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Joliet, IL Wired 00


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: To darkness. There are brief flashes of dim light showing the letters "G," "L," "C." and then "W." The sound of a modem connecting to the Internet, a few seconds later, the scene is covered with film reels, rapidly running down either side, each with a GLCW highlight. Then the screen shows an exterior shot of Silver Cross Field in Joliet, Illinois, home of the Jackhammers baseball team. Fans are shown pouring in to the entrances as the sun sets beyond the stadium. The shot then switches to the inside of the ballpark, showing the packed stands and the beautifully cut grass in the outfield. The ring has been set up between the pitchers mound and homeplate, and seats have been put into place all around the ring, and those are filled up as well as most of the stands along the first and third baseline. The scoreboard is then shown, and it reads "GLCW WIRED! ONLY ON GLCW.COM!" Then a framing of a online media player fades onto the perimeter of the screen, as backstage and match clips from previous GLCW shows cycle on the screen. The camera zooms out to show a computer monitor playing the clips on a media player. This all fades to static, and the GLCW logo projects itself center screen, until the word "Wired" bumps the logo off the screen. The screen then blurs, and when it clears we are getting what appears to be an online feed of a studio, revealing Rick Wiseman and Tony Ross sitting a table.)

TONY ROSS: "Hello wrestling fans, and welcome to another edition of GLCW Wired only on GLCW.com, this time coming to you from Silver Cross Field in Joliet, Illinois, about 35 miles southwest of the Chicago Loop! Tonight is another in a series of outdoor summer spectaculars for GLCW! We are coming off a huge week of action with the last Riptide at Wisconsin Dells lighting the resort town on fire!"

RICK WISEMAN: "It sure did, Tony, We saw Maelstrom win a huge title defense over The Cannonball Kidd, and then got humiliated afterwards by Anarky along with Michael Manson, Jonathan Marx and Minion, Minion being the newest member of this fearsome foursome. The other three held Maelstrom after the match while Anarky taunted him and jabbed him with his baseball bat. Maelstrom was left laying and Jean Rabesque and Dakota Smith were locked into their locker rooms." (clips are shown)

T.R.: "I can only imagine the rage that is going through Maelstrom's veins right now, and we will see if he takes it out on Jonathan Marx tonight in our big main event title match! Also, we saw The Movement triumph over The Dogs of War to win the vacant tag team titles in an exciting match."

R.W.: "Time will tell if the Movement can fill the Unholy Alliance's shoes as the top tag team around here, but The Movement were immediately trumped afterwards by none other than Major Impact!" (clips are shown)

T.R.: "Major Impact attacked them after the match and laid down the challenge after the match and I have to say the actions of Jon and Ric Savage and The General were certainly cowardly. They could have easily made a point without an attack from behind, but those are their ways. In other action, we saw a wild tag team match with Dakota Smith and Jean Rabesque taking on Michael Manson and Jonathan Marx, and Tommy Bartlett's Water World could barely contain this brawl!" (clips are shown)

R.W.: "It was pretty much out of control but Manson and Marx were able to prevail when Marx hit a gourdbuster on Dakota Smith, but the problem was that Jean Rabesque was the legal man. This infuriated Rabesque and Dakota's father, Nevada, and they let their feelings be known after the match. Golden Hawk then got involved and attacked Jonathan Marx and they brawled back to the locker room area with Manson."

T.R.: "GLCW has been a powderkeg for quite some time now but I don't think things have ever been as intense as they are now! OK, let's get underway and show you what happened on tonight's edition of Wired!"

(A slow pan of a packed Silver Cross Field is shown and a graphic appears on the screen: "YUJI YAMASHIA VS. SCOTTY SANDERS. CUT-TO: Yamashita making his GLCW debut to polite applause from the crowd. CUT-TO: Sanders making his entrance to a decent pop. CUT-TO: The opening moments of the match...Sanders offers a handshake and Yamashita obliges. Both men lock up and Sanders hits an armdrag. Yamashita gets right up and walks into another arm drag. Yamashita appears to be frustrated as Sanders misses a clothesline and Yamashita turns and drills him with a stiff chop to the throat. Yamashita then kicks him in the stomach and nails a spinning belly to belly suplex. Yamashita takes control. CUT-TO: About four minutes in, the crowd has progressively turned on the Japanese star due to his slowly becoming more frequent cheating and general excessive cockiness. Yamashita begins to taunt the fans as they boo him as he works Sanders over. Sanders mounts a comeback by sliding out of a body slam attempt and rolling Yamashita up for a close 2 count. Sanders then hits a slam of his own and hits a body splash for a two count. Both men get up quickly and the fists start to fly. CUT-TO: Just past the eight minute mark, Sanders whips Yamashita in and Sanders ducks down only to catch a huge boot to the face, followed by a jacknife powerbomb. Yamashita quickly turns this into a reverse Texas Cloverleaf that he calls the Scorpion Fire Deathlock, and Sanders submits after a few agonizing moments. CUT-TO: Yamashita parading around ringside taunting some of the fans, even threatening to chop a particularly vocal fan. Time of the match: 8:27. WINNER: Yuji Yamashita)

T.R.: "Yuji Yamashita made a bigtime debut here in GLCW but he proved immediately that his polite behavior in pre-match promos was mostly a farce."

