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MWC Hostile Take Over - Calgary

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(The scene opens as we show a CROWD of people in a downtown Calgary park. THey are lined up, and sitting at the table is various MWC stars. Blair is there, signing autographs...he just makes certain that he changes white gloves after each poster. Love is there with Sweet Melissa on his lap. Deacon and Pestilence are signing side by side with the newcomer Exodus.)

V/O: What a week of excitement in Calgary. THe MWC hit this leg of our Northern Exposure tour to much fanfare, especially in this great city. THe MWC came and the MWC has taken over Canada...tonight, yet again with...

MWC Hostile Take Over in Calgary

Held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(Cut to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy excitedly introducing the card as fireworks explode in this display of super excitement!)

JS: Welcome fans to Hostile Takeover in Calgary. Things have been crazy thus far and they are bound to get MUCH weirder as we move into position for SUPERNOVA!!!!

LK: That's right Jim, we are moving quickly to that super Pay Per View and everyone is looking forward to seeing what will transpire there.

JS: And we CAN'T start tonight off without discussing a group of guys that have continuously shown themselves in the past few weeks, Manifest Destiny.

LK: Oh yeah, they are THE most dangerous group in the MWC's history.

JS: And the changes in the Mechanical Animals.

LK: Truly an 'odd' combination with Styles joining up with his hated rivals in Angelus and Sephiroth along with the newcomer ExE. I can't say I understand their logic, but Styles is a coup if I've ever seen one.

JS: And don't forget the BTR

LK: Sorry, already did.

JS: The BTR last week showed at full strength. Mark Vizzack, Eddie Dean, Deacon, and Pestilence. We haven't had this much alliance activity since the ill-fated 'Powers of Love on the Rocks' hit the MWC scene. It's TRULY an exciting time in the MWC..and tonight we have some exciting matchups for you.

LK: Starting with the newcomer Exodus against JR Styles in Round 1 of the TV tournament.

JS: Should be interesting to see what happens there. We also have our final Round 1 matchup with the veteran Angelus taking on relative newcomer, Brett Kross.

LK: Looks like it will be an MA day.

JS: Unless, the MD hit the scene - which they are! Tonight, K9 will face off with Justin Sane in a ...get this - CARIBBEAN SPIDER WEB MATCH!

LK: I think I may drop out for that one.

JS: THen you might as well stay gone when Eli Flair defends his Extreme title against Mercenary.

LK: Like you enjoy calling matches with Victor Creel.

JS: Anything's an improvement. and our Main Event...

LK: Eddy Love...Bryan Blair against Kevin Powers and Steve Radder - the blood feud resumes.

JS: what a main event that will...Here we go boys!

Victor Creel: Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention, I would like to welcomeone of the founding members of Jim Sears Big Time Rasslin, and one of the chief -- of the ongoing BTR campaign, ladies and gentlemen, here is The Extremist EddieDean!

[The crowd hushes, as the steady and almost inaudible bassline of Bombtrack begins to play. Gradually it builds until the first cymbal crash, from which the pyrotechnics set off, and Eddie Dean emerges from behind the curtain to an overwhelming,almost deafening face pop that drowns out the lyrics to the entrance song. Dean is dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket and holds a trash can and the MWC Intercontinental belt over his head, as the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Rather than hisusual athletic gear, he is dressed in a pair of jeans, a BTR: Weve Been Banned shirt,and a pair of Oakleys, though he still has the two streaks of red paint runningdown bothcheeks. Two blue lights hang over head, and every time they cross for an X, the word eXtremist is spelled out with heavy emphasis on the X. Dean takes his time approaching the ring, slapping high fives and having fun with the crowd thataccepts himwarmly. Signs are shown all over the arena, encouraging their BTR hero on, as Dean takes time to acknowledge them. By the time Dean reaches ringside, Victor Creel is already breathless at the ovation which the crowd on hand has given for theirIntercontinental champion.]

Victor Creel: How ya doin there, Eddie?

Eddie Dean: Not bad myself. How bout you?

VC: Im fine, thank you. Eddie, it seems like the crowd is really behind you tonight.

[Dean looks up, drops his title belt and his trash can, leaps up on the nearest turnbuckle,and lets out an Ohhhhyeahhhhbabyyyyy! which the fans in attendance respond inkind.]

VC: As I was saying, it looks like the crowd is really behind you tonight!

ED: With every reason, because the BTR is now at full strength and our troopsare now ready to defeat JW Locke and conquer the MWC!

[huge fan reaction.]

VC: With respect to what you just said, I take it you're talking about Deacon and Pestilence apparently joining sides with yourself and Mark Vizzack in a campaign to win the MWC back for Jim Sears...

ED: You hit right on the money there, thats exactly what we plan to do! And you can be sure that JW is shivering in his office right now at the prospect of losing his beloved enterprise!

[Dean pauses briefly as he waits for the crowd to settle down.]

ED: JW Locke, your days are numbered. If I were you, Id enjoy every last one of my days as owner of the MWC, because sooner or later you've got to go![crowd pop]

ED: Were talking about a Hostile RE-Takeover, and it aint gonna be pretty for some of em rich folk like JW Locke and Liam Kennedy!

LK: Hey! Thats me!

JS: I suggest you hear out what Eddie has to say!

VC: Well, if youll excuse me, Eddie, I cant say that JW has been all that bad, you know.You do have to look at some of the good things that JW has done while hes been in office. Like look where hes taken this promotion, from a local independent based out of the backwoods state of West Virginia, hes expanded across the entire western hemisphere!

[crowd begins to warm up again as Dean begins to mock the kind words given to JWLocke.]

VC: And besides that, look at the roster situation. So many new competitor shavepoured into the MWC since Locke took over, boosting up the competition level of this league-- something that unfortunately cannot be said about the BTR of old.

LK: You hear that, Sears? Take that!

JS: Hush, I want to hear what Eddie has to say about this.

ED: (peering all around the audience) Creel, youve got a lot of guts, but you know what? I like that. Say what you will about JW Locke, oh how wonderful he is and all--just let me ask you, how much does he pay you to do these kinds of things anyway?

VC: (a look of mild embarassment sweeps across Creels face) He pays me enough, mind you, but thats not what were here to talk about!

ED: (grins a little before he can speak) Thats what I thought. But still, I think you give Locke more credit than he deserves. Yeah, hes got big bucks, and Jim Sears doesnt.Yeah, hes got youth, and Jim Sears doesnt-- sorry Big Jim. Yeah, hes got power, but that all will change sooner or later, because thats what were here for, to give JW the boot and restore things back to their natural order! Ooooohhhhhyeahhhhhh! [crowd pop]

VC: But how about expanding this promotion? Youre avoiding the question, Mr. Dean--

ED: Call me Eddie...

VC: Ill call you whatever I want! But what about the heights Locke has taken this promotion since he bought out Jim Sears? Dont tell me you liked competing in high school gyms all across West Virginia-- because I know you dont!

LK: Ha-ha! What do you have to say now, Sears?

ED: (removes his Oakleys and glances to the left, his mouth is left gaping wide open)You gotta problem with West Virginia?

VC: Not in particular, but I know you do!

LK: You know why birds fly upside-down in West Virginia, Sears? Because it ain't worth ****tin on!

JS: You keep your mouth shut, son!

ED: This isnt about luxuries, and fancy hotels, and jam-packed audiences. The true-hearted wrestler gives one hundred percent no matter where he is, whether hes performing in a sold-out Madison Square Garden, or whether hes in a back yard with two or three people watching. Any time, any place, the Extremist is prepared to go EXTREME![huge fan pop]

ED: This is about tradition, something that Jim Sears has and JW has no clue about.Locke has money, but he doesnt know a thing about wrestling other than what he used to watch on TV as a kid. Im telling you as a man straight out of the business,theres a whole lot more to it than that! Yeah, Lockes taken us international and boosted the ratings through the roof, but hes lost a lot of the tradition involved in wrestling, he has destroyed the good ol days of this sport.

VC: But what do you care? Youre only in this for money. I know you Hollywood people well enough that I dont think that battered brain of yours has enough room to contain sentiments of tradition and undying loyalty!

ED: Hey, you watch yourself Creel. If I wanted to remain in Hollywood and hang it out on the sets of the stunt men, Id still be there right now. Right now Im here in the MWC participating in the sport that I truly love-- this is not about money because Ican rest assure you that I dont make nearly as much money as I do out on the set, but about desire, will, heart. Thats what a true athlete places above all other commodities!

JS: Yeah, tell them out, Eddie!

ED: JW is going to find out sooner or later that beyond making money in the short run,hes injuring the sport by his money-making efforts, but before he can discover that with the MWC, we, that is Mark, Deacon, Pesty, and myself, are going to run him out of here![huge crowd pop]

ED: Thanks for your time, Vic, but its time for me to go![Dean puts his shades back on as he turns around and retrieves his trash can. Bombtrack begins to play on the speakers, as the fans erupt and Dean walks backup the aisle to end this interview.]

(Cut to a shot of Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy sitting at the announcer's table.)

JS: Fans, we know where HE stands.

LK: A dangerous place, JW's toes.

JS: (exhales) Our first televised match is another first round match in the Television title tournament. It pits 'Ranger' John Styles against MWC newcomer, Exodus. Ranger comes into this match on a wave of controversy. He's joined Angelus and his gang in some way, all though, there still seems to some animosity between Styles and the other members of the group. Not much is known about Exodus but he does have one advantage going for him.

LK: Yeah, the lovely Mercedes Devon. But is that enough to offset Styles? He's like a Timex.

JS: We shall soon see Liam. Let's go up to the ring for the introductions.

(Cut to a shot of the ring announcer standing in the ring...)


First Round Match for the vacated MWC Television Championship

Exodous vs 'Ranger' John Styles

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match of the evening is a first round match of the MWC Television Title Tournament. Introducing first, standing 6'3 inches tall and weighing in at 245 ponds, here is Exxxxodusss!

(Exodus emerges through the curtains. He is wearing black tights with blue stripes and an X on the sides and black wrestling boots with silver lines on the borders. The ensemble is topped off with a blue Tommy shirt. He's escorted to the ring by the lovely Mercedes Devon who is radiant in a Versaci sequenced blue dress. They walk down the aisle glad-handing the fans and finally reach the ring. Exodus hops up onto the ring apron and holds the ropes for Mercedes as she enters the ring. Exodus does a few stretches as the ring announcer introduces his opponent...)

RA: His opponent hails from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He stands 6'5 inches tall and weights in at 263 pounds, here is the 'Ranger' John Stylesssss!

(JR Styles steps through the curtains as 'Purple Haze' by Jimmy Hendrix blasts over the airwaves of the PA system. He is wearing camouflage fatigue pants with black HI-TEC combat boots. The ensemble is topped off with a black T-shirt that has a picture of Styles' face encircled by the words 'The toughest SOB in the MWC', the words 'Mean and Nasty' are imprinted inside the circle above Styles' face. A purple spotlight illuminates Styles as he walks to the ring. He just ignores the fans that jeer him and likewise ignores the fans that cheer him. He climbs up onto the ring apron as ground burst simulators cook off underneath the ring.)

