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MWC Hostile Take Over - Montreal II

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
The screen goes black after the episode of Gilligan's Island closes off. The promo opens up with various shots of MWC action from last week.

"Get ready for the greatest action in Professional Wrestling today, get ready for...

MWC Hostile Take Over in Montreal II

Held in Montreal, Ontario, Canada - We liked Montreal so much we came BACK!

The scene cuts to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy sitting at the announcers table as animated as ever!

JS: Welcome fans to the 2nd leg of our Northern Lights Tour through Canada. MultiNational does EXACTLY as they have said, go international! Tonight, we are coming LIVE to you from the wonderful

LK: Cold

JS: Gorgeous

LK: Cold

JS: City of Montreal...and despite what Liam says, it's WONDERFUL here!

LK: So, send em a postcard Jimmy.

JS: ...uhm, Tonights card is MEGA exciting! We've got 2 of the 4 first round matches for the Vacant Television title. The first will be The Mercenary, who received a VERY odd warning earlier tonight, vs. BIG Vinny Siglowski. The other for the night will be Commando vs. Justin Sane.

LK: Commando...now THAT MAN can fight. Gotta love those MD boys.

JS: Doctors?

LK: No you dope! Manifest Destiny!

JS: Oh, we saw them last week.

LK: Expect this week as well if I know them.

JS: Then we see Ecubed defend their tag team straps against the Lunar Express.

LK: Tonight's the night - I can FEEL it. The LE pulls the big upset and the straps are going to the moon!

JS: Ecubed has held these belts AND defeated the LE in the past. Don't be surprised to see them continue that reign!

LK: Please! It's a FULL MOON tonight, and the LE get the Gold!

JS: ANd finally, our MAIN EVENT!!!!! My boys, "DAREDEVIL" MARK VIZZACK AND "THE EXTREMIST" EDDIE DEAN will face off with


JS: That's right, tonight you'll have ALL 3 combatants that will be heading into SuperNova from Vancouver - only on Pay Per View - to decide WHO IS the DOMINATE wrestler in the MWC AND the InterContinental Champion in one ring at ONE TIME! Now let's get ready for...THERE GO THE LIGHTS!

LK: OH NO! Not the Gregorian Monk Chant!


Lights line the walkway to the ring with rows of crimson crosses. Shepherd steps out from behind the curtain carrying his Shepherd's crock in one hand and an incense "maker" that POURS out smoke. Shepherd is dressed in his snow-white robes and a red sash thrown over his shoulders with 2 white crosses on the ends. He's followed by Deacon wearing his monk robe and keeping his head low and hidden in the robe's shadow. They appear to be floating to the ring on a pillar of smoke. When they reach the stairs, they both slowly walk up them. SHepherd walks into the ring, but Deacon stays on the top step. Deacon turns his head from side to side and slowly raises his hands up folded in prayer. He loses his hands and thrusts them out from his body to put himself in a crucifix position as PYRO explodes and the lights come on to a HUGE FAN POP!

SHEPHERD: It's been a LONG time CANADA (FAN POP). It's also been a long time since we've been in a MWC ring and LIVE on Hostile Takeover...that is to change ... soon (CHEER). The MWC is in a period of turmoil. We have groups vying for power- Manifest Destiny, Mechanical Animals, and of course...the BTR! (FAN POP) That is why we have come tonight. When we signed onto this little outfit, that was what it was - Big Time Rasslin' and it was RAN by Jim Sears (FAN POP). It was small, but REAL. He did what NO ONE thought was possible, bring BIG TIME stars to a SMALL TIME promotion and ... seemingly succeed. At least, until JW came into the picture. Well, Jim... expect to have Deacon FULLY behind you. Vizzack, Dean, Deacon, and one other... will be standing behind you, no matter what. And with that central crew, the MWC will be ROCKED to its core. And when this is over, Deacon will be able to once again show the world, Like he did against Armageddon - Faith is the Evidence!

JS: Fans, we've gotta go to a commercial - we'll be back momentarily!



Sephiroth and ExE vs Boogie and Woggie

JS: Earlier this evening, we had a match between 2 of the Mechanical Animals - Sephiroth and ExE against Boggie and Woggie. After an impressive seperate entrance, Sephiroth started off against Boggie...decimating him completely with Body Slams in EVERY imaginable fashion. He finally tossed Boggie into his corner to tag in Woggie who come in like a house of fire, well...at least until he actually got NEAR Sephiroth who sent him down with a right hand and then a DDT. He tagged in ExE who had some fun with Woggie inside and outside the ring. He tossed Woggie to the corner and Boggie tagged in warily. ExE went to work on him with a clothesline and then followed that with a Piledriver. That set up Sephiroth nicely who came back in with a Chokeslam and then the SUPERNOVA (Tombstone Piledriver). He then called for the mic.

Sephiroth: Mercenary........Mercenary I'm sorry. I changed my mind about you. I'm......I'm just sorry.

Sephiroth dropped the mic and then walked to the back with an evil grin.

Winners: Sephiroth and ExE


First Round Match for the vacated MWC Television Championship

Vinny Siglowski vs Mercenary w/Corporal Max Punishment

JS: WELCOME BACK FANS to HOSTILE TAKEOVER. Vinny Siglowski is in the ring and...

The lights go out and Highway to Hell by AC/DC blasts through the the speakers. There's a ripple of groundburst clusters that go off on the ramp as parachute flares are dropped from the ceiling illuminating the arena. Mercenary makes his entrance, he's wearing jungle boots and camoflaged fatigue pants and carrying his duffle bag. The fans instantly start booing him and throwing their drinks at him. Merc snatches a poster that says "Big Vinny Fan Club, The Mafia's Best" from a fan, rips it in half and throws it back at the fan laughing(MORE BOOS). Instead of entering the ring, he goes around the ring to the announcers booth and snatches up a mic from Sears.

