and Armageddon lock up, toss one another back, and then lock up again like 2 bulls. Armageddon outweighs Deacon by 50 pounds, but Deacon is a touch taller. These are TWO GIANT MEN! Deacon holds his hand up to signal for a test of strength which Armageddon takes. They cinch it in and neither gives an inch. A good minute, both men shove for all they are worth, but to no avail. They break the hold, look at one another, and then Armageddon offers to start the Test of Strength...which Deacon takes.

However, Armageddon sends a boot in, BUT DEACON CAUGHT IT! He spins the leg around for a legdrag takedown. As Armageddon gets up, he's caught with a Clothesline and then a running kick to the head. Deacon gets control early, following up with a sidewalk slam, but Armageddon rolls outside the ring. He sees Shepherd who moves away, but Armageddon chases him, picking up a chair along the way. Deacon rolls outside and comes up behind Armageddon.

CHAIR SHOT BY ARMAGEDDON! He was playing Deacon on that one. He rolls Deacon inside the ring, picks him up, and delivers a DDT. Pin attempt with a 1...2..(Kickout) Armageddon isn't done yet - TiltAwhirl Backbreaker! Armageddon follows that with a Powerbomb

- NO, Deacon holds his weight, picks the monster up and dumps him over the top rope. This time Deacon goes out and immediately on top of Armageddon. Deacon grabs him by the head and runs Armageddon's face along the security railing, busting open the giant monster! Deacon tosses him back in the ring and follow him in. He's got it cinched in - VERTICAL SUPLEX! The crowd explodes as the ring nearly does from the amazing impact. THat's 700 pounds that just went crashing to the mat! Deacon gets up and then begins to choke...no pick up Armageddon by his throat - CHOKESLAM! Deacon goes for the pin - 1...2..(kickout!)

Deacon gets behind Armageddon and nails an Atomic Drop - hold on, Armageddon dropped Deacon with a bulldog! The bloody Armageddon grabs Deacon - PILEDRIVER. Deacon rolls to the outside to catch a breather, but Armageddon won't have any of it. He goes outside, grabs a chair, and runs at Deacon with it - BOOT TO THE CHAIR sends it back into Armageddon's face. No Chair shot that time. I think Deacon was playing him on that one. Armageddon stumbles back and Deacon takes the fight to him. He rushes at him like a mad bull, grabs Armageddon - picking him up, and rams him into the ringpost. Deacon backs away, back at Armageddon - NO ONE HOME! Deacon goes face first into the pole, and then falls back dazed, sitting at the security railing. Armageddon grabs the stairs and SANDWICHES Deacon's head between the stairs and the railing. Deacon is cut open!

The ref finally gets these two bulls...albeit exhausted bulls, back in the ring. Both men, bloody and battered, are trying to hold on to their last bit of stamina. Armageddon grabs Deacon - JACKNIFE POWERBOMB! We know what that is setting up...Armageddon climbs to the top rope as Shepherd begins to pray loudly to the outside of the ring. Armageddon yells at Shepherd to shut up, and then he leaps with - THE FINAL SOLUTION! Armageddon with the cover - 1...2..(KICKOUT!)

Deacon seems to be slowly getting revived. Armageddon tiredly pulls himself up by one corner buckle as Deacon begins to pull himself up with the other...gaining strength from Shepherd's prayers. The crowd is going nuts as Armageddon angrily looks toward Shepherd, toward Deacon, and then motions with his hand - A FIREBALL EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER THAT DEACON WAS PULLING HIMSELF UP WITH. The fireball blows high into the air as Deacon is knocked back outside from the explosion.

Armageddon then rolls outside as Shepherd is tending to Deacon. Armageddon sneaks up behind him, picks Shepherd up, and tosses him over the top rope from the outside. Armageddon back inside as Shepherd tries to regain his senses. Deacon however senses that Shepherd is gone and starts to pull himself so his face is just above the apron. At that moment, and with a maniacal laugh - Armageddon, who has Shepherd by the throat, sends flames up from each corner post with the flick of his wrist. When the heat and light subsides, Shepherd & Armageddon are gone.

Winner: ???


Pestilence vs "Hurricane" Eddy Love

Announcer: (reading stiffly from a card like he HAS to say it) Ladies and Gentleman (in Portugese of course), it is my pleasure to announce the MWC World Heavyweight champion to be the special guest announcer (under his breath) even though he doesn't speak Portugese, "The Maestro" Bryan Blair.

