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MWC Hostile Take Over - Winnipeg

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
The scene cuts from commercial to a tall, thin, 20 something young man walking into the Winnipeg Civic Arena. All around him, Canadians from all walks of life enclose the way to the entrance. Inside, even though the show is yet to begin, a raucous group of Canadians are chanting for their favorite wrestlers.


On the other side, an equally loud group of people cheers for their own personal favorite.


And in the midst comes a myriad of shouts and cheers from the fans for everyone from the newer "Brett Kross" to the veteran of MWC action "Vizz-ack", and "Pest-i-lence". The scene is unlike any to be seen in the MWC to date, and likely will be remembered for how magical it really is. CUT TO:

A black screen comes onto the LockeTron as the announcer states.

"MWC fans, we would like to take this moment to recognize one of Canada's great athletes - Owen Hart."

The screen changes from solid black to these words...

"Owen Hart. 1965-1999. You will be missed."

As those words appear, the crowd explodes in a jubilant celebration of one of their fellow countrymen just as...

EXPLOSIONS GALORE light up this already energetic stadium. Sparklers cascade from the ceiling down to just above the ring, sparks explode out of the ringposts, fire jets down the walkway, and as always - the MWC HTO logo appears on the Locketron...

MWC Hostile Take Over in Winnipeg

Held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(Cut to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy excited about tonights action.)

JS: Fans, you have seen many things change during the MWC's short time, but tonight, we take it one step further. While the competition forces you to pay for matches like these, we are ...

LK: Forcing the advertisers to pay for it.

JS: Liam...

LK: It's the truth - these people are too cheap.

JS: Well, call it what you will - it's exciting. Almost a year ago when I started the BTR

LK: Here we go again.

JS: Liam, hush - Almost a year ago when Warren Fitzpatrick first contacted me, I thought he was crazy. He said, and I quote,

"Jim, if you can get the money raised then I can get the stars into West Virginia for a show. I've already grabbed verbal approval from "Extreme" Eddie Dean, former CSWA star - The Eliminator, some new guy who looks pretty promising - "The Maestro" Bryan Blair, One of the biggest 'get over' wrestlers the CSWA ever snagged - Deacon, OWA's former world champ - Pestilence, and get this... 2 former CSWA world champs - "Hurricane" Eddy Love and "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack... you know that would be HUGE in West Virginia - their battles are legendary!"

JS: I was in shock. No WAY could I pass up the chance to do that ... and we did well.

LK: You screwed it up.

JS: Did I? Mark Vizzack was the BTR champion, and tonight he stands on the threshold of grabbing the MWC world title.

LK: Only a shot at the title.

JS: He can do it.

LK: Not with Blair and Love against him, it might as well be a handicap match.

JS: Anyway, the point to all of this is that tonight is a celebration of what has happened in the MWC, with the outfit that I was blessed enough to start.

LK: Man, shut up the mush and lets talk action!

JS: Fair deal... we're starting the night off with 2 newcomers locking it up. They had previously been relegated to 'PreShow' status, but Locke Enterprises has ok'ed an extension and the cable channel has graciously agreed, we will have double the action tonight!.

LK: Who's wrestling?!!!

JS: Sorry, I'm just excited. Warlock vs. X-Rated. Along with that match, TWO more new wrestlers will be locking it up, proving once again the GIGANTIC amount of growth the MWC is seeing...

LK: WHO?!!!!!

JS: sorry... "2 Sweet" Brian Schwartz vs. "Hellfighter" Micheal Patrick Shulze.

LK: Have you seen them wrestle?

JS: Can't say I have, I"m looking forward to it though. We also have a rematch from a 'pretelevison' coverage match that seemed to be headed toward a classic until a time limit draw - "Hard One" Randy Harders returns to action in the MWC against "Crippler" Cameron Cruise.

LK: That should be interesting... at least if we could find someone I like.

JS: (sarcasticly) I'll be on the lookout. Then it is time to head one step closer to the MWC Television title finals with semi-final action. John R. Styles, a man who can take a LOAD of punishment, but who is facing some personal demons it would seem, takes on "Brass Knuckles" Brett Kross, who has 'problems' of his own... if you count running a successful business a 'problem'

LK: You should know... oh wait, ixnay on that 'successful' part.

JS: Touchee... but then, I tried to do it and not ride my college buddies' coattails.

LK: uh...uh...bite me.

JS: Sorry, but I hear BATT may be around.


JS: (snicker) Don't worry, I hear he got his shots after that match with Jack Emerald. The other semi round match is MD member - Commando versus the Mercenary. After last week, it should be an interesting bloodfeud... and that's without Commando's proposed Barbwire match.

LK: After last week, I'd just hide if I were Mercenary.

JS: You'd hide anyway. Then comes a match made in ... well, for the Extreme Title - "Total Elimination" Eli Flair defends against not one, but two men in a Mega Cage match. The two men are "Iceman" Steve Radder and Justin Sane...

LK: But wait, there's more - Eddy Love, and Kevin Powers will be protecting the outside of the cage from any stray attackers. That should make the match interesting!

JS: We're not done with our Gold on the line though as the MWC Tag Team champions - The Lunar Express takes on 2 members of Manifest Destiny in "San An's Best".

LK: This is a tough call, but it'll be a good match... I think I like Nemesis.

JS: I think you're all nuts! And FINALLY, for the Main Event - "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack takes on "Hurricane" Eddy Love for a shot at the MWC title at the Pay Per View in Vancouver - SuperNova! The Winner will face "The Maestro" Bryan Blair for the World title, but the catch is - the Maestro is this match's 'special guest referee'.

LK: Mark Vizzack is a dead man, only thing worse would be Kevin Powers as... bodyguard to the referee.

JS: The ref may need it! That's our lineup and without further adi...

(The lights cut and the Gregorian chant begins to a HUGE FAN POP!)


Deacon w/Shepherd vs Tsu Genzu and Simon Shooter

JS: I guess we get to our first match - Deacon vs. Tsu Genzu & Simon Shooter in a Handicap match.

(Lighting cels of Alpha Omega symbols, ichthus fishes, the word 'IXOYE'... all of them fly around the arena. At the top of the rampway, a spotlight shines golden as Shepherd stands holding a 'incense maker' that throws pillows of smoke to the ground. He is dressed in his white robes with a red, cross-laden sash thrown across his shoulders and is carrying his shepherd's staff in his free hand. He stops at the top of the ramp, turns around, and using his Shepherd's crock, pulls the curtain back to let Deacon step through dressed in his Monk's robe. His head is down and his hands together, hidden under the enlarged sleeves of the robe. They make their way to the ring slowly on a cloud of smoke, seemingly floating on that cloud. Shepherd climbs the stairs and slips through the 2nd and 3rd rope. Deacon ascends the stairs and steps over the top rope, still with his head lowered. He begins to slowly raise his hands, still in the sleeves, until it is equal with his shoulders. THEN, in a rush of energy, Deacon thrusts his arms out in a crucifix position and his head up, casting the hood from his face. Simultaneously, fireworks explode around the ring in a chain reaction and a red cross lighting cel rests itself directly on Deacon who has eyed his competitors OUTSIDE the ring.)

JS: I don't care HOW many times I see that... it still gives me chills.

LK: Uhm... yeah.

JS: Deacon taking his robe off and handing it to Shepherd as Genzu and Shooter begin to slowly climb into the ring. They sure aren't in a hurry.

LK: Do you blame them?

JS: ...no. Deacon backing into a corner as they rush him, quickly kicking at his knees.

LK: Good gameplan getting the big 7 footer off his feet.


LK: Time for Gameplan B.

JS: Deacon has Gensu - Irish Whip and BIG FOOT TO THE FACE!

LK: Shooter in behind him though... forearm in the back.... Deacon just turns around! There goes Shooter with another punch, this time the midsection... he might want to...


LK: I may not like this overgrown, pious, peice of...

JS: Watch it now. Deacon getting Gensu again - Chokeslam! And he's not finished yet, he's got SHooter in position for...ALTAR CALL (Crucifix Powerbomb)!!!!! Not going for the pin though, he's picking Gensu up again and placing him on the top rope facing the fans... what's up with this?

LK: I've heard of him doing this before... Deacon climbing to the middle rope and


LK: ALTAR CALL!!!!!! (MEGA fan pop)

JS: From the middle rope no less... Deacon has a hand on both men, neither will be getting up after that - 1....2.....3!!!!! Unbelievable. We're going to the ring now for an interview with Shepherd, take it away Humberto Ramos.

Winner: Deacon


HR: Impressive victory for Deacon. Any words? (Humberto puts the mic to Deacon who just stares at it, a near smile crossing his lips.) ... ok, Shepherd?

S: Can't blame you for trying *grin*. I wanted this time to make a few points before we leave.

HR: LEAVE?!! What are you talking about?

S: I wanted to talk about faith.

LK: There's a surprise.

JS: Hush Liam!

S: I wanted to talk about what faith is. For a long time now, everyone has heard me say that faith is


S: (smiling) yes, it's good to know that the simple truth has at least become a part of the world in a small way. But what is faith? The completed statement is, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Faith is easy, when you have the evidence in your sight, but that is not what true faith is.

S: True faith is formed when you must rest in the promises Jesus gave: the promise of heaven - though you've never seen it, the promise of God - though you've never seen Him, the promise of God's guidance - though you must follow without seeing the fruit of your labor before you. And... Deacon and I are following God's guidance.

S: We have spoken of much and now we will push beyond what we speak of, and must again go into a place unknown to us... a place where faith IS the evidence, and the only evidence. We will go knowing that you have listened to us, cheered us, and I hope... loved us. Thank you for giving us this time... thank you for giving us the evidence of our faith.

S: We may be back, but that is up to God. Until then, hold out your faith and hold tight to Jesus' teachings. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course here (italics mean I added that part), I have kept the faith" ... and as I'm sure you already know - Faith ...


S: Thank you... thank you.

