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Milwaukee Riptide 06


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: CUEUP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd. The crowd makes some noise, a
little surprised as "The Wolf" Chris McMillan makes his way down to the ring. Wolf is dressed in his traditional jeans, harness boots, and "Dogs of War" t-shirt. Wolf reaches the bottom of the ramp and rolls in under the bottom rope. Gaining his feet, he motions for a mic, pausing briefly to talk to the tech. Mic in hand, the Wolf circles the ring, stopping to stare at the cheering crowd)

CHRIS MCMILLAN: "I know I was probably one of the last people you were expecting to see tonight. It's been a while since I was last in this ring..."

(McMillan drops off as a few people in the crowd pick up a "BOOOORING" chant. Wolf rests his arms on the ropes, letting the crowd finish)

C.M.: "I know, I know. I let you down, right? Took my ball and went home and stopped coming to work."

(McMillan trails off, gathering his thoughts)

C.M.: "A while back, I was wrestling up north. Big money matches, lots of publicity. Something strange happened, though. Just out of the blue, everyone took their toys and went home. I sat on my ass for a while, weighing my options. Well, there's no way I was going to stay out of the ring. I thought to myself, 'What better place to wrestle than back home?' See, I grew up just down the road in Cadillac, Michigan. So what better place to wrestle than Great Lakes Championship Wrestling? Back at home, doing what I love to do. When I got here, though, I was in for a HUGE disappointment. See, I've been called a lot of things in my life, but nothing has stood out more than when people started calling me 'The Future of Professional Wrestling'. I am an INNOVATOR of the new era of this sport. And yet when I choose to grace a GLCW ring, I get dumped on. Every week, something different. (mockingly) 'Hey, Chris. We need you to open the show tonight', or 'Your match is non-televised tonight', or 'Hey, go get some coffee for Commissioner Krusher'. Where was the respect, the prestige that is due to a man of my caliber? I am one of the most technically sound mat wrestlers in the industry today, and certainly one of the most scintillating aerial performers that YOU people have ever had the pleasure of seeing. And what do you do? You dump all over me. WELL SCREW YOU! Screw you, screw booking, and screw every single mongoloid back in the locker room."

(McMillan paces around the ring, glaring at the crowd as they begin to jeer)

C.M.: "SHUT UP! I didn't come here to listen to you people whine and complain. I came here to make an IMPACT, and I'm about to bring out the man who's gonna help me do it. Anyone who's followed this sport for a while will recognize him, provided you've got half a brain. Ladies and gentlemen, skanks and nimrods, I present to you ... JAAAAAASONNNNNN PAAAAAAAAAYNEEE!"

(CUE-UP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd as Jason Payne appears at the top of the ramp. Payne isn't very tall, but his upper body is thick, complete with a thick ring of fat around the middle. He's dressed in jeans and a Dogs of War t-shirt, and his hair is cut severely short in a Marine-style high-and-tight. Payne marches to the ring, sliding in from under the bottom rope. He shakes hands with the Wolf before accepting the mic)

JASON PAYNE: "Conditions around here are pretty sad when you boo a man like Chris McMillan."

(The crowd drowns out Payne for a moment, showing their derision. When they quiet down again, Payne continues)

J.P.: "The scene around here is in shambles. All I see is a cavalcade of no-talent hacks and pretty boys. Well, we're here to fix that. For the first time in TEN YEARS, The Dogs of War are back. We're gonna plow our way to the top of the tag-team ranks until WE stand triumphant at the top of the mountain. Anybody who thinks they can stop us will find themselves broken and useless, left behind in the churning wake of our destruction. We are the Dogs of War. Men of HATE. With no cause, we don't discriminate. OUR currency is flesh and bone, and we collect with an exacting vengeance and horrific certainty. YOU ALL BELONG TO US, and we'll never let you forget it."

(Payne throws the mic to the mat. The Dogs of War leave the ring, talking trash and threatening the fans all the way up the ramp. CUT-TO: Tony Ross, Rick Wiseman, and Jake Shades at the announcer’s table.)

TONY ROSS: “Strong words from the newest tag team to hit the GLCW’s ranks. They certainly should spice things up around here in time for Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem!”

RICK WISEMAN: “I think so too Tony. Chris and Jason certainly seem to have their heads on straight, and their hearts set on stardom and success.”

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley in the ring.)

MATT FALEY: “Our next match, coming out first, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 308 pounds,” (CUE-UP: "Firestarter (Empirion Mix)" by the Prodigy.) “JARED JUSTICE!”

(The crowd pops pretty big given his recent crusade against Manson, and Jared Justice comes down the ramp. He walks slowly, wearing black pants with red trim.)

M.F.: “And his opponent, weighing 239 pounds, (CUE-UP: "Man That You Fear" by Marilyn Manson) from Hartford, Connecticut, he is… ANARKY!!!!!!!!!

(Crowd ERUPTS in boos for Anarky as he makes his way down to the ring. Slowly and menacing, he stalks to the ring, dead-staring Justice in the ring. He slowly climbs the stairs, ducks under the top rope, and takes off his anarchy jacket, still staring as Justice.)

R.W.: “These two men are just staring each other down, even after the bell has rung. They circle each other, feeling out the mat as the seize each other up.”

JAKE SHADES: “Anarky is gonna murder this Justice schmuck.”

T.R.: “And FINALLY they lock up. Justice gets the early advantage, and goes for the short-arm clothesline. Anarky ducks it, and comes back with a German suplex. Anarky sidestepping a bit to get the bigger man over.”

R.W.: “Justice is quick to get up, and the two start going shot for shot. Rights and lefts to each others’ head, neither getting in any blocks. Justice fends off a right from Anarky, and sends him into the turnbuckle. Anarky reverses, and Justice bounces off the corner. Anarky goes for a flying forearm, and Justice takes him down with a reverse armbar. The two are too close to the ropes, and Justice is forced to break the hold.”

