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MWC Hostile Take Over - Indianapolis

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Monday, August 23 10:17am

[The scene opens up in President Harders office. Inside he and Vice-President Erik Zieba are going over a few notes for the next Pay Per View GENESIS. Must of the conversation have been calm, but there have been some heated moments.]

VP EZ: You wanna call it THAT?? You have to be kidding! Have you been dippin into that smoke bag of yours again?

P H: You wish. Like your idea is any better. Who would wanna call it.....

VP EZ: Hey I think its pretty good. Adds mystery.

P H: The only mystery is did you think of that or did someone help you.

VP EZ: Like you've been around to even have meetings!

P H: What you say?

VP EZ: What's wrong? Didn't think I'd remember?

P H: I'm gonna kill you Mua---

VP EZ: Ah ah temper temper!

[At that moment the phone rings.]

P H: (picking it up) You're so lucky. Hello? Mr. Locke! How are you?

VP EZ: Put him on intercom.

[Harders switches the conversation to the intercom.]

JWL: Well the papers have been looked over time and time again. I trust you have done the same?

P H: Of course we have. Do we have a deal?

JWL: I believe we can do business. We'll set up the meeting and all will go through.

P H: Well then thank you very much.

JWL: Oh no. Thank you -Click-

VP EZ: Looks like it's a go.........


Wednesday, 25 August 5:37pm

[The scene opens at the Betty Ford Clinic where 'Good God' Kevin Powers has been spending most of his day. He is in the dayroom playing cards with another patient when Nurse Peters walks by.]

KP: My goodness Nurse Peters you are looking FANTASTIC! Have you lost weight?

NP: Well I have lost a.....CUT THAT OUT!! Like you care!

KP: No really I do. How about we ditch (thumbs to his card partner) the stiff and I show you a 'poker' hand of my own?

NP: You're a sick man Mr. Powers.

KP: Hey I'm locked up with no booze and no women to hang on. You tell me how I'm gonna act.

NP: Still you could learn to use your manners more effective.

KP: You mean just skip the foreplay and just flat out get busy?


KP: (stands up and salutes the nurse) YES MY CAPTAIN!!

NP: (looks at him in disgust and walks away) Nevermind....

KP: (sits back down and impersonates Smoky from Friday) She'll be back. I give her a qualude and she'll love me in the morning.....


V/O: There comes a time in everyones life when they eventually have to prove that they are toughter than the other. Sometimes it takes the new kid on the block to show the old guard how it is done....or viceversa.

[Clips of Bobby Walker finishing off a jobber; Gettis feeding off the crowd after another win.]

V/O: Sometimes both are deemed by their peers as equaly tough and the day comes along when they must prove to eachother who is number one.

[Clips of Fallen Dreams walking to the ring; Casanova Clique showing off their stuff to the audience.]

V/O: Sometimes they ask themselves, 'Who is EXTREME?'

[Clips of Hellfighter getting the upper hand on Angelus; Martin securing the win over Sephrioth.]

V/O: Sometimes they ask others, 'Am I HARDCORE?'

[Clips of Wilcox fighting Magnum; Radder throwing a series of punches into Holmes.]

V/O: But no matter what the case may be....if it be in private or in the view of thousands...

[Clips of Mercenary holding the TV Title up high; Scene of Kross dropkicking Angelus.]

V/O: They are out to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt....who is THE BEST!!!

[Clips of Hardy in the ring with his partner waiting for an opponent; Love in the center of the ring holding the World belt up high.]

MWC Hostile Take Over in Indianapolis

Held at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana

BS: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN welcome to Market Square Arena for Hostile Take Over Indiapolis! I'm Brett Sanders and, as ususal, I'm joined along with Mike Powers.

MP: GROOVY BABY! Indy is a swingin' town baby YEAH!!!

BS: As always we're gonna have a great card for the fans of MWC. Starting things off first we're gonna have the debut of Bobby Jackson!

MP: Oh yeah, but he's not gonna have it so easy like those other squares cause he has to face Michael Gettis for his debut.

BS: Very true. Another match is for the number one contenders slot at our next show which happens to be GENESIS! Fallen Dreams, recently REINSTATED by Vice President Erik Zieba will be facing The Casanova Clique in what is billed to be one heck of a tag team match!

MP: Well Fallen Dreams bit off more than they could chew and the VP didn't go for it. So after a couple of calls they are back and it's gonna be a SHAGIN' GOOD TIME!!!

BS: Another match is a repeat from Supernova as Brett Kross goes after The Mercenary one more time for that TV title!

MP: Oh yeah baby! I think Brett will come home with that one for ALL THE LADIES!

BS: And to make life more interesting we're gonna have round two of the Extreme title tournament! One match will have Hellfighter taking on Matt Martin while on the flip side Steve Radder takes on one half of Simply Stunning and that's....

MP: Mr. Wilcox YEAH!! I don't know about that other one, but my boy will take the Iceman and melt him down to size YEAH!

BS: Always the favorite. And in our final match of the night we're gonna have the OTHER half of Simply Stunning Michael Hardy take on the World Champ 'Hurricane' Eddy Love!

MP: Who do I go with? The lad from across the ocean or the leader of LOVE? It's a tosser there. (looks towards the rampway) And what is he doing over there?

BS: Where? Well it looks like the janitor Jammy his working on some equipment at the top of the enterance way and I'm not surprised you noticed him with that loud looking tank top he's wearing.

MP: What I want to know is what is he laughing about. He's always in a good mood and I would like to know too. A Swinger helping out a fellow swinger!

BS: Well we're about to take off with the first match of the evening and the debut of Bobby Jackson, but he has a tought opponent in Michael Gettis.

MP: Well let's not talk about it anymore. Let's just see it YEAH!

BS: You've had too much of a break from MWC haven't you?

MP: Well with the front office you never know how long of a vacation you'll get.

BS: True. Very true.


