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MWC Hostile Take Over - Caracas

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Jul 8, 1998
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The scene opens with a tape from the House Show in Mexico City, Mexico. Eddy Love is pushing Bryan Blair out of harms way and getting out of the ring himself after the scuffle with Powers and Iceman.

Victor Creel's voiceover: Mexico City. A place steeped in history. A place where deals have been made, and alliances broken. The MWC's visit was no different as a seemingly new alliance is formed and a friendship torn asunder in the name of business.

Cut to Eddy Love in the ring taking not only Iceman Steve Radder out, but Kevin Powers as well with the Hurricane Piledriver.

VC: Rio. A party town. But last week L ended the PLR party.

Cut to Eddy embracing the MWC World champion Bryan Blair.

VC: As they say, the grass is always greener...

Cut to Deacon facing off against Armageddon in Mexico City and narrowly defeating him with the help of an ally - Pestilence.

VC: ...on the other side. However, this green pasture has taken a dive into a valley.

Cut to Shepherd disappearing in as a fireball explodes into the night sky.

VC: And now, Deacon must climb back out again.

Love is shown defeating Pestilence with some aid from his newfound friend - Blair.

VC: But this climb may have more danger than one might realize. For tonight, Bryan Blair and Eddy Love will face off against the enigmatic Pestilence and the sheep without a shepherd Deacon. But fans, that's not all.

Johnathon Hammer winning a 4 way matchup is shown.

VC: This man brings his clout to the ring to face for his first ever MWC title - The Television Title.

Eddie Dean is shown with an old camera from his BTR days. He leaps off the top rope with a garbage can and lands on Pestilence.

VC: The Extremist returns to the league, but things aren't quite the same. Will he be able to do what is necessary to compete? Tonight, we'll get our first look to see.

A silhoutted form is on the screen.

VC: And a new face takes the MWC by storm...will his inner fire be enough to set the MWC ablaze?

Close up of E cubed grabbing a hold of their gold belts after a hard fought victory over the former champs - Team Extreme

VC: And new champions...Ecubed brings their act to Puerto Rico to defend those belts against the Lunar Express...the former champions in disarray.

Show Eli getting pinned in Mexico City, cut to Rio where he's defeated by Lance Bishop in controversial fashion, followed by Eli and Randy throwing a punch at one another - the camera freezing as their fists engage each others face.

VC: Inseperable partners, torn asunder. Yes, it's been a hostile tour in Latin America - a tour that is going to culminate in...

MWC Hostile Take Over in Caracas

At the Caracas Soccer Stadium in Caracas, Venezuela


Explosions galore as the camera pans around a sold-out (people LOVE American entertainment) soccer stadium. 70, 000 fans are on their feet cheering the beginning as the well known Hostile Takeover logo flashes on the LockeTron. The camera cuts to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy as they begin...

JS: Fans - we are live and in living color via satellite. Locke Enterprises wasted no money to get us to you LIVE! The fans here are nuts.

LK: You are telling me. I even had a mob of people as I came out of the Hotel Room.

JS: They probably thought you were Steve Radder or something.

LK: Hey, I do have his eyes.

JS: Maybe eyes for looking at Kelly.

LK: Well, I am a blue blooded American.

JS: I'm not even going to go...

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' starts to play overhead and 'Good God' Kevin Powers, along with Gina, makes his way towards the ring area.]

JS: It looks like business is going to be picking up.

[They walk past the white pryo fountain and step inside the ring. Overhead on the LockeTron you can see the familiar emerald green letters on a black background. 'MWC InterContinental Champion', 'Gina: Woman of the 90's', 'Kevin Powers', and 'PR IN DA HOUSE!!!' Gina takes the mic from a nearby table and gets back into the ring. She looks out towards the crowd and listens to the fans give their usual pop for her, but she gives it no reaction. She waits for a few moments before she speaks.]

G: Stop the music! Now I know everyone wants to hear that oh so familiar monologue that I do, but it's not gonna happen! Now you people can just sit there and pay attention cause 'Good God' has something to say!

KP: (Takes the mic from Gina) Well, well, well. It seems that there some people among the inner circle with a communication problem! Now who could I possibility be talking about? 'Iceman' Steve Radder? Nope, not him. He knows the meaning of team competition. Therefore that only leaves one other person and that's you 'Hurricane' Eddy Love. You see there is something I just can't understand. You call me up to come on over to MWC and reunite PLR and yet you turn on Radder and myself. Now I've been asking myself 'why' for the longest time and I think I came up with the answer. Everywhere else you are the spotlight, the main event, the man. Yet in MWC...in MWC…you just don't have that main event status now do you? I can see how you're upset that Brian Blair beat you not once, but twice. And if I'm not mistaken the last loss you got was by way of submission now wasn't it? So what do you do? If you can't beat'em you join'em! Well I can see how this makes sense...from a warped point of view, but a view no less. As your losses kept piling up you just had to take out your frustration on someone. You couldn't talk to anyone calmly now could you? Oh no not the Love Man. You just had to pick on someone so you chose Steve. Steve has been with us since the beginning and you know this, but it just seems that you don't care. Why Eddy why? What really gets to me was when you decided to stick your big hurricane nose into our match. That was PLR business and if he would have won the title I wouldn't have mind because at least the title still stays in the family! But what did you do you non-title having chump? You decided to throw some of your non-authoritative weight around and attack the Iceman. Gina here, the one who still has control of her mind unlike someone else we know, tells me what you did and I did the fair thing and called for the DQ on myself. Now what happened after that I will never forget. If I'm not mistaken that is the second time I have felt the Hurricane Piledriver and I can only take so much. You wanna play games Eddy? Well come on and play come games because that's what I enjoy most and you know this! And another thing...

[Powers's speech is interrupted by static being heard on the LockeTron. After a moment Susan appears on the screen.]

S: Kevin! Baby! We've been looking all over for you! I'm so glad you are in the arena today because we really need to talk!

KP: I have nothing to say to you. After seeing you put your hands on that bum Love I really have nothing but disgust for you.

S: Oh don't talk that way. We still care about you and you know this! Come on over to the winning team and leave the snowflake be. And while you're at it leave that tramp Gina behind because all she is really is excess baggage!

G: What did you say?? I'm excess baggage? And what exactly do you call yourself you ego driven freak?! How can you bail on the man who loves you most and go to some bandwagon ridin' LOSER like Love?