(Quoted passages taken in order from the Holy Bible's New Testament - Hebrews 11:1 and 2nd Timothy 4:7)

JS: What a surprise to start this show off... Deacon leaving the MWC to go... somewhere.

LK: I know where he can go.

JS: Fans, I believe we'll be going to commercial now... yes, we'll be back momentarily.

(Cutting back from a commercial, you see a limo parked outside the arena. The camera only shows just below the door, which has just opened, and shows several men in dress suits getting out of the car followed by one set of ladies legs.)

JS: Welcome back fans... rumor has it that Locke Enterprises is making some interesting moves in the MWC. I'm sure something will develop here. Right now though, we have the competitors for our 2nd matchup of the night - Angelus and ExE vs. the Brady's - Greg and Bobby.


Angelus and ExE vs the Brady's

LK: .. you're kidding?

JS: Nope. Looks like Angelus will be starting out against Bobby Brady, I always liked his curls.

LK: Yeah, and don't forget that great Brady bunch Variety Hour.

JS: Huh?

LK: Seriously, I seen it the other night on TV Land or something... what a great concept!

JS: What a great MOVE! Angelus with a roundhouse to the stomach of Bobby and into a DDT! He tosses Bobby to the corner and a tag made to Greg.

LK: Quite the singer there!

JS: Yeah, he was nipping at the heels of David Cassidy. Greg comes in a house of fire, a left a right a left a right and... OH, Clothesline by Angelus and a tag bringing in ExE. ExE with a POWERBOMB! Great move there!

LK: Come on Greg - Flower Power, sing your little song buddy!


LK: ...oh, the 70's ARE over.

JS: Nah, we still have Full House.

LK: Nope, cancelled.

JS: YEAH! ExE rushes to the corner and Elbow to Bobby's mouth.

LK: Hey, LOOK OUT! He's got braces!

JS: Next thing you know, Marsha will be running to ringside to help Bobby fix his bike.

LK: Marsha'd better stay outta this, she might end up with a broken nose - OH MY NOSE!

JS: Geez, Marsha Marsha Marsha! ExE and Angelus w/ the doubleteam on Greg, referee trying to restore order...Bobby flies high and over everyones heads. Angelus with a kick to Greg's midsection, ANGEL'S TOUCH (Stunner)! ExE with the cover - 1...2...3!!!!

Winners: Angelus and ExE


LK: So, I guess this means we're all outta reruns?

JS: 'fraid so! Let's cut to the back to see what our staff has caught now.

Corporal Max Punishment walks into Mercenary's dressing room, where Merc has a fistful of money in his hands and is reading a note that was attached to the money.

Max: Hey Merc, whats with all the green?

Merc: Received it in this envelope.

Max: Wow, whats the note say?

Merc: Says here, if I take out the person named in this note, I get to keep this money and that there will be more to come.

Max: No problem. You can take out anyone. Here you can use this. (Pulls a tire iron out of his bag and hands it to Merc.)

Merc: Are you sure you want me to do this?

Max: Sure, h*ll yeah Merc. Now give me my cut of the money 35% as usual. Come on now, don't hold back, give it to me.

Merc: OK, here it is! (Merc slams the tire iron into the front of Max's knees. Max falls with a howl, his sunglasses shattering as his face hits the pavement. Max starts to scream for help as he curls into a fetal position. Merc raises the iron and brings it down viciously on the side of Max's head two more times. A smile comes over the face of Merc as he counts his money.)

Merc: That was a quick $1,000

JS: Interesting development. Looks like Max is down to one wrestler in his stable - Dr. Destructo.

LK: Wonder where he's been lately?

JS: Good question, he got a tough call in the Domination tournament and made a good showing, but has been quiet since... I'm sure he'll pop up soon.

("Hot Lava" by Perry Farrell and D.V.D.A. suddenly begins to play as two men never seen before strut out from the back. One of the men is African-American and has short black hair and sideburns that stop just short of his earlobes. His wrestling consists of a purple singlet with "Casanova Clique" printed in white script on the back, and white calf-length boots. The other man is Anglo-American in appearance with a shaved head and clean-shaven face. His wrestling attire consists of long white tights with "Casanova Clique" printed in purple script on the rear, and purple calf-length boots. The two men climb into the ring and snatches a microphone away from the ring announcer. An overweight fan dressed in black sits in the front row shouting obscenities at the two men. As the music dies down, the African-American man begins speaking.)

CA: "Okay, fat boy, sit down and cram a hot dog into your mouth and let a real man do the talking."

(The overweight fan responds with more obscenities as well as an obscene gesture.)

CA: "I'll tell ya what, Porky. Why don't you a ticket for the show where we debut, and we can make a little wager on who wins our match. We'll bet dinner on it."

(A few fans in the crowd laugh.)

CA: "And let me tell ya, if you're wearing black to make yourself look thinner, it's not working. But I must say it's done wonders for me."

(Again fans in the crowd laugh. The fan begins looking embarassed.)

CA: "Hey, couldn't your parents afford a neck? You walkin' around here lookin' like Frankenstein."

(The Anglo-American man staggers around with his arms stretched out mockingly. Many people in the crowd are now roaring with laughter.)

CA: "Ladies, the two models of perfection you're all currently drooling over have names. Learn them now, so you can can scream them later. My name is Chip Allthat, and this hunk of Grade A American beef beside me is Dale Johnson. We're MWC's latest signing for the tag team ranks, and believe me, there's nothing Dale and I like more than a little double-team action. (Laughs.) You'll be seeing a lot of us real soon if we have any say in it, and ladies, you'll be seeing even more afterwards if you're lucky. Dale, my man, do you have anything to say?"

(Johnson takes the microphone.)

DJ: "Any team that thinks they can (glances down) measure up to the two of us is welcome to step into the ring anytime. As far as Chip and I are concerned, this is virgin territory and it's RIPE for the picking!"

(Johnson throws the microphone down and "Hot Lava" begins to play again as the two men exit the ring and walk to back to the locker room.)

JS: Yet MORE new talent in the MWC, this should be GREAT!

LK: The Tag scene is really heating up in the MWC... former champs Ecubed, current champs Lunar Express, San An's Best.

JS: Speaking of tag teams, our next matchup is...

LK: Can I do a lead in or what?

JS: What?....anyway, we're ready for...


X's vs Skeleton Smashers

the X's vs. Skeleton Smashers

JS: Here come the X's now!

The X's (Xtra and Xtreme) begin their walk to the ring. This is the first time the Winnipeg audience has seen them, though they won during a DARK period of the last HTO. Xtreme is in the lead. He has long brown hair,wears a bandanna which is black and has red 'X's' on it.He has blue eyes.No facial hair,is clean shaven,quite strong,red t-shirt with black 'X's' on it.Wears Nike track suit bottoms,and has Skateboarding trainers on.On the back of his T-Shirt it says'B eware of the kendo stick'.He carrys a kendo sick around with him.He has a Nike earing in his left ear. He wears his karate kit to the ring.White with a black belt,and has japenese writing on the back. Following Xtreme is the huge Xtra. skin,blck hair shaven quite thinly,has 3 hooped earings in his left ear,he has no t-shirt .He has just short's on (like Paul Wight) that have an X on them.He wears black boots.7'0'' 450lbs.

LK: So that's the X's huh?

JS: Yeah, they should be a tough team in the future. And now for the team they defeated at the last HTO - the Skeleton Smashers!

The Skeleton Smashers come out from behind the curtain. They are lead by Skullsmasher. he has Long brown hair,very muscluar ,got a tan,ladies love him! Following him is Bonecrusher. He is Blonde,musclaur, wears black pants with a picture of a a jolly roger on!

JS: Looks like we are ready for action now! Bonecrusher will be starting off against Xtreme, the smaller of the X's.

LK: Compared to his partner...DEACON might be considered small!

JS: You might be right. Collar and Elbow lockup and.... back into the turnbuckle - ref calling for a clean break... Bone has control of this situation if he wants to use it.

LK: YES! Uppercut by Bone... ref warning him on that move. Come on Ref - let'em play.

JS: Here comes XTREME! Spinning heel kick! Bone is DOWN!

LK: Blame that on the overambitious ref!...OWWWW Dropkick by Xtreme!

JS: He's looking good in the early going and now heading for a tag to Xtra. Irish Whip and a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE by the X's - Bone in serious trouble now as the big man is in there! Bone trying to get to his feet, but can't seem to make it above all 4's.

LK: That reminds me of...

JS: Xtra putting that HUGE leg on the back of Bone's head - FACE PLANT! Great move by the big man! Xtra picks up Bone and OH MY!!!! VERTICAL SUPLEX!

LK: That shock the mat...which reminds me of last...

JS: Xtra makes the tag and Xtreme heading up top for some flying high...wait, he's climbing onto Xtra's shoulders for extra height - FROG SPLASH!!! And a cover

LK: AND THAT Double team reminds me of last night...

JS: OH.... A KICKOUT! Close one there! Xtreme can't believe it... he picks up Bone and MANDIBLE CLAW!


JS: He's got it applied to Bone - NO, Bone with a jawbreaker and that releases the hold. Bone dives for the tag and he's

LK: GOT IT! Skull is in and is a house of fire - left hand to Xtreme - in comes Xtra - right hand, then a left, then a DROPKICK! Xtra flies outside the ring! Xtreme is back - kick to the midsection of Xtreme and DDT!!! Xtreme pops back up and ANOTHER DDT!!!! Skull is a house of fire and Xtreme isn't getting up again! Skull heading to the top rope for...MOONSAULT!!!!! We've got a cover - 1...2..

JS: KICKOUT - Man, you're getting unusually excited.


JS: SKull in full control now...man, would you listen to the ladies scream for this guy?


JS: So I've heard...Skull tags Bone and...they're both going up top?

LK: It's time to FINISH this match! This is called "Goodbye Opponent"!!!

JS: Looks to be a moonsault by them BOTH landing on the opponent...OH MY!

LK: they...they...

