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Manifest Destiny


Jan 1, 1970
billy doesn’t want you to think this is a non-playable character. i want you to think about gumdrops and gummi bears.



(SLO-FADEIN: An overhead shot of a swaying light bulb. Its dim yellow hue slowly revolving around molded cement walls. Faint drips of water patter in the distance as the music’s tinnied and warbled strings feedback with a screech. The concrete blocks bead with droplets of water, the camera dropping down as a droning response elongates from the music. A man sits hunched on a steel chair in the middle of a dilapidated room, surrounded by torn apart wood foundations, a blacktop floor and churning pipes.)

“You ever burn, Castor?”

(FLASH CUTTO’s: B/W NFW CLASSIC highlights from 1.0 era. YOUNG CASTOR STRIFE highlighted with a beaming smile and standing next to ‘EL PUTO’ BENJAMIN HERNANDEZ as a streaming array of highlights shows glass bulbs breaking, fireballs launching, MICHAEL MANSON in the TARANTULA from ARMANDO MONTEZUMA in the first-ever NFW WARGAMES, the FIRST HELLS KITCHEN MATCH with TEMPUESTA DEL FUERTE hanging 20 feet off barbed-wired monkey bars.)

“I’ve felt the shards of broken glass digging into my skin, much like I’ve felt thumbtacks puncture my lungs. There’s a good chance my head was stapled as a child…”

(light coughing and laughing…)

(CUTTO: A forward shot of STRYFE, now shown as the man sitting in the chair. He’s shirtless, but wearing a black leather jacket. Black boots, black pants show a non-descript dressed man save the black gasmask harnessed on his face.)

STRYFE: “But have you ever felt your flesh sear off the bone? There’s no sudden fall involved, no quick impact that can at least concuss your brain. No, Castor… there is only the long, subdued build-up to the smell while your bones… your brain and your fears only wait.”

(STRYFE stands and takes an elegant butler’s bow, while removing the mask and exposing a sewn in wig to match CASTOR’s latest West Hollywood cut. His head is shaved, splotched and scarred. His face stays absent from the camera’s point of view, the positioning and dim lighting failing to convey an identity to the viewer.)

STRYFE: (his voice much different and muffled) “Is this not dedication to the show?!”

(STRYFE straps back on the mask, grunting as he sits back down. The music still creepily crawling with screeches and electronic warbles.)

STRYFE: (his voice deepened) “Today, I use your ego, Castor. Tommorow, I spread my cause.”

(FLASH CUTTO’s: CASTOR and ALEX AUSTIN training together… CASTOR defeating IMPULSE for the TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP, breaking his body in the process… CASTOR holding up the NFW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP… CASTOR taking the ‘FALL FROM GRACE’ as IMPULSE watches from the overhead cam position!)

STRYFE: “A glass boulder through a glass house. A fall from grace devised from one’s own known conditions, your will controlled and simply a bounty lost. Don’t kid the world with the New Frontier meaning something… I SHOWED YOU WHAT MEANT SOMETHING! (STRYFE coughs violently, chuckling through his lack of air…) You treated the right they presented you as a trophy… you gave them satire. You gave them YOUR GUILD and walked off as a glory vagabond, drifting anywhere but here for someone to love you.”

(FLASH CUTTO’s: CASTOR STRIFE and EDDIE MAYFIELD at a PRESS CONFERENCE… STRIFE interviewing for NFDUB.com… FIONA LOVE, CASTOR STRIFE and the rest of the GUILD doing promotional work in front of the BARCLAYS CENTER.)

STRYFE: “My timing is no irony, given the prattling between you and this promotion. You came back for a sea of green, I’ll say BLLLLAAAACK for marketing and people will think these are pieces on a chessboard, and I will show you, but also THEM… this… IS NOT A GAME! (more coughing, laughing) I WILL SHOW THEM!

(FLASH CUTTO: ALEX AUSTIN and CASTOR STRIFE yelling at each other in the ring…)

STRYFE: “You’re a single cell, Castor. Something I can infect, a wound that can fester and spread, leaving me the opportunity to take the head…”


STRYFE: “…so the body falls… for my justice… FOR MY PRICE!

(STRYFE coughs more, not laughing this time…)

STRYFE: “My bounty…”

(FLASH CUTTO: The looping and screeching feedback of the music frenetically accompanying the brief shot of a man’s head on fire! Massive fire extinguishers blasting off the next millisecond!)

STRYFE: “Alex Austin taught me a new means to defend myself in a different time. To better understand my future enemies, to adapt and to survive. No victory will be made of my presence, no legacy can be made in my (light coughing) BLACK name. No planned falls, posing like Jesus as you gift an already deposed soldier with some everlasting nod of reverence… (light coughing) because that is nothing of what NEW FRONTIER WRESTLING TOOK FROM ME! (STRYFE coughs violently again) An act of…”

(STRYFE coughs more, the laughter suddenly returning cacophonously through the mask, dribbles of drool streaming down STRYFE’s neck. A peak moment of the musical screeching crescendos to a bass-heavy drone…)

STRYFE: “Violence has been in my nature, Castor. Simply put, wrestling was not. And as much as you think this is about you, I will make you think this is about you. (STRYFE pauses a moment) I am evolved and this institution has removed any fear… any pain…”

(FLASH CUTTO: A man being rolled out on a stretcher, his head wrapped in bandages, an ambulance awaiting with sirens blasting…)

STRYFE: “I can imagine.”

(CLOSEUP: STRYFE’s gas-masked face matriculating moisture from the environment, his neck beading sweat…a decayed poster of AIDAN CAMPBELL and WILDSTAR on a concrete pillar in the background for a brief moment.)

STRYFE: “I will be your demon, I will be their disease. Those lights will shine on you once again, Castor…”

(MUSIC CUT. FADETOBLACK. Coughing. Laughter.)

“…I was made to burn.”

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