Merc: Sears you make me sick, just like all these fans here (BOOS). All you and these fans can talk about are the Blairs, Loves, and Flairs(CHEERS). Well its time for me to make my mark in the MWC by winning some gold. I started my carnage at the last HTO when I stepped into the match that Locke thought would be ammusing by teaming me up with Styles against Angelus and Sephiroth.

Fans scream in Merc's face and he opens his duffle bag, pulls out his 8ft boa and backs the crowd off.

Merc: Well Locke, things sort of backfired didn't they? First, Styles and I decided that we could respect eachother and wrestle as a team against a common enemy. Second, when it was all over three wrestlers were laid out and only one... me...the great Mercenary was able to leave the arena under his own power (BOOS as a clip of Shirley crying over a bloody Sephiroth is shown on the Locketron) Tonight....I start my mission to capture the Television Title and beware all those that stand in my way.

Merc tosses the mic back at Sears who has an astonished look on his face. He quickly gets in the ring.

LK: WOW! I like this guy!

JS: You would, BUT VINNY'S THE MAN TONIGHT! Vinny caught Merc from behind and is working him over with right's and lefts - Body Slam by the BIG one!

LK: Well, he's not too bad either, but ... well Merc's funny!

JS: Yeah, hilarious - he AIN'T laughing now though - PILEDRIVER! Cover by Siglowski - 1...2..KICKOUT! Siglowski wasting no time tonight! He grabs Merc by the hair - WHip into the buckle and...CLOTHESLINE! Merc barely holding his head up and FOOT TO THE THROAT! Vinny ALL OVER the Mercenary!

LK: Do you EVER get tired of talking?

JS: Merc falls to the mat facefirst!

LK: EVER!???!

JS: Legdrop on the back of Merc's head - rollover and COVER - 1...2 KICKOUT! Vinny rolling the Merc over and CHOKE! The ref giving him a warning. Merc to the outside to recup. AND HERE COMES VINNY - Merc grabs him and ...he has a cord and he's choking him down and LAUGHING!

LK: It was pretty funny... I mean, come on - Vinny WALKED into that one!

JS: Vinny has him up on his back though...INTO THE RAILING

LK: EWWW, that had to hurt!

JS: And Merc felt it for sure, he's down grabbing the small of his back. Vinny grabs him and INTO THE RAILING! He's got him again


JS: Not Smart Max.

LK: Not at all - Vinny just threw him off!

JS: He's got Max in his sights and picking him up for a - CHOKESLAM - NO, Chop Block from the Merc

LK: He's devious!

JS: And Dangerous cause he's got a bell

LK: RING! Looks like BIG Lurch won't be answering THAT BELL!

JS: Merc wrapping a chair around Lurch's...I mean Vinny's legs.


JS: (snicker) OH! Vinny's legs are hurting now and Merc better get it back in the ring. They're in and this match can start again - Merc stomping away on Vinny's legs...he's letting up?

LK: He's up to something.

JS: Well, he'd better hurry before Vinny gets up - ANOTHER CHOP BLOCK! Vinny goes down and through the ropes! Merc following him outside and drapes Vinny's leg over the security railing and PULLS DOWN!

LK: Whoa, the BIG guy has a full set of lungs.

JS: And he's screaming LOUDLY - that knee could be in some trouble. NO! Merc put the bell to it while it was still on the railing! Merc kicking away at the leg... you have to give him credit, he's doing the damage to the Big man.

LK: Very good indeed, he's surprising me.

JS: The ref comes outside and splits them up - Vinny finally gets back in the ring, but he's crawling.

LK: Here comes the Mercenary!

JS: He's up top and DOWN onto Vinny with a knee!

LK: What impact - going for the pin?

JS: 1...2 KICKOUT! Too early for that! Merc grabs the leg and...

LK: Thumb to the eye from Vinny! he's bought some time with that one!

JS: that he did and Merc coming back though - VINNY'S GOT HIM! UP FOR THE JABRONI DRIVE (DVD)!

LK: NO! His leg gave out!

JS: What a chance he took early there! And...Merc coming at him - VINNY GOES FOR IT AGAIN?!!!!

LK: He's screaming in pain, but he has Merc up and the knee is holding!

JS: That says something for adrenaline huh?

LK: ANd THAT says something for Max - He stuck that slimy snake in Vinny's face, he stumbles and drops the Mercenary. Mercenary not wasting any time and he's going for the AMBUSH SLEEPER (Applied with opponent on his knees, Merc's boot buried in the back of opponents knee pulling upward on opponents neck while applying Ambush sleeper.)

JS: That could be it...NOT THE LIGHT'S AGAIN!

(The lights are out and the ring flickers on and off red. Suddenly, out of nowhere Sephiroth appears in the ring and as the lights come back up Sephiroth grabs Mercenary and delivers the SuperNova. The ref calls for the bell and gives the match to Mercenary via Disqualification)

Winner: Mercenary


JS: UNBELIEVABLE! This bloodfeud is going INTENSE! Mercenary is STILL out...fans, Mercenary moves on, but he's a bit "worse for wear" so to speak. We'll be back after these messages.



The X's vs Lords of Darkness

The X's went after the Lord's of Darkness earlier tonight in a solid debut for the X's (Xtreme and Xtra). The fans were surprised at their quick tags that were nearly reminiscent of the great Legion of Doom of the 80's. Xtra started out and impressively showed Power wrestling! Headbutt, Rocker Dropper, Rock Bottom, and then a tag - A quick Double clothesline, another tag and then the ending came in quick and DEVESTATING fashion - XBomb [X-Tra grabs the oppenents legs and pulls them over his head (just like he is about to pin them)Then X-Treme jumps off the top rope doing a Sky-High onto there legs.] The crowd may have seen the beginning of a team that will rival the LoD of old, only time and matches will tell.

