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Legacy of Champions Cheap Plug


New member
Jan 3, 2004
New York
I thought I'd take this time to plug a friend's wrestling fed if I may.

I've known and met Dan since I first started this whole FW thing and he's got a really great fed called Legacy of Champions.

Legacy of Champions is an angle-based fed, so it's something different and unique from the RP feds you are accustomed to, like NWL.

The LoC website is http://loc.wrestleworks.com and check them out.

By no means I'm closing down the National Wrestling League nor am I telling you to quit my fed to join his (sorry Dan :p ), but if you're looking for another fed to join and want to do something different like an angle fed, than LoC is the best place I can recommend. In fact, I believe there are a few NWL members who are also part of LoC and can vouch for me when I say it's really a great place.

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