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MWC Hostile Take Over - Milwaukee

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(The office of "super power" Mr. Locke. His suit, armani, his ear, glued to the phone.)

Mr. Locke: How much did you just say?


Mr. Locke: That is what I thought you said. Please, tell me more.

MWC Hostile Take Over in Milwaukee

Held at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(The crowd with cheers as things are about to unfold at the Bradley Center. Signs are lifted high, with the likes of "Free Powers" , "Commando is champ!", "Where is Flair?", ect. As the camera still pans..)

BS: Well, here we are at the Bradley Center, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I know these fans have been waiting for the action to come here for a long time.

MP: Very shagadelic, those strings were pulled in all the right places.

BS: Wait a second, I have someone telling me that they have a video tape they want to show us.

MP: Well?

BS: Should we show it?

MP: Yeah baby, yeah!


The Day After HTO Detroit

[The scene opens up with Vice President Zieba YELLING at Vizzack who is slumped in his chair.]

EZ: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? You fight tooth and nail to win that title and this is the thanks we get? You can't even hold onto that title for more than two cards!!!

MV: Well you did make it a no DQ match and...

EZ: IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! Look I know you're going through some stress and stuff so I'm gonna make this real easy for you. I know you're in some other leagues and from what I've noticed it's been taking it's toll on you. So, cause I CARE, I'm gonna lighten your load. Your services are no longer needed here in MWC and.....

MV: WHAT?? But I have a iron clad contract!!!

EZ: Oh yes you do and it would stay iron clad if Locke was in charge, but he's not. When they signed over the league to Poison Ivy they started to sign over some of the contracts to her, but they never go to finish all of them so only a few made it. Now when Harders and I took over we took those contracts and put our name to them. Now the ones that still have Locke's name on'em. Yeah they're iron clad, but the ones WE HAVE are NOT! And guess who's was on top. Now I suggest that you take yourself and head back to the CSWA or wherever you call home and take a breather or two. When you feel that you have what it takes to compete in MWC then let us know and we MIGHT call you back!

MV: You ungrateful son-of-a

EZ: (he reaches for his telephone while Vizzack is going off) Security. Vizz is on a tear.

[Security quickly rushes in and manhandles Vizzack and draggs him out the door.]

EZ: (from his chair) Oh and Vizz....don't forget to write.


EZ: HEY NOW!! You know how I feel about cussing!!


BS: Say what?

MP: What a bummer, I have lost my mojo for announcing.

BS: What announcing?

MP: Hey, easy!


"The Whole Show" Wayne Roberts vs "Big Time" Michael Gettis
6'7", 261 lbs. | 6'4", 281 lbs.
Miami, Flordia | Projects of Greensboro, NC
'Got The Life' - Korn | "Regulate" - Warren G. and Nate Dogg

As the bell rang for the start of this match Roberts unleashed a flurry of punches and chops on Gettis. After backing Gettis into the corner he set him up and whipped him into the opposite corner and caught him walking out of the corner with a boot to the midsection into a suplex. He then whipped Gettis into the ropes and attempted a clothesline, but Gettis ducked it and hit the opposite ropes. On the rebound Roberts went for a back bodydrop, but Gettis leapfroged over him. On the rebound once more Gettis got caught with another foot to the midsection followed by a short-arm clothesline.

BS: And AGAIN Roberts catching Big Time with another foot to the stomach!

MP: You would think he would avoid that, but he must get into that sort of thing.

BS: How can someone like having pain like that?

MP: It must BE HIS BAG BABY!!!

BS: I asked for an answer to that. That's the funny part!

After Roberts caught Gettis with a DDT he started to play the crowd and then went for a cover, but he only got a two count from the ref. He then picked up Gettis and delievered a bone crunching powerslam, but again he only got a two count for his efforts. He then picked up Gettis and attempted to deliever a pedigree, but got back bodydropped for his efforts.

