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MWC Hostile Take Over - Montreal

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
MWC Hostile Take Over in Montreal

Held in Montreal, Ontario, Canada

(The camera opens up with a still frame shot of Eddie Dean and Kevin Powers. A bolt of lightening sizzles the screen and a still frame of Eddie Dean and Kevin Powers locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up appears. The frame is subtitled MWC Domination Pay-Per-View.)

Voice Over: Eddie Dean and Kevin Powers squared off one on one at Domination for the Intercontinental Title. Both men reached down deep and gave it their all but only one man would walk away as the champ.

(Cut to footage of Eddie Dean on the top rope wielding a garbage can. Dean flies off and decks Powers with the garbage can, knocking Powers down to the mat. Cut to footage of Dean executing the Extreme Plunge on Powers. Cut to additional footage of Powers hoisting Dean up for his finisher, Kiss The Canvas. Powers loses control and falls to the mat as Dean falls onto Powers' shoulders for the cover. Referee drops into position and makes the three count. Jim Sears' voice is heard over the footage…)

Jim Sears: We've got a new champ! The BTR has a champ!

(Cut to footage of Eddie Dean hoisting the title over his head, showing off his prize, as the fans are going bezerk. Cut to a shot showing Powers leaving the ring in disgust.)

Voice Over: Tonight, Kevin Powers gets his shot at redemption. Tonight, Eddie Dean must prove his win was not a fluke. Tonight, all hell breaks loose as JW Locke brings you the best thing going in
wrestling today. Tonight, the MultiNational Wrestling Corporation brings you 'Hostile Takeover', live from Montreal, Ontario, Canada.

(Images of Dean and Powers spin around the screen, getting ever faster until the images blur into a brilliant white light as the image explodes. The image is replaced by shots of the ring as thousands of screaming voices are heard. Shots of fans are shown cheering on their favorite wrestler. One female fan endears to the hearts of men watching worldwide by exposing her well endowed chest to the camera. The camera continues to pan around the ring until the announcer's table is shown. Standing at the table is veteran MWC announcers Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy.)


JS: (Screaming to be heard above the roar of the crowd.) Welcome fans to the great white north. Welcome to Montreal, Ontario, Canada. Tonight, we have an action packed card as Intercontinental Champion, Eddie Dean faces off against former champion Kevin Powers in the main event.

LK: Sears, tell me again why we had to come to this god forsaken country? Why couldn't we have went to a nice beach somewhere nice and warm with bikini babes and…

JS: (Interrupting.) Also on the card, a feud that has been broiling at a fever pitch as 2 enemies, Mercenary and John R. Styles become a team against a common foe - Angelus & Sephiroth…

(The fans' cheers turn to jeers as the curtain parts at the top of the rampway and out steps JW Locke.)

LK: It's…its JW Locke! JW is in the building!

JS: (Disgustedly.) Oh, brother, I guess after Domination…he must be proud.

(JW Locke enters the ring. JW Locke grabs the house microphone from the ring announcer. The crowd noise is deafening with jeers as Locke waits for the noise to die down.)

JW Locke: Hello, hello, and thanks for your money. It'll look quite nice in my bank account. Yes it will. (A small chorus of boos at this.)

JW Locke: I'm here to tell you that the MWC was once again setting Records because of the DOMINATION PPV Event. Judging from feedback we've received since we began the Extreme Tournament to when we ended it, you idiots love it. (A loud cheer.)

JW Locke: So, since all *I* care about is money and ratings, I'll give you more of it, in fact, I'll give you more of it at the next HTO event, because Steve Radder, perhaps the biggest idiot out of all you, is going to wrestle not ONE ... but TWO opponents. He's going to wrestle the Hardcore Brothers, and he's going to do it in a steel cage. And you're going to pay to see it.

(JW leaves the ring to yet another chorus of boos, with a smug smile on his face.)

JS: As always, words of impeccable wisdom form our great leader and mentor. Geesh, give me a break!

LK: Watch it, Jimbo. He's the one who signs what little paycheck you earn. So can it about our great spokesman and owner. (Standing and clapping) Give it up for Mr. JW Locke.

JS: Whatever. Let's go to Victor Creel, whose back stage.

(Victor Creel is shown in the back stage area primping in front of a mirror when JR Styles walks by. Creel hurries up to the 'Ranger' and tries to get a few comments…)

VC: Ranger, Ranger, can I get a few comments from you concerning tonight's match with Angelus and Sephiroth?

JRS: I'm in a hurry, Creel. Get outta my way!

VC: But JR, can I call you JR? Everyone wants to know why you attacked Angelus at Domination?

JRS: (Stopping) Do actually think he deserved to be in that tournament? I helped Wingboy get his first win here in the MWC. Ungrateful a**!

VC: Mercenary is your tag partner. That's an uneasy alliance if I ever heard one…

JRS: Shut it, Creel! Don't try and start something…

VC: What the… (A loud audible crack is heard.)

(Angelus has run up and leveled Styles with a steel chair, opening a deep gash in his forehead, and sends the stunned Ranger to the floor. Sephiroth joins Angelus in the attack as they put the boots to a bloodied Styles. Mercenary appears in the background watching the carnage take place. Finally, Mercenary steps in and Angelus and Sephiroth beat a hasty retreat. EMT crews rush to aid JR Styles.)

VC: I can't believe it, Jimbo! Styles has been laid out by Angelus and Sephiroth. He has sustained a severe laceration to his forehead. An EMT crew is on hand tending to the fallen Ranger. Jimbo, Liam back to you.

(Camera fades up on Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy…)

JS: Wow that was a brutal chair shot! I wonder if JR Styles will be able to compete in his tag team encounter later tonight.

LK: Come hell or high water, the Ranger will make it to the match.

JS: Why didn't Mercenary immediately come to Styles aid?

LK: Sears, Styles and Mercenary have a violent history. I know they are tag partners tonight but they obviously don't trust each other. I'm sure Mercenary had to hold himself back from joining in on the beating. He's probably in the back beating up on ol' JR right now.

JS: There certainly is trouble brewing in paradise. Lets go back to Victor Creel who has cornered Angelus and Buffy. Let's hear what they have to say. Victor…

(Cut to the back stage area where Victor Creel is standing with Angelus and Buffy who have huge smiles on their faces, obviously enjoying the aftermath of the attack.)

VC: Thanks, Jimbo. Angelus, what precipitated the attack on Styles?

A: Just a little payback from Domination. I figured I owed Styles since he bounced my skull off of the ring steps. We have a huge announcement to make. Sephiroth, ExE, and I have started our own stable, which will be called Mechanical Animals. We are banning together to help take out the MWC trash, guys such as Mercenary, Styles, and anyone else who gets in our way! We are not ones you wanna cross! We will sooner or later emerge as MWC's most dominant force! Let's go Buffy, we've got things to do! (A devious smile spreads across the face of Angelus as they exit the frame.)

VC: Jimbo, Liam it's obvious things are heating up back here. I'll keep you posted.

JS: Things certainly are heating up. I foresee a huge heated war between Styles and Angelus forthcoming.

LK: (Staring at his watch.) Did you say something?

JS: (Flabbergasted.) Oh, never mind! Fans, we had several dark matches before we came on the air. Let's show you highlights of the first dark match. The first match of the evening was a Triple Threat Tag Team match between the Dark Knights, the Vigilantes, and the Lunar Express. The winner will receive a shot at the MWC World Tag Team Champions, E-Cubed, at the next Hostile Takeover.

(Cut to footage entitled earlier tonight. Sears' voice is heard over the highlights…)



Dark Knights vs The Vigilantes vs The Lunar Express

JS: Sean Black of the Vigilantes quickly gained the upper hand against Stan of the Lunar Express. Black showed why he has won two World titles by single handily beating both members of Lunar Express from pillar to post. Stan finally crawled over and tagged in Rainman of the Dark Knights. Richards of the Vigilantes, whom had been tagged in by Black, went at each other tooth and nail. However, Rainman used his quickness and took Richards down. The Dark Knights executed several quick tags and kept Richards in the ring. After a running power bomb by Kurrupt of the Dark Knights, it looked to be over. Richards, however, kicked out of a two count and tagged in Grant of the Lunar Express. Kurrupt and Grant exchanged clotheslines and Grant nailed Kurrupt with a DDT that rocked the ring. Rainman was able to save his partner as all six men entered the ring. Black and Richards threw Stan to the arena floor where they smashed Stan with the ring steps. Kurrupt rolled out to the floor and entered the melee. Suddenly, the team known as Apocalypse started to come down the rampway. This got Rainman's attention as he was had just planted Grant with a power slam. William Bradley III enters the ring, whacks Rainman with a steel chair, and rolls Grant onto Rainman to steal the win. After the match, the Dark Knights and Apocalypse brawled back to the back stage area. While the Lunar Express where celebrating their win in the ring, the Vigilantes entered the ring from behind and planted Stan and Grant with steel chairs. Black then nailed Grant with his finisher, the Branding Iron, as Richards nailed Stan with his finisher, the Texas Tornado. The Vigilantes walked away from the ring to a loud mixed heel pop, leaving William Bradley tending to his charges as the Lunar Express is the...

Winners: The Lunar Express


(Sears is cut off by K-9's entrance music.)

JS: It seams we have another unscheduled interview.

