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Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road

R.A. PALAZZO- Most call him R.A. 35 year old night club owner, video production company owner, and former booker and road agent for the defunct NTWA; shaved head, in shape, stands about 6'1, 210 pounds. Never wears a suit and tie at TV tapings, usually in jeans and a t-shirt, or a tight black long-sleeve. At PPVs however, he'll wear a suit with an open collar, no tie. He's not a 'corporate type'. Brash, but cares about the company. Always speaks his mind. He's NOT a dickhead heel owner, but can be rather polarizing at times.

Announce Team

BRIAN OBERSTARR- (Play-by-Play) Not your typical unbiased PBP man; he shills the faces and can't stand the heels. He's young (28 years old), somewhat messy short black hair (borderline moppy, but a 'neat' messy, like it was styled that way by the barber), and is a bit of a smart ass, at least with his announce partner...

JIMMY MYLDE- (Color Commentary) 54 year old former NTWA (my old P* league) color commentator and NFW personality, Mylde hates just about everybody, heel or face. He will root for certain heels, but not many. He's the suave older gentleman from town with the drinking problem; listens to way too much Jimmy Buffet, goes for younger girls, hangs out at 40 and over clubs, smells like Old Spice...you know the type. Refers to himself as 'Papa Jimmy' or 'Uncle Jimmy' or 'The Mylde One'. He wouldn't be caught dead in the Hammerstein ballroom surrounded by those scumbag NLW fans, except he's kinda hard-up for cash after his supplement company shut down and the IRS audited him. Other Mylde fun facts: he likes to wear expensive sunglasses, and moccasins with no socks.

Ring Announcer

SIREN- 26 years old, she's an attractive goth girl that stands 5'10 and a half, with a toned body, long black hair, and lots of eye shadow. Angels wings are tattooed on her back, and an upside-down sword with two revolvers pointing out from both sides of the handle is tattooed down the middle of her stomach. She's usually wearing heels, a dress bottom and/or dark jeans, and something that reveals both her back and stomach. She'll be somewhat dressier for PPVs. But what's really unique about SIREN is her voice. She's shrill, like a banshee, almost demonic-sounding. Her voice is very cartoonish, and she SHRIEKS the introductions. If you need a reference, check out the crazy b*tch who used to do the PRIDE intros.


STRAWBERRY BITCH- Abbreviated as StrBITCH for short, Strawberry is named after a famous WWII plane, and resembles the likeness on the plane as well. She's a busty redhead with big lips- I'm talking a massive boob job here, 36DD or something crazy. Similar face to Lita, except she's not tall, no tattoos, and way bigger chest missiles.

THE MEDIA BARON- Dorky younger guy in big stupid looking sunglasses and a flight scarf wrapped around his neck. Think Todd Pettengill. He's just a total douchebag of a dork, but not in a heel way.

GREEN MACHINE (GREENIE)- Less of a backstage interviewer and more the host of the 'After Hours' show we'll be running at the end of television tapings. He's Doc Silver's former lackey, and a severe gambling addict. Greenie's been around the game for a long while.


DAVID NOLAN (Head Referee)




Obviously, R.A. Palazzo, the commentators, and the ring announcer are off limits for RPs unless given special permission. Feel free to use the backstage interviewers, though, for any backstage interview segments or whatever else. I would stick to Strawberry and Media Baron, however, since Greenie will be primarily used for the after hours show.

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