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MAIN EVENT: New ERA Championship - Cruise v Entertainment (c)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the main event match between CAMERON CRUISE and MR. ENTERTAINMENT (c) at Cyberstrike should be done in this thread. Any RP posted outside of the thread will not count.

* This match is for the New ERA Championship.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on TUESDAY, May 17th, 2011. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
The Future's Bright... the Future's Cruiseless.

* Mr. Entertainment RP for C10.

(((FADE IN to Mr Entertainment standing in the middle of the New ERA ring, the brilliantly polished New ERA Championship belt around his waist)))

ME: Slowly… slowly but surely, New ERA is becomin’ what I envisage. A true monument to the future of wrestling. More an’ more people are talkin’ abou’ it, more an’ more people are stopping at home ta watch Cyberstrike online. More an’ more people are buying New ERA merchandise, an’ more and more I can see the rest of the roster finally – finally steppin’ up an’ showin’ what they can do. They’re taking the opportunity, knowin’ the pressure’s off because I can carry the show, an’ they’re showin’ tha’ New ERA is the place to be. Somewhere where ya can’t rely on past glories, where what ya’ve done out “there” doesn’t matter. Guys like Yossi Hait, Richard Dweck, hell, even Michael Montgomery, are showin’ that if ya focus on the here, the now, the New ERA of Wrestling, then it’s only a matter of time.

Even if Dweck’s got a lot ta learn abou’ music.

They all know their place in my New ERA. They know that I am the champion, that I carry the weight of this company on my shoulders, an’ they are showin’ that they’re worthy of being part of my kingdom. Well… some of them are. Guys like Johnny-boy, Donovan Astros, guys who don’t show up ta give it their all? They’ll be cut from New ERA like the useless cancers they are. But, I’ll give Johnny-boy one chance ta explain his poor performance a’ Cyberstrike. I’m a nice guy. I don’t rule with an iron fist. A velvet glove with an iron fist inside maybe. But if he thinks performances like tha’ are gonna be enough ta continue bein’ a worthy subject in Mister Entertainment’s Kingdom, he’s got a long absence on the horizon.

Ya see, my New ERA isn’t abou’ the names. It isn’t enough ta simply want ta be the best or say tha’ yer the best, ya have ta go out and prove it, match after match after match, an’ show, after show, after show.

That’s what Fanatic’s not been doin’, has he? Sure, he earned a shot at my New ERA Championship, and I can respect that. I respect anyone who earns a shot. I will face anyone who actually does what I did, wins three straight matches, an’ shows they deserve a few moments of my time in the ring.

But, Fanatic? Tact? Ya’ve got a helluva lot more growin’ ta do before yer anywhere near ready fer this match, an’ further before yer ready fer the belt. I did ya’ll a favour, I gave ya a glimpse of what will happen at Primetime when we meet. Ya’ll better be prepared, Fanatic. Ya better be usin’ these weeks ta get ready, ya better watch real damn close. Because I’m gonna be givin’ you a lesson at Cyberstrike, a lesson in just what it takes ta face ME

Mister Entertainment

With the gold on the line.

(((He steps towards the ropes, as on the other side of the ring we see two cardboard cut-outs being set up – one of Cameron Cruise and one of Fanatic)))

ME: Cammy, Cammy, Cammy. It seems yer a bad rash. I can’t get rid of ya! Despite showin’ tha’ without doubt I am better than you in every way tha’ counts in New ERA, ya keep showin’ up. How many more embarrassments are ya gonna take?

No, don’t answer tha’. Because I know what yer gonna say. The same defective things ya’ve said since the first Cyberstrike back in January. Five months ago, when I beat ya. The same things ya said a’ Battle Brawl, when I beat ya. The same things ya said when ya challenged fer this belt, and I beat ya. Ya go on abou’ how I repeat myself when it comes ta Cameron Cruise – but I’ve shown time an’ time again, I back it up in the ring where it counts. When you repeat yerself, ya’ve shown tha’ ya just can’t get it done, an’ it’s a pity.

It’s a damn shame people like you continue ta fester an’ poison my New ERA.

Oh, wait, ya hate it when I say that. That this is my New ERA, and people like you just exist ta make up the numbers.

Well, let’s look at the facts, shall we? So far, nobody – nobody – has beaten ME

Mister Entertainment

One on one without help. Nobody! Chaos came damn close, I’ll give him that. The guy won back some of the respect he’d lost. But beside him, nobody else has come close. Druid needed his goon squad. Shawn and Druid needed First walkin’ out of the tag team match. An’ Johnny-boy couldn’t be bothered ta tie his boot laces. ME?