R.W.: "He certainly made it known that he does have quite an attitude, but he also has the skills to back it up. Yamashita was impressive and I look for big things from him in the future."

(CUT-TO: Nemesis and Jarod Poe are shown backstage together discussing strategy)

T.R.: "There you can see that Nemesis and Jarod Poe are certainly on the same page, and we will find out later how their teamwork turned out. But right now, let's check out the next match! Steven James and Lincoln Jones had some words before the match!"

LADY VERONICA: "Thanks guys I'm here with the GLCW's newest tag team Steven James and Lincoln Jones. Fellas, how do you feel about competing against a formidable tag team of Jon and Ric Savage, Major Impact?"

STEVEN JAMES: "Well Lady V, it's like this, Linc and I are ready for this match, we've trained hard and i think it'll show in this match."

LINCOLN JONES: "What we've got here is a bunch of boys trying to be men, and tonight they will be put in their place."

LV: "About your finishing move, is it still called the 'Soaring Eagle'?"


LJ: "Dude, you wanna stop yelling in my ear, they can hear you."

SJ: "Come on where's your intensity?"

LJ: "In the ring. So lets go get it."

SJ: (smiling) "Well Veronica, it's time for us to go kick some ass, i'll see ya when we get back."

LV: "OK guys and good luck."

(CUT-TO: A shot of the ring and a graphic appears..."MAJOR IMPACT VS. 'SHOWTIME' STEVEN JAMES AND LINCOLN JONES. CUT-TO: Major Impact garnering some pretty major heat on the way in, with The General flapping his jaws consistently. CUT-TO: James and Jones getting a decent pop as they come in high-fiving people in the crowd amassed on the field. CUT-TO: The two minute mark. Major Impact have done some serious stalling with the General hopping on the apron several times and James has had enough. James clobbers Jon with huge rights that send him reeling into the corner. Ric comes in and gets backdropped for his trouble. Jon attacks again and James hits him with a crisp dropkick that sends him flying over the ropes. James then slaps a chinlock on Ric to slow things down. CUT-TO: The five minute mark. Ric has fought back by using his power and he has James on the run. He has him trapped in their corner as both he and Jon pummel James with boots and punches. Jones comes to James' aid and gets a few shots in before the ref is able to push him back. James is somehow able to fight out of his corner and tags in Jones. CUT-TO: Jones gorilla presses Ric, no small feat considering that he is 275lbs. He does the same with Jon and both men are down on the mat favoring their backs and begging for mercy. Jones stalks Jon and drags him up by his hair before hitting a huge short clothesline. Ric jumps on Jones' back and tries to pound on his head but Jones flips him over and Ric crashes to the mat. Jones kicks Ric out of the ring and goes after the legal man Jon. CUT-TO: The nine minute mark. Jones has pummeled Jon into mush and tags in James to set up their finishing move. Jones backs into the corner and James climbs up on his shoulders, stands up, and dives off with a splash, but no one is home. Jon is able to get out of the way. He is able to collect himself quickly, pull up the injured James, and he hits a vicious jumping piledriver to collect the win as Ric takes out Jones with a flying forearm. CUT-TO: Major Impact and The General taunting the downed James, but Jones dives as them and all three men clear out of the ring to avoid any further beatings. Time of the match: 9:40. WINNERS: Major Impact)

T.R.: "Major Impact stake their claim as rightful contenders to the Movement's tag belts with a big win over Steven James and Lincoln Jones!"

R.W.: "I believe that James and Jones are just starting to gel and should get things together very soon, but Major Impact is on top of their game right now and have a definite mean streak. The Movement had better keep their eyes in the rearview mirror."

T.R.: "OK, on to the next match!"