(K-9, & Lone Wulf walk out from behind the curtain. They quickly get to the ring without acknowledging the fans. K-9 grabs a microphone…)

K-9: (Sitting in the corner) A long time ago, at the start of this great county that we call the United States of America everybody had this idea, this theory, that it was the United States' DESTINY to spread from coast to coast. This idea was known as Manifest Destiny. Lone Wulf and myself are the same as our country at the beginning, right now we own very little, we have very little rights, we have no allies, we are FIGHTING for our rights, our food, and everything. But it is our DESTINY to spread all across this entire federation, to have people's respect, to own titles, everything that we DESERVE! I've given it my all, to earn nothing. Lone Wulf, same story, we've all given everything we had, sacrificed our bodies, AND FOR WHAT? To be neglected, and oppressed by J.W. Locke, simply because we don't fit into his "image" for the MWC. Because we haven't "paid our dues" in his eyes, the whole theory that the MWC is run under just pisses me off! But people like Eddy Love, Bryan Blair, all these other f***ers get respect, title shots, main event status, money, and all this other crap. But the three men in the ring right now get NOTHING. Even though we put our livelihood on the line each and every NIGHT! Going through tables, getting hit with frying pans and chairs, barbed wire, baseball bats, IT DOESN'T MATTER. So what if we aren't the greatest technical "wrestlers" in the world. That's not the point, the point is that we can fight. We've proven that time, and time again, yet Locke still keeps us at under card status, refusing to give us title shots, refusing to put our faces on T-shirts. As of this moment, you all have been warned, MWC officials and MWC roster members alike. Manifest Destiny, MD, will lie down for nobody, we PUSH for what we believe it. We will not be reformed, you can not change us, you knock us down, we'll get right back up, we'll spit in your face, we refuse to stop until we get what we deserve, until our DESTINY has been fulfilled! Now, one last thing, Eli Flair, you can call yourself the King of Extreme and sure you're sporting the Extreme Title (pauses) but YOU ARE NOT THE INNOVATOR OF INSANITY! Extreme, you might be. Insane you're not. So Flair, put your money where your mouth is and face me tonight for the Extreme title. But be warned you will lose if you accept the match.

(Lone Wulf stoops down and takes the microphone from the outstretched hand of K-9.)

Lone Wulf: And so your Destiny has been written, and so it shall come to pass. A dark cloud hangs low over the MWC, soon the down pour will follow. No one is safe from the rain that is about to come, no shelter can shield you, and no man can withstand its punishment. There is no end to the storm that is Manifest Destiny, the downpour will continue. The bodies will continue to pile up. Soon the lighting will strike; soon the pillars of the MWC will crumble and fall. Manifest Destiny is the new age, the new era; there is no way to stop the MD "Movement", no hope… (Lone Wulf is cut off by…)

Voice Over: Oh, you didn't know! (Huge face pop) K-9's **** needs a **** bath! (Eli Flair steps from behind the curtain to a loud face pop from the crowd.)

EF: God, you three make me sick just hearing you whine and cry. Boys, grow up and be men! You can stop crying about getting screwed and pushed more than others, K-9. You got your wish, tonight! Me and you in a Four Weapons of Destruction match take it or leave! (Flair disappears behind the curtain to another loud face pop from the crowd.)

K-9: (Standing.) So it will be written. The new MWC Extreme Champion, crowned here tonight, and that champion will be K-9.

(The duo moves slowly back up the rampway pausing only to take in a mixed pop from the crowd and disappear behind the curtain. Cut back to the announcer's table.)

JS: Up next we are going to take a special look at Jack Emerald.

LK: Who?

(The scene opens with the last HTO where Jack Emerald and Bruno had yet another chance to see who's the best. However, that night started with an attack by BATT on Jack… a brutal attack that took him out of action, though he went to the ring anyway. From there, you see Bruno lay down his victory and the camera gives a close up of Jack Emerald lying motionless on the mat, bloodied and bruised.)

VOICEOVER: At his final Hostile Takeover, The Real American felt the BITE of the BATT… a bite that infected him.

(Cut to Jack yelling in the back afterward about clipping BATT's wings at Domination. He got his wish, but the match didn't go as he'd hoped. BATT proved the unstoppable force yet again who went psycho on Emerald, up until the ending where Jack nailed his Luck o' Irish finisher and secured the 'victory'… a hollow victory indeed as the paramedics rushed to his aid.)

VOICEOVER: That bite took the man to one place he is used to…

(Cut to Jack with tubes in his nose, mouth, arms. He is unconsious.)

VO: the hospital death's door yet again.

(Cut to his Doctor talking of his condition.)

DR: Jack's situation is quite a difficult one. He has suffered numerous concussions over his career in the wrestling ring and worse yet, the deathmatches before. His situation is difficult. We have spoken with his wife and children and they ask for your prayers and support as he tries to pull out of his coma.

(Cut back to Jack laying in the bed motionless. As these words appear on the screen…)

"Get Well Soon."

"Signed, Locke Enterprises."

(Cut back to the announcer's table where Liam has his head on the table. He appears to be asleep as drool is seeping from the corner of his mouth.)

LK: Huh, what? Oh, we're back. Uh, ok, Jimbo? Jimbo?

JS: I was wondering when you'd realize that. Our prayers are with Jack and his family. What a great segment that was. Our next match is between a relative newcomer to the MWC, Dr. Destructo, and a guy who is appearing in his first MWC match, ExE. Liam, how do you size up this match?

LK: (Dreaming.) 44-24-26. Huh, what? Sears, I was dreaming! Don't interrupt me when I'm dreaming!

JS: Let's go to ringside for the announcement.


Dr. Destructo vs ExE w/Neve

(Cut to a shot of the ring announcer standing in the ring.)

RA: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a twenty-minute time limit. Introducing first, ExE.

Lights go out and red lights flash as ExE runs to the ring with "Twist by Korn playing". Neve follows behind to the delight of the fans.

RA: And his opponent - Dr. Destructo!

He comes out to "Bad Boys" (The COPS Theme). Dr. Destructo wears a full-length black coat and black Ray-Ban shades. His in-ring attire is a black unitard with black windpants. He is accompanied by Corporal Maxwell Punishment.

JS: This should be an interesting matchup. ExE and Dr. Destructo are both powerful brawlers. They lock up and ExE throws Destructo into the ropes and follows up with a clothesline. Destructo hits the canvas and jumps right back up. ExE off the ropes with a shoulder block and Destructo goes back down.

LK: ExE is starting fast.

JS: ExE picks up Destructo by the hair and throws him across the ring into the turnbuckle. He charges in and is caught by a boot to the jaw. ExE staggers back and Destructo kicks his leg out from under him. An elbow drop across the throat of ExE.

LK: ExE…ExE…Exe.

JS: Destructo goes out of the ring and pulls ExE to the corner. He has Exe straddling the ringpost. He grabs both legs and pulls him into the post. ExE definitely in pain holding his groin.

LK: Sorry Neve, but…well, I'm sure you can improvise - I'm free tonight.

JS: What?

LK: Well, think about it, do you think he'll be dancing the Grind tonight?

JS: Back to the match. Destructo's in the ring now and the referee is reprimanding Destructo.

LK: Look Corporal Max is dealing out some punishment of his own grabbing ExE's leg and slamming it against the post.

JS: Destructo pulls ExE up. Fingers to the eyes by ExE and Destructo's in obvious pain. ExE has a bad limp but he still puts Destructo into a full nelson.

LK: He's trying to slow down the match so he can recover a little.

JS: Good Liam, that was 'worth' something. Destructo backpedals ExE into the corner and the hold is broken. Exe delivers a forearm to the back of Destructo's head. He climbs to the second rope, jumps off and catches Destructo in a bulldog. He turns Destructo over and goes for the pin. 1,2. Corporal Max places Destructo's leg over the bottom rope and gets the refs attention. The ref stops the count.

LK: Bad move by ExE he should have turned Destructo over the other way far from the ropes.

JS: ExE goes to the ring ropes and is yelling at Max. Destructo gets to his feet. Sneaks behind ExE and rolls him over in a small package. He has the tights 1,2,3 and your winner Dr. Destructo.

Winner: Dr. Destructo


JS: Fans, as Destructo and ExE are clearing the ring, let me tell about our second dark match of the evening between K-9 and Lone Wulf versus the Hardcore Brothers.

(Cut to footage entitled 'Earlier Tonight' Jim Sears' voice is heard over the footage.)



San An's Best vs The Hardcore Brothers

Terry and Berry brought steel chairs to the ring as this quickly developed into a donnybrook. Lone Wulf had his way with both Terry and Berry, as he showed off his amazing strength with successive power slams and an array of suplexes. Quick tag to K-9 who hit successive power bombs on the Hardcore Brothers. Terry and Berry rolled to the outside and grabbed their chairs. Terry and Berry with chairshots to the noggins of K-9 and Lone Wulf. The referee called for the bell but K-9 grabbed the house microphone and declared this match was under K-9's rules. K-9 rolled back into the ring and nailed Terry with a DDT. Berry enters the ring and cleans house, clearing K-9 and Lone Wulf from the ring with chairshots.

Berry pulls a table from underneath the ring and places K-9 on top of it. Lone Wulf nails Terry from behind but Berry quickly takes the advantage by throwing Lone Wulf into the ring steps. In the meantime, Terry has climbed the top turnbuckle and leaps off only to find that K-9 has rolled off the table, and crashes through it. Berry quickly rolls K-9 back into the ring where they slug it out. This allows Terry enough time to recover and re-enter the ring. Terry and Berry grab their chairs and size K-9 up for double chairshots but K-9 moves causing Terry and Berry to chairshot each other. K-9 rolls over onto Terry as the referee counts the pinfall.

Winners: San An's Best


(Cut back to the announcer's table.)

JS: Both teams sure looked impres…

(Cue up Led Zepp "Whole Lotta Love". Eddy Love, Susan and Sweet Melissa make their way to the ring. Eddy is wearing a T-shirt that reads "Domination Champ". Melissa has on an all black mini dress with knee high, high heel boots. They enter the ring and Eddy lays a long wet kiss on Melissa, as Susan applauds to the booing crowd, then Eddy takes the mic.)

LOVE: Would ya looky here(Love points to the crowd).... how does this happen, does J.W. let the fat women and the imbeciles to the front of the ticket line.(Laughs) Here I am, the man you all came to see and your Domination tournament champion, Eddy Love. Now lots has happened, and some things have been said in fits of furry, but me being the congenial kinda guy that I am, I'm here to mend a few fences, and allow some others to mend some fences of there own. Fence number one to mend belongs to the man who calls himself Good God. Kevin Powers, a blind man could see it for a mile.... you chose to turn your back on the man who propelled you to Stardom, the man who taught you what it meant to perform at a championship level and a man you could trust to pull his weight and instead of standing beside me as we *Dominated* (pats shirt)the world.... you sided with the Unextremist of the non-extreme. A no talent hack named Steve Radder.... Well big Kevin, I'm giving you 'till the end of the night to come out here get down on your knees and beg for my forgiveness, while denouncing the Lamest of the Lame as an anchor on your career... to make things right .....We all make mistakes Kevin, there's no shame as long as you can admit them.... So here's your chance to dump the man with the Pain threshold of the common house fly and the endurance of an untied balloon, Steve Radder.