J.S.: “What is the point of this? ANARKY! Just hit him with the Chaos Breaker and get this OVER with!”

R.W.: “Easier said than done Jake.”

J.S.: “Shut up Dick, you dog humper.”

R.W.: “That’s it Shades, one more word out of your mouth and I’m gonna make sure your spitting out your insults like Stephen Hawking! Get me!?

J.S.: “…”

T.R.: “Justice sends Anarky into the ropes, and runs him over with a hard clothesline. Justice goes to pick up Anarky, and Anarky responds with an eye rake across the middle rope. Justice swings wildly at Anarky, and he misses. Anarky catches him in an armbar of his own, and mounts the hold, pulling back hard on Justice’s arm. Justice is fighting it like a mad man!

J.S.: (robotic voice) JUS-TICE IS A MAD-MAN. JUST TAKE A LOOK A THE FREAK. HE LOOKS LIKE A CLOWN ON CRACK. (back to his normal self) That any better for ya, Dick? If it gets ya goin’, I’m gonna have to start charging ya to sit next to me.

T.R..: “Justice pulls up Anarky. Justice is NOW on his FEET! He picks Anarky up, and hits a fall away slam to break the armbar. Anarky is quick to his feet, but Justice kicks him swiftly in the midsection, and hits the Spontaneous Combustion powerbomb! Justice goes for the pinfall… 1…2… NO! Anarky kick out, and now both men are on their feet, staring each other down once again.”

R.W.: "Now what is this?"

(CUT-TO Manson coming down towards ringside, a Milwaukee fire marshal in tow. Manson looks genuinely concerned as he speaks to the fire marshal, pointing towards ringside.)

J.S.: “Our king has returned!”

R.W.: “Manson is out here, with what looks to be someone from the Milwaukee Fire Department. Meanwhile, Justice is obviously distracted in the ring as a groggy Anarky comes to his feet. Anarky with a double axe-handle to the back of the startled Justice.”

T.R.: “Now Anarky is laying into Justice while the man is down. Just like Anarky, beating the man while he’s down. Look! The fire marshal has found Justice’s secret stash!"

R.W.: “The BLOWTORCH! The fire marshal is taking the blowtorch, and heading back up the ramp.”

J.S.: “Well now Justice has lost his gimmick, so even these dumb fans will turn on him because there’s nothing unique to get suckered into cheering for.”

R.W.: “More importantly, Manson is STILL at ringside, continuing to distract Justice.”

T.R.: “Anarky continues to work over Justice, but Justice is fighting back! Justice is now to his feet, laying into Anarky. He throws Anarky to the ropes, and starts in with a ten count! The crowd is chanting the number of punches! …2…3…4…5…6… and Anarky lifts Justice up, turns around, and sets him on the turnbuckle. Anarky mounts the turnbuckle as well, and is looking for a superplex. JUSTICE REVERSES INTO A SIDEWALK SLAM OFF THE SECOND ROPE!!! WOW!! That came out of nowhere! JUSTICE JUST HIT THE IMPLOSION OFF THE SECOND ROPE! Now he’s going up top, presumably for the HAMMER OF JUSTICE! He climbs the rope, and holds his arms up for the flying double axe-handle. He sees Manson, and Manson is yelling something to him. Anarky hasn’t budged since that Implosion, and Justice steps off the turnbuckle. He’s arguing with Manson!”

J.S.: “Bad move, crazy, crack-addicted, clown-boy…”

T.R.: “Justice tries to gain his composure, and sends Anarky into the ropes. Justice rebounds off the opposite ropes, and Manson grabs his leg! Justice turns around and tries to kick Manson off ringside. Anarky comes up from behind Justice!”

J.S.: “Uh-oh… big scary clown gonna go boom.”

R.W.: “Anarky hooks Justice while he’s still trying to start with Manson! CHAOS BREAKER!!! 1…2…3… and that’s ALL she wrote for Justice. And NOW Manson is in the ring!! This is a two-on-one BEATDOWN of Jared Justice by Anarky and Manson!

M.F.: “Your winner, ANARKY!!!”

J.S.: “Yay! Show’s over “Bozo.”

T.R.: “What the hell is this? Manson and Anarky are DECIMATING Jared Justice!

(All of a sudden, the crowd pops HUGE.)

R.W.: “Someone’s come out from the back… it’s MAELSTROM!! He’s here to even the odds! Maelstrom rushes in and cleans house. He dives after Anarky, but Anarky just barely rolls out of the ring, and hurries up the ramp. Maelstrom curses up after Anarky, but stays in the ring. Maelstrom then turns towards the beaten Justice, and picks him up, propping him up in the corner. Jared Justice shakes out the cobwebs, and approaches Maelstrom.”

J.S.: “Oh god, they’re not gonna kiss AGAIN, are they?”

T.R.: “Justice is extending his hand! The crowd is going CRAZY!”

R.W.: “But will Maelstrom take it? Justice is looking right into Maelstrom’s eyes, hand outstretched. Maelstrom is just glaring right back at Justice.”

T.R.: “Now Maelstrom is looking down at Justice’s hand, and back up at Justice. Maelstrom looks at Justice, narrowing his eyes, but then he just turns, and walks away without shaking Justice’s hand. Justice looks very confused as Maelstrom climbs out of the ring, and to the floor.”

J.S.: “That’s what you get Coke-Head the Clown, for trying to communicate with Koko the Gorilla. Ugah ugah!

T.R.: “We’ll be right back wrestling fans, stay tuned.”

(Fade out to a commercial for Ringlords 1: MINNESOTA MAYHEM and WarGames!)

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