(CUT-TO: A shot of the fans at ringside and then a graphic appears..."THE JOBBER VS. DAKOTA SMITH"...CUT-TO: The Jobber comes out to the general derision of the crowd as he sneers with confidence. CUT-TO: Dakota Smith comes out with his father Nevada behind him to a big pop. CUT-TO: Right off the bat, Dakota tries to turn the match into a wild brawl as The Jobber tries everything he can do to fend off the attack. Dakota is relentless with punches and kicks and he finally corners Jobber in the corner and really begins to work him over with lefts and rights. The Jobber then falls face first on the mat. CUT-TO: A few minutes later, Dakota has The Jobber in the Protraction, and The Jobber is able to hold on for quite awhile. They are close to the ropes and The Jobber is able to reach out and grab them, breaking the hold. Dakota is frustrated and kicks him in the ribs. CUT-TO: Moments later, The Jobber ducks a clothesline attempt and kicks Dakota in the knee, and it buckles. Dakota hits the mat and immediately The Jobber goes to work. CUT-TO: The Jobber applying a vice like single leglock as Nevada yells out to Dakota to break the hold. Dakota uses his free leg to kick The Jobber away. CUT-TO: The Jobber has the leg draped over the bottom rope and begins to viciously kick at the knee, but Dakota kicks him away again. CUT-TO: Dakota mounts a comeback, throwing huge rights and staggering The Jobber. He spears The Jobber in the corner and goes for a powerslam but his knee buckles. The Jobber rolls him up and hooks the tights for extra leverage and gets the pin. Nevada then rolls into the ring and screams at the referee as the crowd voices its displeasure with the match result. The Jobber then kicks Nevada from behind, and Nevada turns and chases The Jobber out of the ring. Time of the match: 7:52. WINNER: The Jobber)

T.R.: "The Jobber continues to mass victories here in GLCW and we can pretty much say that his slump is over, Rock."

R.W.: "Dakota may be a rookie, but it is no small feat to beat him, and The Jobber did that, albeit by using the tights. Regardless, a win is a win and we will see if The Jobber moves on to bigger things and Dakota will have to go back to the drawing board."

T.R.: "And the action continued at Silver Cross Field in Joliet!"

(CUT-TO: A shot of a group of fans mobbing a concession stand as a graphic appears on the screen..."JEAN RABESQUE VS. M.W. GROSSARD"...CUT-TO: Grossard coming out to a huge mixed reaction, mostly boos, as a suited Bostwick B. Maximized walks behind his charge, praising his marketability and talent. Grossard is in another one of his outrageous outfits, with way too much rear-end showing. CUT-TO: Jean Rabesque coming out to a big pop, as he slaps some hands on the way to the ring, but with a serious look on his face as he watches Grossard. CUT-TO: The action starts up in the ring as Grossard tries to psyche Rabesque out with lewd comment and gestures and Rabesque is having none of it as he slaps MWG in the face. Grossard charges him and both men roll around on the mat pummeling each other and they roll into the corner where MWG spends a little too much time holding on to Rabesque before he breaks. Rabesque looks horrified and kicks him in the gut and hits a big DDT to take control. CUT-TO: After several moments of matwork by Rabesque to wear MWG down, Rabesque begins to work on the knee and ankle to set him up for the figure four. MWG is able to kick away on the first attempt and gets to his feet. Rabesque rebounds off the ropes right into a kick in the groin. CUT-TO: Grossard runs the gamut of dirty heel tactics. Including choking Rabesque with his boot, biting his forehead, and giving rope burns to the eyes. Grossard then tries to hang Rabesque by tying his neck up in the rope and tossing him over, but Rabesque is able to stop his fall on the apron and the ref loosens the ropes. Grossard knocks him off the apron. CUT-TO: The match goes to the outside, where Rabesque is whipped into the ring steps, and MWG grabs a beer from a fan and throws it right into Rabesque's eyes. Rabesque is temporarily blinded as MWG grinds his nose into the gravel of the first base line. Grossard then gathers up some chalk dust from the line and almost snorts it untul Maximized screams at him to stop. He then throws it at Rabesque and misses. Rabesque tackles him into the security rail. CUT-TO: MWG's back is in agony as Rabesque is finally able to get him back into the ring. Rabesque hits a towering hanging suplex and rolls right over for a two count. Rabesque then nails a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker followed by another two count. Rabesque whips MWG in and hits a spinebuster again drawing a two count. Rabesque stands up in frustration. CUT-TO: Abby the Nazi running to ringside with a pair of vice grips. She throws them into the ring at MWG but Rabesque intercepts them, and in the heat of the moment, turns and nails MWG square in the nose with them. The ref calls for the bell. Abby the Nazi then charges the ring and tries to spear Rabesque and he ducks out of the way and Abby goes hurtling into the security rail outside, as several Joliet police officers move in to restrain her. CUT-TO: MWG with his nose gushing blood as he lays on the mat in a daze. CUT-TO: Jean Rabesque staring off into the crowd in frustration and anger. Time of the match: 14:45. WINNER: M.W. GRossard by DQ)

T.R.: "Jean Rabesque got caught up in the action and let his temper get the best of him and instead of ditching the vice grips, he used them on Grossard, causing a gusher of blood from MWG's nose!"