JS: Styles charges Exodus... oh, stiff right hand by Exodus catches Styles flush underneath the jaw... clothesline by Exodus knocks Styles to the mat... Styles back to his feet...atomic drop by Exodus...Exodus whips Styles into the turnbuckle...ouch; dropkick by Exodus caught Styles coming out of the corner and knocks him through the ropes.

LK: Styles has taken a lot of abuse in the early going but he'll never go down that easy.

JS: Styles is back in the ring...right hands by both men!

LK: Look at 'em go, Sears! Lord, they've each connected with several rights and lefts.

JS: Exodus just staggered JR with that uppercut...Styles ducks a clothesline...and delivers a clothesline of his own.

LK: Exodus' head knocked right off his shoulders, Sears! Look, Exodus has a busted nose. Lordy, we have blood! !

JS: Exodus has rolled to the outside and Mercedes Devon is checking on her charge.

LK: Mmmm, Mercedes Devon. You know, she's like a nice cold drink of lemonade on a hot summer's day. Sears, you still haven't told me what we're doing up here in Canada when we could be down in Miami.

JS: What? I'm trying to call a match here.

LK: And doing a fine job at it too.

JS: Exodus rolls back into the ring. Styles bounds off the ropes...Lou Thesz press! Look at Styles rain punches down on Exodus' face. Finally, the referee gets him off of Exodus.

LK: Mercedes Devon has hopped up onto the ring apron. She's distracting Styles!

JS: Exodus spins Styles around...kick to the gut...latches onto Styles - GERMAN SUPLEX! Exodus drops for a cover...1...2...Thr...

LK: No! Styles drapes his leg across the bottom rope moments before the three count! That was close, Jimbo!

JS: Jimbo? (exhale) Exodus in control now...staggers Styles with a right-left combo...swinging neckbreaker by Exodus.

LK: Styles is grasping for air, Sears. Is he finished?

JS: Exodus pulls Styles back to his feet. Whips the Ranger into the ropes...Exodus with a tilt-a-whirl backbrea...

LK: No! Styles counters with a DDT! How did he pull that one off?

JS: That was a great move! As Exodus spun him around, Styles latched on to Exodus head and drove it into the mat! Both men are lying on the mat trying to catch their breath. Referee's count is at 4...5...6...7...

LK: They both get to their feet at the same time! Exodus goes for a suplex...

JS: Styles counters with a T-bone suplex! Styles is on the offensive. Styles pulls Exodus to his feet...high vertical suplex by Styles.

LK: He held Exodus up for a long time, just adding to the impact.

JS: Styles drops a knee across the forehead of Exodus...Styles pulls Exodus to his feet and whips him chest first into the turnbuckle...

LK: Ranger Stomp! Styles just hit that dropkick he calls the Ranger Stomp!

JS: Exodus seems to be the one in trouble. Styles lifts Exodus onto the top turnbuckle...He sets him up for...SUPERPLEX! Styles with a superplex and goes for the cover...1...2...

LK: Exodus gets the shoulder up! Exodus barely got that shoulder up in the nick of time.

JS: Styles backs Exodus up into a corner...Knife-edge chops by Styles.

LK: They're not affecting Exodus!

JS: Reversal by Exodus! Exodus is now laying the chops to Styles! Styles slumps in the corner...Exodus climbing the buckle and laying the punches down - slobberknocker time!!!!1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...


JS: Styles with an inverted atomic drop!!

LK: He put that knee right in the jimmy!

JS: The jimmy?

LK: You know, why don't you play with my...

JS: (Drowning out Liam.) OK, Styles has pulled Exodus to his feet. Irish whip into the ropes by Styles...Savate Kick! Exodus just dropped like a rock!

LK: Styles is climbing the top turnbuckle. Exodus is back to his feet.

JS: Styles leaps...Styles connects with a spinning leg lariat.

LK: It caught Exodus right under the chin and sent him right back down to the mat.

JS: Sidewalk Slam by Styles. Styles with the cover...1...2...Exodus kicks out.

LK: Exodus showing he can take some punishment.

JS: Styles pulls Exodus back to his feet. Sends him for the ride...And clotheslines him out of the ring.

LK: Lookout, Styles is following him out.

JS: Styles pulls Exodus up and sends him into the security barrier.

LK: Did you hear Exodus' back pop on that one!

JS: Styles pounds Exodus' head into the ringpost...

LK: Reversal by Exodus! He just sent Styles into the ringpost!

JS: Styles is holding his head. He's bleeding! Exodus attacks Styles! Exodus picks up Styles...

LK: and drops him face first onto the ringsteps!

JS: Finally, the referee is out demanding both men get back into the ring. Exodus rolls JR back into the ring.

LK: What's this? Exodus is signaling that it's over!

JS: Exodus picks Styles up. Doubles Styles over with a punch to the gut...DDT! DDT by Exodus!

LK: It seems Styles was able to counter the full force of the move by getting his hands up before he hit the mat.

JS: Exodus pulls Styles to his feet. Drapes Styles arm over his head...Picks him up...

LK: EXILE! EXILE! Exodus just hit that suplex piledriver move he calls the Exile! It's over, Sears!

JS: I don't think he hit it quite right, looked more like Styles landed on his back more than his head. Exodus with the cover. Referee in position...1...2...Thre...

LK: WHAT! Styles just kicked out! Oh, my God! Styles just kicked out! I was told nobody has ever kicked out of that move!

JS: Exodus can't believe it! He looks like he knows what went wrong... shaking his head... Exodus with a Boston crab! Styles seems sluggish! Referee over to check on Styles!

LK: We've got problems!

JS: What?

LK: Here comes the Mercenary.

LK: Styles waves off the ref and his eyes meet the approaching Mercenary!

JS: Mercenary is backing off...heading back to the back? What was that all about?

LK: I thought he'd went with the Mechanical Animals...what IS with the Mercenary?

JS: We won't know for now I guess. Styles makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Styles rolls to the outside.

LK: Exodus follows him out.

JS: Exodus sends Styles into the ringsteps again! Wait!

LK: Sears, Exodus is calling for the Exile OUTSIDE THE RING!!!!

JS: I think he's determined to do it perfectly this time, and with a much more dangerous result either way!

JS: Exodus drapes Styles' arm across his head…Picks him up…

LK: Styles blocked it! Styles blocked it!

JS: Front layout suplex by Styles…

LK: Onto the security railing! Again, Styles makes a comeback. You're gonna have to kill that man to keep him down!

JS: Styles is bleeding from a nasty gash in his forehead. Exodus' nose is pouring blood as both men are laying on the floor trying to catch their breath.

LK: Mercedes over to check on her charge. She picks him up and rolls him back into the ring.

JS: Referee's beginning to count Styles out!

LK: Wait, Angelus has hopped over the security railing and is picking Styles up!

JS: Angelus rolls Styles back into the ring at the count of nine! Exodus is waiting for him. Exodus is putting the boots to Styles! Exodus drags Styles back to his feet…Nice go-behind by Exodus…Exodus sets Styles up for a German suplex…

LK: Styles drops down with a toe hold!

JS: Nice reversal from Styles there, but...Exodus back up

LK: You know what Styles is after here...

JS: Styles with a Cobra Clutch! He's setting him up for…

LK: RANGER SLAM! RANGER SLAM! Styles with that Cobra Clutch Slam!

JS: Styles with the cover! 1…2…Thre

LK: No! Exodus kicks out! Both men have had a lot taken out of them tonight!

JS: Styles lying on the mat exhausted. Exodus gets to his feet and levels Styles with a clothesline. Exodus climbs the buckles…Styles gets back to his feet and turns around…

LK: Double axehandle by Exodus! Styles just crumpled!

JS: Exodus picks Styles up. He's calling for the Exile for a third time! Has it locked…

LK: LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW! Styles with a low blow!

JS: No doubt desperation move there - he'd never have survived another.

LK: Says you.

JS: Styles picks him up gut-wrench style!


JS: Styles just hit his finisher! That gut-wrench face slam! Styles with the cover! 1…2…

LK: THREE! Styles got 'em!

JS: Indeed, Styles got the three count as Exodus kicked out but it was a fraction of a second too late.

RA: Here is your winner, 'Ranger' John Stylesss!!!!

Winner: 'Ranger' John Styles


JS: Hang on a minute! Don't go anywhere! Angelus and the Mechanical Animals have hit the ring!

LK: Devon rolls here man out of the ring! Smart move! Styles is on his feet! What's he doing?

JS: Styles rolls to the arena floor and throws the timekeeper out of his chair!

LK: Sears, he's throwing the chair to Angelus! What's going on here? What is Styles screaming?

JS: He's screaming you want justice then hit me! Angelus passes the chair to Sephiroth. Styles is yelling at Seph, telling him to hit him!

LK: Is Styles nuts?

(Two loud cracks sound above the crowd noise.)

JS: Good God! Sephiroth just cracked Styles in the head with that chair, twice! Styles is down!

LK: Sears, Styles is back on his feet! Sephiroth is passing the chair to ExE!


JS: ExE has just cracked Styles with the chair. Styles is down! The only thing holding him up is the ring ropes!

LK: Sears, he's covered in blood!

JS: I guess its Angelus' turn. This is sickening!

LK: Hey, Styles called it tough love, baby!

JS: Angelus drops the chair! He just dropped the chair!

LK: He's picking Styles up! Styles is unconscious!

JS: There leaving! Angelus has Styles over his shoulder and is carrying him out of the ring! There heading through the curtains.

LK: If that was initiation into the club then Styles paid about four years worth of dues on that one!

JS: So Styles advances to the next round of the tournament. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape Styles will be in for the next round.



Skull and Bones vs. X's

The Xtreme started the match off quickly against Bonecrusher. These 2 teams seem to have a bit of anomosity toward each other, and it showed quickly with a clothesline, dropkick, spinning heel kick from Xtreme. Xtreme tagged in the giant - Xtra who hit the ring with equally amazing force. Whipping Bone into the ropes and then a Sidewalk slam that shock the ring! A giant suplex later and Bone was in SERIOUS trouble. The X's used the referee to keep Bone from making the tag. Each time he'd get to the corner, they'd get the refs attention just as the tag was made. An infuriated Bonecrusher grew more and more indignant with the outcome of this situation. The X's went for their finisher..and that's when EVERYTHING boiled over! Skullsmasher hit the ring and immediately nailed Xtra in the knee with a chop block on the big man, Xtra. The referee tried to restore order, but it was to no avail as this degraded quickly. The referee tried to forcibly seperate Skull from the ring, but instead of getting him out, he got an errant elbow for his efforts. Calling for the bell, the ref gave the DQ victory to the X's...but I'm willing to bet this is FAR from over!