S: You just don't get it do you bleached twit! Wherever Eddy goes the glory is there and I wanna be apart of it! I mean Kevin is great and everything, but it's Eddy that gets the job done.

G: Oh yeah. He sure gets the job done. Hell he's jobbed to Blair twice! You just go ahead and swing with Love because everyone knows that he's jealous of Kevin anyway because he has the belt! That's why he started this little trip of his.

S: Whatever. Kevin please leave those two and come back to the Powers of Love! As for you Gina (she sticks her hand out) Talk to the hand!

[The screen fades to black and Powers has the mic.]

KP: Well I'll let it be known. I just happen to have a surprise of my own and tonight not only will I reveal that surprise, but I will also have Eddy's answer.

G: Oh and by the way MWC...this interview is over and it's been your pleasure!

[The two leave the ring area and head back towards the locker room area.]

JS: Fans, this little impromptu interview has changed our time. When we come back, we'll have Eli Flair vs. Randy Harders in the ring and ready to go.


'The Hard One' Randy Harders vs 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair

JS: Welcome back and this match is ready to go...hold on, Randy is calling for the Microphone.

[Harders is shown wearing his usual outfit. Mrs. Beyer is in the ring as well.]

Harders: Eli, you are still my friend man. No matter what was said and done, I am sure you will do what is right. What is right, you may ask? Right is going back to what you were. You have to become EXTREME again. I will push you, I will push you to your limits. I will "drag the hardcore out of you."

Harders: I still respect you, Eli. Bishop didn't feel the full force of what Eli can do. To be a champion, to be what you can become, to be what you have been expected to be, you have to go back to what you were. I am the man, your friend, to do it. I will see you in the hospital bed next to me Eli. As long as the match goes how I expect it to go.

JS: I don't know how much good that is going to do before these 2 combatants beat the living daylights out of each other.

LK: It'll be fun to watch - come on, you know you will love it.

JS: The bells rung and we are ready to go. Randy storms at Eli taking it straight to him.

LK: Oh...what a clothesline by Harders.

JS: That it was. Eli back up but Randy takes him over with a snap mare. Surprisingly, Randy is trying to wear down Eli some early on.

LK: I'd say that is smart to get Eli winded before you trash him.

JS: Then again - Randy just leaped over the top rope sending Eli neck first on the top rope! Eli gasping for breath

LK: Oh yeah, Randy is not going to give him time. He drags Eli outside the ring.

JS: Gorilla Press and DOWN on the security railing - he could've broke his neck with that one!

LK: I have seen Eli Flair enough to know he won't go down that simply, anymore than Randy will - as much as I could care less about them, after seeing that fight in Rio - they are tough, if only they would chose the right friends.

JS: Like you?

LK: Like anyone else but each other.

JS: What?

LK: They need to go singles - they are too awkward as a tag team.

JS: And I suppose that would just happen to make Lunar Express get a shot at the title easier.

LK: No, it would make their title reign easier.

JS: They ain't the champs.

LK: In about an hour they will be.

JS: Oh, Randy sent Eli over the railing and into the fans...Eli needs to mount an offense here - he's just taking it.

LK: You'd think he'd get a clue already, Randy is white trash...Eli needs to find someone not so uncultured.

JS: Anyway, Randy has Eli up - Powerbomb on the steel chair!

LK: Eli may have to give up or something...then again - KILL HIM!

JS: He's heading that way. Randy has Eli by the hair and is heading for the LockeTron.

LK: That's fortified GLASS!


LK: Correction, that's broken glass!

JS: Eli is busted up something awful in there.

LK: A face only a mother would love...then again, I am willing to bet he's a child of the foster care system.

JS: Excuse me, but my wife works for the Foster Care system.

LK: Yeah, and I am certain she is full of aristocratic class.

JS: Well, not exactly. Let's call this match.

LK: Geez, like anyone cares.

JS: I know several million people who do - Randy whips Eli into the railing - REVERSAL!

LK: Eli just flipped his matted hair out of his face...blood flying! Vic would LOVE this match!

JS: He charges at Randy - Flying Elbow into Randy's face. Eli stays on top of Randy and throws him back in the ring.

LK: (sarcasticly) go eli, go eli go.

JS: (rolls eyes) Eli sends Randy into the turnbuckle - Shoulder to the midsection. Randy doubled over, Piledriver!

LK: Come on Eli - take out the trash!

JS: He goes for the first cover - 1...2...(kickout). Eli not surprised as he drops an elbow down and then picks Eli back up. He locks it in - SNAP SUPLEX. Picks Randy up again - Hammerlock applied - Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex!

LK: He is still not going where he needs to so he can win though.

JS: I think he's doing quite the job - IMPLANT DDT! - He picks up Randy...

LK: Inverted DDT! We know what that is setting up...

JS: AND SO DOES RANDY! Eli went for his TOTAL ELIMINATION, but Randy turns it into a small package

LK: 1...2...(KICKOUT!) Close call there!

JS: Eli pops up and drops Randy with a quick Shoulderblock. Randy trying to get up - Choke by Eli, CHOKESLAM! Randy rolls outside the ring to catch his breath.

LK: YES! Go on out Eli - GET HIM!

JS: Eli's heading out, but he seems to shake his head and hold in the ring waiting for Randy.

LK: Eli is SUCH a wuss!

JS: I don't THINK SO! Randy grabs at Eli, but Eli sidesteps him. This is going back into the ring.

LK: Go on Randy, your partner is a wuss.

JS: *whew*, Liam, back off a bit and call the match. Randy back in and they lock up.

LK: No, Randy dropped down and tossed Eli to the floor outside - Good move.

RANDY: Eli - I'm going to get you out of this phase even if it KILLS ME!

LK: Ah, a true friend...that's a rarity these days. I mean, except for Bryan Blair that is.

JS: Harder launches himself over the ropes and down onto Eli...he picks him back up - HURRICARANA on the CONCRETE! Eli may be out! Randy picking him up - Eli seems to be limp as Randy tosses him back in the ring to get the win.

LK: Well, at least Randy gave Eli a chance.

JS: Eli is up, Randy climbing through the ropes and he doesn't see - ELI DIVES STRAIGHT THROUGH HIM! They're out to the floor!

LK: Looks like Eli finally woke up.

JS: Looks like Randy just got Faceslammed to the concrete!

