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Milwaukee Riptide 01


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-29-03 AT 12:48 PM (EST)](FADEIN: Four simple letters, "GLCW," we fade out, to shots of Lake Michigan, CUTTO: clips of the storied history of Marquette basketball, from the National Championship year of 1977, with all the stars, such as Aaron Hutchins in between, and then featuring the stars of today, such as Dwayne Wade and Travis Diemer, CUTTO: shots of the Greater Milwaukee Area, until we finally see The Bradley Center, on which we see on the big screen..... "GLCW TONIGHT!"

CUTTO: An arena full of screaming fans, the camera pans furiously, many signs can be seen as spotlights full the entire arena, signs include "MANSON IS THE ANTI-CHRIST," "JARED JUSTICE IS MY FATHER," "MAELSTROM CAN’T BE BEATEN," and the always present teenage girl with her "I LOVE JAROD POE," sign, CUEUP: "N.W.O." by Ministry, The crowd goes nuts as Commissioner King Krusher appears from behind the curtain, wearing a blue GLCW polo shirt and black jeans. He waits for the crowd to calm down and speaks)

KING KRUSHER: "You know, when I got to Brew Town yesterday, I knew you people knew how to party but my God.....(crowd erupts) I thought I was never gonna get back to the hotel last night! Anyways, it's time for my weekly bull session and I got some huge announcements. First off, tonight you may have noticed that Great Lakes Champion Maelstrom is not scheduled to be on the show, (crowd boos) and there is a reason for that. He certainly didn't want to take the night off, being the belligerent ox that he is, but I decided not to book him in a match so he could rest his injuries sustained over the past few weeks. So anyone who thinks that Maelstrom requested the night off or is taking the coward's way out...well, they need their head examined. Next order of business, GLCW is debuting a new show this week, and it can only be seen on GLCW.com! The name of the show is Wired and will be broadcast in streaming video from the website and it can be viewed at any time of the day for the whole week until a new show is taped and aired online the next week. I would recommend a Cable or DSL connection to view it. There are going to be some huge matches and the first main event from the first edition of Wired coming from Flint, Michigan will be Maelstrom defending his Great Lakes Title against Nikolai Ash! Be sure to get online and check out GLCW's newest show, Wired, you certainly won't regret it! OK, now for another huge announcement. Great Lakes Championship Wrestling is proud to announce that we are going to be airing our first pay-per-view in a couple weeks! The name of the show will be Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem, and will emanate from the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul! I have decided that there will be a Wargames match for the main event at our first pay-per-view! A feud has been brewing here in GLCW for a long time now and I feel it needs to be settled in one of the most brutal matches ever devised, a match I have been in myself several times! Two rings, completely surrounded by a covered steel cage! The rules of the match are simple, submit or surrender! The referee is only there to call a winner! The match will be four-on-four and will feature Great Lakes Champion Maelstrom, Jean Rabesque, Jared Justice, and Golem vs. Michael Manson, Anarky, and the Great Lakes Tag Team Champions Kraven and Flatliner! (crowd roars) The only way to contain these eight men is within the confines of the Wargames cage!"

(Just then, the crowd reacts as Golem comes out, looking very displeased and he approaches Krusher)

K.K.: "Can I help you?"

Golem: "You most certainly can! You have put me in this Wargames match and I have absolutely no desire to be placed on the same team with Maelstrom! I cannot trust him as he has constantly gone out of his way to antagonize me and belittle me! ( a smattering of boos are heard) The clumsy oaf has even accidentally hit me a few times, and I use the word "accidentally" very loosely. I REFUSE to be in this match, Krusher, as I cannot trust anyone on my team. I hate Manson, Anarky and the UA with a passion, but I refuse to go into battle alongside Maelstrom! So pull me out of the match! But I did find someone who I CAN trust. Someone who will not only watch my back against the likes of Manson, Anarky and the UA, but also Maelstrom as well. That man is BILLY MATTHEWS!!"

