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Jorgenson v Crane


League Member
Jun 22, 2009
{The Youtube loading screen fades and we see JEFF "GREENHORN" JORGENSON in the center of our screen. He's seated on an old chest, waiting for his webcam to load.)

Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson: Well, sometimes your dreams don't come true when you want them to. But that doesn't mean they don't come true. The next chapter of my career begins and I guess it is titled "The Dream Deferred." But at the same time, I still got that chance to compete for the title. I reached the top of the mountain, I just stumbled back and failed to claim the summit.

I'm sure I let my fans down. I let myself down too. But, I'm not down. I'm still up. A career doesn't end with a loss. In fact, a career can just be starting when you can re-evaluate where you are.

Did "Gigantic" Greg Gordon quit when he lost his first title match against Bobby Pounderelli? Or the second time? No! He came back and the third time he got the job done. Did Richard Humbross give up when he lost his first five matches? No! He went on to become a legend in our sport. The same can be said for Jed "John" Johnson. Or Trent "Ten Ton" Twiggs. They didn't even lose their first title match! Jed's opponent took a cowardly count out while "Ten Ton" was hit in the head with a cane right in front of the ref for a disqualification. But neither man let it get to them! They came back, and while "Ten Ton" never actually won the biggest prize, he still tried!

And that is what people respect. At least, that is what I hope is the case.

That is the one thing I always do, I try. I give 110%. I may have graduated from the Hacker School of Wrestling, but I'm still learning about how to wrestle on the big stage. I'm still a rookie, still a greenhorn.

And now I have my chance to start a comeback against Bobby Crane. I plan to make the most of it. I don't plan to come up short again. There won't be any small victories here. There will either be victory or defeat.

I do not plan to fail again. Failure is inevitable, obviously. We are all imperfect. But, those of us who are able to rededicate ourselves following a defeat have an advantage over all of those other imperfect beings who feel they are perfect. Who feel they cannot be defeated.

So Bobby Crane, our destinies are about to collide. Are you ready? It is almost time to bring it in the ring. To prove you are better than a lowly green horn. It shouldn't be hard right? Hopefully you tell yourself that! Hopefully you underestimate a man coming off a loss. But, I won't be underestimating you, and I'm assuming the best Bobby Crane is coming into that ring.

I'll be waiting for you in that ring Bobby, I'll be waiting to prove that I'm still a winner! I'll be waiting to prove to all the people out there I deserve to be on this stage, in this spotlight. I'll be waiting to start a new winning streak and make 2010 the year of the Greenhorn!

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