Mister Entertainment?

I am the pinnacle of New ERA, because nobody has proved otherwise. Hell, Cam, even you can understand that one. Nobody has beaten Mister Entertainment without help.

Which is something neither you, Cameron, or your little puppet-master, The Wrestling Bieber, can say about yerselves. Ya can cling ta whatever delusions ya’ll like, an’ knowing you ya will. But remember that I have never lost clean one-on-one on Cyberstrike. An’ tha’ ain’t somethin’ that’s gonna happen at the 10th Cyberstrike. Not when I am so close ta completin’ my edifice.

Congratulations on “earning” another shot at my New ERA Championship, Cammy. An’ good luck “earning” another one. You’ll need it, because there is no way in hell I’m lettin’ ya take this belt and ruin what I am building. You think it’s about you, but it’s not, Cameron. It’s not about The First. It’s not even just about ME

Mister Entertainment.

It’s about New ERA being the greatest entertainment and wrestling company in history. And it will only be that in my image. You are a cancer, Cancer Cruise, and you will not destroy what I am building!!

(((With that, Mr Entertainment snaps off a superkick which cleanly decapitates the Cameron Cruise cut out, leaving the body stationary)))

ME: This is New ERA, Cameron. Remember that, and know your place. Not as the First’s buddy, sidekick, or whatever the hell ya are. But as someone who will never – ever – be good enough.

(((The champion takes a look at the Fanatic cut out and snorts, before leaving the ring as we FADE OUT)))


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Crashing The Party...

* Cameron Cruise RP for C10.

"You know E, I'm not sure if you've been able to figure it out yet..."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a New Era Backdrop. Dressed in black jeans, black shirt with New Era in White-blocked letters across the chest and black Anarchy-style shades, Cruise wags his right index finger back and forth in disapproval.)

CRUISE:...but even Pat Morita got it right when he proved to people how stupid it is to punch through a board.

"Boards....don't hit back."

Now, granted...that was an epic line from a character that he made INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN, in Mister Miyagi....but other than the other bit he held on "Happy Days"...people can't really see much else in him BUT...Mister Miyagi.

But you know what the difference is between you and him??

Morita played a character in a movie he brought back at least three more times after the success he made the first time.

You're stupid enough to actually think you can intimidate me by superkicking through CARDBOARD.

See, you seem to forget...I don't need "help" to beat you.

I've done it before myself, I most surely could do it again.

Sure, you managed to pull off the "upset" in Cyberstrikes' debut show...everyone has an off-day, and to that end...I was ON.

But nine months, fifteen hundred pre-mature test-tube-born rugrats and one Justice-Served Lindsay Lohan later....you managed to win Battlebrawl AS well as defeat Shawn Hart for the New Era title.

Then it was like we hit the "re-set" button only I was your first opponent...with you as New Era Champion. Now, sadly you can probably guess...better than Michael Montgomery too, I'm sure...I'm not presently the New Era Champion.

Fair enough, I did the one thing I swore I'd never do though, E.

I underestimated you.

Know what that means??

You actually got BETTER.

Move-wise, that is...you got BETTER.

You're still the same ol' E, though.

Still running your mouth about things that aren't yours and how important you need to be, and how you need to be the one in the spotlight, not the ACTUAL Champion.

You made a spectacle out of defending the Television title.

You tried to complain how you weren't getting as much respect as the Champion was at the time and how you were the BIG SHOT.

Not the actual CHAMPION.

Nevermind how you won the title in the first place...cheating and breaking the rules, seems everything's okay for you to do something until the time when someone does it BETTER.

You press the issue with MY taking issue about you repeating yourself...and you should.

I think it's absolutely redundant for someone...especially as UNEntertaining as YOU...to keep repeating himself over and over.

You keep saying that it's YOUR New Era.

Really?? You pay the bills, E??

You sign the paychecks??

Marcus LaRoque would LOVE to hear that one.

Then there's the fact that for the past five-or-so years...every time you run your mouth...your NAME has to ride through it.


Mister Entertainment.

You've done it just about every time you've stepped through that curtain...or grabbed a Microphone. I know I'm one of the seniors when it comes to competing in this company and I'm getting up there in age when it comes to the industry as a whole, but for cryin' out loud I'm not DEAF.

