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JWO Profiles Vol. I


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Nov 22, 2003
Lafayette, Tennessee
So, you think you've got what it takes to make it in the JWO? Then fill out this profile for your wrestler and upon approval, sign in for our next event. Remember, the more accurate and detailed you are with your profile, then the better chance we'll have of not screwing things up.

















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Feb 1, 2005
About an hour's drive from Detroit, MI...
NAME: Faye Walker

NICKNAMES: Wildcat (as in Faye "Wildcat" Walker)

HEIGHT: 5'5"

WEIGHT: 126 lbs

HOMETOWN: Moselle Valley, Germany

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Messy, ebony black hair lengthed to about the nape of her neck; Her face is more that of a small girl than a woman, but the fire in her eyes could stop a lion mid-pounce, her form is lithe with only a slight hint of muscle tone; She bares suicide scars on each wrist

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Gave Up" - Nine Inch Nails

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION: Slinks behind Kaira like a stalking panther or does various flips and handstands in front of her for attention. She avoids the crowd like the plague either way

WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Aerial/Brawler

FINISHER: Life's Viscious Circle - With the opponent on their stomach she applies a figure four necklock, contorts herself backward into a semi-circle and wraps her arms around whatever is available to brace herself (opponents legs/waist/etc) and pulls both ways; Roughly a reversed, grounded surfboard

OTHER MOVES: Tongan death grip
Armpit claw
Diving fist drop
Moonsault leg drop
Bicycle kick
Double foot stomp

MAJOR STRENGTH: Contortionist. Most submission moves have no effect; Ruthless to the point of violence; Good at acrobatics; A "slippery" opponent. She's hard to get ahold of and even harder to keep

MAJOR WEAKNESS: Small and light with little strength (of course); Has personality changes, which usually starts her off timid and unwilling to fight; can be distracted by the presence of blood (She's developed a love for the taste); Refuses to obey anyone but Kaira

ALIGNMENT: Neutral/Heel

QUOTES: "If you're real nice, maybe I'll even lick your wounds clean for you..."

TITLE HISTORY/AWARDS WON: None (Recently entered)

HISTORY: Faye's life was one of hard knocks. No matter who she turned to (apparently all the wrong places) she was battered down with physical, mental and sexual abuse.

She traveled halfway across the globe as a stowaway, but even in another country she was still met with distrust or abuse. She eventually relinquished herself to her fate, becoming introverted and antisocial after a failed suicide attempt.

Sooner rather than later she found herself on the streets once again and began her search anew. A chance meeting while she performed on a street corner for money or a new home, brought her to the Cirque Du Soleil. Her skills as a contortionist were, and still are, amazing and she required no money, only a place to sleep and barely enough food to survive. One who has never known of anything, wants for nothing.

Her antisocial behavior and animalistic ways were in full swing by this time. The only reason she kept herself clean and groomed properly were the threats that if she weren't presentable, she wouldn't be able to work and not working meant she'd be back on the streets.

Having to wrack the very core of her being by performing in front of a huge crowd was by far the lesser of two evils and so she continued, but not even she knew what the stress would lead to.

Eventually her mind was driven beyond it's limits, unleashing everything she'd been pushing down. While preparing herself for another performance she attacked an unlucky performer who just happened to accidentally bump into her at the wrong time. She made him bleed and discovered just how much she enjoyed it and attempted to attack another performer that was onlooking, shocked, before she was subdued.

With much haste she was tossed from the establishment. As the rage subsided she was heartbroken. Lieing on the cold floor of a jail cell, she wept, curled up like a cat. Certainly an unusual act from one who was just out for blood.

Her bail was paid in full by Kaira and she was whisked off to her home. She quickly became Kaira's loyal "pet", relying on her for everything and taking the lessons she was learning (wrestling) in stride.

Her blind rage was slightly more under control. With it comes an insatiable need for attention and acceptance from Kaira and a single "Stop" or "Here" from her will end the bloodlust.

The practice the two gained in Cirque Du Soleit, their ability to work together and Faye's unbending loyalty to Kaira make the two a team to reckon with.

ADDED NOTES: Wasn't sure where else to add a few things. To note is that in her "timid form" she behaves more like an animal (mostly of the feline persuasion, though Golum could be a close reference). This includes walking and running crouched on all fours.

