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MBE Title History

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
MBE Title History

World Heavyweight Championship

1) The Spoiler – Defeated Pacothewetback, dumi, and BobbyR in a Four Corners Match to be named the first MBE Champion.

2) BobbyR - Awarded title as number one contender when The Spoiler “loses his smile” and drops the belt rather than facing him

3) The Spoiler (2) – Defeats BobbyR in a rematch when he locates his smile a short time later

VACANT – BobbyR and DocAwsome simultaneously pin The Spoiler when he challenges them to a handicap match for the World Tag Team Titles. The World Title is held up and placed into the Tournament that heralded the beginning of The SupTool Era of MBE.

4) TornadoDDT – Won in Tournament Final over The Spoiler to determine new Champion.

(As co-leader of The Squalid Beasts, BobbyR made several defenses of the Belt in TORN’s absence, when the Champion goes on an extended vacation.)

5) The Spoiler (3) – 1/26/00 – Defeats BobbyR in a match to determine a new Champion after Torn is injured in training and forced to retire.

6) PILE – 3/12/00 – Defeats The Spoiler 2 to 1 in a Best Two of Three Falls match.

VACANT – 5/22/00 – Title held up after a disputed pinfall by The Spoiler over PILE in a match that saw North American Champion BobbyR get involved.

7) The Spoiler (4) – 5/28/00 – Defeats PILE and BobbyR at High Stakes I in a Three-Way Elimination match where the winner would receive the World Title and runner-up, the North American Belt.

8) Hida Yakamo – 8/6/00 – Wins a Four Corners Brickhouse of Pain Match over The Spoiler, The Canadian Loonie, and Mango the day before Spoiler is schedule to leave for a tour of Japan.

9) The Spoiler (5) – 11/21/00 – Defeats Hida Yakamo and BobbyR (in overtime) in a Three Way Elimination Match at the Total Elimination PPV.

VACANT – The Spoiler is unable to defend the belt due to injuries sustained at the hands of BobbyR after the above match and is forced to hand the Title over to The Commissioner’s Office.

10) Professor Tremendous - 12/19/00 – Defeats Housefly (w/ the assistance of Mr Amazing) two falls to one at the Season of Pain PPV

11) Housefly – 12/30/00 – Defeats Professor Tremendous is record time (4 seconds) at WNW

12) Professor Tremendous (2) – 1/24/01 – Defeats Housefly and Tyrone the Tidy Giant (4-3-2) in a Three Way Iron Man Match at the MBE Meltdown PPV

13) FreakFish – 2/21/01 – Defeats Professor Tremendous in a Last Man Standing Match at the MBE Evolution PPV.

14) The Spoiler (6) – 7/15/01 – Defeats Freakfish in Sudden Death Overtime of a three way dance that also included PILE at the Lord of the Boards PPV.

15) Maggot – 12/16/01 – Wins The Sole Survivor Match at the Total Elimination PPV eliminating The Spoiler last.

16) Hida Yakamo (2) – 08/28/02 - Pins Maggot in a 4 corners World Championship match after Freakshow and Webweaver were eliminated earlier.

17) Paco The Wetback - 09/15/2002 - Pins Hida Yakamo in a sudden death World Title match right after winning the North American title from Mr.CATV in a dual championship tag match at Lord Of The Boards.

18) Promo - 05/04/2003 - Defeats Paco the Wetback with a Promo-plex at the first show after the merger of Message Board Entertainment and Underground Xtreme Wrestling.

19) Doc Silver 12/03/06- Defeats Justin Evitable in a World Title Decisions Match at MBE Total Elimination

World Tag Team Championship

1) Morals and Marketing (DocAwesome, BobbyR, & dumi) – DocAwesome and BobbyR – Members of The Squalid Beasts Stable - win the titles in a Tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dumi replaces DocAwesome when Doc retires briefly. When Doc returns all three then defend the Belts as a Freebirds Style team, with the members alternating who teams together.

2) BobbyR & Vinman - 1/28/00 – With TornadoDDT and DocAwesome out with and injury and dumi on “Scott Hall” leave, BobbyR disbands the Squalid Beasts and names recent Beast addition Vinman as his partner for all future Title defenses.

