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LIEZURE vs. Cross


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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
No worries!

**Fade in...

Lance is sitting at an expensive, dark, hardwood dinner table. This time it does look to be Lance's home. He has a plate of food sitting before him with the silverware set nicely and in order with a black pair of drumsticks next to him.**

No worries whatsoever! My good friend, Nate, I must tell you. You have NOTHING to worry about come Charleston and ON TIME. Because right now, I'm making you a few guarantees.

Guarantee number one: You will NOT pin me with simply a school boy!

Number two: You won't PIN me!

Number three: I'm not some worthless jabroni like "Fearless!"

And last but not least, Number four: If you really want to look like a "Champion", then I will most certainly give you that one. Trust me, I will make you famous. Unlike some people around here... I won't do it at the expense of looking like a jackass!

Congrats on the first match, big man, but lately I've been getting quite the workout in the CSWA courtesy of one Eli Flair and Kevin Powers, but never fear...less, my mind won't deter from our match. I won't be veering my promos to you onto another course unless I do have a point in it.

Now, you seem like a ready, young upstart and I like your style of making the other person look good, but to tell you the truth, I really don't know THAT much about you. It really wasn't that long ago that I was brand new here too... so trust me, kid, I know what you're going through. You were right about us owing it to the fans because if it weren't for them then we'd have no future at all in this biz.

Though, I seriously hope you have alot more in your repertoire than a "few right hands" because I know I'm bringing a hell of a lot more to the table. I can't say I caught your match, so I can't really tell ya' what I thought about your wrestling abilities, but I can say this... you had better be ready becuase I will give you the THRASHING of a lifetime come ON TIME!

**Lance stands up as Cassie steps out from the kitchen with a bowl of cheese dip. He puts his arm around her and escorts her from the kitchen and into the living room where skateboards and various instruments are scattered across the floor. They lounge back onto the sofa then turn on the T.V. to see Kevin Powers latest promo...**

Lance: Oh no... here we go again...

**Lance picks up two remotes. One to turn the T.V. up and the other to make the scene...

...Fade to Black!!!**

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