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MWC Hostile Take Over - Washington D.C.

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
The scene opens from the preceding TV rerun to...

MWC Hostile Take Over in Washington D.C.

At the Capital Complex in Washington D.C.

The camera pans the crowd and shows the chaos in the Capitol Complex in Washington, DC. A mulutitude of signs are being held up. "Franchise ME!" "Blair is my mother." "Exhibitionist Eddie Dean flashed me!" "Locke JW up!" "I want a MERCEDES!"

The fans are nuts from already an exciting night of action as the fireworks go off and we pan around as...

JW walks out of the back to a chorus of boos, microphone in hand.

JW: You know, I've let things get out of control. This is my league, my dream, my business - and I've let others take control.... guys like the suits from Locke Enterprises, Nemesis getting forced down my throat, and Mark Vizzack. I've let them dictate to me what's to happen here for far too long, and that is going to change.

JW: Starting tonight. I hereby close the Domination 1 night tournament so that we only have 3 men in it: Eddy Love, Crippler, and...

Out walks the gargantuan Eliminator - a chip the size of Mt. Rushmore on his shoulder.

JW: Eliminator knows also what it's like to have others control your destiny, and he doesn't like it. So come our next card - DOMINATION live only on Pay Per VIEW!...we're going to have a 3 man tournament...

Out walks Nemesis from the back as the crowd cheers on!

Nemesis: Hold up little man (Eliminator walks forward) Not you 'nator - this is Commissioner business...nothing personal. JW, the fact remains that we have 5 openings in this tournament. They WILL be filled as promised to the fans.

JW: (Whinning) But this is MY league!!!

Nemesis: Yep, and I'm your concience.

JW: I don't need a Jiminey Cricket like you telling me...

Nemesis: Hey guys, hit the music!

("Don't tell me what Love can do" by Van Halen blares. The crowd looks to the entranceway anticipating ... as Mark Vizzack and Sunshine Del Payne walk from behind the curtain. Sunshine is in a dark purple dress, and Vizzack is in a BTR "We've Been Banned" T-Shirt, black denims, and Airwalks. As they pass JW, he smirks at the former TV Champion. Vizzack doesn't return the smirk, however, as he takes a microphone from Humberto Ramos and enters the ring... to a HUGE fan pop)

MV:It seems to me, JW Locke just can't keep the Daredevil down without breaking some rules.

(Fans boo)

MV: First he screws me with BATT... and nearly puts me AND Sunshine out of commision. But, I figure I got paid back for that one when BATT took a chunk outta old Ahab at Season's Beatings.

MV: So then I earn my title shot at Kevin Powers, only to find myself STRIPPED of a title I never lost, never breached my contract, never vacated, myself... and failed to win the Intercontinental Title due to a corrupt commisioner and a corrupt whiner.

(Chants of "Whiner" from some... and Mark walks to the side of the ring to face JW still at the top of the ramp trying to plug his ears with his fingers.)

MV: I bet you think you're pretty smart, huh? Keep Daredevil down and out, and you're set in your league, huh?

(Mark pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket)

MV: I have, however... a CONTRACT... Signed by myself, by my manager, Ms. Del Payne, AND your Co-Commisioner, NEMESIS. It puts Mark Vizzack... ME... as an ENTRANT into the DOMINATION Tournament.

(JW gets a VERY angry look on his face)

MV: That's right, Locke, Three matches, three victories, and I'll have one thing that can NOT be taken from me... a WORLD TITLE SHOT! How do you like THEM apples?

(HUGE FAN POP as Vizzack drops the microphone and leaves the ring. JW and Nemesis argue as Mark shakes his head disapprovingly walking by JW's temper tantrum.)


JS: Welcome back fans to Hostile Takeover this is Jim Sears... we didn't plan for that beginning but I think things are working now.

LK: Almost working Jim, you still work here so I don't think it's working perfect.

JS: Thank you Liam Kennedy... tonights card will be mega exciting. We have Round 2 of the Extreme tournament with Eli Flair facing off with Jonathon Hammer.

LK: The King of Extreme is decided TONIGHT!

JS: You got that right! On top of that, we have another great Extreme bout in the tournament to find who will face Hammer or Eli at DOMINATION - The man who keeps going and going Steve Radder facing the surging newcomer - Eddie Dean.

LK: This will be the worst match EVER on Hostile Takeover.