LK: EWWW, Raking Randy's face along the security railing!

JS: Randy is busted open. Eli sends Randy up for a Powerbomb - he dropped backwards.

LK: Eww, Randy may need a plastic surgeon after that fall! Face first into the apron.

JS: This match is turning ugly here. Randy trying to slowly get up, but Eli putting him down with a chair. Eli setting Randy's face on the stairs.


LK: EWWW! He just took that chair catching Randy's face in between the chair and stairs.

JS: His face will definitely give more than the steel! Eli grabs Randy's neck - he's pulling on his head using the ringpost as a fulcrum!

LK: Did you hear that snap?

JS: No, but that's only because the crowd is so loud! Eli sends him back in and takes the chair in the ring with them. He wraps Randy's leg in it - HE LEAPED ON IT!

LK: Knees are NOT meant to bend that way!

JS: Randy rolls outside, but he may not be safe there either. Eli coming out after him - Chair in hand.

LK: Randy dropkicks Eli's chair sending it back in Eli's face!

JS: Nice cover, but neither of these guys look like they have much left - WHAT? The Timekeeper says we are down to 1 minute until the match is over and we have to go to commercial.

LK: Almost OVER? Both men are still breathing though!

JS: Randy is trying to get up - HE'S GOT A CHAIR!

LK: Eli rolls in the ring with his chair, Randy rolling in on the other side.

JS: We've got a 45 second chair match here as both men are trying to get to their feet. Randy up first and he's heading over to Eli who has pulled himself up with the ropes.


JS: Oh, Good LORD! Their chairs slammed into each other and they hit themselves!

LK: The ref is starting the count - 1...2...3...4...5...(Randy and Eli slowly trying to get up)6...7...8...(Up to one knee)9...


JS: What happened? This match is over?

LK: A time limit draw...what a crock!

JS: WHat a match - they're still eyeing each other - WHAT? Fans, we gotta go to a commercial.

[Cut to commercial for Season's Beatings - the Locke who Stole Christmas]

Time Limit Draw


JS: Welcome back again...we HAVE to show you what happened during the break.

[Eli and Randy are eyeing each other - chairs still in hand. Randy nods with a bloody mouthed grin and drops his chair. Eli eyes him carefully as Eli holds out his hand - ELI TAKES IT! (HUGE FAN POP) They SLOWLY LIMP their way back to the locker room with their respective managers.]

JS: That's right! Eli and Randy are Team EXTREME again! Up next, a newcomer to the MWC.


Johnny Blaze vs. Grant Meredith

[Sound of fire burning comes over the speaker as the spotlights turn to the arena looking for...THERE! A bald man with a goatee and wearing black jeans is making his way to the ring. He has a tattoo on one shoulder of a Japanese symbol]

Announcer: Now, making his way to the ring weighing in at 215 lbs. and standing at 6'1" - Johnny Blaze. And already in the ring, his opponent - Grant Meredith.

JS: Blaze walked through the crowd, but didn't even acknowledge him...this guy seems a bit odd.

LK: Well, I keep my ear to the grapevine and this guy could have been brought in by Locke for one reason.

JS: What would that be O'Wise One?

LK: Insurance...to keep Mark Vizzack from either holding onto or ever getting the Television title again.

JS: Really? That could be interesting. Blaze just nailed Grant with a European Uppercut. SPINEBUSTER SLAM!

LK: Impressive start for the newbie! Get the white trash Blaze!

JS: And get him he does...He's got Grant up in the Argentina Backbreaker (aka - Torture Rack) ...HE DROPPED IT INTO A NECKBREAKER!

LK: What a move! This guy is phenomenal.

JS: Well, against Grant he is...Blaze puts Grant on the top rope facing out, and climbs the 2nd rope himself.


JS: Already? He drops him down with a neckbreaker from the top rope!

LK: BLAZE OF FIRE - 1...2...3!!!!!!!! I have to get in there for an interview, I'll be back.

[Johnny doesn't wait for the ref to raise his hand or Liam to interview him. He leaves the ring as quickly as he entered.]

Winner: Johnny Blaze


LK: Well, I do not get guys like that.

JS: Maybe he just didn't want to talk to you.

LK: I hope Locke knows what he's doing. But I think we have someone who LOVES to talk - Victor is in the ring and ready to do the interview.

[Cue up Led Zepp "Whole Lotta Love": Eddy Love with Sweet Melissa head towards the ring to join Victor Creel. Eddy is wearing his tights with a T-shirt that reads "there is no LOVE in pLr". His hair, as always, is sprayed to perfection. Melissa is in tight shorts and wearing a T-shirt with "PLr" on it. The P is regular size, the L is huge, the "r" is barely visible. Melissa holds the ropes as Eddy enters and he turns and shares a long wet kiss with her. Love takes the microphone, smiling wildly.]

LOVE: I just don't understand how these illiterate, half bathed wrestling fans can turn on Hurricane Eddy over this little PLR thing. I saw a little American boy outside, yes there is *one*, and he had a PLR shirt with a circle and line over the L. Do you people really not remember the way I created PLR and propelled Powers and myself to glory and saved the fledgling career of one Steve Radder. Allow me to endow you spics with a little history lesson.(huge heel pop)

As Eddy Love made his way through the competition in the CSWA's world title tournament, he came up against a mighty warrior who seemed like an honorable man and Eddy trusted and befriended this man. This man was Kevin Powers and he battled me longer and harder than any man, and a bond of respect was born. Before the night even ended my pal Kevin Powers donned a pair of my tights and a mask and helped me drop both that worm Mark Vizzack and the Freakin Deacon right there in the Union Center. At that same card, Kevin Powers accepted a membership to an elite group called the Corporation and Eddy followed Powers lead, declaring there new partnership a team known as **The Powers of LOVE**..... Well we all know that with success comes clingers on, leaches if you will. And the Powers of Love was not immune to leaches. You people's pansy(bleep) hero, the Ice Man came running wanting in on the money and the fame. Radder begged me to let him play Powers role as the Masked Love and so when Powers had a tough match and the other wrestlers may have even been closing in on him, I made the mistake of letting Radder have the pleasure of wearing that same mask. Well Radder got that mask yanked off his face and claimed all of Kevin's glory from past successes. But even then I sucked it up and tried to carry this no talent hack to a career, but the fact is you can't turn a two bit leach into a champion and so I have dropped the Queerest of the Queer. If Kevin Powers has no more respect for himself or for his career than to associate with losers like Steve Radder, how does this make me the bad guy. Kevin come to your senses, come back where you belong. (Long Pause) Now I'm going back stage and getting ready to come out here and give the Deacon the beating he's been asking for since I first met him, then Radder, I can start concentrating on that beating you got coming.