Winners: The X's



MWC Extreme Champion 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair and 'Iceman' Steve Radder vs The Hardcore Brothers

The next match was a impressive match for a new team Eli Flair and Steve Radder who DECIMATED the Hardcore brothers. They showed why they are called HARDCORE and showed the brothers, Barry and Terry, what the word Hardcore meant. Unfortunately though, Eli took his singapore cane to Berry and Terry (who had been VERY mouthy early on) and they high-tailed it out of the arena - so much for Hardcore Brothers and so much for being EXTREME! Eli and Steve smiled at each other knowing full well they have forced 2 wannabes outta the REAL HARDCORE EXTREME world they and several others live in.

Winners: 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair and 'Iceman' Steve Radder



Angelus vs JR Styles

Dark Matches continued with Angelus and JR Styles fighting in a locker room brawl that was shown to the crowd with the LockeTron. They cut to the back where Angelus and Styles were already rolling in the locker room floor brutally throwing various shots at one another. Angelus nailed Styles by slamming his face into a locker. Momentarily stunned, Styles was quickly DDT'ed to the concrete and busted open. This feud had been brutal and this match would QUICKLY follow suit. Angelus with a Piledriver and then went for a pin to no avail. Angelus stuck Styles head in a opened locker and slammed the door on his head. Styles was hurting, but he kept battling back. Each comeback was met with some martial arts kick or jab that put him back down. Angelus was enjoying this battle and EVEN occassionally could be shown smiling. Angelus latched on a Cobra Clutch that nearly turned Styles lights out, but Styles picked up Angelus on his back and slammed him into a wall. Bleeding profusely, Styles tried to mount an offense. Angelus went back for his thrust kick which was caught by Styles who went to the crotch with a kick of his own. THat turned the tide of the match and it QUICKLY went brutal the other way. Angelus had HIS head stuck in a locker and slammed! Followed by a Piledriver! Angelus was reeling but not bloody...yet - JR remedied that by GRINDING Angelus' face on the concrete. JR then turned over the lockers onto a downed Angelus. Angelus pulled himself out and begun to stand as Styles ran along the turned-over lockers and delivered a Blockbuster! Styles through Angelus into the wall and followed it with a flying splash that shook the walls...walls that Angelus peeled out from under. Styles picked up Angelus to send him face first into the wall, but Angelus slipped out. Styles hit the wall and then was spun around and kicked in the midsection. ANgelus went for the Angel's TOUCH! (Stunner)! Styles threw Angelus avoided that one with a quick kidney shot! Angelus was reeling and then Styles delivered the Angel's touch to garner the victory to everyone's surprise.

Winner: JR Styles



The Dark Knights vs San An's Best

Our final Dark Match had 2 up and coming tag teams locking up. One, the Dark Knights (Rainmaker and Kurupt) against some MWC veterans, though they are new to tag teaming, San An's Best (Lone Wulf and K9). of Manifest Destiny.

(Cue Up Hit 'Em Up by Tupac Shakur, and Lonewulf comes from behind the curtain, carring a Pogo Stick...K-9 comes from behind riding a Skateboard carrying a trashcan of 'goodies'...They make there way to the ring.)

K9 started out against Kurupt who quickly took control with a surprise Clothesline! He then took the fight outside to EVERYONE's surprise considering it was K9. These guys were serious though about being the originator's of tag team extreme. K9 withstood a slam into the stairs, railing, and post... he seemed to be enjoying it? A quick double team with the stairs by DK and K9 was in SERIOUS trouble though! LoneWulf quickly came to the rescue, but the damage was done to K9 who still had noticable injuries from his KILLA match with Flair last week. A double chokeslam in the ring on K9 as Rainman made his way in. Then things got weird! K9 rolled into his team's corner and LoneWulf began to draw on his hand???? Is he drawing a football pattern on his palm? Who knows, but K9 seemed to as he tied back up with Rainman. From the corner LoneWulf yelled, "Remember your pattern!"...Odd, but it worked momentarily as K9 caught Rainman with a Drop Toe Hold. Rainman struggled to his feet only to be DDT'ed, picked up, and then thrown to the outside NEAR THE POGO STICK! LoneWulf and K9 dumped out the garbage can of goodies and then as Kurupt came for the save, he was smashed with the can! LW and K9 used a multitude of 'toys' on the Dark Knights as the ref tried to get rid of each toy as he could. Finally, Rainman rolled to the inside and was able to get a tag. Kurupt came in a house of fire and K9 (who'd never legally tagged out) was starting to wear. Kurupt went to work with various power moves. The match went crazy with everyone in the ring. While the ref was busy with the legal guys, he didn't see Lone Wulf take the pogo stick to Rainman. Kurupt had K9 in the corner and the ref was pushing him back and INTO LONEWULF who nailed the SherrifKilla (Slingshot Powerbomb). K9 came off the top rope with a Moonsault and the victory.

Winners: San An's Best


Jim Sears: up next will be a part of the Television title tournament with Manifest Destiny member, The Commando, going up against Justin Sane. both of these men are still fairly unexperienced in the MWC, with only about 4 matches between them, but what they lack of in experience, they make up with intensity. Both of these men WANT this win.

Liam Kennedy: yeah, but only one of them can get it! and right now I'm going to have to go with The Commando, the way he handled those two PUNKS, Powers and Dean last Hostile Take Over. BRILLIANT!

Jim Sears: since when were you such a big MD fan?

Liam Kennedy: Since they destroyed those two goofs.

Jim Sears: well in any event, this match will be a great one....

Liam Kennedy: (interupting) but Eddy Love could take 'em, easily.


First Round Match for the vacated MWC Television Championship

Justin Sane vs Commando w/Casey Taylor

Announcer: ladies and gentlemen, this next match is a part of the first round of the MWC Television tournament and is scheduled for ONE FALL! introducing FIRST!! JUSTIN SANE!!!

(Justin Sane walks down to the ring, regular attire, regular entrance, nothing fancy.

Jim Sears: this has turned into a grudge match of sorts, both of these wrestlers are VERY accomplished in many independent leagues, Commando with a little more experience, and has his wits about him.

Liam Kennedy: but you forgot the BIGGEST advantage Commando has.