BS: And Gettis comes through BIG on that one. Now let's see if he has what it takes to take control.

MP: Does he have the MOJO BABY YEAH!!!

With Gettis in control he returned the favor of punches and chops to Roberts from earlier and then let loose his arsenal of power. After whipping Roberts into the ropes and hitting a belly to belly spinebuster he hit Roberts with not one, not two, but THREE release German Suplexes! After that he popped a scoop slam on the already dazed Roberts and climed to the top rope to hit his trademark finisher 'The Big Tyma' (Flying Elbow Smash). After that it was only the matter of three seconds.

Winner: 'Big Time' Michael Gettis


BS: And it's Michael Gettis chalking up another win for himself in MWC. The man has talent and skills.

MP: And he has what it takes to get himself out of trouble. That's endurance baby yeah!!

BS: You scare me at times I swear! Well it's time for our next matchup with The Dark Knights taking on Fallen Dreams and I've been waiting for this one since our last HTO Detroit card.

MP: Well they did make a SMASHING intro into the MWC and it's time they proved themselves again for....um...themselves.

BS: Do you ever have anything to think with up there?

MP: Well actually it's down there.

BS: Down there? What's down there?

MP: You know what's down there YEAH!!!

BS: I need more money for this gig I swear!


Fallen Dreams vs Dark Knights
Fallen Angel/Dreamer | ???/???
Combined Weight 543lbs | ???
"My Own Prison" - Creed | ???

From the start of the match to the finish it was all Fallen Dreams and the ref had no control in this one what so ever. Fallen Dreams hit one member of the Dark Knights with a double suplex and then caught the other member with a Double DDT. They then went back to the first man and Dreamer placed him on his shoulders as Fallen Angel went to the top rope and hit their finisher 'The Annialator' (Top Rope Clothesline). After that the ref was in place for the one, two, and three.

Winners: Fallen Dreams


BS: Well Fallen Dreams make quick work of the other team.

MP: They...just didn't look like they were into it.

BS: Fallen Dreams?

MP: No the other team, but it doesn't matter cause Fallen Dreams are on that winning streak YEAH!!!

BS: Well hopefully they can continue the streak.


"The Monarch" Matt Martin vs "Hot Shot" Trey Holmes
6'1", 231 lbs. | 6'1", 229lbs.
Las Vegas, Nevada | Des Moines, Iowa
"Bow Down" by Westside Connection | "Lil Homies" by Tupac Shakur

The two tangled up right at the get go. Trey Holmes gained the early advantage with several low blows, a russian legsweep and a surfboard. Trey sent Martin into the ropes for a quick backdrop, but Martin telegraphed it and smashed Holmes' face across his knee. Martin threw Trey into a front face lock.

Bs: What's this?

MP: Well, it looks as if that is Kross baby!

BS: I know that, but what the hell is he doing down here?

MP: Holmes is gaining the advantage with several elbows to the gut of Martin, Yeah Baby!

BS: It looks as if Kross is getting a little upset at this.

MP: Woah baby, Kross comes closer to the ring, Holmes sees him.

BS: If Holmes doesn't watch what he is doing, he is gonna get…

MP: Martin nails Holmes with a low blow, Holmes doubled over in pain.

BS: Martin nails Holmes with "The Reign" and scores the easy pinfall on the prone Holmes.

Winner: "The Monarch" Matt Martin


BS: If it wasn't for Kross, Trey may have had the match.

MP: Maybe baby.

BS: What's this, Lukaas Holden comes running down to ringside?

MP: Yeah baby, he lays into Holmes with several ddt's.

BS: Oh good, here comes security to escourt this youngin out of here. Holmes has been through enough, really.

(Steve Radder makes his way to his dressing room after watching Holmes display in the ring as Trey is walking back from the ring. He is bloody and sweating a great deal.)

Radder: Great win (sarcastically)

(Out of no where, Trey nails Radder in the back of the head, and continues to pummel him for a short time.)