Winners: X's via Disqualification



"The Crippler" Cameron Cruise vs. "The Hard One" Randy Harders

In what had been destined to be THE technical match of the night, the veteran Cruise faced off with the former MWC tag champ - Harders. They locked up with a variety of move/counter-move that dazzled the TRUE wrestling fan. No fireworks or highflying here, just straight Technical prowess in the ring. Harders got control with a Inverted Suplex and took the match for a good 5 minutes wearing down on Cruise, but just as quickly, Cameron went into the ropes and snatched the match's momentum with a Picture Perfect swinging neckbreaker. Cruise maintained wearing down the re-newcomer with a myriad of holds. In a headlock, Harders got to his feet and was able to complete a belly to back suplex. With both men lying on the mat the announcer called for 14 minutes in this 15 minute matchup, Harders popped up first with enthusiasm. He nailed 3 European uppercuts and an irish whip to the turnbuckle. It was reversed and a elbow by Cruise. Cruise went for a vertical suplex, but a block by Harders - a beautiful vertical suplex and then Randy called for his finisher. NAILING it and surprising not only Mercedes, but stunning her charge...the 1...2...RING RING RING - Time Limit draw for this GREAT matchup!

Time Limit Draw


JS: Welcome back fans...we are getting ready to continue the Television tournament...next up is Angelus against Brett Kross.

LK: Hold up Jim...

(cue up "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns & Roses, the fans stand up to boo. The Commando walks from behind the curtains with Casey at his side. Commando wheres tan camouflage pants and a black shirt, and he carries a microphone in his hand. Commando has a serious look on his face.)

Jim Sears: Commando, uncharacteristically just…WALKING down the rampway. No pyro, no falling from the rafters, no coming out of the crowd, no bang what so ever. I can't say I'm happy to see him though.

Liam Kennedy: where's the shock? I'm used to being surprised whenever I hear "Welcome to the Jungle" in an MWC arena. Where's the surprise?

Jim Sears: at the bottom of the box, Commando looks some-what serious, but I'm not as gullible as the average fan. I'm not buying into Commando's ruse.

(The Commando is in the ring, and so is Casey. Commando is looking down sadly, and tapping the mic onto his forehead. It's a few minutes before he finally speaks.)

The Commando: as most of you know, I am not a gimmick, I was really in many "combat situtations", what you see is what you get. I have served in many places throughout the world some for the greater good and some....well lets just say it wasn't for the greater good, and I have gained a great deal of respect for one man well. Even though I could be put in jail for somewhat breaking the "Code of Conduct" because much of what I am about to say could be considered illeagal, and is still classified. During Operation "Just Cause" in Panama, in the airport fiasco, that followed do to poor planning but those genuses' up on the Hill. But I was on my way through the town of Panama City extracting cause the whole operation had gone to hell, and out of no where one of our so called "state of the art": Stealth Bombers drops a smart bomb right on my ass, no allies in site, and along comes non-other than a man simply known as Merc. takes my half dead ass to saftey. when I got back home I punched out many of the people who were responciable for the airport disaster and the dropping of the bomb. But like I said I gained respect for a man we all know as Merc. I never really saw him after that until a few years later, in a little something called "Desert Storm" maybe you heard about it, you know those smart bombs we had that were so well covered on CNN, well it was ME on the gound making all those hits possible. Obviously I must have been a little better at it than those assholes who handled it in Panama. When all of a sudden another team who had been doing the same was discovered and was trying to make a break for it, this was in the outskirts of Baghdad and nothing much was there accept a Nuclear Test Lab and desert. Well seeing this, we couldn't just let them die, many of them were wounded but still fighting,so my team and I got out of our reconnisane fox-hole and proceeded to blow away all attackers, and it just so happens that one of those men who was in that team was Merc. so you could say that I returned the favor he granted to me about 3 years before. But don't get me wrong this is LIGIT, and many people have been staking claims that Manifest Destiny is UNTRUSTOWRTHY.....

Jim Sears: that's an understatement.

Liam Kennedy: let the man speak Jim.

(Mercenary's music starts to play and he walks down to the ring a little uncertain but finally makes it to the ring)

The Commando: You see Merc. you and me..... we are cut from the same cloth, we are the same kinda people. You practially saved my life in Pananma, and I would just like to extend my gratitude to you for saving my **** back there. I hope we can become partners, and tear up the tag-team scene together.

Mercenary: You want me to join MD? That is an honor, however, the Merc trusts no man only green. Here's the deal, when you have an obstacle, pay me the money and I'll take him out! You need help, I'll be there. No MD shirt, no stable for the....great Mercenary, only money. This deal goes one way and one way only, I'll help MD out when they want someone eliminated. As for me, I'm looking to take the Extreme Title from the soon to be extinct Eli Flair. I must do it alone, I must prove to myself that I can take out Flair and if I don't get it done on my own then MD can come out and inflict more pain on me, better than that, I will help MD free of charge if I can't beat Flair.....evil laugh....I don't do sh*t for free.

(just then K-9 and Lone Wulf make their way down to the ring, Mercenary doesn't know what to make of this)

Jim Sears: Whats going to happen?!

(Mercenary kinda steps back, Lone Wulf reaches to his back pocket and Mercenary jumps back. A Shirt is pulled out, and held up high, listening to the Heel Crowd POP. Then as it dies down some, it is tossed towards Mercenary. He hesitates then looks down at the t-shirt proclaiming in Blue 'Manifest Destiny' Lone Wulf, K-9, and all leave the ring leaving Mercenary in a confused state. And as they leave the ring, Lone Wulf gets REALLY close to a camera remarking 'Told you its free if you shoplift', and they leave as One Nation plays aloud.)

Jim Sears: have the SICK, SADISTIC, Manifest Destiny has taken on ONE MORE MEMBER!!! We'll be back momentarily...shew what a night!

(cut back to ringside as...)

LK: Where is Kross, he's supposed to already be out here?

JS: I'm not sure, but Angelus is jumping ahead and entering first anyway...


First Round Match for the vacated MWC Television Championship

Angelus w/Buffy aka Discord vs Brett Kross

The lights in the arena fade as candles lit along the ailse begin to flicker, an eerie green glow fills the arena and a huge omega symbol appears on the Lockettron. The words Mechanical Animals appear then the name Angelus begins to flicker all around the screen as "Dead to the World" by Marilyn Manson begins to play. Angelus and Buffy(Discord) come out to a mixed reaction. Angelus holds the ropes letting Buffy(Discord) in the ring and then goes through the second rope. Angelus removes his cape and rapier handing them to Buffy as she exits the ring. Angelus looks around at the crowd and grins evilly.

JS: Interesting entrance for Angelus who earlier had Styles BEAT DOWN for some insane reason...what? What's going on in the back?

(Cut to the back where Kross has just padlocked the door that has the words "Mechanical Animals" on it...he then rushes out to the ring...Cut to normal cameras as Kross makes his way to the ring with no pomp and circumstance.)

JS: And they're off! Kross nails Angelus with a Clothesline that sends the lithe Angelus to the mat. Angelus back up and Kross puts him in an Armbar.

LK: He's in a hurry it seems, must need to sign more papers.

JS: I hope that's not on his mind or he's a dead man in there with the wily veteran. Into the ropes and Angelus with the leapfrog and DDT!!!!! He sits up smiling and showing those CANINES!

LK: What the MD are hitting the ring again?

JS: His 'teeth'

LK: Sorry, I've been looking forward to them.

JS: What happened to Love and Blair and the Lunar Express?

LK: I have more to look forward to now.

JS: Angelus follows that up with a Thrust Kick to Kross' throat and he sends Brett to the outside.

LK: Look out, here comes Buffy - Savate Kick to the back of Kross' head! She's a ... (quietly) has (normal tone now) true assets. She sends Kross back into the ring.

JS: ANgelus on top of him now - ROUNDHOUSE KICK!...Measuring him - Standing Moonsault! Great move by Angelus!

LK: He ... I mean - SHE is looking good tonight.

JS: Nothing new there...quite the looker Buffy Discord is.

LK: What is with that change anyway?

JS: Angelus has continued to get darker as the weeks have progressed, my guess is Buffy's 'stagename' change has something to do with it.

LK: This guys ARE weird.

JS: And proud of it - Irish Whip and Kross coming back...Back body drop - NO, Kross with a backslide...can he get Angelus over...YES - 1...2...KICKOUT!

LK: Close call there.

JS: You bet, I think I seen Discord sweat there.

LK: I can make her sweat...

JS: What? With your breath?

LK: Not funny.

JS: (Snicker) I thought it was...Angelus to his feet first and he sends down with a Bulldog headlock! Angelus bounds into the ropes - Legdrop to the back of Kross' head. Angelus putting Kross on the top rope - DDT OFF THE TOP - Cover - 1...2...KICKOUT Close call there!

LK: Angelus not holding anything back...looking good ...for a freak.

JS: Irish WHip and Angelus drops down for a Back Body drop -

LK: BAD MOVE - Kross goes right back to a backslide...pulling, can he get Angelus down again?

JS: LOW BLOW!!!! What a surprise...and look at that evil smile, I think he planned that one!

LK: I think you're right. Angelus has Kross - PILEDRIVER!!!!!

JS: We have a cover - 1...2...KICKOUT! Angelus irate and he sends Kross to the outside.

LK: He's following him out as Buffy gets in the refs face, this CAN'T be good.

JS: No...PILEDRIVER! Angelus not finished yet, DDT!!!!!!

LK: Here comes the ref to break this one up.

JS: LOOK OUT! Kross reversed a whip and sent Angelus straight into the referee who hit his head at our table.

LK: Cool thud.

JS: Please, he's not meant for action like that.

LK: It was still a cool thud.

JS: Angelus turns around - SENT INTO THE STAIRS!!!!

LK: He's just leaning against the stairs dazed - GOOD LORD!

JS: Buffy with a kick to the back of Kross' head...uh-oh.

LK: He wouldn't...

JS: HE DID! Kross grabs Buffy by the hair and sends her sprawling on top of Angelus and over the stairs...she ain't gettin' back up!

LK: No kidding, but neither is the ref!

JS: Kross taking the match back to the inside of the ring. Angelus leg seems to be hurt some...he's limping. No mind though because Kross sends him to the corner - CLOTHESLINE.

LK: Angelus seems to be truly stunned, so much for his 'powers'.

JS: I'd watch it Liam...whether he's a vampire or not is beside the point, he can still kick your backside like a mule to a farmer.

LK: And twice as stubborn.

JS: Angelus whiped into the ropes - BOOT to the midsection - POWERBOMB!!!! Kross in full form now, and here comes a replacement ref! Kross heading to the top rope - SPLASH - 1...2...KICKOUT by Angelus!

LK: Close call there...Buffy still out.

JS: Kross has Angelus on his shoulders...I think it's POWERSLAM time!

LK: Angelus holding the top rope...eye rake...Angelus gets his balance - FLYING DROPKICK OFF THE TOP!!!!

JS: Kross staggered with that one and ...he rolled to the outside and Angelus close behind.

LK: What's the ref doing?