(The crowd erupts as Golem mentions Matthews’s name. Cue up: "The Unforgiven" by Metallica. The crowd gets even louder as Billy Matthews strides through the curtain. He soaks in the cheers and silently stands, further conjuring the mystique of his appearance in Milwaukee. He walks over to Golem and K.K. and with a deep inhale, he pushes back his shoulder-length, blond, brown and red tinted hair, and then a long exhale, he finally brings the microphone to his mouth.)

BILLY MATTHEWS: "What did you all expect? That I'd never find my way here? Assuredly, you knew that I was coming. You knew that I was looming around. You had to have known that Mr. Malec went looking for me. How could the GLCW reach its highest potential without it's brightest, home-grown individual. How could I overlook the hunting grounds of my hometown just 90 miles south of here."

(He pauses, only breaking the dead-lock stare when he stretches his neck to either side.)

B.M.: "Why now? Why have I waited to pin-point you now? Is it because you've reached one of your greatest moments? Is it because you've suddenly become a force that is finally demanding the respect that you've deserved all along? The questions grow and expand, but those are not what is my attention, tonight."

(Again, Matthews pauses briefly.)

Matthews: "You..."

(Matthews now points at Golem.)

Matthews: "You are the reason that I've finally surfaced. You are the reason that I've chosen to come to Milwaukee tonight. I remember our past like the scarring razor-blade that it is. I remember the night that the light of Hope went out in Washington, D.C. I still can feel that claw ripping and tearing. I still taste the blood. I remember the disappointment of being stood-up by the ones that were suppose to help if the situation arose. You were the one that I never overcame. Of all the losses that I've faced, YOU are the one that still haunts me. On the other hand, it seems that you've dealt yourself a hand full of trouble here in the GLCW. Maelstrom and Rabesque mirror exactly the duo of Nevada and Rabesque in my past. Ironically, you are me in this parallel. And I - you. What would be a better time to rip you apart and destroy you than now? Let us, however, diverge and recall the second coming, if you will. The time, not too long ago, that we met once again - a different time and different situation. Your words spoke clearly and hit a harsh, but true chord. Bad blood boils, yet time and situation dictate our actions. This is exactly how you have forged a team with Maelstrom and Rabesque. And yet, this too, is why I am here. Now is NOT the time for our final showdown. Now is NOT the time for me to take advantage and show you how you almost crippled me so long ago in Washington, D.C. Now is the time of equilibrium. I am here to balance the scales. I have seen the third of a trio be left at the slaughter. I refuse to let you suffer the same Fate. You have my word. You have my allegiance. This ascends beyond personal vendetta and the past. Our goal is clear and present. I am the counter-weight. I am here to help."

(Matthews, still staring at Golem, slowly lowers the microphone. He slowly blinks.)

Matthews: "That was the last time that I blink until I leave..."

(Matthews turns and exits through the curtain with Golem in tow. King Krusher has a dumbfounded look on his face, not expecting that Golem would demand to be taken out of the match. K.K. stares blankly out at the fans, and then walks behind the curtain.)

(CUTTO: Tony Ross, Rick Wiseman, and Jake Shades at the GLCW announce table)

TONY ROSS: "Did you see that ladies and gentlemen? Billy Matthews is here in GLCW! And it appears as though he has already developed some sort of alliance with Golem. Could there be a third side developing in the feud that had existed between Manson and the UA against Rabesque and Maelstrom?"

RICK WISEMAN: "It certainly appears as that could be the case, Tony. And what about the brutal WarGames match that Commissioner Krusher just established? What an absolute battle that could be!"

JAKE SHADES: "Oh, both of you need to shut up. What does any of this really matter? It is painfully that nobody in their right mind could defeat Manson, Anarky, and MY World Tag Team Champions. All of this superfluous crap is irrelevant!"

T.R.: "Gee, Jake, didn’t know you had a word like superfluous in you. But regardless fans, we have an exciting night of the GLCW action coming your way, here at The Bradley Center, which is our FIRST major league arena show here in GLCW! Before the show started tonight, fans who arrived early were treated to two matches that will not be appearing on GLCW Television. The first of these matches pitted The Spider Murphy Experience against Martial Law."

R.W.: "And this match proved to be a short but sweet opening for the crowd tonight."

J.S.: "Boring! When’s Manson coming out?"

