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Johnny Styles vs. Hellfighter


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
One on one with the irresistable one.

*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens in front of a GXW Onslaught backdrop where Victoria McCave is standing ready to interview somebody in particular. She impatiently looks at her watch.}

Victoria McCave: "Oh damnit, where the hell is he, he was supposed to be her 10 minutes ago."

{After a few moments, fellow GXW reporter, Mojo Massey appears on the seen.}

Mojo Massey: "I'm here, what did you wanna talk to me about Vicky?"

McCave: "Oh Mojo, I have a huge favor to ask of you. Any minute now, 'HellFighter' Michael Shutt is supposed to come around for an interview, could you take over for, I really can't do it."

Massey: "McCave, what makes you think that I wanna interview HellFighter? I mean he's so boring. He's not like Rage or Johnny Styles. I really do not want to interview him, why all of a sudden do you want me to interview him anyway?"

McCave: "Let's just say it's a conflict of interests and I just don't feel right interviewing HellFighter."

Massey: "And I don't?"

McCave: "Please just this once and I will make it up to you?"

Massey: {Hesitantly} "Oh...I'll right, I'll do it, but remember this McCave, you SO owe me big time."

McCave: "Thanks you MoJo, it's just this once though."

Massey: "Sure."

McCave: "Okay he's coming this way, be ready."

Massey: "What do I tell him about you?"

McCave: "Just tell anything like that I got a very important phone call or something."

Massey: "Okay."

{McCave runs off in a hurry down the hall leaving Mojo in front of the backdrop. A few moments later, "HellFighter" Michael Shutt comes down and sees Mojo, he looks a little confused as he glances at Mojo.}

HellFighter: "Hey Massey, where's Vicky at?"

Massey: "Something's come up but she asked me to fill in for her and interview you."

HellFighter: "I hope that's not gonna be a problem for you."

Massey: "No of course not, I love interviewing you HellFighter. You're just so entertaining."

HellFighter: {Casually looks down at Massey, and smirks at him as he pats him on the cheer and looking into his eyes.} "It's okay Massey, you don't have to lie to me. I already know man. Let's just get this interview going...I mean afterall I have a match to get ready for."

Massey: "Ah...right...yeah...of course. HellFighter. Tonight on Onslaught, you have a match against 'Mr. Irresistable' Johnny Styles one on one tonight. Last week on Revolution, you had a match against him in the first round of the Lord of the Ring Tag team tournament, what are your thoughts on this up and coming match?"

HellFighter: "I don't feel like bogging you all down with any long winded responses so I'll just cut right down to the chase. I mean afterall, I hate doing this interviews as much as you hate interviewing me. So I will try to make this as short as possible."

Massey: "We could only pray."

HellFighter: {Sarcastic back to Massey} "Yeah, and Jesus loves you to. I know that I am not as entertaining as Styles or his partner Rage, but hey who are you to criticize. I'm not here to entertain but to wrestle and to win. Regardless of the outcome last week. I'm here to fight, and I get to do it one on one. Nobody else in my corner other than The Lord Almighty. To be honest, that's all I need to get by. Not by might, not by power, not by flashing charisma alone, but by his Spirit says the Lord. I lean on His strength and His will alone. More of Him and less of me. I go out and I run the race to win. Losing is the farthest from my mind. However I am aware that it COULD happen, but I never acknowledge it until it actually comes. But I am not gonna allow Styles to just beat him. No, the only way for him to beat me is by pinning my cold, rotting carcus to the mat because any other way will never happen. I'm not here to trash talk. God knows that I am not a trash talker. I'm just here to go out and fight. That's all I know how to do. Nothing more and nothing less. I am going out and doing what I have been born to do ever since I was in elementary school. Like it or not, that's what I do. Okay I have said enough, time to stop before the people go to sleep."

"That's all I gotta say and you can quote me on that...all of it."

"Thanks Mojo, for your patience, see you after the match."

Massey: "No problem HellFighter, good luck again tonight against Styles...you're gonna need it."

{HellFighter walks off down the hall waving off Massey's negative comment. After a few moments, McCave comes back.}

McCave: "Well did you finish, is he gone."

