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Jesse Jamester

Jesse Jamester

League Member
Jan 19, 2005
The Styx of Pennsylvania
Handler Information
Name: James F.
AIM: James4son
Email: JesseJamesterepw@yahoo.com
Age: 20

Current Activities: Just Wrestling Tour 2 & TEAM Tournament of Champions

Jesse Jamester

The Nemesis Warrior
The White Panther
The Kid
The Jackal

Real Name:
Jesse Michael Fristik VI

Birth Date:
August 24, 1975

6' 6"

260-270 pounds (Varies every two weeks by 2-3 pounds, so just change it up. Keeping it real)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Canadian/American (Citizen in both)


Favorite Quote:
"Expect the unexpected."

All about being heard, Jesse fights tooth and nail and acts like the iron that runs through him. In the life of Jesse Jamester all is chaotic, no stability, yet the mind copes with it, and thus a story unravels. All about a good time and some laughs, he can be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. Don't double cross a double-edged sword, it will hurt and there is no guarantee to the wound healing.

Theme Music:
"I'm Not Jesus" by Apocalyptica ft. Corey Taylor
Link to YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrlvOYUay_4

Wrestling Style: All Around(er)

Finishing Moves:
Jwister - (Lifts opponent in suplex then drops them and delivers a 3/4th turn neckbreaker as they fall, causing their face to hit the canvas first, and chest next.)
Hallway to Bliss - (Super kick)


Trademark Moves:

Warrior's Guild - (Release Dragon Suplex to put opponent in the middle of the ring)
Frozen Fear - (A leaping frog splash where Jesse throws his arms and legs up so his chest hits the opponent's chest and drives the air out of them)
Half the Laugh - (Gore into the turnbuckle or from the apron to someone across there neck/upper body.)

Fed Experience:Core Wrestling, $oldout Wrestling,True Xtreme Wrestling, Lights Out Wrestling, Global Wrestling, Break Down Wrestling, PRIME, Evolution Pro Wrestling, TEAM Tournament of Champions (2008 - Current), Just Wrestling Tour 2 (2008 - Current)

Fed Achievements: LOW Extreme Champion (2x), LOW Tag Team Champion w/Scorpion, GW International Champion (2x), GW PrimeStar Champion (Last), BDW Hardcore Champion, EPW World Champion, PTC Global Champion.

Move Set
* - Is to indicate a special or rare move done once in a while, not done on average in a series of moves from a week-to-week basis

Leg Lock
Fuji Arm bar
Choke Hold
Leg Drop
Knee to Face
Camel Clutch
Lion Tamer
Ankle Lock
Surf Board Stretch
Bites Forehead
Standing Crossface Indian Death Lock *
Torture Rack Backbreaker *T-Bone Suplex

Double Leg Take Down
Single Leg Take Down
Back Breaker
Dragon Suplex with Bridge Face Plant Drop (Fame-Asser)
Jumping Cradle Piledriver
Tiger Driver
Impact DDT
Power Bomb Toss
Sleeper Hold Drop

Leg Drop

Missile Dropkick
Body Splash
Elbow Drop
Over the Head Neckbreaker

Double Axe Handle
Twisting Moonsault *

Leap Frog
Russian Leg Sweep
Duck & Roll
Low Blow
Side Sweep
Power Slam
Back Breaker
Tilt the World (backbreaker)
Rushed Spear

Trademark Manuevers (Combinations):
*Quick Note: These are some OLD moves/combinations Jesse use to do with updated names. They are reserved for debut matches, serious feuds, or big PPV atmospheres, title matches, and career ending matches. Please use accordingly.

Jackal's Grapevine: Figure Four Leg Lock
Jacked-UP: Whips opponent into the ropes then catches them with a spine buster holding the legs and locking in the lion tamer (Walls of Jericho)
Hollow Crash: Whips opponent into the turnbuckle at an excess speed having them stumble out a bit drowsy, where he gores them into the corner (gores their back) and holds them there before delivering a razors edge (cross style power bomb).
The Deadly 7: (A Jab to the chest, then a Chop to the throat followed with a Short Kick to the knees, continuing with a Knee to the gut, then going with a punch to the face and a low blow kick to setup for the final kick, a Super Kick to the forehead)
Beyond Reality: A spine buster off the top rope that let's him stay standing there positioning himself for the Shooting Star Press. (* Rare Move, Done only at BIG events *)
Fiery Star: Flipping Leg Drop from top rope.
The Last Hope: Reverse spinning neck breaker with a cutter manuever (Reverse Twist of Fate)
Amenti Plunge: Death Valley Driver into a Reverse DDT
Sweet Poetry: A special German Suplex where the opponent is trying to escape the corner and Jesse grabs them by the waist and locks his hands before lifting them using the turnbuckle and dropping them on their neck, yet still holding the German suplex in as he waits for a pin to be counted.
Panther Pounce: A kick to the gut and then a Pedigree or a double under hook jumping face plant.
Puppeteer: Jesse grabs the opponent turns them around as he climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. Then he lifts them up to the second rope where he sets them up in a Piledriver, but soon flips them up and delivers a front Pedigree off the top rope.