JS: THEY MISSED! Xtreme jumps to his corner to tag in the big man - Xtra. Now we've got all 4 of them in the ring going at it, though Skull and Bones are getting the worse of it! Xtra just sent Skull to the outside with a thunderous foot to the face. Bone doesn't see Xtra behind him...HEADBUTT!!!! Xtra grabs Bone as Xtreme is going up top...is it - YES! the X-BOMB! We've got a cover - 1...2...3!!!!!!!!

LK: Whoa! What a tag match!

Winners: X's


JS: And now we've got to head to the back for....

[Cut to the back where the limos are. The door opens and out walks several suited men who push the camera down from the doorway. Just before it goes off though, you see the undeniable shape of a woman beginning to walk out of the car.]

JS: Welcome back to Hostile Takeover from Winnipeg. We are ready for our next matchup during this action packed segment of the show. So let's get to it Liam!

LK: Jim, like I call the shots around here?

JS: Up next, we have a to young athletes debuting here is the MWC...

LK: But see...they'll suck, Warlock is no Deacon, and X-rated is No, Eli Flair, or K-9...They SUCK!

JS: What ever you say, Laim...

LK: Yeah Yeah, just remember its L-A-I-M not L-A-M-E.

JS: Whatever Liam... X-rated has been in negotiations with the MWC for quite some time now... his signing getting close then negotiations falling apart. Warlock... well, no one knows much about him. The lead in we received is that he's from Salem and believes that one of his ancestors was burned at the stake during the witch trials... the odd part is that he thinks he's ... uhm, channeling that dead relatives spirit.

LK: ha...ha..ha.hahahahahahahaha

JS: We just report it.


Warlock w/Flagg vs X-rated

LK: ha...oh, boy....hahahahahahahahahaha - wha-

[the lights go low and the words, "WARLOCK" appear on the Locketron. From behind the curtain steps the giant wrestler known as Warlock. He has long jet-black hair, extremely pale skin, piercing dark blue eyes; he stands at 6'10"; he wears black knee-high boots, black leather pants, and a black and emerald-green tunic. Following him is his manager, a balding fat man named Flagg.]

JS: You ok there Liam?

LK: Uh...yeah, I'm fine.

JS: Little jumpy huh? looks like Deacon should have stuck around a bit longer.

LK: Well...maybe.

[6'5, 237lbs, wheres baggy jeans that he is seen constantly pulling upp above his waist, he wears a dark blue "pure playas" t-shirt, and he has a 20inch silver chain with an X-Rated symbol on it that he wears to the ring for every match. but to the ring he just wears a sleeveless robe and a pair of leather chaps.]

JS: Ok, here we go...there is the bell!

LK: Ok, lets hurry up and get through this for I can see some REAL ACTION!

JS: They circle the ring, checking each other out...LOCK UP! Warlock sends X-rated into the ropes, X' back, Warlock swings...X-rated ducks, flys to the other side...Warlock with his back to X-rated still.


JS: X-rated with a big kick to the small of the back. Warlock stumbles hits the ropes, and stumbles back toward X-rated, X-rated grabs his head...Inverted DDT!

LK: Come on every one...BORIING, BORING, BORING!!

JS: X-rated hops up to the second rope, comes down with a short elbow! Quick cover ... 1 ... KICK OUT!


JS: THe fans certainly aren't agreeing with you! X-rated pulls him up, sends himin the ropes, drop kick sends Warlock to the mat once again. Warlock up now, X-rated with a standing drop kick, Warlock falls to the mat to hop back up again. X-rated with one more...NO he is pushed away. Warlock has X-rated, and he sends him in the ropes...X-rated comes back, caught byt he neck and SLAMMED down by a big choke slam. Warlock picks him back up, throughing him up high on his shoulder, for a POWERBOMB! Cover, 1...2....Kick Out.

LK: (pretending to snoor)

JS: X-rated pulled up by his hair, sent into the ropes, comes back POWERSLAM! Cover...1...Kick Out. Warlock picks him up, sends him into the corner...follows in for a bell clap...NO! X-rated moves...repeated kicks, Warlock slumps down into the corner...X-rated backs up...BRONCO BUSTER! NO, big knee to the face! You could call that the X-buster! X-rated pulls him out a possentions him right, X' goes up top comes flying off with a frog splash, conects and hooks the leg, 1....2....3 NO! ONLY TWO!

LK: This sux!

JS: X-rated picks him up...JUMPING DDT! Covers...1...2...Kick Out! X' sends him outside to the floor, and assends the turnbuckle! OHH MY GOSH! X-rated off the TOP ROPE with a Shooting Star Press to the outside! The ref is starting the count.... (1 ..... 2........3........4.....)

JS: X-rated contuing to beat Warlock, now with a chair, *CRACK*, picks him up again only to send him hurtling into the unforgiving steal steps!(...5.....6.....7.....8....)

JS: X-rated rolls in, and rolls back out only to break the count! Hes back out to nail Warlock... He's removing the mat to reveal the concrete...setting up for a Piledriver - NO, Reversal by Warlock and flipping Xrated over! Great move there from the man from Salem. Warlock grabbing Xrated and Choke - CHOKESLAM on the concrete! Xrated in some trouble now and the ref is still counting (5....6....7...)Flagg sends Warlock back inside as Xrated begins to get to his feet and heading to the apron. Warlock stands in front of the ref

JS: OH MY! Flagg just threw something into Xrated's face...ref counts ....9.....10!!!! Unbelievable! Warlock snags the count out victory and

Winner: Warlock via Countout



JS: Hey, you're working again?

LK: Of course, it's over!

JS: Xrated shaking his head, he looks up and - he jumps on Flagg! Here comes Warlock and we've got a slobbernocker after the match...we gotta go to a commercial!

[Cut back to the limosuine from earlier. Standing in a circle of 'suited' men, a young, blonde headed lady stands with her back to the camera and not NEARLY enough showing to reveal who she is. The suits appear to be discussing something.]

JS: Welcome back to Hostile Takeover from Winnipeg... we're moving right along with another 2 new recruits in the MWC ring - "2sweet" Brian Scwartz versus "Hellfighter" Micheal Patrick Shulze.

LK: More newbies?...(groan).


'2Sweet' Brian Scwartz w/Dana vs 'Hellfighter' Micheal Patrick Shulze

[First out of the curtain is Dana. She (quite simply) is the woman men love. She has golden blonde hair and is plain old hot. She's followed by SirSmokeALot, Brian's manager and a former wrestler. Finally, they hold the curtain for the star - 2SWEET BRIAN SCWARTZ! 6'1/190 lbs, wears a pair of khaki shorts to the ring with a wifebeater on as an undershirt and a hawaiian overshirt. He always wears his yellow abercrombie and fitch hat.]

JS: Quite the small competitor here - he'll need to make up for that lack of size with speed, quickness, and most importantly - HEART.

LK: Oh my goodness... look...look at her...oh

[The lights go completely out, the entrance way, ramp, and ring is completely engulfed with pyrotechnics, smoke, and lots of other color fires emerges HellFighter out of the curtain. He stands at 6'11, weighing at 290 lbs. He is dressed in wrestling attire such as: a wrestler's singlet that is pure white with black writing on the front of it that says "Isaiah 41:1-4." He has black elbow pads, kneepads, tight padded forearm pads, padded fingerless gloves, and a black amature wrestler's headgear ; he wears black and white Asics wrestling boots/shoes. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder of a cross with "John 3:16" written on the horizontal part and the cross sits in a ring with more writing that says, "Property of the Lord's Gym!" He is a clean cut, attractive young man (he is only about 25 years old) with natural good looks, but he does not flaunt any of them. He is a caucasian with brown/blond hair that is medium but not short length, he has bright baby blue eyes, and he also has a nicely trimmed gotee and mustache. ]

JS: Looks like Scwartz will have his work cut our for him.

LK: Looks like we didn't get rid of Deacon!

JS: ... referee calls for the bell and Hellfighter asking for the handshake.

LK: He TOWERS of 2sweet!

JS: True enough, and has the amature background to match. We get a quick shake and both men circling now. Shulze goes for a single leg takedown and Schwartz quick to move out of that one and run into the ropes - rebound and SPINNING HEEL KICK! Hellfighter is down but quickly back to his feet only to be caught with a - dropkick! Hellfighter up and Brian picks him up and BODYSLAM!!! Unbelievable coming from this MUCH smaller wrestler! Brian slides to the outside to celebrate with his entourage!

LK: Quick selection there... this kid's got some (snicker) intestinal fortitude.

JS: Micheal is awaiting his return to the ring... no doubt he prefers to keep the match in there, irregardless of how it's started. Brian Scwartz heading to the ring himself... man he's proud of himself after that flurry!

LK: Hey, he looks good...not as good as this young lady....but good.

JS: Shulze goes for a double leg takedown - WAIT! Scwartz up and over with a sunset flip....can he get him over????

LK: SQUASH! Micheal did a sitdown!

JS: Shulze in control somewhat now...he grabs an armbar - he's got the little man Schwartz up ready for a powerslam with the arm behind the back and....DOWN! OH MY! Hellfighter using his size advantage in the ring now...but I wouldn't go for the arm if I was him... the legs, wheels if you will, would be a better target on this nimble opponent.

LK: You'd go for the buffet Jim!

JS: ... anyway, Micheal has 2sweet - CRADLE...going for the quick cover - 1...2..NO! The lithe Shwartz able to squirm lose of that hold. Micheal puts Scwartz on his shoulders.... OH MY - Death Valley Driver!!!! 2sweet better be able to take some serious punishment - 1....2....FOOT ON THE ROPES! Smart wrestling move there!

LK: ...you know what? Where's Eddy Love? Doesn't he come out soon?

JS: no, back to the match. Hellfighter with a freestyle slam - Scwartz squirms out of it! and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!

LK: Getting excited there Jim?

