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MCW Title Match: Chandler Maxwell (CH) vs Bryan Storms


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Jan 1, 2000
(We fade into a Locker room door that reads "Saviors Of Wrestling" Under the sign there is a door mat that reads "Welcome to First Class". The camera man gives the door a knock. Suddenly the door is open by a man dressed as a butler.)

Butler: Ah, good day Mister Camera man. Sir Maxwell has been expecting you, please follow me right this way.

(the camera pans the room which is flushed with marvelous décor. Seen sitting in the corner is a chair reading his news paper is "First Class" Chandler Maxwell.)

Butler: Mister Camera man to you see you Sir.

Maxwell: Thank you Jeffrey, that will be all.

(with a bow Jeffrey the butler exits the room. Chandler slowly folds the news paper and places it on the table next to his MCW Championship title.)

"Major Championship Wrestling fans welcome to the new Era of this company, welcome to "First Class"

(sounds effects of a crowd cheering are heard)

"For those of you that have been living under a rock, I am the new Major Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

I have heard mummers about this federation being dead."

(Chandler shakes his head.)

"I hardly think this company is dead. No you see this company has been resurrected by one half of the Saviors of Wrestling.

A few months back the pulse of this federation was down. Wrestlers paid tribute with a farewell show.

However, after all the young lions gave the last respectful matches, two legends gave a performance that magically re lit the flame of this company.

They wrestled for sixty grueling minutes and in the end when the bell sounded they stood both victories.

My hands trembled them, and still to this day tremble thinking about that moment.

I look around, seen the fans giving all there respect, and I whispered "this can not end"

(Chandler smiles looking at the MCW title.)

"And a month later there I was standing the last man in a battle royal as this company's champion.

Now begins the journey of staying on top of the Mountain.

First up is Bryan Storms.

No stranger to this title, hell you never lost it.

Now you know how Adam felt when his title was taken away.

However Adams title never left him, the fed closed.

Now you, well you lost your title because you turned your back on this company.

But now you get a chance to win back a title you never lost.

However, now you have to defeat me for my title.

I have waited my entire career to hold this, I do not plane of losing it to you.

So I give you a pass that allows you to enter first class. Experience the difference, sample the atmosphere, but realize you do not belong.

(fade to black)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
The Best Laid Planes?


Bryan Storms sits on a reclining chair in his Los Angeles apartment, smiling confidently. The man who used to bill himself as a "New Icon" now has a new title, that of an uncrowned king. Tonight, the unbeaten and unrecognized MCW World Champion is sitting comfortably, drinking a sparkling water with lime and biding his time until that which was unfairly taken from him is restored to its rightful position.

STORMS: Oh, Chandler, you are just too precious.

Really, "champ", you just looked so cute, sitting there with the MCW World Title, acting like the kid who's parents finally gave him the chance to sit at the adult's table during the holidays. It's just so wonderful for you, Chandy-Chan, the opportunity you got by stumbling past all of those stiffs a week ago.

It's just a pity it all has to end so fast.

Because you can make no bones about this, kid, it's going to end for you and it is going to end very, very quickly. No matter what you're "plane-ing" on.

That title is mine, you little blue-blood British halfwit. The fact that Jalen Latham has a stick up his ass and decided to shell out 5 bucks to buy the pack of Sharpies used to scribble your name on the piece of tape stuck over my name makes you a champion in the eyes of absolutely NO ONE, you stuck up little punk. You're a nobody who survived a joke of a battle royal against a whole lot of other has-beens and never-will-bes, and that most certainly doesn't make you a champion.

It makes you nothing but a usurper of the throne, a ritual sacrifice to be tossed off the top of the temple when the once and future king makes his return to his truly deserved position.

You didn't take this title from me, Chandler Maxwell. You were handed it because apparently, you were the most mediocre of the awful lot that Jalen Latham threw together because he was a little jealous that his real star, his REAL champion, had gotten a bit too big for his two-bit operation. But old Jay, for once in his miserable life, got wise to the way the wind was blowing and deciding to give me the match that I requested, just so we could do this the honorable way.

But, Chandler, if you want to be truly honorable, if you want to save wrestling the way you claim you can, you'll follow the plane I'm going to lay out to you right now.

Come to the ring this week with the MCW World Championship in tow. Walk in, hold my belt out, take the little strip of tape with your name off it off of the gold face, hand me my championship and walk away unharmed.