JS: Not coming out for one thing...I think he doesn't want to end up like the last ref. He's counting to 10. Angelus smashes Kross' face into the table as the ref's count continues...Angelus places KROSS ON THE TABLE - he's going onto the top rope.

LK: At least that breaks the count.

JS: THe ref is continuing the count though...what's going on?


JS: NO, Kross moves and Angelus through the table!!!! Kross rolls in the ring.

REF: 8....9.....10!!!!!

JS: Kross wins by a countout! Unbelievable! The ref raises his hand and Kross...he just past out!!!!!! Fans, we gotta go to break!

Winner: Brett Kross via Countout​



ExE vs. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack

The Mechanical Animals again showed their guts in the MWC. In ONE night, two members was going for the TV title, another fought a former #1 contender in the MWC AS WELL AS a former OWA World champion in Pestilence, and the youngest member went against a current "co-#1 contendor", former BTR World Champion, & CSWA World Champion. ExE was that member and he showed skills beyond his years in the MWC. This was BY FAR the most interesting development of the undercard as THe MA proved their mettle. The other strange part of this particular matchup, was the absense of Sunshine Del Payne in Vizzack's corner. Sunshine was in a car accident and unable to attend the match with through Vizzack off his game. ExE took full advantage and went to work on a distracted Vizzack. With powerful Powerbombs and other such moves, ExE staggered Vizzack. The match went completely his way...at least until Sunshine made it through the curtain to an electrifying fan response! She was bandaged and hurt, but made her way to ringside cheering for Mark. He responded, but ExE's manager allowed for ExE to slip in a cheapshot. An Irish whip to the ropes, but Vizzack spun around and latched on a crucifix pinning combination for the 1...2...3

Winner: 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack


JS: Welcome back fans from the break. With Round 1 of the Television tournament out of the way, things should pick up nicely with Mercenary and Commando facing off next week in Round 2 along with Brett Kross and JR Styles.

LK: Great 1st round action, and I KNOW it'll continue!

JS: Count on that...now we need to cut to the back where...

(Camera cuts to the back where ExE is whispering to the camera. Around the corner walks Maxwell Punishment who is IMPLANTED with a skull to the face.)

JS: What was that about?

LK: I don't know, but it WAS pretty funny.

JS: ExE going after Max who manages BOTH Mercenary and Dr. Destructo...should be interesting to see what happens from that. We're ready for our next matchup...let's get to the ring!...what? Something ELSE!!!!????!!!!

(Cut to the back as Lone Wulf stands smiling in front of the camera. He's in front of a door marked for "Randy Harders" and opens it...

Lone Wulf: Randy! Whats up man. Welcome back!

(Randy readys him self for a brawl)

LW: Ohh calm down! Were thrown you a party. Come on in boys!

(Commando and K-9 walk into the room. Commando and Casey are pushing a HUGE cake on wheels. They maike there way into the room. Randy puts himself between them and his wife.)

LW: Randy, we thought we would give a a nice WELCOME BACK PARTY!!

(All 3 members grab Randy as Casey pushes the cake. They come through the curtain and forcibly take Randy down to the ring.)

Commando: Hey, hit the confetti!

(Confetti drops from the ceiling all over the ring and ring side area. K-9 makes his way behind Harders and leans against the corner.)

LW:We knew you would enjoy it! Here read the cake out loud. (They move Randy to the cakeand LW holds the mic to his mouth.)

LW: What...you don't want to read it?

RH: ****!

LW: Alright, I'll read it for you. Welcome BACK! But Watch Your'z...Huh? (Randy turns around and K-9 clocks him in the head with a forarm smash. He stumlbes back and they nail him with the cake. He drops like a 100 pound weight.)

JS:Somthing smells fishy!

LK:Ohh Sorry!

JS:Not YOU! No one drops that Hard from a cake and the peice of cardboard it sits on...

(The rest of the cake is droped on him. Lone Wulf runs his index finger across the card board. Then licks his finger.)

Lone Wulf:HMMM! Thats REALLY good. Casey how did you make that?!?

Casey: Well, first a little flour, then some yeast and a little bit of sugar. Then you put on you frosting.

Lone Wulf:Well thats REALLY good.

Casey:Wait, NO I forgot, you have to put in the 5 pound, 4 inch thick steal strip.

(As she says that Commando picks up a large metal bar type thing.)

Lone Wulf: Hey you need plenty of iron! Hit it BOYS!

(Cue Up-(Bop Gun)One Nation by Ice Cube a George Clinton)

Lone Wulf: Oh...and you should play our advertisement now...I SAID NOW!

JS: What is this tonight?

LK: Crazy is what this is!

JS: Well, looks like time for the latest Manifest Destiny commercial.

Announcer: Now, for the new San An's Best Promo....

(the screen shows in sentence in white with a black background, the voice reads it aloud.)

Voiceover: this has been stolen from the CSWF airwaves by S.A.B. San An's Best, stealing for you.

(screen cuts to Lone Wulf and K-9 against a San An's Best background)

K-9: (in phony TV voice.) gee, that's a nice new San An's Best t-shirt, Lone Wulf.

Lone Wulf: (in same voice as K-9.) why thank you K-9.

K-9: how come I don't got one of these phat new t-shirts.

Lone Wulf: you do K-9, your wearing it.

K-9: (looking down.) oh, how do I get one?

Lone Wulf: you do, K-9, your wearing it.

K-9: but how can I get one if I didn't have one?

Lone Wulf: but you have one.

K-9: but if I DIDN'T have one, how could I get one?

Lone Wulf: OH, you can get it for free if you shoplift.

(the lights rattle around, as the producer crashes into the scene. the underpaid old bald CSWF producer crashes the scene.)


(the producer turns to the camera and says in his best TV voice "19.95 at your local retailor." he quickly turns to K-9 and Lone Wulf.)

Producer: (no longer in his best TV voice.) YOU IDIOTS!!

Lone Wulf: (no longer in TV voice.) what'd I do? What'd I do?

(K-9 struggles to get his arm high enough to put it around Lone Wulf's show and he walks Lone Wulf off of the stage.)

K-9: (no longer in TV voice.) come on, it'll be alright

(Lone Wulf keeps asking "what I'd do?".)

(a screen pops up showing the T-Shirt minimized, with the telephone number reading "1-800-STEAL-SAB". along with all the pricing, credit cards, and all that good junk. then the camera pops back to Lone Wulf and K-9 walking back to their dressing room.)

Lone Wulf: what'd I do, I just don't get it. that's how we got our stuff as kids.

(the screen shows in sentence in white with a black background, the voice reads it aloud.)

Voiceover: this has been stolen from the CSWF airwaves by S.A.B. San An's Best, stealing for you.

Lone Wulf: (as voiceover.) WHAT'D I DO?

(cut back to Jim and Liam)

JS: More classic work by Manifest Destiny...this is getting REAL old.

LK: Says you!

JS: And, if you aren't SICK of these demented guys...it's time for K9 and Justin Sane!

JS: Well here we go, this next one is a Caribbean Spider Web Match! Hardcore Rules with two sides of the ropes rapped in barbwire. Lets go to the ring.



Justin Sane vs 'Innovator of Insanity' K-9 w/Manifest Destiny

(...Justin is followed by three stage hands all wearing blue jump suits, and gloves carrying boards covered in Barbwire. The come in the ring, he insructs them to lay them in the corners. And he asks for a house mic)

Justin: Back in Japan, with all the squinty eyed moutha's, we had a match called BARBWIRE BUMBS! Since you went ahead and signed it as a Carrabean Spider Web Match, AND said we could bring our weapons...I brought mine!!

(Cue Up Hit 'Em Up by Tupac Shakur f/ The Outlawz)

RA: And his opponent, from San Antonio, Texas! Weighing in tonight at Two Hundrad and Sixty Nine Pounds! Accompnied by Manifest Destiny! One of the Charter Members of the orignal MD, he is the Inovator Of Insanity, and in many cases...The Inovator of Extreme! He is Kayyyyyyy-Ninnnnnne!

(K-9 walks out with LW, Commando, and Casey. Lone Wulf has a mic, they stop on the ramp way.)

Lone Wulf: Jus'! Hows your neck?! Since you want to bring out board wrapped with barbwire, talking of Barbwire Bumbs! Spitten' lies of Hardcore Action in Japan...Mr. Nine has his own...WEAPONS! Gentlemen if you would!

(5 Stage hands pushing big plastic wheel barrel type things, filled with goodies and such. You can see a golf club, a shovel atable and few oter little things. They leave them in differnt areas of the ring side area and Hit 'Em Up kicks ack up and K-9and MD make there way to the ring.)

JS: Well K-9 and Justin both brought weapons of choice...K-9 a LITTLE more than Justin Sane BUT...LK: BUT...this is going to be cool as h3ll!

JS: Yeah, whatever. Well, K-9 making his way into the ring now, and...

LK: Theres the bell! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! K-9 better live up to his other matchs.

JS: I'm sure he will BUT, he has a young force to be reconded with. Ok, well they circle each other, K-9 backs off to through his jacket to Lone Wulf, and the circling contuies.

LK: Do somthing!

JS: Lock up, they must have heard you. Justin into the non-barbwire ropes, he comes back K-9 swings he misses. Justin back, K-9 with a back kick. Turns, DDT! K-9 with a quick cover, and NO count what-so-ever. Justin is pulled to his feet. Sent into the ropes, come back with a drop kick.

LK: Ok...this is terrible!

JS: Well it might get good, Commando tosses a Golf Club in there, intented for K-9 but Justin intersepts, pulling K-9 to his feet completely, and OHH! Clocks him with the club!

LK: Hit 'Em UP!!!(luaghs)

JS: Its bent but not broken, K-9 not awere that he is pulling himself up on one of the two barbwire wrapped ropes.

LK: As he does, that golf club SPLITS his wig!

JS: Ohh and it cracks and goes flyin! K-9 is bloodied up already. I'm not sure from the club or from the barbwire. I do know his hands are bleeding from the barbwire. Justin picks him up, and with a few hits starts to wrap K-9 up in that barbwire.

LK: This ought to be cool!

JS: Justin leaving the ring, well leaving to the apren to grab..whats in his hand?! Looks like a Boom Box/Cd Player. It is!

LK: This is going to be good!

JS: Well, I don't know, K-9 is slipping out of those ropes.

LK: BUT! Justin doesn't know that!

JS: Justin charges with a head of steam...K-9 stands, BACK BODY DROP! Justin flips COMPLETLY over the ropes, and LANDS in one of those Trash Cans! Ohh my! K-9 getting up to his feet, slowly but surely! K-9 pulling him self up on top of the ropes...

LK: This will be defintatly cool! JUMP! JUMP!

JS: He ain't up top yet! K-9 drags himself up to the middle rope, Justin's hand can be seen grabbing onto the trash can trying to pull himself out. K-9 is up to the very top now, trying to keep his balance...K-9 off the top BIG SPLASH into the trashcan!

LK: Ohh MAN!!!!

JS: Wha...What you say!?! You can't cuss on this show, my momma is watchin' this you know! You can't say those type of things! This is a famliy TV show, we have over 20 million viewers, some SMALL children and woman!

