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Johnny Olympus


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May 6, 2019
Handler Information

Name:David Pendergraph
Email Address: dlpendergraph@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You email, forum pm
eWrestling Experience: I’ve handled two successful characters in two alliance style feds w/ several regional promotions Mark Adkins w/ NeWA/WfWA, and Johnny Olympus as my most successful character in WfWA, winning multiple regional heavyweight titles plus the WfWA World Heavyweight title while also being its National champion.
How did you find DEFIANCE?
Are you willing to write matches?
I knew of defiance, a lot of its older people and older staff were the same folks I competed and wrote with, its wrestling history is inadvertently my characters via affiliation. There is a possibility of me writing matches, as w/ handling I‘ve ran feds in the past as well and in that I?ve had to write many a match.


[The itch is back.]


[Bald headed caucasian. Tattoos. 145. Mustache/goatee combo. Decently fit. Loves long walks on the beach..]

[Fuuuuck me, I‘ve turned this into tinder..

This isn’t Johnny Olympus mind you, this little pip-squeak is his creator.]

[David Pendergraph.]

[A chair. A desk. A pen. Paper.

..well really a keyboard, always a goddamned keyboard. I act like this shit is a real genuine journal or something, turns out it’s always been me getting zombied the fuck out by technology; my desktop, my laptop, my phone.]

[This is where the magic happens. I crack my knuckles, it sounds terrible because I probably have both carpal tunnel and arthritis. One finger snaps off, but not really though.]

[I buried you deep within the bowels and chasms of my mind and there you are, you parasite of inspiration and intrigue.]

[You’ve endured since dialup you gravel mouthed Greek bastard.]

[I thought I had you buried. But you Kill Bill the shit out of your casket every time.]

[And just like that.]

[All over again. I’ve got the dreaded..]


[Nah it ain’t heroine. Or the clap.]

[Im talking using my motherfucking imagination to think up a what-would-be legit badass wrestling character. Legit repertoire, great finisher.]

[Johnny fucking Olympus.]

[Johnny Oh.]

[The Lion of Athens. Mediterranean Massacre. The Greek Physique.]

[Rich. Pompous. Loudmouthed accented Greek wrecking mach..


What am I doing. This is still a lot of work. Fuck this shit..

I’ve got kids.

A full time job.


[Crumples up paper.]

[Fade away seat jumper to the trash can, one of those basket trash cans where you can see other discarded material.]


[No matter the urge.]

[There’s that bald bastard again David, walking down some main street looking lame. Imagine a bald Toby Maguire spidey-venom.]

[Smirky twat.]

[Everybody looking. Judging. Whispering to their friends.]

[Ungrateful fuck. Do you know who gave him that swagger? Do you know who helped him build that confidence?]

[David begins to sweat profusely.]

[It wasn’t Santa ladies and gentlemen, it was a different figment of imagination. It was me. Johnny make the ladies say, ‘Oh my god’.]

[David begins to turn red.]

[If it weren’t for me you would probably be an unsocial deviant master-bating in public.]

[The top of his shiny, skinny bald head begins to steam.]

[Remember where you came from, and remember what got you there!]

[His head begins to hiss like a tea kettle.]





[David explodes.]

[When the smoke clears, standing in a mist of smoke, David matter strewn across his heavily grinning mediterranean scowl is..]

[Johnny Olympus, internet wrestling’s less killy Voldemort.]

[Come for all the fake gold slash accolades.]


[Got to scratch it.]

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: ‘The Mediterranean Massacre’, ‘The Lion of Athens’, ‘The Greek Physique’ Johnny Olympus
Height: 246 lbs.
Weight: 6’4’’

Hailing From: Athens, Greece.

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Rich. Pompous greek foreigner. Suits. Lots of eating. All the stereotypes. He’s tenured though now. Veteran. Doesn't have to do this. Entitled.

Wrestling Style: Power move wrestler with very athletic Greco-Roman collegiate base.

Three Weaknesses: cockiness/ego gives opponents time to recovery
Lots of injuries
Ring rust

Three Strengths:


Ten regular moveset moves:

  • double undertook suplex
  • Head and arm suplex off
  • Tiger suplex
  • fingerlocks for leverage to next move
  • bulldog, sometimes just dropped from front headlock
  • Knee breaker
  • powerbomb
  • clothesline
  • Delayed vertical suplex but falling forward instead of backwards
  • Knees to ribs when turtled

2-5 trademark moves:

  • Athens, Sparta, Troy: belly to back suplexes, last a released, but sometimes to pinfall
  • Americana for reversal from bottom or pinfall
  • clothesline from hell
  • Camel clutch
  • Silver spoon: Low bow/eye poke straight to ropes for short usually close to ropes, mid ring running front leg drop to chest before ref can react or when distracted so they only see end result

1 Finishing Move:

Lion skin rug; fireman?s carry inverted up into diamond cutter in simultaneous motion.

Chains of Olympus; reverse guillotine w/ bodylock for extra torque.
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Feb 4, 2005
Solid application and a good-looking character. I vote yes!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Something we should have clarified on the application along time ago is the "Willing to write matches" question. That is a hold over from the Role play days. DEFIANCE is all angle now and the writing of matches/segments is entirely handled by yourself and/or you feud partners/any handlers involved in the match.

Also, we format a little differently than you have above.

With that being said if you are ok with the match writing clarification and the formatting (a guide can be found on the forums) than that is a YES from me as well.

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