Trey: This is far from over, you see these eyes???? Well you are looking into the eyes of a mad man, you stole my shot at glory and now I am going to take everything away from you starting with your extreme championship title chances. I am promising you this Radder you have no chance in escaping that tournament will the belt. Maybe you are a veteran but you stole my chance so Im going to do the same. Hahah

Goodluck in the tournament (sarcastically)

(Trey walks with a limp back to his dressing room as Radder starts to get up very slowly.)


BS: Well it's time to goto our next match up and this one is gonna be a classic! We've got three of the best new prospects in the MWC for tag teams fighting it out for the number one contender slot!

MP: Well after judging all three of the teams here I'm gonna have to go and root for my boys Simply Stunning cause they've got the MOJO on their side YEAH!!

BS: Well we'll see that in a few moments.


Number One Contener Match for the MWC World Tag Team Championship

Zero Tolerance vs Metalheads vs Simply Stunning
Zero/Blade | Will Stagg/Sam Magnum | Michael Hardy/Simon Wilcox
Combined Weight 526lbs | Combined Weight 526lbs | Combined Weight 555lbs
"Du Hast" - Rammstein | "Reclaim My Place" - Korn | "Let Me Entertain You" - Robbie Williams

BS: Well Simply Stunning and Metalhead are already in the ring, but there is no sign of Zero Tolerance. I wonder where they can be?

MP: Oh they've got to be coming. They wouldn't pass up a moment like this.

[The Crowd mood quickly changes to a mixture of cheers and boos as Vice President Erik Zieba makes his way to the ring.]

MP: Oh something brought out the Vice and he doesn't look too pleased!

BS: Well he has a mic and.....

MP: He's not afraid to use it YEAH!!!

BS: (shakes his head and says to himself) Why?

VP EZ: It has come to my attention that due to prior commitments and other engagements Zero Tolerance, Zero and Blade, are no longer associated with MWC. Therefore this match will only be between The Metalheads and Simply Stunning with the winner getting a title shot at the FOLLOWING HTO after the PPV in Chicago! Gentlemen...enjoy.

[Vice President gives the microphone back to Mike Bravo and he makes his way out of the ring towards the announcement area.]

BS: And the Vice President joins us for this match. Welcome aboard Mr. Zieba.

EZ: Hey Brett it's great to be here! I just wanted to say that....

MP: Oh Mr. VP can I get you a drink of water or something? Perhaps some popcorn or maybe a couple of birds? Right right?

EZ: (confused) What? Are contracts up already?

MP: I don't think so......

EZ: Then quit kissing my butt cause I hate that stuff!

BS: I told you. I told you.

MP: Oh you didn't tell me nothing! Square!

EZ: Well he seems happy.

After the announcement was made the two teams didn't waste time to think about it. Magnum started off for his team as Hardy did for his. They stalked eachother for a moment before locking up in an elbow and collar tie up. Magnum got the quick lead when he lifted a knee into Hardy's midsection and followed it up with a series of punches to the face. Once he backed up Hardy to the ropes he whipped him to the opposite side and gave him a thunderous flying clothesline.

BS: Well it's Metalheads with the early advantage so far.

MP: Don't you fret cause my boys will come through for the Union Jack.

EZ: (taps Brett on the shoulder) I've never seen Mike so serious. This is a first.

BS: Well you better take a picture and save it as a Kodak moment cause it'll never happen again.

EZ: This is true.

Magnum tagged out to Stagg and he continued to add onto the advantage. He took Hardy and whipped him into the ropes again and caught him with a lighting kick to the midsection that caught Hardy off guard and doubled over in pain. Stagg then went to the ropes and came off with a swinging neckbreaker. Looking over his opponent Stagg went to the top rope and attempted a frogsplash, but nobody was home! Hardy crawled his way over to his partner and made the hot tag.

EZ: Well it looks like Simply Stunning has turned the table on The Metalheads.