JS: Somehow, I don't think SO! We have Pestilence taking on Armageddon in a matchup that will be odd to say the least.

LK: Armageddon is the premiere destroyer in the MWC - no one else has been able to do to Deacon what the destroyer has!

JS: That's true, and tonight Pestilence evens the odds.

LK: Don't forget this 'classic' main event.

JS: Main event, but we still have...

LK: E cubed puts the belts up against these Puerto Puffians.

JS: Puerto Ruffians.

LK: That's what I said. Who signed this match without the Lunar Express?

JS: Whew. You forgot to mention Bruno the Bruiser against Jack Emerald one final...what's this?

LK: What's what?

JS: Fans, we need to go to the back NOW.


(Cut to the back where you see Humberto Ramos in front of the door. You hear various thuds and crashes as several security guys try to force the door open. Humberto begins...

HR: I was back here looking for an interview with ExE. Jack Emerald was in his room doing warmup stretches. I spoke to him quickly and he tried to respond. Out of nowhere - BATT fell from the ceiling in his room and layed into Emerald. I yelled for help just as BATT slammed Jack's head into the locker, denting it at least a couple of inches. As we turned around, the door was slammed and locked. We've been unable to get into the room for now - I'll get back with you as soon as things work out back here.

Back to ringside with Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy.

JS: Fans, we'll keep you up on things as we try to see what develops, but now it's time for...



'Iceman' Steve Radder VS 'Extremist' Eddie Dean

The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.'

Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breath rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trash can in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean, and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see.

As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trash can into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet.

As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans are clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing. He sets the trash can outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.

[Cue Up 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage against the machine as The Iceman comes out of the curtain. White and Blue fireworks explode behind him as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters 'PR' on a black background. Steve starts walking down toward the ring, uncharacteristicly without Kelly. He's wearing his signature blue-lensed Oakley sunglasses, acting just as cool as ever.]

JS: Allright Liam, we're set to begin this semi final match in the Extreme Tourny. There's the bell................they arent wasting anytime.

LK: You know, Sears, I heard your golden boy, Dean, once hit his mother witha steel chair.......

JS: Stop it. Dean and Radder are pummeling each other with fists and elbows.Wow! This action is back and forth! Eye gouge by Radder causes Dean to shrink away.

LK: Its true. She told him to go take a bath and get ready for bed........he threw a fit........wham!

JS: Go away. European uppercut by Radder. Dean staggers back, his back to Radder who takes advantage by delivering an excellent belly to back suplex.

LK: Doesnt look too good for the great white guppy.

JS: Well, Dean calls Vizzack the 'great white whale'. I wish youd think before you open your mouth. Dean may have hurt the back of his neck on that move. Radder sensing an opportunity, leaves the ring and slides in a steel chair. He lays Dean on his stomach and puts the chair on his head. Radder up to the second trunbuckle. Now hes yelling something.

LK: He said, 'You should have brought a stuntman!' HA HA!

JS: Radder crashes down on the chair and Dean with a falling elbow. Dean is writhing around on the mat, clutching his head. Radder stomps on Dean taking sick pleasure in his work. He picks up Dean after setting up the chair in the ring. He whips Dean into the ropes, but Dean reverses it quickly and delivers an awesome clothesline sending both men tumbling over the ring and onto the floor. What a move!

LK: Sears..........you dont have a bias in this match do you?

JS: Im a biased commentator LK. Both men stagger up slowly. Dean slings Radder into the guradrail head first. But Radder quickly with an elbow to the gut. Now an elbow the the back ont he head of Dean. Dean stumbles away from the ring up the ramp. Radder runs at Dean and leaps..........but Dean catches him......belly to belly suplex on the ramp. The crowd goes nuts.

LK: The crowd IS nuts. Why dont they support the true hardcore wrestler in this match, The Iceman? I bet if Eddy Love were out here, theyd be going wild.

JS: Ill ignore that. Dean goes to follow up on his incredible move, but stops clutching his head. I think that the punshment he took from the chair early on really took its toll. Radder back to his feet, but instead of going after Dean, he seems to be bating him towards the back. I dont like this one bit. Dean's not afraid though. He follows Radder through the curtain. Great camera work by our MWC crew!

LK: Uhm... yeah, great work - at least they stopped showing these idiot fans... unless you count that lovely lady right there.

