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Milwaukee Riptide 07


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: Backstage, we see Jarod Poe walking slowly along favoring the back of his head from the chair shot he took from Larry Tact earlier, until he stops, as the camera pans away, we see that Jean Rabesque has stopped him in the hallway)

JEAN RABESQUE: "Jarod Poe...."

JAROD POE: "Yeah, that's right....."

J.R.: "I've been following you for awhile now. And most of all, I've seen what you've been saying about me, especially to Sean Edmunds. About how he submitted to a man 'lesser' than he. (chuckles) But, I'm willing to let it go for a second, because I have a proposition for you. In case you weren't paying attention earlier, there's a little WarGames match on the horizon, and I'm looking to fill out a team. While you might not say the most intelligent of things, there's no denying your ability in the ring. And I know that you cannot stand Manson. So, I'm willing to put the idiotic things aside for ONE MATCH, and invite you to join Maelstrom, Justice and myself in the main event of Ringlords 1. This is the opportunity of your life boy, and we can use the television champion by our side. I trust you'll make the right decision.”

(Rabesque walks away as Poe is left standing. CUT-TO: Shades, Ross and Wiseman.)

JAKE SHADES: “So Rabesque is going to the clearance stock to “fill out his team” eh? Serves him right.”

RICK WISEMAN: “I don’t know about that Jake. Golem apparently doesn’t want in at WarGames, and Jared Poe would be a great asset to the team of Rabesque, Maelstrom, and Justice.”

TONY ROSS: “Poe certainly would be. The new Television champ who had a lengthy feud with Jobber to get that title, as well as an impressive win-loss record.”

J.S.: “Whatever, seems like Frenchy is settling for second best. I guess it doesn’t matter though, because Manson and company will DOMINATE WarGames.

R.W.: “We’ll find out at Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem! But right now we’ve got a match for the GLCW TAG TEAM TITLES!”

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing mid-ring.)

MATT FALEY: “This next match is for the GLCW TAG TEAM TITLES!!! First, the challengers, weighing in at a combined weight of 549 pounds,” (CUE-UP: “Theme to Quake II” by Rob Zombie) “accompanied by Britni, they are Rocky Wellington and Shane Rockwell, THE MOVEMENT!!”

(The Movement with Britni comes out to a decent pop, as well as many males in the crowd going crazy for Britni. Both men wear black trunks while Britni is decked out in a blue top and white painted on pants.)

J.S.: “Wow, that Britni gets hotter every week! Well, at least The Movement has ONE good reason to come out here. Heh heh.”

T.R.: “Britni certainly is looking good tonight, and the Movement looks ready for their match as the eye the entrance, waiting for their opponents.”

M.F.: “And their opponents, the GLCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS,” (CUE-UP: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica.) hailing from PANDORA ISLAND and weighing in at a combined 580 pounds! They are KRAVEN and FLATLINER, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!!”

(Kraven and Flatliner come out with their tag team titles, and walk slowly down the ramp. They wear their NEH shirts, and climb in to the ring, keeping their focus on The Movement.)

T.R.: “The Unholy Alliance is all business here as they eye The Movement.”

J.S.: “Didn’t my FAVORITE Pandorians murder The Movement the last time these two teams met?”

R.W.: “I know The Movement came out on the short end of that stick, but apparently the strong showing against Gridlock on the last house card gave Malec a reason to give them another shot at the titles.”

J.S.: “Sounds like Scotty is leading The Movement to slaughter, and ALL for the sake of a little piece T and A named Britni. Sounds great to me!”

T.R.: “And the match is under way, as Shane Rockwell and Flatliner are gonna start it off here. A lock-up, and Rockwell gets the upper hand, sending Flatliner to the ropes and going for the shoulder block, and Flatliner doesn’t even budge!”

J.S.: “The guy is 300 plus pounds, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.”

R.W.: “I don’t know Jake, if he gets a wiff of your breath, that could send anyone running.”

J.S.: “You seem to be bearing it well, Ricky.”

R.W.: “Yeah, well such close contact has already singed the inside of my nose.”

J.S.: “Sure buddy, sounds like someone’s nostril-septum has been taking a few hits of the white powder, if ya know what I mean.”

T.R.: “Back in the ring, Rockwell has Flatliner in a headlock, and Flatliner is trying to fight out of it. Elbows to the gut, and Flatliner sends Rockwell to the ropes, Flatliner follows him, and knocks Rockwell over the top rope, and Flatliner gets pulled over too. This is gonna turn into a brawl.”

R.W.: “Yep, and now Rocky and Kraven are in the ring, trying to cut each other off from interfering on the outside. Rocky and Kraven are going shot for shot, and Kraven hits a HUGE BRAINBUSTER on Rocky. Shane is getting the upperhand on the outside as Marinaro reaches 5 on the DQ count. Shane rolls Flatliner in after ramming his head into the guardrail. Kraven cuts Shane off from trying anything with Flatliner as Rocky is still out from that hard brainbuster.”

T.R.: “Kraven picks up the big man in a suplex, and he’s bouncing Rockwell off the top rope. Flatliner is up top… GUILLOTINE!!! Flatliner just came off the top and connected with the fierce neckbreaker while Kraven STILL had Rockwell’s legs! Rocky is stirring now, and goes to make the save. Rocky is laying into the much larger Flatliner, as Kraven is getting pushed back to his corner by Referee Al Marinaro.”

R.W.: “Meanwhile, Rocky is actually showing promise against the much larger Flatliner. Flatliner sends Rocky to the ropes, and Rocky comes back with a swinging NECKBREAKER! NO! Flatliner stopped him, and sent him to the mat with a HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX! WOW! Flatliner executed that German using Rocky’s own momentum. Flatliner is now rolling Rocky’s lifeless body out of the ring!”

T.R.: “And now Flatliner and Kraven are picking up Rockwell. Britni is on the outside tending to Rocky. Rockwell is still trying to shake the cobwebs from that Guillotine. Flatliner with the FLATLINE on Rockwell! And now Kraven with the CAVE IN! DEATH SHOCK!!”

J.S.: “You know what that means, it’s time for the FACE OFF!

R.W.: “Flatliner mounts the top rope, and Kraven puts Rockwell on his shoulders. Britni making a last ditch effort by showcasing her “assets” on the apron, but Kraven and Flatliner don’t even give her a glance. FACE OFF!!! It’s academic from here as Flatliner makes the pin…1…2…3! The Unholy Alliance dominates The Movement!

J.S.: “AGAIN! And now it’s time for the pretty lady to cry, my FAVORITE PART!”

R.W.: “You think you’d be used to that picture since it’s the response you get when you try to pick up women.”


(CUE-UP: “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” as Kraven and Flatliner exit the ring without giving The Movement much thought. Britni and Rocky tend to the fallen Shane Rockwell in the ring.)

J.S.: “Was there any question? Come on!”

T.R.: “The Movement had a pretty decent thing going, and then Rockwell was isolated for the Guillotine, and from there it just went down hill.

R.W.: “Well wrestling fans stay tuned, we’ve got the MAIN EVENT coming up NEXT!”

(CUT-TO: Shots of the crowd going wild. Fade out to a commercial for the new GLCW T-Shirt line coming soon. All your favorite superstars, all 100% cotton T-Shirts!)

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