MP: See? Didn't I tell you? My boys are gonna win it for us! COME ON WILCOX!

BS: I'm surprised he hasn't noticed Dani yet. He usually makes a Headlight comment.

EZ: Hey if it isn't broken then don't fix it.

BS: Point taken.

Wilcox in quick and he attacks Stagg with a vengeance. He picks up Stagg and whips him into the ropes and greets him with a powerslam. He then goes into the ropes and quickly drops an elbow into the chest area. Wilcox then picks him back up and takes him over to his corner for the tag. Both Hardy and Wilcox whip Stagg into the ropes and hit him with a Double back drop followed by double kick to the midsection on way down.

MP: That's it boys!! Hit them again!!!

BS: Now you're turning into a cheerleader!

MP: I can have favorites can't I?

EZ: (feeling the stare from Sanders) Hey there's nothing in the rulebook that says he can't!

Hardy goes for the pin, but it's broken up by Magnum. Stagg is back onto his feet, but is met with a standing dropkick from Hardy. Another pin attempt and another break up from Magnum. Since Hardy wasn't going to get the pin he whipped Stagg into the ropes and wrapped him up into a sleeper hold. They stumbled for a few minutes before Stagg dropped to his knees. The ref went for one, two, but couldn't get three. Stagg made his way to his feet, grabbed the back of Hardy's head and dropped to the ground for a jawbreaker.


BS: And Stagg desperately needs to make the tag!

EZ: Meanwhile Hardy is trying to tag out to Wilcox. AND HE DOES!!

BS: But Stagg made it to his corner as well and Magnum is out of there and HE'S ON FIRE!!!

Magnum runs out of the corner and levels Wilcox with a clothesline and follows it up with a facebuster. Hardy tried to catch him offguard, but he was met with the same fate as Wilcox was earlier. At that time Stagg made his way back in and he dragged Wilcox to one corner as Magnum took Hardy to the opposite corner.

EZ: And it's obvious that the ref has lost control of this one.

BS: And in unison they're clubbing Simply Stunning with punches to the head!

MP: Oh this is no fair! IT'S A FARCE I TELL YOU!!!

EZ: It's good wrestling. Something RARE to see these days!

MP: Oh right! FARCE!!!

The Metalheads whip Simply Stunning out of the corner and towards eachother, but Wilcox leapfrogs over Hardy and hits Magnum with a clothesline while Hardy nails Stagg with a spear! Hardy is on top of Stagg throwing a series of punches to the face as Wilcox and Magnum are on the outside fighting it out. As the action continues Dani jumps to the apron and tries to get the attention of Hardy.

MP: Well Hello Hello Hello!!! What a lovely bird we have here!


MP: Well Well I must say she has a nice set of.....

EZ: Don't even think it!

BS: And look at Hardy. He's like a surprised deer looking right at Dani.

EZ: I just got done telling Mike not to.....


BS: See what I have to deal with?

EZ: Maybe his contract IS UP!!!

MP: Oh something is up baby YEAH!!!!


As Hardy is still looking at Dani Stagg has made his way to his feet and is running to the opposite ropes. Hardy notices that the ropes are moving and quickly moves out of the way and sees Stagg run right into his manager Dani. While Stagg is dazed Hardy catches him with a running bulldog and there is only one thing left to do. The ref lines up for the pin count and Magnum is trying to make it in to break the tag, but is being head by Wilcox

Winners: Simply Stunning


MP: I KNEW IT! What did I tell you two? SMASHING!!!

EZ: I never thought I would say this, but I think the man needs a drink.

BS: Really?

EZ: No. Just kidding.


EZ: Well I'm off to do that VP stuff so be on your guard.

[Vice President Erik Zieba takes off the headset and make his way towards the back.]

BS: Did you have to say headlights?