Jim Sears: and what's that?

Liam Kennedy: CASEY! I love a girl who bare all, well most of it at least.

Jim Sears: She does tend to do that, doesn't she?

Liam Kennedy: And thank goodness for that one!

Announcer: and his OPPONENT!

(cue up: "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns & Roses. as the crowd begins to boo loudly)

Announcer: from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. weighing in at 267 pounds, and standing at 6'7". here is THE COMMANDO!!!

(a whole bunch of pyro followed by a lot of smoke shoots off at the entrance way as Justin Sane gets ready for The Commando almost taunting him from the ring. the smoke clears at the entrance way but nobody's there but Casey. Justin looks stunned, but then suddenly Commando comes out of the crowd from behind Justin Sane, slides into the ring and imediately attacks him. Casey laughs as she slowly makes her way down to ringside.)

Jim Sears: that coniving Commando fools Justin and jumps him from behind! Justin Sane trying to make up for this setback and get into control, DDT by The Commando! Sane slouches against the bottom rope as Commando goes to the middle of the ring and raises his arms in victory.

(crowd begins to boo at Commando, and a "Commando Sucks" chant starts up.)

Liam Kennedy: oh shut it you morons. Commando does NOT suck!

Jim Sears: popular opinion states other-wise. At any rate….Justin Sane shaking the cobwebs, trying to stand up. Commando turns around only to get LEVELED by a clothesline by Justin! All that show boating cost him the advantage.

Liam Kennedy: That's not necessarily bad thing Sears, that got Casey upset now she's jumping up, and down, and up, and down, and up, and down, and….

Jim Sears: WATCH THE MATCH…Liam. Both Justin and Commando to their feet now. Collar elbow tieup, NO, Commando with a knee to the stomach, now a side headlock. Sane with a belly-to-back suplex, NO, Commando applies more pressure and Justin is unable to lift Commando upin the air. Instead Commando with a BULLDOG on Justin Sane. Commando back up to his feet, picking Justin up to his feet, Commando with a HARD irish whip sending Sane right into the corner, Commando going up top. Going to unleash a few right hands onto Justin.

Liam Kennedy: 1…..2…..3…..4….fi…hey, WHERE'S FIVE?

Jim Sears: Justin Sane manages to gather enough strength and pick Commando up by his legs and walk out of the corner, OH MY, what an inverted Atomic Drop! Commando on the ground, Sane is still a little tired, OH MY! Justin Sane inadvertanly with a head butt to Commando's groin when he fell! That's GOTTA hurt.

Liam Kennedy: are you kidding me Sears? Even I felt that! The first 3 rows felt that!

Jim Sears: both men trying to regain their composure, Sane from the shots to the head, Commando from shots to the, uh….

Liam Kennedy: OTHER hea- -

Jim Sears: that's explicit enough. But, yes, Commando's groin area taking the brunt of the punishment to his body, and Sane's cranium taking the brunt of Commando's attack. Commando rolls to the outside where he meets up with Casey, and Sane slouches into the corner. Casey providing "comforment" to The Commando, I guess, Justin Sane pulling himself using the ropes. Wait a minu…OH MY! Justin Sane jumps over the top rope with a big splash onto The Commando on the outside as he just BARELY misses Casey. Justin's momentum carries him and Commando into the steel guardrail pushing it back a little into the crowd!

Liam Kennedy: NO! now Casey isn't in the camera's view, COME BACK CASEY!!

Jim Sears: oh for a second there I thought you were paying attention to the MATCH. Silly me, I guess. Justin Sane first to get up, picks up The Commando to his feet, and SENDS him into the steel steps! Sane taking firm control of this match.

Liam Kennedy: and Casey is screaming louder then last night!

Jim Sears: don't even try to play it off like you've been with Casey like that.

Liam Kennedy: (kind of like Fonzie) hey….I'm a ladies man.

Jim Sears: (sarcastically) whatever you say Liam. (back in regular voice) Justin Sane giving some major punishment to Commando right now, unleashing some painful right hands as Commando tries to regain his senses after that big splash and being thrown into those steel steps. Commando starting to stand up, knee to the face by Sane, Justin picks Commando up to his feet. Belly-to-back suplex? NO, Justin props Commando up onto that steel guard rail, wait a minute now. Justin grabbing a steel chair, this match has RULES, it isn't an extreme matchup. The referee trying to get this match back in the ring, Justin with a SWING from that chair, NO! Commando falls off of the guardrail and Justin misses with that chair. Commando with a low blow, followed by a DDT right onto that steel chair. Both men tired, both men trying to regain their senses and get it back into the ring. Commando the first to roll into the ring, taking a breather in the corner, as Justin Sane still trying to stand. He may be counted out here, Liam.

Liam Kennedy: wouldn't that be an anti-climax, GET BACK IN THE RING YOU MORON AND CONTINUE TO GET YOUR BUTT-KICKED!

Jim Sears: Justin makes it into the ring just before the ten count, but Commando's there to meet him and plants a boot to the back of the head knocking Justin back to the ground before he even stands up. Commando helps Justin up to his feet, irish whip into the ropes, Sane on the return, SAMAON DROP! And that, of course, is the set up to the NOSE DIVE! It may be a little premature in this matchup, but this match has been intense. Commando gets Justin up, NO he slips out, INVERTED DDT! But Justin is FAR from getting back into the offensive against Commando. Commando up first, Justin still breathing heavily on the canvas, Commando against the ropes, ELBOW DROP, no, no! Justin sits up and Commando hits nothing but the mat with his elbow. Commando grabs his elbow in pain but still stands up, just as Justin does.

Liam Kennedy: so the moron finally does something right. (sarcastically) yeah.

Jim Sears: Justin trying to slow this match down a bit, calls for a test of strength. Commando slowly grabs Justins hand, both men trying to push the other down to the ground. Commando gaining the advantage, NO, Sane manages to push Commando all the way down, but Commando fights back, all the way back up, knee to the stomach, NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX, into a bridge! 1 COUNT ONLY!

