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Jungle Storm


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Tag Team Info

Name: Jungle Storm

Members: Gabriel Carvalho, Mauricio Dos Santos, Ricardo “Lightning” Silva

Alignment: Could be either hardcore heels, or faces. Whatever you need, really.

Combined Weight: 510 (Carvalho+Dos Santos), 485 (Dos Santos+Silva), 455 (Cavalho+Silva)

Hails From: Curitiba, Brazil

Entrance Music: “Back to the Primitive” by Soulfly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHWvejK2AzI&feature=related

Entrance Description:
Green and yellow lights flash throughout the arena. The into of the song is played, and the trio make their entrance as the grinding heavy metal guitar and tribal drums begin to blast over the speakers. Dos Santos does the “big man walk” to the ring with a super intense look on his face. Carvalho aggressively talks to himself while slapping the fans five on both sides of the aisles. Silva is bouncing up and down, pointing at his opponents and aggressively talking a ton of sh*t. Silva also likes to get in his opponent’s face and stare them down before the match begins. They’ll usually push him away, and the ref will have to break it up.

Finisher: Deathwish (Any combination of a Dos Santos/Carvalho powerbomb followed by either a Carvhalo frog splash or a Silva shooting star press. However, Silva will never perform the powerbomb, ever). On rare occasion, all three of them will perform the Ultimate Deathwish, whereby Dos Santos powerbombs an opponent at center ring while the other two leap from opposite turnbuckles to land a frogsplash (Carvalho) and a flying leg drop (Silva). This only happens in six man tag events where all three are involved, or during instances where the rulebook has completely gone out the window.

Double-Team Moves:

Carvalho/Dos Santos will hold their opponent’s arms from behind the ropes while Silva comes running off the ropes from the other end to perform a flying knee. Sometimes, however, the opponent will duck and Silva will hit one of his teammates, bringing them both to the pavement.

Double brainbuster suplex courtest of Carvalho and Dos Santos.

Dos Santos will Irish whip his opponent into the turnbuckle and hit him HARD with a back elbow, causing the opponent to stumble away from the turnbuckle and giving Silva just enough room to perform a bulldog off the top rope.

Carvalho figure four while either Dos Santos or Silva stomps the opponent while the other distracts the ref.

Titles Held: None yet.


Both Carvalho and Dos Santos were successful singles wrestlers in Brazil. Two years ago, they decided to team up and proved nigh unbeatable as a tandem. Before signing with EPW, Carvalho decided it was time for his younger cousin, Ricardo Silva, to join the team as a third man. Silva, the youngest of the team, is considered to be a prodigy talent. He’s only trained pro wrestling for a couple of years and already he shows the talent level and confidence of a professional. The only problem is his attitude; Silva is extremely hot tempered and impatient. His frustration comes from a combination of small man’s syndrome and resentment at being the third man out often times. As a kid, Silva idolized former UWA World Champion Carlos Canyeta. Silva always had to be different and stand out from his other family members. When the children of the family would crowd around to watch CSWA television on the South American feed back in the ‘90’s, his cousins (including Carvalho) would all be marking out hard for their hero, Hornet. But Silva would be the one kid wearing a Mike Randalls t-shirt, and was relentlessly teased for it. Silva’s teenage years included stints in prison on weapons related charges. Carvalho, as a favor to his aunt (Silva’s mother), took Silva under his wing and promised him he would bring him to a wrestling school that could teach him how to wrestle great like his heroes Canyeta, Randalls, and Wildstar. Having started his training only two years ago at the young age of 21, Silva is now a 23 year old prodigy talent who is hailed across South America as being the next “big thing.” His debut as the third member of Jungle Storm in the U.S. is high anticipated in his home continent. Carvalho and Dos Santos, on the other end, feel slighted by the South American press in this way. Carvalho lets it roll off his shoulders moreso, but feels strongly that Silva should make steady progress instead of diving headfirst into superstardom. However, Dos Santos is extremely p*ssed off that his years of hard work are being overlooked by the South American media in favor of Carvalho’s brat cousin who has barely popped his pro-wrestling cherry. Dos Santos and Silva often clash because of this, not to mention the fact that both are hot tempered. Carvalho is often the mediator between the two, but Silva feels as if he takes his friend Dos Santos’ side over his own flesh and blood. As dynamic and explosive as this team is, there is constant friction between them.

Singles Info

Name: Gabriel Carvalho “The Brazilian Brainbuster”

Height: 6’0

Weight: 240 lbs.

