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MCW Heavyweight Title Battle Royal


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Sponsored by The Inadvertent Nerd

New or underutilized characters only. Every character gets 1 RP to show their stuff. The winner will take the VACANT MCW Heavyweight Championship Belt..

RP Deadline: 11:59 on January 9, 2007
RP Limit: 1


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
(The scene opens in front of a MCW backdrop with the logo plastered colorfully all over the front of it. Standing in front of it is Delilah Demonik, wearing a sensual red, shiney, glimmering evening gown hugging each and everyone one of her sexy curves tightly. Her long jet black hair flows elegantly down passed the middle of her back and her beautiful blue eyes stare back into the camera.)

(Right next to Delilah, towering slightly behind and to the side but still close within shot of the camera is her associate, "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka. Nakita is wearing, tight black leather pants, black steel-toed boots, a black opened long trenchcoat, and black Al Capone mobster style leather hat. Underneath the overcoat is a plain white tight ladies t-shirt with the following written in red magic marker [One is scribbled out intentially and THE is written largely above it] "THE Bad-Ass B*tch!!" Nakita's long firey-red hair flows down freely past the middle of her back. Her green eyes peice into the camera like metaphorical razorblades.)

Delilah Demonik: Remember this Karla? We thought that this would be appropriate to make things come full circle. When it doubt return to the beginning of where it all began, confronting the present, before proceeding into the future.

(Delilah gestures as she opens up Nakita's coat more openly so that the camera can take a most clearer and closer look of the shirt that she is wearing and the makeshift written slogan marked on it.)

Delilah: These were almost the very same words that were plastered all over your silicone breasted...surgerically augmented...piggies underneath the blanket shirt that said 'One Bad-Ass B*tch!!" Do you remember? It was the first impression that spanned our very heated trash talking affair last week leading up to your match with the Dark Phenom this past week. Do you still remember? We do. We never forget. Its funny though, after fighting you...the self-proclaimed LONGEST REIGNING WOMENS CHAMPION. You sure as hell didn't look very BAD-ASS before, during, or even after the match. Thus the reason why Nakita and myself have taken the liberty of claiming a peice of your spirit to our collection. A single peice of your identity. Of course we kind of modified it accordingly just to show that she's not just ONE Bad-Ass B*tch, but she's THE Bad-Ass B*tch! You follow me.

For someone that is a giant bad ass of a womens champion in NEW ERA as you so diverted to time and again during our little babblefest. You really didn't look like much. You sure as hell didn't look like that you could defeat the demon incarnation of...



and FATE...

All that you did was just show that your only a survivor. You survived Nakita Dahaka, but you didn't beat her. Lets talk about how you survived Nakita Dahaka shall we.

You brought down "The Phenomenal" Frankie Scott down to ringside with you. What? All of a sudden you felt that you couldn't defeat her by youself? Oh I suppose that you call it EVENING THE ODDS or BEING CLEVER. Maybe it was your attempt at mindgames or using some sort of championship poll or cashing on on some backstage favor with Frankie in order to convince him to help you. Or maybe you just reminded him of his hated enemy that you were facing and you didn't trust fighting Nakita and losing your soul. You didn't trust yourself. You lacked faith in your own abilities in order to get the job done so you brought Frankie down to the ring with you.

And what pray tell were you evening the odds for? ME? I'm just a manager. I'm a mere valet. Did you honestly fear Nakita because of me in her corner? As if she needed my help and for the most part if you watch the match...which I am sure you will. You will see that Nakita didn't need me. She was defeating you all by herself. I didn't get involved until AFTER Frankie Scott did when he knew that you were going to lose to The Dark Phenom. He saved you from your FATE. It is for that you should be giving your undying graditude to him for helping you. You know coming through with some oral favors of some kind. You figure it out. Lets just say that there the type of favors that only Triple-X movies talk about.

Then you had the referee save you as he counted us both out of the match. It was all a matter in the name of convenience. Too convenient if you ask me.

