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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(It was morning where 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe was at. Not known for being a morning person, Poe was still trying to figure out where his long time companion 'The Dark Lotus' Miso was. He left messages on her answering machine, but no response. He wasn't one to worry, but considering what has happened in his past ...

... it was beginning to show ...)

GP: Time is growing short Sean Stevens yet you stick to your original game plan.
You continue to defend yourself and sell a product that isn't even worth selling. Why Stevens why? Why must you go the same route? All I have asked of you was to stand up for yourself yet you continue to dwell in your own history and try to make me believe that you are something that I know you are not ...

... and that is someone who has a strong will which ... you do not ...

Actually Stevens ... I grow tired of how you try to work others into this battle of words that we have. Face the reality of it all. When we meet in the ring it will not be Powers, Flair, Codine, nor Harders. It'll be Sean Stevens against Gabriel Poe. There will be no one you can call ... no one who can guide you ... no one you can ask for respect. Only one person will be in that ring and he will look for your utter demise.

Face it Stevens your time grows short and you have become a desperate man. You are looking for the best way possible to sell to the world that you actually have a chance, but even you admitted it in your own unique way. My career, so you say, has been on the downside so wouldn't that make me the dangerous factor right about now? Wouldn't that make me the one that would go out of his way to punish another?

As for you? You'll just continue to be blinded by your needing desire to feed your ego until it is too late.

(Poe walks away from the camera as the picture fades out.)

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