JS: Shut it Liam... Scwartz into the ropes - SPINNING HEEL KICK! Irish whip's Hellfighter to the corner and... FLYING SPLASH! Micheal falls out of the corner and to the mat as... MOONSAULT from the top! We've got another cover - 1...2...NO! Kickout by Shulze! Schwartz into the ropes and backflip onto a staggering Hellfighter! Scwartz calling for the top rope and he's going up... Hellfighter trying to get to his feet - 2Sweet with a dropkick - NO!!!! Shulze out of the way! What a match!

LK: What match? This should end so we can get to Blair!

JS: Anyway... Hellfighter is still shaken from earlier but he's...what's this?

LK: Excitement? - Can anyone say? SEPHIROTH!

JS: We knew this could happen, their war of words in the past few days has been intense. What's Seph doing?

LK: Watching.

JS: Doubt that. Shulze seems concerned, but he's heading back into the action with a Crossface breakdown... Scwartz in pain obviously but...WHAT! Seph just drug the ref outside the ring!


JS: And Hellfighter is ready to fight! He's calling Seph into the ring, but Seph is simply staring at him... look at those eyes!

LK: That's alright... I'd rather check out Dana's eyes.

JS: Seph steps onto the apron and ... what's Sir Smokalot doing?

LK: He's watching Dana with me.

JS: Seriously! He's not sure what to make of all this it seems. Sephiroth climbs into the ring even though he's dressed in his ... uhm, streetclothes... for him at least. Hellfighter goes for a takedown - GOOD LORD!

LK: That's gonna leave a mark!

JS: No doubt - he just took a slapjack to the head of Hellfighter... Scwartz getting to his feet - HIM TOO!!!! Scwartz fell on TOP of Shulze as Sephiroth leaves the ring... ref coming to - 1...2...3! Scwartz gets the win, but he's clueless as to how...what now?

Winner: 'Hellfighter' Micheal Patrick Shulze


LK: Sephiroth is returning! SirSmokalot helps up 2sweet but...HE GOT SLAPJACKED BESIDE THE HEAD! Dana trying to escape the ringside area as Seph stares at her. The ref - SLAPJACKED! Sephiroth sending a LOUD message to these 2 upcoming stars! Sephiroth grabs the victor in this match - 2 sweet and...he's going up top with him!!!! You know what that means Jim!

JS: Yeah, and here comes Shirley with a chair that she tosses to Sephiroth... Seph places it and LEAPS with the chair onto the back of Scwartz's head! GOOD LORD! THE CHAIR IS COMPLETELY DENTED!

LK: Not completely...he puts it on the mat.

JS: NO - Seph with a SUPERNOVA (Tombstone Piledriver) onto the chair with a limp 2sweet - ridiculous!

[Sephiroth signals to the turnbuckles and flames jet out of the ringposts as he begins to leave...]

We've gotta go to another commercial.

[Cut back from the commercial to the backstage area as you see Angelus walking into his dressing room... suddenly the door slams and is locked from the inside as the camera switches to inside the room. Humberto Ramos is calling the...'play by play'.]

HR: Unbelievable back here! Brett Kross is locked in Angelus' dressing room and has just planted him solid with a chair. Kross is wearing a protective eyepiece over the eye damaged, I must assume, by Angelus last week. Kross lifts up Angelus and DOWN across the chair with a vertical suplex...Angelus isn't moving and HERE COMES SECURITY!

[Cut back to in front of Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy at ringside.]

JS: That bloodfeud is FAR from over.

LK: Kross better watch himself, he still is yet to wrestle tonight.

JS: What an exciting night thusfar as we go headlong into a match demanded by JW Locke after the last HTO. "Crippler" Cameron Cruise and "Hard One" Randy Harders had a great match in Calgary that went to a time-limit draw. This is to settle that little problem AND to decide a number 1 contender to Eddie Dean's InterContinental title.

LK: WHO CARES! I thought we were rid of this Harders character!

JS: No such luck for you... and don't forget that Harders cost Ecubed the tag titles last week AND was attacked by MD.

LK: Maybe they'll come out for some REAL excitement.

JS: ...hopefully not. Anyway...let's get to the matchup!



'The Hard One' Randy Harders vs 'Crippler' Cameron Cruise w/Mercedes Devon

[At 6'2", 315 pounds, the muscular Randy Harders walks through the curtain. He wears a black duster, black jeans, black cowboy boots, and a "Everybody likes a HARD One" t-shirt.]

[The arena goes dark and once again we hear someone on the microphone say "HIT THE MUSIC!" and "Crippler" Cameron Cruise's music comes on. Spotlights light up the curtain as Mercedes Devon comes out, dressed in an evening gown, followed by Crippler, arm in arm, dressed in wrestling tights with a towel over his shoulder. Reaching the ring Cameron drops to one knee and holds his arms out, presenting himself with Mercedes behind him. As this happens, pyro fireworks go off in the ring behind them]

JS: This should be a great match tonight and we've got the bell. Cruise and Harders circle around the ring...they lock up and Cruise with a quick armbar - Harders to the floor and out of the hold grabbing a ankle lock on Cruise who rolls with it and a solid kick to the head of Randy - effectively breaking the hold. Both men to their feet again.

LK: Excellent technical skill... not as good as say...

JS: Love or Blair... I KNOW! Both men on their feet and looking for an opening - HARDERS WITH A SINGLE LEG TAKEDOWN and Cruise rolls with it into a Headlock, Harders back to his feet though still in Cameron's grip - BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! and Cameron grabbing his back after that one... Harders quick to follow it up with a hiptoss and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX - we've got our first cover - 1...2.KICKOUT! Harders not holding up though - Irish whip to the ropes and CLOTHESLINE!

LK: Ah... I guess Cruise is a bit smarter... he rolls to the outside to consult with Mercedes... I'll consult with her ANYTIME!

JS: She wouldn't give you the time of day.

LK: Oh... but she would with ... say Cruise and Exodus? Come on!

JS: Harders following to the outside and ... Mercedes with a warning so Cruise goes back to the inside. Harders following him in and - FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK by Cameron! Cruise has Harders - VERTICAL SUPLEX!...he's doing a number on the big man here - Crippler with an irish whip to the ropes...rebound and BOOT to the midsection of Harders - Cruise into the ropes and SPINNING NECKBREAKER! Cruise with the cover - 1...2..NO!

LK: These guys CAN wrestle... I'll give them that much.

JS: First true thing you've said in awhile.

LK: No WAY, I said that Love and Blair are great technical...

JS: I KNOW! Match at hand and Cruise in control. Cruise with the irish whip into the ropes - FLYING CLOTHESLINE by the Crippler! Picks Harders up and DDT! We've got a cover - 1...2...KICKOUT by Harders. Mrs. Beyers not being here... he might be worried about his pregnant wife.

LK: THat's the problem with this guy - divided attention.

JS: Crippler with a BRAINBUSTER!!!!! Going for another cover ...only a CLOSE 2 count. Cruise appears ready to go for the Crippling Plunge... Randy reverses out, Irish whips Cruise to the corner - REVERSAL - Cruise in with a - NO! Nothing by Turnbuckle! Cruise misses and victory roll by Harders - 1...2....3!!!!!! Oh MY! What a great reversal there!

Winner: 'The Hard One' Randy Harders

Liam Kennedy: WHAT THE - -!!??

Jim Sears: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!! A HUGE flash of light was just seen from the rafters, I think it's blinded a couple of fans! OH MY....NO! Commando is descending from the rafters on a rope, WHAT IS THAT SICK SON OF A......DOING HERE??

Liam Kennedy: saving our ratings!

Jim Sears: Randy Harders and "The Crippler" getting prepared for Commando, WAIT A MINUTE, SAN AN'S BEST RUSH OUT OF THE CROWD AND ATTACK HARDERS AND CRUISE FROM BEHIND!!! The sick sadistic Manifest Destiny has done it again!!

Liam Kennedy: YESSS!!!

Jim Sears: Commando finally lands in the middle of the ring, K-9 and Lone Wulf working over Harders and Cameron already. Lone Wulf has Harders by the throat, CHOKE SLAM! K-9 has "The Crippler" K9ER!!! Commando to the outside, OH NO, he has a couple of chairs, he tosses one in the ring, carries one into the ring with him. Randy Harders starting to stand as Lone Wulf and K-9 set up "Crippler" for, OH GOD, 3D!! the Destiny DeathDrop!! AND COMMANDO with a vicious chair shot right on the forehead of Randy Harders. Commando has Harders...NOSE DIVE on Harders right on that chair! K-9 picks up the other chair, and slams it right on the face of the downed Cruise, AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN!! K-9 slamming it repeatedly onto "The Crippler"'s face, look at that blood. Lone Wulf has Harders now, SHERIFF KILLA!! Lone Wulf picks Harders back up to his feet, ANOTHER SHERIFF KILLA!!! and Commando with another chair shot on Harders. K-9 sets that steel chair up against the bottom turnbuckle and helps Cruise back up to his feet...OH MY GOD! Full nelson into a suplex RIGHT ONTO THAT CHAIR!! the chair is twisted and deformed, and I think so is "Crippler"'s neck! K-9 turns his attention to Randy Harders who is at the hands of Lone Wulf and Commando. Lone Wulf picks Harders up in an Altar Call, NO!! 3D Destiny DeathDrop on Randy!! RANDY HARDERS NECK HAS TO BE SHATTERED!! NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! He has a wife, a child on the way! Have they no mercy? Have they no HEART? what has provoked this attack!!? oh God no, here comes Nemesis down to the ring with mic in hand.

Liam Kennedy: you know, you think somebody would get tired of this happening every week.....but not ME!! I love this!

(Nemesis gets in the ring, Mercedes has drug her man out of the ring. "The Crippler" Cameron Cruise is getting helped out by arena security, "Hard One" Randy Harders is laying on his back in the middle of the ring. Nemesis goes over to greet the rest of MD.)

Jim Sears: they...they're LAUGHING! oh NO! Nemesis with a kick right to the face of Randy Harders, adding insult to injury, Randy can't even MOVE!