Then you and Frankie Scott decided that the two of you united together could actually take the Dark Phenom out in the center of the ring.

But then where was The Phenomenal One when you were beaten down backstage as the hellhound hunted you down and beat you down?

But then the MCW Security were the ones that saved you. Again, it was all a matter of convenience for you, but in the end nobody escapes their FATE. No one escapes Nakita Dahaka.

Now Nakita Dahaka is ready to set foot in the ring in this BATTLE ROYALE in order to fill the vacated roll and become MCW Heavyweight Champion. If you want to continue and finish off what you started with our war of words and unfinished battle before you ran in the name of convenience. Then by all means Karla, step into the ring of the battle royale and lets finish what we started.

Although Nakita Dahaka doesn't need a title championship belt in order to show her worth or raise her stock in professional wrestling. Still she won't deny it. It'll just be icying on the cake. The real goal is collecting as many trophies and souls as she can along the way. Make no mistake about it Karla Starr, Nakita always finishes what she starts, and she will bounce back and take what she aims. She will have your soul on a plate, and no trash talking...arched rivals...referees...or backstage security will ever be enough to save you from the fate that has long hounded you.

Oh and feel free to bring in your Angel on your Shoulder, Frankie Scott along for the ride. It'll make Nakita's conquest all the more sweeter. Two souls for the price of one match and one championship.

So Karla, I ask, how is your head? Are you still able to fight Nakita after she nailed you with a steel chair and then jumped you backstage after the match? Will you be there in the Battle Royale ready to fight The Dark Phenom one more time for the MCW's richest prize in the company? Meet her in the ring and let's find out shall we?

Nakita, do you have anything to add?

(Nakita Dahaka looks up into the camera, cocking her head slightly to the side and letting out a calm inhale through her nose and exhaling out of her mouth. She emotes a gleeming sadistic smile.)

Nakita Dahaka: As a matter of fact Delilah I do. But as much as I want to speak about Karla Starr and Frankie Scott. I think that I will let it end with you Delilah. You pretty much covered everything that I wanted to say. There is nothing else that needs to be said on my end. If Karla or Frankie want to fight me and continue or finish our war with one another. They know how and where to find me.

Actually I have another order of business to tend to, and this goes out to my F.A.T.E. running buddy Rob Frankie and his manager Pieske. I have had lots to think abuot since your recent failures over the past few weeks. I have something for you Rob Franklin. I want to publically invite you and encourage you to take part in this MCW Heavyweight Battle Royale. Not only would you Rob Franklin, The Epitomy of Defiance, the self-proclaimed FTO Champion would have a true opportunity at becoming the next MCW Heavyweight Champion, but also I want to up the ante...just between us colleagues.

(Nakita Dahaka reaches into her trenchcoat and pulls out a peice of paper unfolding it then holding it up in front of the camera.)

Nakita: Do you remember this? Its the contract that you and I were bound to at the MCW Finale pay-per-view. You know, the LOSER BECOMES MY SOLDIER stipulation. The match in which you lost and became my foot soldier. It is by that we became The Fallen Angels that Terriorize Earth. We became F.A.T.E. We are F.A.T.E. However, I know that you hate being under the services of a woman. Nevermind the fact that she is the one that has had your number time and again and nevermind the fact that she is The Harbenger of Fate. Still you are contractually bound to her.

I have thought long and hard on this, and this is the perfect time to do this. I'm giving you...ROB FRANKLIN a chance to redeem and regain some of your lost dignity. I know that I have kind of made you my B*tch, but I am willing to change all that. Here is what I am proposing to you personally Rob Franklin.

If you enter into the Battle Royale for the MCW Heavyweight title. It means that we will once again be enemies vying for control of the richest prize in the company. However, I have something for you that is much greater. If you...yes you can successfully eliminate me from the Battle Royale. I will take this contract and I will burn it on the spot relieving and freeing you of your obligation to me. You will no longer be be bound to me or F.A.T.E. ever again. BUT It must be you that eliminates me. If I eliminate you or someone else eliminates me...FOR SOME REASON, then it doesn't count. Only by your hands that you must eliminate The Dark Phenom from the Battle Royale.

