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Montgomery v Ridicule


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Debut, Schmebut.

* Michael Montgomery RP for C10.

(“The Magnificent” Michael Montgomery stands in front of a Cyberstrike banner.)

MONTGOMERY: “Every week I come out here and put on the best damn show Massholes have ever seen. What do I get for all the work I put into it? A freak accident. A proverbial banana peel. Right when I have things locked up, something goes wrong. Last week Mary, mother of Jesus, came down from the Heavens to aid Pro Wrestling’s SJH. I had the match all locked up. But no.”

(He grunts.)

MONTGOMERY: “It’s time to finally get back on track. I’ve had it up the HERE with untalented jackasses somehow squirming past me. Cyberstrike 10, Rick Ridicule. It starts with you. While you’re sitting in your dressing room, shaking like a Michael J. Fox impersonator, I, Michael Montgomery, “the Magnificent One,” will be plotting the greatest wrestling masterpiece the NEW fans will ever see.”

(Montgomery tosses a glance side to side.)

MONTGOMERY: “Look around, Ridicule. There’s no one around to help you. You’re the new face in a sea of sharks. One false step and you’ll be devoured.”

(He smirks.)

MONTGOMERY: “First impressions are a bitch.”

(Montgomery shoots a wide grin at the camera before walking away. The camera closes in on the Cyberstrike logo before going black.)

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