Then you'll be a Savior of Wrestling, Chandler. You'll have saved the world from the awful, unconscionable thought of you as a world champion. You'll have saved MCW from going further down the toilet with you at the head of a sinking, unsalvageable ship.

But more importantly, Maxwell, you'll have saved yourself from a horrible fate. I'm the real world champion, Chandler, I faced better competition on my junior high wrestling team than you did last week. I have more talent in my right pinky toe than you, and I've forgotten more about the wrestling business in the last week and a half than you could ever possibly learn.

Because I've seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, Chandler, and I've come to discover that I like the top a hell of a lot more than I like the bottom. This week, your education in the wrestling business will begin.

If you take the deal, you learn the humility you so obviously lack. If you don't, well we can just say you'll get an entirely different lesson, and one I'm not so certain you'll be completely happy with.

Make no bones about it, Chandler, no matter what happens, come hell or high water, I am leaving the building with my MCW World Championship belt strapped back around my waist. You take the deal, you walk out unscathed. You don't, and you can't begin to comprehend what's going to happen to you inside that ring.

I'm not just going to beat you, Maxwell. I'm going to leave your body and soul beaten and broken in the middle of the squared circle. I will spill your blood over the entire City of Angels, and when my work is done and you're lying semiconscious in a pool of your own blood on that canvas, I'm going lift my championship up high, and then I'm gonna hold it inches from your face and let you know just what this championship means to me.

I won't just take my belt back, I'll take your career too, Chandler. That's the plan I've got for this week, champ.

So snuggle up to that belt in bed for your last few nights together. Press that masking tape on real tight so that it almost looks like your name really is on that belt. Make sure you don't wake up one day and think that this is all a dream. Because these are the only sweet memories you'll ever have after the hell I put you through this week.

Make sure to take a picture with that belt, Chandler. You and it aren't going to be seeing much of each other after this week.

This is what gets thrown at me, Jalen? You underestimate me WAY too much. When I get my belt back, I'm gonna celebrate big time, and it'll be on your dime.

Gotta love those guaranteed contracts.

The uncrowned king awaits his coronation. I'll be waiting for my crown when I get to the ring, Chandler. You're British, so you know exactly what awaits you if you dishonor the crown.

It's not exactly pleasant, champ.

"Chandler Maxwell, World Heavyweight Champion." You people have got to be f***ing kidding me.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(We fade into the Home of "First Class" Chandler Maxwell were we are greeted by Sir Jeffrey the butler.)

"Ah the camera crew, right this way Mr. Maxwell is again waiting for you in the game room.

(Jeffrey leads the camera down a long hall into a master game room. In the middle of the room is a giant pool table with the "Bulldog Gym" logo on it. On the walls are several photos of both Chandler Maxwell and random people and Adam Benjamin.)

"Sir, the Camera crew is here to see you."

(With that Jeffrey exits.

"hey Camera real quick before I start, Women say hello and then put their hands down my trousers. I thought it was my hand they were supposed to shake.

(Chandler smiles as the camera man laughs.)

Welcome fans once again to up close and personal with "First Class" Chandler Maxwell.

Fans it seems that my opponent does not feel I am worthy of this title. It seems the sight of me holding this title has lead him to remember the meaning of being the champion of this federation.

I loved how he used baby terminology to try and humble me. Calling me precious. The little kids table reference. And lets not for get the nice little pet name Chandy-Chan.

First off last time I checked the match I won last week was open to everyone, including you. So lets not even bring up who I defeated for this title.

As for you little name plate theories. My its very funny when the shoe is on the other foot is it not.

When my cousin never lost this title, and came back to reclaim it when the doors reopened, it was men such as yourself telling him to get over it.

So if you really were to take the so called tape off this name plate, it would read "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin.

However, the truth is things happen, and we act accordingly.

There is a new breed of champion that hold this title belt.

As for handing this title over, that my friend is not a option.

You see I understand the actually worth of this title. I have watched the warriors before me battle for this title.

Brian, with respect, I do this for a living. I don't play at it like you.

(Chandler rolls his neck)

"You are cocky, but deep down I am as well.

So you can take the road of belittling me, honestly mate, you truly just wasting your time.

You can continue to ramble about how the man got you, and you are better than me.

Or, we can simple climb in the ring and see deep down who wants this title more.

As for the blood, hell I love it. I hope I am a bloody mess.

But know this regardless of the state we are wrestling in, when it is all said and done, you will be left in a state of denial.

(Fade to black)

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