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Jan 1, 2000
(The shot opens up in the serene and peaceful setting of Hermann Park's Japanese garden, a secluded oasis deep in the heart of downtown Houston. The Pacific Blitzkrieg KERRY KUROYAMA soon appears, leisurely ambling along a winding dirt path going around the mirror-like pond in the middle of the garden. Though dressed for exercise in his forest green training shorts and a black tank top, he appears almost as calm as his surroundings. He stops before the camera, taking another moment to overlook the gentle and serene stillness around him, before his eyes find ours.)

"If there's one thing that can be learned about this place... it's that you don't need a big, booming voice to speak a powerful message."

"I'm not the kind of guy who's going to shout down to anybody, talking big and making bold, preposterous claims as a way of getting attention. I'm not going to be the guy that acts reckless and overconfident, just because he thinks its important to show the world that he isn't afraid. These qualities might seem acceptable to some other athletes... maybe even necessary. But that's not how I roll, because that's not the image I choose to portray as I craft the legacy of the Emerald City Eliminator."

"When all is said and done, I want the world to recognize Kerry Kuroyama as the man who got attention for winning his matches, like any truly superior pro athlete would."

"That's the message I'm speaking, by going into the ring one event after the next and consistently showing the NFW Universe the very definition of elite-level professional wrestling. It's not about bold claims or bold actions... it's about bold results. It's about showing the knowledge and ability to find a way to win the contest."

"I made that abundantly clear back at the Deep Ellum Fairgrounds in Dallas... and now that the world knows I'm at a level of competitiveness and talent above the likes of Lane Cash and the rest of Dirty Deeds... I'm going into Brawl 74 looking to hammer the point home even further with another win, this time over one of New Frontier's most fearsome veterans."

(He centers himself up in front of the camera.)


"You've put a lot of years into this company, and spilled a lot of blood on that crimson star on the canvas. Not to mention you've got an aerial technique almost as fearsome as your reputation. You have my respect in those regards... but other than that, I find it hard to believe you and I would be seeing eye to eye on many things. And a lot of that has to do with your ideas on chaos, and spreading it around in any way that you can."

"Straight-shooters like me prefer to avoid things going on the chaotic side whenever we can... keep the match to a straight-laced competition between two men, their bodies, and their wits. Everything is nice and orderly that way... but when order breaks down, as it did back at Reloaded, then the beasts who swim in the ocean of chaos--like Teddy Alexander--take control of the situation. Chaos tilts the tables... and athletes like me, who compete based on beliefs based on discipline and honor, are almost always put at the disadvantage."

"This is what will be on my mind as I go into that ring to take you on, Legion... not knowing what you'll try to do, or if you'll even try to do anything. Not knowing if I'll have what it takes overcoming that disadvantage on my own strengths. All that I do know is that I must beat you to take one more step up... to keep consistently climbing toward the pinnacle of greatness. And while I can't help chaos from happening whenever it happens, I have to find a way to deal with it all the same. It has to be dealt with, if I'm to expect to defeat an opponent like you."

"I'm not afraid to go into this match not knowing what's to come... because whatever may happen, it's worth the risk of attempting to define myself as a once in a lifetime athlete."

"I'm sure you've seen many like me come through this company, wide-eyed and unassuming... like lambs walking into a slaughter. And maybe you think I'm next in line to meet the butcher and his cleaver. But trust me... I'm more lion than anything else, and I've come to this place to eat lamb and butcher alike. And by defeating you at Brawl 74, a new message will be sent to the NFW Universe, when they see the young Pacific Blitzkrieg overcome the Bringer of Chaos."

"I am not the next in line in a legacy of this company's dying heroes. I'm the first of a new generation of professional wrestling greatness... the likes of which none have ever seen before. An unyielding and unshakable pillar of order and justice amid a sea of chaos and destruction."

"The message I intend to speak to the world once you and I are in that ring in the Toyota Center, is that not even chaos can stop me from reaching that pinnacle of success."

"And I won't need to shout to make that point clear... all I need are three slaps from the ref's hand or three taps from your own in order to end this match and move on to the next challenge. In the end, all that noise will be silenced..."

"...and through that silence, will come understanding."

(He continues back up the trail, again moving at a slow and deliberate pace... taking his time as he takes in the serene and quiet surroundings while the din of the city of Houston can be heard not too far off. After he gets a certain distance, the view fades to black.)


League Member
Jun 5, 2007
Kerry - I applaud your plans... but the last man that proclaimed he was part of a new generation was released from here not THAT long ago - Revolution baby or otherwise.

[We see Legion walking around Houston...]

You've been trained by some great people in the world of Strong-Style, Fighting Spirit and King's Road and you've been held down thanks to the likes of our so-called Commissioner and his buddies that if it wasn't for his 'power' would have kicked him to the curb and beat the crap out of him months ago.

So when I was given the chance to face it - I took it and while as of yet I don't see you leading a new generation, in Houston you have ALL the chance to prove me, the NFW and yourself that I am wrong - time to carve your legacy kid.

Show me your fighting spirit and if Peter or his buddies turn up - well there's a message I want to send him of my own...

However you say you can stop the Chaos I bring - sooner or later the madness takes over the spirit and you'll never be the same, good luck trying to fight it.

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