JS: Liam, do your job. Dean catches up to Radder and nails him in the face with a right cross sending him face first on a table. Dean leaps up and splashes down onto Radder splintering the table. Dean still holding his neck.......that worries me. He picks up Radder, but Radder slimes away past the consession stand......past a group of cheering fans.....Dean still giving chase. Radder into the men's room followed close by Dean.

LK: Get a camera in there! What's going on in there!

JS: There is a lot of commotion in there. The door is opening......It's Kevin Powers! He's holding a towel and wiping his hands. He looks at the crowd and says, 'What?', and gives an evil smile. Radder comes out of the bathroom carrying Dean and dumps him on the floor! Powers helped Radder! Foul!

LK: That's just the way they normally smell. Big Kev was just using the facilities.

JS: Dont give me that! Radder down on Dean.....the ref is there.........1......2......3.

LK: Radder over Dean! Dean is nothing! Radder could be except for that stupid chick he carries around with him.

JS: Powers and Radder wont get away with this.

Winner: 'Iceman' Steve Radder



Sephiroth vs. Grant Meredith

Sephiroth thrilled this crowd with his killer entrance and then asked for the house mic as Grant Meredith awaits outside the ring for the bell to ring.

SEPHIROTH: You are nothing! This will be so easy I might fall asleep during this match, but I have something to say to Mercenary. Tonight Angelus is going to beat you like you stole something! I'm so glad I'm not you, in more ways than one! After the beating you'll recieve tonight, you better pray or something that I don't kill you when we wrestle. Super Nova will be the end of you!!!

(Sephiroth summons red lightning bolts and they hit the ringposts and flames shoot out of them. as the bell rings to start the match.)

He followed that with a killer match totally dominating Meredith from the word go. A couple of Piledrivers and Chokeslams later and this match was well on its way to being over. It could've been called the most dominant matchup in MWC history because Grant did SQUAT on offense.

Something happen to liven this match up though - Eli Flair and Poison Ivy make their way from the back with??? Shirley Manson of Garbage? They watch for about 10 seconds and then Sephiroth's manager, Shirley Manson?, is hit by ... Shirley Manson of Garbage? and knocked on her butt. Shirley grabs the house mic and...

Shirley Manson of Garbage: Whoever ye are, if ye don't stop impersonatin' me here, you, your wrestler, and the Multinational Wrestling Corporation are goin' to find themselves with a lawsuit slapped on their arse so fast it'll make your head spin so fast you'll make Linda Blair look like an amateur.

She hands the mic off to Poison Ivy who finishes with...

Poison Ivy: Thank you, and good night

After that bit of craziness, Sephiroth quickly finishes off Meredith with the Tombstone from the top rope - SUPERNOVA and checks on his manager. This situation should truly be interesting to see what in the world develops.

Winner: Sephiroth



"Total Elimination" Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs Jonathon Hammer

JS: This should be a real barnburner fans as...

Cue up "Don't tread on me" by Metallica as the Crippler makes his way to ringside.

LK: Oh NO!

JS: Welcome Crippler to the table - you planning on staying a while?

CR: I just want a closer look at this Hammer punk.

LK: You just want a ...

CR: WANT TO send you to the back... see ya Liam - Crippler needs your spot for this matchup.

LK: WHY! Oh, Who cares, I'm salary anyway - take it chumpler.

CR: Loser.

(Hammer comes out from the back to a huge appalause. He is wearing his black wrestling tights that go the full length of his leg. On the right leg it says "Hammer" in red. He is also wearing an MWC t-shirt. He puts both arms in the air and brings them down quickly and fireworks blow off behind him in reds and golds. He then walks down towards the ring. He shakes hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.)

CR: Hope he has his insurance paid up, he's about to find out what hardcore is about.

JS: I think both these men can truly say they are the King of Hardcore.

(CUE UP: "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson. The arena lights go down as the fans rush to their feet in hopes of catching a glimpse. Spotlights surround the arena, finally focusing in on a spot about six feet from the curtain... and standing there, Eli Flair and Poison Ivy. They acknowledge the crowd for a minute, and begin to walk forward toward the ring. It takes them about two minutes or so, as they take in the crowd and smack a few hands. At last, they enter the ring. Eli moves toward the center of the ring, Poison Ivy in front. The song kicks into the chorus, and the arena lights raise and lower in tempo to the song, as glittery sparks fly from the ringposts. "We're All Stars Now," like the song says... but if that's true, this man is the true "ANTI-Star")

JS: The bells rung and these 2 lay into one another. Flair quickly with an eyerake - followed quickly by a knee to the midsection of Hammer.