T.R.: "This match started with Spider Murphy and Steven Slayer going toe to toe. Murphy was able to gain an advantage, until some interference by Ryan Youngblood negated the advantage."

R.W.: "A tag would come into Rahul Seth, but Martial Law found a way to continuously isolate him in the corner, and Murphy was left on the outside."

T.R.: "After several minutes of this, Murphy was finally able to get the tag in and went on a tear against both members of Martial Law. This lasted for a bit until Murphy ducked his too early for a backdrop and Youngblood kicked him square in the teeth. At that point, the match became a brawl with all four men being involved in the ring."

R.W.: "And that proved basically impossible for the referee to manage."

T.R.: "And that led to the finish of the match. Spider Murphy attempted to use a steel chair against Youngblood, who was able to block the move. As the referee was distracted Seth and Slayer, Youngblood grabbed the chair himself and leveled Murphy with it. He was then able to hit the Blood Drive powerslam for the pin!"

R.W.: "A great win for Martial Law!"

J.S.: "Yeah, yeah, whatever, two teams that are no match for Kraven and Flatliner. What the heck did that match matter?"

T.R.: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is certainly a very exciting time here in the GLCW. Very soon, we will be having our first EVER Pay-per-view extravaganza, RINGLORDS I! Also, we are about to be launching a NEW show to the internet, a show that will be known....as WIRED!"

R.W.: "That’s right, fans, as if Riptide wasn’t enough, now the GLCW fans will be WIRED! That’s twice as much as excitement in the GLCW!"

J.S.: "Whatever, guys. Let’s get on to the true order of business."

T.R.: "Well, Jake, I assume you’re speaking of tonight, and tonight ladies and gentlemen, in our MAIN EVENT, we have The Jobber squaring off against Jean Rabesque, in a match to determine the #1 Contender for Maelstrom’s Great Lakes Title!"

R.W.: "A HUGE MATCH! Plus, we also have Nemesis vs. Minion, Nikolai Ash in action in a tag team match, and the aforementioned MAELSTROM is in the house tonight."

T.R.: "We also had a second match tonight before our cameras went on the air. It featured ‘Showtime’ Steven James taking on Jon Savage. Earlier tonight, James had some comments."

(CUTTO: Lady V and James backstage, "EARLIER TONIGHT" is superimposed in the upper right hand corner)

LADY VERONICA: "I'm here with the very determined Showtime Steven James
who's getting ready to face Jon Savage, but first of all, Steven, how was
your vacation?"

STEVEN JAMES: "Well thank you Veronica, my vacation was FANTASTIC, I went to the Bahamas, had a few beers, met a few girls, it was fun."

LADY V: "I'm glad you had fun, but I have to ask you some business questions. How
prepared are you for tonight’s match up?"

SJ: "Well I can tell you although I've got a few things on my mind I am a hundred and ten percent focused on Savage. Oh, but before I get ready to face him I just want to send two warnings. Number one, Cannonball Kid, like I said, watch your back because you never know when I will pop up. And secondly...hey Shades, I heard what you said about me when I jumped the Cannonball Kid, if I were you, I'd choose my words a little more carefully son."

LADY V: "I definitely agree with that last one, he's an ass."

SJ: "Big time. So Savage I'm telling you this right now, you can throw all
the chairs you want, but I warn you, unlike that chair, I fight back. So get
ready son because it's Showtime, and it's time to get your ass kicked."

LADY V: "Thank you Steven James...but one more question...no pick up lines

SJ: "Hey, even Mozart took a day off from him music..."

(They laugh and the cameras cut back to the announcers)

T.R.: "This match was basically another back and forth match between two up and comers."

J.S.: "Back and forth? Yeah, that’s because they both suck."

T.R. : "Thank you again for your pointless input Jake. This match had a bit of everything. James was trying to use his superior quickness, but Savage was consistently able to fight back."

R.W.: "Steven James has been so ever close to breaking into the upper echelon of the GLCW, and it is because he actually is a sound technical wrestler, it’s just that he still lacks focus and experience."

T.R.: "That would be on display several times tonight, as many times James would make a mistake instead of being able to capitalize on an opportunity."

R.W.: "And it almost cost him a few times, as Savage was able to hit a Tornado DDT, as well as a running powerslam, both times being within a half of a count of the pin."