Experience, with guidance of the Infinite Warrior

Sample Segment(s)

Sample Roleplay(s)

Born August 24, 1975 and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada until the age of eight was Jesse Michael Fristik VI. The blue-eyed boy of the north then moved to a small community just outside Dallas, Texas. From here Jesse went to school and grew up as most young prodigies do; playing sports, attending public school, living middle class. That was all to change at the young adolescents stage in his life however.

As the teenage Jesse developed, his mind took interest in wrestling, a sport that was seen as much as football in the great state of Texas. Professional wrestling started to be recognized in the mid-to-late eighties, which in turn gave Jesse more drive to continue pursuing his interest in it. Jumping the border from Texas to Mexico, Jesse wrestled in the deserts of Mexico with some of the Lucha Libra style's finest.

In 1995, at only sixteen years of age, Jesse got a job in a northeast region of Texas called IFF, Infamous Frederick Federation. For the matter of time we will skip the details and just say: this is where the name Jamester was coined. Jesse whom was wrestling under the name Jesse James cut a segment and said "Whatcha gonna do when the JAMESTER comes for you!". From their on out it was documented that Jesse and Jamester were of one in the same; Jesse Jamester.

With an eager and hungry mind of seventeen, Jesse Jamester stumbled upon a company in Kentucky by the name of New Revolution Wrestling (NRW). His life was centered with the company for a full three years. One would say that NRW was where Jesse Jamester learned the ropes, but it was far more than just that. The rivalries and feuds that fused the wick in this early stage of his career, would later return to both bring fame and failure for him.

The next big territory for 'the kid' was a place called True eXtreme Wrestling (TXW) which was ran by a gentleman by the name of Trigger. Wrestling men along the names of Sadistic, Dark Haze, Mike Meyhu, Sean Dahmer, Silk, Matt Meyhu, Annihilation, and Luke Justice. Some of these men would continue to see Jesse in the future, but others would never be seen but in the text of biographies such as this one.
TXW was a wrestling company of a different sort for Jesse. While wrestling now came more natural, the style of hardcore, rule breaking, and nonchalant take-no-bull-**** wrestling was being introduced. In his fifteen months with TXW, Jesse learned the ways of what former Pit members called the Warrior's way. Men such as the owner of TXW; Trigger, was one of these very people. Thus a friendship was born between the two, and life for Jesse Jamester soon changed dramatically. A whole NEW world soon opened up...LIGHTS OUT WRESTLING.

Chapter 2: When the Lights Are On…

Lights Out Wrestling provided the same extreme and unrelenting competitive nature that TXW offered. Ran by Trigger who had an ongoing feud with friend and foe PoGo, the LOW brought back the Meyhu’s (Mike, Matt, and Megan), along with Sadistic, Dark Haze, Annihilation, and Luke Justice. On the starting show a triple threat tournament was set up to determines LOW’s first World Heavyweight Champion. Jesse Jamester was entered in it, and the first night fought against Sadistic and Mike Meyhu in a three way ladder match. Because of the interference and entrance of the Shadow Riders, Jason Kage and Eric Russo, Jamester was beaten to a pulp and thrown from the tron on Lights Out Wrestling’s debut show on the air, REALM.

This began a feud that would last the fifteen months that LOW would be open for. The Shadow Riders and Jamester had a storied past of hate from their days at NRW, and their knowledge of his ways was more than enough to get under the skin of the Nemesis Warrior. After his loss in the main event of the first REALM, Jamester would team with Sadistic who also lost, and go on to face the Shadow Riders in a two month feud which would culminate in Jamester and Jason Kage fighting on the roof of an arena. With fans watching on national television, Jamester was thrown off the roof and landed on a the hood of a car, suffering multiple injuries, and being put out of commission for six weeks.

At his return, Jamester made it evident that his intentions were to finish the Shadow Riders, but they were too busy running wild in the Tag Division. So he waited his turn… and in the mean time, he took on the eXtreme Championship Division, facing Sean Dahmer, Luke Justice, and finally Annihilation whom he would defeat for his first championship in Lights Out.