CR: OH! Over the top and down to the railing.

JS: That smack didn't sound good - Hammer had his knee slammed into the railing.

CR: As someone who knows, that definitely DOESN'T feel good.

JS: Evidently not. Eli heading outside and working on Hammer - picks him up and throatfirst across the security railing. Hammer just laying there and Eli goes for a chair

CR: Ewww... that's the way to do it Eli, squash his head between the railing and the chair!

JS: The fans are loving this one as Flair whips Hammer INTO THE TABLE! More damage to that knee.

CR: Come on King, get up.

JS: Hammer trying to get back to his feet. Eli waiting on the apron for him - double axe handle by Flair.

CR: Eli's going for the stairs - big time extreme match - GET HIM FLAIR!

JS: NO! Hammer moved out of the landing zone of that weapon... however he still can't get to his feet without help.

CR: And here comes Eli to help...OHHH!! Low blow by Hammer! That punk!

JS: Hammer still trying to get himself righted, but that bought him some time. He's shaking it off though and back to work.

CR: He doesn't know Extreme like Flair knows it.

JS: GOOD LORD! Hammer sends Eli face first into the ringpost and follows it up with a flying clothesline! Eli's head must be ringing after connecting to metal - TWICE!

CR: Hammer has Eli by the hair - come on Eli!

JS: Hammer sends him over the railing... heading out to the fans now. Jonathon setting the chair up - moves away from the chair with Flair...up on the shoulders...NO WAY!

CR: This might end it!

JS: POWERSLAM THRU THE CHAIR!!!! Eli grabbing at his back after that one!

CR: Hammer - you're a punk*** peice of garbage!

JS: I think he heard ya on that one Crippler.

CR: Like I care - bring it on you over-rated waste of wrestling trunks.

JS: He tosses Eli over the railing and back toward the ring - picks him up on his shoulders and Face First slam onto the stairs! Eli is busted open and he's going for the cover in front of us here.

CR: In front of me here - 1...2..Kickout by Flair!

JS: I think he was sending you a message but now he's sending Flair back to the inside of the ring.

CR: He sent me a message - my turn.

JS: Where are you going?

Crippler takes off his headset and as soon as Hammer is on the apron, grabs him...

JS: CRIPPLING PLUNGE (German Suplex) THROUGH A TABLE! Unbelievable! Hammer's neck snapped on that one... this looks real bad. Eli is heading to the top rope and he has a chair - he jumps and nails Hammer in the face! Going for the cover - 1...2...3!!!

Winner: 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair


DARK Match

ExE w/NEve Cambell vs. Godfrey North

The lights go out and Twist by Korn kicks in. Red lights flash as Exe dashes to the ring followed casually by his manager, Neve Cambell.

The match was complete annihilation by Exe as he completed dominated the goofy Godfrey in the ring with a mixture of power and skill that was a real treat to the fans who had not witnessed ExE in action for the MWC. The match ended with ExE's finisher - Edge of Sanity in just over a minute. After the match, Neve got in the ring and asked for the microphone.

ExE:Im ExE and this is Neve and were new to MWC but not new to wrestling. We were "recruited" by two peple whos names will be left unsaid for the time being. Im an experienced wrestler so ive got a few tricks up my sleave so if u step in the ring wiht me prepare for the fight of your life. Have anything to add Neve?

Neve: Just one thing you better watch yourself if u get on my or ExE's back cuz if you dont your gona be face planted.

Winner: ExE


JS: Welcome back fans.

LK: Aren't you going to welcome me back as well?

JS: No, not really - we have some information from the back that we're going to take you to know.

Cut to the back where Humberto Ramos, JW Locke, Victor Creel, as well as various security men stand around in a 'former' locker room. Blood is splattered on the walls, floor, and everywhere else.

JW: (whining) Man, now I have to pay someone to clean this up.

HR: (with the microphone) As you can see, this place is completed destroyed. The door finally was kicked open by our fine security staff here and BATT quickly layed 2 of them out before taking back to the air vent. The scene is quite chaotic and paramedics have already taken Jack Emerald to the ambulance. I can say from first-hand sight, he looked devestated. I have no idea how much blood he lost, but this is a very serious situation - especially given his history of concussions. Uhm... I don't know what will happen with the Bruno the Bruiser matchup that is upcoming... I just don't know.