R.W.: "Well, it may have been better than the alternative, because who knows what MWG would have done with those vice grips. Rabesque unfortunately has to take a DQ loss because of a maniacal groupie."

T.R.: "I have no doubt Rabesque will rebound from this as he has challenged Michael Manson to a match...finally one on one! And I for one can't wait to see that! Fans, before we go to our next match, Larry Tact had some words."

(CUT-TO: Larry Tact is seen from the torso up, sitting in a room surrounded by dark blue backdrops. Tact has on a dark blue t-shirt with "Simply Tactilizing" written diagonally across the front in golden cursive. He looks at the camera with a disgusted expression.)

LARRY TACT: "The past few weeks, the GLCW has witnessed something unfortunate. Jarod Poe has realized something, and it is that he doesn't have much direction, much control, now that he has lost the Telvision Title. As a result, I have had to hear and contend with his erratic temper tantrums and denial, which have reached all-time highs, while preparing for my matches
involving him. As a result, I'd just like to request that whoever is stalking Jarod please deliver him a muzzle.

(Tact pauses and the crowd can be heard booing him.)

L.T.: "But tonight, Poe, I think I will have had retribution enough from you. Winning and losing...it has become less of a factor when it comes to gaining my retribution against you, both at Riptide and now here, at Wired. That is quite simply because you have taken some of the WORTH out of beating you. You're lost in your conceit, and your own seeking of vengeance, so how much satisfaction can be gained from victory over someone with such a
mindset? However, my retribution comes not from marks in the record, so much as prolonguing your suffering. Because you disgust me, Poe. Your attitude makes me want to wretch. But I think I can control it, much like this match, and along with Cannonball Kidd show you how mistaken you are. And as for winning? Well, of course I still want to win....because this
isn't just about dealing with Jarod Poe. It's also about keeping my game sharp...and, in particular, sharper than that of the ever-subtle Nemesis. In the end, whether it is by pinfall, or use of a tactful surrender, Nemesis....surmounting you once again, and along with the Cannonball Kidd, will be what makes this victory sweet, as well as simply....TACTILIZING.....

(Tact rises from his seat with a stoic expression and walks out of the picture.)

T.R.: "And then moments later, Tact ran into Jared Justice!"

L.T: "Well, Jared, I told you at Riptide that I'd find out who it was that tried to torch you, and I did! In fact, that very person is just around the corner. I told him to wait while I 'got something,' so he's all yours....."

(Justice stares at Tact, glancing toward where another hallway intersects, although he can't see around the corner. Justice looks back at Tact, still warily, and Tact puts a hand up.)

L.T.: "Look, if nobody's there, which is ridiculous, then I give my word that Krusher can sign us to a match. But just go and get him before he comes here!"

(Justice looks satisfied and turns, walking to the end of the corridor. The camera rushes ahead to get a shot around the corner, but finds nobody there. As it turns back, Justice has come to look, and Tact has produced a chain, which he wraps around his right hand as he comes up behind Justice. As Justice finds nobody, he whirls around to find Tact, who lands a fistful of chain right to the stomach, doubling Justice over and forcing him to clutch
his stomach. Tact then lines him up and decks Justice in the face with the chained fist, sending him down to the floor holding his head. Tact grins maliciously.)

L.T.: "Took too long, Jared! I guess he got behind you. I'll keep my word, though....we got a match. How about on the next Pay-Per-View, Jared? (shakes head, grinning) Oh....I guess you aren't available for comment."

(Tact stomps Justice as security comes to keep him away, and Tact throws the chain onto Justice before he walks away.)

T.R.: "Larry Tact was able to show his feelings for Jared Justice and challenged him to a match at the next PPV! And he still had to deal with Nemesis and Jarod Poe tonight!"