'Big Time' Michael Gettis vs. Bobby Jackson
6'4", 281lbs | 6'7", 285lbs
Projects of Greensboro, NC | Syrcause, NY
"Regulate" - Warren G. and Nate | "Hard Body Rock" - Bobby Jackson

Jackson was introduced to the ring first, but he never made it to the ring. Instead he hid behind the speakers and waited for Gettis to enter the arena. As he was making his way to the ring Jackson ran up behind him, picking up a steel chair along the way, and smacked him across the back of his head.

MP: YEAH! Jackson starting off the night just right! I like this groovy cat already!

BS: Jackson wasting no time here folks. He wants to make a name for himself in MWC and he's going about it in the best way he knows how.

As Gettis falls to the ground Jackson hits him again and again repeatly until specks of blood can be seen coming off the chair. Jackson then drops the chair and rolls Gettis into the ring with Jackson following after. Once inside Jackson picks up Gettis and nails a vicious powerbomb on the already weakend body of Gettis. He then goes outside of the ropes and heads for the top. He raises his arms out to get a quick reaction from the crowd, in which he does, and delievers his finisher HARD Attack (Shooting Star Press/Frog Splash). After that it was simply a cover and a three second wait....

Winner: Bobby Jackson


BS: And Bobby Jackson picks up his first win here in MWC with an IMPRESSIVE victory over Michael Gettis!

MP: Yeah baby! This young lad has a very promising career here in MWC if he goes through opponents like that.

BS: Well our next match.....wait a second....I'm getting word that....yes! Our cameras are gonna cut away for a second to catch up with the FORMER World Champ!

MP: How do you always get that stuff and I don't?

BS: Smart move on their part maybe? Well I'm being told that Victoria McCave is gonna try to get a word with him....

MP: What former world champ? Vizzack?

BS: Not him! Vickie take it away.

[The cameras cut to Victoria McCave who is standing outside of the back doors of Market Square Arena where the wrestlers enter and exit. Outside a limo has just pulled up and some of the fans that couldn't get inside quickly rush the limo to see who it is. Security quickly moves in and pushes away the fans so that the passenger can make his way out.]

VM: Hey everyone Victoria McCave here and I'm being told that former champ Bryan Blair is in the limozine. Hopefully when he comes out I can catch a few words with him.

[As the limo door opens Bryan Blair is indeed the one that comes out of the limo followed by his valet Contessa. The security guards continue to push the fans away as Blair makes his way to the backstage door.]

VM: (yelling to get his attention) Bryan can I get a few words with you?

BB: (looks at McCave) Later my dear. I have business to conduct.

[As Blair makes his way to the door he pushes it open, but it quickly slams back into his face. As Blair stumbles back K-9 appears from behind the door. Dressed in only blue jean shorts and his hair pulled back he comes out and starts screaming at Blair for a fight. Blair shakes off some of the door effect and takes a swing at the man, but he ducks and rushes Blair. K-9 wraps him up in a T-Bone Suplex and quickly raises his hands in the air as soon as he releases the hold. He walks over to see the cringe of pain on Blair's face and soon walks off laughing.]

VM: O.K. we've got a situation here. K-9 just attacked Bryan Blair! I'll have to get back to you when we get details on his condition. Back to you guys.

BS: Well hopefully we can find something out later on in the show, but it's obvious that The Manafest Destiny are going back to their own ways with K-9 sending that message.

MP: I guess that he has found a way to channel his rage instead of using his mouth. Now he uses his fist.

BS: I would guess so. Well coming up next we are gonna have the first semi-final round for the Extreme title.

MP: YEAH BABY YEAH! Simon Wilcox from Simply Stunning is set to go in this one and I can see him getting past that Canidan Icesquirt known as Steve Radder.

BS: Well on the other hand it has been revealed that The Iceman has something to prove, but the only way we'll find out is if we get to the ring.

MP: About time.

BS: Hush you.



"Stunning" Simon Wilcox VS. "Iceman" Steve Radder
6'0", 275lbs | 6'0", 230lbs
Sunderland, England | New York, NY
"Let Me Entertain You" - Robbie Williams | "Bulls on Paradise" - Rage Against the Machine

BS: Well it looks like Wilcox will not be alone during this match because his tag team parther Michael Hardy has also come to ringside.

MP: Oh YEAH! Two for the price of one. And to think that he will be the World Champ later tonight? Shagadelic BABY!!!

After the introductions the two combatants squared off to face eachother. They circled the ring a couple of times to try to get a feel for one another. During the measuring out they quickly slapped hands to show a bit of sportsmanship. After a few moments they both locked up and it was Wilcox that proved to be the stronger of the two in the beginning as he pushed Radder off into the corner. Radder quickly came back and went for it once more only to get pushed off into the corner again.

BS: And Radder is just looking at Wilcox in amazement as he slowly gets out of the corner again.

MP: And look at that show of friendship. He goes to shake his hand again. That is true love for the sport.

BS: He's shaking his tag team partner's hand.

MP: Well it's the same thing isn't it?

After a couple of minutes trading hold for hold Wilcox got the upper hand when he caught Radder with a drop kick which knocked him out of the ring. As Radder was trying to get back to his feet Wilcox ran to the opposite side of the ropes and came back with a baseball slide that caught Radder dead in the chest and hurled him right into the steel railing.

BS: Wilcox on the outside now and he's just tapping away at his chest with those chops! And now he's backing up for something.

MP: Oh groovy he's gonna take him into the stands.

BS: Wilcox with a running start, but Radder sees what's coming and .... BACK BODY DROP over the railing and into the stands! And here we go!

As they are out in the crowd Radder grabs for a steel chair, folds it up, and slams it on the back of Wilcox. Radder then puts the chair down and attempts a suplex on Wilcox who blocks it the first time. He tries once more before Wilcox blocks it, turns it around, and delievers a suplex of his own right onto the steel chair. Wilcox then picks up Radder by the hair and runs him into the steel railing and tosses him over.

