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MWC Hostile Take Over - Atlanta

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
The scene opens outside of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Pulling up to curb is a black limosuine and almost immediately walks out JW's personal 'secretary' Ms. Feelsgood. She's followed by the MAMMOTH ELIMINATOR and then ultimately JW himself. Eliminator has a grin on his face as does JW... the camera comes in close.

JW: Eliminator, you stick with me and you'll get everywhere that waste of a promotion in Greensboro would never take you.

ELIMINATOR: JW, I was hired by Locke Enterprises, and I'm loyal to them.

JW: That's perfect, simply perfect.

Cut to Mark Vizzack as he arrives with Sunshine. A crowd of people are lined up around the fence cheering for him as he waves and goes to sign some autographs as Sunshine hurries inside out of their gaze. Sunshine opens the door, and out walks JW in perfect timing nearly knocking her over. JW goes to 'help' her up, and she backs away from him in sheer terror. Mark catches a glimpse and rushes over, he starts to take a swipe at JW! His hand is caught in mid air by the Eliminator. A stare down develops as Mark yanks his hand free and goes back to Sunshine.

JW: Don't you have enough big men to worry about? I mean, Kevin Powers is tonight - your chance to shine and glow as the champion you are of your own mind. You go messing around with me, then (thumbs toward the Eliminator) you'll have one of the biggest in the industry all over your ****.

MARK: Up yours AHAB. Come on Sunshine, lets get ready to take that belt.

JW: You can try Mark, you can try. (under his breath) it may be the only shot you have at any gold. Better win Worm, cause that'll be the end of your tenure if you don't. (normal voice now) Mark, better get ready for the most EXTREME night in MWC history.

SUNSHINE: What'd Mr. Locke mean by that?

MARK: Who cares! He's always up to something and it ALWAYS takes HIM out.


Cut to Kevin Powers getting ready to come in the Dome. He's got Gina with him as they step out of the limo.

KP: Now more than ever, I will NEVER let Vizzack touch gold in the MWC ... especially not MY gold.


Cut to various clips of Extreme happenings in the MWC: Deacon vs. Armageddon in the Crucifixion match, Flair taking Powers out with a barbed wire wrapped Singapore cane, K9 vs. Lone Wulf in a chair match, Steve Radder battling in a Torture Chamber match... and then it leads straight to...

MWC Hostile Take Over in Atlanta

At the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia

Various pyrotechnics explode as this on fire crowd gets LIT UP for the MWC!

JS: Welcome aboard TV fans, we've already had an amazing card tonight and it's bound to get better. I'm Jim Sears and with me is the ever present Liam Kennedy.

LK: That's right Jimbo, Liam is ready to set the reco...

MIC OVER SPEAKER: Stop shooting them blasted sparklers and let me TALK!

LK: Who interupted me?

From the back, Bruno the bruiser walks out with a mic and toward the ring with a purpose evident on his face.

BRUNO: Youse thinks you can ignore me? Especially with that pansy Bryan Blair talking about shaking his spear and stuff.

LK: Good lord, this guy MUST be drunk!

BRUNO: It's time that I get a shot at the gold. That freaky mind gamer Pestilence got his shots, now I wants mine.

FROM THE BACK: I dinnae think yer ready for any gold strap.

From the back curtain, out walks Jack Emerald.

JACK: To be honest, I dinnae think ye ever were, or ever will be.

Jack continues making his way to the ring as Bruno anxiously awaits his entrance.

BRUNO: Get your Irish **** outta dis ring JUNIOR.

Jack immediately jumps onto Bruno as the two try to get the upper hand, doing more rolling on the mat than actual wrestling. From the back, a multitude of refs come out to break the match up. They barely seperate the two as...

NEMESIS (who comes out through the back curtain) You two want at each other so badly? Well, I see we call this a match and you guys have at it! (HUGE POP FROM THE CROWD)

JS: Oh my, we're going to have a match, but fans... we need to break for a commercial break - we'll be back with Bruno the Bruiser vs. 'the Real American' Jack Emerald.

And after a commercial touting the MWC's upcoming Pay Per View - DOMINATION... we come back to - -


Bruno 'The Bruiser' vs 'The Real American' Jack Emerald

JS: Neither of these combatants have moved from their respective corners during the break.

LK: Bruno probably can't move, he has to be drunk.

JS: Well, I don't think he'd do that against Emerald.

LK: Who are we talking about here?

JS: Good point. The bell rings and these two guys surge forward. Bruno takes it back into the corner... ref calling for a clean break.

LK: Yeah right - Bruno with a right hook punch to Jack's jaw.

JS: AND HERE'S THAT IRISH TEMPER BLOWING! Jack takes Bruno down with a double leg takedown and is wailing away.

LK: Bruno rolls and is on top now and he's checking Jack for teeth! Or taking OUT his teeth!

JS: And Emerald rolls, this has devolved into a slugfest!

LK: That's all these 2 can do anyway... not like Eddy Love or Bryan Blair.

JS: Yeah, we know... what's the crowd responding to?

Camera cuts to a man walking out of the back carrying an Iraqi flag.


LK: Now things should be interesting!

JS: The Shiek is on the apron and Jack jumps up.

JACK: You *****, no way yer gonna disrupt me match this time.

JS: The Shiek tosses a fireball, but Jack moves out of the way. Jack pulls him in the ring - LUCK O' THE IRISH (Diamondcutter) The SHIEK IS OUT!

LK: Bruno is up, this is HIS old enemy! Bruno slips outside - he's got a chair and is coming back in.

JS: Bruno is laying the Shiek out with this one... repeated slams to the body by Bruno and the CROWD IS LOVING IT!

LK: Heck, I'm loving this ONE!

JS: And now Jack is giving a 'helping hand'. Bruno puts the Shiek's leg in the chair fold and JACK is going to the middle rope with ANOTHER CHAIR! He leaps... SLAM! Good LORD! That could've easily taken the Shiek's leg out!

LK: They are not done yet - Jack is putting it around his neck!!!!