(CUT-TO: The night sky and moon over Joliet, as a graphic appears on the screen..."TEXAS TORNADO MATCH: NEMESIS AND JAROD POE vs. LARRY TACT AND THE CANNONBALL KIDD"...CUT-TO: Tact and the Kidd making their entrance with Joe Clarke walking behind them, looking as if to be their bodyguard, keeping fans hands away and scowling. CUT-TO: Poe and Nemesis come out to a big pop, but both have their eyes fixed on the ring and dive in and attack. CUT-TO: Poe tattoing Larry Tact with rights and lefts and depositing him over the top rope. Nemesis pummeling the Kidd and sending him over the top as well, drawing a huge reaction from the crowd. CUT-TO: Tact and Kidd regrouping on the outside with Clarke, as they huddle up and discuss strategy. Both men the dive into the ring at the same time and Nemesis and Poe are able to fend them off again and send them right back out. CUT-TO: Tact and Kidd go to separate sides of the ring and this time they are able to fend off Poe and Nemesis. CUT-TO: Kidd hitting Poe with a series of thrust kicks and finally knocking him down with a spinning heel kick. CUT-TO: Tact hits Nemesis with a throwaway back suplex. Tact gets a two count. Tact begins to work the back of Nemesis with kneedrops. CUT-TO: The Kidd has Poe in trouble in the corner but Poe is able to fight back with a flurry of forearms and kicks. Poe hits the Poison Dart but Kidd is able to roll out of the ring before the pinfall attempt. Poe goes over to help Nemesis with Tact. Poe pulls Tact off by the hair from behind and hits a reverse neckbreaker. Nemesis and Poe then hit a double suplex followed by knees to the head in succession. CUT-TO: Nemesis and Poe both mounting the ropes and hooking Tact for a superplex and nailing it. Poe then powerbombs the Kidd and Nemesis comes off the ropes with a sprinboard plancha. The Kidd pulls Tact out of the pin by grabbing his feet. CUT-TO: Tact and Kidd on the outside as Nemesis dives over the top rope onto both of them. Poe then goes out to check on the wreckage. CUT-TO: Poe deposits Tact back into the ring and tries for the Sudden Impact but Tact elbows his way out of it then jumps off the top rope with an elbowdrop that nails Poe square in the jaw. That draws a two count. Nemesis then comes in and Tact catches him with a stiff sidekick followed by his sambo suplex called The Humbling. Tact locks in the Sky Lock inverted STF but Nemesis breaks it up before Poe can tap out. Nemesis and Tact then brawl as The Kidd gets back in the ring and attacks the downed Poe. CUT-TO: The Kidd mounting the ropes for the Crater Creator. He leaps spectacularly and misses. He hits nothing but mat and Poe quickly rolls him up and gets about two and seven-eights as the crowd screams as if the match is over. Poe thinks he had it won as Tact is able to dump Nemesis out of the ring and he charges Poe and nails the Point Blank superkick as Poe turns around and gets the three count. Nemesis is just barely unable to break it up. CUT-TO: Kidd and Tact then begin to stomp away at Nemesis on the mat. CUT-TO: Jared Justice runs to the ring with Tact's chain in his hand. He nails Tact from behind with it, and then climbs on top and pounds away on Tact's face until a gory wound is opened up. The Kidd and Clarke are able to toss Justice out of the ring, which is followed by Nemesis hitting a double clothesline sending both men over the ropes and out. Nemesis and Poe then collect themselves and discuss what happened as they look down on a bloody Tact. Time of the match: 12:01. WINNERS: The Cannonball Kidd and Larry Tact)

T.R.: "The Cannonball Kidd and Larry Tact walk away with a big win but not before some serious damage is done to Tact by Jared Justice!"

R.W.: "Tact was a bloody mess thank to the chain he used on Justice earlier in the night, and he has no one to blame but himself. Tact may have come out on the winning end of the match but he will walk away with some war wounds, that is for sure."

T.R.: "That was quite a wild match while it lasted! And speaking of wild matches, let's look at the next event! Even before the match started, we had some problems!"

(CUT-TO: Anarky is shown in his locker room, which looks to be trashed with a huge Texas flag hanging on the wall, with various paraphenalia laying around like a Dallas Cowboys poster and a George W. Bush action doll. Anarky is furious as he rips the flag off the wall and kicks various things around. Anarky then storms off)

T.R.: "I'm going to have to guess that Golden Hawk was behind this locker room trashing! And then, it got even wilder as the six-man match between Anarky, Michael Manson, and Minion vs. Golden Hawk and Southern Thunder was supposed to begin!"