Liam Kennedy: come on, quit toying with him Commando and let's go on to a better match... you DO know what's next?

Jim Sears: Yes, Lunar Express in a match followed by Blair and Love tagging together.

Liam Kennedy: Well, if we HAVE to watch this, at LEAST make Casey jump some more!

Jim Sears: Commando, a little frustrated, picks Justin up to his feet and pushes…..no SHOVES….no THROWS Justin into the corner!

Liam Kennedy: pick a word, any word!

Jim Sears: oh hush. Commando with an elbow to the jaw of Justin Sane, now a few shoulders thrown into the gut of Sane. Commando grabs Justin's arm, and sends him to the other corner with an irish whip, REVERSAL by Sane, KNEE to the gut and it flips Commando over, Justin holding onto Commando's arm, LEG DROP right on the elbow! That could have hyper extended it! Justin focusing on Commando's elbow.

Liam Kennedy: well maybe not Jim, I mean. Justin isn't exactly the sharpest bulb, or the brightest knife, he's probably just attacking what is closest, it just happens to be the elbow.

Jim Sears: it's brightest bul…oh nevermind. Justin goes for the cover, 1 COUNT ONLY! Sane a little frustrated with that lays a few boots to Commando's rib cage, Justin helps Commando to his feet. Full arm twist, NO, short arm clothesline by Commando! And that might have been a mistake as Commando cringes in pain from that elbow. Commando trying to look past the pain as he stands up, against the ropes….KNEE DROP onto Justin Sane's head! Sleeper hold applied by Commando! Justin trying to stand up, punching Commando trying to get him to let up, but to no avail. The referee checks Justin's hand, picks it and drops it, that's one. Two more and Commando wins this. Sane's hand goes up and down yet another time, this is it, NO, NO. Justin keeps his hand up some how, he's trying to stand, get out of it somehow. Justin almost up, JAW BREAKER!

Liam Kennedy: wait….WHAT HAPPENED? How'd Sane get out of that? That moron can't put his shoes on the right feet!

Jim Sears: I'm not sure he knows how he did it, he just wants that TV title! Justin out of the sleeper hold, but Commando's not out of the match yet. Justin still a little woozy, Commando standing up massaging his jaw. Commando helping Justin to his feet, hooks on a Full Nelson, looks like he's going for a dragon suplex, OH MY! Back kick LOW, REAL LOW by Justin Sane!

Liam Kennedy: Well, Maybe Casey WON'T be busy tonight after TWO hits to the groin of the Commando... I'm free if she'll jump up and down some more in private...if you know what I-

Jim Sears: Commando doubles over, DDT by Justin, now a leg drop to the back of the head! Justin trying to win this match right now!

Liam Kennedy: that's really nice and all Jim, but have you noticed how long it's been since Casey's been out of the camera's view!? Th….that's just WRONG!

Jim Sears: Save your horny chit-chat for later, Liam. There's a match going on!

Liam Kennedy: yeah I know, but Casey's a lot easier on the eyes then Justin is.

Jim Sears: well inside the ring, Justin helps Commando to his feet only to send him back down again with a PILEDRIVER, Sane really taking control of this matchup. Justin now going up top, what is Sane plan on doing up there?

Liam Kennedy: WHO CARES? Here comes CASEY, to save our ratings, WOO HOO!

Jim Sears: Casey starts shaking the top rope FILANTLY, and…OH MY! Justin losses his balance and lands on the top turnbuckle…..in a position I'm sure NO MAN would want to be in.

Liam Kennedy: ouch.

Jim Sears: ouch indeed, Commando starting to get back to his feet. Commando looks up to see Justin in that, um, predicament and decides to capitalize on it. Commando up on the top turnbuckle with Sane, a few right hands to the jaw of Justin. What's he doing now? It looks like a super plex, but wait…..oh my GOD!!! Commando just gave Justin Sane a NOSE DIVE, off the TOP ROPE!! Sane's neck may be shattered, this match is over the fat lady has sung, Commando with the cover, Casey already getting up on the apron ready to celebrate, you could count to one hundred. Well, I'm not sure you could Liam.

Liam Kennedy: (not paying attention) what?

Jim Sears: I'm not sure if you could count to 100.

Liam Kennedy: I graduated from Ivy League, and I'm not talking about that ... AHEM "lady" that walks around with Flair. Of course I can count to 100 - got a calculator?

Jim Sears: The referee counts to three and Commando moves on in the Television Tournament, WHAT A MATCH! Casey gets in the ring and shares a BIG WET kiss with Commando.

Winner: Commando


(the crowd starts to chant "GET A ROOM! GET A ROOM!", but then suddenly stops as it is drowned out by "Hit 'em up" by Tupac playing as K-9 appears at the top of the rampway)

Jim Sears: wait a minute, we got company. That's K-9, but what's he here to do? He said earlier this week that Justin was his protégé and that he'd be in Sane's corner. What's he here to do?

Liam Kennedy: you said that already Jim.

Jim Sears: K-9 walks into the ring, and walks right past Casey and Commando to Justin Sane who's still trying to stand up! Is MD no more? Is Justin joining Manifest Destiny? What does this mean?

(K-9)Jus', get up...Get up...

(Justin struggles to his feet)

(K-9)Get up, man...you win some you lose some...You'll have another time, it'll be another time...this ain't the end...or is it...

(Justin stands and K-9 and him slap hands and all that, then K-9 pulls Justin to him for a BROTHERLY type hug, when he does so he throws him back for a overhead suplex. K-9 helps Justin up, on a million dollar dream and turns it into a suplex)

Jim Sears: my God! That's the K-9er! Right after Justin Sane went through that top rope Nose Dive, K-9 helps Justin to his feet…HE DID IT AGAIN! K-9 picks him off his feet, AND AGAIN! This is just SICK! Sick beyond belief!