Nemesis: JW, I just don't know where your head is at sometimes, you sign a match between Randy Harders, and Cameron Cruise. no problem there, but then you book it as a number one contenders match?? Lockey, no offence, but what were you smoking? Randy Harders has been away from the MWC for....God knows how long, I think before Commando even arrived on the scene here. so from a technical standpoint, he's basically back in a rookie class, not really number one contender for the IC strap material. "Crippler"? well....he's not title material at all, he doesn't deserve to be in the same rankings as Kevin Powers, Lone Wulf, and K-9 were. so I took it into my control and deemed both Randy Harders, and "Crippler" DISQUALIFIED as being able to be number one contender for the Inter Continental title!!

DECISION CHANGED BY Co-COMISSIONER Nemesis - Double Disqualification


(this brings a lot of boos from the crowd.)

Nemesis: don't worry Dean-o, you'll have a number one contender to defend against, but I'll announce that later. for now me and MD gotsthings ta' do!

[JW steps from behind the back curtain with mic in hand... surprisingly we get a few cheers.]

JW: Nemesis... daddy hired you - that much is true, but BOY - you're screwing around with TOO many people. Sure, you positioned your boot-lickin' puppydogs for a run at tag gold... but while you've been...'smokin', I've been dealing with the Canadian authorities. They don't take to your brand of 'getting over' and you'd better just take that title shot, do your best, and cross the border.

VOICE: I'll do you one better JW.

[JW turns, completely confused as to what is going on just as MR. LOCKE steps through the curtain with his entourage, but missing the young lady from earlier in the night.]

BIG LOCKE: Nemesis, I hired you to keep JW in line... to make this league a fair, honest promotion, to PROTECT my investment, specifically to use your authority to even the odds up and give a 'hands on' approach to being the commissioner. I thought your past as a wrestler would fascillitate that skill. I am a successful business man, and ALL successful men have 2 things in common. ONE - they admit when they are wrong and TWO - they fix that mistake. What this slip says to you is [holds up a pink piece of paper]... YOU'RE FIRED!

[HUGE roar from the crowd as Nemesis and MD go BALLISTIC!]

BIG LOCKE: Now get away from MY athlete and get out of MY ring before I include the rest of you miscreants ... and that'd ruin your world tag title hopes...NOW WOULDN'T IT?!!

JS: What a night thusfar - Nemesis is fired and LOCKE ENTERPRISES is in the house.

LK: Is my tie straight? Hair outta place?

JS: This IS fun...and so will this next matchup and our FIRST of TWO Television tournament semifinal matchups tonight!

LK: Does this shirt look good with this suit?

JS: Worried about your job?

LK: ... uh... NO - JW's still in office, what's to worry about?

JS: Good point...sadly. Anyway, lets get to our first TV title tourney semifinal matchup - John "Ranger" Styles versus "Brass Knuckles" Brett Kross.



'Brass Knuckles' Brett Kross vs 'Ranger' John Styles

RING ANNOUNCER: First coming to the ring weighing in at 275 pounds and standing at an even 6foot 6 inches tall - BRASS KNUCKLES...BRETT...KROSS!!!

[Kross steps out from the back curtain with no pomp and circumstance. His intense brown eye staring directly at the ring, the other eye covered with an eye patch. His brown hair is cut short and he wears a leather jacket with no shirt and black addidas windbreaker pants with a white stripe down the side.]

RA: His opponent hails from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He stands 6'5 inches tall and weights in at 263 pounds, here is the 'Ranger' John Stylesssss!

(JR Styles steps through the curtains as 'Purple Haze' by Jimmy Hendrix blasts over the airwaves of the PA system. He is wearing camouflage fatigue pants with black HI-TEC combat boots. The ensemble is topped off with a black T-shirt that has a picture of Styles' face encircled by the words 'The toughest SOB in the MWC', the words 'Mean and Nasty' are imprinted inside the circle above Styles' face. A purple spotlight illuminates Styles as he walks to the ring. He just ignores the fans that jeer him and likewise ignores the fans that cheer him. He climbs up onto the ring apron as ground burst simulators cook off underneath the ring.)

JS: The fans are ready and the bell has rung. Styles quick to move in with fists flying - right left combos, but Kross taking it and trading punches with him. Styles with an eyerake and a clothesline to take Kross down. Solid work from the former Ranger.

LK: The former Ranger with some REAL head issues.

JS: It seems that way indeed... he's focused though now and that's all that matters. Kross getting back up as...HIGH Vertical Suplex by Styles, flips over for a cover - only a 2 count. Styles with the Irish Whip into the ropes and THESZ PRESS and he's pounding away on Kross who...TURNS IT INTO A PIN ATTEMPT - 1....2.....NO! Styles up and a LEG LARIAT!

LK: I've been watching these 2... between Styles head issues and Kross' money issues, they have a lot of issues.

JS: ...uh, sure. Styles has Kross - SPINNING POWERBOMB! Goodness! He's not through though...FACE FIRST BULLDOG! Cover....WHOA close 2 count there! Kross in trouble early on. Styles heading to the top!

LK: Haven't seen him try that before.

JS: MIGHT NOT EVER AGAIN!!! Kross hit the top rope sending Styles crotch first to the top turnbuckle! Styles sitting up there and ...OH MY! Kross with a clothesline that sends BOTH of them to the outside! Both men DOWN!

LK: And Kross may have taken himself out there... not to mention Styles head bounced off that stairs... let's see it again on the monitors...KRUNG!!!! What a sound folks... Styles in trouble, but he's getting up...oh

JS: HIS HEADS BUSTED OPEN! and OH! Kross with another Clothesline that sent Styles BACK into the stairs! The self-proclaimed MWC toughest SOB is in SERIOUS need of proving that title tonight!

LK: Proving it? Did you see his match with Exodus?

JS: Definitely, but ... well, lots of guys in the MWC could claim the same - Iceman, Eli, K9, Justin Sane, this league is FULL of 'worlds toughest' wrestlers. Anyway, Styles trying to get back to his feet - Kross helping out and LOW BLOW BY STYLES! Kross in trouble now...Styles is up and he's royally ticked - PILEDRIVER!!!! Styles rolls in and back outside to break the count... he's going ballistic.

LK: Dark side is coming out of him I believe.

JS: You are undeniably right - Kross up with a Atomic Drop...NO! Styles put him on the security rail - CROTCH FIRST!!! Kross 'aching' on that one! and Styles behind Kross - FLYING BULLDOG OFF THE RAILING AND TO THE GROUND!

LK: ... he's trying to ... KROSS with a CORD around his neck!

JS: He's choking the life out of styles.... Throat first into those chairs again! Kross going for the kill...NO - Styles with a BODY SLAM onto the STEPS!

LK: We may need some more steps by the end of this one!

JS: Styles has Kross...he's positioning - NO WAY!

LK: Styles getting our table ready - CLEAR OUT JIM!

JS: RIght behind ya!

[Styles goes for a Suplex, but Kross reverses it with a Suplex...]

JS: You there Liam? Guess not... Kross has Styles up and BRASS BOMB! BRASS BOMB! ONTO THOSE STAIRS!!!! (Brass Bomb is a Suplex/Powerbomb) Good Lord, Styles hit his head again - the ref still counting and... KROSS ROLLS IN! ...9...10!!!!! KROSS ADVANCES! KROSS ADVANCES! We've gotta get to a commercial - WHAT A NIGHT!

Winner: 'Brass Knuckles' Brett Kross via Countout


[JW's father and the entourage are walking up to JW in the back... you can hear.]

MR. LOCKE: Don't worry about it... I'll talk to JW momentarily. Hey son, you got a minute?

JW: Not yet... have something to do and it can't wait.

[Mr. Locke shakes his head and says...]

MR. LOCKE: Bring her in. I'll simply explain it when the situation warrants it... Maybe after the show.

[Cut back to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy.]

JS: We have one of our finalist heading into SUPERNOVA - now it's time for our other matchup... time for another Commando entrance!



Commando w/Casey Taylor vs Mercenary



CASEY:Obviously everybody thinks I can do this job better than you can ringannouncer, hell I don't care what you name is (THE CROWD BEGINS TO ERUPT.)

CASEY:But intorducing to you 6'8 and 269 of the hardest puonds I ever felt, he hails from Fort Bragg North Carolina or where ever the hell he wants to, ladies and gentlemen I present to you ... Coooooommmmmmmmmaaaannnnnnndddddddoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JS: He's been calling all week for a Barbwire matchup - no barbwire on the ring so I guess we go with a normal match.

LK: No blood?...oh, good. I thought I would have to have Victor come back out here.

[Lights go out and Highway to Hell by ACDC plays. The arena goes dark and then is illuminated by parachute flares. There's a rumble of pops on the ramp as Merc steps out on the runway. The crowd boos. Merc is wearing jungle boots, camoflaged pants and a tank top that says "Anything for the Right Price". ]

Sears: He's wrapped in Barbwire...you don't think?

Liam: Uh...MD's cool and all, but...uh, I think JW...yeah, JW just called through my earpiece.

Sears: He didn't say anything.

Liam: I'll be back, I'll tell Victor to head out for the match.

[Merc steps into the ring and removes the barbwire from his body and wraps the turnbuckles with it. He grabs a mic.]

Merc: Commando, you yellow piece of Cr@p. You wanted a barbed wire match and I'm not going to disappoint you.

JS: Merc tosses the mic and the ring tech's are coming. We have a few moments, so lets cover some of the history of the MWC.

[Cut to the Locketron where the words - MultiNational Wrestling Corporation - appear in jade green. A voiceover begins...]

VO: It began almost a year ago from humble beginnings.

[The old BTR tapes are shown with Jim Sears putting it all together from his living room in West Virginia. The video is 8mm and not nearly to the quality of today, but the talent top notch as it shows each of the BTR stars.]

VO: From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success in the wrestling world.