Commotion outside the room. The camera swings around, making whoever is watching a bit dizzy, and then that sickening passes - only to return as...

HR: Oh my. Jack is trying to make it to the ring.

Security goes for him, but he tosses a couple of them around and breaks for the stands.

HR: Fans, we need to get out of this segment FAST. Back to you Jim.

Cut to the front as "Walk" by Pantera blasts over the loudspeaker.

JS: Oh no, Bruno is coming down for his match and Jack is in NO shape to wrestle.

LK: He's not been in shape since the William H. Bradley days.

JS: Shut up Liam, this is SERIOUS!

Bruno gets to the ring and calls for the mic.

BRUNO: So dis is da capitol huh? No wonders our country's goin' downhill - witha place like dis to represent da best in us. Wit' people like dis livin' in MY capitol. It's a shame i tell ya. Everythin' is goin' down - 'cept maybe the prez's dames. Da MWC ain't no different - I sign what's gots to be the 15th match with that JUNIOR boyscout - Jack Emerald... and again - it's goin' down da tubes. So where are ya Jack?

Jack is trying to stagger down from the nosebleed section... he stops, grabs his head, and...

BRUNO: Oh great... youse drunker than I was last weekend. Get up junior.

Camera gets close to Jack who is coughing up blood, but otherwise not responding to anything. Suddenly he starts to stir and drag his way down the stairs. Several security men try to restrain him, but only succeed in sending him toppling down the stairs to the ringside area.

BRUNO: So youse can make it huh?

Bruno throws the mic down and goes after Jack, dragging him by his hair into the ring. There, Bruno body slams the nearly unconcious Emerald to the mat as Jim Sears takes over.

JS: Someone stop this carnage! Bruno whips Jack into the ropes - DA SLAM (Flying bulldog). Good Lord, Jack's head snapped back after that one - this is getting dangerous.

LK: Uh... uhm. He's covering him and asking for a count... we don't have a ref.

JS: REF? We don't have A MATCH! Good lord, he's hit DA SLAM again!

LK: Uh... he's wanting a ref!

JS: I'll give him a ref!

(Jim runs to the ring and starts to yell at Bruno who promptly gets up and knocks Jim on his butt with a solid right. Jim is out cold as Bruno covers Jack again, grabs Jim's arm, and counts the 3 count with it. He grabs the microphone after tossing both Jack and Jim out of the ring.)

Bruno: Dis is pathetic I tell ya, The MWC goin' straight down da toilet... We gots some peacock strutting around with da World title and...

The lights go low and "fireworks music" by Handel begins to play. From the back, walks the MWC World champ - Bryan Blair with the title slung over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand. He talks as he makes his way to the ring.

BLAIR: You ignorant neanderthal - calling out the great Maestro? You shall know all too well that I am the one who brought culture to this fine organization that you have just defiled. I promise you shall experience grave consequences for your disrespect.

Blair pulls a white glove out of his jacket pocket and slaps Bruno accross his face and takes several steps backwards.

BRUNO: Why yous...

Bruno forms a fists and walks toward Blair as Blair drops the microphone and falls to his knees appearing to beg for mercy. Bruno stops and stares bewildered for a few seconds giving Blair enough time to run to the back with Bruno in persuit. The camera cuts to the back.

Bruno has grabbed the Maestro by the hair and is turning him around and drawing back his fist - EDDY LOVE with a clothesline to the back of Bruno's neck! They begin to kick on Bruno. From afar, Contessa and Sweet Melissa are wheeling a stockade towards them. Love and Blair together put Bruno's hands and head into the stockade and...

Switch to the front camera as Love and Blair wheel Bruno through the back curtain and onto the top of the rampway. Blair grabs the mic as Love continues to bash Bruno in the face.

BLAIR: You touched me...YOU TOUCHED ME!

Blair takes his belt, walks behind the stockade, and begins to beat Bruno with it as Love slaps Bruno in the face. From the back, Contessa comes out carrying a single white rose. She hands it to Sweet Melissa who places it in Bruno's mouth - the crowd strangely cheering.