Now on to the big cheese, the man who writes my checks, the man who makes the calls, my boss. When Hurricane Eddy was receiving multi-million dollar offers from around the world, this man stepped in, wrote the check, and explained that in *his* MWC it was gonna be all business. Well it has been mostly business J.W. We've had some good shows... you've drawn young Superstars like K-9, Hard Bobby, Lance Bishop and Lone Wolf into our business and showed them the way to do things right.... you drew some of the top notch vets that have drawn huge cable ratings to push your young talent... you've stood by and watched as Eddy Love and Brian Blair formed the dream team "Southern Culture" that all promoters lust for.... BUT at Domination J.W. when I was this close (Eddy holds his index finger and thumb in pinch position) to putting Mark Vizzwacker away, *your* referee interjected his opinion. Now I know J.W., that you've LOVEd our little run as much as we and while I gave Kevin Powers the rest of the night.... I'm giving you about 30 seconds to get out here and tell me how you plan to make things right with Eddy Love

(JW appears from behind the curtain with a microphone in hand. The crowd responds with a CHORUS of boos as the commissioner - or coCommish as the situation is now - makes his way to the ring.)

JW: Eddy. You are right that I have brought in the greatest athletes in the world. Matter of fact, we have the fastest growing tag team division in the WORLD and I'm turning away more talent than I can possibly handle. But you see, that's what I do! You see, you go around telling the world that YOU are the MAN who puts everyone's butts in the seat. YOU make the MONEY for MY organization. I agree with you Eddy. You are one of our biggest draws. You have been and always WILL be, as long as your body can move and your mouth can do that thing you do. But Eddy, you may be one of the stars who put everyone's butt in the seat, but I keep them there. You are the star, and I am the director. Any good director will tell you that their main job is to make their stars happy and IMPROVISE to make the best movie they can. Eddy, what happened at Domination was NOT my fault. It was NOT the referee's fault. It was Mark Vizzack's fault. The ref did his job with a double count out. If you or Vizzack could have made it to the ring in time, we wouldn't be having this talk now. BUT, you guys didn't make it there. It happens and I like any good director will do what is expected.

(JW Pauses for effect)

JW: Give his biggest star exactly what he wants. I'm gonna give you the title shot at our next PPV - SuperNova!

(HUGE Chorus of boos... that give way to cheers as CUE UP: "Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple. Vizzack comes out wearing a "BTR - We've Been Banned" T-Shirt, faded jeans, and his leather jacket. Following from behind is Ms. Del Payne, in a sleeveless full length black dress + Doc Martens. Vizzack has a microphone of his own.)

MV: I'm hearing something, and I don't believe what I'm hearing. Ahab, Love... what the hell do you think you're trying to pull?

JW: Now just a min--

MV: Sunshine has, in her hand, the contract we all signed for Domination. It carries the signatures of Mark Vizzack, Eddy Love, Eliminator, Angelus, Sephiroth, Jonathan Hammer, Crippler, and Dr. Destructo. It also holds the signature of a Mr. JW Locke. Would you like me to read Section V?

JW: You're outta line, Vizz--

MV: Section V of this contract, this LEGALLY BINDING contract... reads as follows: "The final two athletes to participate in this tournament, as followed in the above manner, will wrestle in the second-to-last match of the night. The victor in this final match will receive a World Title shot at Supernova, the Multinational Wrestling Corporation's next Pay-Per View Event." Now... watch this.

(Vizzack gestures to the video wall, which lights up with the end of the Love/Vizzack match at DOMINATION - specifically, the double countout.)

JW: What are you trying to pull?

MV: It's simple, Ahab. There was no winner in that match. We were BOTH counted out. I have just as much right to that title shot as Love.

(HUGE Fan Pop)

Don't even think about blaming me for the draw, either... I did what you were doing, Love... and that's try to win at any cost. You've both proved to me, that that's the ONLY way to get things done.

And Ahab? You even TRY to give Love the Title shot without due compensation coming my way, and I'll see you in court for breach of contract.

JW: What...exactly are you looking for for due compensation?

MV: Simple.

(Now VIZZACK pauses for effect)

A World Title shot of my own.

(HUGE Fan Pop)

One shot, Ahab... One shot's all I need to take that belt.

(Eddy Love, fed up to a head, grabs Vizzack's microphone)

EL: Listen up, Worm.... It's not gonna be NEARLY as easy as you think. Especially not when you've got Hurricane Eddy gunning for you.

(A stardown begins... until a voice is heard.)

Bryan Blair (V/O): Gentlemen... and I use that term loosely, Mr. Vizzack... you forget who the Champion truly is.

(The lights go out in the area. A mixture of cheers and jeers, mostly jeers, are heard from the fans and Handle's "Firework's Music" come across the speakers, a motley array of colored musical symbols go across the entrance way, and Blair makes his way down the ramp alone dressed in his wrestling attire. Blair makes his way hastily down to where the action is carrying his own microphone.)

BB: Now, that I have established who is TRULY in charge here below our only TRUE Commissioner , I shall say one thing , Devilish one, you are not the one with ANY power here. I feel that our Leader has made a very wise and thoughtful decision.

MV: I don't care what you think, Pansy, I want to be the one to kick your *** from herein the great white North (FAN POP) to Down Under w/ the Aussies and this time you don't have your little vixen to save it.

BB: Vixen??? Edward, I am amazed that our uncultured 'friend' has even heard such a sophisticated word let alone use it properly in a sentence.

EL: Bryan, he probably learned it from the rerun of 'MelRose Place'.

(Blair looks confused for a moment but soon regains his composure.)

BB: I shall not concern myself with such trivial items as how Devilish One acquired such a word in his vocabulary. However, you shall not refer to my Lady Contessa in such a manner or you shall find yourself in a position that not even your Blind Lawyer can talk you out of. (Blair pauses for a moment) Alas, enough about this subject. Devilish One, you are not ready to do battle with me. After all, you cannot even beat a raving lunatic before he breaks the rules of the battlefield, and you expect me to just give you a battle for the Title. I shall not waste my superior skills and abilities on someone who is, shall I say in language you can understand, Second Rate.

MV: Blair, you can go to…

EL: Ouch, Bryan, I think you hit a nerve. I don't think he likes to be reminded of his inability to perform.

MV: Eddy, you can kiss my ***.

EL: (Eddy showing a look of surprise on his face and turns away from Vizzack and grins devilishly) Naw, I'd rather kick it.

(Eddy turns around and backhands Mark in the face, causing him to stumble back a few steps as Blair slips to the outside. Vizzack is ENRAGED and backs Eddy into a corner. As Love is 'begging' for a reprieve, Blair grabs a chair and hits Mark in the back of the head denting the chair in the process. Sunshine jumps back and covers her mouth to keep herself from letting out a shriek as J.W. backs slowly away. Finally, he turns and walks back up the ramp. Love and Blair stand above Vizzack for a few moments and both men start stomping his unconscious body a few times before stopping. Blair helps Eddy set up and deliver a SPIKE piledriver onto THE steel chair, not once, but TWICE! Eddy spits on the unconcious Vizzack, smiles as he's turning to Melissa and Susan to escort them up the ramp. In the background, the viewer sees a still frightened Sunshine cradling a battered Vizzack as Eddie Dean makes a dash for his friend.)

BB: Edward, I was wondering what exacting is a 'MelRose Place'?

EL: Well, Bryan, it's a TV show with this really hot chick named Heather Locklear, and…

(Their voices fade away as the walk behind the curtain.)

JS: Wow, I can't believe what just transpired. We have to go to a commercial!

(Commercial Break)

JS: Our third dark match of the night pitted the Deacon against the newcomer Vinny Siglowski. Let's take a look at the highlights.

(Cut to footage entitled earlier tonight. Jim Sears' voice is heard over the footage.)



Deacon vs Vinny Siglowski

These two went tooth and nail in the early going until Vinny made a rookie mistake by turning his back on the Deacon to acknowledge boos from the fans. Deacon snuck up behind him and leveled the youngster with a clothesline, sending Vinny to the outside. Deacon followed but was met with a haymaker from Vinny who followed by ramming Deacon's head into the ringpost. Vinny with a suplex on the arena floor. The action resumed in the ring as Vinny caught Deacon with a series of lariats topped off with a surprising flying leg lariat for the cover. Deacon kicked out at two and turned the tide by backing Vinny into the turnbuckle with a series of European uppercuts. Huge powerbomb by Deacon resulted in a two count. 'Hurricane' Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa decided to get a closer look at the action and came down to ringside. This distracted Deacon, allowing Vinny to recover and nail Deacon with a powerbomb of his own. Eddy Love hopped up onto the ring apron shouting, "Remember Domination!". Vinny went over to confront Eddy. Love dropped to the floor with a challenge and Vinny answered it. Eddy promptly pulled a bag of powder from his trunks and threw it into Vinny's eyes. Eddy rammed Vinny's face into the steel ring post, bloodying the rookie, and tossed him into Deacon who was coming around. Where was the referee as this was going on? Watching Melissa, like every other male in the building, who had hopped up onto the ring apron and began …'tantalizing' everyone! Deacon called for and planted Vinny with the Altar Call (Crucifix Powerbomb) for the victory.

Winner: Deacon


LK: Of course, Eddy made a huge impact, a little payback if you will. (Astonished) Oh, my god, I'm sound like a fat plumber from Texas! (Regaining his composure.) And of course, Melissa was as sweet as ever! Did you see what she was wearing?

JS: Yes, I did notice that neon green thong she was wearing. Fans, we are set for our next live match. It's a tag team encounter featuring Angelus and Sephiroth versus Mercenary and JR Styles. This match is sure to be an interesting one.