T.R.: "The two continued to brawl..."

J.S.: "And that means not wrestle.."

T.R.: "As I was saying, they continued to brawl, and this led to a rapid WRESTLING reversal sequence. Out of that, James was able to hit a snap sleeper neckbreaker out of nowhere. This completely stunned Savage, and allowed James to get the pinfall."

R.W.: "A huge win for James. This could be the beginning of his rise to the top here in the GLCW!"

J.S.: "Rise to the top? Are you kidding?"

T.R.: "Come on Jake, the kid has some talent."

J.S.: "We’ll see, I know he couldn’t beat anyone like Manson, and of course he is the gold standard!"

T.R.: "Now fans, it’s time to get down to the ring for our first match of the evening!"

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This match is scheduled for one fall (CUEUP: "Click Click Boom" by Saliva) Coming to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 242 lbs. He is 'THE TWISTED PRODIGY' RYAN ROBERTS!!"

(The crowd mostly lays into Roberts, he wears a white t-shirt and cut-off jeans, his long black hair hanging in his face, he generally ignores the fans as he climbs into the ring, the lights in the arena go out)

(CUTTO: The big screen, in which the "The Man....The Myth....The Legend " can be read, CUEUP: "Ode" by Creed, the crowd goes completely nuts as Suicide appears, he wears his traditional mask and fedora, as well as a black leather trench coat to the ring, he basically acts distant towards the fan, as he climbs into the ring, never taking his gaze from Roberts)

T.R.: "And the crowd is going nuts for the returning Suicide here in Milwaukee, as he prepares to take on Roberts. This match is underway quickly, as Roberts charges and attacks Suicide, sending him into the corner."

R.W.: "Roberts is known for his hardcore antics, and it appears as though he might be trying to show that off tonight."

J.S.: "I don’t think it really matters, it’s not like he’ll have any trouble with Sui-punk anyway."

T.R.: "Roberts throws Suicide into the corner, and he know throws some punishing shoulder blocks into Suicide. Suicide is whipped into the opposite corner, Roberts charges, Suicide jumps, roll-up, 1-2-and Roberts kicks out!"

R.W.: "Suicide almost had the quick pin there."

T.R.: "Roberts back on the attack. This kid really has a mean streak to him. He continues to pummel Suicide with rights and lefts. Into the ropes, and a clothesline takes Suicide down."

J.S.: "Finish him off here Ryan, I’m tired of looking at this punk already."

T.R.: "We’re a long way away from that point Joke. And now Suicide is battling back. He picks up Roberts, Spinebuster! Suicide is staying on the attack!"

R.W.: "This is a specialty of Suicide. Once he gets the advantage, he can take over a match in a hurry. Roberts is now completely vulnerable to an attack. And look, Roberts is now staggered!"

T.R.: "Suicide stalks down Roberts and hits a nice DDT, cover, 1-2-and Roberts just kicks out, and Roberts now rolls to the outside."

J.S.: "Smart move, get away from him, clearing his head, this is proving how Roberts is superior to Suicide, it’s only a matter of time for him."

T.R.: "Suicide chases after Roberts, and Roberts connects with a chair to Suicide, Suicide is staggered now. The referee totally didn’t see that. Now Roberts whips Suicide into the steel ring posts!"

R.W.: "Well, we talked about how much of a hardcore threat Roberts can be. He needs to be careful though, to make sure he doesn’t get counted out."

T.R.: "Roberts now rolls Suicide back into the ring. And now he has Suicide up, and develops a body slam, and now Roberts drives his knee into the forehead of Suicide."

J.S.: "Like I said, only a matter of time."

T.R.: "And Roberts has Suicide back up, Suicide blocks a right, and delivers one of his own, Suicide fighting back, he ducks a shot, kick to the stomach, Double Underhook Suicidedriver! That was out of nowhere, and now both men are down!"

R.W.: "That almost seemed like a move of desperation there for Suicide."

T.R.: "And now both men climb slowly to their feet. The crowd is firmly behind Suicide here, but Roberts make it to his face and spears Suicide!! Here’s a cover, 1-2-and Suicide just is able to kick out!"

