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Looking for Talent


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Jun 24, 2006
A+ is fast approaching and ALPHA is changing. Looking for handlers interested in bringing something to the table. ALPHA is based on the model of Ring of Honor: a happy medium between a great wrestling product and a strong story-driven product. That said, these are wrestling angles, so I'm looking for less emphasis on dialogue-heavy backstage segments (or no-dialogue, all-in-X's-thoughts backstage segments) and more building around the matches, especially building up to the big payoff matches. The majority of ALPHA matches will be non-gimmicked side-vs.-side affairs; three-way dances and the like will be kept to novelty.

Right now, there is only one prize in ALPHA: the King of Savage. In KoS matches, the rules are relaxed, creating a more brutal fight atmosphere than a traditional wrestling match. I also have my eye on expanding the range of championships.

I'm looking for handlers who want to promo (mostly to-the-camera trash-talk style) and develop angles. ALPHA is a summary fed, but written out promos are very important.

Right now, among other things, I would really like a bruiser tag team. We have a bunch of big guy/little guy teams, and the Surf Ninjas are plucky small babyfaces, but a Steiner Bros./APA/Road Warriors/etc. style team would help round out our tag roster a lot. Also, the singles midcard needs some support, so singles characters would not go amiss.

A more in-depth FAQ can be found here. FAQ/JOIN LINK: http://alpha.nearzone.com/?page_id=309

Contact me by PM or e-mailing alpha@nearzone.com if you've got any questions.


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