LK: What's interesting is the fact that Mercenary and Styles don't exactly see eye to eye on a lot of things.

JS: Fans, Mercenary and the Ranger have a short but violent feud here in the MWC. Let's take a look.

(Cut to a shot of Mercenary standing in the jungle with his pet boa wrapped around his neck.)

VO: Mercenary, once this man was an Army Ranger, now he's a hired gun willing to kill anybody for the right price.

(Footage is shown as Mercenary is shown applying the Ambush sleeper hold onto JR Styles. Mercenary is shown in action against Angelus. Cut to a pre-taped comment session with Mercenary…)

M: You're looking at the man who will dominate the MWC in the months to come. Everyone has a price on their head and I aim to collect.

(Cut to a still frame of JR Styles decked out in fatigues with a boonie hat. Styles is shown rappelling out of a helicopter. Cut to footage entitled MWC Domination. Styles is shown executing various moves on Mercenary. Styles is shown getting his hand raised in victory. Cut to a pre-taped comment session with Styles.)

JRS: From this day forward, everything changes. I look out for me and nobody else. Today starts my rise to the top of the MWC.

VO: Then came the day these two enemies had something in common. A hatred for a common opponent, Angelus.

(Cut to footage of the beginning of Angelus and Eliminator's match during the Domination tournament. Mercenary comes out and attacks Angelus. Jim Sears' voice is heard over the action.)

JS: Where the hell is the Ranger? Where is JR Styles?

(Footage is shown of Styles coming down to ringside. Styles grabs Mercenary's arm and turns him around. Styles and Mercenary lock eyes as Mercenary turns and leaves. Styles picks up Angelus and promptly drops him with a swift boot to the gut. Footage is shown of Styles hitting his cobra clutch slam finisher, the Ranger Slam, bouncing Angelus' head off the ring steps.)

VO: Tonight, two enemies battle together against a common foe. Can they survive this fragile alliance or will it all come crashing down at their feet.

(Cut to Victor Creel who is back stage with JW Locke…)

VC: Mr. Locke, do we have any word on JR Styles' condition?

JWL: According to our own MWC physician, he is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Mercenary will have to foot it alone.

VC: A handicap match?

JWL: That's right…

(Suddenly a hand reaches in and grabs JW Locke. The camera pans and shows JR Styles dressed in battle fatigues with a black T-shirt. He has a huge bandage covering his forehead.)

JRS: No, I will wrestle tonight!

JWL: You haven't been cleared!

JRS: Funny, nowhere in my contract does it state that "you" pay my health insurance! Is that true?

JWL: Well, yes that's true.

JRS: Then I'm wrestling tonight and that's final! So, step your narrow **** back before it gets punked!


Angelus w/Buffy and Sephiroth w/Shirley vs Mercenary w/Corporal Max Punishment and John 'Ranger' Styles

(Cut back to ring side as Angelus and Sephiroth are already in the ring with Buffy and Shirley. The arena goes dark and is filled with the sound of approaching Blackhawk helicopters. Music from the movie Apocalypse Now begins to play as explosions rock the entranceway. Mercenary steps out raising two body bags high over his head. Two overzealous fans dressed in Gothic attire jump the railing to attack Merc. He slams his fist into the first ones face and picks up the second man throwing him into the crowd. A large eruption of jeers is heard throughout the arena. Merc climbs into the ring and grabs the mic.)

M: You people shut the **** up! I'll be holding gold soon enough around here and then you people will be kissing my ****. (More jeers and the fans start tossing debris into the ring.) Tonight Wingboy... septic tank.... I'll be filling these body bags with your dead carcasses. (Merc tosses the mic to the ring apron as he continues to be pummeled with debris.)

RA: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty-minute time limit. Introducing first, already at ringside, accompanied by Buffy and Shirley. Here are Angelus and Sephiroth!

RA: Their opponents, introducing first, accompanied by Corporal Max Punishment. Here is the man they call Mercenary! His partner, hailing from Ft Bragg, North Carolina, here is the Ranger, John Styles.

(The curtain parts but Styles doesn't appear. Mercenary obviously upset at Styles' apparent no-show. Angelus grabs a house microphone.)

A: Mercenary, obviously, your partner isn't gonna show up. So it looks like its just you against (looks at Sephiroth) us.

(Suddenly, 'Adrenaline' by Insaine blares out over the PA system. The curtain slowly parts and out steps a battered JR Styles. He is wearing battle fatigue pants with black HI-TEC combat boots. The ensemble is topped off by a black T-shirt that has 'By hook or by crook, what ever it takes to get the job done' written across the front. Styles stumbles to the ring and hops up onto the ring apron to a huge mixed crowd reaction.)

JS: I didn't think Styles was gonna show for this one.

LK: I told you Styles would be here come hell or high water.

(The referee has called for the bell as Mercenary and Angelus starts this encounter off. Collar and elbow tie-up. Mercenary throws Angelus into the corner.)

LK: Mercenary just showed his power there.

JS: He is certainly a man to be reckoned with.

(Angelus sprints out of the corner, grabs Mercenary… vicious European uppercut by Angelus. Staggers the big man. Arm drag and twist by Angelus. Mercenary counters with a power slam. Angelus rolls over and tags in Sephiroth. Sephiroth charges…)

LK: Mercenary moves out of the way… Sephiroth crashes into the turnbuckle.

JS: AMBUSH! Mercenary has the Ambush locked on. Referee over to check on Sephiroth…

(The referee raises Sephiroth's arm once and it falls, twice and it falls, third time…)

JS: Angelus rushes to the aid of his partner and saves Sephiroth from certain defeat.

LK: Come on ref that should be an automatic disqualification.

JS: Why, cause Angelus saved his partner?

LK: No, because Angelus breathes the same air we do. Of course, you moron, because he entered the ring illegally.

JS: We have yet to see the Ranger. I think Mercenary is trying to protect him from further injury.

(Mercenary reaches his feet… Misses an elbow drop. Sephiroth takes advantage… High vertical suplex brings Mercenary crashing to the mat. Sephiroth with the quick tag. Angelus levels Mercenary with a lariat. Mercenary hops right back up but is whipped into the ropes by Angelus…)

JS: Styles tags himself in! Styles tags himself in!

LK: Angelus still doesn't know it yet.

(Angelus sets up for a back body drop but Mercenary leaps over him. Styles runs up, grabs Angelus' head, places his head under his arm, and…)

JS: DDT! DDT! Styles just drove Angelus' head into the canvas.

LK: What a move! Referee drops into position.

(The referee drops to the mat and begins to count. 1…2… Sephiroth breaks the pinfall attempt with a well-placed boot to Styles' noggin.)

JS: Uhh, oh, that spells trouble for Styles.

LK: Look at 'em! He's just lying in the middle of the ring!

(Indeed, Styles is just lying there with a dazed look on his face. Blood trickles down his forehead from underneath his bandage. Sephiroth pulls Styles to his feet. Sephiroth picks Styles up for a Tombstone piledriver but Mercenary enters the ring…)

JS: Good God! Mercenary with a dropkick sending Styles and Sephiroth down to the mat.

LK: Styles with the cover! Why isn't the ref counting the man's shoulders down?

JS: The referee is signaling that Sephiroth is NOT the legal man.

LK: Damn it, this is an injustice!

JS: I didn't know you were a Styles fan.

LK: I'm not! It's just he has seen the light! Look at the abuse he's taken tonight but he still keeps coming back!

(Angelus recovers and pulls Styles to his feet. Angelus whips him into a neutral turnbuckle. Styles staggers out of the corner…)

JS: Bulldog by Angelus! Styles is out! Angelus with the cover. 1…2…

LK: No, Max just placed Styles' foot over the bottom rope.

(Angelus pulls Styles to his feet and tags in Sephiroth. Sephiroth blasts Styles with a tornado discus punch, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. Sephiroth follows with an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle and drops across Styles. Referee counts, 1…2… Kickout by Styles at 2 ½.)

JS: That was a close one. I thought Sephiroth had the pinfall there.

LK: That's what you get for thinking.

(Sephiroth follows with a series of short arm lariats and a ring shaking running power slam. Sephiroth attempts a cover but again Styles kicks out at 2. Sephiroth begins to pound on Styles forehead with clubbing rights and lefts.)

JS: Styles is in trouble! That last right thrown by Sephiroth sends Styles to his knees! Look at him, he's a bloody mess!

LK: Styles with a low blow! Styles with a low blow!

JS: Sephiroth is doubled over! Styles with a jawbreaker! Styles collapses to the canvas.

LK: Get up, Styles! Get up!

JS: Mercenary is yelling at Styles to get up and make a tag.

(Somehow, Styles rolls over to his corner and tags in Mercenary who comes with the proverbial 'House a Fire'. Mercenary pounds on Sephiroth taking him down with a running power bomb. Angelus enters the fray but is met by a stiff right-left combo from Mercenary. Mercenary promptly throws Angelus over the top rope. Angelus crashes into the security railing.)

JS: Mercenary is calling for the Ambush! There it is! Mercenary has Sephiroth locked in the Ambush!

LK: This is it, Sears! Sephiroth say nighty-night!

JS: Referee is over to check on Sephiroth! He raises his hand, it falls! The referee raises Sephiroth's hand for a second time… It falls!

LK: Mercenary releases the hold! Why?

(Mercenary releases the hold and drops Sephiroth to the mat. He drags Sephiroth to his feet and picks him up in what looks to be a gut wrench suplex but instead drives Sephiroth face first into the mat.)

JS: That was Styles new move! Mercenary just used Styles new finisher, the Ranger Driver!

LK: Atta boy, Mercenary! Win one for good ol' JR!

(Mercenary rolls on top of Sephiroth in a pin attempt. Unbeknownst to Mercenary, Angelus has made it back to his corner and is close enough for a tag.)

JS: Sephiroth just reached up and tagged in Angelus! The referee's hand was about to slap the mat for a third time!

LK: Mercenary is celebrating! He thinks he's won!