(CUT-TO: The ringside area as a graphic appears..."ANARKY, MICHAEL MANSON, AND MINION VS. GOLDEN HAWK AND SOUTHERN THUNDER"...CUT-TO: Minion coming out to thunderous boos. CUT-TO: CUT-TO: Anarky coming out to even louder boos. Manson's music then plays but he doesn't come out. CUT-TO: Southern Thunder then comes out to a decent pop. Golden Hawk's music plays and he doesn't come out either. Anarky is in the ring having a fit and calling Golden Hawk out. CUT-TO: The backstage area. Manson and Golden Hawk are brawling all over the place, colliding with walls and various equipment. They eventually brawl all the way out to the ring and the match begins. CUT-TO: Golden Hawk and Souther Thunder arguing over who will start and Golden Hawk steps in and basically decrees he will start the match and he immediately calls out Anarky and he charges in. Both men attack each other like wild dogs and roll around punching each other. They roll into the heel corner where Minion and Manson assist Anarky in subduing Golden Hawk. They pull him up and slap him around a bit until GH freaks out and knocks Manson and Minion off the apron and staggers Anarky back with rights and lefts. He whips Anarky in and almost decapitates him with a clothesline. GH then yells something to Dark Heart and slaps his chest for the "tag". They exchange looks and Dark Heart comes in. CUT-TO: Later in the match, Manson is in the ring with Thunderbolt as Anarky and GH keep yelling at each other from across the ring. They both jump off the aprons and circle around the ring and attack each other again. CUT-TO: They brawl away from the ring, and into the first base side dugout. Anarky tries to piledrive GH on the concrete inside the dugout, but GH flips him back. CUT-TO: GH then drags him out and gorilla presses him onto the top of the dugout as the fans scream in apprval. GH then climbs up and hooks Anarky for a pedigree but Anarky blocks it and flips him back. Anarky then hits the Chaos Breaker on top of the dugout. CUT-TO: Minion in the ring with Dark Heart, as Dark Heart hits a side suplex followed by a cradle rollup gets a two count. While GH and Anarky were brawling on the outside, Southern Thunder was exchanging smooth tags and working Minion over. Minion gets an eye rake in and tags in Manson as Anarky returns to the apron. Manson comes in and hits a dragon suplex on Dark Heart. Manson then hits the Sweet Dreams Stunner, but doesn't cover, and he tags in Anarky to let him do the honors. Anarky doesn't pin him, but pulls him up and hits the Chaos Breaker and then covers for the win. Golden Hawk staggered back to ringside and just narrowly missed breaking up the pin. GH and Thunderbolt then come in and Minion tackles T-Bolt out of the ring. CUT-TO: Manson and Anarky go to work on GH as they dump him out of the ring. Anarky grabs a pair of handcuffs off of a security guard and he handcuffs GH to the guardrail. Anarky then grabs a chair and then takes several vicious shots on GH, who is helpess. Manson holds off the security people with another chair as Anarky lays in the shots. Anarky then laughs and walks away with Manson and Minion as GH lies in a pool of his own blood. The crowd throws garbage. CUT-TO: Security freeing GH as EMTs move in with a stretcher, but a bloody GH will have none of it as he dumps the stretcher aside and stomps away with a look of violent rage in his eyes. Time of the match: 15:37. WINNERS: MICHAEL MANSON, ANARKY, AND MINION)

T.R.: "What a vicious attack by Anarky and when will his reign of terror stop, and for that matter with Manson, Minion, and Marx involved?"

R.W.: "Anarky will not stop until he gets Maelstrom in the middle of the ring and gets a chance to prove superiority over him. And if Maelstrom gets past Jonathan Marx tonight, that may very well happen at the next Pay-Per-View."

T.R.: "I can't believe Golden Hawk was able to walk away from that! He is just double tough! And we're just getting going because next we had the TV Title Match! 'Rage o' Fire' Jared Wells had some words before the match!"

(CUT-TO: Lady Veronica standing with Jared Wells backstage)

LADY VERONICA: "I'm standing backstage with the man who will challenege the GLCW Television Champion, "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan, he is 'Rage 'o Fire'! Jared, we all know you've waited along time for this moment, are you ready?"

JARED WELLS: "Oh I'm ready for sure. Sweet Miss Lady V, everybody that knows me knows I've wanted this for a very long time. A few months ago people would have laughed about this. It's no laughing matter now. Stevie Morgan, you have something that I want, and I'm coming to get it."

LADY "Everybody will indeed be watching that match. But let's turn the tides for a second, your a marked man Jared. Just to name a few M-W-G, The Jobber, and Larry Tact. Will this effect your in ring ability tonight?"

JARED WELLS: "Not at all. I've been a fighter all my life and this is no different. Fine, those guys have a problem with me? Of course they do because they all will have losing records because of me! They thought this old broken down RAGE was easy! (LAUGHS) Not by a long shot guys. Want some? Come get some!"

LADY V: "Fair enough, any last comments for the TV champion tonight?"

JARED WELLS: "Stevie BABY, I will be the NEW TELEVISION CHAMPION. You say the time and talking is through? You ready to dance man? Well, RAGE......he leads!"