[Love hands the Microphone back to Creel and embraces Melissa with a long hard kiss as the fans chant get a room in Spanish.]



E-cubed vs Lunar Express

The camera comes back to the backstage area where the Lunar Express are relaxing in their locker room. Into the room busts William H. Bradley III who immediately starts shouting that they need to get out to the ring. In the background, you can hear their music - 'Love lifted me' by Collective Soul. You can even hear the crowds response. Stan makes a few jokes that only Grant can hear and snicker at as the Lunar Express begins to make their way out. They come through the curtain to a cascade of cheers from the crowd (hey, they love anyone!). Fireworks explode as various moon lighting cels flash around the stadium.

The arena lights dim as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' gets the crowd to their feet. A spotlight focuses on the curtains and everyone waits patiently for this new team's entrance. First through the curtain is Sampo, wearing a Quit Riot T-Shirt, long blonde hair in a single pony tail on the side of his head, grinning like there is no tomorrow. Closely behind follows Ironfist wearing his old boxing robe. The robe is dark blue with thousands upon thousands on sequins and beads. The hood is drawn over his face and he is hopping and dancing towards the ring just like at prize fighter at thier biggest match. Three slightly over weight men wearing white t-shirts that are too small follow the two men. Each of the 'escort's' shirts have an 'E' handwritten on them in a black magic marker (one is even backwards). The three men are also carrying flashlights and are waving them around like they are some kind of a light show. They also are popping blackcat fireworks on their way to the ring as if they are pyrotechnics. Ironfist seems oblivious to this as he looks all business. Sampo is slapping high fives to the crowd and even giving a pose or two (are his tights on backwards???)

JS: Fans, welcome back after a very long entrance period. We apologize for the lack of professionalism from the Lunar Express.

LK: The Lunar Express??? That was great! They just showed everyone that this is just another match to them, just another chance to shine in the darkness.

JS: Yeah, whatever! The bell has rung and we have Ironfist and Grant in the ring. Ironfist stands in the middle of the ring and Grant moving closer. Good Lord, what's he doing now?

LK: Showing some rythm my man! Yeah, do a little dance, make a little love!

JS: HE'S DOWN TONIGHT! IRONFIST sends him to the mat with a right hook!

LK: Man, no wonder no one likes that white trash washed out hunk of useless knuckles.

JS: These fans certainly don't mind him! Ironfist on top of Grant pounding away - ref trying to break it up - and he does.

LK It's about time, last time I checked - an closed fist is illegal.

JS: Well, Ironfist is a boxer so he's using those skills well. Grant back to his feet, and down with a body slam. That is legal! Irish whip by Ironfist, but Grant sliding underneath the ropes. He's outside and catching his breath.

LK: He does not need to catch his breath, they're just having a strategy session.

JS: A session broke up by Sampo - Flying splash from the top on all 3 of them!

LK: That's totally uncalled for!

JS: Well, the fans are calling for another one! Sampo sends Grant back inside, these men are true champions and shining tonight!

LK: They will never shine like the Lunar ones will when the belts are theirs.

JS: Ironfist with a combination of punches, and then an irish whip into the ropes, he bounces of the far side - Stan grabbed his leg!

LK: No, I did not see that - he just tripped, the dope.

JS: I don't think so. Grant drops the elbow, tags in Stan, and they are doing what they unmistakably do best.

LK: Yeah, tag team. Grant with a snap mare and Stan drops the elbow.

JS: Another TAG! these guys can really work together. Stan whips Ironfist into the ropes and off perpindiculur. Grant picks up Ironfist for a Hotshot and Stan leaps off to help the move with a bulldog.

LK: What a move! Ironfist may be out after that. Grant with the pin - 1...2... (Kickout!) NO NO NO NO NO!

JS: Ironfist isn't going anywhere that easily. Grant tags in Stan, irish whip Ironfist into the corner.

LK: Turnbuckle Jam time! Stan whips Grant into the buckle - great shoulder to the midsection! Stan following in, Flying elbow to the face and he flips on out to the floor.

JS: Some showboating to the crowd now, but SAMPO nails him with a crossbody from the top!

LK: Somebody tell that guy the rules around here!

JS: Ironfist heading for the corner, Sampo back up - and we have a tag! Grant in - he's down with a dropkick. Grant back up - another dropkick. Stan in the ring - Clothesline by Sampo! He's a house of fire tonight. Ironfist and Grant roll to the outside and are fighting right in front of us.

LK: Ref! Get out here and stop these guys!

JS: And that he does...Sampo firing away at Stan, but Bradley has pulled something out of his pocket. He's sneaking up behind Sampo.

LK: This is looking really good - I told you these guys can really work together.

JS: Who's that? - it's the masked men coming through the crowd.

LK: Turn around Willy, turn around!

JS: The HUGE guy has William around the neck and he's screaming bloody murder. The smaller guy grabs whatever was in William's hands.

LK: NO NO NO NO NO! Ref, turn around!

JS: The masked man just knocked Stan out of his boots with quarters flying everywhere! They are out of the ring, but the damage is done - the ref sees it as Sampo with the WINDS OF CHANGE (Tornado DDT). Ref back in -


JS: 3!!!! YES, they've defended their belts, and they are celebrating!

LK: They cheated!

JS: I didn't see Sampo do anything illegal. what a match! Fans, we gotta go to a commercial.

The Winners and still MWC Tag Team Champions



JS: Welcome back, but we have ANOTHER THING we need to show you.

LK: Yeah, this I actually enjoyed.

JS: Let's go to the tape.

During the commercial break, Ironfist and Sampo are celebrating as Eye of the Tiger plays on the PA. Down the isle comes Team EXTREME. They hit the ring and begin to plow through Ecubed. Grabbing chairs and sending Ecubed out on stretchers. Both Extreme members are bandaged from earlier, and now - it looks like E cubed will be also.

JS: *whew* fans, this feud is far from over, I'd say that Season's Beatings has yet another match to add to its tally if Team EXTREME gets what they want. But now, we have to introduce...