Fireworks music by Handel goes off as Blair comes out with Contessa - both dressed to the hilt. Contessa is wearing a Peacock style dress, Blair in his usual tuxedo with tails and powdered wig.

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain comes "Hurricane" Eddy Love with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. He comes down the aisle and enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

The lights go black yet again. Pestilence... Pestilence started off quickly in this match with an Irish whip into the turnbuckle. He followed Eddy in and caught him with a shoulder to the midsection. Eddy was hurting, and then things got worse. Pestilence put Love up on his shoulders and then with a run - POWERSLAM! And everyone in the stadium knew what that was setting up. Sure enough, Pestilence put a stunned Eddy's head and shoulders just to the outside of the ring, climbed the top rope, and leaped with a smash - THE PLAGUE!

The ref started the count - 1...2...(FOOT ON THE ROPE!) Blair had put Love's foot on the top rope with that one, but Eddy seemed able to kick out - however, it's always good to not have to expend such energy.

Eddy was sent into the ropes and surprised the enigma with a sunset flip. No count though worthy of mentioning. Pestilence and Love both back to their feet quickly and Eddy nailed his ever-famous Running Neckbreaker. Pestilence rolled to the outside, but he was facing a fresh and ready Blair out there. Pestilence was ready for him and caught him with a Spinebuster. As he got up though, Eddy Love was waiting with a clothesline. Blair slowly back to his feet as Contessa proceeded to complain to the referee.

Love sent Pestilence back in and grabbed him in a Gutwrench suplex. Then the lights go out! Pestilence's music starts to play as the crowd gets VERY confused at the situation. As the lights come back on, Pestilence is standing eye to eye with Love. They begin exchanging blows as the referee tries to get Contessa off the apron. Pestilence catches Love with 2 consecutive punches and then drops him with a Stunner. Pestilence goes for the cover, but just as he begins the cover - Bryan Blair comes off the top with a knee drop to the back of Pestilence's head.

Eddy Love slowly gets to his feet with Pestilence. He grabs Pestilence's leg, points to Blair, and then whirls around slapping on the Figure 4 to Pestilence. Contessa of courselets the referee free to check for a submission which never comes. Eddy locks it in, but Pestilence finally is able to roll it over and force the break.

However, the damage is done...as Pestilence slowly gets to his feet, he is put in position for - the HURRICANE PILEDRIVER! The ref counts the 1...2...3!!!

The Winner: "Hurricane" Eddy Love




"Good God" Kevin Powers w/Gina and Susan vs "Iceman" Steve Radder w/Kelly

Announcer : 'Ladies and Gentlemen, now approaching the ring and weighing in at 230 pounds, standing 6 feet tall, accompanied by the beautiful Kelly, the self-proclaimed Coolest of the Cool, 'Iceman' Steve Radder!

[Cue Up 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage against the machine as The Iceman comes out of the curtain carrying a mic. White and Blue fireworks explode behind him as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters 'PLR' on a black background. Steve starts walking down toward the ring, uncharacteristicly without Kelly. He's wearing his signature blue-lensed Oakley sunglasses, acting just as cool as ever.

Steve Radder : So, Kelly and Sunshine go shopping to whatever store, and they buy something ... I'm not allowed to see what Kelly bought and I haven't seen her all day ... so.

[He continues walking down the aisle until Kelly shows up behind him in an outfit that doesn't leave alot to the imagination. He turns around and clutches his chest in mock surprise, and continues down the aisle with her on his arm.]

Steve Radder : Kevin, my friend ... looks like you got ANOTHER distraction at ringside tonight ...

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Fliter & The Crystal Method starts to play as Gina and Susan, who appears less than comfortable, make their appearance from behind the curtain. On the screen above, the letters 'PLR' come up in emerald on a black background. The girls stand on opposite sides of the entranceway as "Good God" Kevin Powers makes his way out as well. They stay there for a moment as the white fountain-like pyro effects go off behind them and soak up all of the reaction from the crowd. They start walking down the rampway arm and arm with Powers. Once inside Powers goes on the turnbuckle and flexes for the crowd as Gina takes the mic from the ring announcer.]

G: If you don't mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, PLR proudly presents to you one of the greatest forces in MWC today. He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal...here he is "Good God" KEVIN POWERS!!!