JS: He is, he tosses the Shiek into Bruno who's bounding off the ropes... he's not going to ---GOOD LORD!!!!

LK: Bruno just nailed DA SLAM (flying bulldog) with the chair around the SHIEK's NECK!!!

JS: He's not moving... the paramedics are coming down.

BRUNO: Da Bruiser didn't need your help wit dis bum JUNIOR. Now get out of my face or I'm gonna slap ya around.

Jack turns around to walk out

JS: He spins around and takes Bruno off his feet - we've got a mess in the ring! We've gotta take a break fans. More when we come back.

No Contest



'The Innovator of Insanity' K-9 VS. 'The King of the Extreme' Jonathon Hammer

JS: up next we'll be kicking off the first round of the extreme title tournament with a real show stealer. "the king of extreme" Jonathon Hammer going against "The Innovator of Insanity" K-9. this one promises to have all the qualities of a main event.

(Beat the Bastards by the Exploited starts to play as the crowd comes to their feet.)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen hailing from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds...the king of the Extreme....Jonathan Hammer!

(Hammer comes out from the back to a huge appalause. He is wearing his black wrestling tights that go the full length of his leg. On the right leg it says "Hammer" in red. He is also wearing an MWC t-shirt. He puts both arms in the air and brings them down quickly and fireworks blow off behind him in reds and golds. He then walks down towards the ring. He shakes hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.)

Sears: this one is what extreme is all about, it'll be a fitting start to the Extreme title tournament.

Kennedy: I might have to actually agree with you Sears, the MWC has seen some extreme matches between Deacon and Armagedon, and who could forget the chair match between K-9 and Lone Wulf.

Announcer: and his opponent, hailing from San Antonio, Texas, and the Innovator of insanity.....K-9

(K-9 walks through the curtains very slowly with almost no expression on his face, and doesn't change pace as he walks down the rampway with no fan fare and only hit em up playing for an entrance.)

Sears: speaking of the chair match, here's the man who won that match, K-9.

Kennedy: we may be watching another chair match between these two because Lone Wulf has just charged at K-9 with a steal chair in hand. WHERE'D HE COME FROM?

Sears: looks like he came from the crowd, EEEWW. he could have caved K-9's skull in with that chair, and it doesn't look like Lone Wulf's done, he hits him again with the chair, and K-9 falls over the security railing and into the crowd.

Kennedy: Lone Wulf drops the chair, and now he's chasing after K-9 through the crowd.

Sears: Lone Wulf looks like a man possesed. K-9's up now, and the crowd does best to stay clear of this fight, Lone Wulf looks like he's going for the Sheriff Killer.


Sears: but K-9 trips him up. it looks like the back of Lone Wulf's head just destroyed a chair. we have our hardcore match, but not the one we expected, Jonathon's still waiting in the ring as K-9 and Lone Wulf continue to brawl in the crowd.

Kennedy: they're working there way up the crowd, they could be in the locker rooms any minute now. OH MY! I can't believe K-9 just did that! He could have taken Lone Wulf's head off with that ... what was that?

Sears: Don't know, but that's why they call him the "Inovator of Insanity". Lone Wulf and K-9 are now battling it out in the cheap seats, and Lone Wulf just threw K-9 through the door.

Kennedy: Lone Wulf is coming through the door - NO K9 slammed his leg in it and is wrenching down on the leg using the door as a fulcrum... this could do some serious knee damage.

Sears: Fans, they're calling this match a loss cause, we'll get more information to you later, but for now - it looks like Hammer takes this matchup without lifting a finger.

Winner: (by Default) Jonathon Hammer


(suddenly "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath begins to play and the crowd jumps to it's feet and begins to cheer as Nemesis apears at the top of the rampway. he's wearing khaki pants, and a white t-shirt, his brown hair tied back in a pony tail. he struts down to the ringway, until he finally makes it there and grabs the mic.)

Nemesis: Ladies and Gentlemen, the co-commish is in da HOUSE!!!!

JS: Nemesis has something to say.

LK: And I have to go to the bathroom - who cares? I'll be back.

JS: But we have matches to call.

LK: Get Victor to listen to this punk and call these matches - they're up his alley anyway!

(semi-big fan pop.)

Nemesis: and as the co-Commissioner of the MWC, I fell it's my responsability to not only provide a non-biased front office, but to book matches, keep certain MWC personel in order, and to look out for the welfare of the members of the MultiNational Wrestling Corporation, among other things. Now, because of this, I am about to talk responsive action to what has transpired ever since the arrival of K-9. Lone Wulf and K-9 have attempted to DESTROY eachother, but Lone Wulf has caused enough damage to K-9's career, it's best that we get this resolved in a signed match. and I'll personally guarantee you that there will be a match between K-9 and Lone Wulf at DOMINATION, and this will be the last hurrah for Lone Wulf and K-9. it will be a Torture Chamber matchup.....(huge crowd pop.). to those of you who are new to the MWC, and haven't seen a Torture Chamber Match before, let me run down the guidlines for ya'. In this match, there is no ring ropes, no turnbuckles, and no way out. The cage that this match takes place in has a top to it. It is a match that is so dangerous, the MWC refuses to sanction such a barbaric bout. The wrestlers can still climb for a 'top-rope jumping attack' by using a pole with a platform on it to do their attack with. This is possible for a tag match, but that is very rare. The goal is to get 3 pins on your opponent before he does the same to you. to the victor goes bragging rights, and final say in the K-9/Lone Wulf fued here in the MWC. now, we can't control what goes on outside of MWC arena's, but after Domination K-9 is BANNED from the arena while Lone Wulf is in the ring. and vice versa. I want this to end, and I want it to end right. K-9 and Lone Wulf, Domination, Torture Chamber match. the match is signed, GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY, ENJOY THE REST OF THE SHOW!!

(Nemesis drops the mic and does a little flex for the crowd before walking back up the rampway to "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.)



