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John Doe


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Handlers Name:
John Rivera

Email Address:

Messenger Identity:
The Dog of War87

Wrestler Name:
John Doe
Real Name: Unknown

Height: 5'10 wieght: 215
Hometown: Unknown
Enterance Music: "Hypocritical" By Methods of Mayhem

Alignment: Face

Background Information: With his memory totally erased they gave him the file and record name of "John Doe". Spending four long years in the institute under solitary confinement and high surveillance, he was released last year. Doctors came to the conclusion that "John Doe" had a suffered from severe amnesia attack. Medical records show that he has the following mental illnesses: "Accumulative Anger Disorder", "Bi-Polar Syndrome", and also "Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome". With all these in his mind and his anger rising, all we can do is pray for his opponent in the ring.

Titles Held:
Looking for First

Entrance: The big screen flashes between a blurred face and film of a wrestler. Blue pyro fires off at the entrance ramp as the words John Doe flash and shake on the big screen. From behind the curtain, a wrestler walks out on the ramp and John Doe makes his way to the ring.

Normal Moves: Hurricarana, Tornado DDT, Flying Clothesline, Running DDT, Choke and Rise, Rolling Thunder, Splash Mountian Bomb, Camel Clutch, Japenesse Arm Drag, Arm Drag, Buzzsaw Kick, Powerbomb, Bulldog, Multiple German Suplex (3X), Snap Suplex, Side Effect, and Shoulder Tackle.

Set up move: Irish Whip

Set up Description: Irish Whip

Finishing Move:
(1)Amnesia Attack (2) The Muzzle

Finishing Move Description:
(1)Running STO
(2) Crossface, Body Scissors Combo

Description of Manager:

Catchphrase: "Hell Yeah!"

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