However, since I am the Mother of Mendacity, and The Demon of Deceit, do you really think that I am telling the truth or if I am lying to you? I guess you'll have to trust me won't you? But I do give you my word and I stake my life and my blood and my soul on it that if you happen to eliminate me from the battle royale I will burn this contract and relinquish you from your obligation to me. You will be free.

But mark my words, if you happen to agree to this stipulation by me and thus eliminating me from the Royale. Here this now. You maybe free, but I will hunt you down the same as I do Karla Starr and Frankie Scott. I feast on your flesh and drink your blood. I will collect your soul as a trophy when it is all said and done. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Do you know what is at stake? And on that note I end with the usual, the following words that always ring true in the end...

So it is said...

Let it be known...

So it shall and WILL come to pass...

Let it be written saturated and drenched in all of your blood...

Another chapter according to MY GOSPEL...

(The scene slowly fades out.)


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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
The Revelation

::We take a look into a dark, desolate place with grimy water dripping from mangled, leaky pipes shooting from the ceiling. the water drips with such persistance - drip, drop -that it makes the viewer want to rip their ears off. Drip, drop, drip, drop. wearing away at one's sanity. Like chinese water torture. Like the constant, annoying tide of the ocean. But most specifically, like loss after loss. Like one's career withering away, piece by piece. The is a puddle on the cold, cement floor. Showing the reflection of the mangled piece of wrapped steel and aluminum the drips the water without mercy on it's surface. The room we are in is eerie. The drip, and nothing. Just the drip and it's constant echos. Quiet, and loud at the same time.::

::Then we see the man. The self proclaimed "FTO Champion." One half of the turbulant stable "FATE." The rookie who has not only been taking the wrestling world by storm, but has now landed a role in the upcoming independant film: "Kill The Midget." The FTO Champ has also been seen in the upstart E Fed GWA, where he helped his brother win a championship there. The past month or so has been a roller coaster ride for this man. First, he lost to BLITZ in the MCW tag team tournament. Then landed his movie role, came back to hear that his tag team partner: Nakita Dahaka, is doubting his loyalties (with good reason), stumbles upon his oppertunity to make it big in the MCW title battle royal, and is challenged by said partner in said battle royal. The man is Rob Franklin. Rob steps into what little light is available. He has on a black and red "gothic" looking polo shirt this time, and a dark, black top hat. As always, he has his infamous FTO title draped over his shoulder. Looking more intense then he has ever looked before, Rob speaks.::

Rob: Everyone thinks I'm some kind of rich snob.

::Rob shakes his head, almost to say that he is disapointed in this.::

Rob: People think that I'm afraid or something. Scared to let go of my ego, and put it all on the line. People even say that I'm hiding behind this FTO title.

::Rob pats the title lovingly.::

Rob: The people that think that, are the ones that don't understand me. They don't really get who I am. I am not scared. I am not looking to "get over" or gain the appoval from anyone. Not the fans, not the guys in the back, no one. I could care less what anyone says or thinks about me. I AM the best there is. Everyone here simply needs to face facts.

::Rob sighs, and the room fills with silence. All that is heard is his faint breathing, and the drip, drip, drop, of the leaky pipe overhead.::

Rob: Now, to Nakita. Nakita, I never said I wanted to get out of this contract. I may hate being controlled by a woman, and treated like s*it, but I am a man of my word. I'm not going to ask you or suggest that you in any way breach this contract that you won at the MCW finale.

However, since you want to put the contract on the line, I'm gonna take you up on it. If the FTO Champion throws "The Dark Phenom" over the top rope, the Rob Franklin, "The Epitome of Defiance." is in fact, a free man.

