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Moon Baby


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-02 AT 07:07 PM (EDT)][font color= red]WS:[/font][font color= black] Sometimes I ask for more than I can handle... and looking at my body right now, looking at the state of the CSWA right now, some might think I've asked for more than I can handle. But the ones that know me - they know that right now, I'm at the top of my game...

The shirt on his body hides the damaged shoulder of Michael Plett. He's fatigued and worn down, but looking around the CSWA right now - who isn't? Wicked Sight was robbed of ever knowing if he was able to defeat Evan Aho when GUNS interrupted his match in San Diego and crashed his body through a table. Sight tried to get revenge and his goal was to stop GUNS from beating another wrestler on Sight's side in Shane Southern. Southern won the match but the real loser was Wicked Sight, who got thrown at a table - this one didn't break. But the look on his face shows that Sight isn't ready to give up - not by a long shot.

[font color= red]WS:[/font][font color= black] GUNS - you came into the CSWA and spewed out the words that said you were cancer. And you might be, but let me look around and say that you're not the worst of the problems here. Take a look around GUNS, this place is an asylum, and there are people at every corner looking to slit each other's throats. You think you're any different than the others? You're an idiot. GUNS, keep breaking my body. I've taken more from better, year in and year out since I made my way here, just a kid, and turned into a man by taking the beatings of every great here and everywhere else, from that little revolution that was TCW to the podunk place that calls themselves extreme in the GXW.

But the mistake you've made... you cost me the World title... I'll never know if I had Evan's number but let me say it was neck and neck and you ruined it, for me, for Evan... for the great fans here in the CSWA, the greatest in the world. My arm hardly functions anymore, but one way or another, your payback is in store. You're the strongest arms in the world, STRONG AS AN OX... and you're almost as smart. The nostalgia of GUNS is over, now you're just a nuisance.

And speaking of PrimeTime... Evan, you told me flat out you aren't "for the cause" and you acted just that way, but me and you will have another title match, because I know that even though your life is a little more than complicated right now, you WILL give me a rematch - you're the standard bearer of our generation, and whether you want to accept that title or not, you're going to have to look around and "play the game" soon enough.

On top of all that... don't you dare think I'm not looking forward to facing Hornet just one more time, in the greatest state of the union, don't think I'm not looking forward to delivering Washington State with another STELLAR performance when I challenge for the United States title. Hornet, as a kid I watched you. As a young wrestler, me and the entire Forsaken put a stop to people LIKE you, including you, and looking around... I'm the only one left, and I'm still having to do the job. I proved everyone wrong by showing that I'm not fly-by-night, but I'm setting standards every day, and I'm showing that this FREAK will be a hall-of-famer one day.

Hornet, we've been there, done this, before. This time, it's not as personal as it has been before but for me, when I think about how much I've given to this sport and there is no gold around my waist... it's personal enough for me to deliver AS ALWAYS... and take the United States title off your waist. You've got as much on your plate as I do, what with screwing Lawrence Stanley who just like me deserves more than he's got... Meet and Greets that you don't have a fire for anymore... So when we get in the ring in Seattle, me and you can put everything on our minds aside, and one of us gets the job done.

And Hornet... It's my turn to get the job done.

[font color= red]Cutout[/font][font color= black]

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