Mercenary vs. John R. Styles

This match was truly a wonder as the fans were delighted by this surprising opening for the card. It seemed that both had similar ideas but VERY different goals how to get there. Mercenary's entrance had the sound of helicopters, and then the theme of Apocolypse Now as well as various pyrotechnics. The Merc with the Mouth (yes, I do read comics and YES, that is a comic reference to Marvel's Deadpool *grin*) rapelled down from the rafters. Styles entrance was much less dramatic, unless you count GROUND BURST EXPLOSIONS going off a lack of drama... in the ensuing chaos - Styles also Rapelled down from the rafters. However, that is where the similarities end for these two as they laid it on the line for these fans and their pride tonight.

The match started with Styles working with the larger Merc (40 pounds and 4 inches) and trying to keep him off his feet. He worked him over with various suplexes and even a diamondcutter, but couldn't get a 3 count. The technician was very successful until an Irish Whip into the ropes turned into a missed move and then a Piledriver.

Mercenary got control and pummelled the Ranger with 2 Powerbombs, a Giant Swing, and plenty of other moves. The crowd seemed mixed who to route for and settled to just cheer for this overwhelming performance. Merc got a rake of the eyes by Styles, but before the Ranger could mount any offense, Corporal Max Punishment grabbed Styles leg. Styles went to the outside but was caught by Merc with the AMBUSH (sleeper). This match was far from over though as Styles used a jawbreaker to get out of the hold completely shocking the thusfar overconfident Mercenary.

Styles went to work with a RUnning powerbomb on the concrete and sent it back in where he could win the matchup. He whipped Merc into the turnbuckle and caught the ref in the corner knocking him to the floor. Styles followed Merc in nailing him with a dropkick in the corner that he calls the RANGER STOMP (his setup move)... he was calling for his finisher the RANGER SLAM! As Merc stumbled to his feet, Styles waited from behind ...

From nowhere, a pink paint pellet exploded on Styles face sending him to the mat hard. No one realized what was happening until they seen that Corp. Max Punishment was helping the ref into the ring with a paint gun in his other hand. The ref came in and seen Merc had already latched on the AMBUSH (sleeper) and raised Styles hand 3 times to fall for Mercenary to get a painted... err tainted victory.

Winner: Mercenary



'Extremist' Eddie Dean VS. Commando w/Casey Taylor



CASEY:Obviously everybody thinks I can do this job better than you can ringannouncer, hell I don't care what you name is (THE CROWD BEGINS TO ERUPT.)

CASEY:But intorducing to you 6'8 and 269 of the hardest puonds I ever felt, he hails from Fort Bragg North Carolina or where ever the hell he wants to, ladies and gentlemen I present to you ... Coooooommmmmmmmmaaaannnnnnndddddddoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE COMMANDO:Well since that pansy Extremist Eddie Dean didn't feel likemaking this an official Singapore Cane match I guess I will bring in the Cane as an illeagal weapon. You see this cane was made in the swealtering jungles of Thiland and the bamboo that this grows from is probably unbreakable by a human skull namely yours, you call yourself and Entremist, but you are too afraid of getting injured at my hands in a Singapore Cane match you make me sick you don't even deserve to be in the same ring as me but I need to prove myslef further here in the MWC and thats exactly what I am going to do, when I take you ass out come match time. You are a pansy pure and simple, its an indistputable fact, your are just sorry, adn I will exploit that during the match cause there is so much untapped talent in this body, its scary, but enough talk Eddie Dean get your ass out here......

"Bombtrack" By Rage against the Machine begins...

THE COMMANDO:Hold up cut the **** music, I'm not finished yet this cane has engravings in it you see the Thi use it for excutions and thats exactly whats gonna happen right now when you get out here and face the music, this cane will not break even under the circumstances, in other words I am gonna beat you to a bloody pulp with it and that will be that. Now you can get your sorry **** out here!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.'

Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breath rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trash can in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean, and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see.

As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trash can into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet.

As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans are clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing. He sets the trash can outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.

JIM SEARS: These two arent wasting anytime! Commando starts quickly with a headlock takedown and is adding a few shots to the jaw for good measure!

VICTOR CREEL: And there's the bell!

JS: Welcome Victor, where's Liam?

VC: That pansy ****? Probably trying to stay as far away from real WRESTLING as he can.

JS: The first correct thing youve said all night, Creel. Commando seems to want this match big time. Commando making quick use of that Cane on Dean. He picks up Dean for a big pancake slam. Dean tried to power out of it, but Commando is too big and strong. I think Dean is gonna have to use brains to beat this big newcomer.

VC: Dean has brains? Not after that Singapore Cane went upside it! Wait, whats he doing!

JS: I think hes about to use his brains! He's going into his trunks.........powder to the eyes of Commando! Thats what hes gonna have to do to beat Commando. Dean on offense now with a reverse suplex.

VC: Looks to be Turn about fair play - maybe Dean isn't so bad.

JS: Dean has the Cane NOW - and he's Mark Mcquiring all over Commando! He picks Commando up by the hair and doubles him over with the Singapore Cane. Swinging Commando into the ropes now, but Commando reverses!

VC: Yeah! take that sissy out! BAM!! WOW! Did you see that?

JS: Sure did, VC! He caught Dean off the ropes and nailed him with a huge powerbomb! Dean is hurt big time!

VC: Commando is leaving the ring! This is about to get good!

JS: Commando grabs a chair and lays it flat on the concrete floor outside the ring. Back in the ring now and over to Dean who he picks up with ease. Whats he gonna do? Samoan Drop from the ring apron onto the chair!

VC: I hope this is the end for that sissy, Dean. God I cant stand him....or Vizzack for that matter. They need to take those stupid BTR shirts off too. 'Butt Trash Rasslin' HA!

JS: Hey, pal. Watch it. Commando picks up Dean who is nearly out of it and drops him throat first on the metal railing. He walks over to Dean, but wait..............Commando is staggering back!

VC: A fan just hit him in the eyes with his beer! Oh man.....look at his face! He's got beer and powder all over him! Reminds me of your batchelor party, Jim.