You see, this match is set to be THE defining moment in the career of a true legend. This is where I make my permanent mark on the wrestling business, and more importantly, Hollywood. Think about that for a movie plot huh? The most talented performer of his generation: Rob Franklin wins the MCW world title in his rookie year after being screwed out of title shots time and time again. The true champion steps onto his throne, only to leave it for Hollywood, and bigger and better things, leaving his old foes jealous, and bitter. Starring: Rob Franklin.

Man, that would be HUGE.

And just think about the buy rates when Rob Franklin decides to TRASH the MCW title and keep his FTO belt. Huh? What if Rob Franklin defended the FTO title as the MCW Championship? No matter what I do, it will get ratings. I am the key. The key to unlock the door to financial prosperity....Until, of course, I drop that piece of s*it belt and move to Hollywood.

::Rob takes a deep breath, obviously excited at the possibilities.::

Rob: Now, you may have noticed that today I am dressed sort of like I'm going to a funeral. That is because I AM going to a funeral. Tonight I BURY MY ROOKIE YEAR. That's right. I've said over and over again in this interview that I am a rookie. Well, it's 2007 now, and once I win the MCW World title, you can't really call me a rookie any more can you? From now on, I am to be called "Champion." Whether you call me that, or "Champ", or "FTO Champ", or "MCW champ." is up to you, but no more rookie. Not after the battle royal. I am now a vetran. I am the kind of guy who everyone in the locker room looks up to and envies.

I also take this time to bury my long time close and personal friend: Pieske. You see, I kicked that fat ass son-of-a-***** to the curb. No more need for a manager. You see, unlike SOME people, I have no need for a fat, idiototic, retard, or a slutty bikini model for that manner. So let the funeral begin, shall we?

::An organ plays in the background, and now we start to see a more common style of Rob Franklin promo.::

Rob: Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of two things that once took the wrestling world by storm. Two things that flipped the sport as we know it, and turned it on it's ear.

Rob Franklin's rookie year


Fat-ass Pieske.

These two kept Rob Franklin down for his entire rookie year, and are now being laid to rest for his benefit.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we hope you will join us soon as we celebrate Rob Franklin's title victory, and lay to rest the tag team of "FATE."



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: The Revelation

"I figured that ignorance would bring you some kinda happiness, 'specially since it comes at the cost of a chickensh*t attack backstage."

(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of a solid red backdrop, dressed in snug blue jeans and solid black colored T-shirt. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and over her right shoulder rests the Venus Wrestling Alliance's World Title.)

STARR: You stand there trying to remind me of something that everyone already knows and that not only did you NOT make an argument for people to dissuade with the Double-Count Out.

Fact is...I was ready to leave it AT THAT with how everything ended, but then you had to come out after the fact and blindside me the way you did.

(Starr motions for the camera to pull in for a short close up.)


(Camera pans back out to the original angle)

Much like Rocky faced Thunderlips in a Boxing versus Wrestling match...it means NOTHING!!

You wanna know why I allowed Frankie Scott to show up with me at ringside?? Simple.

(Shrugs, waving it off.)

He asked to show up in the event that he might avenge a humiliation he had received via a loss to you and Taluhlah. Hell...just having to look at you two hussies to BEGIN WITH is humiliating enough.

I really could care less. He's a metaphorical symbol for a Virgin trying to get some payback on a hooker that gave him a Hernia and case of Hemroids.

So be it, he got what he wanted.

(A beat passes.)

Strangely enough though...you two Elephant-sized-Assed-Mexican-women, you just don't get it, even now.

I'm the VWA World Heavyweight Champion.

You can't become the VWA World Heavyweight Champion when you lose as much as YOU TWO HOOKERS do, let alone any kinda Championship.

(Starr smirks.)

Now, think about this for a second: Why would I be a "Self-Proclaimed", longest World Champion??

Just because I told ya??

If that's the case then you need to re-work your idea of who the better competitor is.

EVERYONE knows I'm the best, I don't just say it to here myself talk, I say it because sluts like the TWO OF YOU DON'T ADHERE TO IT.

You're calling me a Survivor and that I barely made it out with what happened.