ANNOUNCER: Now, please welcome - 'The Extremist' Eddie Dean.


'The Extremist' Eddie Dean vs 'The Juggler' Will Schwetty

JS: Here is a guy that I hired back in the BTR days...he was pretty impressive then and I'm looking to see what he can do here tonight in front of a nationwide audience.

LK: He's also been quick to make some enemies, already throwing himself in a 3 way matchup with Crippler and Angelus for Season's Beatings.

JS: Well, he had some controversy when he lost in the BTR tourney by DQ against Pestilence. He's yet another EXTREME guy making the MWC his home.

LK: Well, JW has stated that he has plans for the Hardcore wrestlers...that will be revealed tonight.

JS: What is it?

LK: Don't you wish you knew?! You will have to wait like the rest of the world.

JS: The bell rings and Schwetty puts his balls down and is ready to wrestle against the Extremist.

LK: Excuse me?

JS: The match has began and Eddie is bounding off the ropes - flying knee. He caught Schetty with that one.

LK: Dean is here for one reason, and that is to prove his victories in the BTR were not a fluke.

JS: He had a good record overall, even if the league was short-lived...I'm glad to see him back.

LK: Schwetty isn't - TIGERBOMB!

JS: Great move by Eddie...he's going up top - CORKSCREW DIVE! This guy wastes no time...he tosses Schwetty to the outside - he's going for that Garbage can he had a ringside, wait!

LK: Schwetty catches the Extremist with a forearm smash in the back of the head. He's kicking away as Eddie curls up in the fetal position for protection.

JS: He'd better do something else...what is he doing!

LK: He pulled something from his pants - Some sorta foreign object in the leg! It's outside and anything goes out here!

JS: Yet another extreme matchup tonight. Eddie going to work on Will's face with that weapon...he drops it and rolls under the bottom rope and back out...Will is down and Eddie is going up top with the Garbage CAN - BOMB'S AWAY!

LK: Oh...did you hear that!

JS: I think they heard that all the way to Miami where we'll be next week. Eddie tosses Will back in the ring and follows him in - Reverse gut-wrench suplex...that's his setup for - EXTREME PLUNGE (Leaping Brainbuster). That's all folks.

Winner: 'The Extremist' Eddie Dean


LK: 1...2....3!!! Eddie tossing the limp Schwetty outside and kicks his balls on top of him - Juggle those trash!

JS: Humberto Ramos is heading down to the ring for a quick interview. Let's go to Ramos.

Humberto Ramos: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time it is my pleasure to introduce to you one of the original stars of Big Time Rasslin'. Please offer a warm welcome-back for none other than tonight's victor - "The Extremist" Eddie Dean!

HR: Mr. Dean, first of all I'd like to welcome you back into the Multi-National Wrestling Corporation...

ED: Look here kid, I don't have time for any of this sentimental stuff, I'm back in action and that's all there is for me to say about that!

HR: Right... well as I recall, you mysteriously left the promotion after a bit of initial success back in the summer. Can you explain why you left?

ED: I left because I was bored, I was tired of wrestling, and besides that I had a job offering as a stunt man that I was tied up with.

HR: Wow, so you really were busy all that time...

ED: Watch it, kid. J.W. Locke didn't pay me to be nice to you, and I'm not plannin' on it.

HR: Okay. So after you completed your role as a stunt man, what made you want to come back to the MWC?

ED: I came back for the excitement. They call me the 'Extremist' and I live up to my name. When I left, BTR was a small-time promotion run out of West Virginia. Now that I'm back, MWC is a rich corporation with plenty of competition. I certainly like this Locke character better than Sears (Grins at Jim at the table).

HR: You talk about the MWC having plenty of competition. Who in particular do you have in mind?

ED: Right now, I'd like to take a moment to grab the attention of the man who calls himself the "Daredevil." Mark Vizzack, I didn't run across you at all in BTR, but before I do anything else I'm putting an offer out on the table that you can either accept or reject. Your a man with a similar persona to myself, and I can't deal with that unless you're on the same side as me. Now that I'm back in the MWC, I'm offering either to be your partner in crime in running this fed as far as top level competition is concerned, or to be the biggest pain in your side for the weeks to come. It's up to you...

HR: Which wrestler or manager has influenced you the most in your...

ED: How am I supposed to answer such crap? Who paid you to ask these questions anyway?

HR: ...I...well...

ED: Well I'll do you the favor of answering it this time, but next time you'd better think about your questions before you ask them. I was brought into wrestling by Gil Long as an original member of the Crooked Heels Society. We had a lot of success and dominated the action in the feds that we were in. Then Hexx mysteriously left and took his alien friends with him. Soon after Shane "Hailstone" Hilliard had a family reunion with his twin brother, Shawn the "Hellstone." And "Devious" Scott Deville dumped both me and Gil Long to look for better guidance. Basically, I've learned not to trust anyone, so to answer your question, no one has influenced my career significantly. I influenced my own career the most!

HR: Wow, you sound like you've got a lot of hatred...

ED: Watch it. I'm not here to let you make generalizations about my life!

HR: So why the "Extremist" nickname?

ED: What, you gotta problem with that?

HR: No... I was just, curious.

ED: I call myself that because that's what I am. Those hardcore federations think they all know what it's like to go extreme, but few have the intestinal fortitude to step up against me. Here, I'll take on anyone in any situation...especially in the TORTURE CHAMBER!

HR: Okay, folks. Well there you have it, returning to the MWC it's "The Extremist" Eddie Dean!



'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs "The King of The Extreme" Jonathon Hammer

(Beat the Bastards by the Exploited starts to play as the crowd comes to their feet.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen hailing from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds...the king of the Extreme....Jonathan Hammer! (Fan Pop)

(Hammer comes out from the back to a huge appalause. He is wearing his black wrestling tights that go the full length of his leg. On the right leg it says "Hammer" in red. He is also wearing an MWC t-shirt. He puts both arms in the air and brings them down quickly and fireworks blow off behind him in reds and golds. He then walks down towards the ring. He shakes hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.)