R.W.: "That sure was a close call there."

J.S.: "Close call my butt, that was 3!"

T.R.: "Suicide is down, and Roberts charges, Suicide reverses and whips Roberts into the ropes, Rolling Arm Toss! Suicide is really fighting back. Roberts’s hardcore ways still seem to be driving Suicide nuts here, but Suicide stays on the attack. He now has Roberts again, Michinoku Suicidedriver, this could be it, 1-2-and again Roberts continues to fight back. Roberts staggers back to his feet, dropkick to Suicide. Roberts is going to the top rope, 450 splash! Cover, 1-2-NO! Suicide kicks out! Roberts goes right back to the top rope, 450 again! Suicide moves out of the way! Cover, 1-2-NO!"

R.W.: "Roberts’ inexperience showed there. He went to the well once too often, and almost got pinned because of it."

T.R.: "Suicide back up, kick to the stomach, Suicide off the ropes, misses a clothesline, inverted DDT by Roberts. Roberts back to the top rope, guillotine legdrop! Roberts is not covering Suicide! He might have had him pinned!"

R.W.: "Again, another youthful mistake by Roberts."

J.S.: "It’s ok, he’s got to take a second to remind these peons how much they really suck, plus, he’s got this one in the bag anyway."

T.R.: "Maybe not, small package by Suicide, 1-2-NO! Suicide almost stole one there, Roberts continues to pound away on Suicide. Suicide staggers back to his feet. Roberts drops to the ropes, Hurricanrana, NO! It’s countered into a powerbomb by Suicide. Suicide is now climbing to the top rope, Suicide legdrop! I think Suicide might be feeling it a bit here, and listen to the crowd get behind him."

R.W.: "Suicide might be a loner, but the crowd most certainly identifies with him. His work ethic is second to none, and he can be incredible to watch in the ring."

T.R.: "Suicide has Roberts up, Screwdriver, no Roberts slip out of it and lands on his feet, kick to the stomach, double underhook, he could be going for a Pedigree, but Suicide flips him, but Roberts grabs on into a small package, 1-2-no!"

R.W.: "An impressive sequence there!"

J.S.: "Ok, Ryan, I think it’s time to finish this punk off!"

T.R.: "Suicide ducks a clothesline, Roberts jumps off the opposite ropes, Asai Moonsault is dodged by Suicide. Roberts adjusts, ducks his own clothesline, kick to the stomach, he could be setting him up for the Genocide!"

T.R.: "This would certainly finish off Suicide."

J.S.: "Well, of course it would, nobody gets up from this!"

T.R.: "But Suicide reverses, SPINEBUSTER! This could be it!

J.S.: "No, no way."

T.R.: "Suicide is stalking the groggy Roberts, he’s just waiting for him to turn around, he picks him up, Suicide Screwdriver!!! That vertical suplex into a piledriver is lethal. Cover, 1-2-3!!! Suicide gets the win!"

(CUEUP: "Ode" by Creed)

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner...SUICIDE!"

(crowd pops huge as Suicide refuses to have his arm raised, he then abruptly walks to the back)

T.R.: "What a win for Suicide!"

R.W.: "Experience proved to be the key there, as The Twisted Prodigy proved that he is talented, but is young. As he continues to grow, he’ll learn not to make those foolish mistakes.

T.R.: "We’re getting word that would have to be getting back to Lady V backstage as we have an interesting development."

(CUTTO: An out of breath Lady V backstage)

Lady V(panting for air): "Guys, apparently both Sean Edmunds and Nemesis have arrived at the same time, and Edmunds has started a fight with Nemesis out near their cars! I’m on my way our right now to see exactly what is going on"

(camera goes around a corner to the parking lot, where Edmunds and Nemesis are leveling away at each other, Nemesis is backing Edmunds up, and Edmunds slips on an ice patch, apparently injuring himself. This gives Nemesis time to pick up Edmunds, and apply The Wrath onto the hood of a car, Edmunds appears out cold, Nemesis is just left there standing)

T.R.: (V/O): "Edmunds might be out! Nemesis has laid him out here tonight! We’ll be right back!"

(fade to commercial)

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