Sure...we've got afew rookie's in the ranks, a couple more than last season even....Richard Grieco from "21 Jump Street" apparently is even one of 'em.

An' I didn't even know he liked to WATCH Wrestling.

Go figure.

The fact however E, is that unless you're talking to one of those new runts in this company, for the most part...

We already know who you are.

We don't particularly LIKE you or your arrogance...but we know who you are.

Now I'm fairly sure I can tell what you're thinking...

"You don't speak for everyone, Cruise."

No...I don't.

Just the one's that are tired of the same old BULLSHIT.

What has it got you, E??

Sure, you got the New Era Championship, but what about what tagged along with it??

An unequal level of Ignorance and a Makeshift-shitty-looking Statue...more or less violated by Chaos.

I'll let you to the context and definition of that one, by the way...I don't wanna know.

As far as The First is concerned??

Believe me...he's no puppetmaster.

At least not when it comes to Cameron Cruise.

See, you're all high an' mighty over the fact that you got a title shot by doing it the hard way, etcetera and so forth...but the fact is...you're not the only one.

Fanatic did it too...at my expense no less, but he's got a shot at the title regardless, via three victories in a row.

And believe me...I've not finished with him either myself, but the fact is that The First...while we've had our problems in the past...has always been an intelligent sonuvabitch.

A little strange at times, but nevertheless...he's an intelligent sonuvabitch.

He knows what I want, and while it's not exactly Top Secret at the moment...the fact is that he figured a way to work the system.

(Cruise looks down to think about what he wants to follow up with next.)

Pretty easy when you think about it actually...to be honest, I'm kinda bitter that I never thought of such a thing before, otherwise I'd probably be New Era Champion right NOW.

But believe me when I tell you, I plan on remedying that shortly.

Three victories, E, that's all you need.

I did it the hard way, and yes...it was worth the hard work in the end to get the shot. But you see in retrospect, for a man like myself, life is too short right now for me to wait my turn to do it again in three shows. I only have one realistic Goal left to achieve in this company.

I've been Tag Team Champion, Television Champion...hell, both at the same time.

Last I checked...nobody has completed the Trifecta.

Nevermind the Prodigy title; anyone with hand-and-eye coordination can swing a bat or a chair.

I'm a wrestler and do what I do better than most anyone in this business.

And I deserve to have fifteen more pounds of gold around my waist than someone such as yourself.

Not because of the money, I've made more than I could dream to have.

No, it's the TITLE, E.

It belongs to me, even more than I could explain it on scientific-level.

Not when I'd have to wait for another Season; I want my shot NOW.

You might not have been beaten on Cyberstrike yet, not one-on-one.

But you HAVE been beaten on Raucous, another event presented by New Era Wrestling.

You call it "Your New Era" and the fact that you've been beaten in it, makes it sound even worse.

Especially when I am the man that produced such a feat.

With a title on the line, no less.

So you see Mister Entertainment, you CAN be beaten, to use the term loosely...

"On Any Given Sunday".

(Cruise looks down again as his shoes audibly scuff the carpet.)

This week I've remained quiet for the most part, and I'm sure people could understand why.

I've trained, both physically and mentally for a match that very well could be one for the books. You however...remain...how shall we say this...

(Cruise holds up "Finger Quotes".)


I won't say that's not in my best interest to just disregard like a "parking ticket".

It's just the same ol' song and dance, for me.

Look past me, E.

Scoff, smirk, redicule and giggle like the silly little schoolgirl YOU ARE.

I'll gladly beat it right out of you.

This past weekend might have been a weekend for high school students to go to Prom with their sweethearts, but when I show up at the Agganis Arena at Boston University, and we step in the ring AGAIN...the NEW ERA TITLE on the line...

(Cruise looks up at the camera, takes the shades off and shows the seriousness in his eyes.)

I'm leaving a KING.



Because that's a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't...like.



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Radio Gaga? Or Radio Blah Blah? It's Radio ENTERTAINMENT!

* Mr. Entertainment RP#2 for C10.