Kevin Powers was dominant thusfar in the MWC...well, if you don't count his 'victory' of the MWC IC Title when Eli beat him nearly to death with a barbed wire wrapped singapore cane. Other than that, Powers has seemed completely unstoppable. Iceman has seemingly been JW's picking boy when he continually is put into crazy situations to wrestle. Considering that JW seems to like PLR member - Eddy Love and hasn't shown much aggression toward Kevin Powers, that leaves the fans to really wondering - WHY? However, he did give Radder this InterContinental match...unfortunately it is against current champ & PLR member - Kevin Powers

These 2 friends shake hands and then lock up. Kevin, the stronger by a longshot, sends Iceman to the canvas with a surge of sheer power to Gina's delight and Susan's indifference. He helps Radder back up - NO...SHort Arm Clothesline! Powers follows that with a ElbowDrop to Steve's chest. Radder is grabbing at his chest as Powers grabs for his hair to pull him back to his feet. He sets Iceman in for a Gutwrench Suplex...we know that's the setup for his Power Outage setup move. Steve knows also and grabs at Kevin's legs, pulling on the knee to collapse the big man when Steve thrusts himself upwards. Kevin hits the mat and Steve rolls over onto him and is VERY quickly back to his feet and the attack.

As Kevin gets up, Radder grabs him with a DDT! Powers shaken after that one. Radder whips him into the ropes - SIDEWALK SLAM! The ref counts 1...2..(Kickout!) We almost had a new champion there. Radder grabs Powers in a front facelock, lifts Good God up - FACE FIRST DDT! Radder has dazed the big man as he pulls him to the corner...what's Iceman trying? Steve puts Powers on the top rope, and then climbs the ropes from the outside...He can't be serious - TOP ROPE POWERBOMB! Iceman pulled it off! Powers has him outsized...what a show of Power by Iceman. We all know what that's a setup for...Radder cinches in the Full Nelson

OH, Powers threw a foot up into Radder's "midsection". Radder is down and Susan is strangely upset. Outside, the girls appear to be getting ready for a Springer episode with their eyes beaded onto one another. Kevin gets up and picks Radder up...TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! However, Powers doesn't go for the cover and instead latches on a Suplex...no, Slingshot Suplex. He rolls over for the cover - 1...2..(kickout) Powers latches in for a Powerbomb, he lifts Radder

Hurricarana! Steve turned it around on Powers! Outside spills the big man as Iceman quickly tries to follow. Susan pats Steve on the back just before he takes it straight to Powers with a clothesline over the security railing. Radder knows that he can't win the title that way and throws Powers back into the ring. Radder whips Powers into the turnbuckle and follows him closely with shoulder ram. Steve lifts Kevin to the top rope, climbs the ropes - TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX!

From the back, IT'S EDDY LOVE! Eddy hits ringside ignoring all the valets and just cheers Powers on, angering the normally cool Iceman. Iceman has Kevin up, whips him into the ropes and leaps with a clothesline. Kevin moves and grabs Radder

Powerslam! Eddy is overjoyed outside as the ref counts - 1...2..(KICKOUT!). Now, from the back comes SWEET MELISSA - EDDY'S MANAGER! She comes out and starts to cheer right beside Eddy Love, but for Steve Radder. We've got plenty of Polarity for this outside situation. Inside the ring, Powers hits - POWER OUTAGE! (Gutwrench Powerslam) That is the setup for KISS THE CANVAS. Powers sets up his SLingshot Powerbomb, but Radder picks him up and dumps him over the top rope.

The ref goes toward Powers as Susan and Gina begin to get at each others throats literally. Radder rolls outside the ring to confront Eddy Love. Sweet Melissa gives him a pat on the back to go for it, and he turns with his fist drawn back. WHAT? Melissa raked Radder in the eyes. Eddy Grabs him - HURRICANE PILEDRIVER with Melissa's help! Eddy rolls Steve into the ring as the ref turns around with Powers rolling in.

Susan has a HUGE smile on her face, but Gina screams at Powers. She's pointing at Eddy Love and Melissa who are running to the locker room area. Kevin shakes his head, looks at Radder, and then tells the ref to disqualify him as Susan begins a shouting match yet again with Gina that ends in Susan heading to the back in disgust. With a strange look, the ref calls for the bell.

Eddy Love turns around to see Power's victory just as the announcer calls for the winner - 'Iceman' Steve Radder by Disqualification. Love is incensed as he storms back into the ring. Powers and Love face to face and shouting! Love shoves Powers, who shakes his head and then goes to tend to Steve Radder. Eddy goes behind Powers - Crotch shot! Powers rolls over as Eddy grabs him in a HURRICAN PILEDRIVER! He stands over both members of PLR and shakes his head, then rolling to the outside.

Winner: 'Iceman' Steve Radder by DQ

"Good God" Kevin Powers retains the MWC Intercontinental Championship
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