JS: Anyway.....security is all over the fan and taking him out of the arena. The break was all Dean needed to slip in an elbow to the gut on Commando. Quick knee lift by Dean. Scissor kick and Commando is down on the ground. Dean hops on the ring apron and up to the top turnbuckle. He leaps off!

VC: no!

JS: Guillotine leg drop on Commando. Commando is out! Dean rolls him back in the ring and grabs a chair along with him.

VC: Whats he doing? Is he posing to those idiots out there?

JS: Sure looks like it. I think Vizzack and Dean and their 'BTR' alliance is gaining some momentum. He's waiting on Commando to regain some consciousness. Dean is evil! Commando up on one knee. Dean rears back with the chair!

VC: Did you hear that? what a sickening thud!

JS: Now hes got beer, powder, and blood on his face. Looks like YOUR WEDDING night, VC!

VC: That wasnt my fault! I mean......no it doesnt. I dont know what you are talking about!

JS: HA! Dean now sets the chair up in the center of the ring and places the unconscious Commando sitting in it. Look s like hes giving Commando another rest. He goes out for a table and sets it up on teh outside of the ring. Back in to the ring and lifts up Commando for the...

VC: Extreme Plunge.........

JS:........on the table outside! Hes out with the ref.........1......2.........3........thats it.

Winner: 'Extremist' Eddie Dean



Crippler w/Mercedes Devon vs. Sephiroth

This 2nd match of the card (Dark Matches happen before HTO begins) was as exciting as the opening. Sephiroth is a newcomer but acted as a seasoned pro in the ring. Crippler was the ever present challenger for the TV title, but never had been able to capture it himself. He was needing to build momentum to get there again... and of course, Mercedes Devon was DEFINITELY the one to get him there. The ring turns red from lights as "1996" by Marilyn Manson began playing. Red lightning bolts flash down as Sephiroth makes his way to the ring. He climbs into the ring, and with a gesture to the ringposts - lightning blasts them and flames shoot up in response... an entrance worthy of the late Deacon himself. The crowd made no bones of their displeasure with Sephiroth, but also enjoyed his 'theatrics'. Now for the hero to come down...

The lights go down to nothing, the darkness filling the stadium. A crackling sound filters over the sound system and then you here...

"Brought to you by Mercedes Devon ... get your plaster cast ready cause the Crippler is ready to take it to the next level. Now somebody hit the MUSIC!"

"Don't tread on me" by Metallica plays and out walks Mercedes to a FULL ovation from the crowd. She stops, smiles, and makes a full turn. Points to the curtain - PYROS explode as the flashbulbs light the entire stadium. The lights go down enough to reveal Crippler in his battle garb, a towel thrown over his shoulder as they both make the way to the ring arm in arm.

After those entrances, everyone was expecting a great match and they were not disappointed. Crippler definitely had the edge in technical skill, but he was going against a much larger Sephiroth who had him by 4 inches and 70+ pounds. However, to everyones surprise - Sephiroth kept the match in the arena of skill continually countering Crippler's attempts at various moves... which in turn Crippler would counter Sephiroth's counters. A CHOKESLAM ended that counter skill though as Crippler went to the mat with Extreme FORCE. Sephiroth followed that with a Powerbomb and then went to the top rope for a Legdrop - WHICH MISSED partly due to Devon's distraction and impromptu coaching of Crippler.

Crippler went on the offensive to the crowds delight picking the big man up in a Brainbuster that rocked the ring. He followed that with a barrage of technical wizardry that wowed the Atlanta crowd. A flying Clothesline later and he was set up to go for one of his ample finishers. Shirley Manson (Angelus' manager) got in the way and allowed Sephiroth to hit a Brainbuster of his own. He put Crippler up on his shoulders for his SUPER NOVA (Tombstone finisher), but Crippler wiggled out and quickly hit the CRIPPLING PLUNGE (German Suplex) for the victory.

Winner: Crippler



'Iceman' Steve Radder w/Kelly VS. Kilika

Sears: up next is a guaranteed show stealer, "Iceman" Steve Radder,the cocky young upstart from PR, against Kilika.

Announcer : 'Ladies and Gentlemen, now approaching the ring and weighing in at 230 pounds, standing 6 feet tall, accompanied by the beautiful Kelly, the self-proclaimed Coolest of the Cool, 'Iceman' Steve Radder!

[Cue Up 'Bulls on Parade' by Rage against the machine as The Iceman comes out of the curtain. White and Blue fireworks explode behind him as the overhead screen shows in Emerald letters 'PR' on a black background. Steve starts walking down toward the ring, uncharacteristicly without Kelly. He's wearing his signature blue-lensed Oakley sunglasses, acting just as cool as ever.

Announcer: and his opponent.....Kilika!

[Kilika walks down to ringside with no fanfare, music or anything else.]

Sears: the bell just rang and this match is officially underway. "Iceman" sizes up against Kilika, Kilika just slaps Radder in the face.

Kennedy: Ha Ha! Radder's in over his head in this one, there's no way he can advance in this tournament, it just proves how smart JW is.

Sears: collar and elbow tie up, Kilika with a knee to the gut of radder followed by an irish whip. FLYING CROSS BODY SENDS BOTH MEN OVER THE TOP ROPE onto the spanish commentator's table down below. Kilika wasting no time in taking full advantage of the rules of this matchup.

Kennedy: look at Radder squirm! where's Eddy, Eddy's GOT to see this.

Sears: Kilika's the first man up, and he gets up on the apron. SPRINGBOARD ASAISAH MOONSAULT! and Radder's in trouble early on here. Kilika REALLY taking it to the "Iceman".

Kennedy: Ra....

Sears: (interupting.) Kennedy....

Kennedy: what is it sears?

Sears: I don't wan to hear your comment about Eddy Love, Bryan Blair, JW Locke, or any of your obsence comments. if your not going to talk about wrestling, do it on your own time. your payed to commentate, not talk about mindless drivel.

Kennedy: I wasn't going to say anything, Jim. take a prozac or something

Sears: good.

