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Jessica Cross

Jonathan Todd

New member
Apr 15, 2012
Wrestler Name:
Jessica Cross
Nicknames (if applicable):
Gulf Shores, Alabama by way of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Physical appearance:
Shoulder length blonde hair, emerald green eyes, legs of a volleyball player, strong for her size, but most of her power is in her legs. (IRL NOTE: Think a Mixture of Natalia and Rousey.)

Ring gear:
Black Sports Bra with matching black spandex shorts.

Theme music:
“Symphony of Destruction” Megadeth

Ring entrance:
Coming SOON!

Face or heel?:
Neither…Both… What’s needed, when it’s needed.

The adopted daughter of WfWA Hall Of Famer Mike Sloan, Daughter of NeWA Wrestler Tyler Cross, and Niece of WfWA Wrestler Donovan Cross. Trained By Donovan Cross, Mike Sloan, briefly mentored by Curtis Penn and Tyson Burke.

Ring style:
A well rounded blend of styles, focusing on Submissions and technical wrestling.

Brief biography:
Her father, Tyler Cross died. Only memories of her father are narrated to her by her adopted father/ Uncle Mike Sloan and Uncle Donovan Cross. While Mike Sloan was training and running around the world plying his trade, she would be at home with Donovan watching him training others for the ring. As she grew up she shunned organized sports from her local public schools, because she felt the pull from the family business. She loved the sights, the sounds, but most of all she feels that it’s up to her to carry on where her father(s) left off.

Three strengths:
1: Trained by one of the greatest workers in WfWA History
2: She has been behind the scenes and in the business her entire life
3: Has relationships built with some of the industries greatest wrestlers and can pick their brains for strategy if needed.

Three weaknesses:
1: Has trained, but has never performed in front of more than a high school gym of people
2: Issues with failing
3: Has all the help for her to succeed, but will refuse the help unless forced upon her.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
Michinoku Driver II
2: Multiple Suplex variations
3: Modified Inverted Surfboard w/ Double Wrist Lock
4: Power Slam
5: Rear Naked Choke
6: Surfboard Stretch
7: Wrenching Abdominal Stretch
8: Mafia Kick

Finishing maneuver:
Implant Reverse DDT


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
I'm going to look to you to eventually be more decisive on whether she's more a heel or a face, but if you want to feel it out at first that's fine. Make sure you take care of that ring entrance and remind me of this character's secret, and this is good to go.

Jonathan Todd

New member
Apr 15, 2012
I'll be more decisive this week.I wanted it more to be a place holder while I wrote the rp

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