Angelus vs Bret 'Brass Knuckles' Kross
6'3", 245 lbs. | 6'7", 256 lbs.
Junon | Chicago, Ill
"1996" - Marilyn Manson | Bret Hart's WWF Theme

(the lights in the arena fade out as Angelus' theme music begins. 1 minute into the song the camera catches a glimpse of aprox. 12 armed Junon Soldiers walking to the ring. they surround it 3 to a side. As the second chorus as pyros blast off in the entrance and out walks Mechanical Animals. Angelus, Sephiroth, EXE, and new to the team Fallen Dreams. the guards move as Angelus steps into the ring. MA stands out behind the guards. Angelus grabs a mic)

Angelus: Kross I told you that you would be outnumbered! So don't pull anything or you will be sorry! (Angelus grins evilly and throws the mic)

BS: I think Angelus was angry.

MP: What makes you say that? Was it his large following of men? Ever wonder why he is never around any birds?

BS: Actually I have wondered why he never is around any females.

Kross and Angelus lock up, Kross sends Angelus into the corner with one toss. Angelus walks out of the corner with some "discomfort" in his back and Kross nails him with a standing side kick. Kross helps the injured Angelus up and plants him with a big delayed suplex.

BS: I think Kross is still pissed from Angelus' little happy speech before.

MP: Na, I think Kross just likes to punish him for ****s and giggles baby!

BS: Oh Brother!

Angelus attempting some retalitory action by punching his way out of the corner, but Kross just manhandles him with a backbreaker.

Just then, President Harders comes down to ringside, mic in hand.

RH: Well, it seems ringside is having a party this evening. (Both wrestlers stop in their tracks.) Angelus, as important as you believe you may be, these "Soldiers" are not needed. If you fear Kross, do it on your time. You are not going to ruin my event with your "armed" klutzes here.

Security walks out from the back to escourt these "Soldiers" from the ringside area as Angelus throws a hissy fit in the ring.

RH: Oh yes, I almost forgot the winner of this match gets a shot at the TV title, so wrestle away boys.

Harders walks to the back, as he does this, Kross takes advantage of the situation by bulldogging Angelus.

MP: Yeah Baby! Only the Prez can do what we all wanted to do.

BS: Get rid of those damn quote Soldiers, unquote?

MP: Groovy, ain't it?

BS: Hell yeah.

Kross picks Angelus up, low blow by Angelus. It sends Kross into a "epiletic fit". Angelus goes to the outside to grab himself a chair. He brings the chair inside the ring and proceeds to smash Kross up with the chair.

BS:What an unfortunate turn of events for Kross.

MP: Yeah, I wouldn't want to be hit in the Bits like that.

Martin runs out from the back, chair in hand, and nails Angelus with it. He then sets up the chair and performs "the Reign" on it. Kross gets up and helps to beat down on poor Angelus.

BS: Well, there goes the bell, and we have a DQ.

MP: Does that count as a win for Angelus?

BS: I seriously doubt it, what with the way President Harders operates and all.

MP: Yeah, he could be a bloody prick, can't he?

BS: Your words, not mine. Anyways, onto Indy next week, then the ppv. Goodnight folks.

Screen fades to black as Kross nails Angelus with the Brass Bomb.


After the last person has left the stadium which has held Hostile Takeover in Detroit, a lone man is sitting at the top of 'nosebleed section'. The camera pans up as the sound of his laughter is echoing through this empty stadium.


The camera swings around to show that he is watching a television monitor, specifically Angelus running down the hallway yelling, "ITCH" as shown on HTO.

J: Mon, me don know wha' da do next, but dat ... was FUNNY! Le see ... Angelus from MA, got em ... Commando from MD, got em ... hmmm... who could me be havin some fun with? ... I be from KINGston ... for true - PERFECT, dis show be irie boonoonoonoos withou' the ganja. And maybe even drop in to see 'bout that Angelus boy, see if he still be havin' that liddle fungus problem on his feet.

fade to black as the 'janitor' again busts a gut laughing at his first exploits in the MWC.
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