Another thing to note is that she's one half of a tag team (About to debut in NEW). She can be both or either a singles and tag team competitor, but in singles she's always accompanied by Kaira and she refuses to tag with anyone but Kaira. I'm going to include her profile and a brief tag profile here just in case.

NAME: Kaira Hastings


HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 159 lbs

HOMETOWN: Beverly Hills, CA

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Bleach blonde hair cut slightly lower than shoulder length that's almost always styled fashionably; Her face is the very epitome of beauty and her body is balanced between a model and a body builder; If you like your women cute but muscular, Kaira is the go-to girl

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Nine Lives" - Aerosmith

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION: Generally plays to the crowd in Faye's stead, but she also occasionally pushes or tosses her closer to the crowd in an attempt to rile her up


FINISHER: Don't Cry - Inverted snapmare into a facebreaker

OTHER MOVES: Bronco buster
Cleavage choke
Flying clothesline
Various eye raking and low blows
Moonsault slam
Sunset flip
Dragon screw
Arm wringer

MAJOR STRENGTH: Confident of her abilities and reluctant to admit defeat; Very athletic and acrobatic

MAJOR WEAKNESS: Her confidence is to the point of arrogance; Very cocky and spends more time trying to humiliate the opponent than actually fight; Like Faye, she's still much lighter than most male competitors and can't lift most


QUOTES: "NO ONE can question our perfection!" "If she was going to hurt you, you'd be on the floor bleeding by now."

TITLE HISTORY/AWARDS WON: None (Recently Entered)

HISTORY:Kaira led an uneventful life of getting everything she wanted at the expense of others through her entire childhood and adolescense, raising her into a spoiled brat of a woman.

It's unknown when exactly she left home and managed to join the Cirque Du Soleil. Her expertise in ballet in no small part helped her to get in. There she met Faye and soon succeeded where others had failed (with some little white lies), breaking through Faye's antisocial behavior to befriend her. There's always potential in people like Faye after all.

When Faye was booted, Kaira left with her, decided to "screw ballet", gained a bit better muscle tone with plenty of wrestling practice, aquired a very good agent and entered the wide world of wrestling.

ADDED NOTES: As noted before, Kaira always accompanies Faye to the ring. She also won't hesitate to interfere and will even stoop low enough to using tag moves in a singles match with a large enough chance.

TAG-TEAM NAME: The Cat's Meow

WRESTLERS INVOLVED: Kaira Hastings and Faye Walker

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Nine Lives" - Aerosmith

TAG-TEAM MOVES: Double Shiranui
Rocket launcher
Reverse STO, enzuigiri combination

TAG FINISHER: 450 Pounce of Doom - Suplex 450 Splash (While standing next to and with her back to a downed opponent, Kaira performs a vertical suplex lift on Faye. At the apex of the suplex Kaira releases the suplex and Faye uses the altitude and rotation to perform a 450 splash onto the downed opponent)

If you need anything else just ask. Can't really think of much more to include though lol. Faye's a quirky character so I'll understand being turned down. ^^;


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Name: Hornswagglin' Huck

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 228 lbs.

Hometown: The great state of Georgia.

Physical Description: Hornswagglin' Huck goes about the day to business in his red thermals topped with hand-me-down denim overalls and an old rawhide hat of his own design. The only thing more distinct about Huck than his body odor is his thick, bushy, black 'stache. Often accompanied by his fiddle.

Entrance Music: 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' by the Charlie Daniels Band

Entrance Description: Huck comes out waving his fiddle and flanked by his pig, Reggie whilst showing off his famous Georgia Ho-Down moves.

Finisher: Full Nelson

Other Moves:
Back Rake
Eye Jab
Overhand Chop
Side Headlock
Sleeper Hold
Big Boot
European Uppercut
Scoop Slam
Lazy, Nash-style Side Slam
Atomic Drop
Short-arm Clothesline

Major Strength: A good, Southern upbringing.

Major Weakness: Trailor park sex-goddesses.

History: Huck is a fun-lovin' hillbilly from the backwoods of Georgia; here to dish out whoopin's while broadening his horizons (he's the first in his family to leave the forest.) He enjoys bluegrass, fried chicken, and spittin' tobacco.
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Hida Yakamo

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Jul 1, 2005
NAME: Hida Yakamo (Yakamo Hidaka)

NICKNAMES: "The Asian Wonder," "The Beast from the Far East"

HEIGHT: 173 cm (5'9")

WEIGHT: 86 kg (188 lbs)

HOMETOWN: Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan (currently resides in Vancouver, B.C.)