Image: Burly with a smooth physique, Carvalho is a powerful guy. He’s a tan guy with brown eyes, and a dark Brazilian mini-afro. Wears standard green and yellow wrestling trunks with a Brazilian flag on the back of them. Instead of boots, he wears black grappling shoes.

Singles Finishers:

Amazon Torture Lock (Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock/Cloverleaf)

Style: Loves to brawl but also possesses a wide arsenal of grappling and submission holds, due to his years of training in the art of Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu. Loves a good bloodbath and will often get cut as a result of too much scar tissue surrounding the face.

Other Moves:
Wild punches

Double-arm DDT
Ankle lock submission
Triangle choke submission
Reverse armbar
Knee bar
Running Liger bomb
Running clothesline
Figure four leglock

Wrestles As: Dreams of being a hero to his home country of Brazil. Appreciated wrestlers like Hornet, Dan Ryan, and Tom Adler, and yearns to be a hero to his home fans as they were in the U.S. Gabe’s been wrestling all over South America and Brazil since he was 19 years old, and now at the age of 30 feels that the EPW tag division could be his big break. Gabe is very much the leader of the team.


Name: Mauricio Dos Santos “Cyborg”

Height: 6’5

Weight: 270

Image: Huge, muscular, ripped, etc. etc. etc. Has a shaved head, a crazy look about him, and a sh*tload of tattoos. On his back is a tattoo of the famous Jesus statue in Rio. Wears same standard green and yellow trunks as Carvalho, except he wears wrestling boots.

Singles Finishers:

Early Grave- Powerbomb into a backbreaker

Style: Power/Brawler

Other Moves:
Gorilla Press

Running clothesline
Spinning back elbow
Wild punches
Running bodyslam
German suplex
Snap suplex
Fireman’s Carry
Sleeper Hold

Wrestles As: Really p*ssed off big guy. Very religious, like the rest of the team (and like most Brazilians), but has a thirst for blood when it comes to competition. Although they don’t get along too well, him and Silva have a lot of similarities; Dos Santos is fiery, hot tempered, and loves to intimidate others. Only difference is, Dos Santos has the size to do it, and not many people want to mess with him. He’s a lighter skinned Brazilian, like the rest of the team. 27 years old a veteran of the South American circuit, Dos Santos believes him and Carvalho have what it takes to win tag team gold in EPW and doesn’t see why it’s necessary for them to bring Ricardo Silva along for the ride. Another reason Dos Santos can stand Silva: Silva constantly teases Dos Santos for his crush on Lindsay Troy. You see, Dos Santos has a thing for tall, Amazonian/muscular women, and fantasizes about Lindsay Troy. One time, Carvalho and Silva walked in on him jerking off to pictures of Troy from a women’s wrestling magazine, which caused a fight when Silva fell to the floor laughing hysterically. Silva hates all female wrestlers as well as any woman who is taller than he is, which is many. This really won’t come up in the RP too much, just a point of reference!


Name: Ricardo “Lightning” Silva

Height: 5’8

Weight: 215

Image: Long hair down to the neck just above the shoulders, usually tied back. Wears black spandex with the Brazilian flag on the back, and “Lightning” going down the leggings in silver writing. Very cut and muscular, but still a much smaller man than most of his fellow wrestlers.

Singles Finishers:

Lightning Shot- Superkick (developed while at wrestling school during a time when many young wrestlers in training were aping moves from Shane Southern, who was huge at the time)

Style: High flyer, but is the type of talent who could really pull off any type of style. Prefers the high risk maneuvers, but isn’t afraid to brawl or apply submissions either.

Other Moves:

Shooting star press
Asai moonsault
Senton Bomb
Flying knee off the ropes
Top rope drop kick
Corkscrew plancha
Flying leg drop
Flying headbutt
Flying Triangle choke (seriously, if you haven’t seen it performed, then trust me when I say it is highly applicapble; this is constantly pulled off in grappling tournaments)
Razorblade chops to the chest

Wrestles As: Most of his bio is covered in the other sections. As I said, he’s a high touted (Overhyped?) prodigy talent in his home continent, but has a huge ego, very little patience, a short temper, and has aspirations of going solo one day. Does not get along with Dos Santos, and feels Carvalho doesn’t take his side enough. He is Carvalho’s first cousin. Idolized Carlos Canyeta growing up, and would love to become a champion one day like is idol. Also was a huge fan of Mike Randalls, who was hated in Brazil due to that country’s love of Hornet. Hates female wrestlers, and makes fun of Dos Santos for his Lindsay Troy crush.

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