Mercenary vs. Angelus w/Sephiroth

Mercenary came to the ring with his manager and awaited Angelus' entrance. Angelus came out alright, accompanied by Sephiroth. Mercenary wasn't quite afraid though, and neither was his manager who continually got in the action making cheap shots on Angelus. These two wrestler's war of words has spilled over into the realm of action and their complete distaste for each other was quite evident. It went back and forth with both side making full use of their outside interference. Finally, Mercenary got the upper hand with a superplex. Angelus was in trouble as the ref began the count. Sephiroth jumped on the apron and quickly got the referee's attention. As the ref's back was turned toward Sephiroth, Mercenary's manager went into the ring with a steel chair. Out of nowhere, pink exploded on Merc's managers face and he toppled to the ring. From the rafters, John R. Styles swung to ringside on a trail wire. Merc was waiting though and was quick to cover his back. With a quick 'flank', Angelus nailed the ANGEL'S TOUCH(Stunner) as the ref made the quick 3 count.

Winner: Angelus


Armageddon vs. Pestilence

HR:The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Parts Unknown.... weighing in at 375 pounds.... THIS....IS....ARMAGEDDON!!!

(The Battle theme from Excalibur starts, out come 4 men dressed in ancient peasant clothing carrying torches. Out comes Armageddon, dressed in his pre ring battle armor riding atop of a black steed also dressed in battle armor, he holds his right hand high holding his battle sword. Armageddon sheaths his sword and steps down off his steed. Finally Armageddon removes his battle armor and steps into the ring, staring at the entrance with a solid look of determination, he awaits Pestilence's arrival.)

HR:And his opponent.... weighing in at 285 pounds.... PESTILENCE!!!!!

(The lights go out in the arena and the fans go nuts. Two men emerge from the back stage area carrying torches. They are dressed in long black robes with hoods drawn over their heads and covering their eyes. These two men are big: they could be wrestlers themselves. But they are pale; even though they are muscular, they look almost sickly. THey begin their slow walk to the ring, side by side. The fans recognize these men as the enigmatic heralds of their hero: Pestilence. The heralds enter the ring, without saying a word and stand towards the back, still side by side, torches still blazing brightly. A spotlight suddenly appears pointed at the huge square shaped lighting facility danlging over the ring. One it stands a mighty figure. He too is wearing a long, black robe, hood covering his face. He stands in his familiar 'crucifix pose' made popular on t-shirts throughout the arena. His arms are outstretched, feet crossed at the ankles (he seems to be floating), head cocked to one side, and facing down. The fans erupt. This warrior has gotten over with the fans like no other wrestler in OWA history. His popularity in this federation has never been parralled, but he is in the MWC now. He slowly raises his head so he is now facing up to the roof of the arena. The hood falls off his head to reveal his regal, battle scarred face. He keeps his eyes shut so his 'X' tattoos on his eyelids can be seen. Slowly he opens his eyes. He leans forward off the lighting. He falls towards the ring, staying in a beautiful swan dive, and the fans scream, half in horror, and half in delight at seeing their hero, many for the first time. As he is about to crash into the ring, all lights go out, including the torchbearer's lights in the ring, and the decibel level is raised to a deafining roar. The lights come back on.)

JS: There's the bell, and Pestilence is all over Armageddon! He wants revenge for Deacon!

LK: The only 'friend' he'll ever have!

JS: Pestilence sends Armageddon for a ride, and there's a side-suplex!!

LK: OH, mercy me!

JS: ONE......TWO........NO!! That was close!

LK: Too close, if you ask me...

JS: No one did...Pestilence to the delight of the crowd, drops an elbow!! He's on fire, here in the early going!

LK: It's about time!

JS: Armageddon takes a minute to gather his senses, and now he's on the offensive. With a Bench press body slam!! What upper body strength! As he sends Pestilence, down hard to the mat!

LK: Look at the flab fly!

JS: Flab? Armageddon, with a Piledriver! And now, a running powerslam!! The cover, ONE......TWO....NO! Pestilence isn't about to go down that easily! Armageddon with a snap-suplex, awwww...that was impressive!

LK: He's a star, a freakin' Star!!

JS: Armageddon, with a Sling-shot suplex! Possible pinfall, ONE...... TWO..NO!! Pestilence got the foot on the ropes!!

JS: Back in the ring, the Armageddon hits Pestilence with a Spinebuster!!

LK: Ole, baby, what a move!! That was a SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN!!

JS: He's going for a powerbomb!! But, Pestilence blocks it! Back body drop!! The crowd here is going wild!! Pestilence with a clothesline!!!