BS: Back in the ring now Wilcox tosses Radder into the ropes. Radder off. He ducks a clothesline. Hits the opposite side. Leaps over Wilcox. Off the ropes again. Wilcox jumps, but Radder catches him...POWERBOMB!! Oh man and both of them are down!

MP: Kelly and Michael are BOTH trying to get their people back into this thing.

The fans begin to boo as they notice that Trey Holmes makes his way towards ringside. As he is making his way to the ring he is stopped by Hardy and he will not let him pass. They start to get into a heated battle until they start slugging it out at the bottom of the rampway.

MP: Oh and now we've got a fight going on outside as well as inside!

BS: As they are fighting it out on the outside Radder and Wilcox are getting their senses together in the ring. Radder is back up, but he is stumbling backwards towards the ropes where Hardy and Holmes are still slugging it out. Wilcox off the ropes trying to charge Radder, but he catches him in a back body drop and he LIFTS him over the top ropes and he lands on his partner and Holmes! Unbelievable!

MP: And now Radder is alone in the ring as the rest of them are on the outside, but the ref is out there with them so this is good time for The Iceman to take a rest.

Suddenly, from out of the crowd, an unidentified man grabs a chair and makes his way into the ring catching Radder from behind with the chair. He hits him with it several times until Radder is knocked out. The mystery man then runs to the opposite side of the ropes, bounces off of them, and jumps over the other ropes and leaps on Simply Stunning with the chair catching Wilcox right in the head.

BS: And this mystery man just took out Simply Stunning with one leap!

MP: He lead with a steel chair! Who is this person!?

BS: Well he and Holmes are back in the ring now as the ref is trying to help Simply Stunning. They just moved Radder to the center of the ring and now they're heading for the opposite side of the ring post.

MP: Oh what in the .....

BS: They're at the top of the ropes. They leap. Holmes catches Radder with a frog splash while this mystery man catches Radder with a flying headbutt! Where is the ref at? He had to have seen that!

MP: I think he did cause he just slid back under the ring and he's calling for the bell?!?? I thought this was a Extreme match!

BS: Well the ref is going over to announcer Mark Bravo to explain the result. I don't know what to make of this one.

MP: Well we're about to find out cause he's in the ring!

MB: I have just been informed that due to the fact that Holmes and the Mystery Man continued to attack Steve Radder without no reguards to the rules he has been forced to disqualify Simon Wilcox and awards this bout to STEVE RADDER!!!

Winner: "Iceman" Steve Radder via Disqualification


BS: Oh Wilcox got SCREWED by Holmes and his friend! Radder is still out while Simply Stunning is finally making some movement as Holmes and his friend make their way to the back with their hands in the air! What a terrible act they just commited here tonight! In my opinion Wilcox had this match won!

MP: My boys lost because of outside squares? They need to be chopped off at the wank....

BS: Don't finish that. Well folks we're gonna cut out right now, but when we return we're gonna have Kross vs Mercenary for the TV Title....NEXT!

[Commericals come on promoting soaps, cars, and the next PPV for MWC and it's called GENESIS!]

BS: Welcome back everyone. While we were on break there was another incident in the back and are camers were there to pick it up.

(cuts to the backstage area where Lone Wulf, Nemesis, and Commando are giving Mercenary a beating. Commando slams Mercenary's head first into a water fountain denting it, Lone Wulf then picks Mercenary up in a razor's edge, Commando takes K-9's part in 3D. Nemesis has grabbed a chair and beats down Mercenary with it until it is unrecognizable as a chair. Commando has grabbed a near-by coffe maker and chucks it at Mercenary, nailing him in the side of the head, Commando grabs the IC title that Casey has been standing by with and shoves it in the face of Mercenary, says to say the least a few unkind words to him about it they all give him one last stomp, Commando spits on him then they leave. Commando says "mark ### *****" then the camera cuts back to Sanders and Powers)

MP: Tonight has just been the night for MD attacks. Can't it get any worse?

BS: Actually it can. Mercenary's match is NEXT!



Mercenary vs. Bret 'Brass Knuckles' Kross
???, ??? | 6'7", 256lbs
?????? | Chicago, Illinois
"Highway to Hell" - AC/DC | Bret Hart's WWF Theme

Once the competitors hit the ring it was obvious that Mercenary was feeling the effects of the earlier attack by the Manafest Destiny. Kross rocked Mercenary with a couple of fist and chops in the beginning and then whipped him into the ropes only to catch him with a spinebuster. From there Kross did not let up the attack. After hitting Mercenary with a reverse neckbreaker Kross then followed it up by whipping Mercenary in the corner and catching him out of the corner with a bulldog.

BS: And Kross is gonna go for the first pin, but Mercenary kicks out in two! I don't even know if Mercenary can continue!

MP: He's not putting up much of a struggle tonight is he? I say that Kross just put the fork in this buzzard cause he is done.

Kross continued the attack, but made one fatal error. After catching Mercenary with a powerbomb Kross made the mistake of playing to the crowd and not going for the cover. That gave Mercenary the rest he need to mount a semi comeback. He snuck up behind Kross, turned him around, and caught him with a couple of chops until he backed him into the ropes. He then whipped Kross to the oppposite side and unleased a furious flying clothesline that nearly took Kross out of his boots. Going for the quick kill Mercenary went to the top rope to finish him off, but Kross was waiting for him. As Mercenary leaped off the ropes Kross raised a foot and caught Mercenary right in the mouth.

BS: Oh this could be the beginning of the end! Kross wraps up Mercenary for a suplex and he comes crashing down hard on the mat.

MP: And it looks like he's gonna do it a second time! YEAH BABY once more!

BS: And now it's Kross into the ropes. Ducks a clothesline by Mercenary. Off the ropes again. Mercenary ducks for a back body drop, but Kross stops in his tracks. Hooks him up.....BRASS BOMB!!! BRASS BOMB!!! This could be it! Kross goes for the cover...ONE...TWO...THREE HE DID IT!!! Kross is the new TV CHAMP!!!!