Kennedy: I was just going to say that Radder isn't worth Eddy's sh....

Sears: THAT'S ENOUGH! why do I ever trust you.

Kennedy: maybe your stupid.

Sears: Kilika with a cover on Radder on the outside, 1, 2, 3 it's over NO NO IT'S NOT! Radder manages to get the shoulder up at 2 and a half somehow. Kilika a little annoyed goes up, WAY up. up on the top turnbuckle, OH MY GOD!!! saumersault splash on Radder as Radder was just getting up, both men were knocked into the crowd, and both seem to be unconcious. no, Kilika's stirring. I don't know how much more of this Radder can take.

Kennedy: that's just it the "Iceman"'s frozen, he CAN'T take it!

Sears: Kilika's up, and he's got a chair. he's trying to balance himself up on the steel guardrail GUILOTINE LEG DROP with the chair underneath his leg, that might have knocked Steve out COLD! no pun intended.

Kennedy: admit it, you were trying to be funny.

Sears: Kilika tosses the chair away and rolls Radder over for the pin, RADDER'S BLEEDING! badly I might add, Kilika with the cover, 1...2...KICKOUT!


Sears: I don't even think that he KNOWS he kicked out, he's running on fumes now, he's running on pure instinct. he knows what a win now means. if he can get past Kilika he'll be that much closer to a title here in the MWC.

Kennedy: look at Radder try to pull himself up, it almost looks pitiful.

Sears: Kilika busily trying to steady himself on the steel guardrail for another jump, and Radder stumbles, and manages to knock Kilika's legs out from under him, and Kilika lands face first on the guardrail. now both Radder and Kilika are trying to get up, trying to shake the cob webs. Kilika's the first one up, and he grabs a chair, now Radder's up WHAT A STANDING SIDE KICK! Radder just knocked the chair right back at Kilika with a well placed side kick, AND NOW KILIKA'S BLEEDING! both of these men want to advance, both don't want to give up, and both of them are bleeding.

Kennedy: oh shut up, they both suck.

Sears: what are you talking about Liam? both of these men are superb atheletes, and DESERVE a shot at a title here in the MWC.

Kennedy: MWC World Sucking champion maybe.

Sears: for once, just ONCE I'd like to commentate without you being here.

Kennedy: tell it to the man, Sears.

Sears: anyway, I'm going to commentate this match, you do whatever you want to do. Radder, now taking control of this match. I spoke to soon, Kilika with a drop kick that sends Steve Radder over the guardrail and FINALLY out of the crowd. Kilika balances up on the guardrail FLYING HEADSCISSORS on "Iceman" on the concrete! Kilika with a couple of stomps for good measure as he goes over and sets up a table.

Kennedy: very good Jim, now try breathing.

Sears: oh hush up! I'm doing my best without any help from you!

Kennedy: hey, it's not my fault, I'll do something when Love shows up.

Sears: what's Love got to do with it?

Kennedy: hey, you leave humor to me, ok Sears?

Sears: Kilika's got to table set up, and he's placed radder on it. he's going up, way up, onto the top turnbuckle. SHOOTING STAR PRESS! OH MY GOD!! Radder managed to roll off the table and get away, and Kilika landed on the table and broke through it onto the concrete! he could be hurt, SERIOUSLY HURT!!

Kennedy: that's what extreme is all about.

Sears: I think Kilika just broke his neck, and Radder is starting to stir, he's shaking the cobwebs, he should be able to finish this off very easily now, I'm not sure if Kilika can even move. oh my god, ABSOLUTE ZERO BY RADDER! that just made matters worse! the quick cover and the quick 3 count is uniform from here. 1...2...3 and Radder moves on to the finals...

Kennedy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sears: I think the bigger story here is that Kilika might have injured his neck. we'll give you an update on his condition later, right now we have to go to a commercial break.

Winner: 'Iceman' Steve Radder



'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs. Lone Wulf

In what could have easily been a main event tonight, these two giants in the MWC, one the biggest body & the other the biggest ego, had a match that was classic by all accounts... starting with their entrances that electrified this already excited crowd.

suddenly, the lights go out. a few members of the audience scream out, others hold their lighters up in the air. then 2 Of Americaz Most Wanted by Tupac Shakur starts to play and pyro goes off at the same time as the lights turn back on. Lone Wulf is now standing at the top of the rampway, wearing his regular wrestling tights. then makes his way to the ring

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.

The crowd is more than ready as was the two combatants. They referred to this as the MAIN EVENT of the 'undercard', but it could've just as easily been the main event of THE card. It opened with Love grabbing quick control with a Thumb to the Windpipe staggering the HUGE Lone Wulf. Love whipped the big man into the turnbuckle and only caught a knee to the face as he followed it in. Lone Wulf took control quickly sending Love to the ground with a 187 Cradle DDT.

Love went to the outside, something that became quite common during this card. Outside, Love whipped the Wulf into a steel rail as soon as he came outside. Quickly, Love went back to work on Lone Wulf working primarily on the legs of the Big man. A sound strategy that seemed to be working.

Love tossed Lone Wulf to the outside and followed him out. Thing got nasty and Lone Wulf was surprised when Love went down low, and then sent the big man into the ring steps. Love took it back in the ring and continued to work the leg over of Lone Wulf. Lone Wulf was whipped into the ropes and Love went for a dropkick - missing.

As Love struggled up, Lone Wulf caught him in a choke followed by a devestating Chokeslam. Lone Wulf's turn came around and he followed that with another Chokeslam, a JackKnife Powerbomb, and a HUGE list of other POWER moves. After a Superplex and a pin attempt by Wulf, Love slipped to the outside of the ring. This time however, Lone WUlf didn't head outside, at least not until Love grabbed his legs and pulled him 'crotch-around' the ringpost. Love gave a tug, and then latched on a figure 4 around the ringpost that sent the large Lone Wulf screaming in pain to his already sore knee.