[Various wrestling magazines have MWC throws all over their front cover along with the latest goings on.]

VO: But to stay on top, the MWC will continue to change, to grow, to be the first class business you expect... a place the fans are proud to support.

[cut to any of a myriad of televised matches in the MWC as the fans are going wild!]

VO: A place where the superstars are happy to perform.

[Cut to a list of shots of the various superstars from Flair to Radder to Styles to Kross to Cruise to Ecubed to Lunar Express to Manifest Destiny to Mechanical Animals to Dean to Pestilence to Love to -strangely enough - Mark Vizzack.]

VO: All in search of the MWC's Holy Grail.

[Cut to Bryan Blair holding his belt in the air while heading toward the ring.]

[The screen goes black and then to, "MWC - Expect the Best!" and at the bottom, "presented by Locke Enterprises."]

[Cut back to Jim Sears with Victor Creel sitting beside him.]

JS: Welcome Victor, this match should be right up your alley.

VC: After last week's attack by MD - I'd expect nothing less that pure brutality... I may even stick around for that MegaCage match for the Extreme title!

JS: I don't think you'll have any arguments from Liam... the bells rung and both men are trying to stay outta the way of the barbwire.

VC: Really Jim? - Stupid redneck... Lock up and Merc with a rake at the eyes! Commando stunned and - HE WANTED IT! HE GOT IT! Merc sends Commando into the barbwire corner and is kicking him in the turnbuckle!

JS: Merc in full control and Commando is bleeding from the back seriously! - how's that ya stupid yankee?

VC: **** it Jimbo, Merc with a European Uppercut that sends Commando back into that Barb-wire Turnbuckle. Merc grabbing Commando by the head... Face into the...

JS: NO! Commando blocks it - and Casey breathes a sigh of relief - Back elbow from the COmmando and another and another... Merc is staggered - CLOTHESLINE on Merc! Commando sends him up and INTO THE BARBWIRE!

VC: Reversal by MERC! Commando goes chest first into that barbwire...he's in trouble - Mercenary coming in - HE MISSES! Commando's bloody, but Merc went face first into that barb-wire! Commando grabs his head - ANOTHER ONE! HE'S RIPPING MERC'S FACE ACROSS THE WIRE!!!! It's time for some BLOOD!!!!

JS: You think, Yankee? Commando has Merc up in a MILITARY PRESS!!!! DOWN face first across that barbwire!!!! Mercenary is in some serious trouble! Commando has him in the corner and is kicking a MUDHOLE in him!

VC: Merc a bloody mess

JS: So, you british now?

VC: Leave the jokes to Liam loser. Commando in complete control here... backing away from Merc and - SUPERKICK! INTO THE WIRE!!!!

JS: this is getting VERY brutal VERY early! Commando is...

VC: DROP ZONE (Setup move - Samoan Drop)

JS: NO! Mercenary has slapped on the Arsenal from his shoulders... can he hold on?

VC: OH! Commando runs Mercenary into the barbwire - these guys are a bloody mess!

JS: Already said that.


JS: You could try to be 'at least' socia...

VC: EWW!!! Merc picked up in a Powerbomb and DOWN across the Barbwire with the back of his head - that's COOL!

JS: Not sociable - more like PSYCHOTIC!


JS: Leave the attitude at HOME!

VC: **** you over-rated, ****, *****, piece of CRAP!

JS: Great vocabulary... Where'd he come from?

VC: What?

JS: Max Punishment is here and he's armed! Casey doesn't see him.

VC: Wait... Max was pummelled by Mercenary earlier. Looks like vengeance is on the menu.

JS: He's got that pipe and - Casey is coming around to - Max drawing back and Casey grabs the pipe - OH! Low blow from behind!

VC: She's SWEET! Commando's calling for his FINISHER - DROP ZONE!!!!

JS: NO! Merc runs him into the barbwire! Casey looking concerned and SHE SHOULD BE! Mercenary locks on the AMBUSH SLEEPER!!!

VC: Casey gets on the apron to distract the ref...

JS: More problems cause here comes Max Punishment back up from his earlier ... problem. He's aiming right for Mercenary...

VC: STUPID! Mercenary drops down just as Max swings that pipe! He's CLOBBERED Commando - Merc with the cover - ref spins around - 1...2...3!!!!!! WHAT A MATCH!!!!

Winner: Mercenary


JS: Agreed

VC: Shut up

JS: Just as soon as I say - SUPERNOVA - It'll be Mercenary and Brett Kross going for the MWC TV title!!!! We'll be back after these commercials!


[Cut back from commercial to Jim Sears and Victor Creel.]

JS: this next matchup, had it been any other night, it would have been the main event. Eli Flair, Steve Radder, Justin Sane, in a MEGA CAGE for the extreme title!!

VC: what are you talking about Jim? THIS IS a Main Event! With those 3 IN the ring, and Kevin Powers and Eddy Love OUTSIDE the ring... this IS MY main event.

JS: oh yes, can't forget about the enforcers, "GOOD GOD" Kevin Powers, and "Hurricane" Eddy Love to remain outside of the cage insuring that there will be no interference, specifically aimed at no interference from the members of Manifest Destiny.

VC: I wish they WOULD interfere, add some spice to this match - come on, you know it'd be a classic battle - MD vs. Powers of Love.



'Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs 'Iceman' Steve Radder w/Kelly vs Justin Sane w/K-9

With Ring Enforcers 'Good God' Kevin Powers and 'Hurricane' Eddy Love

ANNOUNCER: ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for a MEGA CAGE!! (decent crowd pop) and is for the MWC EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP!! (another decent crowd pop) In this match, a cage with a top is around the ring, but instead of being connected to the ringposts, it rests just to the inside of the security railing that keeps the fans back. That adds an interesting dimension to this match in that you can go outside of the ring and fight with the metal cage adding an extra weapon. This match continues until someone can't get back up. That's it, until they can't go on. A referee is in the ring, but he is more a formality than a force. He's just trying to keep some semblance of a match to the action rather than enforcing any rules because. the only rule is that illegal objects can't be brought in. introducing first, the guest enforcers of this match, the team of Powers of Love. "GOOD GOD" Kevin Powers, and "Hurricane" EDDY LOVE!!!!

(cue up "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News, to a huge heel pop. Kevin Powers and Eddy Love uncharecteristacly walk down to the ring without Sweet Melissa, Gina, or Susan. they look all business, without the ususal dramatics of their entrance)

JS: well there are the two special enforcers, I wonder if they'll be able to enforce what they're supposed.

VC: Why don't you go ask them?

ANNOUNCER: making his way to the ring at this time weighing in at 230 pounds, standing 6 feet tall, accompanied by the beautiful Kelly, the self-proclaimed Coolest of the Cool, 'Iceman' Steve Radder!

[Cue Up 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage against the machine. White and Blue fireworks explode all around the arena as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters 'PR' on a black background. Radder comes out from the backstage area, wearing a t-shirt which reads 'EXTREMELY Cool' across the chest, carrying a chair in one hand, and holding one of Kelly's hands in the other. The fans let out a good pop, and Radder and Kelly do seem a little surprised by it. Kelly looks up at the huge 'covered-cage' structure and a worried look crosses her face, as Radder lets go of her hand, gives her a quick kiss, and steps into the ring.]

JS: there's one of the ladies.


(Fireworks fly, and the pyro above the entrance way spells out "INsAne" the "A" a Anarcy sign. Sparks are flying everywere, Justin comes runnin threw them and hops on a stage prop on the Entance set, and throws his hands up...He keep on with his FLASHY entrance as K-9 slowly, and non-shluantly glides out of the back, his hair pulled back, and no leather jacket, he walks to the end of the ramp way, kinda beside Justin, Justin drops his arms, then as K-9 does he throws them up, as the both do Pyro shoots everywere! K-9 starts his walk to the ring, Justin hops off the prop and follows, K-9 rolls in the ring, and slides to the middle of the ring, and sits. Kevin Powers has a mic)

Kevin Powers: You can't be down here! Get out of here!

K-9: The **** I can't!

(Pulls out a ticket and holds it up high...gives Justn a five, then talks as he walks to his seat flopping over the gaurd rail.)

K-9: I'm a paying customer, and I paid to see Justin win the title...so ring the damn bell...


(Cue up "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd to a huge pop.)

ANNOUNCER: Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Poison Ivy... From Bronx, NY, coming in today at six foot eight, weighing in at three hundred and TWO pounds...He has been dubbed the King of Extreme for more reasons then one... The MWC EXTREME CHAMPION... "Total Elimination" ELI FLAIR!

(The arena lights go down as the fans rush to their feet in hopes of catching a glimpse. Spotlights surround the arena, finally focusing in on a spot about six feet from the curtain... and standing there, Eli Flair ... but NO Poison Ivy. He acknowledges the crowd for a minute, and begins to walk forward toward the ring. It takes him about two minutes or so, as he takes in the crowd and smacks a few hands. At last, he enters the ring. Eli moves toward the center of the ring. The song kicks into the chorus, and the arena lights raise and lower in tempo to the song, as glittery sparks fly from the ringposts...and the cage begins to lower)

JS: This match almost underway, the cage lowering. K-9 has,for one reason or another, come out with Justin Sane and is now sitting in the front row.

VC: I just don't get K-9, he seems pretty cool, coming out with Manifest Destiny, putting punks in their places. But then he does something like this, why is he so buddy-buddy with Justin Sane? I thought he turned on him a few weeks back.

JS: he's an enigma, that's for sure.


Jim Sears: there's the bell and this match is underway

VC: All 3 men walking around in the ring... this is an odd situation to be sure. Sane makes the first move rushing into Flair...and they're on the MAT!!!!

JS: Steve quick to take advantage with a elbow drop on...Sane? No -that hit Eli. Steve grabs Sane up and ... forearm shot and he's tossing Sane to the outside! Steve turns around - CLOTHESLINE BY FLAIR!!!!!