(the following is said at the same time)

Jim Sears: (sarcastically) Oh great, now Lone Wulf is coming down too.

Liam Kennedy (excitedly) Oh great, now Lone Wulf is coming down too!

Jim Sears: K-9 with a few more K-9ers, Lone Wulf in with a chair, OH MY GOD! What a hit onto Justin Sane's skull! Commando joining the fun, picks Commando off his feet, NOSE DIVE right onto the chair! Lone Wulf picks Justin Sane up in an Altar Call, 3D! Destiny Death Drop! This is the second week in a ROW that MD has pulled this!

(Lone Wulf and Commando continue to beat on Justin Sane, usually focusing on the neck, Casey joins the fun as well taking a few swings at Justin with Commando's singapore cane. As K-9 falls into the corner, brushing his hair back out of his face, froathing, and spitting. He pulls the mic to his mouth)

(K-9)Betrayal!! The one you trusted Jus' turned his back on you. The one you thought would ALWAYS be there by your side when you really NEEDED him just should you who the REALEST is!!! He showed you, what real friends are all about, there all about NOTHING!! You can only trust family and people that smoke more than YOU DO! When the warnings went out, Justin, they went to you too, and you did not heed them, and now, your SCREWED!!!

(K-9 stands up and helps Manifest Destiny beat on Justin Sane some more, more intense moves, more use of the chair and Singapore cane, and more hurting of the neck. Then K-9 spits on Justin Sane as he lays there almost unconcious, then "One Nation" by Ice Cube and George Clinton starts to play as all of Manifest Destiny throw their arms up in victory then leave the ring and walk up the rampway)

Jim Sears: don't they have any HEART? I can't BELIEVE K-9! His protégé, Justin looked UP to K-9, K-9 was his mentior, how can ANY human being DO something like that? We're going to be right back with our next match, this is just sick.

JS: It's time for the MWC tag team title challenge from the LE... so lets get to it!




E-Cubed vs Lunar Express w/William H. Bradley III

(Cue up "Love Lifted Me" by Collective Soul as the lights go all black. A solitary light that you could SWEAR is a moonbeam forms behind the entranceway where 2 silhouttes stand. They step out of that light as quartermoon lights dance around the auditorium. Grant kisses 2 GORGEOUS ladies in the front row and signs anothers...uhm, panties. He's smiling and mouthing, "I love my job." Stan tries to kiss a few girls that quickly run to the back... all except for one old lady who is QUICK to pucker up and offer her braissere to be signed - this time Stan runs. They hit the ring and then William H. Bradley III runs to ringside panting, evidently they forgot to tell him it was time to hit the ring. Stan and Grant get on opposite turnbuckles and put their hands along their waist in the form of a belt that 'should' be there.)

The arena lights dim as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' gets the crowd to their feet. A spotlight focuses on the curtains and everyone waits patiently for this new team's entrance. First through the curtain is Sampo, wearing a Quit Riot T-Shirt, long blonde hair in a single pony tail on the side of his head, grinning like there is no tomorrow. Closely behind follows Ironfist wearing his old boxing robe. The robe is dark blue with thousands upon thousands on sequins and beads. The hood is drawn over his face and he is hopping and dancing towards the ring just like at prize fighter at thier biggest match. Three slightly over weight men wearing white t-shirts that are too small follow the two men. Each of the 'escort's' shirts have an 'E' handwritten on them in a black magic marker (one is even backwards). The three men are also carrying flashlights and are waving them around like they are some kind of a light show. They also are popping blackcat fireworks on their way to the ring as if they are pyrotechnics. Sampo seems comfortable with this now usual entrance, but that's before Fireworks take off behind his butt. He runs toward Ironfist who just shakes his head. Sampo turns around to see that his heart infested BLOOMERS are showing and a smoke is being emitted from his butt...similar to Goldberg 'breathing smoke'.

JS: The champs are in the ring and we are ready to go. Looks like Stan is gonna start out with Ironfist.

LK: HA! He's bouncing around like a boxer!

JS: Ironfist quick to oblige that one and...what? Who's that?

LK: It can't be? He's been gone forever!

JS: It's Randy Harders coming to the table here, what's going on there?

LK: Oh no, don't tell me Team Extreme will be back.

JS: Sure, go ahead and take a seat Randy - what's going on?

RH: Well, I've been gone for awhile but it's time for the Hard One to do some HARD color commentating and to announce - I've just signed a contract with the MWC!

JS: WHOA!!! A former tag champ entering the fray once again! Will we see Team Extreme?

RH: No immediate plans for that. Eli is doing quite well in the ring as it is. I'm looking at some single's glory and RIGHT HOOK BY IRONFIST - those punches sting, trust me from experience.

LK: Stan back up though and too his corner...oh, you can tell they love each other ...

RH: Yeah, personally I think their doors swing bo...

JS: AHEM - Stan back up and dancing like a butterball.

LK: Don't you mean butterfly?

JS & RH: ... NO.

JS: BACK DOWN with a left jab followed by an uppercut and here comes Ironfist - POWERSLAM! by Ironfist and Stan is hurting in there. Grant reaching for the tag, but Ironfist drags Stan to his corner and tags in Sampo - Double kick to the stomach and DOUBLE DDT! Great teamwork by the champs!

RH: Gotta say they've improved on the teamwork bit... quite a surprise.

LK: Nothing compared to the LE.

JS: Underhook Suplex by Sampo and he's heading to the top early here!

RH: WHOA! - 360 SPLASH from the TOP! 1...2...Save by Grant.

LK: Heart attack Heart attack!!!

JS: Close call there! Sampo with a whip to the corner - Flying Elbow! Great wrestling there! Stan staggering a bit - Missle DROPKICK!!!!

LK: NO! Stan moved outta the way of that one!

JS: Stan quick to make the tag and HERE COMES GRANT!

LK: CLOTHESLINE!!!! Great move by Grant and Vertical Suplex! This man is great!