LK: Small Woman?

JS: You know what I mean!

LK: Sorry! Calm down. Shouldn't you be commentating?

JS: DON'T! Tell! Me! How! To! Do! MY! JOB!

LK: Ok, Ok...it will be alright, I pormise.

JS: Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to appoligize for the behavor of my fellow Commentator, and for myself, for not doing my job, lets get back to the match...

LK: Sounds good.


LK: Ok...

JS: Sorry, now...niether K-9 or Justin Sane have YET to come out of that trashcan. Usually when Lone Wulf entervenes himself I say somthing, but this time, I think maybe its good since the ref is NO WERE close to the ring, trying to keep from getting hurt. Lone Wulf peeking in...and. BACKS AWAY QUIKLY!

(K-9's head pops out of the can, falling over the edge and out of the can laying on the ground. Lone Wulf trys to pull him to his feet, his face covered in blood and almost blinded, he pushes him off sliding in the ring.)

JS: K-9, I'm not sure if he knew who he was pushing but...he did. He is back in the ring and Justin is baraley standing in the can.(K-9 running then grabing the ropes, sling shotting himself to the outside into the can, Justin catchs him, using his momentom Justin throws K-9 into the crowd. Justin then falls over and out of the can holding a ball bat.)

LK: WOW! That was cool!

JS: Well, K-9 is now laying in those two hundred dollar seats, and on those people laps as Justin follows into the crowd.

LK: K-9 is liven up! K-9 is up...OHHH Justin NAILS HIM! Ohhh! The bat shattered! The bat shattered! Wait no that was a beer.

JS: K-9 and Justin falling back over the railing, K-9 leaning up against the apren...Justin swings that bat NO! K-9 ducks, the bat hits the bottom rope, comes back and JUSTIN CLOCKS HIMSELF! Justin falls to the ground! K-9 stumblin to the nearest can, diggin in he pulls out a Computer Keyboard? Of ALL things, a keyboard! Justin pulling himself up on the apren...and K-9, NAILS Justin Sane with that Keyboard, and it shatters EVERYWHERE!!

LK: This match is GOT to be one of the greats...

JS: K-9 rolls Sane back in the ring, following he slides in. Justin is pulled to his feet and thrown into the corner. The only one with no barbwire board in it. He hits the corner hard, sliding trying to keep his balance he cuts his hand on the barbwire rope. K-9 charges and, NO Justin ducks and pulls the waist band of K-9, K-9 falling into the barbwire and OHHH! His biceps just got cut in half! It is slit down the middle! That is dicusting! Liam did you see that? Did you...Laim? Laim?! Damn it! You ALWAYS do this! You always Black out! Someone get Victor out here! Hurry up.

(K-9 is laying on the mat holding his arm as Justin moves to the outside throwing weapons in the ring. K-9 ripping off his "Event Staff" t-shirt tieing it around his cut arm. Justin comes in the ring picking up K-9, draggin him to his feet and the *CRACK* nailing him with the playstation as it splits everywere. K-9 STILL pulling himself back up on the barbwire ropes, he is up, Justin sends him in the ropes, k-9 reverse and send in Justin, as the crowd cheers on Justin he grabs the ropes to stop him self. He turns to the crowd to boost and recieve cheers. As he does so, I-O-I runs from ehind, hopping on his back locking on the TAP OUT he trys to make Justin fall to the ground for the full effect, Justin stumbles to the corner, and then finally falls but on the barbwire board. K-9 with NO shirt on has barbs JUT into his back as Justin struggles to his feet.)

JS: Ok, we finally cleared out Liam, and Victor is making his way to the ring now. But for now I'm on my own. K-9's back is bloodied from the barbs sticking into his back, blodd roles down staining his pants, as his one time protege Justin Sane pick up anouther barbwire covered board to drop on top of his one time Trainer/Mentor. He drops it...NO!! K-9 moved, thank the lord! Justin has been bleeding for awhile but now it is dripping down to his cheast and in his eyes...

VC: I miss anything?!

JS: Don't ask!

VC: Well, I guess I'll jump right into it! K-9 is really messed up but Justin don't look that great. Justin has a singapore cane there he picked up somewhere, and swings at K-9, he roles, Justin swings he roles, Justin swings he roles and this time is on the outside of the ring. K-9 grabs a curtain rod? He grabbed a curtain rod?! Well, he takes it bak in, Justin swings, K-9 blocks

JS: Justin swings again, once again K-9 blocks, Justin swings...K-9 ducks, jab to the gut by the Inovator of Insanity. Cracks that rod over the back of Justin Sane, grabs him by his belt sending him outside the ring!

VC: There on the outside now! K-9 and Justin battling with rights and left, rights and lefts!

(In the brawl one of the camras is hit and goes lurry but you can make out to figures brawluing and hear Jim and Victor)

JS:We seemed have lost our camra, but we will keep annoucing! K-9 and Justin brawling threw the crowd...(all you can here is fuz, it comes back in) over by the entrance(back to fuz, a new camra cuts on on the oter side, you can now see K-9 and Justin Sane over by the entrance way but off to the side, almost backstage. K-9 has barbwire wrapped around his chest and body. Justin is on the ground being pulled back up.)

VC: Justin picked back up...K-9ER!!! Ohh on the cement!

JS: Sane being picked up, and put on that table! K-9, what is he doing?!! He is taking that barbwire off of himself and tieing it around the table and Justin. Justin is stuck he struggles but he just slightly cuts his arms.

VC: Were is K-9 going?! K-9 walking off screen there...I don't know were he went. (Camra view switchs up towards a 15 foot high balcony) THERE IS K-9!! Laim would pee himself if he saw this! K-9 on the railing of that balcony, turns to the crowd...MOONSALT!!! Ohh my god! K-9 just preformed and moonsalt, and CRASHS *CRACK* throw that table and threw Justin! Its OVER! Count it! K-9 is hurt pretty badly, I don't know if he can with stand all that velocity!

JS: I don't know he got up at Domination! Wait...Wait! K-9 is twitching! Wait, K-9 is UP! Ohh my! K-9 is UP! K-9 is up...dragging himself and Justin Sane back to the ring. This MIGHT take awhile...(A couple min. later)

VC: K-9 has Justin in the ring...he falls on top...the ref drops to his knees...1...2...3!! And K-9 pick up ANOTHER VICTORY!

Winner: K-9


JS:After a great, great match! K-9 takes the win, both men were taken to there LIMITS and K-9 came out on top. Manifest Destiny in the ring now, this can't be good for Justin Sane...

(Lone Wulf and The Commando yank up Justin getting ready to beat him further, Casey atempts to pick up the frothing K-9. K-9 waves off the two about to beat him. K-9 slides back, with the help of Casey to the corner. He receives a house mic.)

K-9: I trained you, I tuaght you I showed you what this is ALL about! I showed you what to do and how to do it in Extreme Wrestling, and it seems you didn't forget.

LW: Lets kick his ****, screw the dramatics!

K-9: No, JUSTIN! You took me to my limit, you took me as far as Falir did. You showed me I taught you well...so I leave you be...LW, Commando...let him be...leave him to lie in his own blood. If he took me that far...he can make it to the back...

(K-9 drops the mic as it cuts to commercial)


(The scene opens from commercial with an overhead shot of the arena. The people are STILL excited as the LockeTron shows...)

JS: Fans! This was taped just moments ago backstage...lets get to it now and show you what transpired.

(Cut to the backstage area. John R. (JR) Styles is walking through the hallway. He has an ace bandage around his head, but otherwise looking normal.)

JS: JR Styles had been bandaged up after his assualt by the Mechanical Animals and...

(Brett Kross comes out behind Styles and is wielding a chair.)

JS: Brett Kross PUMMELED HIM with ANOTHER chair shot. With a couple of rib shots for good measure, Kross left Styles...

KROSS: Next time, Mind your OWN BUSINESS!

(Cut back to Liam and Jim at their table and ready for...)



'Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy vs Mercenary w/Corporal Max Pain

Jim Sears: ladies and gentlemen this next match is a fall's count anywhere match for the EXTREME title! Eli Flair defends against Mercenary.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen... This contest is for theMultinational Wrestling Corporation EXTREME Championship!!! (HUGE fan pop) And it will be contested in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match!!! Introducing first…the challenger

(The arena goes dark, Highway to Hell by ACDC cues up as parachute flares drop from the ceiling, illuminating the arena. Mercenary makes his entrance to a chorus of boos. Merc yells at the fans, then turns back to the entranceway. Corporal Max Pain comes out pulling a rope attached to the eight foot "Madame La Guillotine". The crowd is stunned and watches in silence as Max pulls the guillotine down to the arena. Merc gets up on the ring apron as a cluster of explosions rock the inside of the ring. Merc grabs the mic.

Mercenary: Flair....what are you waiting for? Bring your **** out here! its time for an execution!

Announcer: And his opponent...(Cue up: "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson - the fans are on their feet already.) Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Poison Ivy... From Bronx, NY, coming in today at six foot eight, weighing in at three hundred and TWO pounds...He has been dubbed the King of Extreme for more reasons then one... The MWC EXTREME CHAMPION..."Total Elimination" ELI FLAIR!

(The arena lights go down as the fans rush to their feet in hopes of catching a glimpse. Spotlights surround the arena, finally focusing in on a spot about six feet from the curtain... and standing there, Eli Flair and Poison Ivy. They acknowledge the crowd for a minute, and begin to walk forward toward the ring. It takes them about two minutes or so, as they take in the crowd and smack a few hands. At last, they enter the ring. Eli moves toward the center of the ring, Poison Ivy in front. The song kicks into the chorus, and the arena lights raise and lower in tempo to the song, as glittery sparks fly from the ringposts. Poison Ivy then leaves the ring, but stays at ringside.)

Jim Sears: well, we're ready for a knockout match right here tonight, Mercenary looking for his first taste of glory, Eli Flair trying to stay in the spotlight, and keep his current post in extreme fame.

Liam Kennedy: the question that's in MY mind is this whole Manifest Destiny/Mercenary deal. Has MD gained another member? What is Mercenary going to do? If he turns down the MD offer then he would be one of the biggest morons in wrestling, almost as dumb as when Kevin Powers chose to stay with Radder rather then Love.

Jim Sears: the bell hasn't rung yet, Mercenary pulls out a percussion simulator from his fatigues, as the referee is checking Flair, Mercenary tosses the simulator towards them. A large explosion rips through the arena. Both Flair and the ref go down holding their ears. Mercenary laughs and pulls out his ear plugs as the fans boo. Mercenary getting an early start on this match, Eli Flair standing up,Mercenary with a CLOTHESLINE, no, no! Eli Flair ducks it, Mercenary turns around only to get leveled by a clothesline from Flair! Eli Flair lays a couple of right hands on Merc' and yells something to Poison Ivy at ringside. Ivy starts to set up a table, this doesn't look good for Mercenary.

Liam Kennedy: come on Mercy-Merc', don't let that freak on his weeds do this to you! NO!

