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(FADEIN: GUNS standing in front of the iTV banner, wearing a WrestleThon '03 T-shirt.)

GUNS: Ever since Showtime, I'll admit, I've been pretty quiet. The last few weeks have been times I'd like to forget. First, at On Time, Manuel Juarez helps the next three challengers for Joey Melton's Midget title get some sort of symbolic three count on me. Whatever. Then, at Showtime, Kevin Powers - you know, the man who was too proud to accept my challenge to an actual match - decided to once again crawl out of the woodwork, stick his nose in my business, and cost me a match against Mr. No False Gimmicks - guess he doesn't have a problem with False Victories, though. (Chuckles.)

In the spirit of charity associated with WrestleThon '03, it seems like pinfalls over GUNS are being given away left and right. (GUNS rips off the WrestleThon '03 T-shirt and tosses it to the ground.) Well, boys, charity stops...NOW.

Six-man tag team elimination match - winner gets a World Title shot. On one side of the ring, you've got Shane Southern, the CSWA's great white hope. You've got "Triple X" Sean Stevens, a man with a chip on his shoulder who was too proud to accept a little friendly advice. And then, lo and behold, Kevin Powers' plan has finally come to fruition - he's interfered in SO many of my matches that the CSWA finally invited him to sit at the big boys' table. Congratulations, Kevin, you've earned it. (GUNS rolls his eyes and shakes his head.)

I've said all along that I don't want the CSWA World Heavyweight title. That hasn't changed. But here's the thing - I came back to the CSWA with a goal, and it's a goal I haven't met. And what's more - every Tom, Dick, and Pedro in this company is starting to walk with a little spring in their step - starting to think that Third Row, Inc. has run its course - starting to think that GUNS just isn't as special as he used to be. So, at Primetime, the way I look at it - it's time to put up...or shut up. It's time to either make a stand, and prove to the world - and yeah, prove to myself - that I'm still THE force to be reckoned with, that I'm still capable of doing what I set out to do and tear this place to the ground - or go home. It's that simple.

Shane Southern, you're coming to Primetime with a single focus - superkick all three of us into oblivion and get that CSWA World title shot, and then march on to CSWA15 and assume your place on the throne. Well, Shane - that's just not going to happen. You had your chance, Shane - you made the wrong choice, and now you've been dying a little bit each day ever since. At Primetime, Shane, your hopes are going to be dashed one more time.

Sean Stevens, you're an arrogant little crybaby punk. And that's the nice thing I can say about you. I offered you some free advice, and you spit in my face. That's fine. Now you've got another shot at the big time, and you've got another chance to spit in my face. Give it your best shot, punk. You want to be the man? You want to be the "blue-eyed bad ass"? You want to be the next CSWA World Heavyweight champion? Son, all you're going to be is another souvenir for some lucky fan, courtesy of Third Row, Inc.

And as for you, Kevin Powers, you wanted my attention. Now you've got it. Be careful what you wish for, big man...

because at Primetime, if nothing else, I promise you this -

you're gonna get it.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000

Since apparantly "There can be only one", if 2 or more team members from the six man match "survive" do they turn on each other?



The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
JMartin said:

Since apparantly "There can be only one", if 2 or more team members from the six man match "survive" do they turn on each other?


Yup, the match continues until one person remains. The 'team' piece is really just to divide the apparent battle lines.

Hex Angel

Okay, Chad - I know I said I needed to actually have a match after being off the last two cards but...

I don't have a laptop and hotel rooms don't come with computer towers.


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