3) The Unemployed College Students (PILE & SweetJesusFunk) – 2/13/00 –PILE and SJF won the Lethal Lottery Tournament to be named number one contenders for the straps and defeated BobbyR and Vinman at the following WNW.

4) Strange Bedfellows (SweetJesusFunk & MrAmazing) – 3/22/00 – MrA! Is brought by his former enemy SJF to fill the slot left vacant by PILE winning The MBE World Championship

5) The HHA (Hida Yakamo & Justin Evitable) – 4/2/00 – Defeat The Strange Bedfellows

6) Mango & Meatbag (Members of the Midwest Mafia) – 4/30/00 – Defeat The HHA

7) Psycho Ward (Torment & MrHyde) – 5/28/00 – Defeat Mango and Meatbag at the High Stakes PPV

8) TeamTremendous (ProfessorTremendous and Star Rider) – 6/11/00 – Defeat PsychoWard. Professor T later gives his half of the Title to Tuss in order to pursue the Title of Lord of The Boards

9) The New A! Team (MrAmazing and Andrew Gilkison) – 8/6/00 – Defeat Star Rider and Tuss when Prof T’s interference backfires.

10) Andrew Gilkison & The Spoiler – 9/24/00 - The Spoiler replaces MrAmazing after the later is injured by the PBPro Team of Yoshiro Yamada & Akira Otsuka

11) The Behemoths – 10/9/00 – Defeat Andrew & Spoiler after Hida Yakamo and Yoshiro Yamada interfere

12) The Great Yamada & Akira Otsuka – 10/22/00 – Defeat The Behemoths at the Unfinished Business PPV

13) The Great Yamada & Hida Yakamo – 12/12/00 – Defeat Akira Otsuka and The Canadian Loonie in a match to determine who keeps the belts after Otsuka spilt from The All Asian Alliance

Vacant - The belts are stripped from the AAA after Hida Yakamo is suspended for appearing on an A1E show with the belts after taking the week off from MBE to heel from injury.

14) The Twins (Cain & Abel) – 1/24/01 – Defeat Dr. Frank Rosenberg & Hedge (of the Perfecta Trifecta) and Star Rider & Lance Thunder (of the MwM)in the Finals of a tournament to dtermine new champions (at the Meltdown PPV.)

15) The Prime Time Playaz (PILE and AussieB) – 2/14/00 – Defeat the Twins at WNW

16) The Team T Triad (ProfessorTremendous/Allworld/Tyrone the Tidy Giant w/ El Tremendo later joining to make it a “Quadrad” – 5/16/01 – Defeat the PTPers in a “Three Strikes and You’re Out” Elimination Tag Match at the High Stakes PPV.

17) The Great Yamada & Hida Yakamo (2) – 6/13/01 – Defeat the Team T Triad at The Full Throttle PPV

18) Hida Yakamo & Yori Yakamo Jr. – 7/20/01 – Yori is hand chosen by MrAmazing to serve as his brothers partner after The Great Yamada leaves MBE to return to PBPro.

19) Freakshow & Duchess – 8/8/01 – Defeat Yori & Hida Yakamo in a Cage Match at WNW.

20) Jack Blade and A.J. Cirrus (C.A.S.T.) – 01/02/02 – Defeat Freakshow and Duchess in a Cage Match at WNW

21) Jack Blade & Andrew Gilkison

22) BobbyR & Doc Awesome (2)

23) Freakshow & Duchess (2)

24) Duchess & Kanna Kirishima - 01/03/03 - Kanna wins an Invitational challenge to replace Freakshow, who was injured.

25) PrimeTime Players (Duchess & Freakshow) (3) - Kanna Kirishima returns her half of the titles to Freakshow, who returned from time off due to injuries.

26) Team BobbyR (Kanna Kirishima & Josh Novell) - As part of her surrendering of the title, Kanna is promised a title shot with a partner of her choice. Legend BobbyR put together the team of Kanna and Josh, who took advantage of their opportunity.

27) PrimeTime Players (Duchess & Jack Blade) - This formation of the PTP is victorious in a six-man match to bring the gold back to the PTP.

28) The Filthy Spics (Aussie B & El Nino)

29) The Thrillbillies (Hoss Garrison and Jake McCody) 10/15/07- Defeat Irishred and Duchess at MBE Awakenings in a decision match.

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