Jim Sears: Eli Flair just sent Mercenary over the top rope and THROUGH the table with a hip toss, not even 20 seconds into the match and already we have people going through tables.

Liam Kennedy: Gotta love America!

Jim Sears: Mercenary is in a dangerous position, he's right out there by Poison Ivy. Mercenary trying to get up as Poison Ivy winds up with that cane, WAIT! Corporal Max Punishment grabs her shoulder and spins her around, OH MY! Ivy with a vicious cane shot right between the eyes of Max, obviously not what Max intended to do, but it's buying Mercenary some time. Eli Flair to the outside now, Eli Flair picking Mercenary up to his feet, OUCH! A punch right to the throat leaves Eli gasping for air. Mercenary sends Eli crashing into the steel guard rail far off with an irish whip, maybe he's trying to keep the match away from Ivy. But Mercenary is still a little woozy from going through that table.

Liam Kennedy: do you ever get tired of talking?

Jim Sears: Now Mercenary has one of those steel steps and he sends it CRASHING down on Eli Flair's skull! And again! Merc' showing no mercy, and of course, neither is Eli. Mercenary now setting up, and PILEDRIVES Eli right on the concrete. Mercenary gaining momentum….

Liam Kennedy: I guess not, your family reunions must be hell.

Jim Sears: well at least I know who my family is.

Liam Kennedy: ho, ho, ho, ho!! Starting to trade insults, are we? You've stepped into MY zone now Sears, my family tree BRANCHES.

Jim Sears: I should have known better, well Mercenary picks Flair up to his feet and tosses him over the guardrail and into the crowd. I don't know what he's thinking here.

Liam Kennedy: he's probably thinking "gee, Jim Sears sure does talk a lot, I wish he would shut up for at least one second and let that handsome, well-bred Liam Kennedy speak his mind."

Jim Sears: (sarcastically) yes, what commentator is talking is the only thing on his mind, I'm sure. (back in regular voice) Mercenary balancing on the top of the guard rail, ELBOW DROP, NO! Eli Flair rolled out of the way and Mercenary hits nothing but concrete! Flair's not out of this match yet. Mercenary's the first one up, Flair trying to fight off the pain, but he's rolling on the ground... getting up with help from a fan exited chair, but here comes Mercenary with a chair. it looks like he's going to hit Eli with that steel chair, NO! Flair ducks the chair shot, Mercenary turns around only to have that chair kicked right into his face! Merc' falls to the ground, and Flair falls right down on him driving the chair into his face again. Referee with the count, 2 COUNT ONLY!

Liam Kennedy: come on, you didn't REALLY expect Mercenary to go down that quickly did you? I mean, MD saw something in him, he obviously has skills.

Jim Sears: (sarcastically) oh yes, the sick twisted minds of MD that attack old friends, likes someone so they're automatically a legend.

Liam Kennedy: I don't like your attitude Jimbo, this is a serious business, you can't go around with that tone of voice all the time.

Jim Sears: (sighs) well Flair up to his feet, Mercenary still laying there, FLAIR STOMPS THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE! Wait a minute, Corporal Max Punishment with a chair behind Eli Flair, he goes to hit Flair, NO! Ivy from behind with a low blow! Now another Singapore cane shot! There's about as much action between the managers as there is between the wrestlers. Eli Flair stomps Merc' a few more times then steps over the guard rail and over towards the ring, now he's looking under the ring. What do you suppose he's looking for?

Liam Kennedy: a playboy?

Jim Sears: Liam, if your going to be a commentator, at least TRY to call the match!

Liam Kennedy: I'll call a match when I'm good a ready.

Jim Sears: when Eddy Love gets out here right?

Liam Kennedy: you must be pyschic Jim.

Jim Sears: Eli Flair has found some barbed wire under the ring, he must have put them under there, or something.

Liam Kennedy: (chuckle) yeah, or something.

Jim Sears: Ivy over by Flair, and Eli starts wrapping the barbed wire around the cane, Max trying to stir Mercenary. That barbed wire cane doesn't look good for Mercenary. Corporal Max Punishment picks Mercenary up to his feet, Merc' shakes his head, trying to shake the cobwebs. Max leaves Mercenary to recupiate and goes over to Flair, he pushes him from behind causing him to stumble into Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy then gets in Max's face, an argument going on, Poison Ivy slaps the TASTE out of Max's mouth!

Liam Kennedy: you know he's got to feel dumb.

Jim Sears: Max rubbing his face, and NOW HE'S CHOKING Ivy! I don't care WHO she is, you never do something like that to a woman! Poison Ivy slumping down, OH MY, another kick to the….er….groin of Max. Mercenary finally making it over to Flair, Eli finishes wrapping the barbed wire around the cane, but Ivy and Max are blocking his view of Merc'. I don't think he knows Mercenary is up yet. Eli Flair walks over to the guardrail, MERCENARY with a chair right to the chops of Eli Flair!

Announcer: Poison Ivy, and Corporal Max Pain, are BANNED from ring side!

Liam Kennedy: that ought to clear things up a bit.

Jim Sears: since when did you care about order in the ring?

Liam Kennedy: who said anything about order?

Jim Sears: you just s…never mind. Poison Ivy reluctantly leaving and going to the back, and Corporal Max Punishment doing like-wise.

Liam Kennedy: max going a bit slower then Ivy, and walking a little funny, but other then that pretty similar.

Jim Sears: I don't think that needed your input. Mercenary plants Flair with a DDT right onto that steel chair, both men lay exhausted. There's no doubt about it, extreme matches wear you out. And a lot quicker then any other match. Mercenary up to his knees, lands a few punches onto Eli Flair before standing fully. Mercenary under the ring, and pulls out a table, now he's setting it up vertically against the ringpost. Flair almost back up to his feet, Mercenary with a belly-to-back suplex, no, he puts Flair crotch first onto that guardrail.

Liam Kennedy: ouch. even I felt that.

Jim Sears: Mercenary picks up a steel chair and...(CRACK)...Mercenary knocks Flair off of the guard rail with that vicious chair shot. Mercenary places the chair on Eli's face, and now he's stomping it! Mercenary picks Flair up to his feet, he's going to irish whip him through the table! if he hits this it could be OVER for Flair. irish whip, no, Flair reverses it with all of his strength and Mercenary is the one to go through the table!

Liam Kennedy: that came back and bit him on the backside

Jim Sears: oh hush! Both Flair and Merc' struggling to get to their feet. Eli Flair up and rolls into the ring to catch a breather, Mercenary not quite up yet. Eli Flair up to his feet, and now back to the outside, oh no. Flair grabs that barbed wire Singapore cane. Mercenary starting to stand. OH MY GOD!! Eli Flair just BROKE that singapore cane wrapped in barbed wire over Mercenary's HEAD! That's it, it's over, Mercenary can't take any more.

Liam Kennedy: now, now, don't count him out just yet.

Jim Sears: Flair ain't done with Merc' yet, oh no, Flair with a broken piece of that table, and.....oh my..GOD! Eli DRIVING that broken, splintered piece of table into the ribs of Mercenary. and he CRACKS it into two over Mercenary's head! Eli tosses the pieces into the crowd...and now he's got a cable wire from one of the camera's and is choking the life out of Mercenary!

Liam Kennedy: come on Merc'! if I know Commando, Mercenary's spot in MD is probably riding on this.

Jim Sears: but you don't know Commando.

Liam Kennedy: SO….um…that's beside the point!

Jim Sears: that IS the point! Well anyway, Flair finally let's go ofthe cable and Mercenary gasps for breath. I think Flair has this one all wrapped up. Eli Flair reaching under the ring, ANOTHER table.

Liam Kennedy: what is this? WCW?

Jim Sears: Eli takes it out and now is setting it up using the apron and the steel guardrail. Flair picks Mercenary to his feet and sends him into the ring, this doesn't look good for Mercenary. But then again, the past 5 minutes or so haven't been good for Mercenary. Flair turns, Merc' nails him, kick to the gut. Mercenary with a DDT, no Flair reverses, Northern Lights Suplex, threw that TABLE!!! Flair geting up. Eli stumbling back grabing for the ropes, but he finds...

Liam Kennedy: And finds K-9!!! And finds OHH! a K-9er!!

Jim Sears: where did he come from?

Liam Kennedy: who knows?

Jim Sears: K-9 puts Mercenary on top, and as K-9 exits THEY HAVE WORKED A PLOY ON US ALL! Ref counts, 1...2...NO!! Lone Wulf, K-9 and Commando storm the ring?!?! What is going on?!!

Liam Kennedy: Don't know but I BET it'll be funny!

Jim Sears: yeah...to you. Mercenary stands up and looks at Commando"what are you doing", he says. WAIT A MINUTE! K-9 with a clothesline from behind! Mercenary falls into Commando and looks up with desperate eyes, Commando LAUGHS, oh my God!! NOSE DIVE! This is just SICK! Mercenary saved Commando's LIFE in Desert Storm, and he DOUBLE CROSSES HIM! Lone Wulf now with a chair, OH MY! Right to the head as Mercenary starts to stand. Eli Flair minding his business in his corner, OH MY…K9ER! Commando with a JUMPING PILEDRIVER right onto that steel chair! K-9 holds up Mercenary, Commando SLAPS him in the face!

Liam Kennedy: this is GREAT! For a second there I thought MD was going soft!

Jim Sears: this is gre…? This is SADISTIC! What would drive a man to do this to, well…ANY man! ESPECIALLY a man who saved your LIFE! ANOTHER chair shot! This is the third week in a ROW! First Kevin Powers and Eddie Dean, then Justin.. OH MY Nose Dive onto the chair! Justin Sane, AND NOW THIS! Mercenary, the man who saved Commando's life!

Liam Kennedy: ok, ok, he saved Commando's life, quit SAYING it!

Jim Sears: MD, taking it to Mercenary...NOSE DIVE!!!! Lone Wulf and Commando work over Merc' as K-9 clears the ring of weapons and such. Lonewulf sets him up, Sheriff Killa!! Ohh! Lonewulf send Mercenary into the ropes, he comes back, catches Mercenary falling back... Commando and K-9 off the TOP ROPE with DOUBLE LEG DROPS!!! Ohhh...I can't watch!

Liam Kennedy: I CAN!!!

(They continue to work over Mercenary until K-9 falls into the corner and grabs a Mic...only remarking 'MD 4 life!!' then handing the mic to Commando)

The Commando: Now hold up, stop your **** booing. Mercenary is not all he seems, he may have saved me but he lefted my best friend in the world behind in that hell hole we call Panama, now when I returned the favor, I didn't know it was him otherwise I would have lefted his **** to the Iraqui's but he lefted him in Panama becuase he didn't want to carry dead weight, or so he said, and he was very much alive, and I will never forgive you for that! All of the MWC will come to know just who MD is, Merc. this time it was personal. But many other "innocents" will be victimized by Manifest Destiny!

Jim Sears: I just…I just can't believe this.