LK: No!

JS: Armageddon with a rake of the eyes, and he send Pestilence over the top rope... NO! He hangs on.....and has flipped himself back in the ring! Armageddon has his back turned....

LK: Turn around....turn around..

JS: Pestilence with a right hand, that rocks the Armageddon!! And now, a DDT!! Goodness!!

LK:Nope! Armageddon with a shot to the groin, and Pestilence goes down again! He's human, after all, it would seem!

(The lights begin to flicker)

JS:What... What was that? Never mind. Armageddon looks to end this one as he heads for the top rope! Here he comes...

VOICE(In a whisper):Faith.... Faith is the EVIDENCE...

(The lights go out completely, except for a lone spotlight that shines as if like a star high in the rafters. When the lights come back on, Pestilece is up, Armageddon is still on the top rope, and Deacon is standing in between them. The crowd goes CRAZY!!)

JS:CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!?!?! It's Deacon! Deacon has returned to the MWC! THERE THEY GO! Armageddon and Deacon are trading punches in the middle of the ring! Here comes security to break it up!

Pestilence seems to smile as these 2 giants tear into one another.

LK:Deacon is back.. I can't believe Deacon is back.

No Contest



Lance Bishop w/Ironfist vs. Crippler w/Mercedes Devon

The first major surprise was that, as Crippler awaited in the ring with his manager - Mercedes Devon, Lance Bishop went to the ring with Ironfist of the World Tag team champions (and fellow Ecubed member). Sampo was not with him and it seemed that the Franchise was looking for someone to keep Devon out of interferring in the matchup.

The bell rung and these 2 locked up in a flurry of move/counter move/ counter the counter move technical wizardry. They showed what they brought to the MWC, and that is being excellence of Execution (to quote a star of another organization). Bishop finally got the upper hand with a DDT. He went quickly to work with a couple of Piledrivers but couldn't get the 3 count. Deciding it was time, LB went for his Bishop Bomb (Running Lyger Bomb) but Crippler fanagled out of it and grabbed a Belly to Back Suplex that quickly turned the tide of the match.

Crippler went to work with a myriad of suplexes that weakened the Franchise. Irish whip to the ropes and flying clothesline later and he was well in control. Then something 'unusual' happened... A calvary charge played from a bugle and Sampo came from the back, uhm... on a pony, dressed as a calvaryman, and carrying an Ecubed flag. Crippler was bewildered as the fans proceeded to attempt to remain sittomg in their seats while laughing hilariously. Bishop used the distraction and when Crippler turned around, nailed him with a Spinebuster and the Bishop Bomb for the victory.

Winner: Lance Bishop



MWC Intercontinental Champion 'Good God' Kevin Powers vs. Lone Wulf

Lone Wulf had made himself quite noticeable after a slow start in the MWC and signed this matchup with the MWC InterContinental champion to further that notice. It was a non-title bout, but a victory would definitely give him a good ratings boost and surely a title shot in the future. Lone Wulf started to the ring but was caught from behind by K9 who began using the ever-present chair on him. Security came out after a few moments and pulled K9 off of him. However, K9 spent the duration of the match fighting with security and never truly was taken to the back. Then Powers made his entrance...

Powers didn't use his normal pomp and circumstance entrance, instead going to work on the weakened Lone Wulf. He took him to the ring and began the devestation. This battle of giants looked to be a TRUE domination on Powers part... until LoneWulf slipped outside the ring to catch a breather. Powers went to throw him into the stairs, but it was reversed. Lone Wulf came after him and began to grab the upper hand. With a piledriver on the concrete - he tossed Powers inside and then called for the Sheriff Killer. K9 however wouldn't let a victory go that cleanly and ran back after his nemesis. The ref called for the bell and gave Lone Wulf a victory by disqualification.

Winner: Lone Wulf via Disqualification




E-Cubed vs. Puerto Ruffians

dangerous,by busta rhymes, Green and yellow stobe lights blink as the Puerto Ruffians enter. Yellow,green, and white spinner fireworks and fountains come on as they walk into the ring to the awaiting LE.

