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Johnny Niles

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Wrestler Name: Johnny Niles
Billed From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 246 lbs.
Alignment: Tweener

Theme Music
: "Lying From You" by Linkin Park
Entrance: Johnny walks out to the song "Lying From You". He stops at the top of the ramp and bends down to one knee, staring at the ramp. He then starts fisting the ramp before standing up with his wrists in an "X" shape with each of his fingers (except for his ring fingers) extended, executing his signature "Straight-Edge 8" pose, then extends his arms to each side as pyro explodes behind him.


He walks down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans before climbing to the top rope and posing with his "Straight-Edge 8". He then smirks and jumps into the ring for the match to begin.

Finishers & Descriptions:
SGN [Say Good Night] (Fireman's Carry Stunner)

Blackout (Legsweep DDT)

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?:
For both finishers: Johnny uses his signature taunt (the Straight-Edge 8) to hype his finisher while his opponent gets to his feet. He puts them in position for the finisher before shouting "BEST IN THE WORLD!". His signature ***** Elbow usually preceeds his finishers.

Special Moves:
Boa Constrictor (Buffalo Sleeper Hold with bodyscissors)
Osiris' Judgment (Front Russian Legsweep followed with a crossface)
***** Elbow (Diving Elbow Drop)
N-Plex (Inverted Atomic Drop followed immediately by a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex Pin)
Best Combo In The World (Running back elbow to the opponent in the corner, followed by a running cutter)

Every match spots:
- Johnny counters the opponent's move into one of his several submissions

10-15 Moves:
Inverted DDT
High Knee
Roundhouse Kick
German Suplex
Fisherman's Suplex
Falling Neckbreaker
Double Underhook Sitout Powerbomb
Figure 4 Leglock
Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
Inward Rolling Cutter
Rolling Senton to the outside

Bio: Johnny has been a fan of wrestling since an early age. After he graduated he went to the best wrestling school he could find and learned the basics of wrestling. He then spent some time traveling around the world, honing his skills and mastering different aspects of wrestling. Now, he is a man truly believes he is the Best In The World. He has humor from time-to-time, but he is usually dead serious about the match-up. He won't hesitate to bend or even break the rules in order to win a match. He is friendly to other wrestlers, but if one costs him a match, title, etc., he will beat them to a pulp. He studies other wrestlers' tapes, finding weaknesses in their strategy and moveset in order to defeat them easily.

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