Announcer: And now, weighing in at 224 pounds and standing at 6'2" - the MWC Television Champion, the Daredevil MARK VIZZACK! (Fan Pop)

(The lights go down. Anticipation rises in the crowd as the music fills the air. CUE UP:"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) - Van Halen". Spotlights pan the crowd. The aisle is covered by spinning, intertwined, double "D"s. Suddenly it seems as if every light in the arena has flickered all at once as if a strobelight - and there they are. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack stands tall at the base of the aisle, a hint of gold visible beneath his leather jacket. Next to him is Sunshine Del Payne, her face is flushed but the look of excitement cannot be hidden from her eyes - she is proud to be there. They begin to walk toward the ring. Vizzack smacks hands with as many fans as he can. Sunshine takes a different approach and shakes the hands of several people at ringside, but several of the male fans seem a tad over-amorous and she shys away.Vizzack hits the ring first, completely vaulting himself over the top rope. He hesitates by the stairs for a minute as Sunshine walks up them and steps under the middle rope. Mark unzips his jacket, climbs to the top turnbuckle, and presents the fans with the TV Belt. He holds it up high and calls for the fans to get into the match and they oblige - by making a LOT of noise. Mark does a backflip off the top and embraces Sunshine in a big hug as fireworks go off at ringside, sparks fly from the ringposts, and JW Locke can't seem to believe that this man holds his TV Title.)

JS: This is a matchup that many people expected as the finals for the TV tourney back on Halloween at Wicked Ways. Hammer came in with a hard fought match, but lost it to Crippler who has since really been a thorn in the champ - Mark Vizzack's - side.

LK: Marky Mark does not know a true thorn until JW notices him enough to sic the dogs on him.

JS: I'd say JW has taken good notice of my former champ. And I'd say that everyone has taken notice of Hammer so far in the MWC. There's the bell and we are underway. Mark throws up an Enzuiguri going for the home run early, but Hammer isn't going to fall for that.

LK: I would say not, Hammer has shown himself very skilled, if only he had chosen someone besides Stellar Stan.

JS: I believe Stan chose him.

LK: Well, that is beside the point. And then last week in Rio he won a 4 corners matchup that was wild to say the least.

JS: Hammer sends Mark into the turnbuckle - Shoulder to the midsection.

LK: That 4 way has led him straight to this shot at his first title in the MWC...I would say he is looking pretty impressive.

JS: That he is - another irish whip to the other buckle - Mark nails him with a boot to the head as he comes in!

LK: Hammer is down...Mark runs to the ropes with a Moonsault - YES, Hammer up with the knees. Seems that your golden boy is being a bit foolish tonight.

JS: I wouldn't say that, he's always looking for the homer.

LK: Maybe so, but this time Hammer is sending them foul.

JS: Hammer grabs Mark into a Headlock and is grinding down. Takes Mark into the corner - Irish whip to the other side. He's coming in - Vizzack with a victory roll. The ref gives the count - 1...2..(kickout) close one there!

LK: JW is not going to be very pleased if Mark pulls this off.

JS: I'd say not, but both these guys are playing smart wrestling. Mark climbing the top rope - Bulldog! Mark connected there.

LK: Keep it up Vizzack, you are going to be hit with a pitch one of these days.

JS: He is keeping it up - Neckbreaker by Mark...and he's waiting as Hammer tries to get to his feet.

LK: Give him some time to breath and Hammer can take you out.

JS: True...Mark takes off for the ropes...

LK: Lord, NO!

JS: Yep, he springs off them and grabs Hammer on the way back - DAREDEVIL FLYER!


JS: 1...2...3!!!! Vizzack wins and he & Sunshine are celebrating in the ring as their music blares. Valiant try by Hammer, but this was a battle of who could pull off their finisher first I think. Some great counter wrestling from both sides.

Winner and still MWC Television Champion

'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack


LK: This is pathetic...no way JW is going to stand with ...

JW Locke walks down the ramp and in front of the LockeTron. He motions to the Tron as he says -

JW: Cut the MUSIC!

[Mark stops and stares at JW with a look of utter disgust on his face]

JW: I've seen more than enough of this ****. Mark, you've done the impossible so far...holding on to that belt. But I've not taken an active role since you pulled off winning that belt. That is going to change. Matter of fact, several things are going to change in Miami, Florida at Season's Beatings. I thought to myself as we rounded the lower America's, "JW, you need to get on the ball. Vizzack has really made himself quite the defender. So, how to change that?" Well Mark, let me tell you AND all the people around the world -

[On the LockeTron, a figure appears in the shadows, with a question mark superimposed on his face]

I have a secret person for you to face at Season's Beatings...unfortunately for you, you won't know who he is until you strap on those boots and get ready to step through those ropes. No time to prepare. No time to plan any gameplan. In a word, you are ... clueless. Funny, I knew that all along.

[Mark races toward JW with a show of complete rage on his face. Security stop him as JW continues to goad him on.]

JW: Get him OUTTA HERE! I have one more tiny announcement. This league has been called one of the most extreme around. We've shown those punks out east how it really needs to be done. Well, if we are full of extreme wrestlers, I think it is time we have an EXTREME CHAMPION! (Pop from crowd). Starting on our tour of the good ole' US of A after Seasons Beatings, we will begin a tournament to decide who exactly is the MOST HARDCORE wrestler in the MWC! So everyone, get ready to see some blood! Come on, get this show back on the road!



Pestilence & Deacon w/Shepherd vs 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa and Susan & MWC World Champion 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair w/Contessa

JS: This is what everyone has been waiting for tonight...to see 4 of the most influential competitors in the MWC square off in one ring at one time.

LK: It's what I've been waiting for all night...Blair is the man!

JS: What about Eddy Love?

LK: Him too.

JS: Hmmm...well, lets get ready to -

The lights click off and the Gregorian chant begins as the crowd goes insane! Deacon makes his way out to the ring with his hood down around his face. Shepherd is not with him (of course) and he seems to be walking a few steps faster than normal. He climbs the stairs, pulls his hood down, and steps over the top rope ready to wrestle.

JS: A rather subdued entrance from the ring entrance master. This Shepherd disappearance must really be getting to him.

LK: I would say so, he has never been much of an athelete, and tonight he will be shown what real atheletes do to wannabe evangelists.

The lights still off, and then with a blast of Pyrotechnics and lights that blind everyone, they come back on...Pestilence standing beside Deacon.

JS: Whoa! Where'd he come from.

LK: Two guesses. 1 - the asylum or 2 - Poison Ivy's closet. Then again, that is all the same to me.

