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Monsters of the Pacific


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Feb 4, 2005
TEAM NAME: The Monsters of the Pacific

Individual Names: Captain Justice and Ultrajira
Individual Nicknames:
Captain Justice (The Americanimal, The Heroic Hoss, The Hoss of a New Millennium, Cap J, The Terror That Pontificates in the Night)
Ultrajira (The Beast from the Far East, The Kaiju They Call Ultrajira, The Big Bad Kaiju)
Team Nicknames: The Dynamic Twosome (Batman and Robin trademarked “Dynamic Duo”)

Heights: CJ: 6’5”
UJ: 6’6”
Monster Jr.:
Weights: CJ: 275 pounds.
UJ: 346 lbs.
Handedness: RightiesThe lefties are freaks of nature and evil by default.

Captain Justice:
-Caucasian male, very ripped build. Think along the lines of a Batista or someone out of the WWE developmental.
-Blue eyes, pearly white teeth. Wears a US flag-theme upper body suit in the vein of MVP/Flash Funk, complete with a mask that covers his entire face in Captain America-like fashion.
-Outside the ring, he can be seen wearing typical street clothes (t-shirts, polos, pants, etc.) but Captain Justice always has a US-flag-themed mask and NEVER removes it!

-Caucasian male, body type resembles more of the ideal nose tackle in football. Thick barrel chest and body, the beginnings of a gut, but nothing horrendous to speak of.
-To the ring, Ultrajira wears several different costumes and face paint all his own in the way Rey Mysterio wears colors to fit the theme (ie, wearing local sports team colors). Very elaborate costumes for many different occasions.
-The main theme he always has with his entrances is that he can be seen wearing pants-length black leggings with a picture of his face on either side in red with his face. He wears a black mask in this fashion: http://prowrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Pain complete with a bandanna that covers his mouth. After making his entrance, he takes the bandanna piece off and lets out his tongue like a lizard.

Hailing From:
Captain Justice: The Great City of Gothametropolis
Ultrajira: The Pacific Ocean

Disposition: Both men are regarded as faces, although Ultrajira is capable of some pretty ruthless tactics from time to time, much to the chagrin of Captain Justice.
Gimmick: Masked crusaders here to save the sport of wrestling from injustice, evil, tyranny, blahblahblah all that hero-y ****. Captain Justice is the flashy, showy, fun-loving babyface while Ultrajira is the brooding monster that generally goes around with whatever hijinks CJ gets into. Also, Captain Justice may or may not be Soren Knox, fellow NFW wrestler Steve Knox’s brother.

Theme Music: “Hero" by Skillet

Ring Entrance: I won’t bother highlighting every little thing that goes on, but here’s some key points.

-Before the match starts, a guy who sounds kind of like Don LaFontaine movie intro about how the world’s in peril or some ****. This changes on a numberof things depending on both opponent they face, the venue, etc.
-Lots of red, white, blue, and silver lighting (red, white and blue for CJ, silver for Ultrajira)
-CJ slaps hands, kisses babies, shakes hands with ugly babies while Ultrajira simply stalks to the ring, starting straight ahead and keeping focus to the task at hand.

Invidual and Team Tactics/Style:

Captain Justice: Sports Entertainment Powerhouse. He focuses more on pageantry and showmanship with tons of signature flashy spots rather than actual ring psychology. Crowd psychology, though, he’s perfect at working the crowd for a laugh. Always gets a great reaction from the crowd. Should they ever go other countries, Captain Justice will change up his flag theme to that of whatever country they’re in and takes on country’s native language equivalent (ex, in Mexico, he’s Capitán de Justicia

Ultrajira: You can think of Ultrajira as a high-energy big man in the vein of the late Umaga or a motivated Giant Bernard. He’s a big destructive force inside the squared circle and opponents are going to have a very hard time defeating him.

Team: CJ and Ultrajira are experts at making both quick tags as well as cutting the ring in half. When it comes to tag team matches, CJ is usually your face in peril with Ultrajira being the rowdy, monstrous hot tag.

Individual and Team Strengths:

CJ: Ultra-powerful, many signature moves, always has the crowd behind him (patriotism, people!)

Ultrajira: Tough mother****er, incredible mobility for a big man, relentlessness.

Team: Both men are incredibly powerful, good synergy, doling out punishment.

Individual and Team Weaknessess:

CJ: Calls out the names of signature moves before he does them, gullible, known for showboating instead of winning.

Ultrajira: Tunnel vision (focused on hurting people sometimes instead of winning), High flyers give him fits, Not much of a mat wrestling game aside from getting physical and hurting a bitch.

Team: Quicker opponents can give them a hard time, Ultrajira can get out of control if he goes on the warpath and get them DQed, Stamina may be a question mark.