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: In his younger days, Hida drew comparisons to a pint-size Masahiro Chono. Hida has aged much more gracefully than Mr. G-1, and maintains his matinee idol looks. He wears his black hair long once again, though streaks of grey have started to mix in, much to his dismay. The well groomed mustache and goatee remain as impeccable as ever. Hida is a sartorial example to all outside of the ring, though he favors timeless fashion over more recent trends. In the ring he wears long black tights with various trademarked white designs, incorporating his various popular catchphrases. They all have his name in Kanji or katakana down his right leg. He wears black pull-on boots with white, cricket bat embossed kickpads, and plain black elbow pads. For bigger matches he will sometimes wear an ornate black and white kimono with his family crest and a black samurai mempo to ringside. He has surgical stars on both rotator cuffs and across his left deltoid. His left arm is usually further taped up as he is still recovering from a broken arm at the hands of Promo. As always, Hida carries his cricket bat ("Yakamocito") and his general distaste for humanity at all times.

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Hiroshima Comes to Disneyland" by Hugh Blumenfeld

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION: Hida's music plays. He strides to ringside confident in his impending victory. That confidence is rarely misplaced. He doesn't usually bother to interact with fans unless he is feeling particularly mischevious.

WRESTLING STYLE: Strikes/Submission-oriented Technical wrestling. Will toss in a high risk move every once in a while, more once in a while now, given his physical deterioration.

FINISHER: The HIDADRIVER! (Oh the humanity!)- A running black tiger bomb, and the most over manuever in wrestling past or present (tm).

For opponents to large for him to effectively deploy this move, Hida uses the LOTUS BLOSSOM IV (A shining wizard into a triangle choke).


I: Standard Romero Special
II: Romero Special + Dragon sleeper
III: Guillotine choke with body scissors

Avalanche style brainbuster
Michonoku Driver II
Tiger Suplex Hold
Roaring Elbow

YAKAMO NO KNEE (A Tsruta style jumping knee, often used to set up the LOTUS BLOSSOM IV)

Still has a mean tope suicida and moonsault, but generally only busts them out when his adrenaline is running high.

Otherwise, Hida was strong style before strong style was cool, using a lot of strikes, suplexes and submissions, focusing on the neck and upper back, as well as chokes.

And of course, Hida will also cheat whenever he can get away with it.

On special occasions will still bust out the Yakamo Stomp (moonsault into a missile dropkick.) and the Kamikaze Senton (450 Senton).

MAJOR STRENGTH: Hida has long had a reputation as being one of the finest technical wrestlers in the world. He can wrestle a multitude of styles effectively, and is a great in-ring psychologist and gameplaner. Famous for his head games leading up to and during matches. Arguably the smartest man in wrestling.

MAJOR WEAKNESS: Hida was able to survive as a junior heavy in a big man's sport for so long due to his impeccable physical conditioning and his youthful obliviousness to pain. This has caught up to him and he is now a physical wreck. While he keeps himself in tip-top conditioning, his body has started to betray him more and more lately. Hida is aware of this, but he refuses to actually acknowledge it, and it can get him into trouble in the ring. He can be pushed around by bigger opponents and seems to no longer have the physical resiliancy he once had.

ALIGNMENT: Hida is a heel. He has been around long enough and has enough notoriety that he can be a default face (the fans will cheer him based on his style and name recognition, think CHEAT TO WIN ERA Eddy), but he doesn't really play to the fans, and only cheats because he is a dirty, dirty bastard. Generaly a loner, but will join groups if there is something in it for him.

QUOTES: Hida speaks five languages, was educated at Oxford, and is well-versed in Metaphysics, Western Philosophy and the Classics. He needs no Pavlovian catchphrases to entertain the masses. Though he has trademarked "Oh the humanity" and "Fear the cricket bat," but that is just sound business.