VC: Vicious clothesline there and Eli is on top of this match quickly... he has Steve by the hair Side Suplex by Flair and he has Radder reeling...WHOA!!! Sane with a Missle Dropkick off the top rope! Great move by Sane.

JS: This match is especially tiring and brutal cause we should have at least one fresh man attacking at all times... might do some good for 2 of them to form a temp alliance, though I doubt that'll happen.

VC: What tipped you off Redneck?

JS: A Yankee jack**** told me. Sane has Flair by that long mane - RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Sane in control here and he's looking for Radder - CLOTHESLINE by Radder! This match is NUTS!

VC: It'll take some time for a true winner to form. Radder grabs Eli and... POWERBOMB! Good move on the larger Flair... Radder fighting an uphill battle against a 295 or so Flair and a 285 Sane. Radder more than makes up for it in guts - if not THE toughest in the MWC - darn close to it!

JS: Agreement there - Radder grabs Sane who's still trying to get up using the ropes - CHOKE ON THE ROPES by Radder! He's trying to wear Sane down. Look out!

VC: What a move - Flair crushing both Sane and Radder in the ropes there! Flair picks up Radder and BODY SLAM onto Sane! Sane rolls to the outside and Radder's in some real trouble... FLAIR has him in a Powerbomb - WHOA! COOL!

JS: Amazing! Flair sent Radder to the outside on TOP of Sane from a Powerbomb position. Flair heading out with them and he has Sane... WHIP into the Stairs! Sane may have blown a knee on that one!

VC: Flair going after Radder now - grinding his face into the steel mesh... Kelly not liking this!

JS: I'd say not. Sane starting to stir, but Flair sees him and is heading over there. Boot by Sane and a DDT!!!! Flair caught off guard there! Sane celebrating a bit and then grabs a chair... SHOT on ELI!!!!

VC: Vicious shot there and now he's going for Iceman... Steve drops out of the way and LOW BLOW!!!! This is getting CRAZY!!!! Steve grabs Sane - he's got the full nelson - ABSOLUTE ZERO (full nelson slam) on the Concrete!!!! Sane in serious trouble!

JS: What's Steve doing?

VC: Going under the apron... but why?

JS: Eli starting to stir, but Steve doesn't see him it seems... not from under the apron like that.

VC: Flair coming over and all he sees is Sane. Certainly an odd situation here and Flair trying to find Radder. Good job hiding for Radder cause Eli can't find him at all EVEN looking under the ring.

JS: Fans don't like this though... they think Radder is chickening out.

VC: I 'had' respect for him before this... this is ridiculous. Flair grabs a weakened Sane and Inverted DDT on the concrete! Eli with a CHOKESLAM!!! He's not through though... grabs Sane up on his shoulders...what?

JS: Radder sneaking out from under the apron... he's in the ring and running - SUICIDA PLANCHA on BOTH Flair and Sane sending EVERYONE into the cage! WHAT A MOVE by the ICEMAN!!!!

VC: It looks effective also - can't argue with results! The ref is checking to see if Flair and Sane as well as Radder are still moving...UNBELIEVABLE!!! Radder is pulling himself up by the cage... he's bloody, but looks pretty happy with himself. The ref checking and... Flair is NOT out of it yet. Radder back to work with a DDT on Flair... Sane's getting up and - Radder grabs him and TOSSES HIM THROUGH THE DOOR!!!

JS: THAT DOOR WAS LOCKED!!! He sent Sane FACE-FIRST! Unbelievable!

VC: Radder grabs Eli and puts him face-first into the cage and holds him there with his knee - Grinding away at a bloody Eli.

JS: Sane is up AGAIN! He's starting to climb the cage... what's he doing that for?

VC: I don't know, but Steve is coming after him!

[Sane and Radder are both climbing and as they both get to the top, Eli slowly begins to stir.]

JS: Radder is up there now and - left hand by Sane, return punch by Radder, and another, and another... Radder the fresher man here and taking advantage... Sane drops to the ground - LOW BLOW!!!!

VC: Ewww... Radder doubles over and Sane grabs his head - face first into the bar!!! What? Sane is moving the cage lower and putting Steve's neck under the bar - GOOD LORD!!! Sane pulled up on the cage and sent that bar into Steve's throat!!!!! This match is BRUTAL!

JS: And getting worse... Flair seems to be searching for something as Sane picks up Radder... TAZMISSION - OH MY - INTO A SUPLEX...

VC: WHOA - Cage is starting to give up there... Sane seems to be grinning... he's got Radder - RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX -

JS: NO! The cage BROKE!!!!! Radder has fallen at least 15 feet to the ring below!!!!

VC: And here comes Eli with a bit of something... he's waiting to see if Radder will stir...


VC: ****, that guys UNBELIEVABLE!

JS: Eli smiles a bloody grin, drops that iron bar... he grabs Radder - TOTAL ELIMINATION (modified STF)!!! He is AFTER Radder!

VC: What's Sane doing?...THAT'S INSANE!!!!

JS: Justin takes a flying leap down ... OH! Sane landed on BOTH Radder and Flair... this could be it - we could have a NEW champion!

VC: The ref is checking all the men... Radder is grabbing at his knee... he could have pulled a ligament or worse with that collision. He's trying to get up, but he may not be able to.

[Referee yells something to the announcer who begins.]

ANNOUNCER: First man to escape the cage will win the match.

VC: I guess that's the test! Flair stirring, as is Sane... Radder trying to crawl, but he's stopping to grab his knee. This should be an exciting finish.

JS: Sane is up and Flair...what's he doing?

VC: OH! Flair with that lead pipe to Sane's head... Sane falls through the ropes and to the outside... Radder rolling outside and Flair rolling through the ropes as well. Steve's grabbed his leg, he landed on it wrong outside. Flair and Sane moving closer from opposite sides... they're in the corner and Sane could have it...

JS: OH!!! Sane nailed by the lead pipe and Flair falls through the door. Sane looks up and then exhausted puts his head back down. Fans, we gotta go and when we're back - the Tag title will be on the line!

Winner and still MWC Extreme Champion

'Total Elimination' Eli Flair


[Cut back from commercial to Liam Kennedy and Jim Sears.]

JS: Welcome back Liam, you missed a great one.

LK: Uhm... yeah, I missed it - darn, all that blood.



The Lunar EXpress w/William H. Bradley III vs San An's Best

(Cue Up Hit 'Em Up by Tupac Shakur, and Lonewulf comes from behind the curtain, carring a Pogo Stick...K-9 comes from behind riding a Skateboard carrying a trashcan of 'goodies'...They make there way to the ring.)

JS: The Lunar Express will be coming down to ringside with their manager, William H Bradley III, in just a moment. But coming down now are the opponents, here come K-9 and Lone Wulf, San An's Best!

LK: What a weird combination. Both these guys are huge....but one of them looks like he belongs under a streetlight in a bad neighborhood.

JS:FORMER Commisioner Nemesis - man that feels good to say after he turned his back on WHY he was here, recently joining Manifest Destiny, signed this match for tonight, but you can be sure the rest of MD will be on hand somewhere!

LK: I'm telling you, it's some sort of conspiracy against Bradley.

(Cue up "Love Lifted Me" by Collective Soul as the lights go all black. A solitary light that you could SWEAR is a moonbeam forms behind the entranceway where 2 silhouttes stand. They step out of that light as quartermoon lights dance around the auditorium. Grant kisses 2 GORGEOUS ladies in the front row and signs anothers...uhm, panties. He's smiling and mouthing, "I love my job." Stan tries to kiss a few girls that quickly run to the back... all except for one old lady who is QUICK to pucker up and offer her braissere to be signed - this time Stan runs. They hit the ring and then William H. Bradley III runs to ringside panting, evidently they forgot to tell him it was time to hit the ring......)

JS: Humberto Ramos is announcing the Tag Team Champs to the crowd, and they're just about down to ringside. But before they can get down there, Wulf knocks both men down with a double clothesline! And K-9 isn't far behind. San An's Best is ready, willing, and able to take it to the champs! Stellar Stan and Grant Galactic have been Pearl Harbored by the contenders.

LK: I'm not sure, but that's gotta be some kind of racial epithet.

JS: Gimme a break.

LK: I'm not Nell Carter.

JS: Wulf has the Stan by the throat, and he's repeatedly knocking him into the fan barricade. The referee has come outside, and he's trying to get at least two of the men in the ring. K-9 throws Grant inside, and Young calls for the bell. This one's already out of control.

LK: No, this guy just doesn't know how to command respect. Maybe I should give him a few pointers.

JS: That'd be something to see. Inside the ring, K-9 just clotheslined Galactic Grant, and now he drops him with a tombstone piledriver. There's the early cover. ONE...........no, Grant is able to kick out! K-9 drops an elbow, and now he hooks in a reverse chinlock. Wulf just climbed up onto the apron, leaving the Stellar Stan lying up against the metal barricade outside. Bradley is trying to get his other man up and ready for action.

LK: Stan just got folded like a pancake, he might not make it into this match.

JS: Inside, K-9 just tagged in Wulf, who howls all over Grant, peppering him with a series of closed-hand punches.

LK: Ya know, that was truly awful.

JS: What?

LK: That stupid pun. "Wulf howls all over." Come on, Sears, if you can't do better than that, just leave ALL the jokes to the entertainer.

JS: Inside the ring, Grant gets whipped into the ropes by Wulf, but he's able to hold on, and Wulf's dropkick hits nothing but air! Grant dives for his corner, but no one's home! Bradley is still down on the floor trying to tend to Stellar Stan, who is still short of breath down there. Wulf is on his feet, and he rushes into the corner with a big knee to the chest of Galactic Grant.

LK: San An's Best did the smart thing to start this one off...divide and conquer against a team that prides themselves as tag team specialists... take out the tag abilitiy and it cripples this union.

JS: Wulf pulls Grant up, and now he whips him across into the corner, where his teammate, K-9, is there to hold Grant in place. Wulf comes across and NAILS Grant with an elbow. Wulf tags in K-9. It may only be a matter of time before we have new Tag Champs, Liam.

