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Maximal Wrestling Association (Spanking NEW)

Trevor North

League Member
Aug 25, 2013

Email - trevornorth@maximalwrestling.com

[size=12pt]Monthly Pay-Per-Views[/size]
January - Gates Of Hades
February - Ring Of Carnage
March - Born To The Brawl
April - Break The Chains
May - Escape From Alcatraz
June - When Nations Collide
July - Battle For Olympus
August - MWA's Uncut
September - Waging War
October - Metalopocolypse
November - Maximal Pain
December - MWA Origins

[size=12pt]Weekly Shows[/size]
Tuesday Hydra (7:05 pm to 10:05 pm)
Thursday FTR (6:05 pm to 7:35 pm)

[size=12pt]Random things[/size]
Monthly Magazines will be posted every month.
There will be monthly video packages for pay-per-views.
Since we're just now beginning, a few things are being worked on and added.

Trevor North CO-CEO
Rory Richter CO-CEO

[size=12pt]Our Goal[/size]
[size=8pt](This gets into detail on why I've decided to run MWA, if you don't want to read all of this, you can just go to maximalwrestling.com and see for yourself what we've put a lot of work into.)[/size]​

The very first time I remember getting involved with e-feds, it began with the whole chat dice wrestling back in the AOL days. Then a few months later I got dragged into the whole email e-feds and I had a blast. My grammar wasn't the best, but as I grew up, my writing skills improved quite a bit because of e-feds. So I thought it'd be great to help others to get that same experience. Back then I had a blast, I made lots of friends and today I'm still great friends with lots of fellow e-fedders. It's been about 14 years later and I've kind of felt like the efed world has fallen off a bit. I've noticed a lot of feds these days just have a board. The problem I have with this... I've always imagined e-feds as a wrestling simulator, which I think would require a lot more than just a board.. More people who role-play are typically usually current wrestling fans or were back in the 90's. Recently, I've joined a couple feds here and there and I haven't really found one that I felt comfortable with. So then one of my friends I went to middle school with, I remember used to role-play. So I've been out of the e-fed game for awhile, until he talked me into joining this one organization. To keep it simple, I felt out of place, and not comfortable with how the owner ran the fed. So I messaged the boss and politely left the fed and she responded in a very rude manner. Because of this, I decided, you know what? I'm going to create my own efed. Since I've been around for awhile, I wanted to try and do something from my visions, create a way for wrestling fans and role-plays of fake and real e-feds and figure a way to incorporate everyone while helping the younger generation improve at writing, like I once did. With that said, we here in MWA want everyone to feel welcomed and to be thoughtful of others while also being competitive.

Sometimes you join an e-fed and the results are late all the time? Well here in MWA, first, we need your help by joining MWA and allowing us to begin something great. Honestly If you've read this far and you're still asking yourself, why would I join MWA with a few members and it's just beginning? Here's why… I did a lot of research on proper ways to run an e-fed, much thanks to roughkut. In my 14 years being involved with e-feds, places weren't entertaining enough, they were repetitive, results were too short, not enough good writers, unfriendly staff, never updating their information, etc.. So with that said, I'm going to make sure its as entertaining as possible, friendly, opportunities will be given to those new to e-feds, the page will be updated frequently.

We're ready to begin recruiting and over time things will get even better for everyone. I've spent countless nights putting this website together and trying to create everything from scratch. I took the time to make 5 MWA Championships, the World Championship, United Nations Championship, Menace 2 Society Championship, Tag Team Championships, and Matriarch's Championship. I've taken the time to brainstorm new ideas while also paying my respects to wrestling and where it originated from. We want to be as original as possible, so give us a shot and maybe you can be the future of MWA?


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