JS: Doing well now with - Inverted DDT! Sampo quickly in trouble and - tag in Stan...Irish WHip, Drop Toe Hold by Grant and Legdrop to the back of the head by Stan.


JS: Flying Elbow into Grant's Belly to back suplex!


JS: WHip to the turnbuckle and...TURNBUCKLE JAM!!!!!!

LK: Oh, these guys are beautiful... I believe that DIZZY DISPOSITION is coming on!

JS: Stan the legal man and TAG!

LK: Hotshot & Bulldog combo by Stan and Grant! Pin - 1...2..

JS: NO! Sampo kicks out and Grant tags in Stan again - Irish WHip to the ropes - Double Clothesline!

RH: Don't think SO!

JS: Sampo ducks that one and HURRICARANA by SAMPO on Stellar Stan! and IRONFIST in the ring - Left hook sends Grant outside!

LK: Punches are illegal though!

JS: Sampo in there with Stan and Flying Bulldog by Sampo... Gets Stan up and - Flying Headscissors takedown! Stan lying there and SPRINGBOARD GULLOTINE LEGDROP BY SAMPO!!!!


JS: Sampo going for the pin - 1...2...KICKOUT!!! Close one there, but Sampo quick to jump back in there - FALLING HEADBUTT, he's setting up for the...


JS: SAMPO SOMERSAULT!!! NO! His legs hit the ref!

RH: Nice chatting with you boys, but I'd better leave before that little devil on my shoulder tells me to...oh well.

LK: What's he doing?

Randy gets up from the table and grabs the MWC tag belt as Sampo tries to revive the ref. Sampo turns around just as Randy Harders swings the belt knocking him cold.


JS: Stan is up, Grant has Ironfist held by the legs, as Stan covers Sampo looking at Bradley trying to figure out what he did to knock out Sampo. The ref sees the cover - NO NO NO!!!!

LK: YES! 1.......2.........3!!!!!!!!! New tag team champions!!!!!!!! THe Lunar Express have done it!!!!!

JS: This is an outrage! Unbelievable!


Winners and NEW MWC World Tag Team Champions

Lunar Express


JS: Harders is walking to the back smiling after that one and the fans are none to pleased, but Grant and Stan certainly are!

LK: Yes they are and for good reason.

Stan and Grant celebrate while the camera goes to a commercial...

(the camera then goes to K-9 and Lone Wulf standing in front of a grey back drop, K-9 and Lone Wulf are both wearing Manifest Destiny shirts. the shirt is black, with "Manifest Destiny" written in blue.)

K-9: (in false advertisement voice) gee, Lone Wulf that sure is a phat t-shirt, I wish I had one like that.

Lone Wulf: (in same false voice) but you do K-9....your wearing one.

K-9: (looking down) oh yeah, (fake voice again) well where can I get one?

Lone Wulf: but you do K-9....your wearing one.

K-9: I mean if I DIDN'T have one.

Lone Wulf: OOOHH, well these are at any cheap, raggy, non-fine store, and they are free if you shop lift.

(suddenly a guy in tight pants, red shirt, and black vest with headphones on and no hair except in the back which is long and pulled back in a pony tail busts in, he's obviously the producer)


Lone Wulf: (confused and looking at K-9) what'd I do?

Producer: (looking at the camera) you can pick up your Manifest Destiny t-shirt at any fine retail stores, for 19.95. the number is (number apears at the bottom) 188-MD-4LIFE. CALL NOW! (sighs, then looks to K-9 and Lone Wulf) MORONS!

(Lone Wulf and K-9 turn around and start to leave, you can see the back of Lone Wulf's shirt, K-9 is wearing a leather jacket over his MD shirt. where it says "a new DYNASTY" in blue)

Lone Wulf: (still confused) what'd I do?

Camera cuts back to ringside with Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy both VERY exillerated about the next matchup.

JS: Fans, it's time for the match WE'VE ALL been waiting for.

LK: And the Lunar Express won the tag titles.

JS: We know, but now it's time for...

LK: I told you the LE would take it!

JS: I KNOW!, but now it's time for...

LK: (singing BADLY to Queen's classic) LE is the Champions, my friend!


LK: WHERE?!!! OH WHAT A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!



'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa and MWC World Heavyweight Champion 'The Mastero' Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine and MWC Intercontinental Champion 'The Extremist' Eddie Dean

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.


JS: And I guess it's time for...

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights go out again. A clear, white spotlight hits the curtain and out walks Contessa. She walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her dark burgany crushed velvet victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped garnet stone, a gold bow in the back of the wig, & her victorian 'masquerade' mask with plenty of jewels and a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He is also wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she takes his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

LK: Oh... this is GLORIOUS!!!!

JS: You've said that.

LK: It bears repeating.

(Cue Up:"Smoke On the Water" - Deep Purple. The lights dim... and the crowd soars. There's no movement as of yet from the curtains... until the guitars KICK IN and fireworks explode ALL around the ring entrance... and two of the 'Forbidden' ones emerge. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack, looking somewhat more haggard after 2 HARD matches this night, wears "BTR DAREDEVIL" tights, black boots, and a leather jacket. His hair, sprayed and dripping with water, is pulled into a short ponytail behind his head. Next to him is the incomparable Sunshine Del Payne. Her traditional pre-event shopping trip with Steve Radder's manager, Kelly. A small amount of makeup is on her face, as is a rather large smile. They do well to cover... Cover, not hide, the emissions of sadness that her eyes continue to project.They begin their slow walk to the ring, shaking/slapping the hands of any fans who were able to get close enough.

Vizzack stops to sign an autograph for one of his endearing fans. Vizzack notices a young boy who is holding a sign that reads 'I want to be like Mark!' The young fan is wearing a Daredevil Junior T-shirt. Vizzack picks the young boy up and holds him as the boy's father gets a snapshot of the moment. Finally, the Daredevil steps through the ropes into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.)