Winner and NEW MWC Television Champion

'Brass Knuckles' Brett Kross


BS: WHAT A MATCH! We'll be back after these.....no we won't, we have COMPANY! MD minus K-9 has just rushed the ring, Commando with a chair wrapped in barbed wire in hand hits the ring first, and COBASHES Mercenary right in the fore head


BS: Lone Wulf nails Kross in the back of the head with his own chair, Nemesis lazily making his way to the ring with a dumpster full of "goodies." Commando and Lone Wulf working over Kross and Merc' in the ring, Nemesis finally makes it to ringside and begins tossing weapons into the ring. I see a playstation, a boom box, a keyboard, a lava lamp.... Where do they come up with ways to use these?

MP: they are quite the innovators on GROOVY ways to do things.

BS: Commando picks up....is that a vacuum cleaner...OH MY GOD!

MP: whoa, that's the second time I've seen that done, SMASHING.

BS: Wh....I'm not even going to ask. a shopping car now in the ring, Lone Wulf gives Bret Kross one last smack with his stop sign that tosses the sign aside, picks up the shopping cart and slams it hard downs him in the cart, Commando with a NOSE DIVE right on a boom box, Lone Wulf picks up Kross in a military Press....oh NO! he just THROWS Kross into the crowd! now Lone Wulf goes over to Commando and Mercenary, 3D!! the DESTINY DEATH DROP and they just FLATTEN that garbage can, Nemesis tosses his last goodie, a portable TV, into the ring, then gets into the ring himself. the ring is now full of debris, Kross is somewhere in the crowd, and Mercenary is damn near DEAD!

MP: way to sum it up, Sandy.

BS: Yeah anyway, well now Commando has picked up the TV title and is shoving it in Mercenary's face, probably taunting him about it, now that he's done with, Commando picks back up Mercenary and gives him a NOSE DIVE on the severely deformed chair with barbed wire around it, probably cutting up the top of Mercenary's head, Now Lone Wulf goes over to get him somemore of Mercenary as Nemesis sets up a table, and picks him up in the Razor's edge and Commando from the front and DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

MP: Groovy baby I don't know how they pulled that one off.

BS: MD yet again the "innovators." Well, Commando has picked back up the TV Title, spit on it and...........THROWS it into the crowd, oddly enough hitting Bret Kross, BUT that's Multinational Wrestling Corporation PROPERTY damn it, that's gonna come outta his check!

MP: I'd like to see ya try baby, Commando is one crazy cat!

BS: Well I guess MD has had their fun with Mercenary and Bret Kross, because they are making their way backstage as medical attention quickly moves in on the scene, Nemesis trips up one of the paramedics, and laughs hysterically at him, but as the medical attention finally makes it into the ring, they put a neck brace on Mercenary and quickly put him on a stretcher, and the parapmedic's try to find their way through he crowd, but are turned back, but the damn near riot that Commando has started by throwing the TV title into the crowd.

MP: Everybody's fighting over it YEAH BABY!

BS: We've got a situation here folks. We're gonna try to get it resolved as soon as possible, but we have to go to a commerical break! We'll be right back!!

BS: Welcome back folks. If your just joining us for the first time tonight let me just say that it's been an eventful night thus far. K-9 attacked Blair earlier today when he was attempting to enter the arena. Jackson got a quick and impressive victory over Michael Gettis. Mercenary was attacked by Manafest Destiny minus K-9 before his TV title defense and when he dropped the belt to the new champion Bret Kross MD attacked AGAIN!

MP: And don't forget Holmes and his buddy screwed Simon Wilcox out of the Extreme tourney when they continued to attack Steve Radder and got him the win by DQ! Those two are gonna pay down the line and Simply Stunning is not one to turn the other cheek.

BS: Well we're about ready.....wait a minute....I'm being told that Victoria McCave has another report from the back.

MP: How do you hear these things and I don't?

BS: Maybe it's because I'm liked and get paid more than you.

MP: I doubt that!

BS: Anyways let's cut to Vickie!

VM: This is Victoria McCave and I have an update on Bryan Blair. His condition is not serious from the attack earlier by K-9. He got some bumps and brusises, but he did not have to go to the hospital for anything serious. He was released by the EMT's on the scene and he should be good for the duration of the card. Earlier, during the Mercenary and Kross match World Champ Eddy Love made his way to the arena with his valet Sweet Melissa and I can just say this he is looking ready for tonights fight with Michael Hardy! Back to you Brett and Mike.

BS: Thanks Vickie.

MP: Do you ever thing she used to work tables before she started this gig?

BS: What made you bring that up?

MP: Well just look at the way she stands and walks around. I'm willing to bet she is a former dancer of the exotic arts if you know what I mean. Right right?

BS: You live for this don't you?

MP: I like to make it my hobby YEAH!

BS: I just don't know about you. Well coming up next we have......

[Cue up, "Love Lifted Me." by Collective Soul. The boos start chiming in as Stan and Grant make their way to the ring without William H. Bradley and WITHOUT their usual pomp and circumstance. Both are wearing khakis and polo shirts along with Oakley sunglasses and brown leather shoes. ]

BS: Well it looks like we're gonna have an interview with The Lunar Express and they don't look to pleased right now!

MP: Well considering their loosing streak would you?

BS: But things could change now that they've hooked up with The Elite. And it looks like Stan is gonna be the first to speak.

[They enter the ring and immediately call for the mic. Grant sits on the top rope as Stan does the spiel.]

Stan: Well, I guess we've seen the writing on the wall. For months, we played the game of pushing other tag teams to stardom, Puerto Ruffians, Team EXTREME, & Ecubed. We took the dive to get our day in the sun. WE were patient, LOCKE enterprises - well, they showed us that if you don't take it NOW, you won't get it. We were the good little workers, and we waited our turn - now they pushed JW outta power and much more than that - they pushed us outta the limelight. Then comes in San An's whatever. Rumors abounded of our contract negotiations and well ... Commish Ivy flinched and we took another dive - dropping the only gold we'd held in the MWC. Frankly, we can STILL take any of MD - ANY DAY.

