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Mr. Entertainment


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: Mr. Entertainment
AGE / DOB: --
WEIGHT: 234 pounds
APPEARANCE: Slim and trim, defined and refined. His dyed black hair, kept in a pony tail, is tight, coming down his neck. He’s clean shaven, and his blue eyes emit a strange confidence. In the ring he wears a singlet, normally white, with cut-off denim shorts, formerly jeans. His wrists are taped, and he wears black boots with "ME" monogrammed in silver. He also wears black knee pads, plain, and his wrists are taped white. Outside the ring he tends to go casual.
PERSONALITY: Cocky and arrogant are the two words you’d use with anybody calling themselves the most entertaining being in existence, and this guy is no exception. He’s very sure of his abilities, but can be hot-headed when things aren’t going his way.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: He entered wrestling because of his tremendous athletic background. He excelled in high-school wrestling, as well as athletics, winning many awards, but never coming out the absolute best. He enjoyed watching wrestling as a child, especially the routines of Rick “The Model” Martel, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, and The Rockers. He decided not to go to college, instead taking up modelling jobs to pay his way through his training. He worked hard, but grew disillusioned with how “boring” he found the product. He’s looking to entertain the masses as only he can, and whilst in training he would claim to be the greatest entertainer on the planet. He decided to take himself out onto the indie scene in the hopes of getting his big break. He also has extensive martial arts training, which he used to great effect in the indies.
HOMETOWN: Ashland, Oregon
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "That's Entertainment!" by The Jam
RING ENTRANCE: As 'That’s Entertainment' starts up, a lone spotlight falls on the entrance way. Once the lyrics begin, Mr Entertainment walks to the ring with his arrogance fully showing, trying his best to deliberately incite the crowd, as the spotlight follows him. Once in the ring, he poses on two of the corners, taunting the crowd some more, before waiting in the second corner for his opponent.
New ERA CHAMPIONSHIPS: New ERA Champion (x2); Television Champion
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical and aerial mainly, though he’s not above brawling. He’ll look to make as much of his match as flashy as he possibly can.

1. Drop kick (all variants)
2. Various kicks and strikes from taekwondo
3. Armbar
4. Snap Vertical Suplex
5. Shooting Star Press
6. Diamond Dust (somersault diamond cutter from the corner)
7. Emerald Fusion (over the shoulder cradle neckbreaker; drapes opponent over his shoulder, holding their head facing the direction he is, cradles their neck and drops them on the mat)
8. Superkick
9. Swinging backbreaker
10.Somersault Neckbreaker
11. Flying Forearm
12. 450 Splash
13. "Shooting Entertainment" (starts off like a shooting star press, but carries on another 180 degrees to land on his back across his opponents chest)
14. Shoulderbreaker
15. Implant DDT

PRIMARY FINISHER: #1: That's Entertainment! / #2: Sharpshooter
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: #1: Following the Stun-gun set up, Mr Entertainment rises quickly, locking his arms around the waist of his opponent. He then rolls backwards, taking his opponent with him in the backwards roll. As they come out of it, he executes a powerful German suplex, bridging for the pin. / #2: Sharpshooter
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