Approaching the ring, Vizzack holds the ropes for Sunshine to enter before doing so himself... The lights dim once more, as a dozen or more spotlights converge on a singular spot in the middle of the ring, where Vizzack and Sunshine stand tall. The ringposts SPEW fireworks and pyros, bringing the fans to their feet once more...)

JS: Excitement personified in the ring there!


JS: Come on this is exciting...and so is THIS!

(The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.' Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breathe rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trashcan in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see. As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trashcan into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet. As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans is clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing. He sets the trashcan outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.)

JS: Our wrestlers are in the ring and EVERYONE is ready for this one. Looks like ... what's this?

BLAIR: I believe I am in the ring with ... what do you refer to yourself as?...the Exhibitionist? Regardless, ... Exhibitionist, I have yet to spar with you in the art of combat. Shall we duel?

JS: Blair is calling Dean out, and he's MORE than happy to oblige! Dean and Blair with the lockup and they go into the corner - Blair puts his foot outside the ring.


LK: Yeah, get him back ref!

JS: The ref obliges and Blair is fixing his hair in the corner.

LK: When you have HIS looks, what do you expect?

JS: Wrestling?...anyway, Another lockup and ... IN THE ROPES AGAIN!


JS: And another break, NO Dean with a solid right hand!

LK: Blair to the outside.



JS: The ref gets in between them... some mind-games from the Maestro. Finally, he's heading toward the ring...sliding under the bottom rope - DEAN stomps on his head!

LK: NO! Blair back outside and LOUDLY complaining to the ref (BIG TIME HEEL POP!)

JS: COME ON! We want some action!

LK: Here you go, Blair rolling under...

JS: Here comes Dean

LK: NO! Blair grabs his leg and slams it on the edge of the apron - Blair was planning that one!

JS: He's a master of playing this. Blair takes Eddie's leg to the ringpost and SLAMS! it around it... Dean in trouble early!

LK: What do you expect? He's in there with the Maestro! Bryan climbing back in the ring with Dean limping - KICK to the back of the knee.

JS: Good strategy thusfar...IrishWhip into the ropes goes Dean and Blair with a CLOTHESLINE - NO, Dean dunks and is back into the ropes - SHOULDERBLOCK!!!!!

LK: No!

JS: YES! Blair is reeling and grabbing his nose - he heads to the safety of his corner and tags in Eddy Love.


JS: Love and Dean tie up, another first time I believe?

LK: As far as I remember - LOW BLOW BY DEAN.

JS: WHAT? That was a European Uppercut.

LK: Illegal!

JS: ... Dean whips Love into the turnbuckle - High Elbow!

LK: Come on Eddy, you can beat this cheater.

JS: Dean with a couple of Forearm shots and - EYE RAKE BY LOVE!

LK: Beautiful!

JS: Please? That's cheating.

LK: Maybe, but it sure looks good.

JS: ... ... ... anyway, Love quick to follow up - Inverted Atomic drop and Clothesline's Eddie to the ground.

LK: Listen to that...Eddy clotheslines Eddie.

JS: Yeah, so?

LK: Well...isn't it... funny?

JS: No.

LK: Oh - great move by Love.

JS: It was a falling fist to the forehead?...what's so great about it?

LK: Uhm...just work with me here - call the match already!

JS: Love has Dean and ... Gutwrench Suplex. Irish Whip into the ropes - Spinebuster by Love! Going for the cover and a Kickout at 2.

LK: Isn't he good?

JS: Sure, why?

LK: Well, I was just saying...or asking...JUST CALL THE MATCH!

JS: Please excuse Liam, he can't believe his luck tonight... Love with the WEAVER LOCK SLeeper and Dean is in trouble fast.

LK: Oh, this is SO beautiful...check him ref!

JS: And the ref does...1 drop....2...and 3!!NO NO NO - Eddie is up and JAWBREAKER!!!!! Dean trying to get to his corner - TAG TAG TAG TAG

LK: We know Jim.

JS: uhm...Vizzack in like a house of fire - Dropkick on Love, Dropkick on Blair, Right hand on Love, now on Blair - this IS the upcoming HTO Main Event folks!

LK: Don't I know it - my 2 boys... I'm so proud.

JS: I don't know why cause Vizzack is cleaning house and HERE comes Dean knocking Blair to the outside and THIS TIME no ref to help him!


JS: Love and Mark trading punches in the ring and Blair is stunned outside the ring... Eddie's going for the trashcan...oh how funny.

LK: He wouldn't!

JS: HE DID! Blair just creamed by a (snicker) GARBAGE CAN! What's this?

LK: TROUBLE ... 6 foot 10 inches worth of it!

JS: Kevin Powers is coming down with a bat ... but who's he after?

LK: Better not be my boys.

JS: And it's not - Powers is sneaking up behind Dean who is wailing away on Blair with rights and lefts. POWERS has Dean around the throat with that bat! I guess this is payback for taking his gold!

LK: ANd he's not after my boys!

JS: Blair back inside as VIzzack has Love in the corner - VIZZSPLASH!!!! and Blair with a chopblock! Now Love AND Blair doubleteaming Vizzack - OH NO SPIKE HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!!!!

LK: Now THIS is the SuperNova Main Event.

JS: No question about it, Vizzack is going into this against one unit it would seem. The BTR seems outnumbered right now!

LK: It's beautiful.

JS: BUT HERE COMES THE CALVARY!!!! Deacon and Pestilence is coming down and ...HEY (Kevin Powers takes a mic from the announcers table)

POWERS: Eddie, I think that 'might' be enough blood outta you for Domination, but I have more important things to talk about - LOVE ... BLAIR, I've been silent with you 2 for TOO long. Next week - YOU'RE MINE!

JS: ANd Eddy and Bryan aren't hanging around to chat cause they are heading away from Deacon AND Pestilence... Eddie is up, and Mark is being helped up - a UNITED BTR front - the people *I* brought into this little outfit standing toghether.

LK: Aren't you proud?

JS: You bet...and I'm outta time too - see you next week for Hostile Takeover in Calgary!
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