[Stan stops to receive a FEW cheers at that statement.]

Stan: Then came SuperNova and the upstarts called Casanova Clique. We went from a rematch for OUR belts to a match with little or no signifigance to anyone - BUT US! We said before the match, they have us take the dive, then we drop the contract and get our tails outta this waste of a promotion. Guess what? We took the dive. In any FAIR competition, we'd have taken you - but the MWC is no longer about fair play - it's about backdoor dealings and CC, you're the best going in the back door! (HUMOR POP) We know of your connections with the powers that be, and don't worry ... we'll be watching the MWC falter flat as the competition dies.

Stan: But crying ain't why we've come out here. Quitting ain't why we've came out here. We came out here for 3 people - Bryan Blair, Eddy Love, and Eddie Dean. We had the plan didn't we boys. Eddy or Bryan MWC World champ. Dean MWC IC champ. LE MWC Tag champs. We were to be the Elite, at least until the powers that be took out THE POWER of the Elite. They eliminated Powers, they tripped the LE, screwed the LOVE, and only Dean has came out of this looking rosey likely only cause that punk Cruise was getting ready for his walking papers. The powers that be knew we were coming, and we couldn't be stopped - so they stopped the greatest surprise since Vizzack found out Sunshine was a man. For months, we had Dean behind the scenes setting Vizzack up for the fall.

Stan: THEN, the powers that be said, Stan ... Grant ... if you do this Elite thing, go in and pretend that you're going to help Vizzack then jump him ... WHAT? EVERYONE knew we were there to kick Mark's ****. Anyway, we did our job in SPITE of the circumstances and STILL the powers that be screwed us over.

Stan: So Eddy, Bryan, Kevin, and Dean where ever you are at... we wish you well in keeping this makeshift operation afloat, but no longer can we dive for anyone who is good at that back door magic. We're outta here.

[Fans cheer LOUDLY]

Stan: But as is customary for our exit ...

[Stan and Grant drop their pants and moon the crowd to peals of cheers.]

Grant: We'll be leaving through the front door, not the back - lets get outta here.

[Stan and Grant head out of the ring and towards the back to a chorus of cheers. Meanwhile Brett and Mike are trying to gain their composiure.]

BS: Oh someone in the front office is NOT gonna be happy about those comments.

MP: It was the loser's way out. Forget about those old hags and let's move on with the future YEAH!

BS: I suppose you're right.



Fallen Dreams (Fallen Angel and Dreamer) | Casanova Clique (Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson)
Combined Weight 543lbs | Combined Weight 500lbs
Hardin, Texas | Dayton, Ohio
"My Own Prison" - Creed | "Fly Away" - Lenny Kravitz

The action started off fast and quick in this match-up. Fallen Dreams, coming into the match with an impressive record, had everything to win and nothing to loose in this match against Casanova Clique who also had a excellent record coming in. Dreamer was the first to face off against Allthat. Dreamer was cautious going into the match and he had every right to be for Allthat, while in a lockup, lifted a knee into his midsection. While Dreamer was bent over Allthat reached back and fired off a couple of chops into Dreamer's chest. He continued the attack until he backed him into the ropes where he then grabbed Dreamer and whipped him into the opposite side.

BS: Allthat ducks. Dreamer with a leapfrog. Off the ropes. Dreamer ducks a clothesline. Off the ropes again. Dreamer with another leapfrog. He jumps on the top rope and shoots off a moonsaut and NAILS Allthat on the way down! What a move!

MP: Simply Stunning could do better.

BS: You're still on that kick? We've got a whole new match here.

MP: Oh they're both good and all, but really. They're not Simply Stunning.

BS: But you're really not Austin Powers, but we have to put up with it.

MP: Square!

Dreamer then tagged out to Fallen Angel who whipped Allthat into the ropes and caught him with a leg trip. At the same time Dreamer came off the ropes and caught Allthat on the back of the head with a legdrop.

BS: Fallen Angel quickly rolls up Allthat. He gets a one, two, and a kickout!

MP: Is it over yet?

BS: Hey this is an important match you know. The winner gets a shot at the Tag Champions at the PPV.

MP: Is it Simply Stunning?

BS: You know it's not.

MP: Then whoop-de-doo. They don't even have a female valet or manager.

Fallen Angel then tagged out to Dreamer who then whipped Allthat into the opposite corner and rushed him, but Allthat had the mind to move out of the way and Dreamer caught nothing but pole on his shoulder. Allthat then lunges for the hot tag to Johnson and he comes in a ball of fire. He picks up Dreamer and whips him into the ropes, catches him, and turns it into a sidewalk slam.

BS: And Dreamer is just getting HAMMERED by Johnson, but the interesting thing here is Fallen Angel! Is it me or is he actually getting upset at his partner.

MP: This match might just get interesting after all!

After Johnson connects with a powerbomb he heads to the top rope and leads with a flying headbutt, but Dreamer rolls out of the way and Johnson hits nothing but canvas. Dreamer then tries to tag out to Fallen Angel, but Angel backs up and refuses to tag in. Dreamer starts to argue with Angel, but both of them fail to notice that Johnson has made the move to tag in Allthat and he gets a running leap on Dreamer which pushes into Fallen Angel who falls to the ground. Allthat then whips Dreamer into CC's corner and tags out to Johnson who climbs up to the top rope. Allthat whips Dreamer into the ropes and hits a spine bomb on him with Johnson also coming off the top rope with a flying legdrop.

BS: Johnson is going for the pin. One, two, thr--NO! So close and yet so far.

MP: I see that Fallen Angel finally made his way back to his feet and is now looking around for something....and I think he's found it.

BS: A steel chair? What is he gonna do with that?

MP: If you need to ask that question in this league then you just don't know what's going on.

BS: I know what it is for, but so early in the match?

Fallen Angel goes back to his corner with the steel chair while Dreamer and Johnson are still going at it. Johnson whips Dreamer into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Dreamer ducks it. Dreamer off the ropes and EXPLODES with a flying clothesline of his own on Johnson.