Massey: "Yeah he's gone, so what's this about...really...what is this about?"

McCave: {A slight blush appears over McCave's face} "Ah nothing, it's just a conflict of interests, and nothing more. That's all you need to know Mojo."

Massey: "That's it....You're in LOV....


{Interupting Massey in mid sentence, McCave doubles up her fist and punched Massey in the mouth to shut him up, she rubs her hand to massage it. She grabs Mojo by the hair.}

McCave: "Like I said Mojo, it's a conflict of interest and nothing more, now shut up and stay out of my business or next time I plant my stilletto high heel straight up your ass and twist do I make myself clear?"

{Mojo shakes his head coherantly.}

McCave: "Good, now keep this subject dropped."

{McCave sensually walks off still massaging her hand where she punched Mojo. The camera zooms in on Mojo massaging his mouth from where McCave hit him, he glares as he looks at the camera, the operator starts laughing to himself.}

MoJo: {Sarcastically} "Did you get that?"

{The cameraman nodes the camera yes while he's laughing.}

Massey: "I'm done, fade out...man I think she knocked a tooth loose. Whatta B****."

Cameraman: "Man better be careful, she might hear you and come back."

Massey: "Hey I thought that I told you to fade out...so...FADE OUT!"

Cameraman: "Sorry boss."

{The camera cuts off.}

*{Fade Out}


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Aberdeen United States
RE: One on one with the irresistable one.

The camera fades into a shot of "Mr. Irresistible" Johnny Styles and "Wildfire" Johnny Rage as they are lacing up their boots in one of the backstage locker rooms. Styles and Rage seem to be talking in a low hush whisper so that the cameras can pick up on what they are talking about. Rage smiles and turns his attention toward the camera, and then quickly back to Styles. Styles motions the cameras over while Rage stands up, throws on a "GXW" shirt on over his bare chest and walks past the camera crew and out the locker room door.

Styles: I figured that you wanted a couple of minutes alone with me before my one on one with Hellfighter. So here I am, the man that even Hellfighter states is the most entertaining investment that GXW has to offer today.

Camera man: Well, I guess my first question is why is Rage leaving the locker room? I mean, I know he has his own match against the current Cruiserweight Champion in a non-title match tonight, but we all figured that you two would be helping eatchother out?

Styles: Well, I figured that was going to be one of the first questions out of your mouth. So lets leave it at Rage and I hold a high enough respect for eachother to not meddle in the others affairs. Besides, I know that Rage can handle Hunter on his own, and Rage knows that Hellfighter is no match to my superior ring tactics and charisma. I mean look at our last tag team match at Revolution. It speaks for itself really.

Camera man:Right. Well, I guess my only other question is about Hellfighter's latest....

Styles:Promo? Right? You were going to say promo weren't you? See, Im clever like that. Hellfighter will have to watch out for my clever tactics. As for my response...well...really the only thing I have to say is when did Hellfighter turn into a Bible Thumper? "I'g going to rely on God for this...Im going to ask his strength for that.." Mike, allow me to let you in on a little secret. It doesn't matter what god you pray to, I'll be happy to give you a little bit of one on one time with him after our match. I don't care if you even ask Sheeva to come down here and slap me around with her crazy-ass six arms. The fact of the matter is that she will be too distracted by my devilish good looks to even lift a finger. By the way, on a side note, there is another man I know that relys on his "faith" a little too much here in GXW. I really would hate to see you end up like Reaver. That little toad can't hold a candle next to the talent that you and I posses Hellfighter. Why don't you lay off trying to take someone elses strength and try to play off your own for once. Or would that be too much work for you? The only reason anyone is watching our matches anyways is to watch me! I put the butts in the seats. Im the main eventer here. Remeber that when you get hit with the centerfold slam, and I get the 1...2...3 on you. Now get out of here...I have a couple more people I need to talk to. And if you see Miso, let her know that Im looking for her would you?

Camera man: No problem Styles. Good luck tonight.

The Camera man starts to back up as Rage re-enters the room with a handful of doughnuts. He starts yelling at Styles that he can hold seven dougnuts whent he camera fades to black.

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