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Jun Nakagawa

Seymour Almasy

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Oct 11, 2004
Name: Jun Nakagawa
Other Aliases: "Nihonjin Iron," "Iron Gladiator," "the Man of Iron"
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 226 lbs.
Hometown: Iburi, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Music: "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath
Ring Entrance:

It was music familiar to most of the night-club, the groaning, metallic sound that led to four words that described the music's current owner better than any other.


Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" blasted throughout the nightclub, heralding the arrival of the man dubbed "Nihonjin Iron," Jun Nakagawa. The noise level of the nightclub seemed to have him well at home, as his head nodded along with the music.

Halfway down the aisle, he paused, and raised his Iron Claw hand to the sky, fingers twisted to form the devastating Claw. With that exception, his walk was quick and focused down to ringside, as he awaited the sound of the bell.

Physical Appearance: Bald and clean-shaven. Well muscled for his size. Generally looks pretty non-descript except for his bald head.

Ring Attire: Cold grey iron colored traditional wrestling tights, with "IRON" written across the back of the tights in black. Black boots, kneepads, and elbow pads. His Iron Claw hand (the right) is wrapped in tape the same color as his tights, with a black "I" written on the top of the hand in Sharpie.

Out-of-ring Attire: Usually very casual. Often a band t-shirt (Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Iron Maiden are favorites) and a pair of blue jeans.

In-Ring Style: Power junior heavyweight crossed with big man gaijin. Growing up, Nakagawa was a huge fan of the huge gaijin that Japanese promotions brought in to battle the natives. His style is based on such athletes. (think Tatsuhiro Takaiwa crossed with Bison Smith, and you have the general idea.)

Moveset: (Min. 5)
STRIKES: Occassional closed fists (as much as he can until the ref gets on his case, then he'll still), clubbing forearms to the back, kneelifts to the midsection, lariat, running spear.
IMPACT: Iron Claw Slam, snap powerslam, powerbomb, Death Valley Driver.
SUBMISSIONS: Iron Claw, Wakigatame (Fujiwara Armbar), half Boston Crab.
AERIAL: Top rope shoulderblock, top rope body splash.


Rather than finishers, Nakagawa tends to be able to finish with any of his signature tactics. He also has a tendency to spam all of his Iron Claw moves (including the ones above) at the end of matches against persistant opponents, hitting one after another until an opponent can't stand anymore.

Iron Claw related "signature moves"

IB: Iron Claw applied from behind a seated opponent. The free hand is used to pull the opponent's arm back up and behind their head. It's a hybrid of the Iron Claw and Hiroyoshi Tenzan's Buffalo Sleeper. IB is an abbreviation of Iron Buffalo.
Bomb of IRON: Iron Claw lift into sitout spinebuster-style powerbomb.
IRON Impact: Face-first Iron Claw Slam.
Lariat of IRON: Iron Claw head-hold lariat. His "big match" move.

Also, any Iron Claw related move from the second or top rope can serve to get the win, as big match moves.

Spots: (Optional)

Irish whip to the corner ---> charging lariat ---> Snapping powerslam out of the corner.
Iron Claw to opponent lying on the ground --> pick up --> any of his Iron Claw moves.
Iron Claw Slam --> Top rope body splash.
Powerbomb --> Death Valley Driver.

Personality: Is a big fan of America in his private life. Loves hard rock music. In the ring, he doesn't play to the crowd much, if at all. Comes off as a cold, calculating, efficient competitor who Iron Claw moves people until they don't get up. Out of the ring, he tends to have an eccentric sense of humor, and gets along with most of the boys.

Can be often found at rock concerts and American chain restaurants (Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, etc.)

Background: Graduated the Hokkaido WrestleFactory in 2007, having trained under Kenjiro Ito. Has spent the past two years toiling in Japanese independent companies to prove himself. Unlike his mentor, he wants to make it big in his home country in spite of his love of the American style of wrestling and gaijin in general.

Like many young Japanese wrestlers, he went on a learning excursion abroad. Nakagawa's excursion was to Texas, where he competed for nine months on the Texas independant scene. While there, he worked with veterans of the sport, training and drilling the move that he wanted to bring back to Japan and use to conquer the rings of his native country: the Iron Claw.

From some, he learned the move itself. From others, he learned variations: the Iron Claw Slam, the Iron Claw STO. He developed his own variations as well. Nakagawa's return was in late 2009. Since then, he has torn up rings all over the home islands of Japan with his aggressive, hard-hitting, gaijin-influenced style.

IL serves as his debut on the biggest stages of Japanese wrestling. His goal is simple: Iron Claw his way to the top.

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