BS: And Johnson is down along with Dreamer! And Dreamer desperately crawling to his corner to tag out.

MP: Well it looks like Fallen Angel wants in this time. He's got his hand out and everything!

BS: Dreamer finally makes it to his feet and he's stumbling to his corner. Meanwhile Johnson is making it back to his corner as well. Dreamer reaches out to tag Fallen Angel and he makes the tag! Angel is in and he's still got that steel chair! He looks towards Allthat and Johnson and...he's smiling?

MP: Oh no.

BS: OH YES! Fallen Angel just turned around and used that chair on Dreamer's HEAD! What in the....

MP: And now he slaps Dreamer and tosses him over the rope and points at The Casanova Clique and then Dreamer. Allthat just shrugs his shoulders and goes for the pin. One, Two, THREE! And that's it!

Winners: The Casanova Clique


BS: And tonight The Casanova Clique get the win with a helping hand from Fallen Angel.

MP: Yeah. Who would've thought it. And now they're in the center of the ring.

BS: Well they're doing more than talking about it. What was first a dicussion has turned into a shoving contest. And here come the MWC officials to break these two up! Oh we've got another situation going on....

MP: ...along with everything else!

BS: Tell me about it. Well we have just found out today that "Too Sweet" Brian Schwartz has just come off the injured list and he is back in action in the MWC! The roster has been looking a little thin as of late with the injuries and defections, but now it's starting to return and Schwartz being on it helps a lot.

MP: Well he better do something to impress me, but it really doesn't matter.

BS: Why is that?

MP: He's not Simply Stunning.

BS: Why do I even bother? Well coming up next we've got the other half of the Extreme matches with Hellfighter going against Matt Martin and they have been VERY VOCAL before their encounter.

MP: Well hopefully they can get this over quick cause I wanna see Hardy collect his World Title.

BS: I need more drinks. That's what it is.



"The Monarch" Matt Martin VS. "HellFighter" Michael Patrick Shultze
6'1", 231lbs | 6'11", 290lbs
Las Vegas, Nevada | Kansas City, Missouri
"Bow Down" by Westside Connection | "Revolution" Krik Franklin's Nu Nation Project

This match started off fast and furious from the start. As Hellfighter was waving to the crowd Martin came out and attacked him from behind. They were trading punches back and forth heading back up the rampway until Hellfighter missed with one of his punches and Martin took over control. He whipped Hellfighter into the steel baracade and then came running towards him leading with his foot, but Hellfighter moved out of the way and Martin kicked nothing but steel bar.

BS: WOW! I wouldn't be surprised if he jammed his leg!

MP: Has this match even made it to the ring yet?

BS: It's Extreme so no....it hasn't.

MP: Go figure.

Soon the match made it to the backstage area where Hellfighter had the upper hand and nailed Martin across the back with a five gallon cooler of water. As Hellfighter turned around to look for another object to hit Martin with Martin himself found a lead pipe off to the side. He picked it up and hid it as Hellfighter was coming back. As Hellfighter got too close Martin raised the bar in-between Hellfighters legs.

MP: OH THAT'S gonna leave a mark!

BS: And this one is going back and forth!

Martin reached for Hellfighter's hair and dragged him towards a parked pick-up truck. He tossed Hellfighter in the back and followed in. He then took Hellfighter to the top of the cab and posistioned himself perfect to deliever a powerbomb on Hellfighter, but he couldn't lift him up. Instead Hellfighter pushed him back and lifted up to hit a back body drop on him.

BS: Oh and he landed HARD in the back of that truck! These two are not holding ANYTHING BACK!


Hellfighter then picked Martin up and started to head back towards the ring, but Martin slipped out and pushed Hellfighter face first into a wall. While he was trying to recover Martin looked around for a new object and found what he was looking for....a empty bottle. He got back to Hellfighter who was still trying to get back up, waited for him to turn around, and then CRACKED the bottle across his head!

BS: HE'S CUT! HELLFIGHTER IS CUT! OH DEAR GOD what is Martin thinking!

MP: He's thinking the only way to win is to survive and to destroy your opponent!

BS: Well he tries for a cover. This one should be over. One, Two, Th-KICKOUT! Hellfighter kicked out! How we'll never know.

With blood dripping from the gash above his forehead Hellfighter attempted to make it to his feed while covering the cut. Martin got back up and waited for the man to recover then made his move. As he was walking closer towards Hellfighter he wasn't ready for what was about to happen next.

BS: Martin stalking. He's got ahold of Hellfighter. Hellfighter drops his hands from the cut and OH MAN!!! He just wiped his own blood in Martin's eyes!

MP: I can honestly say I've never seen that move before. His own blood?

As Martin is trying his best to gain his eyesight back Hellfighter has found a bottle of his own. He was about to hit him with it, but he backed off from it. Martin then finally regained his eyesight and made a quick move towards Hellfighter, but that's when he finally decided to use it. He brought the bottle down right on the forehead of Martin and then fell back to gain some of the much needed air he craved. Hellfighter then got back up and dragged Martin back out of the backstage area and towards the ring.

BS: These two are bloodied beyond compare! This hasn't been a fight it's been a WAR!

MP: And it's not even done yet!

Finally both of them made it back into the ring for the first time tonight. Hellfighter got ready to whip Martin into the corner, but he reversed it and tried to whip Hellfighter in, but he reveresed it as well. It happened once more before Hellfighter got whipped into the ropes with the ref in the wrong place at the wrong time.

BS: AND THE REF IS OUT! Martin rolls out and grabs a steel chair and heads back inside.

MP: Hey he's gonna sit down on the job.

BS: I don't think so. He raises the chair and brings it down on the small part of Hellfighters back! He is not looking good right here! And now Martin drops the chair and sets up Hellfighter for The Reign. I think he's gonna try to plant him on that steel chair! Wait a second he reveresed it! And in a unprofessional manner too!