(((FADE IN to Mr Entertainment sitting in a radio studio waiting patiently for an interview to start. He’s dressed as we’d expect of the man: his leather jacket is slung casually, yet smartly, over the back of the chair; he’s wearing a New ERA Primetime T-shirt featuring a promotional shot of himself and Fanatic; he’s also wearing smart, dark-blue jeans with a replica New ERA Championship belt buckle; and finally, he’s got the New ERA Championship belt over his right shoulder. There’s a new track from Lady Gaga playing on the airwaves, and as it starts to FADE AWAY, the presenter OPENS THE MIC… and begins)))

DJ: When I heard it in the office I thought that was Pink, but looking at the picture – it’s Lady Gaga, taken from her upcoming album, Born This Way, and that was Edge of Glory! KBBL, the web’s home of great music. One man who’s certainly not on the edge of glory is my guest today on KBBL, a man who needs no introduction but is going to get one anyway. He’s a wrestling superstar, a man who some would say is totally arrogant in New ERA but you’ve got to admit he has a right to be arrogant – it’s the Battle Brawl champion, the reigning New ERA Champion, Mister Entertainment!

ME: Pretty good. Ya do this fer a livin’, don’t ya? (((he laughs)))

DJ: Just a little, yeah. It’s good to have you on the show, yadda yadda, all pleasantries aside, how’re you feeling? We’ve seen you on New ERA Cyberstrike, and you’ve had a lot going on this season. You must be getting tired.


Mister Entertainment?

Nah. Far from it. Not everyone can go out on Cyberstrike, win the title, defend it the next two straight weeks, have a statue destroyed, get challenged by Fanatic, wrestle what came close ta feelin’ like a handicap match, an’ still be lookin’ at headlinin’ Primetime in just a couple o’ week as the New ERA Champion. But I can. It’s what I do.

DJ: And you’ve done it really well. It feels like just yesterday you were beating Cameron Cruise in your first title defence!

ME: Nah, tha’s just the de ja vu since Cruise always seems ta be around.

DJ: I think I saw his face on a bench the other day now you mention him. Right before a fat guy fell on it and nearly broke the bench.

ME: Now, can I stop ya? The guy has a condition.

DJ: More calories in than out?

ME: The fat guy? Probably. But I was talkin’ about Cruise.

DJ: Sorry.

ME: I mean, if ya look a’ things since the start o’ season 1, he’s tried damn near everything ta make himself stand out. He’s talked and talked and talked, said how he’s much better than ME

Mister Entertainment

Despite the facts showin’ otherwise. He’s made a total jackass of himself tryin’ desperately ta make himself look like a player, look like the top dog, an’ all he’s done is shown himself ta be an utter embarrassment! He’s got some need ta lie, I guess. Glory-hogs tend ta do tha’.

DJ: You’ve been accused of being a glory hog yourself.

ME: Yeah, but I’ve always backed it up. Season 1, I beat Cruise, I beat Fanatic, I beat Montgomery, an’ earned a shot at the New ERA Championship. Battle Brawl, I talked the talk an’ walked the walk straight ta the Battle Brawl trophy an’ another banked title shot. An’ against Shawn Hart, when others’d talked abou’ beatin’ him fer the title?

I actually beat him. Man ta man. Face ta face. He saw it comin’ – and he was powerless ta stop ME

Mister Entertainment

From becoming the King of my New ERA.

As powerless as Cam’s gonna be at Cyberstrike, an’ as powerless as Fanatic’s gonna be at Primetime.

DJ: I’m glad you brought that up, because you do have to beat Cameron Cruise before you face Fanatic. I know you’ve done that twice already, three times if you count Battle Brawl, but anything can happen in the ring, right?

ME: Nope. See, that’s a fallacy, right there. As much as some jokers might want ta think tha’ anyone can beat anyone any given day o’ the week, the fact is that doesn’t happen, not on skill alone. Not on heart alone. Hell, look a’ this season. I got DQ’d against Chaos, an’ Johnny-boy got beat in the tag. Go back another season, First walked ou’ on a tag match, an’ Druid needed his gang o’ thieves ta help him. Any time someone has faced ME

Mister Entertainment

One on one in a fair fight, there’s been only one outcome. Chaos, he came damn, damn close ta getting the belt, no doubt about that, never said otherwise, but the cold hard truth is he walked outta the ring tha’ night without what counts. He walked out with the New ERA Championship, an’ he’s ten, twenty times the man Cameron Cruise is.

DJ: Cruise does look determined.

ME: Ta make an ass of himself again? The guy is livin’ so far in the damn past it’s a miracle he ain’t wearin’ shoulder pads an’ flares! He probably thinks it’s the nineteen eighties, he’s like a stuck record.