The ref broke that and Love came back in... Lone Wulf tried to back away some and gain some composure huddling around that knee, but Love continued to work on it. At least until a thumb to the eye by Wulf stopped the battle. He whipped Love into the ropes and went for a BIG body drop. Love didn't go over however as Lone Wulf's leg gave out on him. Kneeling there, it was only a HURRICANE PILEDRIVER away from the victory as Eddy Love secured another slash in the 'W' column as an electrified crowd watched on.

Winner: 'Hurricane' Eddy Love



'Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy VS. Ratzilla

Announcer: Ladies and gentlmen this match is scheduled for one fall. Accompanied to the ring by the Phantom Strangler...

("Prison" by Creed begins to play over the PA system. Out from behind the curtain steps Ratzilla.)

Announcer: Ratzilla!.

Sears: well, there's the big man that, although lost his debut match, was quite impressive in his showing against The Commando.

Kennedy: impressive or not, he still lost, and that doesn't impress me.

Sears: how can you say that? Commando just barely got by with a victory, and Ratzilla gave him a beating. it was an impressive debut by both men.

Kennedy: I think it's only impressive when you win.

(CUE UP: "The Dope Show" - Marilyn Manson. The arena lights go down as the fans rush to their feet in hopes of catching a glimpse. Spotlights surround the arena, finally focusing in on a spot about six feet from the curtain... and standing there, Eli Flair and Poison Ivy. They acknowledge the crowd for a minute, and begin to walk forward toward the ring. It takes them about two minutes or so, as they take in the crowd and smack a few hands. At last, they enter the ring. Eli moves toward the center of the ring, Poison Ivy in front. The song kicks into the chorus, and the arena lights raise and lower in tempo to the song, as glittery sparks fly from the ringposts. "We're All Stars Now," like the song says... but if that's true, this man is the true "ANTI-Star")

Sears: well there's the favorite to win the extreme title tournament, "Total Elimination" Eli Flair, being accompanied to the ring by Poison Ivy, as always with that singapore cane of hers. but in the extreme title tourny, all managers are banned from ringside, so Poison Ivy is reluctantly on her way to the back. the bell has rung and this one is under way, as Eli wastes no time in getting started by clotheslining Ratzilla over the top rope, taking this match to the outside. this is going to get real ugly, real fast.

Kennedy: now that Freak has entered into Flair's zone. Flair's going to the outside.

Sears: but Ratzilla is up in time to defend himself. Flair goes over to Ratzilla, but Ratzilla hits him with a low blow. oh my god! Ratzilla's going for a PILEDRIVER on the outside! Flair's struggling, BACK BODY DROP, and Ratzilla's back lands on the steel steps.

Kennedy: say Jim?

Sears: WHAT, what is it Liam?

Kennedy: do you know when Eddy Love is coming out? or maybe Blair, this match is getting REAL boring.

Sears: COME ON KENNEDY! there is an excellent match going on right in front of you!

Kennedy: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! calm down Jim.

Sears: ladies and gentlemen please excuse Mr. Kennedy. Ratzilla and Flair both up now. Flair sends Ratzilla into the steel guardrail with an irish whip, NO NO, Ratzilla reverses it and Flair goes into the guardrail, NO OVER! this match has spilled into the crowd, and Ratzilla is following Eli!

Kennedy: great, now maybe one of them can hit one of those moronic fans!

Sears: I'll try to ignore that.

Kennedy: ignore what?

Sears: the crowd is making room for Flair and Ratzilla to battle, Ratzilla grabs a chair, it looks like he's going to hit Eli with that steel chair!

Kennedy: HE DOES - in an extreme match - who'd a thunk it Redneck?

Sears: Ignore... ignore... Ratzilla is taking that chair and working Flair over with it. He's got Flair's arm in the fold of it - OH DOUBLE STOMP ON THE CHAIR!

Kennedy: Well, that's one way to deal with it.

Sears: Flair trying to fight off the pain, but he's rolling on the ground... getting up with help from a fan exited chair, but here comes Ratzilla with a chair - purposing on implanting Eli's face in it.

Kennedy: what else is he going to do with it, sit in it?

Sears: there's the swing, BUT FLAIR WAS PLAYING POSSUM! he standsright up and nails Ratzilla's chair right back into his face with his own chair.

Kennedy: what was that? steel on steel on face?

Sears: Liam, if your going to be a commentator, at least TRY to call the match!

Kennedy: I'll call a match when I'm good a ready.

Sears: when Eddy Love gets out here right?

Kennedy: you must be pyschic Jim.

Sears: Eli placing the steel chair right on Ratzilla's face, and a few good stomps crushing Ratzilla's face underneath that chair. Eli lifts up Ratzilla and places him groin first on that steel guardrail. he's still reeling that chair. OH MY! he just hit a McGuire home run on Ratzilla's face, knocking him off the steel guard rail.

Kennedy: I'm glad that freak is getting what he deserves, now if only Blair could come out here.

Sears: Eli Flair stepping over the guard rail to continue his onslaught onto Ratzilla. it looks like Eli's looking around for something.

Kennedy: probably something to hit Ratzilla with. like the steel steps, a chair, or the time keepers bell.

Sears: Ladies and Gentlemen, Liam Kennedy, the single best commentator in this business today......now give me my ten bucks liam.

Kennedy: uh...um, Eli finally finds what he's looking for in a table underneath the ring. he sets up up next to the steel steps and goes back to Ratzilla.

Sears: I'm going to call this match, but I want the ten bucks you promised me for saying that. Eli turns around to go get Ratzilla, but Ratzilla's waiting for him, and COBASHES Flair on the head with the time keepers bell. and Eli falls backwards, right through the table he just set up, and it looks like his kidney's hit hard against the corners of those steps.

Kennedy: OK, that might of hurt.

Sears: Yeah, it 'might have'. Lord give me strength. Ratzilla back on the offensive - he picks Eli up and drops him face first on the steps. He's getting Flair up again in a Front Facelock with the chairs under them... falling DDT with the HUGE Ratzilla landing on TOP of Flair. Impressive move there!