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as Susan, formerly the valet of Kevin Powers walks out. They both turn around and with the grandest body language around, introduce - "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

LK: There is my man - The Hurricane!

JS: I'd agree - the blowhard in the ring.

LK: I would suggest you watch it.

JS: This coming from you? The guy who called Bryan Blair your man just a second ago.

LK You can never start trouble with my friends. We are like THAT. Just like me and Bryan Blair.

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights went out again. A clear, white spotlight hit the curtain and out walked the young lady, Contessa walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her Gold victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped Amber stone, a gold bow in the back of the wig, & a gold victorian mask with plenty of jewels with a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He is also wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she took his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

LK: THe champ is in the building!

JS Quite true...now who's going to - -

The lights go out yet again but this time - On the blacked out LockeTron, words in emerald come up - 'PLR'. Out of the curtain walks not only Kevin Powers and Gina, but also Steve Radder and Kelly. The crowd responds completely insane to these beautiful women and to...oh yeah - their wrestlers. They make their way to the ringside area, Kevin taking a seat at the announcers table with Gina and Steve and Kelly to the other side.

LK: Here. Pass these headsets around...JW is ALWAYS prepared.

SR: Maybe too much so.

KP: We just came down to support our good friend Eddy Love. How's it goin' Jimmyboy?

[He gives a big punch on Sears who nearly falls out of his chair.]

SR: Hey Jim, you'd better keep your balance, I wouldn't want to lay the smack down on ya for messing with me.

[Inside the ring, Eddy Love is obviously angry as the PR just wave at him with grins on their faces.]

LK: You must know that your presence here might throw Eddy off his game tonight.

SR: Na, we wouldn't do that to our good friend Eddy Love - right Kevin?

KP: Of course not, we are just down here to pass a little unbiased commentary on this historic matchup. Do you know how long we've waited to see Deacon and Eddy Love in the ring at the same time?

SR: That is considering that this started in the CSWA - can I say that on worldwide TV?

KP: Oh, like you give a ****. Heck, waiting for them boys on the Atlantic takes a LONG time. But who am I to complain, they know that I'm the man with the title - here and there.

SR: Hey Kevin, I believe we have a bell and it looks like Eddy is going to be starting out.

KP: Ahh, he keeps looking our way - that is SO sweet.

KELLY: Actually, he's looking my way I think.

SR: He's just so happy to see a REAL WOMAN.

KP: He has 2 real women, just one of them is a skank and the other...well, I won't say anything bad about her - it wouldn't be politically correct.

JS: Let's try to call this match. Pestilence and Eddy lock up as they begin to see who gets the early advantage. These 2 fought a great battle in Rio and it's great to see a rematch of sorts. Wait, Eddy is calling for Deacon to come in.

SR: never thought I'd say this, but I hope the Freakin' Deacon kicks some ****.

JS: Deacon comes in, but with a look in his eyes I haven't seen in a while. They lock up and Eddy with a twist of the arm - DEACON TOSSES HIM OFF! Eddy spinning backwards after that one. He's in Blair's corner and they are 'plotting'.

KP: Don't stand there you Mute Freak - get after him!

JS: Deacon patiently waiting, and Eddy is back at him...he's calling - for a test of strength????

LK: Eddy can take him - right...uhm,

SR: No, WRONG! I could take Deacon, but no way my good friend Eddy Love could.

JS: They set up, NO Eddy sends a boot to the midsection - NO, Deacon grabs the leg - he spins Love around...ATOMIC DROP! Eddy is hurting as he crawls back to his corner and tags in the World Champ.

KP: Geez, what a wus.

JS: Blair comes at Deacon but Deacon sends him to the mat with a clothesline. Blair back up, another clothesline. Throat jab by Deacon stunning Blair. Blair trying to get up - Running boot to the face! Blair back into his corner.

SR: For a champ, this guy REALLY needs to learn how to take out the Deacon.

JS: And that would be???

SR: Give me a match with the Freakin' Deacon and I'll show ya.

JS: Blair gets up the courage and ties back up with Deacon, NO, he dodges it - tossing Deacon into the ropes where Eddy is waiting - he pulled down the top rope. Deacon flips to the floor! Eddy drops down and slams Deacon's face into the ringpost before sending him back in. Blair with a knee jam on the mat on the Deacon and Eddy is calling for the tag!

GINA: Man, what a pathetic whiner.

LK: I kinda like Ed...

SR: Liam, I know you're close with Locke and all, but please shut up.il

LK: I...I

SR: Thank you.

JS: Eddy is in...

KP: Sure, NOW.

JS: ...and he grabs Deacon by the hair - Gutwrench Suplex! He's shown some power there.

KP: Excuse me? I'm the only POWER around here.

JS: Eddy smiles at Blair, points, wraps up Deacon in a figure 4.

SR: Oh good lord! This Deacon is such a pathetic wuss.

JS: Deacon obviously in pain and looking around for strength, but not finding his friend to help him.

KP: I'd say good riddance to that longwinded clothman.

JS: Well, anyway - Deacon is holding out, straining for the ropes - HE'S GOT'EM! Ref forces the break to a reluctant Love. Love smiles for Blair and then tags the champ back in.

SR: Figures...he's probably worn out from over-exersion already.

LK: Blair back in the ring and he picks Deacon up - OVERTURE (setup move that is an atomic drop to the knee)! You know what that means.

SR: Yeah, this pansy is going to do what Eddy never could.

LK: THE ENCORE (Figure 4 leglock and Blair's finisher). Deacon in complete agony here.

KP: Maybe he'd better start praying now.

JS: I don't think he could even if he wanted to. Blair has it cincehd in - Pestilence in with the save as he drops an elbow onto Blair. Deacon still in trouble, he can hardly keep his balance as the ref moves Pestilence back. Eddy comes in and they do a little double team on Deacon.

KP: Come on REF - turn your *** around!

JS: Love slaps his own hand and switches out with Blair. Love continues to pound on Deacon with a RUNNING NECKBREAKER!

SR: Come on ya mute freak!

JS: Eddy does a little pelvic thrust our way...I think that was for you Kevin.

KP: I think I need to remind Eddy how little he has to show for his work...a championless man in more than one way.

JS: Eddy is going for it - HURRICANE ...NO, Deacon tosses him over with a back body drop! (Fan pop). In comes Blair who nails Deacon with a kneedrop - In comes Pestilence, but the ref cuts him off pushing him back to the outside.