DJ: Well he did say

ME: (((interrupting))) wait, ya mean ya actually watched what he had ta say?

DJ: You didn’t?

ME: Cruise hasn’t changed his M.O. in so damn long I gave up watchin’. I’ll guess… he mentioned… New ERA in the time Before Mister Entertainment, i.e., back before WFW New ERA?

DJ: Yeah.

ME: He’s claimed he’s his own man, despite the fact the only reason he’s in this match in the first place – pardon the pun – is because he an’ the Wrestling Bieber thought they could make somethin’ o’ themselves by gifting Cruise a shot tha’ anyone else on the roster would go through hell fer?

DJ: Not in so many words.

ME: He’s still spoutin’ his corny catchphrase, despite the fact that it went out of fashion with Charlie Sheen’s sobriety?

Let’s guess – Cameron Cruise maybe even mentioned the fact that he’s tougher than a cardboard cut-out? Quoted an’ 80’s film, perhaps?

DJ: You sure you didn’t watch it?

ME: Yeah, I’m sure that I didn’t waste my time on him. It’s just the same damn routine he’s been going through since Cyberstrike 1 – the time that actually counts! Hell, when he last challenged fer the belt and mentioned that he’d once beaten ME

Mister Entertainment

For the TV title, and claimed he’d been the leader in the little tango we seem ta be in, I showed without doubt – without doubt – that everything he claimed ta have done first, he’d done after ME

Mister Entertainment.

The fact tha’ you can say with a straight face tha’ he went on about it again shows a lot abou’ Cameron Cruise. It really does. It shows Cruise is stuck in the past. He’s stuck in ancient history. Everything I’ve said about him, from Cyberstrike 1 ta now, I could say about him again, and it’d still be true. I’ve moved with the times; I have become New ERA. I’ve embraced the New ERA. I’m carrying it on my shoulders and doin’ something Cruise has shown himself totally incapable of.

Focusing on New ERA for the glory of New ERA. Cam? Hell, didn’t he say before the tag match he’s won dozens of battle royals? I thought we’d only had one!

That’s the problem with Cam. He’s everywhere, an’ nowhere, baby.

DJ: That’s where he’s at!

ME: Glad ya spotted the set up. Cruise, he’s focused on Cameron Cruise. ME?

Mister Entertainment?

I’m focused on building my New ERA. I’m focused on positioning New ERA as the pinnacle of wrestling, sport, and ENTERTAINMENT.

I want that fat slob ya saw squattin’ on Cam’s face ta get off his fat ass, stop swallowing the crap spewing from Hollywood, an’ know what real drama, real emotion, real ENTERTAINMENT… is. Cam wants this belt o’ mine so he can be champion. New ERA needs this belt ta be around my waist, on my shoulder, when I leave the arena because right now only I have the desire ta make New ERA the greatest it can be, and the skills ta hold the belt until the edifice is so strong that nothing can knock it down.

DJ: But what if The First interferes? There’s pretty good odds on that happening.

ME: That’s the only chance Cruise has of beating ME

Mister Entertainment.

But if First does show up, I’m prepped. I’m ready. I’ve been sayin’ since Cruise “earned” his title shot tha’ I’m ready fer whatever those two have planned. They’re both spineless, gutless cowards. An’ fer Cruise, that’s a huge step backwards. Cyberstrike 1, Battle Brawl, he was better than he is now. His mouth still cut reality checks tha’ he just can’t cash.

DJ: Unlike you. From the first match you two had this year it’s been like watching night and day!

ME: Yeah. See, Cam thinks he’s the star. He thinks he’s great. He says he’s great, but throughout New ERA history – and yeah, I’ll go back to the time Before Mister Entertainment, before season 1 – who took the bull by the horns and backed it up?


Mister Entertainment.

I had epic matches. I didn’t sit back an’ wait fer things ta happen, I made them happen, on my own, with my own skills. People said I’d be out by the end of the year, an’ yet – years on – I’m building New ERA into the greatest promotion on the planet, while the so-called “big-shots”, the Cameron Cruise’s, Jonathan Marx’s, Larry Tact’s, even though they’re still in New ERA, they’re nothin’ but the also-rans, the extras to my show. It must suck fer those guys ta know that fer all their talk, their shows got cancelled.

DJ: You sound confident that you’re definitely going to be the one going to Primetime to defend the New ERA Championship.

