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Max Hopper


El Gringo Loco
Feb 27, 2008
Wrestler Name: Max Hopper
Billed From:
New York, New York
Max Hopper only uses scales in zero gravity.

Theme Music:
"Princes of the Universe" by Queen
Ring Entrance:

Finisher & Description:
Welcome to Fantasyland Population: (whoever he hits it against) - A rolling cutter/Last Rites
Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?
Theatrics or a set-up move? No.
Special Moves:
1. Hopper Can Rana (hurricanrana off the top rope)
2. Mark Out Moment (Pélé kick)
3. HOP-PER-KEN (level three super hadoken - see Kenny Omega)
4. SPACE HOPPAAAAAAA! (fosbury flop)

Every Match Spots: Most wrestlers have spots they pull off in the duration of 99.9999% of their matches - what's your guys?

10-15 Moves:
1. Dropkick - and variations
2. Drop toe-hold
3. Bulldog
4. Sleeper hold
5. Discus lariat
6. Flying headscissors
7. Standing side headlock
8. High cross body block
9. Flying splash
10. Hammerlock
11. Flipping armdrag
12. Spinebuster slam
13. Handspring back elbow in corner
14. German suplex
15. Northern Lights suplex

Max Hopper debuted in the IWF King of the Death Match tournament an arrogant, yet somewhat cowardly, young playboy who was loaded with money. Introducing himself in a series of interviews from places like the Russian Tea Room, Saks Fifth Avenue, and St. Patrick's Cathedral, Max was the epitome of upscale and made it all the way to the finals of the tournament, largely due to botched interferences from another rookie at the time: El Diablo.

Max lost in the finals to Ashe Draven, but it wasn't long after that he tasted his first gold, unseating the year-long Mexican Champion, Midiot. He lost the belt in his first defense to Alan Thompson two weeks later. Then a Coke machine was shoved on his head by El Diablo, and his time in IWF was over.

A year or two passed before he stepped back into the ring, pulling double duty by entering the 64 man Global Tournament of Champions III and wrestling under a mask in Legacy of Champions as El Phantasmo XLVII (47). The half-pretend Mexican adopted a more care-free attitude and began to play up to the fans. He became the stereotypical good guy, always standing up for what was right and fighting clean.

Max made it to the final fourway match in GTOC III, but Red Leaf won the trophy. For the second time, Max had come so close to achieving a glorious accomplishment, but came up flat. He was also unmasked in LoC by Cordova, and it was there that he met Tyke - who would go on to be his sometimes tag team partner and very close friend.

Over the years, Max became progressively more interested in the paranormal - UFOs, Bigfoot, Voss's mom - all of that weird stuff. Eventually, after suffering his third loss in his career to Shawn Hart, Max went full-on into the world of the Weekly World News and MaX-Files was born. He only wrestled under the name MaX-Files for a short time, but the fans will still occasionally chant "The Truth Is Out There" in homage to his time with no brand Wrestling.

Max had a promising start to his career, but has had very limited success ever since.

Upon hearing of the Intergalactic Championship, Max Hopper knew that the planet (in fact, the galaxy) was at stake once more. And he knew he had to thwart the baddies from interplanetary domination one... more... time.

Interesting factoids about Max Hopper:

He has beaten all three members of the Crack Rock Crowd.

He has never beaten Shawn Hart.

He wrestles with his SeX-Ray Specs (sunglasses) on.

He loves his hair more than most people love their mothers.

He once broke into an Australian military compound to steal a Babel fish to put in his ear just so he could understand what an opponent said.

He once investigated the disappearance of Hi-C Ecto Cooler from grocery store shelves as a global conspiracy.

You can seldom tell exactly what he's going to do or say next.

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