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[Langston] The First Step Towards Immortality


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Jun 1, 2007
"I'd love ta be standin' here tellin' y'all dat I got what I wanted."

[Fade up.]

[What we have here is one man who calls himself DA MAN, standing in front of the camera, with a swagger in his stance and a smirk upon his lips.]

"Da Man" Xavier Langston:
I'd love ta be able to say I killed Cancer.

But I can't. All 'cause o' one man.

You, Cal. You an' ol' Bessie saved Pat Black's career, cause if he wasn't interested in tappin' then I had no problem poppin' the discs in his neck one by one like bubbles in bubble wrap.

Before he takes his big World Title shot against Jack...yeah, I got my money on him takin' his shot...he should kiss yo' bald head in thanks, because he wouldn't have survived unscathed long enough to take it left to his own devices.

We ain't done yet, Cal. One day I'mma get my hands on you when yo' big cancerous (No Audio) isn't there ta save ya, an' den yo' ass is gon' be mine.

But in Houston, Cal, you get a reprieve. Another day ta make sure to get ya affairs in order.

Cause I got myself a li'l ol' match ta take care of.


"Da Man" Xavier Langston:
Castor V Strife. Former world champion, current numba one contender to the title of the same name. One o' the legit big name superstars left in an' industry that's slowly losing' em to da tick-tock o' da clock.

Dis match would be main eventin' any other show in which da World Title wouldn't be on da line. An' even den, wit' da challenger bein' (yawning)Devastator, you could make da argument dat we ARE da Main Event o' da evenin'.

An' I'm lovin' it.

I live fo' dese kind o' challenges. I live fo' da opportunity ta face da best dis business has ta offer. An' I live fo' da opportunity ta show dat I AM part o' dat upper echelon...dat I am one o' wrestling's elite (no audio)in' players.

Put simply, I love ta have da opportunity ta show I am what I say I am.

But I can't do dat when I'm stuck fightin' chump change like Petey Dubs over a pair o' Thanksgivin' sweat pants. I can whoop DAT ASS in my sleep.

I can't do it kickin' seven levels o' scary outta some seven footer in a deathmask, or his well-adjusted leader.

I need ta look higher. I need ta climb dat ladder an' take victory at its highest rung.

I need da chance ta reach up an' kick the sh(no audio) outta whatever wall or ceilin' dat may be between me an' makin' my name in da New Frontier.

I need fo' someone who rolls up in dis promotion all new-like an' sees my name next ta theirs on da bookin' sheet an' it makes 'em sweat deep down, 'cause dey know what dey in fo' in dat ring. An' on da flip side, if dey look at dat bookin' sheet an' see me as their partner, dey know dat dey gettin' da bes' possible pairin', somethin' dey can tell dey grandkids about someday when deir time has come an' gone.

Dat's my goal here in da New Frontier. Not jus' titles, not jus' mad loot an' mad bitches.



"Da Man" Xavier Langston:
Dere's a sayin' in pro wrestlin', an' it goes back many, many years. Ta be DA MAN in dis business, ya gotta beat da man. An' while dere's some debate 'bout whether you or Jackey Crazy Train is da current man up in dis piece, dere ain't no debatin' ya got da resume to always be one o' da men in dat conversation.

I don't think fo' a second dat beatin' ya one night in Houston is all of a sudden gon' make people forget about a former Ultratitle winner, former World Champ, former everythin'to One match ain't gon' undo everythin' ya done over a whole career.

But whoopin' DAT ASS and beatin' ya in da middle o' dat ring?

Dat's a pretty good step fo' me towards immortality.

An' a damn good way ta prove dat I AM DA MAN...

[Catchphrase pause.]

"Da Man" Xavier Langston:


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