ME: Damn straight. Cruise has said before he’s in the best shape of his career, he probably said something like that this time, he probably said he needs the New ERA Championship, needs the belt, is hungry fer the weight of gold – but he’s all talk. I am in the best shape of my life. I am the New ERA Champion. I don’t need the New ERA Championship ta make ME

Mister Entertainment

Great. The New ERA Championship needs ME

Mister… Entertainment.

An’ until someone shows up an’ earns a shot at my title – until someone who’s worked their ass of in my New ERA, this New ERA… this belt will stay in my possession.

DJ: Wow… we’re nearly out of time, but I think we can push back the next track. Hell, we’re already into the news!

ME: Ya didn’t keep good time, did ya?

DJ: My watch was made by Cameron Cruise I think. I want to talk about Fanatic a little, may as well take up all the news slot. Mike’s gonna be miffed but who cares, he dumped my sister.

ME: Okay, we’re strayin’. Fanatic, did ya say?

DJ: Sorry, yeah. What do you think about Fanatic? He’s not had much to say, but he’s in action this week alongside his brother, Larry. Are you going to be watching that match?

ME: Dave, I watch every match. I have watched every single match since Cyberstrike 1. Of course I’ll be watching! I need a laugh.

DJ: You’re not impressed with Fanatic?

ME: Fanatic, Larry Tact, whoever! The two of them together wouldn’t be able ta take the belt at Primetime!

DJ: He’s got a lot of focus with Larry in his corner.

ME: Yeah. He’s focused on keepin’ an eye on Tact fer when he finally strokes out. Fanatic, he’s the opposite o’ Cruise. Cruise is all talk, Fanatic is no talk. He’s probably thinkin’ he’s doin’ all his talking in the ring, but I’ve been in the ring with him twice this year. Once on Cyberstrike, an’ again a’ Battle Brawl. I wasn’t impressed then. I sent him a message a’ the last Cyberstrike, an’ he better be steppin’ up his game ta make this a challenge, because otherwise he’s out. He’s gone. He’s gonna be so damn embarrassed after Primetime tha’ he’ll never want ta be seen again.

Fanatic – my message ta you, this week, gettin’ ready fer Primetime. This is gonna be your shot at glory. Yer gonna be goin’ up against the New ERA Champion, no doubt about that. Cameron Cruise is not good enough ta take this belt from around my waist, on his own or with help. You, at Primetime, ain’t gonna be good enough ta take this belt either. But you’ve got a chance – a chance ta show the world that you deserve ta be in my New ERA. Give ME

Mister Entertainment

A challenge tha’ nobody else can, an’ you’ll walk away slightly less of a loser than ya currently are. Make it as easy as it was last time we squared off one-on-one, an’ you’ll prove tha’ the Tact Legacy, the Tact gene-pool, went a little heavy on the chlorine.

DJ: Cool. Well, I’m getting yelled at by the producer, thanks for Mister Entertainment for dropping by and talking about his upcoming title defences – yes, defences, because Cameron Cruise sucks. I’m Dave Jones, this is KBBL, the home of talk and music on the web, and I’ll be back, hopefully, after Katy Perry! Tune in to Cyberstrike on newera.ewzine.com, and to Primetime streamed LIVE!

(((CUE UP: “E.T.” by Katy Perry, remixed by Noisia. FADE OUT)))


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Party's Over.

* Cameron Cruise RP#2 for C10.

"So this is what it's come to, E??"

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise back in front of a New Era Cyberstrike backdrop. Dressed in similar clothing to the last appearance, Cruise instead wears a black muscle shirt with the company logo on the front, wearing a San Jose Sharks hat on backwards with blue Anarchy-style shades.)

CRUISE: Instead of going out and preparing for a match that you know is going to be the highlight of the Season, regardless of what match you THINK you're going to have at Primetime...you're out wasting time talking to some sleazeball DJ playing "the Jams of the 90s, 2000s, and today" that makes five-fifty an-hour while drinking screwdrivers with a greasy-five-oh-clock shadow that makes David Hasselhoff on the shower floor look like an evening out at the Olive Garden!!

That's right I said it.


Because I can, that's why.

Because instead of getting rubbed off on by DJs like that who should be PAYING ATTENTION TO THEIR JOB...I'm lifting in the gym.

I'm watching the tapes.

I'm going out on runs, practicing in the ring with afew of the Firsts' minions to keep myself on my toes.

Doing everything I did before I beat you for the Television title.