The arena lights dim as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' gets the crowd to their feet. A spotlight focuses on the curtains and everyone waits patiently for this new team's entrance. First through the curtain is Sampo, wearing a Quit Riot T-Shirt, long blonde hair in a single pony tail on the side of his head, grinning like there is no tomorrow. Closely behind follows Ironfist wearing his old boxing robe. The robe is dark blue with thousands upon thousands on sequins and beads. The hood is drawn over his face and he is hopping and dancing towards the ring just like at prize fighter at thier biggest match. Three slightly over weight men wearing white t-shirts that are too small follow the two men. Each of the 'escort's' shirts have an 'E' handwritten on them in a black magic marker (one is even backwards). The three men are also carrying flashlights and are waving them around like they are some kind of a light show. They also are popping blackcat fireworks on their way to the ring as if they are pyrotechnics. Sampo seems comfortable with this now usual entrance, but that's before Fireworks take off behind his butt. He runs toward Ironfist who just shakes his head. Sampo turns around to see that his heart infested BLOOMERS are showing and a smoke is being emitted from his butt...similar to Goldberg 'breathing smoke'.

LK: Due to Sears being knocked flat - gotta love it! I'm joined by Victor Creel for our Main Event tonight... and what a main event it is (sarcasm quite evident in his voice)

VC: Ya got that right Liam, these 2 'unusuals' aren't the best the MWC has to offer, but right now - one of 'em has the belts.

LK: Until Lunar Express gets a REAL shot.

VC: Speaking of losers... Ironfist starting out against the gargantuan Milkia. Ironfist at a BIG disadvantage here, better use his quickness.

LK: Goes in for a quick jab, Milkia grabs him by the throat - CHOKESLAM!

VC: For all their goofiness, Milkia showed some skill there.

LK: Please, that would have never worked on the Lunar Express.

VC: Yeah, and they would have never made it this far without help. Anyway, Milkia working on Ironfist with a... POWERBOMB!

LK: Great move there... Sampo springboard shoulderblock. He ALMOST made it to Milkia's head with that move.

VC: Milkia stunned and Ironfist quick to take control - Combination left and rights toppling the big man - he reaches and tags in Kilika who storms the ring!

LK: Sampo with a flying elbow sending Milkia over the top rope and to the floor! Kilika stumbling back from Ironfists fists of fury - he fell over Sampo! Quick rollup but the ref won't count.

VC: Good referee work there! And now he's putting Sampo to the outside. Ironfist with a Running Bulldog and a cover - 1...2...(Kickout)! Ironfist makes the tag and Sampo IS legal now.

LK: Sampo with the Sampo Somersault! The crowd is going nuts! Sampo to the top rope - MILKIA TOSSES HIM OFF!!!! Kilika quick to get back on the offensive - PILEDRIVER and a cover - 1...2...(kickout)

VC: This matchup is REALLY picking up! Milkia tagged in and he picks Sampo up for a Powerbomb as Kilika gets to the middle rope - DOUBLE POWERBOMB!!! Sampo in some real trouble now Cause Milika is going for the Strength of the Greats!(Double handed Chokeslam) Ironfist in with the save!

LK: Close one, I was hoping this'd be over soon - no LE around to liven it up. Milkia makes the tag and Kilika is back in...RICO SUAVE SLAM!!!! (reverse Sidewalk slam)!

VC: 1...2....Ironfist with another save!!!! And Milkia is back in - we have PANDEMODIUM in the ring. Milkia and Ironfist to the outside as Sampo and Kilika are trading punches - the crowd is loving this!

LK: YAWN! No Lunar Express to liven things u...

VC: Spoke to soon, cause here comes Galactic Grant and Stellar Stan NOW!

LK: They've got 2 chairs and OH YEAH!!!! Take both Sampo AND Kilika down with them! That was simply the best technical skill I've seen ALL night!

VC: PLEASE! Ref is calling for the bell as the Express runs to the back celebrating their victory. Here comes William H. Bradley from the back, mic in hand.

WHB: No one... and I mean NO ONE gets a title shot BUT MY GUYS!

Nemesis walks from behind the curtain also with a microphone.

NEMESIS: Hold up! Last time I checked - I WAS Co-Commissioner. Not you Bradley! (FAN POP) You want a title shot huh? Well, you'll have to wait your turn cause right now, you're spending DOMINATION in a CAGE over top of the Puerto Ruffians REMATCH AGAINST E CUBED!!!!!! That way you can WATCH real wrestling. Later.

Nemesis tosses the mic down and walks to the back as the Express and Bradley go NUTS... the fans cheer and we fade to black.

No Contest

E-Cubed reatin the MWC Tag Team Championships
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