MBE World Heavyweight Champion (2)
MBE North American Champion (3)
MBE Tag Team Champion (3)
MBE Television Champion

PbPro Quintuple Crown Champion (3)
PbPro Global Tag Champion (2)

A1E Triple Star Champion

HISTORY: Once upon a time, Hida Yakamo was arguably the greatest wrestler in the world (back when it meant something). His name was synonymous with epic matches and insane, daredevil antics. He presided over the golden era of MBE with a handful of equally legendary superstars. Those days are long behind him. This is something that does not sit well with the Asian Wonder. Never one to fade into retirement gracefully or take on an elder statesman role. Hida once more fires into the breach of professional wrestling superstardom. He has nothing left to prove except to himself, and that makes him a dangerous man. Hida's greatest opponent now, though, may be himself. And as he will be the first to tell you, he is a damn tough sucker to beat.

Eternally a man of contradictions: the intellectual, well-dressed sadist; completely untrustworthy, yet fiercely loyal to his family and few friends; a wrestling savant and technical marvel, who enjoys nothing more thoroughly than to bend the rules till they break, then urinate on them, and get away with it all; and of course, a well-decorated, first ballot hall of famer, who is never satisfied with his own accolades (even as he trumpets them to anyone who will listen). The only question left for Hida is will jWo be the next stamp on his passport of wrestling godhood, or will it leave his fans saying that he should have hung it up years ago?


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
NAME: Ricky Bernero

NICKNAMES: "Risky Business"

HEIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 213 lbs

HOMETOWN: San Luis Obispo, CA

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Short but very muscular, a light tan, closely cropped bleached blonde hair and a narrow bleached blonde goatee. In the ring, he wears a pair of blue, baggy, knee-length shorts with "RB" emblazoned on each leg in large, black script, and he wears traditional black amateur wrestling shoes instead of the more commonplace wrestling boots.

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Princes of the Universe" Queen

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION: As the band sings the opening lines of the song, a white message plays on the screen in white block text on a black background. "NO. RISK. NO. REWARD." As the opening guitar riff kicks in, pyro goes off in a chain around the arena, finally reaching the entrance area. When it does, Ricky Bernero jogs from backstage, vaulting on to the apron and doing a standing backflip over the top rope and into the ring.

WRESTLING STYLE: Innovative high flying mixed with MMA-esque striking and submissions.

FINISHER 1: Holy Rolling Hell (Stands on the top rope facing the ring with his opponent, and sets up as if to execute a Fisherman's Superplex to the outside, but instead leaps, flipping over his opponent and bringing him down with a sort of flipping cradle neckbreaker/brainbuster)

FINISHER 2: Twinjector (Applied just like an STF, but using a Dragon Sleeper hold instead of the facelock)

Standing Shooting Star Press
Springboard Hurricanrana
Elbow Strikes
Knee Strikes
Shining Wizard
Cobra Clutch
Sitting Armbar
Reverse Figure Four
Triangle Choke
Jumping Knee in Corner
Corkscrew Senton
Arm Wringer into Springboard Backflip DDT (EpiPen - Sets up Twinjector)

MAJOR STRENGTH: His gymnastic background gives him uncanny agility, balance and flexibility, which he combines with a general disregard for his own health to produce a style that's unpredictable and extremely difficult to defend.

MAJOR WEAKNESS: He's got some MMA training and an athletic background, but he's not a classic wrestler in any way, has very little defensive ability and is almost always completely outmatched if forced to go hold for hold. Also, his attitude often borders on careless and reckless, which gets him into trouble.

ALIGNMENT: Energetic face

QUOTES: "If there's no thrill, it's just not worth it."


HISTORY: Just 19 years old, Ricky Bernero grew up in Northern California, and was involved in competitive gymnastics from an early age, joining the elite ranks and competing nationally by his twelfth birthday. After injuring his neck in a fall from the rings when he was 16, Ricky was laid up for a year and decided to give up the sport competitively. He graduated high school a year early and moved on to San Jose State University, and while at college, he has developed a reputation as an adrenaline junkie, and counts sky diving, bungee jumping and other dangerous activities amongst his hobbies. His search for a rush has led him to fighting, and he had some mixed-martial arts training in San Jose before realizing that he could use his acrobatic skill more prominently as a risk taker in the world of professional wrestling. He is consistently looking for any kind of buzz, and will push the envelope to almost unthinkable degrees. The question is, is this exciting, athletic young rookie getting in too far over his head far too quickly?