(Commando picks up a chair and starts slamming it into the face of Mercenary as he lays down on the ground bloody, when suddenly "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath starts to play and the crowd erupts in cheer. Nemesis appears at the top of the rampway in a pair of black dress pants and a white short-sleeve shirt. Justin Sane stands next to Nemesis. Nemesis has a mic in hand. The action stops in the ring)

Nemesis: ok just stop RIGHT NOW! I'm just SICK of the way Manifest Destiny is running, first of all you disobey ME, you said "screw Nemesis" at Domination. You turn your back on Justin Sane, long time friend from Japan and protégé, then you do THIS, that man saved your life Commando, how can you do this to him? Have you no HEART? This is sick, twisted, and sadistic and it's going to stop NOW!

(members of Manifest Destiny are leaning against the rope now looking at Nemesis and Sane at the top of the rampway making sarcastic faces at him.)

Nemesis: yeah, you just go ahead and make those faces, but I have the upper hand. As you recall, I am the co-commissioner of the Multi-national Wrestling Corporation, I have say over all contracts for wrestlers AND matchups. I could make a handicap match saying that it will be Commando vs Powers, Radder, and Flair, or I could pay you a dollar for every match you fight in, rather then what your getting now. I could make your life a living hell, so do NOT test me, SONS!

(Commando sits on the middle rope gesturing for Nemesis to step in the ring, sort of a taunt)

Nemesis: now, although I am officially retired from active wrestling here in the MWC, I could reactivate myself, and hand each one of you sadistic maniacs your ***es.

(Lone Wulf taunts Nemesis to get into the ring now, then K-9 does as well)

Nemesis: well if you're THAT eager to receive a whupping, and to meet your superior up close, what other choice do I have?

(Nemesis and Sane start walking towards the ring, the crowd cheers them on. Nemesis steps into the ring, followed by Justin. Nemesis walks right up to Commando and gets in his face and starts arguing with him. Justin Sane stands back a little bit with his arms folded across his chest. Nemesis lifts his arm like he's going to slap Commando right in the face then K-9 comes from behind him and locks on the first part of the TAP OUT, the choke-hold part. Lone Wulf clotheslines Sane to the ground. K-9 shakes violently then steps back really quickly ripping off his white shirt to reveal a Manifest Destiny shirt underneath. The crowd almost all at once begins to boo, Nemesis then turns around and starts to stomp on Justin Sane as he tries to stand.)

Jim Sears: oh my God! It just gets WORSE doesn't it?

Liam Kennedy: what are you talking about? This is GREAT! Manifest Destiny gains Nemesis and teaches Justin Sane another lesson. HA HA! Take THAT you MD poser! You know what would make Manifest Destiny even BETTER?

Jim Sears: if one of them grew a conscience? If K-9 took a cat scan?

Liam Kennedy: NO! if Love joined the fold, maybe if Locke joined up with Nemesis.

Jim Sears: great, MWC corporation.

(Manifest Destiny continues to beat on Justin Sane to almost unconsciouses.)

Jim Sears: ladies and gentlemen I really don't think that Mercenary versus Eli Flair is going to happen tonight.

Liam Kennedy: I can't wait to see what they do next time! Can you believe they've been around less then a month?

Jim Sears: and they've already caused so much damage, so much emotional distraught.

Liam Kennedy: jeez, lighten up Jimbo.

((Bop Gun) One Nation by Ice Cube & George Clinton starts up again and all members of Manifest Destiny, K-9, Commando, Lone Wulf, and Nemesis line up in the ring and hold their arms up in victory. Then they leave the ring and make their way up the rampway. Sane and Mercenary start to stand in the ring)

Jim Sears: how long has Nemesis and MD PLANNED this? Is Nemesis the mastermind behind Manifest Destiny? Have K-9 and Nemesis been working this since before Domination? I think we need answers.

Liam Kennedy: I think you need to lighten up, this is all spur of the moment.

Jim Sears: whatever you say Liam, we'll be back in a few for the next match. (sighs) this is just sick.

No Contest



Sephiroth vs. Pestilence

In another show of Mechanical Animals "intestinal fortitude", Sephiroth locked up with Pestilence. Sephiroth seems to work better when challenged, as he'd shown during the Domination tournament against Vizzack. This match was no different. The 'scum' took it to his 'grand inquisitor' in true Power fashion. These 2 giants, equal size in almost every fashion, went back and forth with every power move imaginable. As the match wore on, Sephiroth showed a new, more sadistic nature in his wrestling...continually taking cheap low blows to gain the advantage. Sephiroth made one error against the former champ and it cost him. He went up top, but missed the connection. Pestilence took over and laid into Seph with reckless abandon. After nailing the "PLague" on Sephiroth, Pestilence went for the cover, but Shirley stopped that count. Pestilence's "torch-bearers" re-entered the ringside area as Pestilence chased a backing up & chair-weilding Shirley, she ran straight into the "bearers". She momentarily freaked out and swung at the Pestilence who side-stepped the move. Sephiroth wasn't so lucky, sneaking up on Pestilence from behind, he was clocked with the chair. Sephiroth was victim to another "Plague" ending the matchup.

Winner: Pestilence


(Cut back to Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy)

JS: We have been told that even MORE intrigue in the back area will take place. Let's cut to the back.

(Brett Kross is seen walking the hallway. He's still quite put off and saying...)

KROSS: If he would have minded his business, this would have STAYED business.

(A door about 10 feet in front of where Kross is walking toward opens and...)

JS: GOOD LORD! A FLAME JET blasted right into Brett's face! Good lord, what was that?!!!!

(From out of the door, though it is VERY much in shadows, the glint of sharpened teeth and the unmistakable form of Angelus dashes out of the room.)

JS: Angelus?!! This feud is getting dangerous. Fans, we didn't know that was going to happen, but paramedics are seeing to Kross as we speak.

LK: Well, you must admit that Kross asked for it?

JS: No, not...what?

(Cue up "Love Lifted Me" by Collective Soul. blares as the lights go down, moonbeams shine all around the arena. At the top of the ramp stands Galactic Grant and Stellar Stan withOUT William H. Bradley the third. With a smile on their faces and the spotlights shining toward them, Stan and Grant lift their tag title belts high in the air in triumph. They make their way, Stan dancing a bit more than normal, to the ring and climb in the ring. They climb on opposite turnbuckles as Golden sparkles blast out of them. Stan calls for the mic and then...)

SS: Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you the most GALACTIC duo that the MWC has ever seen ... the 2 most STELLAR tag team members ever to grace the MWC stage (HUGE BOO FROM CROWD). You know them, you know you love them, and frankly...LADIES, you know you want em. I now present to you the team that IS tag team wrestling's elite, and has the straps to prove it (Stan and Grant hold their belts up) - Stellar Stan (Big cheese grin from Stan before he continues), Galactic Grant (pulls his shades down from his eyes as the ladies scream) - THE LUNAR EXPRESS ... tell 'em bout it Grant.

GG: Ya know, I thought I had a way with the ladies before...(pauses to get the scream from the ladies) but I must admit, a little gold goes a long way. (Grant gives the mic back to Stan)

SS: Don't I know it...just last night, I had a girl BEGGING me for some jiggy.

(Grant takes the mic back)

GG: Jiggy?

SS: Uh...yeah, you know...the horizontal mambo, the ...

GG: Jiggy?

SS: Uh, (takes the mic back) ya know...EVERYONE doubted us. They said it COULDN'T be done, that the LE would leave empty handed just as always, but as you can see, we are THE TEAM! Everyone was wrong, and we...are the champs. Dark Knights and Vigilantes laughed at our 'foul ups'. EVEN Willy...

(From the back walks a disheveled William H. Bradley III. His hair is unkempt and his suit is missing the usual tie and several buttons are connected at the wrong places. He's carrying his own mic.)


SS: Whatever.

WHB: NO! Not whatever! (Bradley enters the ring) It's William!

GG: Geez, take a **** chill man.

WHB: Take a chill? TAKE A CHILL?!!! For the PAST WEEK I've been trying to track you guys down!

SS: We're the champs, we have obligations.

WHB: Obligations...like signing papers, working out, doing EVERYTHING I TRY to get you to do!

GG: Watch it Willy, you're dealing with THE most elite tag team in the MWC.

WHB: (quietly) It's william

GG: whatever! Relax and enjoy the belts...the fruits of our, as in STAN AND MY, labors.

WHB: Your labor huh?...uh-huh.

GG: Get in here, we were just waiting for you.

(Bradley smiles and climbs into the ring. He shakes hands with Grant as STan slips in behind him and gets down on all fours.)

GG: WHB3, you just need to remember...we have YOUR

(Grant shoves Bradley over Stan and he topples to the mat!)

GG: Best interest at heart! Let's scat Stan.

(Stan and Grant leave the ring as William sits up watching them leave and shaking his head.)

JS: Unbelievable...those guys are ridiculous!

LK: But they ARE funny!

JS: I ALMOST feel sorry for ol'William.

LK: He's a big boy, he can take it.



'Iceman' Steve Radder w/Kelly and 'Good God' Kevin Powers w/Gina vs 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/sweet Melissa and MWC World Heavyweight Champion 'The Mastero' Bryan Blair' w/Contessa

[Cue Up 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage against the machine. White and Blue fireworks explode all around the arena as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters 'PR' on a black background. Radder comes out from the backstage area, wearing a t-shirt which reads 'EXTREMELY Cool' across the chest, carrying a chair in one hand, and holding one of Kelly's hands in the other. The fans let out a good pop, and Radder and Kelly do seem a little surprised by it. Kelly looks up at the huge 'covered-cage' structure and a worried look crosses her face, as Radder lets go of her hand, gives her a quick kiss, and steps into the ring.]

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Filter & Crystal Method begins to play as the LockeTron begins to go off. Pictures of Powers and Gina flash along with some of their recent actions. In-between the cuts the words of 'PR in Da HOUSE', 'YOUR IC Champion', 'Gorgeous Gina', and 'GOOD GOD' Kevin Powers begin to show here in there in emerald letters on a black background. The curtains open up and Gina walks out wearing black leather pants and shiny black stretch halter top. Behind her follows the IC Champion of MWC 'Good God' Kevin Powers and he is carrying the MWC belt. As they walk out Gina stops and puts her hands on her hips as Powers stands behind her and holds up the title belt. A white fountain pyro affect goes off behind them and the fans are giving their best heel pop. Gina takes the microphone from the announcer.]

G: (giving a look towards the announcer) You know better. (Sets her pose) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages. Now that the Leach of PLR is out of the group PR proudly presents to you it's (quietly)former (normal voice) MWC INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! From Chi-Town and current Bad Boy on the Block! He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal. He is 'GOOD GOD' KEVIN POWERS!!!..along with the "Iceman" Steve Radder and Kelly.

JS: We have one side and now it's time for...

LK: Love and BLAIR, Blair and LOVE!

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights go out again. A clear, white spotlight hits the curtain and out walks Contessa. She walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her dark burgany crushed velvet victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped garnet stone, a gold bow in the back of the wig, & her victorian 'masquerade' mask with plenty of jewels and a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He is also wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she takes his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.