(Wells storms off. CUT-TO: A shot of the fans at ringside as a graphic appears on the screen...GLCW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: "STUPENDOUS" STEPHEN MORGAN VS. "RAGE O' FIRE" JARED WELLS...CUT-TO: Wells coming out to a big pop, as he jogs to ringside slapping as many hands as he can. CUT-TO: Stephen Morgan coming out to a huge negative reaction, wearing an elaborate seuqined robe with the belt around his waist. CUT-TO: Morgan orders the referee to lift the ropes for him to enter the ring as Wells shouts at him. CUT-TO: Morgan slowly taking his robe off and making sure that Wells gets a good eye-ful of it, and then taunts Wells' simple orange and black singlet. CUT-TO: Morgan jawing with the fans as Wells calls for a lockup. CUT-TO: They lock up and Wells is fired up and throws him down with a surge of strength. Morgan gets up and takes a swing but misses and Wells surprises him with a stiff left followed by a big dropkick that sends Morgan out of the ring. CUT-TO: Wells does not wait for Morgan to come back in and he goes out after him and runs him into the post. He then tosses Morgan into the ring steps. CUT-TO: Morgan rolls into the ring and calls for timeout. The ref laughs at him as Wells moves in. CUT-TO: After a few minutes of Morgan getting beaten, Morgan finds an opening with an eye gouge and a single leg takedown, followed by an elbow to the groin. CUT-TO: The ref is in Morgan's face about the last move and Morgan pushes him and the ref pushes back and Morgan stumbles into the corner, drawing laughs from the crowd. Morgan yells at the ref not to touch him, and Wells is up and throws another dropkick that sends Morgan to the mat. Wells takes over again. CUT-TO: Minutes later, Wells sets Morgan up for the Rage Drop but Morgan gets a low blow to stop it. He then levels Wells with a clothesline. CUT-TO: MOrgan hitting a German suplex. CUT-TO: MOrgan nails Wells with an Irish whip followed by a running elbow in the corner. CUT-TO: Morgan hits a double underhook suplex. Morgan dropa a big elbow and then pulls him up and goes for his cradle piledriver, but its blocked and Wells hits a low blow of his own. Wells then hooks him and hits the Rage Bomb as the crowd goes nuts but he can't cover. He finally throws an arm over Morgan and gets a two count. Wells looks angry with himself and pulls Morgan up and hits a tornado DDT and that gets a very close two count. CUT-TO: M.W. Grossard running to ringside and ducking under the apron so the ref doesn't see him. CUT-T): Wells can't believe the near three count and he climbs the top rope. Morgan is up and he catches him and tries to superplex him. Wells blocks and they both come crashing down, but Morgan is able to roll him over with the momentum. MWG reaches and and holds Wells' legs down while the referee counts and Morgan scores the pinfall with MWG getting the assist. MWG then darts away from the ring as quickly as he came and Wells catches him out of the corner of his eye and screams at the referee. CUT-TO: Morgan making the crybaby motion with his hands rubbing his eyes. CUT-TO: Wells rushing him and clotheslining him over the top rope. Time of the match: 12:52. WINNER: Still GLCW Television Champion "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan)

T.R.: "Rick, I can't believe what we just saw. Jared Wells lost the match because M.W. Grossard decided to run down and hold him down during the pinfall by Morgan! What a travesty!"

R.W.: "Yes it was, Tony, but I'm not going to take anything away from Jared Wells, because he wrestled with the heart of a lion in there. I'm sure there will be a rematch somewhere down the line but until then, he will have M.W. Grossard in his sights."

T.R.: "And I hope he makes MWG pay for that! Fans, it's now time for the main event! Let's take a look!"

