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Just a final thought


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
{Fade into Adam packing his bags for this weeks match}


"Facing Waltz will be a test. Trying to beat a man that has defeated me twice, a test indeed."

(Adam smiles)


" This match will be a classic, I hope all my fans enjoy it. As for the the future it seems our great champion is still full of himself, you see he thinks I am some pretender, he soon will come to realise that Yours Truly is the real threat towards his world title. I am the thorn in his side, i am the man thats only goal in NWL is to drive him mad. MAL our paths are headed towards one another, and soon will lead to you end as champion.

(Adam grabs a few scraps of paper, looking at them he smiles)


"Knowing letters is the best beginning of understanding. Think about it Champ, think about it."

(fade to black)

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