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Mr. Sandman


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Garth Bishop
Your Email Address: almightygarth@hotmail.com
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: AllPowerfulGARTH

Wrestler's Name: Mr. Sandman

Wrestler's Age: 28 years old

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 280 lbs

Physical Description: Big, muscular, mean African-American male. Close-cut
hair, yellow trunks with “GOOD NIGHT” on the back in big black letters,
green boots. Assorted tattoos on arms and upper back.

Hometown: New York City, NY

Entrance Music: “Tougher Than Leather” by Run-DMC

Alignment (Face/Heel): Heel

Wrestling Style (Technical, Brawler, High Flyer, etc): Brawler, but with a
little power wrestling thrown in

Manager/Valet?: Doc; a stocky, balding, older African-American man who has
become disillusioned with the boxing world

10 Basic Moves: Powerslam, bicycle kick, bearhug, spinebuster, Samoan drop,
sit-out powerbomb, belly-to-belly suplex, Soviet suplex, vicious running
lariat, fallaway slam, plus all manner of boxing-style punches

3 Setup Moves: The Sandman Cometh (sleeperhold with body scissors),
Nightmare (reverse overhead backbreaker; lifts opponent up as if for an
atomic drop, then jumps up and falls to his knees, dropping opponent’s back
across his shoulder), Goodnight Kiss (series of three uppercuts in the

Finisher Name and Description: Dark Dream (grabs opponent by the throat with
right hand as though for a chokeslam, but with the hand upside-down, then
hooks opponent’s right leg fisherman-style with left hand; he lifts the
opponent up into the air like this, holds him there for a second, then
pushes back with right hand and flips opponent up with left hand, causing
the opponent to flip backward and land facedown; I suppose the technical
move name would be something along the lines of “inverted fisherman’s

Short Character Bio: Reggie Sand grew up a poor black kid in the heart of
New York City. He never caught a break in life, and the only skill he ever
really learned was fighting. Seeking to channel his one talent into
something marketable, he started entering underground fighting tournaments
and discovered at a young age that he could hold his own against the
toughest of fighters with his combination of speed, power, cunning and sheer
brutality. Soon, Reggie – who quickly became known as “The Sandman” in the
underground fighting world – was discovered by a boxing promoter, who began
putting the angry young man in licensed (if low-profile) fights, where
Reggie easily destroyed the competition. His reputation continued to grow.

Finally, the day came that Reggie was noticed by a big-time fight promoter.
He liked Reggie’s fighting style, but even more than that, he liked Reggie’s
legitimate urban background (he had tried to market several other fighters
as tough urban warriors, but in all cases it would eventually be proved that
they were just told to act that way for the sake of business). Reggie, of
course, had no idea that he was being brought it on his image and not his
prowess in the ring. “The Sandman” was a huge success; so huge, in fact,
that Reggie (at the subtle urging of the promoter) changed his nickname to
“MISTER Sandman” to infer that opponents should look up to him as their
superior. Everything was going perfectly for Reggie. He had money, fame,
women, power; everything the ghetto could never have afforded him.

After only a short while on the professional circuit, Mr. Sandman defeated
(heavily marketed) Italian sensation Pizza Pasta to capture the WVBA World
Heavyweight Title. He was always introduced as the “rough, tough black man
who never knew how to do anything but fight,” and he thought that suited
him. After holding the World Heavyweight Title for a reasonable amount of
time, Mr. Sandman lost it to Super Macho Man, a cocky fighter from a
privileged background who was as cocky as Mr. Sandman was vicious. Mr.
Sandman lost the rematch, but was still unbeatable to most of the other
boxers on the circuit. He was in line for another title shot, when
something extraordinary happened.

The promoter discovered the ultimate underdog – a kid with a lot of heart
but not a lot of skill. His name was Little Mac, and the promoter realized
a huge marketing opportunity when he saw one. He brought in grizzled ring
veteran Doc to manage the kid, but soon discovered that wouldn’t be enough
to get Little Mac to start winning matches. So he did something Mr. Sandman
considered absolutely unthinkable: He asked his fighters to throw their
matches and let the kid beat them. Mr. Sandman was enraged, but the
promoter reminded Sandman that without him, Sandman’s career would have gone
nowhere and he’d still be in the ghetto fighting for bread money. Mr.
Sandman was unhappy, but he did what he felt he had to do and let Little Mac
beat him.

Mr. Sandman was promised an opportunity to get his title and win back, but
after Little Mac defeated Super Macho Man (who also essentially laid down
for him) to win the World Heavyweight Title, he retired from the ring.
Super Macho Man was quickly given a boost back up to the top, as were many
of the promoter’s other charges. Mr. Sandman’s profile just kept dropping,
while newcomers received opportunities Mr. Sandman had been promised. It
seemed the promoter was no longer interested in Mr. Sandman. Sandman was
upset, but figured there was nothing he could do about it. Finally, after a
series of lackluster matches against uninteresting opponents, Mr. Sandman
was let go by the promoter. Along with the only two other black boxers
still under the promoter’s now-almost-exclusively-white employ.
Disillusioned with the inequity of the boxing world, Mr. Sandman began to
despair. But then he received a visit from the most unlikely of people.

Doc had been completely left by the wayside when Little Mac retired. As
soon as Mac left boxing, Doc was unceremoniously dumped by the promoter.
Doc saw that Mr. Sandman was being forced out of boxing and decided to step
in. Together, they came to the conclusion that Mr. Sandman’s future would
not be in a boxing ring, but in a wrestling ring. Doc taught Mr. Sandman
how to wrestle and also helped him regain the fury and viciousness he’d once
had by constantly reminding him of what the promoter did to him. Soon, Mr.
Sandman was filled with hate. Hatred for the promoter, hatred for the
crooked world of boxing, hatred for the inequities forced on the black man
by the white man. He once again became a vehicle for unstoppable rage. His
training finished and his attitude restored, Mr. Sandman was sent by Doc to
enter his first wrestling league – the Gateway Wrestling Alliance.

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