(Starr shakes her head.)

I don't see it that way, in fact, not only do I not see it the same way as you do....if you're so inclined to ACTUALLY THINK OF YOURSELF AS A DEMON...then in some people's eyes, the Devil came up to Los Angeles, and I sent it PACKING.

I may not have beat you, but you never beat me EITHER.

You two call what happened after the match convenient, that Frankie and I continued the beatdown; I call it BUSINESS AS USUAL.

You wanna continue this little exhibition we had?? Not on your terms; I've done that already. Besides, even if I were to agree...it wouldn't be HERE.

I've already GOT a trophy for beating up b*tches for a living, I don't need to step into the ring and beat up a dozen other men and you for another one.

I did that already when I took out Jean Rabesque and Larry Tact.

Twice is nice, but three times is overdoing it.

But I'm sure you're going to call me out on it, saying that I'm not woman enough to face you again, but you're MAN enough to face me.


Then do me a favor and step in line with the other hookers that want a shot. 'Cause that's the ONLY way you're gonna get it.

From ME; Karla Starr.




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Jan 1, 2000
(Manchester England)

The wall of the church are filled with religious stain glass. The respect is all around the holy walls as the family of Chandler Maxwell gather for a honor only few me dream of.

The crowd is slowly standing as the queen makes her way into the room. Standing in front of everyone she calls to him.

"Stand before me Chandler Maxwell.

Chandler emerges from the back and makes his way down the path towards her. Now standing before her she tells him to kneel before her.

"You have proven to be worthy of my bless Chandler. You have earned the right to kneel before me. And with this sword.....

A knight hands a sword to the queen, slowly she dips the sword into holy water, and begins to make the cross on Chandlers shoulders.

"I ask you now to stand and forever be known as "Sir" Chandler Maxwell. And with today's honor I proclaim you and Sir Adam Benjamin England's official KNIGHTS OF THE SQUARE CIRCLE."

She walks off as family gather to give there respect and congrats to Chandler.

Adam: Never have I been more proud little cousin.

Chandler: thank you, but I am going to hold you to that comment.

Chandler walks over to a small room and sits by himself.

"I have just felt the touch of the queen and have receive a honor that many men in my country only read about.

However, I still feel a need to stand out in the spotlight and shine like the First Class athlete that I truly am.

You are looking at one half of the Saviors of Wrestling. I have trained, I have breathed, and most off all I have dedicated my mind and body to the sport of professional wrestling.

Which brings me to a chance of a lifetime. I am a student of the game, I understand about earning my keep in this sport.

But now is the time to take my keep and knight it first class.

Major Championship Wrestling or as we like to call it Benjamin's house.

My cousin and fellow Country man Karl Brown gave the best match in wrestling history for this company.

I remember going into the First Class VIP room as have a glass of champagne with both of them.

Karl looked at me and said "now that’s how you wrestling!" And Adam said "We could not have closed this place any better".....

You see we thought the MCW light was blown out by there performance.

No, greedy American scum bags have decided lets try and profit off there hard work.

Because now the buzz is out. The tape is selling. So lets bring back MCW one more time.

Well guess what I am not going to let Karl and Adams outstanding match be pissed on by some Johnny come lately winning some over the top battle royal thus becoming the Champion of MCW....

No its time for the boy to become a man. I was there when Adam won this title. I stood with my family and watch him and Karl again almost kill themselves.

And now it is my turn to return the favor.

I am going to walk into this battle royal with my Flag above my head. I am going to honor the legends of this fed with a outstanding performance.

And I am going to stand proud as the new MCW Champion.

Many just look at me as Adams little cousin. Well I thank you for realizing that. But the fact is that I am 6'3 243 of the future of professional wrestling.

I have dinned with kings and queens, and I have lived the lifestyle that all of you American dream each and every day.

My desire, it will shine inside this ring. Know who you are in there with, so the reality does not hit you so hard.

Look deep into the camera, I am Chandler Maxwell the next MCW champion....

(Fade to black)

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