Captain Justice:
Liberal doses of “main event” punching, kicking, and brawling
Bionic Elbow
Body Avalanche
Vertical Suplex
Back Suplex
Scoop Slam
Military Press Slam
Shoulder Thrusts
Fallaway Slam
Flying Shoulder Tackle
Slingshot Shoulder Block

Signature Moves: The Liberty Bellclap (Modified Mongolian Chop; balls up fists, crushes opponent's head in between said fists), Washington Monument (Spear), American Revolution (Airplane Spin into a Flapjack), The Ten-Gun Salute (Series of Ten Open-Handed Chops to opponent in the corner), The Great American Drop (Samoan Drop), Shot Heard ‘Round The World (Hulk Hogan-style Big Boot. When he hits this move, the fans scream “BOOM!” and he follows it up with an elbow drop), Look, Up In The Sky! (No Hands Suicide Dive – Hernandez-style)

Finishing Moves:
Holy Justice Slam! (classic Running Powerslam)
Fastball Special (Running Powerbomb into the Corner)

Ultrajira: Underhook headbutts, kicks, CLUBBERING FOREARMS, Powerslam, Short-Arm Clothesline, Elbow Drop, Standing Body Splash, Gorilla Press Slam, Throat Thrust, Running Hip Attack (The Butt-Butt), Delayed Double Underhook Suplex

Signature Moves: Gravity Beam (Running Knee to head of kneeling opponent), Rotary Swing (Giant Swing, mainly a crowd-popping move but when pissed, can slam an opponent into a guardrail/table/etc.), Sonic Burst (Savate Kick), Red Spiral (Swinging Side Slam from the Fallaway Slam Position), Atomic Ray (Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop)

Finishing Moves:
Nuclear Claw (Tongan Death Grip)
U-Crusher (Bernard Driver)

Team: Justice Served (Double Hip Toss ---> catch opponent ---> throw opponent up ---> Neckbreaker from CJ/Powerbomb from UJ)

Double-team moves:
OUCHIES! (CJ flapjack lift into an Ultrajira Elbow Smash – Swiss Death-style, CJ always yells “OUCHIES!” after the move is hit, feeling bad for his opponent)
Double Shoulder Block
Ultrajira Front Suplexes CJ onto fallen opponent
Press Slamming opponent onto the other’s knee (interchangeable)
Double Back Elbow (usually followed by Double Elbow Drop)
Ultrajira Irish whipping opponent into CJ Slingshot Shoulder Block


Brief Bio (real):
-Soren is the oldest son of successful wrestler/actor Earl Knox. Earl died seven years ago in an accident on the set of one of his movies.
-Soren has seen relatively little success in the wrestling business, but even in the wake of his newfound contract, he doesn't seem to care as he enjoys his strange and unique character.

Brief Bio (as Justice):
- Soren Knox was just a mild-mannered "reporter", before he gained his "powers" by drinking a "radioactive energy drink", thus turning him into Captain Justice.
- Captain Justice's enemies are those who would dare attack the innocent! With his mighty "Arms of Justice", Captain Justice smites those evil-doers!
- Captain Justice's ill-defined powers all have to do with his Arms of Justice. With them, he can bash people's faces in, tear phone books in half, and easily have his arms compared to skillets and other ordinary household objects! Watch as he lumbers around the ring! Marvel as he hits a generic big boots! Gasp as he delivers the chokeslam! He is Captain Justice! The Hoss of a New Millennium!
-After spending a fair amount of time in PRIME, Captain Justice got away from the long and tired nights of working on a national stage for something more easy-going. Now teamed with The Big Bad Kaiju known as Ultrajira, the two have formed a pact to confront evil wherever it may be and promptly bash it in the skull. Hard. With fists, kicks, nuclear breath and shit. Enter the IGC.


Marcus Brown got his start wrestling around the Southwest territories of wrestling, a member of the famous Brown family. He started his career in All-Star Championship Wrestling with lackluster results. After inking a deal with Honor and Glory Wrestling based out of Tokyo, Marcus became an overnight sensation simply for destroying opposition with complete ruthlessness and displaying great athleticism for a man his size, all without saying a word. He was dubbed "the Human Horror Film" and "Ultrajira" by fans for his terrorizing in-ring style executed flawlessly without uttering a word, the latter of which stuck as he went to great success.

Now returning to the States as “Ultrajira,” Marcus Brown heads back to the States as the reluctant tag team partner of fellow costumed crusader Captain Justice. Both men wronged by their wrestling families and wanting to start new identities of their own, the Monsters of the Pacific have come together to battle evil in IGC and look to become the Team Champions of the Universe.

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