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Milwaukee Riptide 04


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN: Sean Edmunds is limping towards the ring, reaching an arm around to his back, in a noticeable amount of pain)

TONY ROSS (V/O): "And there’s Sean Edmunds! It looks like the beating he took from Nemesis could be costing him here tonight. He is in on his way right now to fight Jarod Poe for the GLCW Television Title!"

(CUTTO: Matt Faley standing in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the GLCW Television Title! (crowd pops, CUEUP: "Brain Stew" by Green Day) Making his way to the ring is the challenger, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 220 lbs. SEAN EDMUNDS!!"

(Edmunds comes out to some thunderous boos as he continues to favor his back, that is all that seems to be on his mind as he makes his way to the ring, he wears his normal white robe but discards it quickly as he enters the ring, CUEUP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P.)

M.F.: "And his opponent, from Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 265 lbs., he is the GLCW Television Champion, JAROD POE!!!"

(Poe gets an almost completely positive crowd reaction as he walks slowly to the ring, he wears the normal piercings, as well as the long black pants and boots, he gives little reaction to anything as he slowly enters the ring, and stares directly at Edmunds)

TONY ROSS: "You have to figure Jarod Poe has a lot on his mind tonight, after the offer Jean Rabesque made to him earlier."

RICK WISEMAN: "It should be interesting to see how that whole situation plays out. There seems to be some friction between those two."

JAKE SHADES: "What a great night! We get to see a new champion crowned right here on Riptide!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Jake, have you seen Edmunds?"

JAKE SHADES: "Yes, and I feel he’s going to take it tonight!"

TONY ROSS: "While you two bicker let me announce that this match is underway, and Jarod Poe has immediately gone after the back of Sean Edmunds. He is completely laying into him with overhand rights, and Edmunds is already on the retreat."

R.W.: "Edmunds has two things working against him right now. Not only is his back already injured at the hands of Nemesis, but Poe outweighs him by a solid 45 pounds, and that weight advantage will take its toll on Edmunds.

T.R.: "Edmunds is fleeing around the ring, but Poe continues to stalk him. "

J.S.: "This is all a part of Edmunds’ plan, he’s just lulling this chump of a champ we have in."

T.R.: "Sure doesn’t look like it Jake, as Poe continues the assault. He scoops him up, and hits a powerslam, Edmunds landed hard on his back, here’s a cover, 1-2-and Edmunds manages to kick out."

R.W.: "It’s hard to imagine what kind of strategy Edmunds will be able to mount here, Poe is just too strong and Edmunds I think was seriously injured in that fight in the parking lot earlier tonight."

T.R.: "Well, we got a bit of answer there, Poe has been giving more and more to the back, but Edmunds just got in a rake to the eyes, staggering Poe and that gave Edmunds a chance to catch his breath. He’s up now, and he tries to land some punches, and they create a marginal effect. Edmunds bounces off the rope, he jumps, and Poe catches him and slams him right back into the mat."

J.S.: "Come on Sean, we’ve already seen you quit to that French piece of crap, the last thing we need is you losing to this punk."

R.W.: "Tony, the worst part about a back injury like the one Edmunds has right now is that it influences absolutely anything. It’s impossible to favor for a bad back."

T.R.: "Poe has Edmunds up and, DDT! Cover, 1-2-and Edmunds just barely kicks out. Poe is staying right on the assault, not letting up for one second. He picks Edmunds back up, and cutthroat suplex!!! Here’s another cover, 1-2-and again Edmunds finds a way to kickout."

R.W.: "If anything, Sean Edmunds is definitely showing his heart here tonight, he’s absorbed a decent amount of punishment here tonight, and he continues to fight."

J.S.: "Whatever guys, I think it’s painfully obvious that Sean Edmunds is setting the stage for his attack on Jarod Poe to become the TV Champion!"

T.R.: "It doesn’t look like it right now Jake. Edmunds has been placed on the top rope, and Poe is setting up, and hits the Sudden Impact on Edmunds! Edmunds might be cold here. Cover, 1-2-and Edmunds again somehow manages to kick out! Jarod Poe is now arguing with the referee, he felt like that was definitely a three count.

R.W.: "I’m not sure if this is the best thing Jarod Poe could be doing, I think he needs to be staying on Sean Edmunds."

J.S.: "Once again, he proves why he is nothing more than a punk."

T.R.: "And it might cost him. Edmunds with a roll-up, 1-2-3!!! NO! Sean Edmunds was that close from winning the TV Title, and Jarod Poe is absolutely stunned."

R.W.: "That’s something that Jarod Poe is definitely going to have to learn as he continues to mature. He can’t be swayed by the officials. It almost cost him his title there."

T.R.: "Edmunds and Poe are both back up their feet, and Poe hits a knee to the gut, and some huge rights right to the back of Edmunds, and I really don’t think that there is a way Edmunds can continue in this match."

J.S.: "Sure he can, in fact he’s about to take it right here!"

T.R.: "I think Poe is smelling blood here, he grabs Edmunds to set up for the Fading Light, but Edmunds hit a low blow! Poe crumbles in a heap. Edmunds feels something here, he scoops up Poe!!"

J.S.: "YES!!"

R.W.: "I don’t know if this is the smartest thing for Edmunds to be doing!"

T.R.: "And it wasn’t! Edmunds’ back just gave out on him, Poe fell on top and rolled through. It seems as though this could be it!"

R.W.: "I think Jarod Poe might be tired of games and is ready to put this one to bed!"

T.R.: "He is stalking Sean Edmunds, just waiting for him, POISON DART! There it is!! Cover, 1-2-3!!! And Jarod Poe retains the TV Title!" (CUEUP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P.)

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner and STILL GLCW TV Champion, JAROD POE!!"

(crowd pops, CUTTO: Larry Tact appearing from backstage, and grabbing Rick Wiseman’s headset away form him at the announce table)

TONY ROSS: "Larry Tact? What are you doing here?"

LARRY TACT: "You know...Poe called me a hypocrite. Did you know that?"

T.R.: "Tact just grabbed Rick Wiseman’s chair, and he’s entering the ring. Poe sees none of this!"

J.S.: "Do it Larry! Put us all out of misery!!"

T.R.: "And Larry Tact just nailed Jarod Poe in the back with that chair!!! And another shot! Our TV Champ is out cold in the ring! And now Tact is grabbing the mic from Matt Faley."

LARRY TACT: "You can go labeling me whatever you want, Jarod. Just as long as I
can come out here and collect for each and every one of those labels, as you
so willingly just helped demonstrate. (to the fans) What a great
sport this guy is, huh? (fans boo Tact) How about a round of applause
for the Television Champion!"

T.R.: "And now Poe is staggering to his feet once again and Tact is just laughing at him."

R.W.: "I don’t think we’ve seen everything yet Tony."

T.R.: "Now we have! Sambo suplex to Poe, and now Larry Tact is leaving, and these Milwaukee fans are letting him know exactly what they think of him!"

J.S.: "Atta boy, Larry! Way to get the job done!"

T.R.: "Fans, we have plenty more GLCW action on the way, including a #1 contender’s match for Great Lakes Title. We’ll be right back!

(fade to commercial for GLCW action figures)

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