(CUT-TO: A wide angle shot of Silver Cross Field as a graphic appears...MAIN EVENT: GLCW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH- MAELSTROM VS. "GENTLEMAN" JONATHAN MARX...CUT-TO: Jonathan Marx coming out to mostly boos, with some scattered cheers from his small group of fans. He wears a T-shirt that reads "Anarky Won't Be Necessary". CUT-TO: Maelstrom comes out to a massive pop, striding stoicly to the ring with the belt draped across his shoulder. CUT-TO: Marx then grabbing the mic and calling for Michael Manson, Anarky, Minion, and Brandon Jacobs to come down and guard the ringside area since GLCW security is so inept. CUT-TO: Anarky, Manson, Minion and Jacobs all come out and stand in front of the path that leads to the ring. CUT-TO: Maelstrom with an enraged look on his face when the four men come down and he attacks Marx and the bell rings. He pummels Marx with clubbing blows to the back and Marx drop to his knees. Maelstrom then knees him in the gut and drops down for a quick rollup and a two count. Marx scurries to one side of the ring as Maelstrom stares out at Anarky and friends. Marx uses the ropes to right himself and Maelstrom continues his relentless assault with more forearms and kicks. He pulls Marx up in a double chokehold and lifts him high in the air as the ref calls for a break. Maelstrom holds on for a few moments and then drops him callously to the mat. CUT-TO: Manson yelling at the ref for a faster break. CUT-TO: Maelstrom spits out at Manson as the crowd roars in approval. Manson feigns entering the ring. CUT-TO: Marx clipping Maelstrom's knee from behind. Marx then hits a diving knee drop onto Maelstrom's knee. Marx twists the knee of Maelstrom but the champion kicks him away. Maelstrom limps to his feet and nails the charging Marx with a powerslam that gets two. Maelstrom pulls Marx up by the hair and hooks him with a big vertical suplex that rocks the mat. Marx favors his back and goes to the corner on his knees trying to get a break as the ref holds Maelstrom back. Maelstrom breaks free and rushes Marx, but Marx dodges at the last millisecond and Maelstrom crashes into the turnbuckles. Marx then rolls him up quickly and gets a very close two count. CUT-TO: Anarky yelling at the referee for a three count. CUT-TO: Maelstrom back on his feet only to have his knee clipped again. CUT-TO: A bandaged up Golden Hawk charging to ringside. He plows into Anarky, Manson, Minion and Jacobs rom behind. Jacobs is sent flying while Minion gets a high boot to the chops that sends him into the ring apron. Manson and Anarky then begin to beat GH down. CUT-TO: Marx with a series of spinning toe holds and he is again kicked away by Maelstrom. Maelstrom gets distracted by the brawl on the outside and Marx knees him in the back. Maelstrom stumbles to the corner and Marx hooks him for a back suplex into a bridge and gets a two count. Marx pulls him up and Maelstrom keeps fighting back with lefts and rights and Marx is stunned. Maelstrom gorilla presses him and the drops him face first onto the turnbuckles and his knee barely holds up. Maelstrom noticeably limps as he moves in for the kill. Marx dives for the knee but Maelstrom raises his knee up and Marx hits it face first. CUT-TO: Manson and Anarky are joined by Minion in putting the boots to GH. CUT-TO: The crowd going crazy, sensing the end is near as Maelstrom pulls Marx up and tries to chokeslam him. Marx is able to elbow out of it and he goes behind and tries a German suplex but it's blocked. Maelstrom grabs the arm of Marx, pulls him around, and hooks the Mortal Sin right in the center of the ring. CUT-TO: Manson, Anarky and Minion still trying to subdue GH oblivious as to what is going on in the ring. CUT-TO: The referee raising Marx's arm once....twice...three times and calls for the bell as the fans roar. Anarky, Manson and Minion turn in shock and then charge the ring and attack Maelstrom. Maelstrom fends them off for a while and is eventually beaten down to the mat. CUT-TO: Golden Hawk grabs the timekeeper's chair and slides into the ring and nails Manson in the back of the head with it. He crumples to the mat and then Minion gets nailed. CUT-TO: Maelstrom then hooks the Mortal Sin on Anarky from behind as he was begging off GH's chair shot. CUT-TO: GH kicks Manson, Minion and Jacobs out of the ring and Marx gets up and gets clobbered with another GH chair shot. CUT-TO: Anarky completely out and Maelstrom lets go of the Mortal Sin. He stares down at Anarky's unconscious body and then leaves the ring, grabbing his belt and walking to the back as Golden Hawk looks on with chair still in hand and the fans going nuts. Time of match: 18:43...WINNER: Still Great Lakes Champion Maelstrom)

T.R.: "What a main event to cap off this evening, fans. Maelstrom was able to overcome the odds again and defeat Jonathan Marx, and was able to extract a little revenge on Anarky by putting him out with the Mortal Sin!"

R.W.: "I don't know how much longer GLCW is going to put up with all this interference, but Maelstrom still prevailed with some help from Golden Hawk who is on a collision course with Jonathan Marx. Manson and Minion also felt his wrath. Right now it looks to be Maelstrom vs. Anarky going into the next pay-per-view, and that is a dream match that cannot be avoided."

T.R.: "I for one cannot wait to see that! Ok fans, that is all for this edition of Wired! Make sure you tune in to the next Riptide coming from Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois, home of the Fighting Illini! For Rick Wiseman, this is Tony Ross saying so long for now!"

This has been a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Production
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2003

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