(As Mercenary celebrates, Angelus sneaks up behind Mercenary. Angelus spins him around, plants a boot to his gut, and nails Mercenary with the…)

JS: ANGEL'S TOUCH! ANGEL'S TOUCH! (stunner) Angelus rolls Mercenary up! Max is in the ring!


LK: Max just laid Angelus out with a chair!

(Sephiroth jumps into the ring and chases Max up the rampway before Max hops over the security railing and disappears into the crowd.

RA: The winner of the match by disqualification, Angelus and Sephiroth!

Winners: Angelus and Sephiroth via Disqualification


JS: We've got action after the match!

(Mercenary runs after Sephiroth and the two behemoths start to brawl in the aisleway. Styles has entered the ring and picks up a stunned Angelus…)


JS: Styles just planted Angelus with a piledriver!

LK: Wait a minute, Styles is not through!

(Styles has pulled Angelus to his feet. He places a chair behind Angelus and picks him up in a gut wrench but instead of taking him over he drops Angelus on his face onto the chair.)


LK: Styles just sent Angelus into next week with that move!

(Buffy has sneaked behind Styles and grabs something.)

JS: Look out! (Loud audible thud. Styles just crumbles to the mat.)


JS: Buffy just laid Styles out with a brick!

LK: Sears, she hit him with a brick! Styles is surely dead!

JS: Don't be stupid! Mercenary and Sephiroth are still fighting up the rampway.

(Mercenary and Sephiroth are still brawling in the aisleway. They take turns trading blows as neither man gains an advantage. Shirley sneaks up behind Mercenary and swings her purse…)

LK: Mercenary ducked! Mercenary ducked and Shirley nailed Sephiroth!

JS: Sephiroth is motionless on the floor! He's not moving! Wait, Mercenary picks him up! Merc has a pair of handcuffs!

LK: Sears, he's cuffing Sephiroth! He's carrying Sephiroth to the locker room area!

JS: What is he going to do with Sephiroth? Oh, this is bad!

LK: Maybe Sephiroth is a fugitive running from the law. I thought I saw a wanted poster with his mug on it in the back. Maybe there's a reward for his capture.

JS: Fans, we have come to the end of our first hour and we have to take a commercial break. Stay tuned as we have two big title matches to come in our second hour.


(Camera cuts back from commercial. Shirley is shown wondering around the back stage area looking for Sephiroth. She is aimlessly walking around opening every door and shouting Sephiroth's name. She turns around a corner and comes face to face with Mercenary carrying a body bag over his shoulder. It's obvious someone or something is in the body bag. Mercenary drops the body bag at Shirley's feet. Mercenary bends down and unzips the bag. The camera zooms in on Sephiroth's face as Shirley lets out a blood-curdling scream.)

Mercenary: Here's your boyfriend back, Shirley.

(The camera focuses on Sephiroth's beaten and bloody face. He is unconscious and bleeding from cuts in his face. An EMT crew hurriedly tends to Sephiroth as Shirley sobs uncontrollably as the camera cuts back to the announcer's table.)

JS: Oh my god, what has Mercenary done?

LK: It looks like Merc took his big ol' knife and carved himself a Sephiroth face sandwich.

JS: (Listening to his headset.) Fans, we have just received word that Angelus and JR Styles have been taken to local hospitals for treatment.

LK: I hope that sent them to different hospitals. I could see it now both men with IVs in their arms battling each other while pretty nurses try to break up the fight. Mmmm, pretty nurses…

JS: Seriously, we have a major feud brewing here and if someone don't step in and break this thing up, someone is going to get crippled for life.

LK: (Chanting.) Crippled for life! Crippled for life!

JS: Will you stop! Fans, Brett Kross and Justin Sane squared off in a dark match earlier this evening. Liam, who are the two businessmen Kross stopped to talk to before his match?

LK: Who knows! Who cares! Probably, his shrink and his bookie for all we know. Sears, you sure are nosy!

JS: Let's go to these highlights.

(Cut to footage entitled earlier tonight. Brett Kross and Justin Sane are in the ring. Jim Sears' voice is heard over the footage.)



Brett Kross vs Justin Sane

Brett Kross showed tonight that he had a number of wrestling holds in his arsenal. Kross used an array of takedowns and throws to keep Sane off balance. Sane capitalized with a vicious back elbow that dazed Kross after Kross attempted a belly to back suplex. Sane took control with a series of rights and lefts followed by a huge power slam. Sane covered but Kross kicked out at two. Sane followed with a brainbuster suplex and covered but Kross was able to get his foot draped over the bottom rope to stay alive. Sane again tried a brainbuster suplex but Kross countered by grabbing Sane's neck and executed a stunning reverse neckbreaker. Kross applied an ankle lock submission but Sane was able to crawl to the ropes to break the hold. Sane reversed a figure four leglock and threw Kross to the outside. Sane pummeled Kross on the outside. Kross kissed the ring post several times followed by Justin going off the top rope and DOWN onto the stunned Kross. Sane mercifully rolled him back into the ring. A brawl ensued as both men exchanged rights and lefts before stunning each other with right hooks thrown at the same time. Kross reached his feet first and went to work on Sane's knee. Kross followed on a kneedrop with a dropkick to Sane's knee. Sane rolled to the outside and dropped to his knees. Kross followed him out by was met with a brass knuckle shot by Sane that dropped Kross. Sane rolled Kross back in and dropped consecutive elbows onto the prone Kross. Sane tried to pick Kross up for a piledriver but was back body dropped over the top rope. Sane rolled back into the ring but Kross met him with a swift kick to his knee and rolled him into a figure four leglock. Sane repeatedly battered Kross with right crosses to break the hold. Sane bounced Kross off the ropes with consecutive European uppercuts and went for a third. However, Kross grabbed Sane's arms twirling him around and dropped him with a back slide into a pinning combination to get the pinfall.

Winner: Brett Kross


(Cut back to the announcer's table.)

JS: Brett Kross proved that he could win without having to resort to street fighter tactics.

LK: You know what that means don't you?

JS: No, what?


((Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Filter & Crystal Method begins to play over the PA system.)

LK: Oh, no! I have to listen to this Eddy Love wannabe run his mouth. Time for a nap. Where's my pillow?

('Good God' Kevin Powers and Gina step through the curtain and casually strolls to the ring to a loud pop. He hops up onto the ring apron, holds the ring ropes open for Gina to climb through, and climbs through the ropes himself. Powers takes a microphone form the ring announcer and waits for the crowd to die down.)

KP: You know normally I wouldn't come out here unless I had to say something and tonight I just had to get something off of my chest. 'Sizzle-Lean' Eddie Haskel Dean. You may walk around here with what you think is your IC belt and tell everyone that you won it in one heck of a fight, but remember this. I wasn't a one hundred percent. So if that was the BEST fight you put up and I almost shocked ya then imagine what I'm gonna do to you tonight cause I am healed! I can stand out here and say how I'm gonna do this to you and how I'm gonna do that to you, but everyone is gonna see that anyway so why bother. Eddie Dean I know two things that are certain for tonight. The first one is you are one pimpslap away from losing that title! And I am the holder of the pimpslap for you! Second, and most important, the ONLY reason I am getting back at you is because I just don't like your first name for some odd reason. Oh, by the way, this is the time that Mr. Love should pay close attention. After I make an example out of John Boy tonight the next person I'm coming after is the man himself Brian Blair so get ready. And if the Hurricane Wild Child wants to be your personal protector then I guess I'm just gonna have to go through him first. Eddy, do me a favor and be smart for once. When I come after Blair and take his gold you should just take Melissa, Susan, and his tramp and take'em out to a nice flea dip. Heck I'll even flip the bill! And if you don't believe if I got what it takes to hold that title then just watch tonight's match-up when I take the Sizzle out of Bob Evens tonight!

G: And in case you haven't figured it out morons this interview is OVER!!!

(Powers and Gina leave the ring and head back down the ramp way as we cut back to the announcer's table.)

LK: Why does everybody hate Eddy? I mean he's the godfather of love for crying out loud.

JS: (Staring at Liam in disbelief.) Why does everybody hate Eddy? Cause he's EDDY!

LK: Everyones jealous!!

JS: Fans, our final dark match that took place before we went on the air pitted Bobby Jackson versus…

LK: (Yelling.) 'Hurricane' Eddy Love! The man that made wrestling! The man that made the BTR! The man that puts all these people in the seats! The man who is the greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling! The man who…

JS: Enough already! You've had too much caffeine! (Reluctantly) Let's see the footage.

(Cut to highlights of the Love/Jackson match entitled earlier tonight. Jim Sears' voice is heard over the footage.)



Bobby Jackson vs 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa

We saw a great match between these two as they put on a great show for the fans. Hard Body took offense to the Hurricanes flamboyance and quickly jumped him from behind. He went to work on Love w/ a plethora of power moves. Powerbomb, Piledriver, and a Gorilla Press that sent Love face first to the mat. Love was in big trouble as he rolled outside the ring. Jackson would have none of it though as he LITERALLY took Love from Pillar to Post. Tossing Love back in the ring, Jackson ignored Melissa's attempts at interference. He continued his assualt going for a Suplex. Love blocked it and reversed it. Then it was Hurricane Season as Love showed why he's one of the premeire stars in ANY league he signs up with. Love used a variety of moves that pummelled Bobby. With an irish Whip into the turnbuckle and a 'mock' Vizz Splash, things changed… Vinny Siglowski came down to ring side to confront Eddy Love and hopped up on the ring apron. Eddy went for a punch, but was caught by surprise with a bag of powder himself. The referee went for the DQ win, but Jackson took offense to this and turned to confront the rookie. As the referee was trying to get Vinny off the ring apron, Eddy nailed Jackson with a low blow. Eddy followed with an inside cradle, using the ropes for leverage, to get the pinfall.

Winner: 'Hurricane' Eddy Love


LK: Eddy always wins! He's the greatest thing since… since sliced bread. Yeah, sliced bread, uhm!

JS: Fans, up next is our first title match of the evening. Sit back and relax as we bring you Eli Flair versus K-9 for the MWC Extreme Championship. But first we pause for these brief commercial messages.