Kennedy: do you ever just....get tired of hearing your voice Sears? because I sure have.

Sears: (sigh.) Ratzilla picks Flair off the steps by the hair, and it looks like he's going for a chokeslam, but Flair manages to get enough strength to knee Ratzilla in the gut, regular DDT by Eli ON THOSE STEPS! Flair helps Ratzilla to his feet, and TOSSES HIM INTO THE STEEL POST with an Irish Whip, and Ratzilla falls to the ground. Flair's going underneath the ring again, and pulls out another table, Eli not wasting any time this time in setting up the table next to the ring.

Kennedy: you just keep talking, and it never stops.

Sears: Eli places Ratzilla on the, and gets up on the apron. this is a rare high flying move by Eli, he almost looks awkward up there. but he manages to jump off and connect with a splash on Ratzilla THROUGH the table, neither men are moving much, but Flair is on top of Ratzilla. and the ref counts the 1..2...3! and Eli moves on in the extreme title tournament!

Kennedy: (sarcastically) whup-de-do.

Sears: we'll be back with our MAIN EVENT - "GOOD GOD" KEVIN POWERS defends against "DAREDEVIL" MARK VIZZACK!

Winner: 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair


JS: Fans, welcome back as we get ready for the Main Event, but first Humberto Ramos has a special interview in the back...(cut to the back)

HUMBERTO RAMOS: im getting word that the MWC tag team champions, Team Extreme Express Express, otherwise known as E3, are just arriving here in the area. Here they are now stepping out of their....um....motorcyce.

IRONFIST: I swear youre gonna be the death of me, you moron! Why cant we just have a car like everybody else. I hate having to ride in this rediculous side car. Next time, Im driving.

SAMPO: No no no, my good man! You have neither the skill, ability, nor the cool goggles to drive this hog!

HR: Champs! Hey Guys....a word?

IF: Out of my way.

SA: Dont mind him. Hed just mad that he doesnt have any goggles. What do you want know, my good man......just let me get this helmet off.

HR: Nice hair. Anyway, what do you think of your next title defense against the Peurto Ruffians?

SA: Who? Maallox and Killroy? Ah, we dont have too much to say about them.

::At this point, Sampo grabs the mic and loks directly at the camera.::

SA: Allright, Puko Stinkians, listen up. This is your ONE SHOT at our gold. Why you ask? Well, I was talking to my championship belt as it was eating dinner last night and it said that frijoles and sea water just doesnt agree with its delicate stomach. Bottom line is that Fisty and I have fought hard to win these belts we will be golly gee whiz darned if you, Puko Stinkians, take them off our hands. The honorable J.W. Locke feels comfortable with us as his tag champs. Look....there he is now! Hey J.W.!!!

JW:............................(walks past)

SA: Love ya babe! We'll do lunch!

HR: Looks like JW doesnt seem to care too much for you.

SA: Na.....he loves us. He knows that Ironfist and I are loyal to the MWC and Mr. Locke. He gave us our shot....and we took it. Puko Stinkians.......these are our belts. You two clowns dont have what it takes to be the best. You are on the low card menu along with Snotty Stan , Grumpy Grant, and yesterdays meatloaf. Yeah, we will show up at the arena.......and we'll leave with our belts. Sorry to cut it short, Humphrey, but I gotta find Fisty.

HR: Back to you JS.

JS: Fans, we are ready for...




'Good God' Kevin Powers w/Gina vs MWC Television Champion 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine

JS: Fans' this is what we've all been awaiting tonight as Mark Vizzack is set to move on toward higher gold in the MWC

LK: He's set, but he isn't ready... first things first.

JS: And speaking of first things first, here comes JW Locke with his bodyguard ELIMINATOR.

LK: Hey JW, welcome to the ring bud. Man, this crowd really loves him.

JS: Uhm, sure. He's got the stage, so lets get to it.

JW: Now everyone, I know you're all interested in what I have to say in regards to the MWC's WHITE WHALE - that WORM, but I'd like to talk on other things for a moment... in particular - Moby Dick.

JW: You know, I've thought of how maybe I'm a bit too hateful of Vizzack, I mean - what'd he REALLY do to me? He's a good man generally, isn't he? but then i though - JW, you THINK TOO MUCH!

JW: Worm, you want to talk WHALES - fine by me. I got a 375 pounder right here that'd be glad to pit his strength against yours. (points to the Eliminator) You want a whale, I'll give you a whale! So here's the deal for TONIGHT's MATCH! Mark, to make certain that Sunshine doesn't try any of her usual interferences... I have the Eliminator here as the special outside referee. And one other small idea, Kevin - bring Gina down, Radder down, **** the whole freaking town of Chicago down to ringside. You can NOT be Disqualified tonight, but WORM - watch yourself... you step outta line one iota, and it's packing without a belt.

JW: Yes, I DID say withOUT a belt. After tonight, as Commissioner, I am going to set up a tournament for the Television title. You see, I don't think you have what it takes to be the TV champ anymore, you need to start playing with the BIG boys like POWERS. So bring my belt on out here so we can get over the pleasantries... (JW and the Eliminator get down, JW moving to the announcers table)

(The lights go down. Anticipation rises in the crowd as the music fills the air. CUE UP:"Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) - Van Halen". Spotlights pan the crowd. The aisle is covered by spinning, intertwined, double "D"s. Suddenly it seems as if every light in the arena has flickered all at once as if a strobelight - and there they are. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack stands tall at the base of the aisle, a hint of gold visible beneath his leather jacket. Next to him is Sunshine Del Payne, her face is flushed but the look of excitement cannot be hidden from her eyes - she is proud to be there. They begin to walk toward the ring. Vizzack smacks hands with as many fans as he can. Sunshine takes a different approach and shakes the hands of several people at ringside, but several of the male fans seem a tad over-amorous and she shys away.Vizzack hits the ring first, completely vaulting himself over the top rope. He hesitates by the stairs for a minute as Sunshine walks up them and steps under the middle rope. Mark unzips his jacket, climbs to the top turnbuckle, and presents the fans with the TV Belt. He holds it up high and calls for the fans to get into the match and they oblige - by making a LOT of noise. Mark does a backflip off the top and embraces Sunshine in a big hug as fireworks go off at ringside, sparks fly from the ringposts, and JW Locke can't seem to believe that this man holds his TV Title.)