Jamester went on to hold the title for roughly two months, losing it to Annihilation and then being pushed to a main event spot which he battled for in many matches. For eight months Jamester would fight for the top gold, destroying his body, shortening his career, and building a legacy within the business that was Lights Out. At the culmination of LOW’s one year anniversary, a Pay-Per-View was held by the name of ‘In The End’ a fitting story for a Triple-Tier Iron Man match would commence between Jesse Jamester and Lights Out World Champion, Tristan Belmont. It was a battle for the ages, one that left fans in awe at the abilities of both men. As the curse would go, Jamester fell from his moment of glory and lost in the biggest match of his LOW career.

Following ‘In The End’ Jamester teamed with a newcomer by the name of Scorpion, to take on the tag division. For the longest time he had been a solo wrestler, holding onto the eXtreme title twice in his LOW career and chasing after the World title for nearly nine months, though all ending with an ‘L’ in the stat books.

With a new formula and changing things up, Jesse Jamester and Scorpion won the LOW Tag Team Titles. Only a month or so later, Jesse Jamester would find that his dreams of Tag gold would crumble under the pressure of his tag partner and his difference of opinions. One hellacious fight later and the loss of the titles, Jamester was once again a singles wrestler. However… his career in LOW came to an end when Lights Out Wrestling shut down.

“It was a sad day for me… along with many others I would think. We gave everything for that place, every inch of determination, every drop of sweat, every ounce of blood, everything… And it just crashed down on us without warning. Life for me was a wreck, I don’t know about the others, but it was one of the worst points of my professional career.”

Chapter 3: GLOBAL Ties.

A short stint in BreakDown Wrestling (BDW) left Jesse with sour tastes. Two weeks into it he won the Hardcore championship only for the company to go under due to financial issues.

So with the world seemingly at gun-point and time frozen with his career, Jamester took time to find peace in his life. Traveling back to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jamester spent his days reading and training, waiting for an opportunity from a well known company, a place where he would be given insurance on his investment with such a place.

The call would come one Sunday afternoon and a meeting was arranged. Jesse Jamester was in talks with Global Wrestling (GW or GLOBAL). After a lengthy contract signing and a bonus, Jamester joined the roster of Global Wrestling and began a new career with stars from all over the world.
In his debut he won the PrimeStar Championship which was given to the rising star of GLOBAL. He won this from Ace Cash who would later be injured and leave Global for a short time.

At the time of his arrival, Jamester was entered in the Showdown in Tokyo Tournament, pitting four men together to face four other teams of four men in a ring enclosed by a steel cage with a roof on it. The final two teams would then duke it out for the International Title and a shot at the World Title. This tournament took place and Jesse went all the way to the end facing five other men in a six-way elimination style match which he would come out victorious. Claiming the International title, the PrimeStar championship was then retired, and Jamester went on to feud with ICE.

In a series of hellacious battles that ended with an escape only cage match, ICE dethroned Jamester of his International Championship and left the Nemesis Warrior wanting more. However, the booking committee saw money in Jesse and started to push him to face the World Champion.

A little over two months later, Jamester would win the Global Title of PrimeTime Central in a fatal four way match against Patti Anderson, Apocalypse, and PTC Global Title Holder Chris Storm. This was considered the epitome of his career by many, and the Nemesis Warrior still remembers the very day.

“It was the icing on the cake, I had done what I had sought out to do during my career and I did it by myself. Nobody came to my aid, nobody can say they didn’t do their best out there, we all put it on the line. Chris Storm was one of the most worthy champions I had ever faced, had it not been a four way match he may have had better odds, yet I still believe I had his number… I just wanted it that much more. Being considered the best of the industry, in the world at that time, it was like I was floating on cloud nine, nobody could touch me. GLOBAL was my home, and it was only fitting that I carried the GLOBAL title on my shoulder.”

Then came the big pay-per-view, the WrestleMania of GLOBAL and it was a big one! Josh Moody, GLOBAL World Champion would go up against Jesse Jamester, PTC Global Champion, in a singles match. Josh Moody had a lot of hype at the time, as he was considered to be the next man to reach Hall of Fame status in GLOBAL Wrestling. On this night, he ousted the Nemesis Warrior in a battle to the end, leaving it all in the ring. Jamester would go on and lose his PTC Global Championship to Hessian in a six-way Ladder Match.

“I was starting to get bumped up pretty bad. A lot of my injuries were festering to the point where they wouldn’t stop hurting even after the medication. I spent a few weeks wrestling in Global after my losing of the PTC Global Title, and then a stress in my knee ended up becoming a sprain. I took some time off and left GLOBAL on good terms, but I wasn’t sure how soon I would be back…”

[More to be added...]

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