JS: Along with Extremely COOL Steve Radder and Kevin Powers.

LK: Yeah...whatever.

JS: Looks like we have Blair and Powers starting off here. Circling one another and...BLAIR just spun around slapped RADDER! What's this all about?

LK: Strategy I assure you.

JS: BAD strategy cause Radder just decked Blair...nice strategy sent him straight to the mat!

LK: ho ho ho ho...he's fine.

JS: Looks like Powers seeing if Radder wants a 'legal' peice of the world champ.


JS: Guess he does...Steve in and on top of Blair lying down rights and lefts. Blair finally grabs for the ropes.


JS: Good lord, what a wuss.

LK: Hey.

JS: Just calling the match. Radder with the whip into the ropes and CLOTHESLINE by RADDER! Grabs Blair by the hair...

LK: Not the hair!

JS: Yes, the hair - DDT!!!! Radder taking Blair to the outside and...LOOK OUT!!!

LK: Goodness, Radder slingshots over the top and down onto Blair...YES!

JS: NO! Love caught Steve from behind with a low blow!

LK: And Blair sends it back inside...he's such a clean fighter.

JS: PLEASE! He seen Powers coming to help Radder.

LK: And LOOK, a nice clean tag!...what a model of good sportsmanship.

JS: Blair holding Steve - ANOTHER LOW BLOW!

LK: What low blow?


LK: Ref didn't see it, I didn't either.

JS: Love holds Steve up...standing dropkick and...good lord.

LK: Uhm...a great kiss for Melissa after Radder kisses his boot.

JS: Love takes Radder back into his corner and ... REF GET IN THERE!

LK: Nothing wrong with repeated elbows to the face.


LK: Good work ref...trying to get Powers out of the ring.

JS: AND BLAIR AND LOVE - DOUBLE SUPLEX!!!! Blair holding him down - elbow drop by LOVE!

LK: Such teamwork...I think they come close to the LE in teamwork.

JS: Not hardly...but POWERS STILL FIGHTING THE REF! He's doing more harm than good.

LK: Can it be? - FIGURE 4...THE ENCORE!!!!

JS: With Eddy Love holding on to Blair's hands!

LK: Where? I looked at Powers.

JS: Finally, the ref regained some order here...I know Powers is wanting in there, but he needs to stay cool headed or Radder is done for.

LK: I believe he IS done for.

JS: No, the ref caught Love. They must break the figure 4.

LK: Always next time.

JS: HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! Blair with the ENCORE again!

LK: Beauti- -


LK: shew...uh...

JS: Almost lost huh?


JS: Radder reaching for the tag - IN COMES LOVE!!!! Ref stops him and RADDER MAKES THE TAG!!!!!

LK: WHAT?!!!

JS: Powers is in...WHAT?!!!

LK: Ref didn't see it, neither did I!

JS: Love and Blair working in Radder again...POWERS GET OUT OF THERE!

LK: Take your time, Kev...what's the hurry?

JS: (sigh) Love and Blair - DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!...Susan is handing a chair into Love who sets it up. This is looking real bad.

LK: Even Kelly's starting to look bad with those teary eyes...poor girl, almost feel sorry for her...almost.

JS: Blair whips Radder in the ropes - kick to the groin by Blair and - RUNNING NECKBREAKER BY LOVE THROUGHT THE CHAIR!!!!!

LK: Whoa...Radder's head BENT the chair...cool.

JS: Powers finally out of the ring again as Love tosses the chair outside. We have a cover by Love - 1...2...KICKOUT!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Even Love getting up shaking his head after that one.

LK: (stunned) no way

JS: Radder hanging onto this one with everything he has

LK: Love isn't through yet though...time for - HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!!!! Eddy has him in position...this is going to be great!

JS: AGREED! Radder flips him over!!!! He's reaching for the tag but - Love grabs his leg - Radder stomping away with all he has and - OHHHHHH

LK: Nice shot to the midsection

JS: Groin is more like it.

LK: So what are you supposed to be now, a doctor?

JS: Love drags Radder back to the corner for a tag to Blair as Powers continues to reach for the tag from Radder to no avail.

LK: And he has a heck of a reach.

SEARS: Love and Blair working Radder over in the corner again as the ref makes the five count warning one of them to get out of the ring.

KENNEDY: Nobody uses that five count better than my boys Eddy and Brian. Oh Low blow by Radder on Love.

SEARS: Ewww, that'll slow Eddy down, but Blair grabs Radder to prevent the escape, but Radder rakes the eyes and escapes from Blair also, here's his chance.

KENNEDY: Susan is up on the apron explaining to the referee that Radder used cheap tactics to....

SEARS: Give it a rest... while Referee is distracted Melissa and Contessa have grabbed Radder, but he shoves them to the side. Love back to his feet and Radder drops him with another low blow.

KENNEDY: Here comes Blair to stop this tag attempt.

SEARS: Would someone please tell the referee that there's a match going on. Blair and Radder exchanging right hands and here's Love back to his feet. Radder shoves Blair back as the official has finally rejoined the action. Radder drops Love with a desperation neckbreaker and heads for the corner.

KENNEDY: Blair will never let him get there.

SEARS: Radder ducks Blair and collapses into the corner... He made the tag, HE FINALLY made the tag.(HUGE FAN POP) Powers steps over the top rope backing off both Blair and Love.

KENNEDY: Wait'll Eddy gets his hands on Powers. Radder can't even stand to exit the ring. Powers is helping him through the ropes.

SEARS: Powers now ready to do battle as Radder has righted himself in the corner. Powers really slow to go into action here.

KENNEDY: He wants no part of Love or Blair. Powers is turning to say something to Radder. Did he just tag Radder back in????

SEARS: Powers snatches Radder back in the ring.... Kiss the Canvass,Kevin Powers just delivered his Kiss the Canvass move on his own partner. Radder is out. Blair moves for the cover as Eddy Love leaps into Powers arms. Then Eddy grabs the microphone.

LOVE: Welcome back BIIIG Man. GOOD GOD it feels good to have Good God back on our side. (points to Radder) You fans think this man's a star.... this man is a coattail riding no wrestling crybaby, and now that he can't coattail the Powers of Love anymore..... STEVE RADDER IS NOW THE COLDEST OF THE COLD....Tell em about it big man. (Love tosses the mic to Powers)

Powers: Radder...Pal...ya used to be somebody, but that isn't the case NO MORE! Ya let your little girly-girl pull ya around on that choke chain too many times and you were breakin' down. Then she starts hangin' around with Roadkill sunshine and you did the unthinkable...you became good buddies with THAT FREAKIN' WORM Oscar Wienerack! 'I'm not his friend' you said. 'I'm still down with PR' you said. YOU DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP FOR OUR INTERVIEW! What the FREAK am I supposed to do? Then I started listening to Eddy and his comments. We did take you in. We did bring you up from the ground floor. He's right. You are nothing more than a snot nosed tag along. Maybe I was calling the wrong person lap puppy! Speaking of which Gina come on in here.

[Gina comes into the ring and stands next to Powers.]

Powers: I believe you have something to say.

Gina: (taking the mic) You're right. Susan. We've been though a lot and for the longest time we have been having a war of words and sometimes just a little bit further. Only recently did I realize that is wasn't your fault nor mine. It was Radder and his tramp Kelly driving the wedge in between us. So Susan, if you want to, can you forgive me?

{Susan thinks about it and soon gets into the ring. She walks up to Susan and stands nose to nose with her. Eventually she breaks down and hugs her friend once again.}

Powers: Can ya feel it? There's something in the air and it's a MASTERPEICE of a WHOLE lotta LOVE.... POWERS STYLE! The Powers of Love are back and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. Not Vizzack. Not Dean. And everyone knows Radder can't either. Now here is the question you need to ask yourself and let it FOREVER ring in your empty heads! AS NOT.... WHAT YOU THINK YOU CAN DO TO THE POWERS OF LOVE. ASK...WHAT THE POWERS OF LOVE...ARE GOING TO DO TO YOU!!!

KENNEDY: Sears, can you believe this? I can't believe this! Powers… Love…. Together again!

SEARS: (Sarcastically) Yeah, Great! Just what we needed.

KENNEDY: I guess that puts your boy, Vizzwacker, in a bit of a bind?

SEARS: Liam, kiss off!

Powers: Take it away Maestro…(flips the Mic to Blair who smiles, bows, and then begins.)

Blair: I must assume by the plethora of jeers raining down upon us that you did not expect a gathering of the TRULY ELITE. I must also assume that our little 'masterpiece of misdirection' has left you bewildered. My suggestion would be for you to … face the music, listen to its beauty, and try… as well as your feeble minds can, to understand, the complexity that the world of the MWC has became. When this is over, the…ELITE of the MWC will stand, hands raised high, and proclaim to you that with the Power of Love, the Masterpiece will become the most stupendous work in progress.

(Love, Blair, and Powers all turn as Kelly is getting a bloody and battered Radder out of the ring. She backs into Contessa and Sweet Melissa as Blair comes toward her. He smiles and then begins to stomp on Radder some more. Kelly tries to pull him off, but Blair throws his arms in a "Get Away" fashion and she flies into the barracade. Blair looks at her, shrugs, and then goes back to work...to a HUGE fan applause, SUNSHINE DEL PAYNE comes out, bandaged as earlier from her car accident, and heads to the ring to help Kelly. She sees Kelly, checks on her, then promptly spins Bryan around and SLAPS him across the face...)

SEARS: Unbelievable - what guts from the little lady!

KENNEDY: Guts?... stupidity is more like it...Blair wiping his face and - HE'S GOT SUNSHINE BY THE SHIRT!!!

SEARS: And here comes Mark Vizzack - right into Blair!!!!

KENNEDY: AND in the midst of Powers of Love!

SEARS: But LOOK - he has help!!!! Here comes Eli Flair, Eddie Dean and we've got ourselves a slobberknocker!!!!

KENNEDY: Dean and Powers wrestling around and Flair is chasing Blair around with that Singapore Cane!

SEARS: BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE!!! Deacon, Pestilence...it's the WHOLE BTR!!!!! AND Eli Flair for good measure!!!!

KENNEDY: And my boys are OUTTA here!

SEARS: Fans, that's all for this week, we gotta go...wait, no - we have to go to the back YET AGAIN!

(This time we cut to JW Locke in a corner 'working' with Ms. Feelsgood...the camera crew (AHEMS) and...)

JW: WHAT?!!! ... oh, ok. I'd like to officially announce next weeks Main Event at HTO in Winnipeg - to decide WHO will face "The Maestro" Bryan Blair for the MWC WORLD TITLE since Domination didn't give an official winner... "Hurricane" Eddy Love versus "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack!!!!... oh, and the special guest referee will be ... 'Bryan Blair'.

FEELSGOOD: Oh JW, you're so cute when you do business stuff.

JW: Really?... sometimes I even impress myself!

(Camera fades for HTO in Calgary)
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