SR: This is freakin' ridiculous - who hires they idiot Refs!

JS: Deacon being double teamed again...Blair slaps his hand and Eddy goes out with this illegal tag. Blair latches in a Spinning toe-hold.

KP: Well, at least I don't have to watch my good friend Eddy Love anymore.

JS: Deacon with a jab to Blair's throat - that height does come in handy! Blair trying to catch his breath as Deacon pulls himself up using the ropes. Blair seems to have recupped and is lunging toward Deacon - Deacon has him by the throat - CHOKESLAM!

KP: YES! Come on ya overrated Mutie!

JS: Deacon seems to be out of it now though...using his last bit of strength to pull that off. The ref beginning his count - 1...2...3...4...5...6..Deacon is getting up, but Blair also...7..8 - Blair leaps and tags in Love and Deacon stretches that 7"1' frame to get to Pestilence - TAG!!!!!

SR: The freakin' Deacon is out and the FREAK is in!

JS: That's right, Pestilence with fists of fire laying out Love/Blair/Love/Blair! Love back up - Choke...CHOKESLAM! The crowd is going nuts!

GINA: Looks like that ***** Susan is going nuts also.

JS: Blair - Gorilla Press and he's going over the top and down to the concrete courtesy of Pestilence. Pestilence turns around and is back to work on Eddy. Picks him up - SIDE SLAM!

KP: I think Eddy is having a slight imbalance.

SR: No, he never can keep his feet on the floor - his head tends to float that problem away fortunately.

LK: Pestilence gets back up, pulling Eddy with him - Belly to Belly Suplex.

KP: Maybe he should join us, we could always use another ugly in PLR. He could replace our friend Eddy Love.

SR: Na, doesn't sound right - PPR.

JS: Pestilence has Eddy on the ropes - he hits the ropes!

LK: BLAIR TRIPPED HIM! What a great bit of teamwork!


LK: ....


JS: Eddy to work on Pestilence - Step over toe-hold with a crossface lock! That must hurt!

KP: Want me to show you?

JS: Uhm...not really...where was I? Oh yeah - Love has it cinched in - DEACON IN WITH THE SAVE! Ref pushing Deacon back as Blair comes in for the quick doubleteam - DOUBLE SUPLEX!

SR: You'd think Eddy could do at least one move without that pansies help.

JS: Well, the pans...er, Blair is the one to do the moves now. He has Pestilence up - Hanging Vertical Suplex! Great looking move on Pestilence. He grabs Pestilence by the leg - Knee Jam on the mat. He's got that, and now he's wrapping Pestilence in THE ENCORE! Deacon looks anxious to get the tag stretching way out for it, but Pestilence is in the wrong area of the ring. Deacon's had enough - he charges in and - what's this?

The LockeTron comes on and we see the face of Armageddon dressed in his medieval armor overlooking Shepherd.

ARMAGEDDON: Deacon...I believe I have something for you.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Pestilence suddenly sits up as if the Figure 4 no longer hurts and pokes Blair in the eye, breaking the hold. Eddie comes in with an elbow drop and then the ref puts him back in the corner. Deacon continues to look toward the LockeTron.

ARMAGEDDON: I have not heard from you about having a Crucifxion match...oh, I keep forgetting that you are a reject who can not speak - unless you are speaking to your pathetic god.

Pestilence struggling to his feet and turning towards Deacon as Blair tries to regain his composure after that thumb to the eye. Pestilence reaches slowly inching his way to Deacon.

ARMAGEDDON: I shall take your silence to mean that you do not care for your supposed friend. But worry not my nemesis, I have taken good care of him - just look.

A fireball explodes toward the sky as out of the back curtain walks Armageddon?? As he continues to talk on the screen.

JS: What is going on here? Is that a tape? Where's Shepherd?

ARMAGEDDON: If you ever want to see your friend again, I would suggest you sign the match - or you could attempt to apprehend me now and force the information from me.

Pestilence lunges for the tag just as Eddy Love is tagged in. Deacon dropped to the floor leaving Pestilence alone in the ring!

ARMAGEDDON: I knew you would betray anyone for your Shepherd...leaving them as a lamb in the slaughter.

As Love pounds away on Pestilence, Deacon makes his way up the rampway. He nears Armageddon and...

A fireball explodes just in front of the Deacon. When you can see again, Armageddon is gone and Deacon is on the ground holding his face.

JS: Good Lord! What is going on here?!!!

KP: I'll tell ya what - you have an idiot for a holy man!

JS: Someone get this man some help...SOMEONE GET PESTILENCE SOME HELP!

Blair and Love begin to double team Pestilence unmercilessly and shove the referee to the mat then...

SR: Ah...what the ****!

KP: What's up Iceman, you going to give a greeting to our good friend Eddy Love?

SR: Something like that...move it jabroni, I need your chair.

Steve hits the ring with Liam's chair. Just before he clocks Eddy, Love turns around and drops out of the ring.

KP: What? I believe Steve may need someone to coach him on this one...he's not good with greetings.

Love continues to back up into...6'10" KEVIN POWERS!...Love drops to the concrete begging for his life as in the ring Blair is handed Contessa's purse.

LK: Good, now I can talk again.

KELLY: Shut UP...little man!

LK: Hey you little...

GINA: The woman said shut up...so do it you jerk!

JS: Love doesn't see Radder behind him as he continues to beg for mercy - NECKSNAP BY RADDER! I think he just proved that he doesn't need a chair! Love trying to get up - WHAT?

GINA: That's my MAN, show him how the bird's DO FLY!

JS: Kevin just flipped Love off and what's he saying if we can pick it up?

KP: Here's your **** answer!

JS: Eddy is getting up to go after Powers, Full Nelson by Radder - ABSOLUTE ZERO (Face first Full Nelson slam) on the CONCRETE. Inside the ring, Blair is measuring Pestilence for the Purse...LOADED purse. He swings! Pestilence ducked! He hits Blair in the stomach forcing Blair to drop the purse...PESTILENCE HAS IT! WHAM! Blair is down and the ref is crawling over to make the count - 1...2...3!!!!! Pestilence DID IT! Pestilence DID IT! He pinned the World Champ! What? We are out of time...this card is over...next up - SEASONS BEATINGS from Miami Florida! Only on Pay Per View!!!!

Winners: Deacon and Pestilence
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