Four Weapons of Destruction Match

'Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs 'Innovator of Insanity' K-9

(Fade back on the ring. The ring announcer is standing in the ring ready to announce the combatants.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen... This contest is for the Multinational Wrestling Corporation EXTREME Championship!!! (HUGE fan pop) And it will be contested in a FOUR WEAPONS of DESTRUCTION match!!! The rules, ladies and gentlemen, are simple. There is Barbed Wire wrapped around all four turnbuckles. Hanging over the corner to my immediate left is a Singapore Cane. In addition, the participants will be attached at the wrist by a six foot long chain! There is no pinfall. There are no submissions. There is no disqualification. This match will continue until one man cannot answer the ten count. (Cue up: "Hit 'em up" - 2Pac) Introducing first, is the challenger! Standing at 5 feet, ten inches, and weighing in at 200 and 39 pounds... the "INNOVATOR OF INSANITY".... K-NIIIIIIINNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(K-9 appears at the top of the rampway to a pretty decent fan pop, pyro goes off but K-9 doesn't seem to notice the pyro OR the fans. He just walks solemnly towards the ring in his torn up blue jean shorts, torn up rap shirt, and leather jacket. His brown hair in tangles, covering most of his face. He makes it to the cage and walks into the door, he walks over to the corner and just sits there, no emotion on his face what-so-ever.)

Announcer: And his opponent...(Cue up: "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson - the fans are on their feet already.) Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Poison Ivy... From Bronx, NY, coming in today at six foot eight, weighing in at three hundred and TWO pounds...He has been dubbed the King of Extreme for more reasons then one... The MWC EXTREME CHAMPION... "Total Elimination" ELI FLAIR!

(The lights go down as Flair and Ivy enters the arena. Spotlights center on them. A hint of gold is visible from beneath Flair's leather trench coat. They take their time moving around the arena, slapping hands with some of the fans. Flair looks like he has wrapped his hands and upper arms in heavy electrical tape - has he outsmarted the barbed wire? They reach the ring and a HUGE array of pyro shoot from the ring posts. In the corner, K-9 looks unintimidated, though Flair himself looks confident as well. Poison Ivy leaves the cage.)

HR: Fans, Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy had to go take a powder so Victor Creel and I will bring you all the action. Here we go!

VC: K-9 and Flair are attached at the wrist, and it looks like this one is ready to go. I don't know, Humberto, I think Flair's gonna kill this kid.

HR: Not necessarily. K-9 is the Innovator of Insanity for more reasons then his own mental health. He's a master at getting inside his opponent's head, and we know what Flair's life has been like. If K-9 can take his mind away from the match, Flair's height and weight advantage won't mean much.

VC: K-9 goes! He runs at Flair, who sidesteps and gives the chain a yank! K-9 is down!

HR: He's up pretty quick. They're circling now, trying to get some leverage with that chain. Flair pulls him in and lands a right fist! K-9 fires back! This has become a slugfest already! NO! K-9 was able to trip Flair up with the chain! He's going for that Singapore Cane already! And he brings it down to the small of Eli Flair's back!

VC: K-9 is already working on the back! He's gonna be the next EXTREME Champ very soon.

HR: You could be right, Victor. But the current Champ charges the challenger and catches him in a belly to back. He pulls K-9 to his feet and sends him across the ring into the turnbuckle!!! K-9 rams into the corner but comes out fighting as Flair charges him. K-9 raises his foot, and the Champ goes slamming face first into the a big boot.

HR: K-9 scoops up the stunned Flair and body slams him to the mat. Now K-9 hooks in the figure four leglock!!!! Again, he's working on Flair's lower back! But he hooks it in too close to the ropes, and Flair breaks the hold by grabbing them. K-9 is slow to let go, however, and the ref has to pry him off of Flair. K-9 pulls Flair to his feet and sends him into the ropes. BIG Clothesline by K-9 to the Extreme Champion!!! K-9 follows up quick, hooking in a Boston crab on Flair, once again working on the back!!! The ref asks Flair if he wants to submit, but Flair yells no and shakes his head! Flair inches his way closer and finally grabs the ropes! Again, the ref has to force the I-O-I to let go of the hold. K-9 is working over Flair good. Flair is back on his feet, however. K-9 sends him into the ropes again, but this time Flair comes out on top with a flying cross body, catching K-9 unawares!!! Flair follows with a belly to back suplex, and now he pulls K-9 back to his feet. He sends K-9 across the ring, over the ropes, face-first into the cage! Flair follows K-9 in and starts rubbing his face all across the steel! K-9 pushes away and falls back to the mat. Flair scoops him up and hooks in a backbreaker! K-9 struggles to get out, and Flair falls to one knee, dropping K-9 to the mat. He just couldn't handle K-9's weight on it! K-9 is on his feet, and he's all over Flair. He's got a camel clutch hooked in! Yet another move that works on Flair's back.

VC: Flair shot himself in the foot with that backbreaker attempt. Where's the blood?

HR: Flair grabs the ropes, but K-9 has him by the head and he sends him into the mat with a DDT!!!!! Flair is down and out on the mat! K-9 lifts the Extreme Champ back up again and delivers a back suplex!!!! K-9 whips Flair into the ropes and brings him down with a huge clothesline! And now he piledrives Flair into the mat! The Innovator of Insanity is on a tear! He pulls the Extreme Champion to his feet, hooks the head under his arm, and there's a bridge suplex!!! The ref begins the count! 1.......2............3............4........ NO! Flair is back to his feet.


HR: K-9 charges into Flair, catching him with a snap suplex. K-9 is trying to keep things going the way they were just a couple of minutes ago. But Flair is on his feet, and he backs into a corner to rest up for a few seconds. The ref gets between he and K-9, but he's asking Flair if he can continue. The Extreme Champ is back on his feet, nodding. He steps up to K-9, and the two men grapple again. Flair catches K-9 with a belly to belly suplex, then he gets behind K-9 and delivers a belly to back! Again, Flair is on his feet, and he hooks in a Boston crab on K-9 in the middle of the ring! This could be a huge momentum changer right here. It looks like Flair has the same strategy as K-9, work on the back. Flair has the Boston crab cinched in tight, and it's taking its toll on K-9. Flair isn't letting him go anywhere, especially not towards the ropes. You can see every muscle straining to break Flair's hold or to reach the ropes, but Flair's got it locked in tight. K-9 could be in serious trouble here if he doesn't find someway out of this Boston crab. But that problem is answered for him as Flair let's up on the move. 1.........2..............3............4.............5..............6 K-9 is back to his feet.

VC: That's a huge mistake on Flair's part.

HR: Flair belly to back suplexes K-9, putting him back on the mat quickly. And this time he lifts K-9 and delivers a brainbuster!!!! Flair grabs K-9 by the head and sends him into the ropes. There's a flying dropkick right to the chin! But both men are down! Flair's back couldn't take the impact after he came down on the mat! The ref begins a ten- count. Both men are struggling to their feet. K-9 is on his feet first, and he charges Flair. But Flair drops to the mat, and K-9 charges through the ropes and into the cage. Flair is back on his feet, and he pulls K-9 out of the ropes, sending him across the ring, and catching him with a clothesline! Flair pulls him up again and sends him to the ropes, but K-9 dodges Flair's clothesline this time. He pushes Flair toward the turnbuckle, and they both hit the ref!!!! The ref is down, but the two men are still going at it! It's becomes a fistfight, as both men trade rights and lefts. The referee is still down on the mat!

VC: Now's the time!

HR: That chain has kept these two men within six feet of each other the entire match.... It's going to play a role in its ending, I believe. K-9 misses with a right hand, and Flair sends him chest-first into that Barbed Wire! He's wrapped that chain around his neck! BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX!

VC: K-9 is a bloody mess. But a good deal of it is Flair's blood.

HR: K-9 takes Flair down with a drop-toe-hold, and he hooks his head with the chain! He picks up that Singapore Cane again! BATTER UP! Flair takes a shot to the head! The referee stirs, over in the corner!

VC: Flair with a low blow! K-9 is down! How did he have the presence of mind to do that?

HR: That's why he's got the gold! Always know where you are! What... is he doing?


HR: Flair is stripping one of the turnbuckles of its Barbed Wire... and he's wrapping it around the end of that Cane! OH MY GOD! K-9 is being caned with the Barbed Wire! The referee is not yet up!

VC: No! Don't drop the cane! Keep using it!

HR: No.... HE'S GOING FOR IT! Eli Flair is wrapping K-9 up in the Total Elimination!

VC:We already established this. There's no submissions in this match.

HR: He's no doubt hoping to incapacitate K-9 for the duration of the ten-count.

VC: It looks like it's working. Damn it.

HR: Why?

VC: I was hoping they'd beat each other to oblivion.

HR: We're in the second minute of the Total Elimination, and we're seeing some more reassuring signs of life from our referee. He's up, and he's looking at K-9.

VC: Flair finally lets go, but K-9 isn't moving. Not at all.

HR: We've got a ten-count on K-9, and he's out!

(The crowd counts along, 7...........8...............9...............10!)

HR: The winner of this match, and STILL MWC Extreme Champion, Eli Flair! We'll be right back with the Powers/Dean rematch for the Intercontinental championship after these brief messages!

Winner and still MWC Extreme Champion

'Total Elimination' Eli Flair


(Fade up on a shot of the arena and the screaming crowd. Again, the camera pans around the crowd. The camera continues to show the crowd until cutting to the announcer's table where Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy appear to be arguing. The camera focuses on them but they continue to argue until the producer's voice is heard…)

Producer: Guys, we're back on the air.

(Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy turn towards the camera.)

LK: You ate twelve chili dawgs! You better not start…

JS: (Ignoring Liam.) Fans, we are at that point in the evening. That's right, it's time for the Dean/Powers rematch! Let's go to ring side.

