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Malice: Show 1 part 1 (The Intro)

Duke Williams

League Member
Feb 2, 2007
Chicago, IL
(Clips of the wrestling career of “The Malice Man” Duke Williams flash by as the song “Honky Tonk Heroes” by Waylon Jennings plays. It shows Duke as a young man in the NFL, to his short stint in the WWF in the 80’s through his days in ICWA, IFWC, PCW, and OSW. It shows shots of him in the media doing shows like Letterman and clips from movies he was in. Duke starts to narrate over the music and clips.)

Duke Williams (VO): Ahhh Buckaroos, that was me when I was the Malice Man and nobody, no place, no time was better. I was the best man ever to work a mic in and out of the ring. I sent the wrestling world whiskey bent and hell bound hoss! But six divorces, a heroine addiction, alcoholism, bankruptcy, and a heart attack later; I’m no longer that man.

(The camera cuts to Duke Williams with long flowing gray hair and a gray beard. His face is weathered and his eyes show the age of a life lived hard.)

Duke Williams (VO): Now I’m just known as Duke. A father, an addict, and much like my character a lovable loser. I have a little money left in the bank from some work I’ve done over the last few years. I don’t have a lot but I have sobriety from drugs, a goal of giving up alcohol, and a reunion with my family; and that counts for something. WGN has given me this reality show, that if all works out turns into the newest wrestling federation to hit the world. If it fails then truly the good guys don’t always win and I vanish. This is my last chance and you’re coming along for the ride. Welcome to MALICE!

(We come back from a commercial break as Duke Williams is combing his long gray hair talking to the man in the camera as he looks in the mirror.)

Duke Williams: I could really go for a damn drink. One day at a time we always say. So I’ve scouted this wrestling federation for the last two month called Heartland Wrestling Association they run shows out of a bar room on the north side. The ring is in good shape, and the production of their shows isn’t that bad.

(Duke puts the comb down and smiles as he turns to the camera.)

Duke Williams: The talent sucks!! I mean these guy are more painful then watching the View sober. Now the owner is pricing his long running fed not only on the name, ring, and, venue contracts but also the talent.

(Duke walks over to the door putting on his coat as he watches the snow fall outside his window for a moment.)

Duke Williams: After the show I meet with Ed Butkis the current owner. I hope we can come to a deal or this whole thing may fall apart. I can’t leave Chicago and this is the only fed close enough to what I need.


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