['(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Filter & Crystal Method begins to play as the LockeTron begins to go off. Pictures of Powers and Gina flash along with some of their recent actions. In-between the cuts the words of 'PR in Da HOUSE', 'YOUR IC Champion', 'Gorgeous Gina', and 'GOOD GOD' Kevin Powers begin to show here in there in emerald letters on a black background. The curtains open up and Gina walks out wearing black leather pants and shiny black stretch halter top. Behind her follows the IC Champion of MWC 'Good God' Kevin Powers and he is carrying the MWC belt along with his CSWA US title. As they walk out Gina stops and puts her hands on her hips as Powers stands behind her and holds up both of the title belts. A white fountain pyro affect goes off behind them and the fans are giving their best heel pop. As they make their way down to ringside Gina sees a sign in the crowd and she takes it from one of the fans who is more than happy to give it to her. As they make their way inside the ring Gina walks around holding up the sign that says 'Now the L for LOSER is out of PLR!' Gina, after a moment of showing off the sign, also takes the microphone from the announcer.]

JW: THIS IS PERFECT! The Eliminator will keep 'uhm... sunshine' from the match and it's NO DQ for KP!

JS: This is PATHETIC! Vizzack doesn't deserve this!

LK: You're right Jim, he deserves a match with BATT first.

JW: What'd you say?

LK: Uh... nothing.

JS: He said BATT!


JS: ... we've got a collar and elbow tie up and POWERS SENDS VIZZ to the mat!

JW: HA! This is going to be EASY!

JS: Vizzack definitely can't compete in sheer power with well, POWER. Vizzack heads toward Sunshine on the outside, but here comes the Eliminator! Powers waiting patiently, but keeping a close eye on the Eliminator at the same time.

JW: He's fine... trust me.

JS: Well, Vizzack and Eliminator in a shouting match and the Eliminator tells Vizzy to get back in the ring. And he does.

LK: That's a good little boy - see, he's not so bad JW.

JW: I love it when you DRIP sarcasm.

JS: Powers goes for a lockup, but Vizzack dunks and goes into the ropes - he's back and nails Powers with a dropkick staggering the larger Powers.

JW: Not a problem, trust me.

JS: Vizzack back into the ropes -Clothesline by POWERS! No, Vizzack ducks and is into the other ropes and back - Flying body press!

LK: Don't think so Jimmy my boy - Powerslam by POWERS! And Vizzack is HURT!

JS: Powers digging his hands into Vizzacks face now! This is completely ILLEGAL!

JW: Not in this match it's not.

JS: Vizzack in some serious pain here reaching for anything - He's raked Powers eyes... And the ref is giving him the 3rd degree???

JW: Of course, I told you that Vizzack was a cheater.

JS: But Powers was doing the exact same thing.

JW: Of course he was.

JS: This is so ridiculous!

LK: Powers recovered from his temporary blindness - LOW BLOW by POWERS!


JW: All's fair in love and war.

JS: But you just said...

JW: Don't contradict me.

JS: I can't, you do a good enough job yourself!

LK: Powers grabs Mark - Tombstone Piledriver... goes for the cover.

JS: ONLY A 2 COUNT! Mark fighting his way back up to his knees.

JW: Kevin's got him and POWERBOMB!!!!! This is beautiful.

JS: This is a travesty! Powers picks Vizzack up and runs...

LK: He threw him INTO THE GUARDRAIL OUTSIDE!!! Great move!

JS: WHAT?!! Vizzack trying to get up and here comes the Eliminator again as well as Sunshine from the other side. Eliminator arguing with Sunshine to get out of here and she walks past him disgusted and scared obviously.

JW: Go take a pill!

JS: Powers is down on the floor now behind Vizzack who's caught in an argument with the Eliminator... he's going to take him out!

LK: There you go Powers, finish it out here!

JS: NO! Vizzack seemed to know that Powers had slipped up on him and spends around with a back elbow!

JW: There you go Eliminator!

JS: Eliminator seperating both of them and sending the match back in the ring. At least he's shown some impartiality there.

JW: I'll have to talk with him about that.

JS: Anyway, Vizzack is the first to his feet as Powers pulls himself up by the ropes. Mark grabs Powers - Tornado DDT from the top! He goes for a cover!

JW: NO WAY! Only a 2 count!

JS: Vizzack still on the attack. A neckbreaker and he's heading to the top - MOONSAULT!

JW: Still no pin.

JS: Not yet anyway... Irish whip into the ropes and HURRICARANA!!! by Vizzack. Terrific move. He picks Powers up by his hair - Fist to the midsection!


JS: Yes WAY, Vizzack into the ropes to spring off of them.


JS: And the ref seen it! He's not doing anything! Powers up now and grabs Vizzack...


LK: KISS THE CANVAS (Slingshot Powerbomb)

JW: 1....2.....3!!!!!!!!! I DID IT! I DID IT!

JS: Don't you mean Kevin Powers did it?


LK: Ahhh, sweet victory.

Winner and still MWC Intercontinental Champion

'Good God' Kevin Powers

'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack, on the orders of Commissioner JW Locke, has been stripped of the MWC Television Championship​


(After the match, Mark Vizzack can be seen sitting alone without even Sunshine (who's out with Kelly). He's in the nosebleed section staring into the blackness of space were only moments before he'd missed his shot at the InterContinental title. From behind walks Jim Sears dressed down and wearing a cowboy hat.

JS: Mark, don't get too far down about this. I have some things in the works that will definitely push this whole BTR thing to the next level. It's not over till the fat lady sings, and JW's mom couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Come on, let's go find Eddie Dean, go somewhere, and talk champ.

Mark silently gets up and Sears puts his arm around him as they climb into the darkness.
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