LK: Wait a second, what are THEY doing here?

JS: Outside, Former Commisioner Nemesis and Commando, both from Manifest Destiny, are coming down the aisle! Inside the ring, K-9 pulls Galactic Grant out and drops him with a DDT! He goes for the cover. ONE.............TWO......no! K-9 pulls Grant up and sends him into the ropes one more time. NO, Galactic Grant with a flying crossbody! K-9 pushes him off like a ragdoll, but it allows Grant to get to his corner, where Stellar Stan has finally joined in the action!

LK: Something bad is about to happen.

JS: There's the tag by the Tag Team Champions! Stellar Stan is in, and he catches K-9 with a spinwheel kick. The Stan follows with a leg drop, and he quickly goes up top! He's gonna try something from the top! TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA! NOOOO! K-9 caught him and flattens him with a POWERBOMB! The cover! ONE.............TWO..............THREE!!!! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Winners and NEW MWC World Tag Team Champions

San An's Best


LK: They lost?...uh, way to go San An's best... my favorite tag team.

JS: I thought you love the LE?

LK: Yeah, way to go ... uh... isn't it time for a commercial?

JS: Sure enough - lets get to it.

JS: We are back and ready for

LK: EDDY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JS: That's right - it's Main Event time as we decide who is to face the MWC World Champion...

LK: BRYAN BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JS:...next week at SUPERNOVA from Vancouver. Tonights matchup has "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack fighting against the odds that JW has put in the favor of his opponent


JS: ... that favor is specifically a special guest referee in


JS:...exactly. Anyway, I think it's time for...




'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa

Special Guest Referee: MWC World Heavyweight Champion 'The Mastero' Bryan Blair

["Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights go out again. A clear, white spotlight hits the curtain and out walks 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a white silk shirt with black sequenced 'stripes', black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & his dark black hair with a black and white bow in the back around its ponytail. He is also wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as he makes his way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for him to walk through. He climbs into the ring and then moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full. ]

JS: interesting entrance for the ref - love the sequenced stripes on that silk shirt.

LK: Isn't he JUST peachy!


[The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope. He then walks over to Bryan Blair and they talk as...]

JS: Peachy?

(Cue Up:"Smoke On the Water" - Deep Purple. The lights dim... and the crowd soars. There's no movement as of yet from the curtains... until the guitars KICK IN and fireworks explode ALL around the ring entrance... and two of the 'Forbidden' ones emerge. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack, looking somewhat more haggard after 2 HARD matches this night, wears "BTR DAREDEVIL" tights, black boots, and a leather jacket. His hair, sprayed and dripping with water, is pulled into a short ponytail behind his head. Next to him is the incomparable Sunshine Del Payne. Her traditional pre-event shopping trip with Steve Radder's manager, Kelly. A small amount of makeup is on her face, as is a rather large smile. They do well to cover... Cover, not hide, the emissions of sadness that her eyes continue to project.They begin their slow walk to the ring, shaking/slapping the hands of any fans who were able to get close enough.

Vizzack stops to sign an autograph for one of his endearing fans. Vizzack notices a young boy who is holding a sign that reads 'I want to be like Mark!' The young fan is wearing a Daredevil Junior T-shirt. Vizzack picks the young boy up and holds him as the boy's father gets a snapshot of the moment. Finally, the Daredevil steps through the ropes into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.)

Approaching the ring, Vizzack holds the ropes for Sunshine to enter before doing so himself... The lights dim once more, as a dozen or more spotlights converge on a singular spot in the middle of the ring, where Vizzack and Sunshine stand tall. The ringposts SPEW fireworks and pyros, bringing the fans to their feet once more...)

JS: Pea-chy?

LK: Shut up Jim.

JS: Alright... we've got the BONAFIDE top contenders in the MWC in the ring WITH the champion and these 2 men know each other well.

LK: They have had some colossal matchups in the past, but never with... well, Blair's the REF!

JS: Yeah, but Love has asked for a fair matchup and I'm sure...

LK: Of course. Blair calls for the bell and Vizzywhacker

JS: Vizzack of the BTR is circling with Love... we've got a lock up and headlock by Vizzack...he's grinding away at Eddy's temple... Eddy powering out and NO - Mark puts it back in.

LK: Uh huh - Blair making Vizzack break the hold... Vizzack arguing, but it's to no avail.

JS: Eddy and Mark with another tie up and Vizzack with a quick arm drag - Love up - Irish WHip into the corner and Vizz is in there - WHAT?!!!

LK: Blair holding Vizzack back.

JS: He could have went for the VizzSplash

LK: Guess not now - LOVE grabs Vizzack and tosses him into the corner - combo punches and Vizzack is stunned! This is GREAT!

JS: Where's Blair now? Good LORD!

LK: What? He's checking for a hangnail!

JS: Vizzack is trading punches with Love now...WHAT?!

LK: Closed hands are illegal... Blair's just doing his job.

JS: Then do his JOB NOW! Love with a thumb to Mark's eye. Love quick to follow up with a vertical suplex and Vizzack is hurting. THis is ridiculous - only JW.

LK: Speaking of JW

[From the back walks JW Locke alone... he's got a HUGE grin on his face as he makes his way to the commentators table.]

JS: Oh great...hey boss.

LK: Have a seat buddy...here - take mine.

JW: Thanks Liam - you're a real sport. Oh, Vizzack in some trouble there as Love giving a clean... what's is that?

JS: Chokehold.

JW: Now, the legal term for it.

JS:...chokehold that the ref won't call.

JW: EXACTLY! Eddy OR Bryan would make a fitting champ don't you think? I mean, either way at SUPERNOVA - I WIN...I ALWAYS WIN.

JS: Yeah, whatever. Love with an Irish whip to the ropes - Vizzack is back - SUNSET FLIP and...where's BLAIR?!!!

JW: He's checking those shoulders...making sure they're down.

JS: This is ridiculous.

JW: This...is entertainment.

JS: Anyway, Vizzack is up and HURRICARANA! Love is stunned and Vizzack is taking advantage of it - Runs into the ropes - Springboard and MOONSAULT onto Love - Cover and...BLAIR IS STILL NOT COUNTING!!!!!

JW: Love has his shoulder up!... just in time. (shew)

JS: Please... Vizzack is starting to loss it, but he can't hit the ref or his title shot is...

JW: ...up...in....smoke.

JS: Love getting up and SUPERKICK by Viizzack! Going for a cover - 1................... what's taking him so long? 2.......Kickout by Love... what was that? 5 seconds?

JW: Not by my watch.

JS: VIzzack's lost it completely! He's in Blair's face who's goading him into punching him... Love is getting up and VIZZACK turns and shoves Love into the corner - left, right, left hand

JW: ...bout time Blair - stop those closed fists.

JS: He's holding it back and LOW BLOW by LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good LORD!

LK: (from off the mic) YES YES YES YES YES


JS: Sure... now Blair gives a ...3 count. Love and Blair is the

JW: Good try Vizzwhack...

VOICE: That'll be enough of this....competition.

JW: Who?

[Out walks the entourage from Locke Enterprises, including Mr. LOCKE himself. They stand at the top of the entranceway as Mr. Locke continues...]

MR-L: you know JW, I love you as any father would... but this has to end. I tried using someone who would counter your ways, but... well, that blew up in my face. SO, I guess I have to go to plan B. JW, son, your being transfered to Locke Enterprises home office until such time as we have deemed you capable to work in the field again.

JW: WHAT?!!!! NO WAY! [JW gets up and runs to the top.]

MR-L: Son, just go on back with Mr. Meredith here - he'll be glad to give you the ins and outs of upper-middle management. [JW reluctantly leaves obviously stunned.]

MR-L: Now,the problem is in what just transpired. Mr. Sears, you ran this league before my company bought you out... what would you call this?

FANS YELL: BULL*****! (and begin chanting it)

JS: My sentiments exactly.

MR-L: I guess that tells me... so... I'm not a commissioner, but I HAVE hired someone. She's a graduate of MIT with a business degree... may I introduce you to - Ivy McGinnis... better known to you as - POISON IVY!!!!!!

[Poison Ivy McGinnis walks out from behind the curtain wearing a business suit and dressed to the hilt and carrying a briefcase... she looks professional and finished.]

IVY: Thank you Mr. Locke. I have only one way to deal with this ... 'who faces Bryan Blair for the title thing', and that's to go back and look at the old contract from the Domination tournament. [she opens the briefcase and pulls out a paper and begins to quickly peruse it.] Let's see...hmm, seems to me the WINNER of this ONE NIGHT tournament gets a shot at the World champ. Hmm... this year we had co-winners. I think we only have ONE way to settle this...

IVY: A 3 WAY MATCHUP for the MWC WORLD TITLE at SUPERNOVA!!!! First one to get a fall or Disqualification - gets the belt! (HUGE FAN POP) Does that seem fair to you? (looks to the fans who are ecstatic.)

JS: **** yeah! We've got our SUPERNOVA Main Event - Blair, Love, Vizzack for ALL the marbles... fans, we're outta time for this week - we GOTTA go!

[The camera cuts and then reopens to that young, thin man from the beginning of the show walking outside. The moon and streetlights give a blue color to all that can be seen. He climbs into the passenger side of a white 98 Ford Taurus and you can hear...]

TALL GUY: I think we did pretty well.

DRIVER: Yeah, we did good... everyone had fun. Is Sears gonna be hanging around?

TALL GUY: Oh yeah, he's the man to call any matches.

DRIVER: Does he know you were here tonight?

TALL GUY: I've been here every time... you don't think I'd miss your guys' shows... I started this whole craze whether anyone knows it or not.

DRIVER: Good point... well, I guess we'd better get you to the airport and back to Kim.

WARREN: Yeah, home James.

[As the car drives off, you can see the license plate that says...


[camera fades to black for the last time and a new chapter opens in the history of the MWC.]
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