(Cue up: Bulls On Parade, by Rage Against The Machine. The fans sit, shocked, looking at the people they came with wide eyes, unbelieving. Finally, "Iceman" Steve Radder comes out from the backstage area, still Decked out in bandages and a knee brace, and wearing a shirt which reads "EXTREMELY Cool." When the fans see him make an appearance, they leap out of their seats, giving what is - easily - the biggest pop of the night. Radder makes his way down to the ring, though VERY slowly, and finally steps into the ring.]

JS: Well, we have another unscheduled interview. Let's hear what Steve Radder has on his mind.

LK: Do we have to? I didn't know Radder had a brain!

Steve Radder: (Waiting for the fans to calm themselves.) Now ... there's only 3 other people who knew I was here tonight, so this is a surprise for all of you - even the 'all-knowing' JW Locke. And you know me, I can't let a big mouthed idiot talk off about me without replying. (Another loud cheer at this.) JW Locke - listen to me, and heed my words well. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU. (Cheers.) You can put me in any damn match you want, my deficient friend, and I'll take it. I'll take it because I like the competition. I'll take it because it's the only job I have. I'll take it because I like buying Kelly expensive presents. And I'll take it to prove that you can't break me, no matter how hard you try. But I'm going to do it my way. And here comes my way.

(The fans sit, staring at the curtain, until "The Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson begins to play out of the sound system. Out from the backstage area, and receiving a pop almost as big as Radder's on this night, come Eli Flair, Ivy, and Kelly. Flair walks between Kelly and Ivy, and their hands are linked as they walk to the ring. Kelly is dressed "Ivy Style" - combat boots, mini-skirt, and tank top. They join Radder in the ring, whose face breaks out in a wide smile as Kelly takes his side.)

Steve Radder: You see, JW, this is MY WAY. I'll wrestle and make you some money, but I'll do it only with this man - in a tag team match.

(A loud pop from the fans as Flair takes the mike.)

Eli Flair: (Waiting for the fans to quiet down) It seems, that there are more "Hardcore" wrestlers in the MWC these days then there are EXTREME titles. Hardcore brothers? Do you really think you're hardcore? Trust me, THE two most EXTREME men in the MWC are going to REDEFINE the phrase "Feel the Pain" for you two, and it's going to be a PAINFUL reminder of who's in charge here.

Kelly: And unlike Steve, Hardcore Boys, you won't have me to kiss your wounds all better.

(The fans let out another loud pop as Radder helps Kelly through the ropes, and Flair and Ivy pose for a second before following them. All four walk back to the locker room.)

JS: An interesting tag team partnership there, Team Extreme, if you will.

LK: Yeah, whatever!

JS: I think the Hardcore Brothers are in for a long match when they face Radder and Flair.

LK: I agree.

JS: What? You do?

LK: Of course! The Hardcore Brothers are punks! It'll take a real man to punk Radder and Flair.

JS: I guess you're talking about Eddy Love.

LK: Right oh, ol' man. Couldn't have said it better myself.

JS: Fans, let's go to the ring for our main event.




'The Extremist' Eddie Dean vs 'Good God' Kevin Powers w/Gina

((Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Filter & Crystal Method begins to play as the LockeTron begins to go off. Pictures of Powers and Gina flash along with some of their recent actions. In-between the cuts the words of 'PR in Da HOUSE', 'IC Champion again', 'Gorgeous Gina', and 'GOOD GOD' Kevin Powers begin to show here in there in emerald letters on a black background. The curtains open up and Gina walks out wearing black leather pants and shiny black stretch halter-top. Behind her follows 'Good God' Kevin Powers. As they walk out Gina stops and puts her hands on her hips as Powers stands behind her. A white fountain pyro affect goes off behind them and the fans are giving their best heel pop. As they make their way down to ringside Gina sees a sign in the crowd and she takes it from one of the fans whom is more than happy to give it to her. As they make their way inside the ring Gina walks around holding up the sign that says 'Now the L for LOSER is out of PLR!' Gina, after a moment of showing off the sign, also takes the microphone from the announcer.)

G: (giving a look towards the announcer) You know better. (Sets her pose) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages. Now that the Leach of PLR is out of the group PR proudly presents to you it's former and soon to be again MWC INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! From Chi-Town and current Bad Boy on the Block! He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal. He is 'GOOD GOD' KEVIN POWERS!!!

Jim Sears: We got an outright slobber knocker coming up for you right now.

Liam Kennedy: Whatever you say, Jim. This is a match that belongs in the under cards, this is an outrage! That Eddy Love wannabe, Kevin Powers, going against that Mark Vizzack wannabe, and that is truly, truly SAAAD, Eddie Dean. I can only hope that I can stay awake through this match.

Jim Sears: The day you acknowledge a high caliber match without Eddy, will be the day that I turn in my cowboy hat.

Liam Kennedy: Yeah, and the day you turn in your cowboy hat will be the day that freakin' Deacon wins a match. Dooms Day'll probably happen before that.

JS: I believe Deacon won earlier tonight.

LK: Who cares?

(The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.' Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breathe rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trashcan in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see. As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trashcan into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet. As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans is clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing. He sets the trashcan outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.)

Jim Sears: This match is about underway, both competitors are in the ring, the InterContinental championship title has been handed over to the referee. Kevin Powers, now, wrestling with a minor handicap. He, of course, not used to being the CHALLENGER rather then the champion. He has to win this match, Eddie only has to NOT lose it, and I'm willing to bet that "the extremist" Eddie Dean will capitalize on that.

Liam Kennedy: You never were the sharpest knife in the drawer, were you Sears?

Jim Sears: What's THAT supposed to mean?

Liam Kennedy: There goes the starting bell, do your job and earn your pay Sears!

Jim Sears: Eddie Dean charges in towards Kevin, but Powers gets the big boot up in time, laying out Dean on his back. Powers doubled over laughing as "The Extremist" gets back to his feet, collar and elbow tie up between the two, knee to the stomach by Dean. Eddie with a side headlock, rare barrage of mat technician moves being shown by "The Extremist", maybe he's trying his hardest not to get disqualified so that Kevin Powers doesn't have any excuses.

Liam Kennedy: Or maybe he's just turned soft.

Jim Sears: I highly doubt that, belly-to-back suplex by Kevin, Powers manages to power out of Eddie's headlock. Both men up, Powers with a knife-edge chop pushing Eddie Dean against the ropes. Powerful Irish whip. Eddie on the return from the Irish whip, Powers going for the back body drop. NO! He telegraphed it and Eddie nails him with the>DDT! Dean taking advantage early in the matchup. Maybe Kevin Powers' shoulder is still injured from a few weeks back.

Liam Kennedy: You read into things too much Jim, you don't even know if that was the shoulder Powers hurt, or if he planned that, you just assume. That's why I am better at commentary.

Jim Sears: Because instead of doing your own commentary, and making points, and counter points. You sit back and do nothing but criticize MY commentating.

Liam Kennedy: Right!

Jim Sears: Whatever you say Liam. Eddie continuing his assault on the former Inter Continental Champion, he's now choking Kevin with the bottom rope, the ref is calling for the break, Eddie lets go just at the 5. Eddie pauses to argue for the ref a little bit, and Powers rolls to the outside for a breather. Gina now over by Kevin giving him some moral support.

Liam Kennedy: It's called "giving him some sugar".

Jim Sears: Well, whatever you decide to call it, it was just interrupted by a baseball slide. And Eddie Dean just sends Kevin Powers into the steel guardrail. What's he doing now? He's running to the opposite end of the ring, SUICIDE DIVE! Right through the middle and top rope and he collides with Kevin Powers. He just pushed the steel guardrail back a couple of feet.

Liam Kennedy: Eddie, you moron! Stop doing moves that hurt you more then your opponent!

Jim Sears: Dean is very daring, he's willing to put his well being on the line to win the match.

Liam Kennedy: Very daring, HA! Very STUPID is more like it!

Jim Sears: Eddie Dean is the first one up, and he helps up Kevin by his long hair. And sends him CRASHING into the steel steps! Those steel steps are VERY UNFORGIVING! And Kevin hit shoulder first, that could have done more damage then if he had hit headfirst. The ref is yelling at Dean to take this match back into the ring, reminding Dean that this is not an extreme matchup.

Liam Kennedy: Damn skippy, this is a TITLE match! The MWC has some RULES, ya' know!

Jim Sears: Wash your mouth out with soap! You can't say those things on television.

Liam Kennedy: Why the hell not? It's live TV!

Jim Sears: People didn't pay money to hear you swear up a storm! Well, anyway, back to the match. Eddie Dean has "Good God" set up for a piledriver on the steel steps. I'm not sure if he can pick up the 6'10" 380 plus pounder. NO HE CAN'T! Back body drop by Kevin, and Eddie hits the outside of the turnbuckle then falls onto the steel steps head first.

Liam Kennedy: Some people just never learn. Maybe Eddy'll come down here take 'em BOTH to school!

Jim Sears: One can only hope that Eddy Love will arrive and "save the day", right Liam?

Liam Kennedy: FINALLY you're seeing things my way.

Jim Sears: Kevin's the first one, and manages to toss Eddie Dean back into the ring, and now Powers is up on the ring apron. Wait! Eddie Dean back to his feet, and hits Kevin with a forearm smash which shakes Kevin up a little. Powers manages to retain his balance using the top rope. Now Powers and Dean are trading punches, lefts and rights, OH! Dean ROCKS back Powers with a uppercut right to the gut. Eddie steps back a couple of feet, and he NAILS Kevin with a powerful double axe handle to the forehead with a running start, and Powers falls off the ring apron crashing into the steel guard rail! Right now this match is still very much anybody's game.

Liam Kennedy: A useless piece of trash versus another somebody who WANTS to be a useless piece of trash, they both suck, so of course it's still anybody's game.

Jim Sears: Did you make a point in that entire sentence?

Liam Kennedy: Sort of.

Jim Sears: Eddie Dean, on the outside now following Kevin. He wraps a cable cord around Powers' throat. Look at Kevin's face.

Liam Kennedy: (laughing) It looks like Powers' head is about to pop like a big zit! HA! HA! It looks like that vein on his forehead is playing "wipe out"!

Jim Sears: Dean finally lets go and now Powers is coughing, choking for some air. Kevin's hopes for regaining the IC title are getting slimmer. Oh my! Dean now has a chair!


