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London Calling.... AGAIN!! (Family business pt.1.)

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
(The scene opens in the Tokyo hotel that Team Collins is staying at. The camera focuses on two figures a short way away from us, one being Donny Collins, and the other being Nick Casey. The camera pans in as Donny watches a promo by Eric McRae.)

Donny Collins: Ok, I think this guys on crack!

(Nick begins to laugh.)

Donny Colins: I am serious Nick! I am not getting involved with crack heads, do you know how hard they are to hurt?

(Nick continues to laugh.)

Donny Collins: I mean comeon, what was he talking about? Don't show up to his match? I am in his damn match! What an asshole.

(Nick is now in stiches and tears of laughter are streaming down his face.)

Donny Collins: Bloody Texan....

(As Donny goes to finnish, the door bursts open and Danny Collins comes in.)

Danny Colins: Pack your stuff Don, were leaving!

Donny Collins: Why?

Danny Collins: I just did something great, wait till you see what I have brought, come on Nick.... Wait, why are you crying?

Nick Casey: Donny made me laugh.

Donny Collins: We watched the Eric McRae promo.

Danny Collins: Oh yeah, I saw that earlier, some funny stuff there.

Donny Collins: Damn right, anyway, whats the big fuss?

Danny Collins: Its a suprise, just get your stuff ready, and get downstairs, james is waiting to take us to the airport.

Donny Collins: THE AIRPORT!?

Danny Colins: Yeah, we have to go to London for the rest of the free week.

Donny Collins: Why?

Danny Collins: Its a suprise! Nick, get ready, you and John are coming too.

Nick Casey: Ok.

(Nick runs to his room.)

Danny Collins: Hey man, you didn't beleive any of that crap McRae said about you being in my shadow do you?

Donny Collins: Of course I did, because its true, but don't worry bro, I don't mind, in fact, I like it, hell, I was a no one till I met you!

Danny Collins: Yeah and don't you ever forget it either.

Donny Collins: Ha, of course, don't worry, the day I win the world title, I will give you a shot.

Danny Collins: You'll have to beat me for it first Don.

(Danny smiles cockily and walks out of the room as Donny smiles and goes to his room as the scene fades.)

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