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Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
Name: Otaku


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 235lbs

Hometown: Neo Tokyo Tower

Physical Description: Blond hair, cut short (back and sides), slightly spiky on top. He has blue eyes, which somehow manage to change colour – blue is their neutral colour, but they can change to a wide variety of colours, including, when incredibly peeved, jet black. Clothing wise, outside the ring he tends to go casual, jeans and a variety of anime T-shirts. For ring attire, on a normal TV show or house show, he’ll dress in cosplay from whatever show he’s been watching recently (leading to some interesting cross-dressing on occasion), but on PPV, he dresses in a home-made, accurate (except the colour) replica of Jushin “Thunder” Liger’s costume (in green and gold). Complete with black wig.

Entrance music: The opening theme to the show “Jushin Liger”

Entrance Description: As the opening drone builds, the lights are cut. As the first bars play, various scenes from anime shows flash up on the big screen, until the lyrics kick in, when Otaku himself steps through the curtains, smoke rising around him. He poses for the fans, before walking to the ring, playing up to the fans as any face would. He climbs the ring steps, vaulting over the ropes, and, if his costume includes a cape, he poses, before swirling the cape off in one fluid movement, dropping it down to the ring attendant.

Wrestling style: He’s a mix of a flyer and a technical wrestler – the closest two I can think of are Owen Hart, and (modern) Jushin “Thunder” Liger – able to pull off the big high-flying moves, but preferring a slightly more grounded attack.

1) Liger Sword – Stalling Brainbuster
2) Liger Slash – Discus clothesline
3) Angel Wings – not to be confused with Christopher Daniel’s “Angel Wings”, this is instead a double chickenwing on a grounded opponent. Better known as Cattle Mutilation.

Other Moves:
Suplexes (various)
Ligerbomb (sitout powerbomb)
Shooting Star Press
Russian Leg Sweep
Texas Cloverleaf
Japanese arm-drag
Yakuza Kick
Flying headbutt
Fire (rarely used, it’s a reverse somersault from the top rope straight into a DDT – the opponent is getting up off the canvas, back to Otaku on the top rope)

Major strength: He’s a very well versed mat wrestler who adopts a Japanese style, so his major strength is probably his mat work. Other than that, his ever-increasing knowledge of anime.

Major weakness: He’s a rookie in professional wrestling. He’s also not all that strong or quick, so he makes mistakes and can be caught off guard. He’s a bit of a poser when in costume too.

History: A sportsman at school, he was on the wrestling and athletics teams (specialising in triple jump). He had a very normal childhood, nothing spectacular happened. His parents didn’t die horribly or anything like that. When he was 15 though, he began down a treacherous path – the path of the anime watcher! Since then, he’s been fascinated by it, watching a volume of a series a night. He’s also been long fascinated by Japanese wrestling, so, given his sporting background, he thought he’d give it a try.

EDIT: Forgot one thing

Alignment: Face

AC Blood

League Member
Apr 22, 2007
NAME: A.C. Blood

NICKNAMES: the Broken Mould, the Original Blood Duster

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: 284 lbs

HOMETOWN: Bethlehem, PA

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: He's not your stereotypical physique for a superstar. He looks a little overweight. Buzz cut to cover up the start of baldness and goatee to help compensate for the lack of her up front. Wears a sleeveless flannel shirt with a black t-shirt to the ring. Pair of baggy knee length shorts and military style boots. Skin is pale white. Plain looks, nothing that makes him stand out from the crowd. His hair is a mousey brown colour and his eyes are green.

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Drink, Fight, F**k" by Bloodduster

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION: "Drink, Fight, F**k" hits the PA system and AC Blood emerges from the backstage area. His intensity is prominent as he pumps his fists by his sides to psyche himself up. Throwing his fists above his head he then makes his way down to the ring. Ignoring the fans he makes it straight down to the ring steps, storming up those and through the ropes and climbs the closest turn buckle and pounds his chest with his fist. Psyching himself up further as he talks himself up to the fans and whoever else will listen.

WRESTLING STYLE: Power based high-spot brawler

FINISHER: Blood Duster - double underhook DDT

OTHER MOVES: Full Nelsom slam, powerbomb, top rope elbow drop, 3/4 turn neckbreaker, atomic drop.

MAJOR STRENGTH: He has a high level of intensity and a great heart. What he lacks in style, natural ability and looks he makes up for with courage and stamina. Willing to do the high spots to go the extra mile.