A title if you remember...while you had "epic matches"...you won the only other gold you had around your waist in New Era...

In a "Marco Polo" match, a match you couldn't even help but cheat to win even THEN, peaking out of the blindfold.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You can't even play a CHILD'S GAME WITHOUT CHEATING...and you try to bust on me because I "Cheated" the system??


I've competed in plenty of different matches, but never have I had to CHEAT at a CHILD'S GAME.

You play up a chump to be better than myself that not only vandalized your "statue", but couldn't do better in a career past swinging a chair or a baseball bat to gain a victory over a man for a title that wasn't exactly something to be proud of.

Hell, my brother Carter could've come in and beat Chaos and won that Prodigy title, he was All-American in Baseball three years in a row!!

(Cruise shrugs his shoulders.)

Sure, I know what you're thinking...the one time I faced Chaos in my career, he "beat" me via Countout.

But that's just it, E.

You claim he's ten-to-twenty times better the man than I am??

First off, Chaos doesn't have the resume that I do. I've busted my ass for fifteen years to do what I do best.

Chaos is a chump who can't even wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone beat me.

That's right, E.

He beat me via Countout after he scampered back into the ring as I stood up and looked him in the eye like a MAN.

So you see...Chaos didn't pin me, he didn't make me submit.

He ran away to safety, just like he did at Battle Brawl when he realized he was up against the ENTIRE ring, and it was more than he could handle.

You bitch about having to go what's been like a handicap match??

Been there, E, done that.

But where I draw the line is the fact that you're out promoting a match at Primetime that may not even HAPPEN.

What happens when I beat you, E??

Things change when you're not ready for it, "Champ".

What happens when I win the title this week and suddenly..."Fanatic Versus Entertainment" is no longer on the table.

Fanatic and Larry Tact looking across at Mister Entertainment is no longer an option, you go back to the end of the line.

You talk about how all I did is talk and talk and talk in Week One, and to an extent you're right...in the end I didn't pull out the victory.

But that's okay.

I know what I did wrong back then, E.

I told you before, I watched the tapes.

You didn't beat me Week One, EYE beat me

Cameron Cruise.

You talk about embarrassment and becoming a total jackass...

My resume shows that I've done better, just not when I open my mouth.

And I don't need a stupid statue or to rename a company Championship to do it.

I don't need to garner attention that way, but like you said E:

(Cruise mocks Entertainment for a second, voice and all.)

Glory-hogs tend ta do tha’.

Then again, you also talked a big game about Jonathan Marx before last week too, but I beat him last time we met one-on-one after he just assumed I was nothing to worry about.

Not to mention you couldn't stop defeat last week either after telling myself and The First that we weren't "worth his time".

But like I said before, E...anything can happen.

Which is why just as I lost to Chaos via Countout....you LOST via Disqualification.

You want "Cold Hard Truth"??

You're losing it, fast.

You actually THINK that a street-wise MONGO like Chaos gave you a run for your money?? The last two BIG matches of his career he couldn't even win by pinfall or submission, hell...I took everything he could and STILL STOOD.

Yet you claim he was THIS CLOSE to pulling off the "upset"...you can't even tell the difference between myself setting a record straight with a point and something that was on film??

By the way, Bruce Lee said something similar in "Enter The Dragon", and that movie KILLED.

Saying that a line like that was bad the way you did...as the New Era CHAMPION....that's just SAD.

What's more??

I did the same thing that everybody else did the same way in Season One....including you.

So you saying that I didn't go through what you and everyone else did for the same opportunity, the same shot....is BULLSHIT.

You hate the fact that I still spout the same thing everytime...but yet, I still managed to do exactly that two weeks ago when I got another title shot.

A shot at the Glory that IS the New Era Title and give you, and the rest of the roster and the wrestling world watching a REALITY CHECK occur:

Cameron Cruise got ANOTHER New Era Title shot.

Only this time, I'm not going to sit abide and waste time, like you do with fairy-tales and visits to Grease Monkeys like the Nerd-Bomber you granted your "Interview" to.

I'm pulling out all the stops.

I'm addressing a REALITY CHECK, just like the one I'm going to give to YOU.


I'm going to win that New Era Championship and move on to Primetime, E, and afterwards do what I said I would do.

After I win the New Era Championship, after the title has changed hands...I'm going to hurt you Mister Entertainment.

I'm going to hurt you badly, whether you like it or not.

And there's nothing you can do about it.


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