BS: He just hunched Martin over and now he's setting him up for The Crossface Hell Slam! He picks Martin up, moves towars the chair while still in the hold, and OH MY....He just planted Martin on that steel chair!!! And Hellfighter is there for the cover, but the ref is still out!!!

MP: You could count to two thousand that man isn't getting up!

[At that moment Sephrioth makes his way out towards the ring and has a lead pipe in his hand.]

BS: SEPHRIOTH IS HERE!! SEPHRIOTH IS HERE!! He slides in the ring and CLOBBERS Hellfighter from behind! Oh Dear Lord this isn't happening! And now he scoops up Hellfighter...SUPER NOVA!!! He just nailed him with a Tombstone piledriver! Meanwhile Martin has been trying to wake up the ref.

MP: Look Sephrioth just slid out!

BS: There has been TONS of bad blood between these two dating back to Supernova! And now Martin has Hellfighter up and hits The Reign! This is unbelievable! One, Two, Three! This one is over!

Winner: "The Monarch" Matt Martin


MP: And now Sephrioth is back in laying the boots to Hellfighter.

BS: OH WAIT here comes The Gothic Alchemy!! Goth and AC slide into the ring and Sephrioth takes a quick exit and runs towars the back! What a match!

MP: Hey look the cameras have picked up on a visitor to the match.

BS: Yes they have picked up on.....is that Jammy? Looks like he got a good seat for that match. And what is that in his hand?

MP: Looks like something with a red button.

[As Matt Martin is walking back to the backstage area Jammy pulls out a mic]


[Martin stops at the top of the rampway and turns around to see who is calling him. He sees that Jammy is waving his hands and the spotlights from the arena shine on him.]
J: You know what mon? Dey say never to push de red button ...

[Jammy pushes the button and buckets of slop begin to fall from the lighting units up above the enteranceway with much of it falling directly on Matt Martin. Martin looks around and realizes he's covered in slop and he is furious as the crowd begins to laugh at him. Jammy stands up and holds up his black box that he was playing with earlier.]

J: He...HA HA HAHA - mon, if you never to push the red button... dey don know what dey missing."

[Martin points at Jammy and says a couple of words and starts to head towards him, but the security guards are keeping him from going into the crowd.]

J: "Mon, you look like you be smokin' too much ganja! HA HA HA HA"

[Jammy gets up and heads for one of the exit ways as Martin just stops struggling and looks at himself. After a few more moments of yelling he heads towards the back.]

MP: Oh man that Jammy is funny! Did you see what he did to Matt Martin? (laughing) He is a RIOT!

BS: I'm willing to bet that Martin has a different view of Jammy and his jokes. Well at least we know one match for the next PPV and that's gonna be Steve Radder vs Matt Martin in the finals for the Extreme Title! What other matchs remain to be seen. We'll be back folks with The Main Event!!

[Another commerical comes on the screen to promote local shows, toys, and the next PPV from MWC simply called GENESIS!]

BS: Well welcome back folks to HTO Indy! Tonight has been a rather interesting night and it can only get better cause THE MAIN EVENT IS NEXT!!!

MP: Yeah BABY YEAH!!! Tonight we have one half of Simply Stunning Michael Hardy going into that ring right there and coming out with the World Title.

BS: But in order to do that he will have to get past the man known as Love...Eddy Love.

MP: Was that another James Bond joke towards me?

BS: You are so paranoid.........

[At that moment "Turn the Page" by Metallica begins to play as Vice President Erik Zieba makes his way down the ramp to a mixture of cheers and boos. He walks by the ring and makes his way to the announcers booth with Brett Sanders and Mike Powers.]

BS: Hello VP Zieba. How are you doing this evening?

VP EZ: Well I'm doing pretty good considering what has been going on tonight. K-9's attack along wth MD's attack. Holmes and his friend and what they did. Sephrioth and what he did just now. Well considering this is the main event I think I'll stay out for this one and see what happens.

MP: Don't lie Z! You just came out here to get caught in Sweet Melissa's Headlights!

VP EZ: What? I'm a married man thank you.

MP: Oh you can look, but you can't touch. Save that for me.

VP EZ: Do your parents know where you are right now?

MP: Um.....

BS: Let's go to the match.




'Hurricane' Eddy Love VS "Simply Devine" Michael Hardy
6'5", 255lbs | 6'2", 280lbs
Clemson, SC | Sunderland, England
"Trampled Under Foot" - Led Zepplin | "Let Me Entertain You" - Robbie Williams


VP EZ: (looking a Brett) He's hyper tonight.

BS: He's been on this Simply Stunning kick all night.

VP EZ: Well that would explain it then.

BS: And there goes Love and Hardy in a elbow and collar tie up. Love pushes Hardy back to the corner as the ref is asking for a break. And Eddy releases the hold. A clean break?

MP: Rare isn't it? So Mr. Vice what are some of the matches on GENESIS? Everyone has been wondering about it you know...

VP EZ: Yeah yeah I know. People always wantin something from the Vice President and all. They must think I'm popular or something!

BS: Are YOU O.K.?

VP EZ: Stress.....comes with the job.

BS: Understandable. And Eddy Love just ROCKED Hardy's world with that European Uppercut! And now he backs Hardy into the ropes. Whips him to the far side...Running clothesline and Hardy goes down! And look at this. Love showboating to the crowd here in the Market Square Arena. Hey wait he's leaning over trying to get your attention Mr. Zieba.

EL: (shouting) Hey VP BOY! You wanna come back in the ring and drape the waist of Eddy Love again with the belt? HA HA HA!!!

VP EZ: (shouting back) You better pay attention to the match of it'll be Michael Hardy's waist I wrap the belt around.


BS: Love turns around and stalks his opponent again. Love picks Hardy up and whips him into the ropes again....SPINEBUSTER! Oh man he's just tearing down Hardy!

[The crowd starts to boo as they notice that Commando has made his way from behind the curtain and is standing up on the rampway watching the match.]