MAJOR WEAKNESS: His courage can be confused for stupidity as it doesn't always work to his advantage.


QUOTES: "They broke the mould when they made me. I'm an original blood duster!"


HISTORY: A.C. Blood was always pushed around as a kid. He always thought that the old saying was "nice guys finish last" was just cliche and that he could get ahead in life being nice.

He wrestled on the high school and college team. Well, fielded as an emergency coz he just let the others guys take his spot. He thought that it'd earn him respect to give others a chance.

But he never got any. Not an ounce. They tread all over him, using AC as a door mat. But not anymore.

AC Blood has grown tired of the nice-guy image and wants to take his life by the scruff of the neck and show them all that you don't NEED natural ability and looks to get ahead in this buisness. That his hard work and perseverence would pay off. That his guts would get the flory.

Its time for the Original Blood Duster to take his crown.


NAME: Trey moore

NICKNAMES:none for now



HOMETOWN:Greensboro north carolina

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:a white shelton benjamin with a dragon tatoo on his left arm and instead of a fade he has spiky hair

ENTRANCE MUSIC:"My time" by rage against the machine

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION:The lights are all blue and stuff then trey comes out as the fans are booing him he is taunting them.


FINISHER:reverse ddt

OTHER MOVES: Full Nelsom slam, powerbomb, Shooting Star Press,Russian Leg Sweep,Texas Cloverleaf,Surfboard

MAJOR STRENGTH:is when he hears the fans booing

MAJOR WEAKNESS:high flying too much



TITLE HISTORY/AWARDS WON:for this federation coming soon

HISTORY:for this federation coming soon


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
NAME: In ring name: Gravedigger Real name: Joe Floww


HEIGHT: 6'11

WEIGHT: 320 lbs

HOMETOWN: Portland, OR

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Long black hair, brown eyes, slightly muscled, scars from previous matches.

ENTRANCE MUSIC: Schism by Tool

ENTRANCE DESCRIPTION: (Blackness, Schism by Tool cues up. White lights hit the enterance curtains. Gravedigger steps out pounds his chest and points at the sky. Makes his way to the ring as clips of his devestating Fisherman Buster from the top rope are shown.)

WRESTLING STYLE: Big man style

FINISHER: Fisherman buster from the top rope. Complete Devestation.

OTHER MOVES: Chokeslam, Powerbomb, Hanging suplex, Spinebuster, Spinning back breaker, fireman's carry into a front face suplex, big boot, leg drop, camel clutch, Release dragon suplex, double underhook suplex, snake eyes.

MAJOR STRENGTH: His hardcore background.

MAJOR WEAKNESS: Getting DQ'd in matches that don't allow hardcore rules.

ALIGNMENT: Undetermined...?

QUOTES: "Get ready to be completely DEVESTATED!!!

TITLE HISTORY/AWARDS WON: SCW Television Champion x2, SCW Hardcore Champion, SCW Tag Team Champion x2

HISTORY: Breaking out in the famed Superior Championship wrestling, he quickly made a name for himself by capturing the most defended title in SCW. The Television championship. His reign as Television champion ended on his own behalf when he was the holder of both the TV championship and Hardcore championship, during a defense of the TV belt he used his finisher on his oppenent then laid his oppenent on top of him for the three count and allowing Gravedigger to focus on his hardcore reign.

When his best friend, stable mate, tag team partner, Stalker came back from injury they tagged for a while winning the tag team titles on two seperate occasions. He retired in 1999 and is now ready for a come back. He heard of an up and coming federation in jWo and is looking forward to making a name for himself here like he did in SCW.
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I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
NAME: "Tex"




HOMETOWN: Termite Terrace

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Wears the mask of different cartoon characters

ENTRANCE MUSIC: The theme for whatever cartoon character he believes he is at the moment



FINISHER: That's All Folks (Tornado DDT)

OTHER MOVES: Asai Moonsault, Frog Splash, Figure Four Leglock, Facebuster, tope, Flying Senton, Dragon Sleeper, Palm Thrust, Rolling Koppu Kick

MAJOR STRENGTH: Can take a lot of punishment

MAJOR WEAKNESS: Mentally ill



HISTORY: Use to work in an anvil factory, cracked under the pressure, found relief in the asylum with cartoons and when he was released, he trained under a luchador

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