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Johnny Nash

Johnny Nash

League Member
Dec 8, 2006
Handler: John
Email: Cagerage72@yahoo.com
Wrestler: Johnny Nash
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 256
Heel/Face: Heel but if he is going up against another heel usually cheered for.
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Story: From a very young age it was apparent that Johnny was a handful. At just three years old he split a child’s head open with a can at the supermarket. His parents tried to teach him right from wrong, but learning wasn’t Johnny’s thing. He was always changing schools because he was getting into fights almost every week. Schools didn’t wan to deal with all of the complaints that came from other kids mom about their children being hurt by Johnny. When he started High school he was constantly in trouble for smoking and fighting. One day in his sophomore year he got into a fight with another student. Johnny’s level of rage had reached a new high. He beat the kid to death with no more then his two hands. Johnny was sent to spend the rest of his minor life in a juvenile jail. When he turned eighteen he was sent to prison for what he had done. After five years in the big house had hardened him he was released. The people at the jail told Johnny that he should pursue a clean life, Find some way of releasing his anger. When he left prison a man by the name of Evan Hart ran a wrestling school near Houston. Johnny took every dollar he had to join. Evan took him under his wing believing fully that Johnny had a great deal of talent. After leaving the school Johnny practiced his skills in local pubs and on minor wrestling tours. Johnny is now a hardened man looking for more.

Appearance: Johnny wears his brown hair at shoulder length. A basic goatee around his mouth. He is a well built man but by no means buff. His ring attire consists of a pair of black tights with a silver lightning bolt going down the side. He wears standard black wrestling boots with a slim silver trim. His only tattoo is a Celtic barbed wire chain that runs around his left bicep.

2.Military Press
4.Spear (on smaller wrestlers)
5.Whiplash (Basic hard clothesline)
6.German Suplex
7.Snap Suplex
8.Death Valley Driver
10.Flying Elbow (2nd Rope)

Special Moves
1.’Bama Slammer (Alabama Slam)
2.Tornado Alley (Running Shoulder Block)

Finishing Moves
The Apex: Diamond Cutter
Compression: Rings of Saturn

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