MP: Hey look we have a visitor! I wonder where Casey is YUMMY!

BS: Well so far all he is doing is watching the match.

VP EZ: And that better be the ONLY thing he does! I'm getting sick and tired of all of these MD attacks and if he even THINKS.....

BS: Oh wait a minute Commando is starting to make his way!

VP EZ: He thinks I'm kidding......

[At that moment Simon Wilcox appears from the back and catches up with Commando trying to get him to go back.]

MP: WILCOX IS HERE! YES! Simply Stunning is here to save the day!

BS: Well Commando is trying to go forward, but Wilcox won't let him...


BS: A fight has just broke out in the rampway as Commando and Wilcox are slugging it out.

VP EZ: That's it! I'm getting tired of this!

[Vice President Erik Zieba takes off his headset and begins to head towards Commando and Wilcox.]

BS: Oh Lord that man is upset!

MP: And there he goes getting their attention and is pointing for them to go back to the lockroom area, but Commando isn't leaving!

BS: And that's not gonna hold well with the VP...wait a minute! BLAIR IS HERE! He just snuck out from out of the crowd! He's making his way to the ring area with a steel chair in toe. Love whips Hardy into the ropes....BLAIR WITH THE CHAIR!!! And Hardy is dazed! Love with a boot to the midsection....HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!!! There is the ref. One, Two, THREE!!! And this one is over!!!

Winner and still the MWC World Heavyweight Champion

'Hurricane' Eddy Love


MP: Hey look Commando and the VP are STILL going at it!

BS: Wait a second Love just grabbed a microphone.

EL: HEY VP! Why don't you quit talking to that second rate wanna-be and come on up here and present me with the title again!

BS: Oh that got Zieba's attention! He ordering security to deal with Commando while he heads towards the ring. He now is asking for a mic.

VP EZ: How the..? The match is over ready? Now thinking about it how did YOU (pointing at Blair) get here?

BB: I had a ticket!

VP EZ: I bet! You know I've been thinking about the GENESIS PPV and I've been thinking of matches. Now we know that Radder and Martin are in the finals for the Extreme title and that Casanova Clique will get their return match at San An's Best in a NO DQ there must be a winner match, but the rest I have no idea.....well until now. I'm VERY SURE Commando is gonna fight someone at the PPV he will not like and so can be said about Kross, but you Eddy. You're a different story. I've searched for awhile now to find a competitor for you, but everytime I found someone they either were injured or quit the fed all together. Seems they had this love thing for Locke Jr. or something. I started thinking to myself who would be the perfect contender for the world title. I thought Vizz, but he's gone and you pretty much waxed the floor with him. I thought Eli Flair, but no he's gone. He packed his bags with Ivy after she dropped this job and I picked it up. Hell I even thought Kevin Powers, but no he's got some MAJOR ISSUES to take care of. So then I started to look around to see if I can notice someone that would be good for yo and your title. Heck maybe even someone in the crowd, but then I started to notice a pattern. Everytime you fight....Blair is there. Everytime Blair fights....Love is there.


VP EZ: I'm not done yet! Now I know how much you two are friends and all and I thought I couldn't do that. Wouldn't be right, but then I went to looking at Blair's contract and clauses for the World Title and do you know what I found? Blair, being a former champ, is given the right to have a rematch for the title after he looses it. Now granted he lost it to Vizz in the three way and he should've had the match right after, but you stepped into the picture Eddy and caused us to look a different way. So, in order to correct all of yours and ours mistakes, I've come to a conclusion. At the PPV GENESIS YOU WILL defend that title against the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER and FORMER CHAMPION......BRYAN BLAIR!!!!


VP EZ: Don't finish that. I'm the VP and I will break your account!

[The VP's music comes on as he exits the ring leaving Love and Blair VERY upset in the ring.]

BS: MY GOD WHAT A SHOCKER! The Main Event for GENESIS will be Love versus Blair for the World Title!

MP: We also know Radder and Martin for the Extreme Title and San An's Best against The Casanova Clique for the Tag Belts in a NO DQ there must be a winner match!

BS: Once we find out something more we will bring it to you as soon as we can. For Mike Powers and Victoria McCave this is Brett Sanders for MWC's HTO Indy. Good Night!


Sunday 29 August 9:13pm

(It's night at the Betty Ford clinic. A few doctors and nurses are still wandering, as well as security. But, when you don't expect to see something you usually don't.... explaining how they missed the two figures entering through the window. Partialy open already, no alarm has sounded.)

DR:Murray, did you do the rounds in the past hour?

MURRAY:Yes, Doc. I just got back.

DR:Were you able to do something about that dreadful man in C wing?

M:Dreadful.... Oh, you mean Kevin Powers. Yeah, Nurse Janice and myself sedated his ass and locked the door.

(At the mention of "C" wing, the two figures sneak away.)

DR:What was that?

M:What was what?

DR:.... I guess it's nothing.

(C wing. The door reads "K. Powers" on the front. He's inside, sitting in the corner, staring at the opposite corner. The two dark figures open the door and enter.)

KP:One hundred MGD in my mouth.... One hundred MGD....

VOICE(Male):So it's true. You're really in here.

KP:Izzzat.... you?

MALE:Yeah, it's me. And you're coming with us.

KP:No.... no.... no.... I've got a PROBLEM and they're dragging it out of me.

VOICE(Female):We know. But we think you should get out.


MALE:Out. The window. Let's go.

(Powers staggers to his feet, walks to the window, and opens it up. Looking down.... he promptly throws up.)

FEMALE:This is ridiculous.

MALE:What do you propose we do?

(Powers gets back into the room.)

KP:Sorry.... a little too much to drink, I guess.

(One of the figures winds up and CLOCKS Powers across the face. He stares at them for a second, then passes out on the bed.)

MALE:Was that necessary?

FEMALE:He can hit me later if he wants, when he's SOBERED UP.

MALE:I guess I get to carry him, huh?

FEMALE:You're good at this.

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