Jim Sears: Earlier today you were praising rulebreakers.

Liam Kennedy: What's your point?

Jim Sears: Nevermind. Dean is going to hit Kevin with that chair, OH! Wait, Kevin rolled out of the way just in time, Kevin trips Eddie and Dean lands face first on that chair. HUGE LEG DROP by Powers driving Dean's face further into the chair! Kevin placing Dean between his legs, BIG TIME piledriver onto that chair. Powers is taking control of this match right quick.

Liam Kennedy: I'll bet you Love taught him that before Kevin betrayed him.

Jim Sears: Kevin, now tosses Eddie back into the ring, Kevin follows him into the ring while Dean tries to regain his senses. Eddie up to his feet now, but Kevin's there to meet him. Powers sends him HARD into the turnbuckle with a strong Irish whip, Dean stumbles out of the corner, AND KEVIN sends him to his back with a stiff, crisp clothesline! I think Kevin wants his Inter Continental gold back.

Liam Kennedy: Well maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. Give him some time to think Sears.

Jim Sears: What are you talking about?

Liam Kennedy: Never mind Jim, sophisticated joke. It's obviously over your head.

Jim Sears: Kevin now with a few elbow drops to the inside of Eddie's legs, Powers now spreading out Dean's legs, EEWW! A legdrop to the lower, LOWER abdomen of Eddie Dean. Kevin reminding the referee that it was in the abdomen, but the ref still scolds Powers a little bit. Powers picking Dean up to his feet, sends him to the ropes with an Irish whip, but Dean quickly turns tails by grabbing the bottom rope and sliding to the outside. He doesn't want any of Kevin Powers at this stage of the match, so he's taking a quick breather on the outside.

Liam Kennedy: Big Kev' looks a little bit frustrated with that last maneuver, he was looking to start the momentum. It was looking for the beginning of the end for that Vizzwacker wannabe. But for ONCE in the retards career he thinks ahead, and uses his brain.

Jim Sears: That reminds me Liam, you still haven't given me my 10 bucks for saying that you were the best commentator about a month back.

Liam Kennedy: Uh…. Watch the match Jimbo.

Jim Sears: Eddie finally getting back into the ring, he's on the apron right now, but Kevin Powers is there to meet him with a boot to the gut, he's going to suplex him into the ring. Wait a minute, Dean is fighting it, and Eddie is the one with the leverage. Is Eddie going to suplex Kevin to the outside of the ring? NO! Instead he snaps his neck across the bottom rope in that jawbreaker type of maneuver. This is the first time that I've seen "The Extremist" look before he leapt in his match. Maybe he's wrestling a little bit smarter now that he has some gold around his waist.

Liam Kennedy: Or a little dumber, being extreme is his whole style, this technician crap is not him.

Jim Sears: Maybe so, but he's not making as many risks as he normally does. Dean back up on the apron, Kevin still on the mat choking from that neck-snap. Eddie grabs the top rope and uses it as a springboard, OH MY! What a move! That was sort of a somersault leg drop onto Powers using that top rope as a springboard, Dean doesn't move his leg and tells the ref to count…TWO COUNT ONLY! Eddie Dean a little upset about that not being a three count, gouges at Kevin Powers' eyes in frustration, but lets go before the ref gets to 5. Eddie with a few stomps on Kevin, now Dean helps up the champ by his long hair, DDT…. Wait, no! Kevin fights Dean's DDT, elbow to the ribs by Powers, OH MY! Kevin hoists up "The Extremist" in a military press, he's going for a gorilla press…NO! His shoulder buckles and Kevin falls to his knees clutching his shoulder in agony. That shoulder still playing a factor in his matchups. Maybe this injury is more serious then he's led on.

Liam Kennedy: And Eddie Dean falls flat on his face, BOTH of 'em got hurt in that one, I LOVE IT!

Jim Sears: This match has been a roller coaster ride, neither man has the advantage at this point, and even well into the match it is still anybody's game. Kevin is still grimacing from that shoulder, but he's blocking out the pain as he and Dean try to shake the cobwebs, trying to be the first man up. Both Powers and Dean are up.

Liam Kennedy: I sure wish we were watching Eddy Love in action instead if these two bozos!

Jim Sears: Love isn't here, but we sure do have company! It appears as if The Commando has appeared at the top of the rampway. He BARELY lost his match against Eddie Dean in the extreme tourney a few weeks ago. I've been told that he feels he should rightfully be the Extreme champion, or at least in the finals. Maybe he's here for some personally vendetta with Dean.

Liam Kennedy: Or maybe he's here to watch the match, don't read into the things Jim, it'll make 'em less complicated.

Jim Sears: Meanwhile in the ring, Kevin is still grimacing from that shoulder, but he's blocking out the pain as he and Dean try to shake the cobwebs, trying to be the first man up. (Pause) I still don't like The Commando being that close, he's slowly making his way down the rampway.

Liam Kennedy: Ignore him Sears.

Jim Sears: Yeah, lord knows I have enough practice in ignoring, I have to sit next to YOU every night.

Liam Kennedy: What are you talking about?

Jim Sears: Huh? Back to the match - Both Powers and Dean are up, they lock up…collar and elbow tie up? NO! Dean and Powers are locked up in a test of strength, Kevin obviously the bigger man and would normally win this, but with that injured shoulder I'm not sure. Well he's doing it! Kevin has pushed Dean back, Eddie's back almost touching the mat, Eddie fighting back up, KNEE TO THE GUT, followed by a TAKE DOWN! Lateral press, ONE COUNT ONLY! Both men up again.

Liam Kennedy: It looks like Commando is going to stop right where he is. He's about halfway down the rampway and know he's just watching methodically, it's kinda spooky.

Jim Sears: What happened to ignoring him?

Liam Kennedy: I'm just doing my job. Do yours.

Jim Sears: And it's not my job? Well anyway, inside the ring, Kevin and Eddie are slugging it out, neither one of them getting a clear advantage at this point. Wait! Powers with a punch to the throat of Dean. The ref warns Kevin, while Kevin backs up into the corner and gets on the second turnbuckle. But Eddie hits Kevin in the groin area, AND DDTs him off of the turnbuckle!

Liam Kennedy: And now the ref is warning Dean, man this ref is doing nothing but warning. We need braver refs.

Jim Sears: Dean now working over the shoulder of Powers, stomping it, and now with a submission hold on it. Trying to snap the arm of Kevin, trying to get the former champ to say "I Quit", not only trying to win the match but to humiliate "Good God".

Liam Kennedy: Or he could just be trying to win the match.

Jim Sears: Powers is reaching out his other hand to Gina… what's she have?

Liam Kennedy: Oh my… I may have to change my opinion of this guy.

Jim Sears: He's got a BAT!!!! WACK!!! He just nailed Dean in the back of the head and he's going to work on Dean's ribs.

Powers (to the camera): Blair - This is a MESSAGE!

Jim Sears: Looks like he wanted to 'say' a little something.

Liam Kennedy: then again, he's the same old loser.

Jim Sears: And look at that grin on Commando's face, has Commando joined PR? WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A DAMNED MINUTE!! BOTH Dean and Powers have been blindsided by Lone Wulf and K-9. They came out of the crowd, Lone Wulf from the left and K-9 from the right. I didn't even see them, NOBODY saw them. They are DESTROYING these two! The Commando... The Commando's LAUGHING! The ref has called for the bell like any ref would. Lone Wulf hoists up Eddie Dean in an Altar Call type maneuver. AND K-9 takes it from there with a neck breaker. 3D! The Destiny DeathDrop! WHAT A MOVE! That could have snapped "The Extremist"'s neck in TWO! K-9 is visibly hurt, but he's like a rabid dog.

LK: Not funny Jim

JS: K-9 helps Dean up to his feet, as Lone Wulf nails Kevin Powers with a steel chair that he brought into the ring. K-9 locks on a cross-face chicken wing on Dean, INTO A SUPLEX! That could have injured his neck even more! This is dangerous, San An's Best is DANGEROUS!

Liam Kennedy: Hey, I'm starting to like them. BEAT THOSE WANNABE's, BEAT 'EM GOOD!

Jim Sears: Lone Wulf helps Kevin up to his feet, sends him to the ropes, Powers on the return, Lone Wulf picks up Powers by his feet using the momentum and falls back, and K-9 ends it with a diamond cutter, now Power's neck as well as his shoulder could be injured! K-9 and Lone Wulf are DEADLY as a tag team! Right now they are concentrating on the necks of Kevin Powers, and Eddie Dean. I still have no idea why they're doing this. Now Commando has finally made it to the ring, he walks over to Eddie Dean who is being stomped on by Lone Wulf, AND HE SPITS ON HIM! Lone Wulf goes over to do another tag team move on Kevin Powers with K-9 as The Commando helps Dean up to his feet, NOSE DIVE onto that steel chair that Lone Wulf brought in at the beginning of the attack!

Liam Kennedy: Add a concussion to the list of injures. THIS IS GREAT JIM!

Jim Sears: Don't get too excited now Liam, make sure your pants stay dry.

Liam Kennedy: What are you talking about?

Jim Sears: The Commando gets Kevin Powers set up for a piledriver as K-9 goes up top, SPIKED PILEDRIVER! You don't think...Oh NO! Has The Commando joined forces with San An's Best?? THIS IS JUST SICK! Liam Kennedy: no...THIS IS GREAT! We have that Eddy Love poser, Kevin Powers, with an injured shoulder, a possibly injured neck, and he's getting beat up by K-9, Lone Wulf, and The Commando. Then we have that Vizzwacker wannabe, Eddie Dean with a possibly injured neck, concussion, etc. Thanks to the same trio. THIS IS A RED DAY IN WRESTLING! This makes having to witness this match worth while!

Jim Sears: Fans, we are outta time! Thanks for watching we'll see you next time. For my broadcast colleague, Liam Kennedy, I'm Jim Sears saying so long everyone.

(The credits roll as MWC officials attend to Eddie Dean and Kevin Powers lying in the ring.)
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